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The wheels go round (slowly)

A little more news on the possible permutations and combinations of a Jermaine O'Neal deal.  Not much new, but it does help break down the options.  There's some draft talk in there as well.  Meanwhile, around the Western Conference, some big names continued to be tossed around.  Shawn Marion is one.  Zach Randolph, for fairly obvious reasons (Oden, Greg + Aldridge, LaMarcus = potential relocation), is another.  For those of you hoping for a move to L.A. for Z-Bo, a) don't hold your breath, b) don't worry about his practice habits.  And for what it's worth, and it ain't much, I heard some radio talk show chatter yesterday about Ron Artest wanting to play in Miami.  Artest in South Beach.  Can't see anything going wrong there.  In his Insider Blog for, Chad Ford talks about Marion, Randolph and Artest, the latter of whom he links to the Rockets. Click below for some excerpts.   

As LeBron undergoes what I think will, in total, be five games of abuse at the hands of the Spurs, Jack McCallum takes a look at other "LeBron like" superstars and their first Finals.  It's a fun peek at some history, and will allow Laker fans to relive the success of Magic and Kobe.   

From Ford's blog, on Artest:

"One possible destination for Ron Artest this summer? Houston, to be reunited with his former coach Rick Adelman.

I'm told the Rockets have been quietly putting out feelers about Artest, and the price might be right. I hear it would cost the Rockets Bob Sura (he has only $1 million in salary protection next year), Kirk Snyder, Vasilis Spanoulis and this year's first-round draft pick.

With Artest entering a player option year on his contract in the summer of 2008, it may be time to take the risk."

(If that's the asking price, it does add a lot of credibility to the notion that Artest can be had cheap.  What combination of cheap is a big question, though.  BK)

On Marion and Randolph:

"The Celtics' Danny Ainge traveled to Los Angeles on Wednesday to take a look at Yi Jianlian in a private workout. Yi worked out for nearly two hours in a gym by himself and then spent several hours with Ainge.

The same drill was repeated on Thursday with the Atlanta Hawks GM Billy Knight. On Saturday the Bulls will get a look at Yi.

The feedback from the workouts has been positive. Yi looks great in that environment. The question is whether he has the toughness to play that way when you put nine other players on the floor.

Next, Yi's camp will sit back and gauge feedback. If none of those teams commit to drafting Yi, then Sacramento likely will be the next team to visit.

If Boston is passing on Yi, I think that means we might see a trade coming. There's talk that the Suns -- to slash payroll -- might be willing to take the No. 5 pick, Theo Ratliff's expiring contract and Delonte West for Shawn Marion. That would make Paul Pierce happy.

With the No. 5 pick, the Suns could replace Marion with Yi, Jeff Green or Al Thornton. In the Suns' system, all three of those guys could play the four.

Another dark horse in the Yi sweepstakes might be Portland, which is trying to get another top 10 draft pick. As I've mentioned before, the Bulls seem like a possible trading partner, with Zach Randolph involved.

Can you imagine the huge front line of Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge and Yi? Wow."

Wow indeed. 


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I haven't posted in quite a while, but I feel that it is now time to jump back in.

I have in the past opposed getting JO, and the Hoops World article echoes what I have stated previously. Here is a guy with a huge contract that will put the Lakers deep into the luxury tax. He is frequently injured, and when he does play, he plays hurt and not all that well. I wouldn't want to give up either Bynum or Odom to get him. Maybe Kwame, but that's it. My biggest concern is this scenario - we give up Bynum and Odom, we get O'Neal, he rarely plays or plays ineffectively, Lakers don't make the playoffs, and Kobe wants to be traded. I, personally, like the idea of improving with the draft. As I have stated in the past, we don't necessarily need superstars - we need talented role players. Guys who can play tough D, guys who can dribble and pass the ball, guys who can box out. Also, because of the apparent difficulty in learning the triangle offense, it might be better to keep most of the same group together. Personally, I don't like the triangle, but I guess we have to live with it.


I hope Mitch and the rest of the front office are quietly deep into the Ron Artest talks.
We could use that kid.

If we keep #19, let's go get BIG GLEN DAVIS.

Talk about a space eater with some presence in the middle for us.

6-9 in shoes and 295 lbs.
Quick Kwame Brown low post defensive replacement with much softer hands.

Artest and Glen Davis inserted into the lineup

Kwame Brown traded.

With or without Bynum growing up, we're much better.
Use Bynum to get a guard with some skills who can shoot.
Go get MaGloire.

So Houston is becoming the dumping ground for all things Kings eh? Maybe they should look at aquiring Ruben Patterson to go with Artest and Bonzi just to complete the trifecta of swingmen who can't control their emotions. If they're going to push Shane Battier to a 3rd stringer behind Ron and Bon(zi)the Lakers should look to see if they can snag him away, he'd be a great fit for Phil's system.

"Paris Hilton, Political Prisoner" - Good one! I actually snorted out loud. SOL.


Still present but on leave.


You can't go out now, once you're a kobe fan then you're automatically a laker fan. I understand your sentiment so let's move on and define another glory. Still out of blogging due to 2 deaths in one week. See u later.

Kiwi/ Compston's finest,

You can settle your difference in a nice way, don't you think so? this is just basketball, try to have fun rather adding more insult to injury..

Bye to all , follow the wise words of the sages, LakerTom & Mamba24.

Here is a theory.
If Lamar Odom isn't a #2 star then just surround Kobe with three
#3 stars.
That's more than enough to go do this.
We just need a couple active bigs and another guard and
we're ready.


If the defense becomes stifling, we're deep in the hunt with everyone.
Kobe can win a pitcher's duel offensively by himself damn near.

We can beat San Antonio with the right team mindset and Kobe as the finisher.

We gotta get rid of these guys with a strong lack of WILLPOWER and TOUGHENSS.

Kwame Brown, Smush, Brian Cook, Bynum, Sasha, - too soft or just not athletic enough

Does the "Tru Warier" (I think that's how he misspells it), have anything left to offer? Besides surrealist comedy, I mean. As Laker fans we should start spreading the rumor that they're hiring at Miami-area Circuit Cities.

In related developments, I am just waiting for Tayshaun Prince to totally lose his marbles one day, just so I can read the headline; "NBA Fines Prince, Formerly Known as Artest." That's good copy right there. I don't care who you are.

AK/BK did you response to this post from Jorema? Would you repost if you did already?


Jorema writing.
What AK/BK doesn’t put in perspective is this;

---After Playoffs Kobe expressed a desire for upgrading the team.
---Nobody from the front office reached him.
---After some days of that statement, the answer come from Jim Buss who goes on air calling out coaches and faulting them for the underachievement state of the Lakers. Is clear what Jim Buss wanted to say: The problem of the Lakers isn’t the talent, the coaches are.
----Jim also put in perspective a possibility of trading Kobe, and how he will go to a team worst than Lakers. It’s obvious by Jim words that he doesn’t care about what Kobe think or what Phil thing. Also before the trade line, Kobe and Phil lobbied for acquiring another player to help Kobe, Jim Buss told them: “I’m the man here”.
-----Kobe knows exactly what the Jim credo is, and more so after his tirade in the press, followed by Jeanne and Kurt.
----In that point was fruitless to talk to Jim again.
----Kobe used the last resort; he went public, like Jim did.
----Jim should have talked to Kobe after his statements. Jim should have kept his mouth closed.
----Jim is the one who started this mess.
----Why, you guys….AK/BK doesn’t mention that. Is clearer than a glass of water.
----Now is Kobe faults…but not, Kobe used a last resort, because Jim doesn’t listen anybody.

Hey Roger B, BK

who cares about the luxury tax.
If you want to own the Lakers who are the Yankees of basketball then you have to spend DOUGH.

I could care less about the luxury tax.
Get a championship team in Staples Center at whatever cost!

JO and many of the guys the Lakers are considering only have 2 more yrs on their contracts so they are within the 2 yrs that Kobe has left with us for sure before the day of decision.

Arenas wants to come here next summer, watch!
Wants to come home, would love to replace Kobe or play with him.

I think if the Lakers would make the right moves or would have made the right moves they would pull off the return to championship glory without tearing it down and building it back up.

If they mess up this summer though, they screwed it up.

Draft GLEN DAVIS from LSU, buy Jamaal MaGloire and move Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum. (We need MEN on the front line who have desire)
Bynum let's KAREEM down. Does not play hard enough, man I'd lose a LUNG playing hard for old CAP (Kareem)

Buy Charlie Bell, Steve Blake and/or Mo Williams.
Get 1 of the Celtics 3-4 young guards (Delonte West, Rondo, or Telfair)

Get a Grant Hill vet type
Subtle moves to change the chemistry and we are fine.

Just rebuild our front line and get some new guards and we will be fine.

All of the above needs to happen whether,
ODOM stay or gets swapped out for a big name or not.
Whether Artest comes in town or not,

anything less than this is unacceptable and some Lakers front office personel need to be fired.

When are the quote un quote heads going to roll that the Lakers announced after Kobe's tirade????


About a month ago you put this "Help us help you" thing about suggestions for next season blog.

I only have one suggestion. You should put up a profile for each blogger. Like Faith has right now. That way bloggers can know how old each blogger is.

For me it would help to know who to ignore. I'm mean when 18, 19, and young 20 year olds post I can know it's just the lack of basketball knowledge and I can then know to just ignore it.




“There there gunner, you've proved that you have a place in society and have fully quantified your need to exist.”

you do realize that LakterTom stared the list right?


“youve left me out of your lists but Id like to take the opportunity to say that I am one of the only bloggers that is regularly bashed for being both an apologist and a hater sometimes on the same day...”

you have my respect Mr. Kiwi for what it’s worth.


“As I said don't bother to reply, your blog for me exists in parallel universe meaning you replying or not, I care less, don’t even bother to mention my name in your multiple lines by replying because I’m just scrolling right pass it. I’m not going to argue with you, I don’t not care about your opinion, matter closed…”

that makes two of us. I’ll still continue to call out bloggers who make stupid comments, including you. notice, I said “stupid comments” and not “you’re stupid” which I’ve been called many times.


“I would never trash LeBron - this is *exactly* what Kobe goes through. Which makes it all the more commendable that he keeps doing without regard to the "ball-hog", "selfish" and "can't make team-mates better" arguments. LeBron is now earning his keep - and he'll only be the better for it!”

difference is kobe wanted this way when he let shaq go. remember kobe was winning titles until he started whinning about who got the credit.


“Add me to the FAITHFULL list!!”

which one? LakerTomboy or Gunner?


que tal?

“Lets be even more KL style cynical here - boooohooo Arenas wears zero cos nobody thought he was anygood. Get over it - every college player who isnt hyped going out of high school deals with the same thing. He is an arrogant gunner who puts down his team mates in blogs on”

I’m not an Areanas fan, all I said was it’s an interesting proposition.



Camby actually makes his team worse on defense! With him on the floor, the nugs give up more points per 100 possesions!

Jermaine gives up 4.4 points per 100 possesions less, lamar 2.8, artest 1.5, and bowen is 9.5!!!

so the moral of the story is to NOT trade for camby, and trade for

We are approaching draft day. Wondering if trades begin to heat up or if we'll still holding tight... This next month could be the beginning of something BIG or the END of the Lakers as we know them. All of us agree that changes must be made, how far or deep they go is anyone's guess.


“You can't go out now, once you're a kobe fan then you're automatically a laker fan.”

kobe fan does not necessarily equal laker fan.


“I only have one suggestion. You should put up a profile for each blogger. Like Faith has right now. That way bloggers can know how old each blogger is. For me it would help to know who to ignore. I'm mean when 18, 19, and young 20 year olds post I can know it's just the lack of basketball knowledge and I can then know to just ignore it.”

not a bad idea, but how do you corroborate the information. trust?

Mike, or instead of judging knowledge based on age, which is basically retarded, we can all take a standardized test, and the score can be part of our name. Like I would be greekdude100. And you would be Mike Teniente 47. You know something like that.

P.S. So we all know how knowledgeable gunner24 is...

"If you want to own the Lakers who are the Yankees of basketball then you have to spend DOUGH."

Historically, the Lakers have not been willing to pay luxury tax. That needs to be considered when realistically looking at their roster, and trying to guess what management will do in the way of trades/free agent acquisitions/re-signing of their own free agents.

Good suggestion Teniente.

KLbeast keep up the good posts. I enoy reading them even if you are considered a kobe hater. Its iroinice how divisive this blog can get over one player. It makes me wonder if the Lakers front office is as divisive over Kobe. Food for thought.


I'm not totally sure what Jorema is getting at, but if the basic point is that Jim Buss shouldn't have been on the radio popping off, I agree totally. I've written that a few times. If the guy is going to be the man, so to speak, he needs to carry himself and conduct his business more appropriately. No question. Honestly, based on everything I know about him and conversations with people I trust, I'm very much in a place where Jim Buss has to show me he's up to the task. I simply don't have a lot of faith. I wasn't critical of Kobe's postseason comments, as some media types were (I know AK and I disagree to some extent on this one). I didn't think he said anything in his exit interviews that people didn't already know, or that couldn't be softened as the offseason went on. It's the stuff that came later that bothered me.


Perhaps there's a way to include user generated profiles on the site. I'll check on that, but given the amount of posters we have on the site, AK and I don't have time to create and maintain profiles on everyone. I would say it's better to judge a person's contributions on the content, rather than age, anyway.


Mike, age does have a lot to do with knowledge in basketball, but judging on age is like saying an 78 year old construction worker knows more about quantum physics than a 24 year old grad student majoring in the subject. You can't tell knowledge based on age.


Just to clarify a bit (since BK brought it up), I definitely wasn't wild about Kobe's exit interview comments about needing immediate improvements, but I also didn't have a real "problem" with them, so to speak. I still think he could have gone about it differently (I'm of the opinion that public player grumbling is rarely as productive as private), but at the same time, there was a point to be made, so he made it. I understand where someone would consider that to be "no harm, no foul."

The stuff that came afterwards (the Times interview, the Bucher conversation, the radio tour, etc.) I thought hurt and disadvantaged the team when it comes to making things happen. That's where I think he simply went too far.

But like BK already said, everything Jorema says I haven't addressed I've actually touched upon multiple times, so I really don't really know what she's talking about.


Roger B:

"My biggest concern is this scenario - we give up Bynum and Odom, we get O'Neal, he rarely plays or plays ineffectively, Lakers don't make the playoffs, and Kobe wants to be traded."

That's my biggest fear as well, which is why I hate the JO trade. We certainly aren't going to make the finals if we end up doing one of the horribly proposed trades with Indy.

Edwin G:

"Still out of blogging due to 2 deaths in one week. See u later."

Ouch, man. My condolences. Take care of you and yours.

The D:

"As Laker fans we should start spreading the rumor that they're hiring at Miami-area Circuit Cities."

Nice. I thought I was the only one who remembered that whole story. Artest is quite a character.


"who cares about the luxury tax."

Unfortunately, the NBA League Office does. MLB doesn't have a salary cap, whereas the NBA does (even though it's considered a "soft" cap.)

greek dude:

"Mike, or instead of judging knowledge based on age, which is basically retarded, we can all take a standardized test, and the score can be part of our name. Like I would be greekdude100. And you would be Mike Teniente 47. You know something like that."

Mike T just wants the age there so he knows who he can hit on. We should just go with the standardized a/s/l

generic_one - f/15/seattle,wa

Okay... maybe that's a bad idea.

laker lover
“KLbeast keep up the good posts. I enoy reading them even if you are considered a kobe hater. Its iroinice how divisive this blog can get over one player. It makes me wonder if the Lakers front office is as divisive over Kobe. Food for thought.”

thanks. I try and bring a little levity into the blog and serious discussion too. to be honest, I’m a kobe-hater per se, but I don’t think it’s helpful to the laker or kobe if all the fans are “yes men/women” who kiss his a$$. I fimly believe kobe broke “it” so now he’s responsible to fix “it”. with great power comes great responsibility.

kind funny you mention the division angle. can you imagine the lockerroom?

geek dude,

“Mike, age does have a lot to do with knowledge in basketball, but judging on age is like saying an 78 year old construction worker knows more about quantum physics than a 24 year old grad student majoring in the subject. You can't tell knowledge based on age.”

in mike’s defense, I don’t think he was just referring to age.

THE BANNER-HOLDERS - The TRUE Faithful. Unashamed to Preach The Truth That TEAMS Win Championships. Neither Haters nor Apologists. Lovers of Kobe's Game. Haters of Kobe's People Skills & Temper Tantrums. Keepers of the Purple & Gold Flame, ONE TEAM: ONE SOUND:

-Fake Show

"Mike T just wants the age there so he knows who he can hit on. We should just go with the standardized a/s/l"

nice. funny.

age isn't the problem. everybody has a different way of looking, thinking about things, and everyone has their own opinion. blogs are a way for people to publish their opinions and have a civilized conversation on the internet.

whether you love/hate kobe bryant has nothing to do with it.

Just be objective, simple enough?

On another note, these next two weeks are huge for the Lakers franchise. I'm gonna sit back, get my dub and throw up my triple beam and see what unfolds in sunny LA.


But if they get JO they won't have the money to sign Arenas.
I think the Lakers will go over the luxury tax as long as it really helps. With JO's contract the Lakers can't sign anyone of significance for 3 years.

Kupchek is way underestimating the #19 pick. We could get a player that could help RIGHT now. AND for the future. How do teams get better? By ONLY signing free agents?
The 19th pick is very valuable in my opinion. Just ask Larry Bird who would love to get his hands on it.

Greek Dude, Bowen will be a free agent come 08...I don't know as to how much the Spurs will pay him (they keep under the cap for the most part)...but I'm pretty sure he'll command top money for his D.

Strictly dreaming here...but can you imagine KG, Kobe and Bruce Bowen? wow! lol.

To Trade or NOT to Trade Lamar Odom.

There isn’t an easy answer that query. To be a better judge, you must take a close look at Lamar Odom’s life and his journey coast-to coast. “To trade or NOT to trade Lamar” sounds almost like a Shakespearean drama. But drama has become Odom’s companion, on the court and off the court. And aside his basketball skills, Odom has the talent somehow to be at the wrong place at the wrong time:

Two years after the “Boost Money” scandal in 1997, which was blown out of proportion by the NCAA unfairly, Lamar gets drafted by the Clippers as number 4 pick. Not the right place to start an NBA career. He averaged 16-8-4 in obscurity with the Clippers, overshadowed by the Lakers’ Shaq and Kobe powerhouse and back-to-back championship for the next 3 years. Watching the Lakers’ duo hugging the Golden Ball under the champagne shower around the block, took its tool on Odom’s mind which needed altering and he gets suspended for violating the NBA's anti-drug policy for the second time in eight months in 2001.

Lamar’s ship arrives in summer of 2003 and he sails to Miami. Thrilled was the 23 years young player with a $65.Mil contract in his pocket and the prospect of receiving some decent coaching from the slick Pat Riley. Not so, just a few days before the start of the 2003-04 season, the polished coach shocked the basketball world when he stepped down as the head coach to focus more on his role as team president, shattering Odom’s hope to work with the legendary coach.

After missing 15 games due to injury, the 6.10 forward managed to improve his average to 17-10-4 and experience 13 playoffs games for the first time before getting eliminated by the Pacers in the second round in 2004.

A year later, just as he was getting used to the tropical rain and Cuban cuisine, Lamar was shipped back to LA to fill O’Neal’s big shoes and finds out that another great coach has escaped to play with Kangoroos and Koala bears. Party was over in City of Angels and Lamar had to walk over a lot of broken and dirty dishes. Too late for the party, Odom was again in the wrong place at the wrong time facing an unjustified and unfair expectation. More than he could deliver.

2005 was a confusing time for Lamar working for the frantic Rudy Tomjanovich followed by the laid-back Frank Hamblen. Finally, in summer of 2005, Lamar was given the privilege to play for the most expensive coach of NBA. Jackson’s plan for Lamar was to help to resurrect Jordan-Pippen miracle from the ashes of O’Neal-Bryant legacy. Again, wrong cast and wrong expectations. Odom is sold on the idea and does his best to please the Angelinos and dishes 19-11-5 in 05-06 season.

In summer of 2006, while his former teammates in Miami hug the Golden Ball under the champagne shower, the young father is mourning the tragic loss of his infant child with a broken heart. How much can a man take?

Lamar gets ready to average 19-13-2 in 06-07 as injuries sidelined him middle of the season, ending the best run Lakers had after the big daddy left in 04. He comes back patched up with a torn shoulder to finish the playoffs with an “I am a Keeper” season-high 33 points. Too late.

In his exit interview, he was asked by Kupchack, how would he see his future? Is it going to be the usual 16-9-5 (career)? Or could he make a habit of his last performance on May 2 in Phoenix? LO’s answer is almost the same he gave six month ago in a post game interview: “I just try to play the game of basketball and not just score”

Odom may not retire in purple and gold as he wishes. He has climbed to the top of the Lakers’ trade block not only because of his $13.Mil salary, he is an excellent all-around player, or better said, a coaches’ player.

It would be heartbreaking to see LO leave, for fans and Odom himself, but maybe both Lakers and our hero of the story could benefit from a change. Maybe he could show his real potential if he is not overshadowed by a superstar teammate, and maybe he could finally be himself and breakout of the Scottie Pippen cast.

Lamar needs a break and I hope, wherever he goes or stays, he can break out of his melodramatic mold and experience the bright side of life. Lamar deserves more appreciative teammates and less expecting audience. An audience who would let Lamar Odom do what he does best; “just play the game of basketball and not just score”.


After reading Eric Pinucs' thoughts, I am even more inclined to like the idea of bringing in Jermaine and Jamaal. Considering who Eric believes it would take to get the to of them, it really sounds good to me. If the Lakers are able to persuade Indiana to give up an both O'Neal and Tinsley for Odom, Brown, and the 19th pick.....I'll take it. I mean, there is no better deal that the Lakers will get from any other team. I realize that there are many that don't like it. There are many that criticize both O'Neal and Tinsley as being injury prone and sometimes inconsistent. How consistent and healthy have either Lamar or Kwame been since coming to LA? Has there been a season where either of them has remained healthy the whole season with the Lakers? Plus, in looking at their recent season, Tinsley started and played in 72 games, and O’Neal started and played in 69 games. If they are able to even maintain that pattern over the next 2 seasons, that would be sufficient and an upgrade from what Odom and Brown gave the Lakers this past season. As it relates to style of play, how comfortable has Odom been within the confines of the offense, while playing with Kobe Bryant? His style as well as temperament clearly doesn’t fit Kobe’s style or temperament. Another thing to consider is that whether or not the Lakers make this trade they will at least still need a starting point guard. Sure, they could attempt to use their MLE to go after someone like Mo Williams. Perhaps he would fit into the system, however, would that help the team overall? Would that finally cause Kobe and Lamar to fit as a unit? In fact, for the past 3 seasons we have been met with anticipation of Lamar’s breakout season. Each summer has been filled with questions of when he will actually become the player he has shown potential of being. Yet, we are still just waiting. Perhaps he will never be able to demonstrate that potential while playing alongside Kobe. Is it any harm that he can’t? Is it not possible that some players simply don’t play well together? It is with that again, that I say how much I like this trade.

As Eric stated, from a defensive standpoint Jermaine O’Neal would bring an improvement. However, I would say that Tinsley would bring an improvement as well. People forget that Indiana continued to be a strong defensive team even after Artest was traded. Tinsley is actually a very good defensive guard. At 6’3” with his overall size and strength he is more like a Phil Jackson type guard than many realize. Furthermore, his lack of perimeter shooting shouldn’t be a reason for holding back on this trade. I have seen Tony Parker, Jason Kidd and others excel as point guards without being consistent perimeter shooters. Avery Johnson was NEVER a strong shooter, yet he was the starting point guard for a championship Spurs team.

In case someone is still apprehensive about this trade, here’s something the Lakers can do to soften the blow. They can add one extra significant addition to this trade that may be accepted without even realizing how important it is. The Lakers could request a non-contingent 1st round draft pick from the Pacers for…guess what….two seasons from now. That would be the SAME summer that Kobe can actually opt out of his contract. Who knows who might be in the draft that year or what pick that just might end up being. Also, in case Kobe would still decide to leave, the Lakers would have potentially 2 first round draft picks to help begin to make changes or improvements to the team.

Furthermore, here would be the first transaction for the Lakers on or before June 28th.

Lakers offer Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown and the 19th pick to the Indiana Pacers for Jermaine O’Neal, Jamaal Tinsley and the 2009 1st round draft pick (non-contingent).

By starting with a trade like this, the Lakers would then be in a great position as it relates to further changes to the roster. The structure of the starting lineup and even most of the reserve positions would be in place. After the July date, Luke Walton and potentially Chris Mihm (if healthy) could be re-signed. This would give the Lakers the following players on the roster at that point.

PG: Jamaal Tinsley/Jordan Farmar/Sasha Vujacic
SG: Kobe Bryant/Mo Evans
SF: Luke Walton/Vladimir Radmanovic
PF: Jermaine O'Neal/Ronny Turiaf/Brian Cook
C: Andrew Bynum/Chris Mihm

Perhaps they could stop right there and simply draft and sign 2 more rookies with their current picks. However, they would still have the MLE available as well as the option to sign veterans to minimum contracts. I believe that they should look to still make a couple more changes. Not that they are great pieces, however, the Lakers would still have a few players that could be traded for some players that may fit into the system better next season. Sasha Vujacic and Vladimir Radmanovic would be the two players I would look to work with. In look at the other teams potentially looking to make changes, here would be the short list in order of preference:

Washington: Brendan Haywood for Vladimir Radmanovic and draft pick
Houston: Juwan Howard for Sasha Vujacic and Vladimir Radmanovic
New York: David Lee & Jerome James for Vladimir Radmanovic
New Jersey: Jason Collins for Vladimir Radmanovic

As you can see, the direction would be to strengthen the power forward/center area and the preference would be Brendan Haywood. Considering the fact that Haywood and Eddie Jordan had some serious problems towards the end of the season, it is quite possible that he would be available. Haywood is the player I hoped the Lakers would have acquired the first time they traded with Washington. He has clear fundamentals but is missing an offense that caters to his low post abilities. With Kwame being traded to Indiana, the Lakers would be left with a void at center. Although the hope would be that Andrew could become a solid starting center, it would be wise to secure a consistent backup. It is still uncertain if Chris Mihm is even going to return the basketball court. The Lakers also have a serious logjam at small forward which is where Radmanovic would be slotted. That is also the easiest area for them to fill through free agency since there are many out there to choose from.

The Lakers would be just about finished with only the starting small forward slot needing to be adjusted. Luke should be re-signed, however he is clearly not the answer as a starter. The Lakers have their MLE to help them strengthen this area. Here is a list of players that should be attainable. In fact, with few exceptions, it could be possible for the Lakers to sign 2 of these players using the one exception: Gerald Wallace, Rashard Lewis, Jerry Stackhouse, DeShawn Stevenson, Grant Hill, Derek Anderson, Devean George and Jason Kapono. My ideal choice would be selecting Gerald Wallace or Jerry Stackhouse. However, if neither is available, the Lakers could potentially sign Grant Hill and Devean George or Jason Kapono. George has experience playing in the Triangle, yet Kapono is ideal for the Triangle with his ability to stretch the defense. It is really a toss up. Grant Hill is the closest to Scottie Pippen in what appears to be a natural ability to work within an offense like the Triangle. He should fit in nicely.

Future Depth Chart:

PG: Jamaal Tinsley/Jordan Farmar/Sasha Vujacic
SG: Kobe Bryant/Mo Evans
SF: Grant Hill/Luke Walton/Jason Kapono
PF: Jermaine O'Neal/Ronny Turiaf/Brian Cook
C: Andrew Bynum/Brendan Haywood/Chris Mihm

The options this team would have within the offense would be virtually endless. This plan is reasonable, workable, and should meet the needs and expectations of everyone. As I have stated before, the key is to not look so long at what is being lost. Instead look at what is being gained.

I think that Arron Afflalo would be a STEAL at 40, but I don't think NBA GM's are stupid enough to pass on an college All American. Wait a minute ... they have proven themselves such in drafts past. I understand drafting potential, but that's why its called a lottery. Most guys dont live up to their potential, so why not take a player like Afflalo who can play now: great defender, shooter, with experience at the highest level of competition, and wants to compete and take the final shot. I hope the Lakers get him at 40.

Moreover, I think it's way too early to give up on Bynum. If Mitch can pull off the JO trade for LO and Kwame, we would have one of the baddest pair of Bigs in the league. The twin towers.

Take your pick! from Jerry Buss!

Option 1
Jo Granger Kobe
Bynum Odom Kobe

Option 3
Andrew Bynum C 7'1" Age 19

Greg Oden PF 7'0" Age 19 The best big-man prospect to enter the draft since Tim Duncan. He's the favorite to be the No. 1 pick. (trade kobe for #1 and Zach R)

Jeff Green SF 6'10" Age 20 Scouts love his versatility and all-around game. He could be the Brandon Roy of this year's draft. (trade Zach for #6 draft pick)

Corey Brewer SG 6'8" Age 21 Long lanky two guard is a shutdown (trade Lamar Odom for #7 draft pick and Randy Foye)

Randy Foye PG 6'1" Age 21

Matchup with Spurs: next five years! new dynasty vs old dynasty!

Has anything Jermaine O'Neal has ever done given anyone the impression that he has the BBIQ to play the triple post offense?

JJ.......i really liked that post and alot of those ideas work well done

What's more interesting right now? Trade/Draft talk or NBA Finals talk?

Followup: When's the last time this was true?

Oh damn Aldridge, Oden and Yi - better practice those jumpshots quick cos you aint getting anywhere near the basket.

The D:

"Has anything Jermaine O'Neal has ever done given anyone the impression that he has the BBIQ to play the triple post offense?"

Considering that he's only played in Portland and Indianapolis, I seriously doubt that he's got the skills to grill anything serious. Not saying that there aren't good BBQ joints in either of those states, it's just they're not really known for them. The guys on the Grizzlies, Hawks, Hornets, and any of the Texas teams probably have the market cornered on that stuff.

Tim4 & KL much appreciated...

Sorry if anyone was offended by the sparring with Compton...gotta dust the gloves off occasionally ...wouldnt wanna go all soft in the middle!!! and lets face it we can't just let by and let some dude (note perfect provocative comment opportunity resisted) rag on our collective unit now can we???


Great piece on lamar.I guess hes one of those players who fits the right conditons for a high class journeyman ie a decent sized but not enormous contract,exceptionally versatile,young,and not the number one guy on his team (unless the team is awful)... as sad as it is for Lamar AK is right - he gets handsomely rewarded for it and it is a business.

Hes a guy who has improved and may pay the price for the underachievement.It must be bizzare for him that Kobe is pretty much signing his death warrant seemed they were friends and respected each others games.I know its business but still its cut throat stuff no matter how much money you are raking in.

Bomani Jones of ESPN expresses this sentiment so well:

"... even if Kobe didn't want Shaq around, it's hard to believe he wanted to be surrounded by the scrubs the Lakers trot out every game. Just because someone doesn't want steak doesn't mean he deserves a Spam sammich in its stead."

Well said.

Many of you need to understand that including Bynum in a trade is NOT "giving up on him."

Management has to estimate what he can contribute the next season or two, the level he can realistically be expected to attain, and then weigh those against the value he would bring in a trade. No one is "giving up on him," especially at his current salary.



I totally agree with you about Walton. I wouldn't mind having him, especially to lead the 2nd unit, but I just don't think we need him, Vlad, and Artest. I think asking Farmar to take a Deron Williams type leap is a stretch, but I think it's within the realm of possibility. It would be a big surprise (no one expected Williams to take the leap he did), and it would definitely be great for us.

As far as Bell vs. Williams is concerned, I would always rather have the better player (perceived to be Williams), but sometimes you have to get the player that suits your system, and is cheaper (Bell). I think both would be really good additions, but if we add Bell, I'm pretty sure we could also get Carroll, or Mikki Moore. Both are good players, that have great work ethic, and would be a good influence on our young Bynum.

The MLE is going to be a major factor if we lose Bynum, and LO. If we were to make the trade that is going around, then we would have to get 2 players with the MLE, or hope we can sign a vet for the minimum that still has the legs to contribute now. As you know I think Artest should be our first option, but if we trade LO, Bynum, and Cook to the Pacers I would hope our roster would end looking like this:

Kobe-Mo Evans
Mikki Moore-Turiaf

Artest could still be had if we make the trade I proposed aboved. We could send Kwame, and the 19th for Artest, and pray that he feels rejuvenated, and focused by playing for the Lakers. As much as it would hurt to lose LO this lineup could seriously make a run at the title. If we could add a vet like Grant Hill, or even Mutombo we would be a well balanced team with youth, and veteran leadership. We would have the three headed monster you talked about (Kobe,Artest,JO), and we would be much improved defensively. Add all those things together, and it sounds like a championship to me!!!!!

How much credibility does this guy Eric Pincus have?

"Indiana was once moments away from the NBA Finals with a team built around players like O'Neal, Tinsley, Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson. Unfortunately that group never got over the brawl in Auburn Hills.

Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown + 19th pick for Jermaine O'Neal and Jamaal Tinsley would help the Pacers turn the page completely while saving in the neighborhood of $55 million dollars in committed salary."

First he refuses to acknowledge that the Pacers are interested in Bynum in a deal for O'Neal. Second he has both Mihm and Walton coming back. Both Mihm and Walton are serious defensive liabilities and the Lakers problems are defense. How does bring Mihm and Walton back solve those problems.

Having one come back is crazy in my mind but having both come back is like creating a double defensive situation. Can you imagine having both Mihm and Walton on the court at the same time. Gee we would get killed.

It seems that when Jack Haley was reporting that the Lakers were going to bring back Mihm and Walton back as the moves the Lakers were going to was then that Kobe demanded a trade.

I mean if the Lakers are intent on making Walton and Mihm their major move this off season and I were Kobe Bryant I would demand a trade, too.

From the start of the playoff to the finals everyone can plainly see that defense is what makes elite teams. If Lakers management can't see that then Kobe should stick to his trade demands.

Luke Walton and Chris Mihm are offensive players. There weakness is defense. And there offensive play isn't nowhere near strong enough to make up for thier lack of defense.


nice one ex... well said

I mean think about it.

Walton had a pretty good start to his season.

By the time he got injured he was playing terribly for 5 games prior to that injury.

The rest he played from average to bad. And in the playoffs he was terrible.

So for almost the whole second half of the season and the playoffs too Luke Walton was terrible. But now he's a lock to come back?

That is just absolutely crazy.


I don't care who we get and who goes. If Luke Walton is my starting small forward and I were Kobe Bryant I would stick to my trade demand.



"Surely Kobe can understand that just dumping Bynum is not in anyone's best interest - except Indiana's."

one could argue that dumping shaq isn't in anybody's best interest either.......except for Miami.............oops, i'm thinking out loud again.

I like the Afflalo idea but there's no way he lasts until the 40th pick. As far as role players go, lockdown perimeter defenders are going to be the hot commodity this offseason. Detroit and Dallas proved that you can't win without them, G.S. and S.A. proved/is proving that good perimeter D demoralizes opponents and the Lakers... well, y'all know that story.

There are so many players allegedly "on the move" this offseason that trying to figure out who might end up on the lakers just makes my head hurt. So i'll just boil it down to the essentials:

1) New Lakers MUST PLAY D

2) New Lakers must be mentally tough -- they've got to be secure in their games (even if its just coming off the bench to give hard fouls) and not require confidence management.

3) New Lakers must not be Ron Artest. You're, kidding yourself if you think he can go a whole season without a mental episode. It's not like J.R. Rider, folks: if the Artest the Laker loses his mind, the team loses the season. The team is not deep enough to bury him on the bench and forget about him. And Foithermore, this team is not comprised of solid vets who can ignore his shenanigans and keep playing ball. It's not like Rodman, either, unless you mean the Rodman that came to the Lakers and got bored in 2 weeks.

"our collective unit "

I sincerely hope you are referring to the Lakers, and not some "twisted activity" from the southern hemisphere.

Generic One:

Good point. I always suspected Jermaine was more of a McRib guy than a keeper of the flame.

Mike T,

Wouldn't you like to have Luke Walton on this team coming off the bench as a role player?


Im sorry to say its all lakers on this occasion....but Im happy to regale you with twisted tales of the southern hemisphere anytime you like.Im sure the californians would get bored though...kindergarten stuff as far as they are concerned.

From what I've read, and not from those who report on the Lakers, the Pacers have their eye on Bynum as the prize of the deal. Lamar Odom is the contract filler.

But from those who cover the Lakers, they seem to be under the impression that it's some other way.

Lets make this clear. Andrew Bynum is what the Pacers want.

Next year O'Neil's contract for next year is:

Next year Bynum only makes:

That means the Lakers need to put money into the deal. The reasonable contract to go is Odom's:

That still leaves us about 4 to 5 million dollars short.

That means we would have to get creative to make the deal. Right now with just Odom and Bynum the deal is in favor of the Pacers. So if the Lakers are going to have to be creative to make the deal make sense without giving up too much more as far as players go.

Now the Pacers have Mike Dunleavy at $8,219,008. So trying to include Dunleavy in the deal is out of the question because it create too much of a problem in matching salaries.

But the Pacers also have Danny Granger and Shawne Williams at:

Both are listed as small forwards.

It seems to me that the Lakers would have to come away with one of these players to make the deal make sense for us. That mean we would have to ship around 5 million the Pacers way. That looks like Radmanovic. But the Pacers already have enough small forwards. So it might have to be a combination of Brian Cook and a Jordan Farmar or Sasha to get the deal done.

This dumb ass Eric Pincus has the Lakers dealing Kwame Brown when the Pacers aren't interested in a player who just had reconstructive surgery on his ankle.

I mean the guy just out right refuses to acknowledge that the Pacers want Bynum in any deal for O'Neal from the Lakers.


Andrew Z,

Not with Phil Jackson as the coach. Walton is a bench player and can, in theory, do well coming off the Lakers bench. But Phil Jackson won't do that. At this point, in my opinion, Phil Jackson can't be trusted to play the best players. He plays his favorites and I can't stand the guy because he does that.


Michael Teniente,

At last, we agree on something. Luke Walton is totally over-rated. Except for his run of 3-pointers at the start of the season, he was pretty much invisible. He played more useless minutes than anyone I can think of. My biggest gripe is his refusal to commit to playing defense.

Walton's play does not warrant him being a starter. Only his understanding of the Triangle gives him any value at all, and I don't see other teams swooping in to sign him.

If he's brought back it should be for minimal dollars and the understanding he'll be coming off the bench and that his minutes will be limited unless he steps up and shows us more.

Mike T,

Reread the article. Pincus does acknowledge the Pacer interest in Bynum. He's simply bringing up alternative/compromise deals if the Lakers are either unwilling to give up Bynum or Indy want a first round draft pick, which they currently don't have. That could turns into the Lakers taking O'Neal and Tinsley (a bad contract Indy would love to jettison), which would necessitate taking on Kwame to match salaries. Indy might be into that because of the 9 mil in cap relief they'd receive after next season (on top of losing JO and Tinsley's contracts). Plus, if they do it this way, they can take L.A.'s #19 pick.


Mike T,

Kwame is attractive to the Pacers, and every other team looking to rebuild, because he has a big expiring contract.

I for one wouldn't mind NOT sending Kwame in the deal, even though it seems necessary to do so in order to make salaries match. For one I think Kwame and JO at the 4-5 would be really good defensively, they compliment each other rather well, but I also like the fact that we would have Kwame's expiring deal at the trade deadline, when it's most valuable.

As for PJ and his rotations, I would have liked to see him experiment a little more, maybe starting Farmar at the 1, Mo at the 2, and Kobe at the 3, but Mo had the knee issue and we were even thinner than before.

To be honest, even PJ has said that he didn't see Luke playing such a substantial role but because of our horrible injury situation he had no choice.

But I agree, if we want to win a ring I don't want to see Luke as our starting 3.


Thank you for that fresh breath of rationality. Having to sift through certain people's posts is a large reason why I rarely post on the blog anymore.


Which PG Should We Get? Mo Williams, Billups, Bibby, Kidd, Or Tinsley

And Which PG Do We Have A Better Chance At Getting?

Mike T
"Having one come back is crazy in my mind but having both come back is like creating a double defensive situation"

What makes you say that? Do you honestly think we'd start either, let alone both of these guys? They'd be coming off the bench. Mihm will probably be signed to a short term minimum contract. Walton is our own free agent and we won't have to use our MLE on him. He's not the greatest player, that's for sure, but he's a team player, and he'd help off the bench. You can't just snap your finger and get all the players you want... afterall, this is the David Stern NBA.

If Pincus is correct about the cost of Jermaine, then I'm feeling a little better about it. Afterall, we'd be taking TWO bad contracts for the price of one short term expiring bad contract. I doubt that Bird would just throw in a #1 pick though, especially since he's looking to acquire one this year.

Staples 24,
Is someone posting under your handle? There's zero chance that the Blazers would trade Kobe for their #1 pick. Blazer fans in Portland, and I mean this 100%, are advertising radio commercials talking about how the Lakers can now eat their dust (as if either team has been a big winner lately)... those moronic fans now think they're going to win about 10 titles with Oden. They don't trade him for anyone & Buss doesn't trade Kobe to get Oden & Randolph, so forget the idea.

Great post my friend. You forget that MT is into tall athletic built males. Still, you made me laugh....

13/ F/ alone at my parent's house


" He's simply bringing up alternative/compromise deals if the Lakers are either unwilling to give up Bynum or Indy want a first round draft pick, which they currently don't have."

If the Lakers are unwilling to give up Bynum...I'll tell ya...there's no deal going down.


AK and everyone, what do you think about trying to get arron afflalo? Either with 2nd round pick, or if we trade our 19 pick, we get a lower pick, and draft him there. He's a great defender, and intangibles guy, can shoot, and is nba ready.

Mike T,

It wouldn't shock me if Indy was willing to make that deal (they'd be getting a nice chunk of relief and flexibility for rebuilding), but my guess is that you're probably right. My point was simply that Pincus did acknowledge the interest in Bynum. That's all.


The D:

I just realized something when you said JO was more of a McRib guy. Notice how the McRib is only available for a portion of the season? Did I just say season? I meant year. Yeah, that's it.

Mike T,
I don't know if Eric Pincus has "sources". When i read his stuff (and i have for the last two, three offseasons) i get the feeling he's reading a lot of the same articles we do. He scans the wire, reads some fan posts and then speculates inteligently (drawing from his knowledge of the teams he covers).
Don't get me wrong, i like reading his stuff. He knows basketball, salaries and most of the pertinent CBA (collective bargainning agreement) stuff. So when he comes up with stuff he's drawing from a wealth of knowledge, but most of his quotes and sources are from other media outlets.

Edwin G,

My condolences and sorry to hear about your loss.


"13/ F/ alone at my parent's house"

i've just forwarded your bio to the po-po.

Great post Ventriloquist. I love LO. I don't say that lightly (lol). To me he's a Laker through and through. The man learned a whole bunch in his two years with PJ, and 3 years with Kobe. The man was once one of those dudes that would get injured and wouldn't even try to get back...this year he showed us his heart, he should us his strength, and he showed us what could have been (had he stayed healthy). He's a great leader...a good teammate, and he is a matchup monster (when he exploits it). I'm really torn on trading me any deal that involves keeping him, and making us better (even at the cost of Socks) I'm for... because I do love LO. However, if it comes to pass that we must part ways...I wish him the best. LO is a good man, he's a good player...but even all he is and all his promise, he isn't what we need, we need a second option, and he's the best (tops, #1) third option there is. And sadly, that's what it really comes down to.

And while I'm not blind to his faults...the man has been in the league for awhile now and still no right hand, or off move lol...and he really hasn't been able to shake the trade talks...but I still love him, and like I said, if it comes to pass he will no longer be a Laker, I wish you the best LO. Thank you for the years.

Mike T, a deal without Socks probably/definitely involves dealing LO.

Mike T,

I would be shocked if Indy made a deal and didn't get Bynum. I mean, when rebuilding you look to shed salary, get draft picks, and young prospects. Maybe we could swing the LO-Kwame-#19 deal, but we would definitely win big if we get JO without giving up Bynum.

I like Shawne Williams though, and if we could sneak him in I think it would be nice. However, from what I've read, he's kind of one of their building blocks (along with Granger and Diogu) that they want to build around.

Why not try a Kwame for Nick Collison and Earl Watson? I'm pretty sure the contracts match up, we'd get a PF/C and a defensive minded PG. We still have Odom and Bynum and the draft pick.

It's a lot easier to get a SF who can play defense with the MLE than it is to get a good PG or C.

Ruben Patterson, James Posey, Morris Peterson, and Desmond Mason are all SFs who I think could be had for the MLE or part of. They would all be an upgrade over Luke Walton (defensively)

PG Watson
SG Kobe
C Bynum/Collison
SF Patterson/Posey

Turiaf, Walton, Vlad, Farmar, Evans coming off the bench. Not a bad team.


Thanks the props. I have changed my mind on trading or not trading Lamar more than I change my socks and I do that at least once a day. So, I decided to take a closer look at Odom's life and that's what I came up with. I thought it might be useful for those who're still undecided. It made me to favor a trade today, but I don't about tomorrow. That's Lamar. At least for me. lol


Another thing about the McRib: after you order one, pay for it, eat it, and leave the restaurant, you realize that it wasn't enough to satisfy your appetite. This is a compelling reason to hold off and keep driving until you get to a real smokehouse where you can tear into a giant mess of real ribs.

Note that in this analogy, Andrew Bynum is the change under your sofa cushion, and Jamaal Tinsley is a side of fries. That's just plain insulting... to potatoes.

Also, for anyone not already thinking this:

Mmmmmm.... ribs.

But Indiana isn't giving up Danny Granger, they want to build around the guy. As far as Jermaine ONeal, there's only so many teams that can absorb his contract. Isaiah Thomas can try and offer Channing Frye and whatever but we have the best player to offer in Odom. We could also absorb one of their horrible contracts and they have FOUR of them, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Marquis Daniels and Jamaal Tinsley, so it would be an advantage for Bird if Bynum is a deal breaker, which he should be because right now it's a very bad deal for the Lakers, but if Bynum is not part of the deal, we take back one of their bad contracts. I'm not a Tinsley guy but... he's got the smallest deal. Marquis Daniels gets no love around here, Dunleavy could possibly be flipped out for a sign and trade Walton and Cook and ? filler. Troy Murphy would be a funky pickup if we kept Bynum and acquired ONeal. I suppose he could split Center minutes with Bynum and we wouldn't have to pick up any other Centers, assuming Mihm can play 15 or so minutes/game this year.

If we don't trade Bynum, it would seem our #1 pick and/or Farmar would be in play. As far as keeping our #1 draft pick, I'm getting more and more doubtful that Sacramento will trade Artest to us, even if we have the better offer. So once again, you almost have to go back to Vlad Rad and what the Lakers think of him. He was supposed to start last year and if Walton goes in this type of trade to Indiana (broken into 2 parts - before the draft and then trading Walton when free agents can move) then you could... THEORETICALLY include Dunleavy in the trade instead of Tinsley and Dunleavy could be the backup SF and 6th man, with Vlad Rad as starter.

Vlad Rad should be on a mission next year to make up for last year but who knows... let's do this lineup: Yikes!

PG: ? nobody? LOL!
SG: Kobe/Mo/Sasha
SF: Vlad Rad/Dunleavy
PF: ONeal/Turiaf
C: Bynum/Mihm? and ? or Magliore?

KL, funny stuff man... let's see if I catch any predators, I've got Chris Hansen here and we're waiting... LOL.

the d,
"Another thing about the McRib: after you order one, pay for it, eat it, and leave the restaurant, you realize that it wasn't enough to satisfy your appetite. This is a compelling reason to hold off and keep driving until you get to a real smokehouse where you can tear into a giant mess of real ribs."

Homer Simpson Says: "ummmmmmmm, mcribs......."

good point. but remember, Mr. Crybaby has already demanded "somthing be done", so the smokhouses know that you ain't nothing in the pants, so McRibs is that we getting. Bon Apetite.


My problem with Walton isn't Luke himself. My problem is with the media in L.A. trying to make this guy something he isn't.

I'm starting to understand it some but it still doesn't make sense.

In L.A. you have Steve Hartman, Jack Haley, John Ireland and big Luke Walton supporters. It just so happens that all three are UCLA grads.

Luke Walton's dad is a UCLA grad. Put two and two together and you get a trio of UCLA guys looking out for their UCLA brother's son.

Then you have Steve Kerr who was a big Luke Walton fan. Steve Kerr lives in San Diego. Luke Walton was rasied in San Diego. What you have here is a few guys hooked up in the media that are watching each other's back.

I'm mean if you followed the Lakers all season long, if you watched every game you know there's no reason why Luke Walton should be getting such high praise. The only logical reason is that these guys are just are just watching out for Bill Walton's son.



"You forget that MT is into tall athletic built males."

So do you think if we keep up the charade he might leave us alone?

generic_one - 15/F/seattle,wa

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please let the Odom/Kwame Brown for J.O. deal go through, if for no other reason than to let us all witness the epileptic fit Mike T is bound to have upon hearing the news. Come on God, I remember you doing all kinds of crazy stuff in the Old Testament; just because you wanted to see people squirm and this fits the bill perfectly.

I know you're itching to see it too, so let’s get it on!


Andrew Z,

"It's a lot easier to get a SF who can play defense with the MLE than it is to get a good PG or C."

In my opinion we don't need a center. We need defense at the 1 and 3 spots. I think that should be obvious. But with how PJ, the Lakers PR department, Jeanie Buss, and the media sold Luke Walton it's like the Lakers are going out of their way to perserve Luke Walton and now they're trying to do something drastic.

All we need to do is upgrade at the 1 and 3 spots and we can compete.

But leave it to the Lakers to go about this in a explosive way and trade both Odom and Bynum, which doesn't address either the 1 or the 3 spot.

I mean: how STUPID is that?



I know what you mean,thats why Ive given up posting for the most part.Ive just got no idea what to do...that really was classy stuff though.


If the Lakers are going to give up Odom and Bynum then they better make Indiana give up Granger or Williams. If the Lakers don't come away with either one of those guys then it's a stupid deal for the Lakers.




wassup NY.

“Dude all kobe said was trade me or give me a contender. Kobe is not training hard everyday to become the worlds best gm, i.e. it ain't his job to do so. We all watched the team struggle this year, and most of us agree that collectively they sucked. All kobe is asking for is decent help, now as to whether that means trading bynum that's the gm's job”

so what makes princess kobe different that everyone else in the league? I suppose every other playah has to right to publicly embarrass it’s employee and be a KBiatch on national TV. BTW, kobe did have decent help until he decided he didn’t need the help. help me please.

“I repeat no one is saying trade Bynum, that's the gm's call”

do you mean mitch or kobe?

"I don't care who we get and who goes. If Luke Walton is my starting small forward and I were Kobe Bryant I would stick to my trade demand."

Hmm now if you were the gm and i walked through the door, you'd give me luke's job right? lmao ... we get your point, luke most go. Now put that brain of yours to good use and tell us what you think we can get in return.

Mike T,

You won't even let me agree with you. Good grief!

I haven't missed the hype. BTW, you failed to mention the Lakers web site, which has been featuring Walton in a starring role all year.

I couldn't agree more Mike T.

I really felt like all last season our team would have been 200% better if the defense at the one and three wasn't so unathletic. No harm meant to Luke, but he is what he is. He's smart and knows how to play the game, but can't "Lock down" defensively. He does understand team defense and rotations (which is way more than we can say for smush), but the one and the three need help.
Granted, once we use Kwame (offensive liability) in a trade to help fix the one or the three, we'll need to do a patch job at Center.
I don't think Bynum is ready for the big minutes, so we'd need to improve the five a little also. Maybe like Magloire along with a healthy Mihm
I really feel like addressing the one and three could improve our defense by leaps and bounds, it'd be much cheaper, and RELIEVE the bigs a little from all the penetration. Nobody like penetration...


Last year when the Lakers finished strong it was when Kwame was inserted into the starting line-up because of the injury to Mihm. But there was still a problem. The problem was Brian Cook was still starting.

I wrote then that there's no way the Lakers can win with Brian Cook and Smush Parker in the starting line-up.

Then PJ put Walton in the starting line-up and we starting winning. Why? Because Walton is a good defender? No! It was because Brian Cook was a terrible defended and the small upgrade was enough to make Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom's points and Kwame defensive presence count.

But in no way was it enough to compete for a championship. You see the whole idea is based on how good Kobe Bryant really is. Kobe Bryant is so good that all he really needs is defensive help.

Walton was an upgrade over Brain Cook but that upgrade wasn't good enough to last for an 82 game season.

What we need is anything that is as terrible as Cook was or as bad as Walton is.

Lakers management is so into the Hollywood image that they're not looking at it from a logical basketball point of view.

The upgrade at the 1 and 3 spots (defense) is really all the Lakers need. How the Lakers got to the point of avoiding the glaring whole at the 3 spot is totally illogical to me.

I can only conclude that the Lakers are totally wrapped up in a Hollywood perspective.






If the Lakers can get J. O’Neal and Tinsley for Odom and a good deal.

Brown and Odom are just coming from surgery. We don't even know how KwAME-THE SISSY QUEEN- is going to recover, also Lamar.

Jo and Tinsley will give this team defense smartness and an intensity that is common business or practice in Indiana. You don't have to beg them to be strong and resilient in defense, or playing hard and focus, like coaches often have to do with Lamar, Kwame, and Bynum. With these guys aboard and two or more pieces added to cover the bench,
We are talking about a 50 games win season and a 4 or 5 place in the West and the chance to advance to western finals perhaps.

More so, is the great experience of Tinsley and Jermaine in Playoffs, that’s count abnd helps.


Mike T,

"For me it would help to know who to ignore. I'm mean when 18, 19, and young 20 year olds post I can know it's just the lack of basketball knowledge and I can then know to just ignore it."

What happened? The grand kids ain't calling no more? Don't hate on the age, hate on the content. Ever been a manager anywhere? If so I wonder what your hiring policy was ... shred that resume he's a recent college grad.

In other LA sports news (I'm an Angeleno lost in Texas), I note that Alyssa Milano is, well, Alyssa Milano, but this time for the Dodgers.

Has anyone every sustained the crush of an entire generation of males for as long or as consistently as she has? Seriously, if you are in your early to mid-thirties, she went from a "maybe girls don't have cooties" crush, to tight little coed sexy, to smokin' hot sophisticated woman, right before our eyes.

Who else has done that? I'll preemptively strike Brooke Shields and Drew Barrymore for their extended chunky years.

In M. Teniente mind the perfect center for the Lakes is the over priced Kwame. That's delusional stuff.

In any team that Kwame goes, that team never passes playoffs. Also, remember that Kwame confessed that he lied about injury just to avoid playing in Washington.

That's Kwame saga and I doubt he is serious in changing his approach to the game.

The best thing for both parties is send him packing to the cold and lonely Indiana .

generic_one, Tim-4-Show, Faith,

You guys do realize tha KL is short for Kwame Lover, don;t you? And thats he is no other than MT. Notice how KL praises MT. Such narcissism.


I thought it was Smush...


"Don't hate on the age, hate on the content."


Go back just on this post and see if you can tell who the kids are.

Anyway the profile idea is just to give each blogger an idea of who they're talking to. If it gives an age then you can get an idea of the experience they do or do not have.


This age/sex thing is way out of line.

Are you telling me that a 47 yr old male knows more about basketball than say a 20yr old Earvin Johnson or a 20 year old Sue Bird?

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