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Red-headed and non-red-headed Walton opinions

June 14, 2007 | 11:03 am

When it comes to the Kobe Bryant radio tour/sort of trade request, the Walton family reaction is divided by generation.  Luke feels it's just a teammate blowing off some frustrated steam of the quickly evaporating variety.   His Pops writes off the drama as a cry-baby stunt.  This could make for some  interesting family dinners.  Especially if 24's the guest of honor.

In other Laker-related news, it appears that Clark Kent won't be kicking it in Cow Town anytime soon, but his absence from the running means B.Shaw should double-check his resume for typos.   There's also some Q&A action from Mike Bresnahan.

And finally, because a few people have asked, I don't know what the "story" is with I heard the budding entrepreneurs (and obvious jackasses) talking about it with Petros and Money.  The audio sample definitely sounds like it could be Kobe, but it was hard to say for sure, what with the bleeps and the issues that come from hearing a third-hand transfer via phone and KLAC airwaves.  The only thing I can tell you for sure is that the segment - which begins about 25 minutes into the podcast - is hilarious.  But at any rate, I'm not proclaiming anything "legit" or making a big fuss until I (or somebody I trust) see the reportedly accompanying video. 

Or Kobe confirms it, of course.  I'll certainly take his word on the matter.