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Red-headed and non-red-headed Walton opinions

When it comes to the Kobe Bryant radio tour/sort of trade request, the Walton family reaction is divided by generation.  Luke feels it's just a teammate blowing off some frustrated steam of the quickly evaporating variety.   His Pops writes off the drama as a cry-baby stunt.  This could make for some  interesting family dinners.  Especially if 24's the guest of honor.

In other Laker-related news, it appears that Clark Kent won't be kicking it in Cow Town anytime soon, but his absence from the running means B.Shaw should double-check his resume for typos.   There's also some Q&A action from Mike Bresnahan.

And finally, because a few people have asked, I don't know what the "story" is with I heard the budding entrepreneurs (and obvious jackasses) talking about it with Petros and Money.  The audio sample definitely sounds like it could be Kobe, but it was hard to say for sure, what with the bleeps and the issues that come from hearing a third-hand transfer via phone and KLAC airwaves.  The only thing I can tell you for sure is that the segment - which begins about 25 minutes into the podcast - is hilarious.  But at any rate, I'm not proclaiming anything "legit" or making a big fuss until I (or somebody I trust) see the reportedly accompanying video. 

Or Kobe confirms it, of course.  I'll certainly take his word on the matter.

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What the Lakers need to consider is the state of the NBA right now.

The San Antonio Spurs, the oldest team in the NBA, is about to win the championship. The time when a team needs 3 superstars is over. Teams with one superstar and solid players at 4 other postitions will get the job done is there's an equal emphasis on offense and defense.

We had the offense but our defense was absolutely terrible. I have to go over this time and time again because it seems like the Lakers front office can't come to grips with this. The defense was comprimised at the 1 and the 3 spots. This observation is clear yet the Lakers front office pretends as if it's something else and tries to make outrageous deals that done deal with the 1 and 3 spots.

When will the front office wake and understand that this is what Kobe Bryant is talking about? Where is the trust? It is obvious that the 1 and 3 spots were the defensive weaknesses for the Lakers this year and for management to barely be coming around to acknowledging that, if indeed, they have acknowledged it is reason enough to create an environment that can't be trusted.

If managment had an type of intergrity they would have been assuring Kobe Bryant that the 1 and 3 spots were the priority of the off season changes. It's that simple. And for management not to be aware of that is incredible. Why do you think Kobe was crying for Jerry West? Jerry West would laugh at the idea of resigning Luke Walton and Chris Mihm. Mitch Kupchak may be a sharp guy but he has no backbone.


Jorema - If you don't understand Team Kobe's approach, that's cool. I'm ok with that.

Just do me a favor and leave the PR strategy and analysis to those that understand it.
Why don't you go on back to your Kobe Shrine, do a couple more prayers to 24, and
when you wake up everything will be ok. And I won't even 'heat' you for it.


Like someone just said. Weber will come to the Lakers if we make some signifigant improvements. He will sign for the vet min since Philly is paying him a ton of money.

So, improvements first, then Weber.

First things first:
Assumming we make no major trades our #1 priority is Point guard
We need a guard who plays great D and can hit the open shot.

1.New Awsome point guard / Farmar/ Sasha
2. Kobe/ Mo
3. Vladimir/ Luke
4. Lamar/ Ronny/ Cookie
5. Kwame, Mimm, and Bynum

This team could win 50-52 games according to management. And with a break or two could advance in the playoffs.

Is anyone happy with that team? This is what the Laker Brain trust envisioned as there team to build on.

If you feel the center position is the weakest link, logic would say trade Kwame and Bynum for a great center.
If you trade Kwame for Artest, your center position is very iffy and weak. and would need shoring up.
Luke or Vladimir would be expendable. Too much money tied up in one spot and not enough playing time for all three.

Some things to think about. Keeping the core unit is important for the triangle. Too many changes and we are tripping over ourselves again.

Lamar, Walton, and Kobe are the triangle experts. We keep them.
If a center is available, and the deal is good, we trade Kwame, Bynum and whatever, plus a number one. (JO or Gasol)

Artest: Not likely for us, unless Sac is desperate. Who could we offer? Vladimir, Cookie and a future #1? I would like that, but I'm afraid Sac won't.
Walton, Cookie, Mo , and a number 1? It would all depend on how much Sac is motivated. I wouldn't count on that.

If we get the big center, Weber will sign. then we could rotate Odom to the three on occasion and Artest wouldn't be necessary anyway.

Pray for another Artest blow up soon and we could still get him.

My summation: Keep Lamar, don't trade him. I agree with most bloggers, only for KG, and even then I would have my reservations, If Indy demands him or no deal, put Jim Buss on the phone with Bird and tell Bird to go and screw himself. That I know Buss could do.


Eric Pincus latest from HoopsWorld:

Disappointing. He has us giving up Lamar and Bynum et al and getting back JO and Camby in a three team deal with the Pacers and Nuggets.

We can make the deal and keep Lamar. Get going Mitchi. Brown, Bynum, Cook, Sasha, and #19 for JO Straight up. It works for both teams and the salary cap.


Andrew Z, I love it! Finally a reasonable trade (not kwame for camby, or lamar and bynum for artest and JO). It makes sense, and can happen.

Mike T., sorry to break it to you bro, but Luke ( gives up .6 less points per 100 possesions ( so he helps defensively) when on the floor.

Kwame ( on the other hand gives up .4 more points per 100 possesions when he's on the floor.

So maybe luke isn't as bad defensively as we thought, huh?


You're mad because you can't put Lebron over Kobe. Anytime one of your "flavor of the month",guys .
do something worth it, you don't waste time....You announce that guy with all fanfare as the new great coming.

You have the right to your own opinion, even if is insulse.
I can give to you also that your definition of greatness could be my definition of mediocrity and vice versa.

But when you fail to recognize that almost 80 % percent of Basketball pundits considered Lebron playoffs showing as something well under the reputation that people had given him (in other words, not gained), is just too much hypocrisy. Too much "Kobeheatism".

Yes, as you wish... I will go back to my Kobe Shrine. I will do a couple more prayers to 24, telling him what Jesus told to their crucifiers: Kobe, forgive them, because they don't know what's they are talking about it.


greek dude,

The Lakers differential is way better with Kwame than without him. You base those numbers on groups of players not individuals.

The win/loss record is between 12-15 games above 500 with Kwame Brown as the starting center. Without Kwame Brown as the starting center the Lakers are well below 500 with any other combination. Defense is part of the game and if you don't factor that into your thinking then you just don't understand the game.

Come on, it's common knowledge that Luke Walton is a defensive weak link. What don't you understand about teams attacking him, especially at the end of games?


Did you catch Eric Pincus idea?

Trade Odom, Bynum, and Kwame and resign Luke and a PG with the MLE.

Where in all that is the defensive problem at the 3 spot get resolved?

This guy is nuts.


I mean if it were a question of Luke Walton actually having a good year I could understand I could understand all this Walton love. But the guy had an average to a terrible second half of the season and a terrible playoffs. Why do guys like Eric Pincus just ignore that as if it weren't true?


Laker Tom

"The primary pursuit has been Jermaine O'Neal of the Indiana Pacers. While the Lakers might be willing to make concessions to broker a deal (potentially taking on the contract of Jamaal Tinsley), they are reluctant to send out both Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom."

That would be good news if true. The Lakers not willing to give both. Actually it seems we have an advantage somewhat over Indy. They want to part ways with JO and his large contract and few teams will take that on.

Let the trades begin.

Fatty -" Ignore the hatred, we talk Lakers here."

Mike, you are saying Luke is a liability on defense, right. i thought so too. But numbers don't lie, and when luke is on the floor, the team allows less points. It's really that simple.


I love your posts. The "e" goes at the end of the word, not the middle, so instead of heat, it's actually spelled hate. Heat is a warm temperature, hate is negative feelings towards something or someone.

When Kobe has hung them up for the final time, maybe people will be able to give him the respect he deserves. I was driving along in my car last night when I realized, Kobe is easily in the top 2 all time for shooting guards. If you took all the shooting guards in the history of the game, Kobe would easily be in the top two. It would be tough to argue otherwise, he's better than Elgin, better than West, better than Barry... there's only one guy you can legitimately argue he's not better than. So for all the hate, I'd have to say they just don't appreciate what they watch. Maybe having a team of semi-good players in exchange for him is what you think the team needs, but regardless, appreciate the player for what he is. Every player has some weakness or shortcoming. No one is perfect. Maybe it's the GHF in me, but I look at Kobe and I admire his ability. Does he have things he could be better at? Sure. But look at what he brings, not so much at what he doesn't... afterall, being in the top two players in your position of all human history means you're probably pretty good at what you do.

Wouldn't you agree?

I mean, I'm a Barry Bonds hater... but, the guy is easily the greatest offensive player to ever grip a bat. Did he cheat? Yeah, and so did many others in his era. Do I think it taints his career?Absolutely. He was also a HOFer before he got the cream or the clear.

Laker Tom,

Aside from the fact that I think Indy could possibly do better, I don't even think that trade is feasible for the Lakers. They're gutting the team without getting enough players in return. They'd be left with:


That's only seven players. Given their cap situation, they can't do much via FA. Let's say they use Bird rights to resign Walton and Mihm (as many have speculated they will). Even with those two, the MLE and their two second round picks (assuming both make the team), they're barely fielding a 12 man roster. I would be basically impossible to get to 14, much less 15. That's too few bodies.


Greek dude

I think Luke is a good team defender.

But his lack of athelticism has hurt the Lakers. When teams iso on Luke bad things happen. Stats don't lie, but neither does the video camera. That's why coaches have the players analyze both.

Fatty - "We talk Lakers here" and occasionally Cricket.

Fatty, that's true, luke isn't atheletic, but neither was larry bird. The point is that with these stats, it shows at least that he doesn't hurt the lakers on defense as much as we think. And his offensive glue definetly is worth his ok D.

I just found it interesting that last year, even with the ankle, luke on the floor allowed less points than when luke is off.


"In a 3 year period, we are superior to the Spurs.

In a 10-year period, they are superior to us."

Your math doesn't add up.

The Lakers won 4 out of 5 years. The Spurs have had the better of us only in the last 3 years.

Please Fakerz, Edwin asked very politely not to use "cancer" in terms on the blog. Many are sensitive to that use because of the loss of loved ones.
Your consideration would be appreciated very much.


Greek Dude

"luke on the floor allowed less points than when luke is off."

Which Luke are you talking about? lol
I know what you meant, jk



"I mean, I'm a Barry Bonds hater... but, the guy is easily the greatest offensive player to ever grip a bat. Did he cheat? Yeah, and so did many others in his era."

Did Barry cheat? No! Because MLB didn't have any type of steriods policy at the time.

If there's no policy then there's no cheating.


Fatty, didn't you used to be j-fatty? or have i imagined it.

Why drop the J? I heard vertical letters make people look skinnier/taller. haha

Actually Luke does hurt us on the defense...that's proobably why he sits out most 4th quarters.

However there isn't any denying our record when he was out...which is partly why I got pissed cause he sat much longer with it (following his dad's suggestion)...but that's just me.

Interesting interview with Rick Bucher today on ESPN radio.

He thinks Kobe will be traded; he said he was told that Kobe is working out at UCLA instead of at the Lakers facility.

Also, note that of the top 6 on the Spurs, other than Duncan, the highest draft spot was last pick in the first round. The others were all either second round or free agents. That is what good management does for a team.

On the Luke defense issue,

While statistically it does appear that our D was better with Luke on the floor stats can be misleading. Luke was on the floor with the 1st unit, so we are looking at how the 2nd unit was playing D. And most importantly, we gave up 103 points a game as a team, 25th in the NBA. So even if we played better D when he was out there, we still were not a very good Defensive team reguardless of who was on the floor. That said, I would still want him back as a six man, leading the 2nd unit. That would help make our bench a very strong unit.


"If there's no policy then there's no cheating."

That's like Ross saying to Rachel, "they were on a break!" lol.

Mike, I think he meant cheating as in morally.

ps, Luke is an awesome defender, smush rocks, kwame sucks, mihm is awesome. J/K

the truth: Luke is an average defender, smush really does suck, kwame is solid defensively and has his moments in the post offensively, mihm is a solid role player.

Greek Dude,

Those stats are very misleading, since Luke's time off the court coincided with Kwame, Lamar and Evans' injury.

Luke is the WORST small foward on defense in the entire league. That is not an exageration. I dare you to name one small foward that is worse than Luke on defense, and NO, Brain Cook doesn't count (he's a power foward). Luke had a fine start to the season, but that was the only time he played well consistently in his entire Laker career, and (coincidentally?) last season was his contract year.

When Luke got off to the nice start, nobody on the opposing team paid any attention to him, and justilfiably so. In the past few years, I have never seen opposing teams consistenly pay ZERO attention to any one player as much as Luke in all my years of watching Laker basketball. Defenses paid more attention to guys like Chuck Nevitt and Mark MacNamara than they do Luke. Those 6 prescious weeks that Luke played well offensively was the only time Luke was not a liability in BOTH offense and defense in his entire Laker career. After about 6 weeks into last season, teams realized that Luke was making his WIDE open shots and decided to play some defense on Luke (not much, by the way, just a little), and suddenly, Luke reverted to being the Luke of prior years. I have to agree with Mike T regarding Luke. I can't understand why every "journalist" seems to think Luke is such an important player for the Lakers. He hurts the team more than he helps. Having said that, Lakers might have no choice but to sign him, only because they can sign him without using the MLE. I guess he's better than nothing.

Greek Dude,
Do you mean to say it's all about the POINT DIFFERENTIAL?

So we're MORE effective with Luke in the line-up?

Greek Dude, you should know MT never ever said that Point Differential was a key stat to pay attention to...

Greek Dude

You are right, dropping a letter can change the whole feeling of a name.

Like Greek Dude, drop the r and you get Geek Dude. Drop the e and add a u, well you get the idea. haha

Fatty has always been my call name since I was a little squirt. The J became necessary when somebody else on the WWW had taken that already. On this blog, Fatty is me, especially if the post is clever, insightful or funny.


good point michael h.

ex, I thought kobe always worked out in other facilities. Like i remember hearing he played against reggie at ucla all summer when i watched the replays of 2000 finals game 4. i just hope it doesn't happen.


Aloha Laker Tom

Just a thought on Jason Kidd. I was thinking about us not taking him at the trade deadline and I was wondering if you recall reading who the other pieces of the deal were going to be. I cant. But it would have had to include either Kwame or Lamar. If it was Lamar again the Andrew& Lamar itrade would have been to expensive. If it was Kwame, we would not have had a center and or we would have had to eat Collins contract. That would have cost us several more contracts to match, so we would have been scrambling at mid season to plug in more players from the minor leagues or Europe. I think that may have been as much of an issue as wanting to keep Andrew. Just a thought.



Kobe has to play at UCLA because Dr Buss cleaned out his locker, removed his name plate and changed the locks on the door.


Kobe wants to learn D from Howling and scout Kevin Love and Afflalo.


Kobe's teamates upset with him for dissing them won't let him into the Gym



My point was, I don't really like Barry Bonds. There's not much to like. I will admit though, the guy is a great player, and with his boost that he gave himself towards the end of his career, he played the best ball of his life. Amazing. He is baseball's consumate *ss kicker.

The point of that? You can think Kobe is horrible, but give it up to the guy... he's easily the top two of all-time in his position... and he's not even done with his career yet.

"he's better than Elgin, better than West, better than Barry"



"Interesting interview with Rick Bucher today on ESPN radio.

He thinks Kobe will be traded; he said he was told that Kobe is working out at UCLA instead of at the Lakers facility. "


Regarding working out at other facilities...
This doesn't always mean there's a problem. I suppose it could mean there's a problem. When I was in my last year of eligibility, I worked out in the varsity weight room at one university, and attended & competed at another. The reason was because the weight room was superior & also closer to my home. I attended classes at night only so that I could dedicate myself to training full time during the day... and commuting to and from the further school didn't make sense. Did this mean there was a problem? Nah, there were other factors involved and I took advantage of those other factors.


"New Roster:

PG: Grant Hill, Jordan Farmar, Jason Hart
SG: Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans, Rookie
SF: Lamar Odom, Devean George, Vladimir Radmanovic
PF: Chris Webber, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
C: Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown, Rookie"



Lakers-Pacers talks stall
L.A. doesn't want to give up Odom and Bynum in a deal for Jermaine O'Neal
By Mike Bresnahan, Times Staff Writer
6:30 PM PDT, June 14, 2007

Where's Jermaine O'Neal? Still a member of the Indiana Pacers.

The Lakers and Pacers have stalled on trade talks involving the six-time All-Star forward-center because the Lakers do not want to give up both Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom in a swap for O'Neal and power forward Troy Murphy, a source said. The Lakers would also include Kwame Brown in the trade.

O'Neal, 28, is consistently among the league leaders in points, rebounds and blocked shots. He averaged 19.4 points, 9.6 rebounds and 2.6 blocked shots last season, the continuation of a career that has been on a solid track since he was traded from Portland to the Pacers in 2000.

Murphy, 27, has outside range and rebounds well, but is a subpar defender who would be included in a deal primarily as salary-cap ballast. The four years and $42.3 million he has left on his contract, coupled with the three years and $64.1 million left on O'Neal's contract, would practically guarantee that the Lakers would pay the luxury tax for years to come.

Numerous sources have said O'Neal wants to play in L.A., but the Lakers simply do not want to part with Odom and Bynum to make it work. Lakers officials declined to comment Thursday.

Odom, 27, averaged 15.9 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists last season, one that started strongly for him before being interrupted by knee and shoulder injuries. He underwent surgery last month to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder, but is expected to return in time for training camp in October.

Of equal, if not greater, concern to the Lakers is the Pacers' desire for the 19-year-old Bynum.

He averaged 10.7 points, nine rebounds and 2.3 blocked shots in 15 games in January before slumping badly. Coach Phil Jackson criticized his work ethic, but the Lakers aren't necessarily ready to give up on the potential of the 10th pick in the 2005 draft.

Brown, 25, also underwent surgery last month, and will be out several months while recovering from a reconstructive operation on his left ankle. He has one year left on his contract at $9.1 million, which makes him appealing to teams hoping to trim payroll after next season.

Talks between the Pacers and Lakers could be jump-started again as the June 28 draft draws closer.

Kobe came to UCLA to practice a good amount over the offseason last year. this isn't his first time coming out to use the gym on north campus. I know this cuz my girlfriend is at UCLA and last year and was in the gym playing and shooting around when he came in to train during the offseason. Also, i think i heard that he didnt always go by himself. i think i heard that walton or someone from the team might have gone along other times as well, but i'm not sure about that. but its no news that he plays at UCLA. And from what ive understood on this blog bucher is trying to make it a big deal out of it?, which it really isnt and is nothing new. its probably just a place for him to focus and play some ball, which is what everybody on the lakers should be doing, practicing and working on their weaknesses. and if not that, at least keeping a ball in their hands and shooting around

You go Mitch, looks like you have a spine after all. No one sided deals!!!



Where in Bucher's statements did he try to "...make Kobe look better by putting LeBron or Wade down". Talk about reading between the lines! I've seen worse done to Kobe by other writers (Vecsey, Wojnarowski, Chip Brown, etc.). I wonder , you've never read any of their articles? They've been called by Kobe fans as an embarassment to journalism as well, in their honest opinion.


“That's only seven players. Given their cap situation, they can't do much via FA. Let's say they use Bird rights to resign Walton and Mihm (as many have speculated they will). Even with those two, the MLE and their two second round picks (assuming both make the team), they're barely fielding a 12 man roster. I would be basically impossible to get to 14, much less 15. That's too few bodies”

I disagree. Trading both Andrew AND Lamar for Jermaine O’Neal would be gutting the team in my opinion. We need to ADD another star, not just TRADE one star for another. Other than Andrew, I don’t really consider the loss of Kwame Brown, Brian Cook, Sasha Vujacic, or the #19 pick as anything to worry about. Losing Lamar Odom would be a step backwards. Losing these guys plus Smush might well be a step forward.

Filling in the back of the roster with minimum salary players is easy compared to trying to replace what you lose by trading Lamar Odom. And Lamar is not the guy that Larry Bird has to have; That’s Andrew Bynum. More importantly, the minute you put Lamar in the deal, you are then forced to take back one of Bird’s terrible contracts. Do that and you playing right into Indy’s hands. We don’t want Murphy, Dunleavy, or Tinsley. Andrew Bynum is the target Bird is after. We need to keep our eyes on the ball. Lamar is the diversion that gives Bird the chance to offload his bad contracts on us.

I would much rather have a stronger starting lineup and 8 man rotation than a weaker but deeper team. This is no different from the situation that the Lakers would have ended up in last year if they had made the Jason Kidd trade without Lamar. Yeah, the last five guys on the roster aren’t going to be very good but the first 10 guys will be much better than last year. Assuming we re-sign Luke and Chris and a point guard with the MLE, here is a solid 10 man roster with a big three in Kobe, Lamar, and Jermaine:

1 – Jordan Farmar, MLE
2 – Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans
3 – Vladimir Radmanovic, Luke Walton
4 – Lamar Odom, Ronny Turiaf
5 – Jermaine O’Neal, Chris Mihm

Do you really think it would be hard to find 5 guys between our two second round draft picks and minimum salary guys who would be as good as good as or give us as much as we got last year from Smush, McKie, Mihm, Williams, and Radman? It’s the first ten guys that are going to play the minutes and make the difference – not the last five.

Chris Webber for the minimum might be an option. Maybe we can get Charlie Bell and Matt Carroll with our MLE. At any rate, if we get good growth from Farmar at the point and Vlade can give us what we thought we were going to get, this team can compete for a championship in my opinion. At the least, it is dramatically better than the team we had last year. Wouldn’t you agree?

I am sure your next argument will be that Indiana can do better. If the Lakers hold firm, I don’t think there is any other deal out there as good. Bird needs a home run and I believe he is set on getting Andrew Bynum. He sees in Bynum what New Jersey and everybody but disgruntled Laker fans and writers see: future greatness at center. He is looking for young players, expiring contracts, draft picks, and outside shooting. The deal I proposed gives him all of those. Silly as it may sound, Bird needs to make a deal as much or more than the Lakers do. He has fewer options than the Lakers do.


"This doesn't always mean there's a problem."

The point Bucher was making is that Kobe used to work out at the Lakers facility, now he has suddenly changed.

"I have never seen opposing teams consistenly pay ZERO attention to any one player as much as Luke in all my years of watching Laker basketball"

Yes, you have. Kwame Brown.


Just read the Bresnahan article. This is exactly what I was talking about in my post. The Lakers are playing this smart by saying no to Bird asking for both Andrew and Lamar. Notice how Murphy is suddenly in the deal to offset Lamar’s salary. It’s a two-for-none. Bird would get Lamar and get rid of Murphy. No Lamar equals no Murphy! Good move, Lakers.

I would stick to our guns and start talking Andrew Bynum to Memphis or New Jersey. Bird will quickly back down. He has to have Bynum. Just watch and see. The only tough part of the deal is that Bird is probably right to want Bynum that badly. It’s just Kobe’s situation that is now requiring us to make amends for not making the Jason Kidd deal last year.


i agree with mike i just cant understand that this guy can do no wrong and i'm talking about luke walton i've been reading on this blog for a long time now and everybody wants him to be re-signed for what i dont know cause he sucks defensively and on the offensive side of the ball i'm not impressed everybody attacks kwame though and sometimes rightly so cause offensivly i think he sucks he alright though since nobody expects him to score anyway but defensively.......he's solid but he gets ripped on these blogs while luke gets a pass i truly dont understand that if the lakers re-sign luke walton they dont wanna win and i will truly understand kobe if he wants to win


In a deal for O'Neil and Murphy the Lakers have to give up Odom, Bynum, and Brown.

That means the Lakers would have to resign a defensive liability in Chris Mihm. Then I suppose the Lakers would go with another defensive liability in Luke Walton.

That would give us a line-up of:

PG: ?
SG: Kobe
SF: Walton/Radmanovic
PF: Troy Murphy
C: O'Neil

Where is the logic? Murphy is not a good defender nor is Walton. ridiculous is that deal?


i agree with mike i just cant understand that this guy can do no wrong and i'm talking about luke walton i've been reading on this blog for a long time now and everybody wants him to be re-signed for what i dont know cause he sucks defensively and on the offensive side of the ball i'm not impressed everybody attacks kwame though and sometimes rightly so cause offensivly i think he sucks he alright though since nobody expects him to score anyway but defensively.......he's solid but he gets ripped on these blogs while luke gets a pass i truly dont understand that if the lakers re-sign luke walton they dont wanna win and i will truly understand kobe if he wants to win

Aloha Michael:

There were numerous different reports out but the deal that I thought we turned down was almost identical to the deal I think we are trying to get with Indy for Jermaine O’Neal, which is basically Bynum, Brown, Cook, Vujacic, and filler.

Because Kidd makes a few more million than O’Neal, we needed to give them more pieces but we had them under contract to give at that time although there is nothing to prevent us from re-signing Smush and throwing him in. But the challenge was the same. How do you keep Lamar so that you have a big three with Kidd.

I think the Indy negotiations are going perfectly. Unlike New Jersey, Bird has a vision about Bynum I think and he is desperate to do something to offset the dumb moves he made in the Golden State trade. The issue with New Jersey was that they wanted more than Kwame. And what they wanted was Andrew Bynum. Not Lamar Odom. Just as with Indy, they brought up Odom to try and stick us with Collins but they relented. The same is true of Indy. They just have to try to get Lamar and stick us with Murphy.

Time to put pressure on them by calling back New Jersey and starting a talk with Memphis about Andrew Bynum. Bird will quickly relent if we do. I think we will get Jermaine without giving up Lamar by the NBA draft.


Well, at least, the Finals are almost over and the trading can begin and we can get this stuff over with.


i agree with mike luke walton gets a pass when anybody with a set of eye balls can see he's a liability on the floor especially defensively team defense individual defense it dosent matter and his offensive skills arent overwhelming in short luke walton is a role player but yt he averaged 33 minutes last season and thats trouble along with d-league smush the lakers was simply asking for it i dont have nothing against luke but what gets me is that everybody hates kwame now im not a kwame fan either but defensively he's a rock offensively he's adequate not a second or third option but a garbage offensive guy kinda like horace grant was if the lakers re-sign luke walton that tells everybody they have no intention of winning i think a healthy vlade is a better option at starting small forward is better than luke at least he can stretch defenses with his shot he's not much of defender either but he can kill you on offense and remember last year he hurt his shooting hand in training camp and needed surgery DONT RE-SIGN LUKE

if we can keep lamar cool.....
but I rather have him as a small-forward.
the pacers think that were desperate enough to get O'NEAL,that were willing to take on bad contracts.......this should answer everybody's ??????
would the FO do things out of desperation to appease KOBE an the answer is (NO)........
To all the HATERS who thought FO was going to do something out of desperation..........I DONt KNOW.............. SAYING I TOLD YOU SO JUST ISN't ENOUGH.

This is probably the worst Finals I've ever seen and the Cavs are probably the worst team ever to make it to the Finals. Hello David Stern!!! Time to change the playoff format. The real 07 Finals was the second round series between the Spurs and the Suns.

Props to Tony Parker, hands down the Finals MVP.

Hey Mike T.

I say we re-sign Luke then send him and B. Cook over to Sac for Ron-Ron.
That would solidify our defense at the 3 spot.

I really don't want to give up Kwame either. He gives the opposing bigs problems with his ability to body them up and his quickness on D.

Anyways... I know I don't blog that much, but I'm always reading what you guys are saying....

Ray B.

Did you how sorry the Finals were? Not only were the Cavs terrible but the Spurs were terrible, too. A sorry old ass team like the Spurs won the Championship because they play defense. They don't play defense they're coached to play defense. The took that sorry ass Phoenix Suns gimmic basketball and beat them in six games.

This is why Phil Jackson has got to go in my mind. This guy manipulated the line-up all season long. Then in the playoffs he went with a 11 and 12 man rotation as if he was being over matched by the Suns.

He probably thought the Suns were going to win it all. He has grossly over estimated the state of the NBA. His bitching about the roster has no merit. It's his coaching that cost us.

Last year when he didn't pull Smush Parker when we were put 3-1 and this year with that ridiculous 11 and 12 man rotations.

This is why Kobe wants a trade. This is about trust. Jim Buss seen it with his own eyes. Jim Buss called Phil Jackson out but what does that mean? It means nothing because he isn't pulling the plug on Jackson. It's plain to see what Phil has done yet....he's still the coach.


Comic book guy from Simpsons.

"Worst finals ever"

Michael T,

You show Phil a couple tricks about coaching, maybe in 9 years you'll have your rings too or even HOF..

Gunner24 and other Kobe haters,

I'm just curious how you will react if Kobe is not traded and is still on the Lakers next year. Will you still cheer for the team with Kobe as the leader? When he goes on one of his patented scoring binges will you boo, cheer, sit with your arms folded or what? I mean, it seems as though you guys have such a hatred torwards the guy but you also call the Lakers your team. I'm just curious how you guys will handle that in the upcoming season if Kobe is still on the team.


“Like Michael H said, Shaq's "company time" line was on the record. Just as an FYI.”

Since that's the case, Shaq was in the wrong.


“I am not a negative or evil person as you assumed, and I believe every negative word would fill our world, personal and on the Blog with negative energy.”

I actually thought you were pretty cool until you went ape $hit regarding my joke.

“All of a sudden, without any cause or provocation you became nasty and I had to defend myself.”

That wasn’t the intention. Look, the joke was a combination of the profession of a ventriloquist talking out of the side [emphasis on “side”] of the mouth and sports fans talking out of their a$$. That was it. I didn’t mean it personal and I sure did expect for you to respond with telling me to commit suicide.

“I admit; it was harsh, unfortunately, you caught me on a bad day and your nasty post or “Joke” as you call it was the last straw on the camel back. I was wrong, and I am sorry to have said thing to you which was out of place and hurt you the way it did.”

I've already apologized, but will apologize again. In retrospect, it really didn’t bother me that much, but I surely didn’t meant for it to upset you. BTW, apology accepted.

“So, I would suggest; if you’re cool, I am cool too. But please, Lets just ignore each other totally for a while.”

It’s all good.

“The ball is in you court and decision is yours. Again; if you’re cool, I am cool. LOL”

Hey, take it easy. BTW, I do respect your profession (assuming that’s what you do). No need to respond, just take it easy. No more “cheap shots” from me.


“I'm just curious how you will react if Kobe is not traded and is still on the Lakers next year.”

I would love it because kobe will be taught a lesson that he’s not above the game or the “establishment”. Let’s see if kobe tanks or pretends to be hurt? Kobe’s true color is showing this summer of Too Much Drama for Yo Mama. The dude is lucky to have played with shaq or he’ll be known that the Most Selfish Ever.

“Will you still cheer for the team with Kobe as the leader?”

I’ve NEVER [emphasis on “never”] cheered for kobe, I cheer for the lakers.

“When he goes on one of his patented scoring binges will you boo, cheer, sit with your arms folded or what?”

You kobe loyalist are all the same. Who gives a rats a$$ about scoring binges? Well, maybe the Big Rat (aka kobe Bryant) would care. It’s about W-L and championships fool.

“I mean, it seems as though you guys have such a hatred towards the guy but you also call the Lakers your team.”

Hey, if kob was a tennis player or golfer, I’d be on the kobe bandwagon, but he aint. He’s on a TEAM sport.

“I'm just curious how you guys will handle that in the upcoming season if Kobe is still on the team.”

Joy, joy, joy when the media is up on his skinny a$$ when he tanks, pretends to be hurt, or sacrifice wins for individual agendas. I’m sure kob will average 40 points and win the scoring title. The laker team will average 75 points and have another 35 win season……….remember 2005??

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