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All quiet on the Western front ... a little too quiet for some

Derek Fisher officially met the media Friday afternoon, once again a Laker.  But given how things have gone this summer, Kobe Bryant again dominated conversation across the hoops universe (you know, aside from the allegations that a referee had helped fix games, calling into question the integrity of an entire professional sport).  Kobe took no steps Friday to clear up the whole Lakers-or-no-Lakers question when he met the media as a member of USA Basketball.  He admitted his Grand Radio Tour sent mixed signals, but feels this isn't the time to clarify his position, even when given a few cracks at it by an old friend.  Still, he said lots of nice things ... just not the nice thing. 


We've all spent a lot of time trying to decode the tea leaves on this one, and even Fish said people shouldn't read too much into his return to the Lakers, at least as it relates to Kobe.  At this point, unless the answer is, "I'm committed to staying in L.A. and trust management to do the right things," he's probably better staying mum on the subject.  By doing so, it'll continue to fuel speculation that he wants out, but that can't be avoided, especially if Kobe's still harboring some issues with the folks in El Segundo.  He is right that to turn the USA Basketball season into a Laker Circus isn't fair.  And even if Kobe does say he wants to stay, there's an element of distraction, too.  "Are you happy with Mitch?  Can this group win a championship?  Do you still want Jerry West?"  And so on and so forth. 

All of this is a consequence of how things went down this summer.  That Kobe repeatedly said he wished things had gone down differently is sticking to the plan of keeping things in-house is a positive sign.  It might cause the rest of us to wonder out loud, but clearly it's better than the media-frenzied alternative.  The more public this spat becomes, the worse it is for everyone. 

But since all that's left is for us to speculate ... let's do it.  I wonder if Kobe really knows what he wants.  I doubt he's gained a lot more trust of management, specifically that a championship-caliber team can be assembled around him quickly.  On the other hand, he clearly understands the fallout from everything that went down didn't make him look good, and he is trying to repair the damage.  And I think Kobe understands the team isn't going to move him.  So that leaves a holdout come training camp, and to start talking about that with the media in mid-July is a horrible idea.

Personally, I think he'll be there.  With bells on?  I have no idea.  That he hasn't come out and said he'll be a Laker in October certainly makes you wonder what he wants.  Or if he knows.

-- BK

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Watching the Blue and White game, how can anyone say we shouldn't have made the deal for JKidd. Best point guard in the game...period!

Kobe dominant in U.S. intrasquad game
Updated: Jul.22, 2007, 9:14 pm EDTLAS VEGAS (AP) -- Kobe Bryant is still the biggest NBA star in Las Vegas.

Bryant scored 26 points, including the go-ahead jumper with 6.6 seconds left, to lead the blue team to a 105-104 victory over the white Sunday as the United States closed its weekend minicamp with an intrasquad game.

Five months after he was the MVP of the All-Star game here, Bryant took over down the stretch in his long-awaited first game in a USA jersey. He scored seven points in the final 2 minutes, including a 3-pointer over LeBron James that tied the game at 101 after the blue trailed by double digits earlier in the fourth quarter.

Bryant also forced James into a tough shot at the buzzer that missed.

Summer Camp

Bynum (Shaq)
Odom (Horry)
Vlad (Fox)


Kwame (Madsen)
Walton (George)
Crittenton (Pargo)




Kobe really lost 19lbs? Doesn't look quite that way

David Stern says they will "take the necessary steps to protect against this ever happening again."

If there were steps that could be taken to protect against this, then he should resign for not taking them.

The Gambino crime family and the NBA together in the news as the FBI drops casual mention of players and other officials... other than that, how was your weekend Mr Stern?

If Andrew, Kwam and C.Mihm stay healthy this year, it will be an upgrade depending on the point spread.

In days as today when Kobe show who is the man...the other players in the NBA just have to swalow pride and admit that Kobe is the best player.

In the court nobody matched Kobe intensity/.

Who were in the court playing alongside KOBE in the last 2 minutes?: Durant, Carmelo, Tyson Chandler and Hinrich . (non all stars)

Who were playing in the other team the last 2 minutes?

Jason Kidd, Bosh, Prince, Redd, Lebron James. (3 all stars)

Did anyone see the USA scrimmage? It was better than th all star game because the players were really working hard all game. JK was balling. He only had 2 points (i think) but he had control of the game from the start. I was quite impressed with Durant. The young man can ball with the best in the NBA (Today). But Kobe was the game MVP and won it in the last few seconds. That's the way he does it. No matter matter where.

Who do you think will make the team?

Im not back, still enjoying my summer and loving my girl.

But did you guys see Kobe!!!!!! OMG!!!!, I was just happy to see him bounce the ball!!! Like Ive been saying you cant keep arguing why Kobe should not be traded with those that want him to get traded. All you have to tell them is go look at some Kobe tapes and you will understand why we aint gone let Kobe go anywhere.

I so miss BBALL!!! But that was refreshing!!!

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer.

For those of you that watched the scrimmage, can you imagine Kobe and Kidd on the same team? WOW. If this duo could dominate an all-star squad, imagine the damage they could do together against the guards in the Western Conference. Radmonivich would become a dangerous weapon all of a sudden. With Kidd, Lamar, Vlad and Kobe, our fast break would be lethal. One of the team's major weaknesses, our perimiter defense, would suddenly become our strong suit. I am really embarassed to quote Tiffany, but "it could have been so beautiful".

Two side of the coin: Lebron or Kobe?

Faceoff: Post staff writers debate hot topics.
Q: Who should be the face of USA Basketball - Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?
One pick Lebron, other Pick Kobe and both say why.

Chris Dempsey: LeBron James
LeBron presents flawless front NBA needs

The Face cannot have blemishes.
This means no news conferences on other people's time talking about your problems. No instances of bashing teammates, demanding trades, slamming management or otherwise shady behavior.

Thus, Kobe Bryant cannot be the face of USA Basketball. During a critical moment in the tournament, can we really be sure he won't snatch the ball from Carmelo Anthony's hands, call play 2-4 and take over? Will he wave off a Coach K play, clear out the side and "take this inferior player to the rack?"

Anyone think that's out of the realm of possibility? No. That being the case, Bryant can't be The Face.

Expectations of class, humility, on- court excellence, sportsmanship and leadership go into being the face of USA Basketball. By my count it's Le- Bron James 5, Bryant maybe 2 in those categories. Will there be more media present at a Kobe news conference than a LeBron news conference? Absolutely. But media clamoring to hear what you have to say doesn't mean much if the words are, "I'll talk about that later" or "I didn't say that" or "I shouldn't have said that."

When have we heard that from James?

The 22-year-old star is wise beyond his years and arguably the best player on Team USA - and he does it all without toting a bunch of personal baggage. He dances on stage at the ESPYs, will host "Saturday Night Live" and meshes all of it with basketball in a seemingly effortless way. And we like to see him - not in train-wreck Kobe fashion - but because we actually like to see him.

No Clearasil required.

Marc J. Spears: Kobe Bryant
Talent says it all, so Kobe only choice

I asked 10 NBA all-stars last season who they would choose as the league's most talented player. Eight picked Kobe Bryant.

So KOBE BRYANT: His superstar skills are too much to ignore. If Bryant is considered the most talented player in the NBA, the best league in the world, he has to be considered the face of USA Basketball.
Bryant proved his staying power by overcoming a sexual assault accusation and regained his popularity among the most heralded athletes in the world.

When he displayed a distaste this summer for the direction the Lakers were taking, the NBA world stopped and listened.

Bryant led the league in scoring last season. He has three championship rings. LeBron James is just getting started. While "King James" truly is a talented player, he has a long way to go to match Bryant's résumé.

While the Nuggets won a game against NBA champion San Antonio in the playoffs last season, James couldn't lead his Cavaliers to even one victory in the NBA Finals. As great as the Spurs are, Bryant could have willed the pitiful Lakers to at least one victory.

James has yet to show an all-around game that can transfer to international play. He averaged six points fewer than the Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony for Team USA last year in the world championships.

Kobe? At the FIBA Americas Championship tournament next month, expect him to lead Team USA in scoring and get the last shot in clutch situations.

Bryant not only is the most talented basketball player, his jersey is the hottest seller in the NBA. Expect his USA Basketball jersey to be the hottest commodity, too. He simply has greater fan appeal.

Kevin Durant: Kobe is one of my idols.

While USA team is loaded with stars, Seattle rookie and USA swingman Kevin Durant seemed most in awe of Bryant.

"(Thursday) night we had a team meeting and Kobe walked in. I was like, 'That's Kobe Bryant,"' Durant said.

"It kind of hit me, but then I had to cross back to reality because we are out here competing and trying to get better. I can't look at it as he's one of my idols. We're playing basketball together."


Thanks for clarifying that you are not a hater. But, I'd like to comment on your concerns:

1) He asked to be traded only because the FO is unable or unwilling to get the kind of talent that will put the lakers in contention for a championship. He should not be condemned for that. He was right that they were unwilling to trade for JK, which after seeing JK today, we all should be mad at the FO.

2) He said that if the lakers had a chance to get JK they should have given up Bynum. I understand why he said it. Byunm has not shown that he has the work ethic to be great, only good. Too bad it was on video, but he didn't know that and he apologized to Bynum. He shouldn't be condemned.

3) Yes, Kobe Bryant takes over games (period). He took over the USA scrimmage today too. And, they won.!!! The difference is that his laker teammates choose to stand around and watch. Talented players (i.e.Darant) get in on the action and contribute. Kobe shouldn't be condemned.

I humbly submit, Kobe is not the problem with the lakers, inferior talent is the problem. He cannot make inferior players good enough to win championships, no matter who good or great he is. He is not GOD. BTW, he is not a PG a la JK, he's a 2 whose job it is to score.

Someone please explain to me why Kobe should "make the players better", when the FO can't or won't?

Just my take.

Kobe single-handlely defined the outcome of this game.

Back to the action in Las Vegas on Sunday. Jason Kidd and LeBron James led the White team, while Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony lit it up for the Blue team. There was plenty of fun for everyone, though.

The White team led most of the way before Kobe Bryant hit a go ahead shot with six seconds to go. LeBron's answer clanked off the backboard letting the Blue escape with the win.

Kobe made the game and showed that he could will USA Basketball to a gold medal if that is his focus. Kobe single-handedly turned up the intensity of the game by playing crazy D on several possessions while matched up against both Kidd and LeBron. His effort forced both to raise their game. I became convinced there were some heavy side bets on the line for the final outcome.

Kidd looked rested and ready to lead, as well. He had several spectacular passes that weren't converted to assists simply because Dwight Howard and LeBron James aren't used to having the ball delivered on time when they don't appear open.

Kevin Durant had a sensational stretch of playing time in the second half. His bench press numbers didn't seem to slow down his outside shot or interior moves. More than once, I thought he was a more seasoned pro and caught myself saying, "Wait a minute, that was Durant?" Plus, he knows how to play the game, passing, spacing, running the break, the little things. Durant more than held his own finishing with 22 points while playing down the stretch for the Blue team as they pulled out the win. Super Sonic indeed!

Is Mike Miller always this good? Dude was fabulous for the White team (quit laughing, J.J. Reddick and Kirk Hinrich were on the Blue team). Miller was bombing away nicely which is expected, but he also mixed it up inside a bit and had a couple of sweet fast break finishing dunks. He sure would fit in nicely with Jim O'Brien's plans.
The 17 player team has to be cut down to 12 for the late August Tournament of the Americas. Should be tough since guys like Deron Williams and Mike Miller appear to be solid contributors. Plus, all the bigs played great which included Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, and even Tyson Chandler. Greg Oden will try to join the team late, but I can't see him cracking the 12 man roster at this point. Should be interesting. Yes, I'm aware that I have an unhealthy obsession with the NBA to get so excited about a USA Basketball scrimmage. But let me tell you, it was exciting even if you only have a mild obsession with the L. I have it on my DVR so come on over any time. Odds are me or the boy will be watching the game, again.


What a game, and what a team. These guys would most definitley hold thier own against Dream Team 1.

KB showed once again that he is the best player in the world, but the level of talent on this team is amazing. Durant looks like he will live up to the hype.

Kidd should have been a Laker!


did you watch the game? All i saw Kobe do was shoot, and get blown by on defense when LeBron took him to the basket. His defense was only effective because of the defenders down low.

How many shots did Kobe take in comparison to his teammates, is there a boxscore??

Photo of Kobe shooting for the win against the tough defense of Tashaun Prince

u guys saw the game? Kobe is a masterpiece. I think the press should just shut up and stop calling lebron the best player in d league. Kobe rules

by the way, LeBron also stuffed Kobe on a break-away Dunk.

On my one positive Kobe note of the night...he has a slimmer look and I believe he said he lost around 20 lbs...he looks like the old Kobe, and perhaps a little more conditioned/durable so that he doesnt fade away late in games in the playoffs as he did againt Phoenix. watching this game on tv taped delay...and all Kobe does is SHOOT..he and Carmelo seem to believe that they're the only ones on the team, but even Kobe makes Carmelo seem like Jason Kidd.

BTW...Kevin Durant looks REALLY GOOD. Dude makes those little plays. Like getting through box outs and rebounds, hitting open shots, make smarts passes. He looks like a winner..sort of like Tayshaun prince with an offensive game..already.

So much for putting the Kings, or any NBA team in Lost Wages.

It was nice to see that above D Stern's scandal statement of policy on the NBA site, there was a basketball game, stocked with new and old familiar stars, playin' the game for the pride of their country. Nice.

Watchin' Durant shine, I wonder if Portland is starting to get that old familiar Sam Bowie feein'.

Jordan Farmar's Israeli link

Los Angeles Lakers player Jordan Farmar and Israeli step-father Yehuda Kolani talk about Israel, Judaism and, of course, basketball .,7340,L-3425115,00.html


That article..was a HORRIBLE misreprensentation of the game..In fact..did you WRITE that yourself???

how is 26 points dominant when 5 other guys had more than 20 points???? Carmelo, Durant, Howard and even MIKE freakin Miller had more than 20?????

damn..those Kobe lovers even infiltrated the journalists..but..somehow I you wrote that..

What a hypocrite you are. I thought I just read a post from you in the last day or so, in which YOU said the bloggers need to stop making "personal" attacks on each other. If you go back and reread my post you will notice I did not call "you" stupid. I did not personalize my comments to you. I merely took the liberty of assuming you believe Mitch and the FO are stupid based on the personal attacks you make on them every chance you get. While you may not have directly referred to them as stupid, I believe that is what you think.

Also please note, I am fairly well versed with the NBA Salary cap. I completely understand the basic issues the cap creates, however, the CBA is a very complicated contract. I am not a professional in this field, nor do I wish to be. On occasion I am wrong in my understanding of a clause, or I've simply overlooked a paragraph. If I misstate something it is a misunderstanding on my part, but again, this is not my field and I could care less about knowing every single nuance of the agreement.

I do try to apply common sense to the issues that are raised here on this blog. Many days I just read and don't post. Some days I don't have the time to even read. When I do post, I do so because I have a passion for the Lakers and the NBA in general. I've been watching the pro game for almost 50 years and that, in and of itself, certainly qualifies me to post my comments regarding proposed trades, real or hypothetical.

It is very irritating when you constantly piss and moan about the owners, the manager, the FO, the players. You demand trades, you want changes, but you are not considering what a complete shambles we would have in a couple of years if some of your trades were actually implemented. That's not meant as a personal attack on you, it's just an observation on my part. None of us know what the actual trade negotiations were, who was offered, or not offered, for whom. None of us know what baggage was trying to be included with a player you, or I, may have thought we could use on our team. I just know that it doesn't work to "gut" your team to get 1 player, especially if that player is at, or approaching the end of his career. What do we do in 2 years if J-Kidd is gone and Kobe opts out? Maybe we just move the D-league team up to the mother ship and hope for the best.

Big time trades seldom work out for both teams. One team will usually make out okay, the other usually won't. As little trust as you have in the FO, Mitch and the Buss family, I'm really surprised that you continually call for them to make a big trade.

BTW, regardless of J-Kidds performance today, I still don't trade for him if the trade pieces still include LO and Bynum.

For those of you who are Kobe lovers, check out his comparisons to Kevin Durant.

KD35 had more rebounds, fewer turnovers, and a much higher field goal percentage compared to Kobe. Not to mention that Durant hardly got the ball because nobody seemed to want to pass the ball to the rook.

Not to mention that Kobe failed to PASS in the final couple of minutes. Missed a wide open Carmelo anthony on a fast break just so that he could shoot himself.

Kobe also had the benefit in that final shot of having one-on-one coverage since everyone else was capable of hitting the shot...

By the way, Kevin Durant, if you caught the game, was ridicuously good. He doesnt seem to be full of himself on the court, knows his role, and just makes plays. If he gains like 15 pounds of muscle, dude will be top 5 player.

The Lake-Show,
When will you learn that 2 points in the first quarter is much different than 2 points in the final minutes of a close game????? WHEN????

Lake Show, the box score is at

Please read it carefully. How does Kobe make Carmelo look like Jason Kidd? By shooting 2 less times than Carmelo? By having the same amount of assists (4) as Carmelo? Or is it Kobe's 6 steals? Kobe really did take over in the last minutes of the game. There's also this quote on the blog : My man Mo Brooks (you know him as Mr. Rankings) just IMed me with, "Kobe is the best I've ever seen."

So how was Kobe's performance misrepresented? This is why we normal objective people call you "haters".

I hope Kidd's contract with the Nets is almost over. I bet he will sign with the lakers. Kidd seems like he wants to play with Kobe.

Laker Show,
You are a HATER period. You are full of hateroade.

Didn't take long for the haters to come out. miss van exel, you are a moron. Your one positive, he looks slimmer? All he does is shoot? If you actually watched the game you would know how dominated and forced the outcome. He played within the offense, took the open shot, and was very intense on D. I could almost hear you squeeling with delight when Bron stuffed him on that dunk.

Kidd was right there with KB, and if not for KB's will, Kidd would have won that game for the white.

Pull your head out

wow just watched the usa challenge and kobe showed up.. i believe it was his first usa game/scrim as well.. its could to see him make the winning bucket and stopped lebron from making the winning shot in the game.. it showed he can be a leader for the usa team and after asking to defend the best player from the opposing team it showed that he can and should

"When will you learn that 2 points in the first quarter is much different than 2 points in the final minutes of a close game????? WHEN????"

Oh, cool!! So it doesn't matter when the Lakers get the crap knocked out of them every third quarter, lose the halftime lead, and fall behind, as long as they win the fourth quarter!! In that case, sign me up for the 27-loss bandwagon!!

Boy does Kobe look good out there in Vegas.
Man of man!!!

The guy's competitive juices are vintage Tiger Woods like.
His jumper is like a layup now.

As he gets comfortable at this light weight he is going to be every bit as good as the last 2 and then some.

That clutch shot could be a signal that he's nailing more big ones this yr than ever.

Can we get JO for Bynum and Odom and start balling!!!

Kevin Durant looked good but Seattle is gonna be in the lottery again and lose a TON of games.
He is still a deer in headlights compared to the veterans.
He can play, works hard and can shoot. The strength issue is kinda credible. His rebounding is not like with the Longhorns.

He's gonna be a fine player but can't come close to Kobe or even LeBron/DWade/Melo right now.

His body needs to fill out a bit.
Great skills though


Did you watch the game????? If you did, then you can talk.

If you want to give someone credit for winning the game..its probably Kevin Durant who had 20 SECOND HALF points and about 10 when their team was trailing by 9. Now thats not 2 points in the first half. Give me a break.

Kobe can be credited for making that tough shot at the end..but dont think anyone else on that team can make a last second shot with one-on-one coverage??

Im not saying Kobe didnt play well, but he wasnt amazing, wasnt the best player on the court, and wasnt the "key" for them winning.

Hey Laker Tom,
I feel your enthusiasm and optimistic feel but I can't believe you want to wait and see Andrew before moving him.
This kid they call Socks would not even go hard all the time from an energy standpoint and intensity standpoint while being coached and pushed by a legend (Kareem) and playing with a great role model for work ethic in KOBE.

I'd lose a LUNG to be in that kid's position playing for "CAP" (Kareem).
He showed me enough last yr.
Pull the trigger Mitch!

JO for Bynum, Odom, and either Sasha or Farmar to make the contracts work.

Our defense improves as JO anchors it, and we have a guy who can score down low in the clutch against the premier bigs in the league.
With D-Fish on board, I am on board for this trade. It makes more sense now than earlier this summer.

Let's do it Mitch, what you think Laker Tom, Ex??????

Wow, you Kobe haters are unbelievable.

Awesome game by kobe. That was better than any allstar game i've ever seen. What a game!

Three observations about the USA scrimmage - mostly involving our dear Kobe Bryant.

1) Kevin Durant is going to be a monster in this league. Not in 5 years, not in the 3 years - this guy is ready now. To be able to compete and have an impact in a game filled with NBA All-Stars, NBA Champions, and Future Hall of Famers speaks volumes for this kids talent. I was amazed at his poise, skill set, and overall focus. I always thought that he was the better player between Oden and himself. But this certainly solidified my thoughts.

2) Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd together probably wouldn't work. I'm probably going to be crucified for saying such blasphemy for those who supported the possible Kidd trade - but after watching Kobe pass up an easy play to a wide open Carmelo Anthony in the waning moments of the game may prove my point. The play would've given the Blue Team a lead - but Kobe either didn't see him or decided to take matters into this own hands. His track record would prove that he decided to take matters into this own hands. The reason why I think Jason Kidd wouldn't be a good fit with Kobe is becaus Kidd needs the ball in this hands to create and so does Kobe. Now - of course, they weren't on the same team this time around so my argument could be a moot point if and when they play together. But Kidd and Lebron had great chemistry going and I just can't see Kobe functioning the same way. He's always been the type of person that creates for himself and I just can't see him as a Rip Hamilton/Reggie Miller type of player. As good as Kobe is, there's an area in his game that is a bit lacking - and that's movement without the ball. I've just never really seen it from him.

3) There is not one person on the court today that matches Kobe's intensity and competitive spirit - Kidd may be a close second. Again, perhaps it's his reputation as the "best" player in the league or his inability to recognize other team-mates, but it just seems as though everyone sort of surrenders themselves to him in the waning moments. It could be that he becomes more of a Black Hole than the Black Mamba once the ball is thrown to him in late game situations - but you can just tell how they just look to him to lead the way. There's not one person on this USA team that I would trust with the ball with the game on the line than him - no one. If you don't believe me, just watch the last 6 seconds of the game and see what Lebron does.

Just my 2 cents.

On a side note - Jessica Biel has the best backside in the business.


Kobe was so damn dominant in playing for USA. Kobe made the last seven shots including the game winner!

That game showed why Btyant is the best palyer in the game.

"KD35 had more rebounds, fewer turnovers, and a much higher field goal percentage compared to Kobe. "

Duh - he's a CENTER! Of course he had more rebounds and a higher shooting percentage - he's playing three feet from the frigging basket! And fewer turnovers - do you think the fact that Kobe's a guard and handles the ball more has anything to do with that??


I just got back from the beach so I missed the game. Anyway, there will be more scrimmage and also the Zebra Scandal stories.

Federal charges or FBI inquiry is a serious infringement for them to get involved. It is about time that they clean up the sports, this is no longer the roaring 20's when Mob control everything from the outside and within the instiutions. Remember the White Sox scandal, it took years to rehabilitate baseball, then the gamblers from Mickey Mantle to Pete Rose. In basketball, there were such stories too, there were suspicions on gambiling habits of MJ, college sports trying to fix the games but I never heard of the Zebras in NBA except this day and age but it is quite apparent that calls are very suspicious and the interpretation of rules are somewhat personalized. One referee will look it the other way around while the other will focus on those conflicting traveling calls. Another problem is nobody is above Stu Jackson and David Stearns, it like a combination of Idi Amin and Napoleon Bonaparte issuing edict or decrees, there is no appellate court or supreme court above them. What they rule is always final. This time, the fans together with the federal authorities are on the offensive. Since Derek Fisher is the President of Players Union, it's also about time the union should join the inquiry? Who else is involve in this scandal? Any other referees, any players part of the loot, any coaches, any team officials & owners, once a probe starts, it does not end. On the contrary, we still have a law in this land on the rights of accused for defense. Let's us hear everybody's side before going to rash to judgement. We don't know the evidences that will be presented unless there is a verdict, we have to assume they are still innocent.

Vman, you and I have discussed this before, while fans are crazy and delirious of these millionaires from players, coaches, owners, managers all the way to NBA office and the game the end of the day, David Sterns says it all with his grin, "Cool, that's just part of business, baby."

All of you,

Please explain to me how Kobe was "dominating" the game.

Kobe was 10-22..thats competitive juices or not being efficient?? So when you were in the playground as a kid and played ball the kid on your team that took all the shots..he was just being competitive right? I mean none of you guys seemed like you would have called him a ball hog, right?

Kobe, when playing, had the ball in his hand the WHOLE time he scored points. At the end of the game when he ran down the court, he would stop a fast break, pull it out to the top of the key and wait for the clear out.

Thats what he does with the Lakers all the time, except, they double team him and then puts his players in a bad position. Kobe throws that top of the key pass instead of penetrating and dishing out to find the wide open sasha, luke, vlad ect. In this game, they couldnt do that because there were 4 other players on the court that would burn a double team.

Unfortunetly, Kobe doesnt know his team when hes playing with the Lakers, none of them are going to burn a double, nor do they even think theyll even get a pass.

I seriously dont understand how you guys dont see this. Maybe its because I've played organized basketball for years and none of you have, and just know basketball by box score stats, like points.

Im not hating on Kobe, but Im trying to point out that his performance tonight wasnt legendary, nor amazing, nor a sign of why he will lead the Lakers to a title.

If you cant accept this then I suggest you get that Magic Johnson fundamentals of basketball tape.

SBP Pimp..

Kevin Durant is not a've officially made yourself look stupid.

You are confused with "Greg Oden"

My USA starting five and 12 man roster!


If TJ simers is assigned to Las Vegas...I wonder how he will tall about this game:

"This is the time for the Kobester to try damage control. While others players are just streching muscles, he is playing as if this is a NBA final and decisive game.
Relax Kobester, that's why nobody like you."

Simers...your bitching diatribe is useless.

Van Exel is depress.

Kobe heroics had make his day miserable.

Ex & Lake Show,
"Oh, cool!! So it doesn't matter when the Lakers get the crap knocked out of them every third quarter, lose the halftime lead, and fall behind, as long as they win the fourth quarter!! In that case, sign me up for the 27-loss bandwagon!!"

I never said the other quarters were not important. I'm simpy stating the obvious, that performing in the last minute(s) of a close game is MUCH more difficult and impressive than at any other point in the game. Just ask Lebron. Kobe scored the last SEVEN points to cap a comeback, and effectively covered Lebron and Kidd in the final minutes. He was the team's main weapon on offense AND defense. Durant had a spectacular game, but I can't understand why a supposed Laker fan would try to downplay Kobe's brilliant performance that WON the game.

P.S. Why the heck is JJ Reddick on the team???

Mitchell. Steve, Laker Blake, Jorema

I guess I should clarify my position on Kobe.

Do I think Kobe is the best player in the league? Yes. Slim, but yes I think he is the best all around player.

Do I want Kobe on my team? Not if the team is built around him solely.

I think that you guys tend to confuse "best player in the league" with "championship caliber".

Kobe is not a ticket to a title by himself. Now you may say (well thats why we want Garnett, O'neal etc) but you guys still elevate Kobe to that level of not needing a great player. You guys really need to listen to yourselves. Sure Kobe is great, but does having him on the Lakers as the main piece mean anything substantially?

Think of it this way, Kobe is sort of like Dan Marino of basketball. Marino put up the numbers, put up the stats, was nice in the late stages of the game. But did he elevate his teammates? No.

Or try a better comparison. Barry Bonds. Bonds won gold gloves, HR titles, batting titles, great stats. when he comes up it changes how the game is pitched. He will be among one of the greatest players of ALL Time. Just like Kobe. But does he elevate his teammates? No.

There is a big difference between being great and being a great leading player. Sure Kobe can hit shots, make a great basketball play. But can he elevate a team? No, not yet, and maybe never.

Now I dont like Dwayne Wade or LeBron James. In fact, I am haters of THOSE guys mroe than Kobe. But I cant deny their effects.

It started the year they went to the Eastern Conference finals, and his inspirational play continued the next year when they went to the NBA Finals. In Game 3, Wade put on a great peformance and single handedly won the game, like we've seen Kobe do. But the next game, it wasnt even about Wade anymore. Suddenly, players who looked old and slow came alive. guys like Walker, Posey, and Alonzo Mourning were excited, because Wade would carry them. Shaq was awful but somehow they didnt notice.

This year, LeBron's season was actually not that great until the end, and then in the playoffs he just turned it on. He had one great scoring game, (Game 5 pistons) but other than that it was his constant faith in his team that inspired them. He was killed in the media for being too unselfish, but he never changed his style of play. When they finall beat the Pistons, that team full of bad looking players felt like champions.

Kobe while being a great player, does not evoke that feeling from his teammates. And its in his style of play and personality on the court.

Kobe does the clear-outs, standing at the top of the key, sort of saying "get out of my way theres no chance you're getting involved in this final play, I'm the man".
Sure, Kobe might make those shots 7-10, score 50 points in a row, but does that really do anything?

For example after Kobe had that 50 point game run...did the Lakers look any more inspired after that? After LeBron had ONE 50 point game against the Pistons, the next game the team looked and acted like they had been there before when they never were. Kobe had 5 and nothing changed.

Look, you may not be convinced or swayed or even consider what I have to say, thats fine. But if you dont, then Im sad to think that you just fall in love with the next great stat guy, or athllete or difficult shot-maker, because Kobe wont be the last and in 10 years you will find someone else to revere. The NBA thrives on marketing to people like you who buy the jerseys, worship the athletes.

Maybe that is what people truly like, and team doesnt come before player. Its like why people here hate hockey and soccer, because they are more about player then team.

But, in the end, winning is about team.


If Indy was willing to take Bynum, Brown, et al for JO, I would make the trade in a heartbeat. But soon as they start to include Lamar, I question whether the deal is worth it. For KG, I would do it, but not for JO. Unless I don’t think that Bynum is going to be a superstar, which is obviously where we disagree.

I am willing to trade Bynum even though I think he will become a superstar but until I pull the switch I’m going to be watching his progress very carefully just to be safe. He just might make a big enough jump that we would decide he could help enough right away. I hear rumors that the Lakers are very pleased with Andrew’s work ethic and progress this summer.

I also think there are no deals on the table right now. Everybody seems to be content to get the season rolling to make sure what they have and what they need. There’s a reason why so many teams are interested in Andrew. The Lakers are smart to be sure that what they need to get to the next level is just to not lose patience with Andrew. If he takes a big step and we avoid the disastrous injuries of last year, we could be an elite team in a couple of years due to Bynum.

So until we pull the trigger, we need to keep reevaluating how soon Andrew will be able to help us get to the next level. It just might be sooner than you or Kobe think.


Laker Larry,

In the other post you communicated with me, you called me an idiot, this time a hypocrite. Don't you remeber us, you scolded us in the previous thread when we were suggesting trade and you vilify our views by insisting that we don't understand the salary cap rules? I replied to your posts telling you that the Lakers are not the only ones above the cap but give you a link of 15 other teams above the Lakers. Do you want me to copy/paste your very statements? Precisely, I am just reminding you the kind of communication we have. You are one of the guys who is irritated by our constant criticisms on F/O, on players, what do you expect from a blog? Always agreeing and full of optimism when we got eliminated two consecutive years on 1st round. Before you posted today, I have discussions with Craig W., Long Time Laker Fan, Rick Friedman, Jorema we all did not agree with our views but were we civil with our discussions? Unfortunately, we are two individuals diametrically opposite with our views, all I ask, if you want respect then be RESPECTFUL with your comments. If you call me a bla, bla, bla blogger, well I'm not one of your minions or the way you address to Mike T., for as long I see an abuse in the use of careless and obscene language, you equally get the same treatment from me. BTW, I never called you names in my post I'm also referring ineptness on the F/O that you favor.

Come to think of it, if there is any ray of hope to our misunderstandings, we are both laker fans, w/ similar passion but different interpretations in achieving the ultimate goal.

I know SImmons isn't a Laker Blog favorite but his summation of the recent state of the NBA is spot on.

The game is in trouble and I'm starting to wonder if, in an election year, Congress might not get involved. Extreme? They loved the press on the steroid hearings.

VMan, more about the ref. According to local news, he may name names (other officials, even players) of others that did what he did/helped him.

Lake Show,

"Maybe its because I've played organized basketball for years and none of you have, and just know basketball by box score stats, like points."

How do you know that? What level of organized basketball have you played? How long did you play basketball? Can you give us your real name and google your scores and your game? It seems that you all know the facets of the game, perhaps you can conduct a basketball clinic "how to watch a basketball game?" for ordinary fans who did not play organized basketball.


Wow, you are a hypocrite. Laker Larry IS Right. Youre picking a fight with me. I wasnt even talking to you.

I also take it, that you havent seen my later posts, nor the posts before that.

But since you suddenly want to join the foray...

I talked about playing organized ball because I have a little instruction on what team ball is and how Kobe plays on the court.

Kobe plays at the top of the key, which in a spread out puts the team in a bad position. Why? Because theres a shot clock. Also the Four Corners style of ball isnt very good anymore because unless you have a bunch of guys who nail the 3, its horrible against Zone defense, which has been an Achilles heal of the Lakers. They can beat the zone. This is because of players being a little bigger and stronger now. For example, how do you play 4 corners against Stoudamire and Marion? Those guys are largely athletic and long armed, and much faster than Kwame/Luke/Cook. They have much better close-out speed on defense. So when Kobe does a clear-out at the top of the key and dishes out to a teammate after being double teamed, the player has two options: Shoot the 3 or take it to the basket. If they take it to the basket they get one of the two big men coming right at them. And since the Lakers dont have athletic 5 and 4, then they get destroyed.

So when I meant I was talking about playing organized ball, I was takling about Kobe and his odd role on his team. He doesnt play within the team. I said this in the context that people on this blog purely look at Stats as a determining factor of how good a player is. Thats the worst thing you can do. I mean there are tons of NBA caliber players that could score points and do it great. There are Street ballers AND 1 players, College, semi pro, Summer league, European guys who can all hit an open shot, dunk etc, but its all about basketball 1Q. If you look purely at guys stats, shooting, point scoring, etc thats a bad way to evaluate someone's impact.

Van exell

Maybe you should coach the lakers instead of Phil.
Maybe you should replace D'antoni for instructing Kobe today to take over the game.
Maybe, per you request, we should repeat with you that Durant is the best player in the game.
Maybe, to satisfy your ego completely, we can let you dictate what to say or not in this blog, because you're the only one that had played "organized basketball".
Maybe we should let you ttake the blog for yourself, so that you can promote a entrance to the hall of fame for van exel and eddie jones.

Lake show,

I don't call you names, I just picked the phrase you put in your post. I ask questions because it seems that you are an expert and telling us how to watch the game? Once you address yourself to this blog, you cannot isolate your conversations, you are addressing to everyone reading the blog. If you want to call me a hypocrite, I really don't care, I don't claim of supriority to others. You mentioned Magic and Kobe, these are two different players with different styles one is a PG and the other one is a SG. However, I am not a player, a coach just a mere fan who learned basketball by listening to late Chick and read newspapers about the game so I'm interested on what I can learn from you. I just believe people have their own opinions and sometimes they see things differently. Since you claim that you know better, that's fair, no competition Lake Show.


“Now, this blog's constant Kobe bashing is really getting old. I'm all for free speach, but this is a little rediculous. It seems a little crazy to me that a "Laker" blog would be so negative toward its star player.”

With all due respect, our “star” player happens to be the same person who single-handedly destroyed the laker dynasty. I don’t care how much money shaq said he wanted, all shaq really wanted was respect which kobe would not give to shaq. I believe shaq’s $30M demand was an indirect way to have management trade kobe away in 2003. it’s too bad that shaq had to go and kobe stayed because all the veteran players who would have played with a dominant shaq + any robin (Penny, Kobe, etc) would have given us several years of championship runs. Instead, we have kobe breaking scoring records, whoop-dee-doo.

“A guy who works harder than any player on his team or any body elses.”

This “working hard” thing is really a red herring. Kobe crap to make shaq look bad. Look, shaq may have been lazy or WHATEVER, it doesn’t matter cuz we were competing and winning championships. Kobe can work 25 hours [25 hours is a joke BTW] in a day and it won’t matter if the laker team sucks……..which BTW, it does under kobe’s reign. Too bad so sad. Kobe wanted to be the “man” in LA and forceibley got his wish and now he wants out cuz he can’t handle the heat. COWARD. I think this USA Team thing with kobe is his way to try out with D’Anotni’s Suns. Kobe=The Big Robin Always.

“His methods may be uncoventional, but his intent is right on the money”

What!? WHAT!? Right on the money? We went from contenders to pretenders in one summer cuz kobe couldn’t wait his turn. Give me a break kobe a$$kisser.

“If the truth be told, Kobe's public "outcry" probably did put a fire under the FO.”

The truth of the “outcry” is just plain crying over spilled milk. Kobe realized that he’s not the “man” in LA during thoise championship years and now he wants to bolt to ride the back of Dirk, Nash or the Bulls Team.

“The weird part is you "Laker fans". It really seems like a lot of you guys have been drinking the coolaid of TJ and other media pimps.”

First off, TJ Simers’ is my hero. Second, I had my opnion since shaq left in 2004 before I even knew who TJ Simer’s was. Nice try bonehead.

“It is too bad. Instead to rallying around Kobe's attempt to force the the FO to spend some cash and get us a championship caliber team, you proudly send him pacifiers.”

Hey smartguy, why was kobe so quite when shaq was being shopped by the lakers? I’d send kobe a bag of crap if I could since that’s what he’s lead us to the past 3 seasons chasing Jordan’s legacy.

“I'll never stop reading this blog, but sometimes I just do not need to hear the HATE.”


“Faith, Laker Tom, Tspere, are there other blogs out there that do not hate so much?”

Why don’t the four of your start your own little blog?


"KL and Gunner are NOT LAKER fans, they have admitted several times that they are CLIPPER fans."

Dude, i've been a laker fan for 20+ years up until 2004 when shaq was traded away because your guy wanted to chase Jordan's legacy. Nice try. BTW, i acknowledge your silence towards me (lakertomgirl too) as a form of cowardice cuz you can't debate my points. all you can say is that KL is a hater and KL is stupid. i believe those arguments are called ad hominem arguments. In case you don’t know what an ad hominem is: it’s when one can’t argue points, one makes personal attacks. You go on believing kobe’s the Jordan Apparent. Kobe ain’t even in Pippen’s class cuz Pippen didn’t destroy a championship club for self-serving purposes. No matter how you spin it, you can’t argue that fact. KOBE BRYANT PUT HIMSELF ABOVE WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS AND KOBE IS NOW CRYING OVER HIS MISTAKE. I say good riddance to kobe in 2009. For now, I’ll enjoy wating the Human Highlight Reel Part Two.

Breaking down the Team USA Scrimmage

Opinion: Kobe dominated the game.
Opinion: No he didn't.

Fact: His three-pointer brought the Blue Team from behind and tied the game.
Fact: His two-pointer gave the Blue Team the lead.
Fact: He blocked James' final shot that could have won the White Team the game.

I saw the entire game. It was a joy to watch. Great basketball players playing great basketball.
Jason Kidd was amazing. So was LBJ, Michael Redd, and Mellow.
Kevin Durant is going to be a monster.

Kobe did what Kobe does. He played to win. He played to be dominant. Love him or hate him, Kobe comes to play. Kobe's greatness does not detract from the greatness of others.

I, for one, don't buy the premise that basketball is a team game in the purest sense. Football yes, basketball no. The level of play in the scrimmage was basketball at its best, five great players on the floor for each squad at virtually all times. We love to watch these players excel as individual athletes when they have the ball, whether it is Jason Kidd making a great pass, LBJ blocking a critical shot, or Kobe making a great shot. It is these individual efforts at any given moment that make the game.

At the end of the day, who the hell cares about such a debate? Those of us who watched were well entertained by great athletes. That's why I turned on the TV.

Kobe Bryant looks like he is 22 years old again with that new lean and mean body of his! Does that mean we going to see the old high flying Kobe!


"You are absolutely right. I just do it for fun. Besides, the last time "Fart Breath" (your new name) could have been deemed an insult from me, I think I was in the 3rd grade. What grade are you in?"

Funny man. LOL. You can call me Fart Breath too; especailly after eating good Mexican food.


I am pretty sure other people here play GM, saying that Mitch Kupchek cant do his job, etc. How is that different from saying Kobe should so his job different???

Oh but wait I cant do that, right? Kobe off limits, but everyone else ok?

Look if you dont like constructive criticism, fine by me. Dont listen to me. Fall in love with some basketball player who scores a lot of points. Im just entitled to my opinion just as you are to yours.

you guys all blast me for saying how Kobe was dominant in the game. Well to me and the webster's dictionary, dominant is a relative term, meaning that to be dominant you are head and shoulders better than everyone else, and that he affected the game where it was in his control.

I disagreed, because if you watched the game, you know that wasnt the case. Not to mention that Kobe actually should have lost the game if it wasnt for the referee bailing Kobe out on the last play. (Kobe called a timeout and thats illegal in international play). But as far as points, effect in the game, and so forth, Kobe wasnt dominant, didnt elevate his teammates.

I only say this because I use my own experience to talk about things. Its kind of like when I use my life's experience to analyze and talk about things on the news or hardships that other people, friends, family face. You know, thats a common practice.

But if you somehow think a person cant use their life experience to analyze a situation, then dont listen to me.


"You just added yourself to that short list of people who have trashed Kobe's children. Congratulations."

i'm happy to report that i've never trashed kobe's personal life. My gripe the Big A$$hole is only limited to his professional life. Personal life is off limites. Even KL has a heart. I will say that i've made a joke about the $3 million ring, but that was only as a joke.


in fact..

Maybe you should be the Lakers GM instead of Kupchek
Maybe you know how to organize the salary cap because you know better
Maybe per request that Kobe is a God
Maye we can all follow Kobe's every move with your constant updates (who knows how many times you enter "Kobe Bryant" into Google each day)


what's up brother? we haven't sparred for a while, so here we go....

"Why do people waste you time responding to people who will never change their opinions and continue to spew their hate. "

like it or not, us so-called "haters" are here to stay while the lakers continue wallow in mediocrity while our star player acts the fool.

kobe scored the last 7 points of the game. I don't miss van exel & eddie. the alien and most unclutch player in the history of the game after luke ridinour and doug christie. I actually enjoy watching the best player of my generation play. I guess one mans pis is another man's treasure. oh well.


"and what do you make of the MIAMI HEAT who has ALL STAR starting five and yet was sweep in the FIRST ROUND?"

Please enlighted me on who won the championship in 2006?

I know, it was luck, the refs cheated, Dirk gave it away, Wade got too many free thows......

Awesome finish to the NBA Big Time Summer League, Everyone's hero wins it with a few clicks on the clock!

Kobe, man this guy gets it. What a competitor. Do your best try hard and win, he was pretty good at being unselfish and seemed well liked by everyone.
... the Jason Kidd trade that didn't happen just hurts that much more after watching how well he can adjust to his new team and help others. Great point guard work.

Laker Scoop

"Lakers legend is having to see how incredibly stupid so many fans are. I guess being a Laker fan today means going the 100% Paris Hilton route. No class and no more rings."

First off, welcome to the blog and please continue to give us your opinion.

Second, have faith with true laker fans (as oppose to kobe fans) because us old-school types still believe in the team-above-the-star philosophy which got us the championships. We'll be back WITH OR WITHOUT KOBE BRYANT.


"KOBE didnt enter this league to win sportmanship awards, he's a baller... Only winning is his agenda..."

I ask you, Juanito, how has kobe performed as the #1 since shaq's departure? 50% is like kissing your cuñada.


"Now that there is definitive proof that games are fixed, the Lakers may get the calls that they deserve."

i have a towel for you to clean up your spilled milk. i guess you're referring to the Shaq-led championships in 2000-2002? Should we give the Finals MVP to kobe and award the championship to Nets, Sixers and Pacers? BTW, what proof? Has anything been proven guilty in a court of law?


"Or maybe getting swept in the first round of the eastern conference because thats all the LAZY FAT BUM is capable of acheiving togetehr with taking advantage of some kids to make a buck and get on TV a little more."

BTW, who won the championship in 2006? Please pull your head out of kobe's a$$. You like how it smells?


"wow, talk about a verbal smack down. KLBeast, gunner, sunny, um y'all need to umm idk, umm i guess just hug someone next to you ... lol"

all i have to say is Tsphere who? call me all the names you want but kobe still sucks and can't lead a team to a championship.


"Kobe hit the tieing 3 pointer in the final minute, and the game winner over Lebron with 6 seconds left. He also defended Lebron on the final play, a lebrick.

whoope-dee-doo. let's award kobe another All-Star MVP award. anymore meaningless accolades for kobe? i'll settle for a second round appearance.

kobe apologist

"I hope all the Kobe Haters were watching the Team USA scrimmage today. The best of the NBA was playing, and they were playing hard. Who was the best player on the floor? Kobe Bryant. Who led his team to victory? Kobe Bryant. "

I agree, let's award kobe a second straight All-Star MVP. Can you think of anymore meaningless accolades? Listen, I'll give kobe the Laker MVP award if he can lead a laker team past the 1st round.


"My particular interest was, of course, Kobe. Seeing this man play basketball is just breathtaking. He busted the game winner on Tayshaun, then he d'up Lebron to help make the final stop. It was vintage Kobe. "

as i recall it, lebrick crossed over kobe and chandler affected lebrick's shot. nevertheless, i will give kobe credit for the clutch J over Prince. I'll give credit where it's due.


"There's a toughness to Kobe, an edge," Colangelo said. "And that's something we didn't have last year. That's what I am talking about! Do you hear it KL,gunner...etc...??/ Grow up you KOBE and Laker hater!"

i heard it, how about kobe leading a laker team past the 1st round. i think kobe's trying out for the Suns with this USA Team thing.


first off, i recall you said in our last conversation that you're rehabbing a bad knee (meniscus). hopefully all is for the gibberish.

"In previous conversations you've indicated doubts about Kobe's leadership in conjunction with being able to win. Others, myself included, have argued that Kobe's teammates did not do their part."

i will give credit where credit is due. kobe looked very good out there. Kobe and Melo were both ballhogs, but I'm not going to take anything away from kobe's clutch J over Prince. I will qualify my statement by saying that Team USA is meaningless. i want kobe to lead the lakers. is that a fair statement?

You Kobe haters need to seriously chill out. He had a great game and is representing team USA. If you are to biased to not see that, then keep your mouths shut.


"I don't know how I got lumped in with the "Kobe haters". Once again, Kobe was clearly the best player on the court out there. The concerns that I have posted, as far as being a Laker fan is:"

i will vouch for Tao that he is not a kobe hater.


"Im not back, still enjoying my summer and loving my girl."

please take care and don't let stupid bloggers (like me) affect your personal life. life's too short. please take what i, or anybody, say on this blog as shtick. take it easy.

Hey eveyone...

After seeing the highlights of the intrasquad game on, I really wish I had NBA TV... and I can guarantee that Kobe's Team USA jersey will definitely be the highest selling USA jersey ever. Btw, he did look thinner -- almost back to the size of his mini-fro days. That should help with his endurance...

Two0one7 asked me to repost my "Chronicles of Sgt Kobe" series, so I'll do it tomorrow... if enough people want me to. I don't want to clog the thread with reposts if nobody wants to read them.


"Kobe single-handlely defined the outcome of this game."

this is the kind of crap that encouraged kobe to be a selfish prick (aka ballhog). it was a team effort, not kobe doing it all.

steve in denver

"What a game, and what a team. These guys would most definitley hold thier own against Dream Team 1."

i don't think so pal. There is only one Dream Team. BTW, this was an All-Star Game. Big deal. Let's see them win a gold now and a gold in '08. Then i'll be impressed. This is like playing your own team in practice, then congratulating yourself of how awesome you were.


I know, i'm a loser with no life. Actually, i drank a moster drink at 9pm and i'm still jazzed, i might go lift weights right now.

Lake show,

I saw the end of the first half and all of the second half.

The only time I recall Kobe holding the ball for the whole shot clock at the top of the key was the final play for the Blue team,
where he hit the game winner. What I saw for the Blue team was first Deron Williams and then Kirk Hinrich being the main
initiators of the offense for the team. Kobe moved around to try to get open shots and passed off more often than he shot.
I saw Kobe pass out of double teams several times rather than force up a shot. I also recall him driving the lane and then
kicking out to Carmelo for a three. The one time Kobe forced up a shot against a double team I recall was when he came
down the court and juked past Jason Kidd and didn't see LeBron, who came from behind and blocked him soundly.

And before you go calling him ball-hog, bear in mind that he didn't even take the most shots for his team. Carmelo did.

Kobe most definitely played within what offense they had, but they didn't have a well-oiled machine of an offensive scheme,
which isn't surprising considering they only practiced together for two days. If Kobe had wanted to dominate the scoring,
he certainly could have jacked up 30 or 35 shots and scored 40. Because he is one of the top offensive players on the
team, yes he took more shots than people like Tyson Chandler (who's not an offensive player) or Deron Williams (who was
making the most of his passing game, since that's what Deron does best).

Now I wish I had captured the game so I could put together a short film showing Kobe passing the ball off 10 or 12 times
to show how ridiculous your statements are.


Wrestling with Bryant, who's tough to pin down
July 21 2007

LAS VEGAS — Never saw this one coming.

I'm on vacation, spending time with the 7-Eleven Kid, learning a lot about "time out," so knowing what I do about babies, I thought why not take a day off from vacation and check on the Kobester.

I figure here we go, the baby crying right from the start because he's wearing No. 27 and someone else has No. 24, but he says, "It means everything … being in this position now to represent our country, is special."

It's a friendly gathering, because no one wants to irritate the superstar, so someone wants to know why he's lost 19 pounds, like everyone can't figure it out — you're going to lose weight running from radio station to radio station while fretting about your future.

He says he's 200 for the first time since '98. He says he ate a pepperoni pizza, had a grape soda, felt bloated, tried to do some running and felt a little heavy. The fear of being the next kid to go on Shaq's TV show was apparently too much for him.

He says what you expect him to say about the refereeing scandal, and then someone lobs him a softball: "How are things back home with the Lakers?"

"Right now I just want to keep focus on what we're accomplishing here," he says, and dodgeball seems to be his new game of choice.

"Will you be at training camp?" someone asks, and instead of saying, "Of course," he says, "When the time is right, I'll be more than glad to address that."

I've kept quiet so far, because I figure that's the way he likes it, and no reason to put a quick end to this little cheery soiree, but I can't take any more.

"Have you apologized to Dr. Buss for calling him an idiot?"

"Excuse me," he says, while turning to see who is asking the question, and who is now repeating the same question.

"Dr. Buss and I have had several conversations," he says without a hint of exasperation. "But we want to keep things between ourselves."

"Don't you think your image has suffered by coming across as a baby?"

"Yeah, I had a whole bunch of pacifiers sent to me; one of them was actually sent from you," he jokes, and for the first time in two years we're not only having a cordial conversation, but he's poking me in the ribs like everything is cool.

Someone else asks about the Lakers, but he won't go there, so I say it's his fault. "You gave a mixed message to everyone."

"Yeah, I understand it would seem like that," he says.

"Was it a mixed message?"

"Absolutely," he says. "I think if I had to go back and do things differently I would. The right thing to do now is try to handle the situation the right way." My, my — they do grow up fast.

"Do you think "Fisher, Mihm, Crittenton and Walton are a championship upgrade?"

"I think they're a hell of a basketball great addition," he says, and that sounds like a different tune being sung.

"I think it was important to keep Luke, and Fisher and I talk all the time. We're extremely close. I'm extremely happy for him and for his family. I'm happy for Chris as well. I reached out to him because he went through a lot; that was the worst ankle injury I've seen."

"Does this satisfy your misgivings about this team's ability to win?"

"Right now is not the time to talk about that," he says.

"All you have to say is 'I'm going to be playing for the Lakers.' "

"I know what you're saying," he replies, but he says he's not going to be a distraction — even though saying nothing makes him a continuing distraction.

Someone asks about the chances of the Lakers still making the roster more appealing to him, and he says, "It's not really about me. It's just what Mitch [Kupchak] and them feel they need to do to improve the club; you need to ask them."

He hears my voice again, yet doesn't bristle. Next weekend we'll probably be double-dating. "Have you come to the point where you're resigned to playing for the Lakers?"

"I know you're like me on a basketball court," he says. "I try to figure out every possible angle to score, and that's what you're doing and I respect that. You try to figure your way through traps and double teams, but I'm just not going there."

"Don't you think Laker fans would like to know what's going on?" But that gets nothing. "Come on, you came across as a big baby, so here's your chance … "

"You're going to [call me] that anyway," he says, and sometimes it's hard to argue with the guy.

Someone asks whether he's spoken to Phil Jackson, and he says he has, and so I want to know if he told Phil he's happy.

"I went fishing and he was fishing, so we were both happy," he says.

I try a different tack.

"I take it your positive comments about the team's signings make a difference?"

"I love every one of those guys," he says.

"Did you apologize to Andrew Bynum?"

"Yeah, I spoke to Andrew. We're fine."

"I worry about the reputation of [ESPN's] Ric Bucher, your spokesman, who says you will never play in a Laker uniform again. What do you make of that?"

"Why don't you go to the craps table and blow off some steam?" the Kobester jokes.

"The newspaper here says you were spotted snacking on frozen grapes at the Bare pool lounge, the topless place at the Mirage — is that a good place to blow off steam?"

"The what?" he says. "I'm everywhere. I was in Yugoslavia yesterday. You listen to people, I'm everywhere."

Interview over, and the Kobester adds, "Say hi to Tracy and Fred."

Sure thing, and maybe next week we'll all get together on the morning radio show away from Team USA and make some sense out of all this. Yeah, right.

Cmon guys, lets lay off The Lake Show. He's not a true Kobe Hater like gunner or KL... he just takes everything that Kobe does with a grain of salt. I also disagree with most of his comments, but he is right in that Kobe's game wasn't "spectacular" compared with what we've seen him do in the regular season and playoffs. At least he admitted that Kobe is the best player on Team USA. Lets just hope that Kobe's performance in the next couple of weeks will keep The Lake Show from joining The Dark Side.

Kobe - Worst game-winning shot EVER! Hopefully, Coach K comes to his senses and cuts this stiff.


Yes, I saw that. Buckle up, this thing is pickin' up speed. One more ref and a couple of players maybe, and this season may be called while they sort out how far it all goes. It's an election year.

The silver lining, you know there always is one, is that when the smoke clears we'll have a better system and understanding of what a foul is and isn't devoid of rookie or star descrimination. We might get instant replay, challenges like in tennis and the NFL. Obviously ref sanctity is a thing of the past until further notice.

How to spot a Hater 101

Flip the script.

If Lebron had risen up over kobe to take a 1 pt lead with 6 seconds to go, and then kobe had driven the lane and missed the game winner you could put your life on the haters being out in force.

This blog would be filled with about 200 more posts, each hater slobbering all over themselves speaking about how kobe is no lebron and he's selfish and he shoots too much...what a choke artist kb is and so forth.

This was a scrimmage. Kobe was dominant. He is the greatest in the game, but the score in the scrimmage is not huge. Jason kidd had a monster game too. If kobe misses that shot, he still had a great game, but the fact that he made it is exactly what puts him on another level.

Durant was awesome, kIdd was great, lebron is a monster, so is howard, but Kobe is the Man, simple as that, we don't need to nitpick and select favorites at the expense of the other players. Hopefully they will be a team. Can you imagine when kobe is flanked by lebron and kidd....OMG i hope he never passes. those two magic like players could make anybody look good... giving the ball to kobe--watch the --- out! US basketball is gonna be sick this year! Go USA. How bout next year with wade back?? and marion?? how sick will we be then... its gonna be fun.

Kidd/ billups/ williams
Kobe/ wade
Lebron/ durant/ melo
Marion/ Chandler
Howard/ Amare

so sick

VMan, gotta agree with you. I'm just catching up to the comments, but I can't believe more people aren't talking about the scandal. This will get worse before it gets better. Already, it means this year's playoffs don't really mean anything; Donaghy worked Suns/Spurs game 3, one that people thought was atrociously refereed as it was.

If David Stern, who is one of the most arrogant people I've ever run across, doesn't do something before the season starts to deal with this issue, the game will be seriously hurt.

They should have been listening to the fans who told them there was something wrong years ago.

Wow! a scrimmage and you apologists saying kobe was dominant?

10-22. Who else shot that much?

Let's see everyone else get that many shots and i bet you they will have 26 points too. Scrimmage doesn't mean a damn thing. It's what Kobiatch is going to do back in LA. What Kobiatch is going to do next year at the Olympics.

Lake Show,
"KD35 had more rebounds, fewer turnovers, and a much higher field goal percentage compared to Kobe. Not to mention that Durant hardly got the ball because nobody seemed to want to pass the ball to the rook."





and what do you make of the MIAMI HEAT who has ALL STAR starting five and yet was sweep in the FIRST ROUND?



Laker Scoop,
"We've already seen the best Kobe has to offer and it's all down hill for him from here.
The only thing more lame and cringeworthy than watching Mr. Lower Marion continue to devalue the Lakers legend is having to see how incredibly stupid so many fans are. I guess being a Laker fan today means going the 100% Paris Hilton route.
No class and no more rings."


Stat Lines

K.Durant 24:24 9-14 2-5 2-2 3 2 5 1 3 4 0 0 22
K.Bryant 33:38 10-22 4-9 2-2 1 2 3 4 2 6 3 0 26

Proof in the Pudding.

Durant less shots ONCE AGAIN BETTER SHOOTING PERCENTAGE THAN KOBIATCH and almost the same amount of points.






"Im not hating on Kobe, but Im trying to point out that his performance tonight wasnt legendary, nor amazing, nor a sign of why he will lead the Lakers to a title. If you cant accept this then I suggest you get that Magic Johnson fundamentals of basketball tape."







Not one player in this league is a ticket to a title by himself. No one is saying this, and admiring Kobe's game doesn't mean we all have blinders on regarding the situation the Lakers are in.

Of course, chemistry is everything, and the way the team is put together is not working. As a professional basketball player, how could you not get fired up, see the potential that's there, and thank the basketball gods that you're playing with the best in the game? You put people like Smush, Kwame and Cook on a team with an ultra-over achiever like Kobe and what's gonna happen? They're going to resent him and bring everyone down. Most people here agree that LO has a lot of heart, but he's more of a role player who tends to disappear when the pressure's on.

That's where the logo excelled, making the pieces fit. Phil's mind games don't work on everyone. They kept Shaq and Kobe on the same page for a while, but the can't give Kwame courage, or Cook heart, or Smush a brain.

And I've never bought a jersey in my life

Lake Show,
"but its all about basketball 1Q. If you look purely at guys stats, shooting, point scoring, etc thats a bad way to evaluate someone's impact."

Well I guess what you are saying to the 8 out of ten players when asked who the
best player in the NBA was - players such as Alonzo Mourning, Dwayne Wade
Lebron James, Amarie Stoudemare and yes even Shaq - that they lack basketball
IQ. Come on LakeShow be real. Even ray Charles can see that Kobe is the
best player in the NBA. Sorry that you don't agree, but I guess the organized
basketball you played is superior to the basketball played by the afore mentioned

Some of these haters obviously did not watch the game. This was no all-star game. There was good D, some pretty hard fouls, and each team obvioulsy wanted the win badly.

Also, Simers on KLAC basically defending Kobe. Says he goes after him, but there's a lot of joking around between them and Kobe rolls with it. He sounds like he's full of himself...too ;-)

As far as the dream team goes, I said they could hold thier own. I didn't say they could win!

Christian Laettner
David Robinson
Patrick Ewing
Larry Bird
Scottie Pippen
Michael Jordan
Clyde Drexler
Karl Malone
John Stockton
Chris Mullin
Charles Barkley
Earvin Johnson

06 Jimmy Clark07 Bernie Fryer08 Luis Grillo09 Derrick Stafford10 Ron Garrettson11 Phil Robinson12 Violet Palmer
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