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Red-headed and non-red-headed Walton opinions

When it comes to the Kobe Bryant radio tour/sort of trade request, the Walton family reaction is divided by generation.  Luke feels it's just a teammate blowing off some frustrated steam of the quickly evaporating variety.   His Pops writes off the drama as a cry-baby stunt.  This could make for some  interesting family dinners.  Especially if 24's the guest of honor.

In other Laker-related news, it appears that Clark Kent won't be kicking it in Cow Town anytime soon, but his absence from the running means B.Shaw should double-check his resume for typos.   There's also some Q&A action from Mike Bresnahan.

And finally, because a few people have asked, I don't know what the "story" is with I heard the budding entrepreneurs (and obvious jackasses) talking about it with Petros and Money.  The audio sample definitely sounds like it could be Kobe, but it was hard to say for sure, what with the bleeps and the issues that come from hearing a third-hand transfer via phone and KLAC airwaves.  The only thing I can tell you for sure is that the segment - which begins about 25 minutes into the podcast - is hilarious.  But at any rate, I'm not proclaiming anything "legit" or making a big fuss until I (or somebody I trust) see the reportedly accompanying video. 

Or Kobe confirms it, of course.  I'll certainly take his word on the matter.

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Here is a crazy trade that would look pretty good for the lakers, but could look good for Phoenix as well.

Considering Phoenix is also looking at Grant Hill among other free agents in the market, they may be willing to part with these guys. However, I doubt that they would be willing to deal with the Lakers in this way. Here it is:

Lakers trade Lamar Odom, Maurice Evans and Kwame Brown to the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion, Boris Diaw and Marcus Banks.

IF the Suns also acquire Grant Hill, this would be their starting 5: Nash, Bell, Hill, Odom and Stoudemire.

If they didn't get Hill, this could be their starting 5: Nash, Bell, Evans/Jones, Odom and Stoudemire. Either way, that is an even more impressive 5 man line-up than the one they have now....which is already impressive.

For the Lakers, with no other trades, here is their new starting 5: Banks, Bryant, Marion, Diaw, Bynum. That's not a bad starting 5 either. Considering that the Lakers use the Triangle, Diaw should be a perfect fit with his passing ability.

Although BOTH teams would be better, it is rare that teams in the same division and conference make significant trades with each other.

OK, so the official kobe video website has kobe crying. Sure, that wasn't made by haters.

wow, if they acctualy wanted people to believe them, they at least should have tried to make it somewhat realistic



Thanks for the post. I guess you’re taking a break from LakerTomboy’s blacklist?

“Shaq is professional? Remember surgery on the 'company time'? This is not a professional approach.”

if what you say is true, it’s a fair statement, but I get the feeling there are circumstantial reasonings that we don’t know about and a typical kobe tactic is to leak bad press about others. So I’m can’t argue you’re point one way or another. I will say that if [emphasis on “if”] what you say is true, that sucks.

“In any 'regular' profession such an employee would fired on spot. It’s also unprofessional do not work off season on your (his) biggest weakness – free throw shooting, bearing in mind his refusal to work with special free throw coach hired by the team.”

Dude everyone has weaknesses. Do you have inside information that shaq wasn’t working on his free throws. When I watch the dude shoot free throws, it’s a different form every time. Even way back to the 00-02 championship runs on ESPN Classic 2 weeks ago. I don’t remember the special free throw coach issue. i guess you gonna call ben wallance a lazy ass too for being a bad free-thow shooter? BTW, i bet shaq can make more free throw and both you and me.

“I would also consider unprofessional showed up in training camp overweight and out of shape especially if you have any respect for team paying you 20M per year. This is my take on ‘professionalism’ of your beloved Shaq.”

Maybe the guy has big bones, maybe the guys getting old, maybe the guy would rather spend time with kids in the offseason, maybe ad nauseum. “Being in shape” is a relative term. I frankly didn’t care if the guy was 500 lbs as long as the lakers were winning and competing for championships. This weight issue is another one of kobe’s shenanigans to discredit shaq as the leader of the lakers…….just my opinion. BTW, it’s not so much that I “belove” shaq as much as my “belove” for the laker team. Look without shaq, we went from perennial contender to perennial chumps. That’s all the evidence I need. Thanks for the chat, I appreciate your time.



“I think that there is an inherent longevity (at some debatable quality level) in a "dynasty." I don't think that the Shaq-Kobe Lakers meet that to be considered a "dynasty."”

Agreed, that’s why I refer to the laker “almost-dynasty”. I think kobe was thinking it was always kobe’s team (not shaq’s), so if shaq’s gone, kobe will win 3 consecutive because he’s the “greatest on the planet” Pluto.

Fat-Guy in AZ,

How are the ribs?

“Kobe on holiday in Barcelona traveling with Shammond.”

Is there something we should know about kob and shammon……….my gaydar is going Ape $hit like Ventriloquist went ape $hit on me the other day.


“I think Stein and Bucher best sums up Lebron's performance thus far. Man, I feel so dumb for even briefly thinking that Lebron is better than Kobe after the Detroit series.”

Make sure you tell that to kobe when the both of you are watching game 4...........AT HOME. It’s a process my friend. You wanna bet there will be some re-tooling in the summer and Cavs are back contending in the Leastern Conference next season? Perhaps that’s why kobe “me, me” want to go to the Bulls, so he can show case HIS INDIVIDUAL talent all over ABS next season. Perhaps kobe can demand a trade unless the laker relocate to Oklahoma City?

Although I wish the best for Brian Shaw, I hope he does not get the
Kinjgs Head Coaching job because he is one of the people the Lakers cannot afford to lose.

This is one of the best blogs here in Southern California sans post of KL and Gunner24.



"This is one of the best blogs here in Southern California sans post of KL and Gunner24."

appreciate the props. i wish i could say the same for you.



I agree with you about winning with some reservation. If person was carying extra weight, especially close to 350 lbs it's also HUGE load on his joints, which is maiking him more vulnerable to get hurt during the season. Fot this season Shaq should send 10M refund to Miami because this is exactly what he played - 40 games. About surgery on 'company time' it's not a Kobe's press, it's Shaq own words, check papers aka 2001or 2002 I believe. His reasoning was, 'I got hurt on company time, I'm getting surgery on company time'. You can also read his book (I did it 5 or 7 years ago) about all his whole approach of 'take it easy' during the regular season. And last thing, about free throws. Lakers got him coach I believe after 2002 season and this is when his % went 'over roof' something like 62 or 64. But after that was famous 'I making them when it counts'. You probably also remeber how many he was missing when its really was 'time when it counts'. Last season - 42% In fact he never shot 50% after 2002-2003 season.

Kobe Sighting: Barcelona, Espana!

A little story for you Kobe fans:

Kobe Bryant and family plus a Nike rep ate dinner last night at the restaurant where my friend works as a chef in Barecelona. At first they all wanted chicken and 'american style' food, but after explaining the menu a bit, my friend convinced Kobe to try some more traditional fare and he loved it! The rest of the family/crew still only orered 'safe' pastas and such, but props to Kobe for being adventerous! Apparently he liked it and came and found my buddy to say 'thank you' at the end of the meal. The report (which came by phone call immediately after they left) ends with Kobe having een super-nice and friendly, as was his wife (who is also apparently drop-dead gorgeous in person), plus the kids were well behaved and they enjoyed their meal, so there you have it, Kobe in Spain!



Can you tell me if you know in monetary sense, how much does it cost 19th pick from the first round. I’m pretty sure it should be close to guaranteed contract salary for the rookie drafted under this position.

LAL Fan,

Quincy Douby was the 19th pick last year and made about 1.2 mil. So I'm guessing that's more or less the numbers with this year's #19 pick.


that's the first trade I've read that considered Marion, very nice! Marion, Kobe, Diaw, Bynum w/Banks is a solid line-up.

Just letting everyone know, a link to a Q&A with Mike Bresnhan from the Times has been added into the post. Go back and check it out, should you be interested.


It does sound like Kobe's voice on the terrible audio feed. Man I hope no trade with Kobe involved is going down. I can't see myself going through the wonder years of a team full of hopefulls minus the #1 palyer in basketball.

Okay, the more I read articles and think about this whole situation, my head is spinning…LOL! I am starting to wonder if this situation could be solved or at least improved using a MUCH simpler process. I mean, if we take out the recent outburst of Kobe Bryant in the media, which has caused most of the frenzy and focus on acquiring big names this summer, could this all be handled easier? Below is a 3-step plan that could possibly work. Please that there are no trades required, and the Lakers already have everything needed to make this work.

1 – Sign both Chris Webber and Grant Hill using the MLE to 3-year deals w/player option year 3.

2 – Sign Jason Hart and Devean George to minimum contracts.

3 – Draft a point guard, swingman, and forward/center using the 19th, 40th and 48th picks.

New Roster:

PG: Grant Hill, Jordan Farmar, Jason Hart
SG: Kobe Bryant, Maurice Evans, Rookie
SF: Lamar Odom, Devean George, Vladimir Radmanovic
PF: Chris Webber, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook
C: Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown, Rookie

I know what some are thinking….this roster could be stricken with injuries during the season. You are correct. However, the intent is to assemble a team that would be seriously competitive during the playoffs. Plus, the roster was constructed to have enough depth and versatility to hopefully withstand normal injuries during the season. The gauge: Could this roster withstand an extended injury to Kobe Bryant? I believe that it could. Structurally, this is a Phil Jackson roster, filled with veteran leadership, but still enough youth to withstand a long season. Chemistry-wise, this lineup should meet the approval of Lamar Odom. The potential of this lineup to be successful should meet the approval of Kobe Bryant. Overall, this lineup should meet the approval of the entire Lakers’ organization.

Here are some lineup variations the coaching staff would have at their disposal.

Hill, Bryant, Odom, Webber, Bynum
Hill, Bryant, Odom, Webber, Brown
Farmar, Bryant, Hill, Odom, Webber
Hill, Bryant, George, Odom, Webber
Hill, Bryant, Radmanovic, Odom, Brown
Hart, Evans, George, Cook, Turiaf (This would be the mop-up time line-up!)

In fact, as I really start to look at this, I am leaning towards this method for improving the team. It looks as though it could work. I don’t believe the Lakers are looking this way, but if they would, I think it would work.

Don't know if anyone else posted it, but an interesting quote from Robert Horry talking about the Lakers of 01-04:

"Money hurt that (Lakers) team," Horry said. "It came down to this guy wanted this much money, that guy wanted this much money. Those two guys (Shaq and Kobe) wanted to be the top dog and forgot about the other guys. It all boiled down to money. Money is the root of all evil sometimes.

"Sometimes you can't see the forest through the trees. They didn't win that championship against Detroit (in 2004), and they said, 'OK, (Karl) Malone you're injured, bye. (Gary) Payton, you're too old, bye. Shaq, you want too much money, bye.' "


some Q&A action from Mike Bresnahan.

Mike T read this article and knock your self out.....
The part about Walton

By the way I dont agree with the idea of offering the full mid level exception to Walton... He would stay if we offer less than 4m a year for 4 years.....


Like I said, the voice definitely sounds like it could be Kobe. But given how crappy the feed is, I'm not gonna make any decision (or really react) until I get a little more, whether the supposed video or a cleaner audio.


Thank You AK.

"Hill, Bryant, Odom, Webber, Bynum"

Pretty weak defensively.

Anyone who thinks that the Lakers, with or without Kobe, have a future in their near future, is already on Pluto with the Kobester. Enjoy yourselves in outer space-land.

"Hill, Bryant, Odom, Webber, Bynum"

Pretty weak defensively.

Posted by: exhelodrvr | June 14, 2007 at 12:54 PM

I disagree, but even if they are, is there a team that would be able to match up against that lineup? Plus, for defensive purposes, they have many possiblities to adjust the lineup. I don't care how you want to criticize this roster, it looks good.


What Is Up With Those Lineup That You Got Man? Don't Be Upset When I Say This That I Not Sure That We Can Sign Those Players Hill, Hart, George, And Webber. I Hoping The Lakers Will Get Mo Peterson Or Kapono Maybe They Could Get Hill. Hopefully They Get Mo Williams.

Gotta love Robert Horry.

Repost, but since the Carter presidency, only the '81 Sixers, the '04 Pistons and the '06 Heat have won the championship w/o either a Dream Teamer or Horry.

Say what you want about his "upside;" Guy wins. For a pro, what else matters?

How Can You Put Hill At Point Guard? Also Grant Hill Is Old And Injury Prone What Do We Need Hill For?

"is there a team that would be able to match up against that lineup?"

At least half of the west. No way that team even makes it to the WCF.

JJ No Offense But The Lineup Is Bad Because Webber Could Retire And He Also Decline So He Can't Be The Offensive Option That We Need.

Aloha KL

Hey Shaqs surgery on company time was a remark he personally made during a press conference. Just thought you should know.



Like Michael H said, Shaq's "company time" line was on the record. Just as an FYI.


I have never commented about the whole Kobe thing, but here are a few thoughts.

I have very few problems with Kobe being upset. Many other NBA stars have voiced their
opinions on their teams lack of success, but none have generated as much ink as Kobe. The
sportswriters seems to revel in creating sensationalism whenever they can.

About being beaten in the 1st round of the playoffs. Look at the other teams in the playoffs.
Miami swept in the first round. Dallas beaten badly in the first round. Result? We have the
3rd best team playing the 6th best team for the NBA championship. There are no guarantees
that whatever changes the Lakers make, will enable them to get past the first round. Injuries
played a major part in the Lakers season, not only in the playoffs, but in their getting to the
playoffs. A higher seeding, and they would not have had to face Phoenix in the first round.

Also, most people tend to forget that in at least two of the Laker games against Phoenix, a little
better execution done the stretch and those could have been Laker victories. In fact, the major
reason that we lost the two games in question, was a failure on Kobe's part to come through
done the stretch. Can't really blame his teammates, can you? Of course, Kobe was probably
exhausted, but we have all seen him come through in situations like this before. Kobe has to
realize that he is at least partly to blame for the teams lack of success. Of course, he needs
to be surrounded with players that he can trust to come through. They need to earn that


Bill Walton whining for his son.

Is obvious why Bill Walton wants Kobe to be quiet. His son is looking for a new contract. Since
the Lakers status quo had changed after Kobe radiothon, priority for signing Walton aren't that up.

When he said Lebron's team is less talented than the lakers, the guy is out of touch.
Can we trade Ligauskas for Kwame, sure right way.
Now he propose a Kwame and Bynum for him.
That's a dumb statement, and that's why he was cut of prime basket comments trasnmission

We got it Bill Walton! Kobe want to win and his press outburst damage the possibility of a overpaying contract to your son.

"The Lakers' summer got a lot busier when Bryant publicly demanded a trade. I know one other thing: My summer got a lot busier too"

Thank god. After that FSN thingy I was all set for this to be a moves kind of summer. The kind where we would be uninterested in acquiring talent aggressively. But if there is a silver lining in this whole thing (and yes I'm reaching)'s that.


Diaw as PF wouldn't cut it - especially against the likes of Duncan, Nowitzki, KG and the rest.
And good luck with Grant Hill on Chris Paul, Nash, Parker etc.

Hill would be really nice for the second unit though - prolly an upgrade over Walton.

And Weber's washed up. I mean, if the rest of the Pistons couldn't protect him, there's no chance in hell he would be more than a bench player on the Lakers

AK, LAL Fan,

Based on hoopshype, #19 would make ~ 1,071,000$ next year. Click on the draft link to see how much each of the picks make.

J-Cool & exhelodrvr,

I STRONGLY disagree with both you. First, Webber just finished playing with the Pistons for less than $500K. At his age, 34, and his potential for injury, he can't command a high salary anymore. However, his numbers this season demonstrate that he can still be an effective part of a roster on both ends of the court. He is the perfect compliment in the Triangle Offense. Defensively he can guard both forwards and centers.

Second, Grant Hill is in the decline of his career also at 34. However, he just finsihed having his BEST season since he was first injured. Although his ankles have been through a lot, his body is suprisingly still very young with not a lot of miles for his age. Whever gets him is going to get an instant contributor and difference maker. He is looking to play for a team that could challenge for a title and the Lakers could with a few additional pieces.

Third, as it relates to Hart and George, do you realize what they just finsihed playing for? Let's just say that combined it was less than $1mil. George didn't want to leave the Lakers in the first place. Hart just finsihed playing for the Clippers. I can't see either not wanting to come to the Lakers.

Fourth, as it relates to competing with the other teams in the West, it is easy for say that they wouldn't compete with the strong teams in the West, but give me a valid argument. From what i can see, I see a very versatile, experienced group that has size, atleticism, offense and defense. Notwithstanding multiple significant injuries, there is no way they couldn't matchup with the anybody in the West. When they were playing well together AS A TEAM, they beat the top teams this year (except Dallas) during the season. Look at the upgrades.....

PG old: Parker, Farmar, Williams
PG new: Hill, Farmar, Hart
SG old: Bryant, Evans, Vujacic
SG new: Bryant, Evans, Vujacic
SF old: Walton, Radmanovic, McKie
SF new: Odom, George, Radmanovic
PF old: Odom, Cook, Turiaf
PF new: Webber, Turiaf, Cook
C old: Brown, Bynum, Mihm
C new: Bynum, Brown, Mihm

You can't tell me that 1-15 this would not be a much more structured, versatile and overall better roster. Name those teams that you believe would be superior to this roster. I want to see this!


It amazes me that no matter what you all have something critical to say about everything. Okay.....WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER??????

Since you obviously don't like this plan....give me an alternate plan. Oh, before you post it, make sure that there are NO holes in it, or I will find it!


By the way, didn't Diaw just play power and center for the Suns the past 2 seasons and they won a lot of games????


What this guy leave out is this:

A: This question was (understandably) asked so many times by so many people, that I rolled it into one.

Here are five things the Lakers could do to restore some order, on and off the court. Disclaimer: Many of these moves are not that simple, but even connecting on, say, four of them would obviously help the team.

5) Re-sign Luke Walton.

One word: Steady.

Two words: Team player.

Three words: Can't play defense.

Eight words: Can't play defense cancels steady and team player.

This guy has no credibility whatsoever. First he just ignores what Jim Buss said in his interview with 570. Jim said the Lakers aren't going to over pay Walton like Golden State did with Fisher. Jim said that Fisher was only worth half as much, which is about what the Lakers intend to offer Walton. There's no way the Lakers offer Walton more than 15 or 16 million.

It just goes to show how out of touch these guys are with what's really happening with the Lakers.

Believe me this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. How the hell he even represents himself as a Lakers insiders for the L.A. Times is just incredible.

How the L.A. Times even lets his stuff on the Lakers get through to the web or print is incredible.


I'm taking bets the there isn't going to be one ball club to offer Luke Walton the full MLE. Not one team!

Why should they? Every team attacked Luke Walton on his defense. Now some team is going to ignore that and offer him a full MLE? Yeah right!

Luke Walton will be getting around 3 million a year. There's no way he's worth 4 million a year.


Michael Teniente,

Why are you spending so much time talking about Walton when nothing the lakers will possibly do with him this summer will directly relate to anything else they do this summer? Whether they sign him or not, it won't affect the cap numbers they are working with. So why are you so concerned?

That team would be worse defensively at PG, and worse defensively at PF. Better defensively at SF. So overall, worse defensively than this year's team, which was pretty bad!

Offensively they will be somewhat better, although slower.

But their offensive improvement would probably not offset their increased defensive shortcomings. So overall they would be worse, at best even, with this year's team, which was no better than 5th best in the west (giving them a couple of places higher due to the abormal amount of injuries.)

Michael Teniente,

Do you not understand that 29 other teams would have to use their MLE to sign him, whereas the Lakers won't? Even if they only use a portion, the other 29 teams would have to at least use some of it, to get him. The Lakers can sign him for up to 11mil a year WITHOUT using the MLE, so why are you so worried about Walton?????

Drop it, and move on!


And what's more: The idea of Luke Walton being "steady" is just an outright lie. In the 2nd half of the season and the playoffs Luke Walton wasn't anything close to "steady." He was average to horrible. There's nothing steady about that.

The Los Angeles Media is just outright compromised to the point where they just have no type of journalistic intergrity.


It's a bit tough to argue that Walton isn't worth 4 million when we just signed Cook to a 3.5 extension. I know, that was idiotic in of itself, but now management will look foolish for offering Cook more money than Walton if they only give Luke 3 million. In other words, Luke won't go for it.

because he's worthless as a defender, which is the Lakers problem.



Smush Parker is a better defender than Grant Hill? Are you serious?

Who did Lamar normally guard last year, and how well did he do? Did Lamar guard KG, Duncan or Stoudemire.....NO! Would Webber???? YES! So how can you say defensively it wouldn't be an improvement? No longer would Bynum or Brown be required to guard the best big man from the other team. Webber even at 34, can do an adequate job against any of them.

Plus, are you seriously suggesting that offensively this team wouldn't be better? I'm not even going to respond to that because clearly you are CRAZY!

because he's worthless as a defender, which is the Lakers problem.



Ok, dude - you're taking this WAY too personal.

I mean, do you want everyone to agree with you all the time? I'm assuming that the reason you posted here is because you wanted to hear what people thought about your idea? And if someone doesn't agree, it's like its heresy!

All I'm saying is that Webber, Hill wouldn't be great shakes defensively - and that's where we need to improve the most. Webber can't guard a chair at this point. Would I like Webber and Hill on the Lakers? Sure - as long as they are not playing starter minutes.

And let's be perfectly clear - no one asked you to make a plan. So stop acting exasperated when someone doesn't like it - get off the high horse.

As for plans, there have been a number of plans that were thrown out here that make more sense. I would rather have solid defense at 1 and 3. So a plan that has us picking Charlie Bell and/or Desmond Mason with the MLE and trading Kwame for Artest is something that improves our deficiences - at least on paper. Even Laker Tom's idea of swapping Bynum and filler for Kidd is a better idea - IMHO.

If you want something a lot more adventurous, go through my posts the last couple of days - I have everyone from KG to Kirk Hinrich coming here. Want to shoot them down? Knock yourself out - it's not like I'll take umbrage to that :)

Michael Teniente,

Fine...take Luke off the team, and the Lakers STILL have serious problems! That's what I'm saying. Everything isn't about Luke walton. Grow up!


On Diaw - Go back and read my post. What I said Diaw wouldn't have much success guarding the better PFs of the league. I never said that we can't win games with Diaw in the line-up.

Did the Suns win with Diaw playing PF/C? Sure. But in case you haven't heard, the Suns whole game plan is to outscore you. And with Nash, Marion, Barbosa and Amare, Diaw didn't have to score a lot for the Suns to win. Diaw is perfect for the Suns offense, not so much for the Lakers offense. Defensively, he could do an adequate job at SF, but that still leaves us short at PF - unless you think Turiaf can make the leap.


I know the Brian Cook was stupid but why should the Lakers compound it by making another stupid mistake?

Brian Cook was about the stupidest deal the Lakers made. The guy can't play a lick of defense and now the Lakers are suppose to pay Luke Walton 4 million when he's just above Cook as a defender? Cook is a way better shooter than Walton. If you balance out all these things it should look like this:

Defense: Walton is better than Cook but not by much

Offense: Cook can shoot better than Walton by a lot.

The points Walton and Cook give up on defense are not worth what they bring to the offense. When Cook and Walton are on the court with the starters it leads to serious break down in team defense. Especially over a 82 game schedule. In a 82 game schedule every weakness is explioted, especially in the playoffs. Knowing all this are the Lakers supposed to offer Luke Walton 4 million a year for a number of years? It doesn't make sense even though they made a mistake in give Cook 3 million for 3 years.



I haven't taken any of this personal. I have never understood how someone could take something personal in a chat room with people that don't know them. I am simply tired of crazy, stupid, illogical posts like the one you put out there. It makes no sense. You are clearly disregarding the facts and going on your opinion and that doesn't make sense to me.

"Smush Parker is a better defender than Grant Hill?"

Playing against PGs, at this stage of Hill's career, absolutely.


If you need attention and your post aren't enough...go look in the mirror. All you do is post for attention. You make no sense in anything you say about basketball.


"Webber even at 34, can do an adequate job against any of them."

Against KG, or Duncan? You can't be serious!!


Here Are The Teams That Can Beat The Lakers. Suns, Mavericks, Spurs, Rockets, Jazz, Pistons, And The Bulls.

Also There No Chance Webber And Hill Would Come To The Lakers Because Of The Fact That We Would Have Them For One Season So How We Have A Season With Those Two Could Be Close To Retire?

Hart And George Would Not Come To The Lakers Because Hart Had A Good Season With The Clippers And They Probably Going To Resign Him And George Is Playing For The Mavericks Don't Want To Leave The Team.

"Plus, are you seriously suggesting that offensively this team wouldn't be better"

Check my post. I said that they would be somewhat better offensively, although slower.

But not enough better on offense to offset the poorer defense.

One thing I have to agree on - Luke Walton is not worth the full MLE. 3.5M? Sure. 4M? Iffy. But I would only sign Luke as the last step in my off-season retooling. I'd like to see what I still need to address on the team before adding Luke to the payroll.


It isn't just about MY's about any plan. The first thing you and a few others do is find reasons to cut it apart.

Since when has Bell been considered a great defender? Is Mason going to be attainable with the MLE? If the Lakers trade Bynum or Kwame....who is going to fill their void at center? Mihm? Who would you pickup that would be financially attainable.

Another thing....that whole "filler thing" still leaves voids. My plan left no voids, and whether or not you agree, Grant Hill and Chris Webber are still solid defenders. I just saw Hill guard Kobe 2 times this season and do a decent job both times.

Michael Teniente,

All you talk about is Luke walton...and You want to cricitize me????


If they could come wasn't the issue.....

The point was the plan itself. How do you know if ANY of the ideas listed are possible? Ones wanting Bell....How do you know he would want to come? He may want to stay in Milwaukee.

Don't use that's weak!

Sounds like Poppa Walton has a slight thing against Kobe. On another subject matter, Petros and Money are two-faced hypocritical cowards. When Kobe did them a favor by going on their show they treated him with such respect and consideration. After listening to their recent comments such as: "I would give Dr. Buss so much props if he said F-U (to Kobe) and traded him," I realized that they are two sleazy punks.

Personally I think we need to find a 4, we have the best 3 in the league (2nd best, if Lebron is playing the 3 lol)...if we keep LO. He's also damn good defensively in that spot as well.

The problem is the market on the 4s ain't exactly booming. Maybe it's time to get Kwame to go back to playing that 4? It seems like he's more comfortable in LA, and could probably be open to it now, with his confidence. That is of course if we keep him. Braveheart can back him there's a dude I'd like to see at the 4 more, he's got a nice stroke from the midrange.


What "facts" am I disregarding? Actually, have you presented any "facts"? I would think all of your post was your opinion. I came back with mine. Is mine worth more? Not necessarily - esp. to you.

And BTW, Chris Webber has *never* been a good defender in his career. LO is already a better defender than Webber ever was. If you are telling me that a Webber on 2 gimpy knees can do a half-decent job on KG, Duncan and AMARE(!), all I can say is that's your opinion :)


How old was Ron Harper when he started at point for the Lakers???? Wasn't he coming off of a year of not playing at all as well?????


Guys what do you think about this? Let's assume The Laker's will have to go at least $10-11 million above payroll to improve. That's using the mid level $5 mill, the $1mill, and 2-$1mill deals. (And by the way, they are currently over by $3 million).

Lineup 1 (deals are as follows)

J Kidd = Kwame, Cook, Bynum, 1st or 2nd Round Pick.
Artest = Radmanovich and 2nd round (We have 2, 2nd round Picks)
Jamaal Magloire (5million) Assuming he will take that....

Reserves: Farmar, Evans, Grant Hill ($1mil), Turiaf ($1mil), Mihm ($1mil), Sasha and Left over Round Pick.

Respect to my Laker Nation!!! Holla....


For the people who heard the supposed Kobe rant, doesn't it sound like a bunch of soundbites clipped together? Aside from the crap quality, there is no continuity and sounds pieced together.


"It isn't just about MY's about any plan. The first thing you and a few others do is find reasons to cut it apart. "

Not sure I agree with that statement. A lot of bloggers thought Laker Tom's idea to get Kidd fo Bynum was good. If an idea isn't good, pointing out what the (perceived) flaw isn't bad - unless you take it personally :)

Ron Harper was a natural guard, and also an excellent defensive guard. Hill is a SF, who has a history of injuries. No way Hill could defend the other PGs.

Charles, Ronny is actually still under contract. Apparently we used part of our MLE a couple of years ago on we'd be able to sign him longer.

I'm actually not opposed to CWebb being here. Let's face it he's not what he was, and he wasn't any good defensively even then (Mike T is right defense is our problem), but he's also perfect for the triangle. He's a great passer, and I think would work well in our front court. I don't know about Grant Hill though.


My Arguments Is Not Weak Man But Thank You For The Opinion Though I Just Man That Webber And Hill When The Last Time Hill Got Past The First Round? When The Last Time Webber Went To The Finals? I Rather Get Steve Blake, Charlie Bell, Or Mo Williams.

I was thinking the exact same thing. One minute everyone's talking about how Buss ought to sell the team, the next second, two faced Petros and Money saying Buss ought to say F-U. Wow.

After reflecting a bit on the Kobe tape, my first thought is, someone from Kobe's entorouge ought to pay those bozos 21k cash for it... assuming it's real. This tape will throw public opinion of Kobe right over the bridge, and he would have done it to himself. in my mind, it would put him right up there with Iverson's practice comments. I love Iverson, I think he's gotten a bad rep (by his own doing mostly) and I would not like to see Kobe do that to himself. That being said, if Kobe actually felt that strongly about Socks, then my opinion of socks went lower. I'm hesitant to say this on a blog due, but my opinion (not that I'm on the inside or anything) is that Socks will develop into a star player if he stays with the lakers. If he goes away from the Lakers, my opinion is, he certainly will never become some great dominant big man (he needs a lot of hand-holding). My guess is, its this hand holding that Kobe doesn't like. If Socks had that inner drive, even if he was two or three years from dominance, Kobe would embrace the kid. Why? He'd respect his drive and understand his situation. That's my two cents anyway.

"Grant Hill and Chris Webber are still solid defenders"

-Chris Webber wasn't even a good defender in his prime. At this stage, he can barely move llaterally, and he can't even outjump Brian Cook.
-Would you really be comfortable with Grant Hill covering Baron Davis, Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Jason Terry, and AI..? Get real.

The media in L.A. was perfectly happy to agree with Kobe Bryant that the Lakers management needs to bring in help now. But when it occurred to them that Luke Walton was one of the weak spots then all of sudden it's "trade Kobe."

The Lakers need to examine who represents them.

On FSN they have Jack Haley
On 570 they have Steve Hartman
On KCAL 9 they have John Ireland

Those are the three main Laker outlets and all three are from UCLA. Like I said earlier Bill Walton is from UCLA and I believe that they are watching out for Bill's son, Luke.

And now we hear Bill calling Kobe a crybaby? Why? Because if you watched every game of the season you know Luke Walton is a weak link in the Lakers defense. To point that out and for it to be a legitimate observation would cost Luke Walton millions of dollars.

These people have made a mockery of sports journalism here in Los Angeles.


JJ, J-Cool...

These vets who are on their last legs are NOT the primary focus right now. Webber, Hill, etc, these are good guys to bring in once all the trades and signings are complete. Both of those guys aren't much more than Vet Minimum right now, and they will likely want to go to a winning team that has a chance at going all the way. Therefore, they're not signing now and we're not asking now.


Thanks for the update. I thought Turiaf was no longer under contract. and listed him as a free agent what did you think of the line up nd trade scenarions?

J Kidd = Kwame, Cook, Bynum, 1st or 2nd Round Pick.
Artest = Radmanovich and 2nd round (We have 2, 2nd round Picks)
Jamaal Magloire (5million) Assuming he will take that....

Reserves: Farmar, Evans, Grant Hill ($1mil), Turiaf, Mihm ($1mil), Sasha and Left over Round Pick.

Does anyone know if a team, when re-signing it's own free agents, can "front load" a contract? That would mean more luxury tax in the first year, but less against the salary cap in subsequent years.

Example: give Walton a 4 year contract, 6 M this year, 3 M in the three following years. No affect on salary cap this year (Bird rule) and 3M would be cheap for him in the following years.


Kirk Hinrichs contract decreases in value every year. Hope that helps.

Who was the best defender at the one-spot for the threepeat era Lakers? Fisher, right? Interestingly, he did not start much; Given PJ's love of big, aged guards with the starters, the trend was for the quick 1 to come off the bench. This goes back to Chicago. I'm not horrified at the idea of having a heady, experienced PG on the starting roster, even if that concedes footraces to all of the West top-notch young 1s. I'll take imposing your will over keeping up with the Jones (or Parkers) any day.

With the right bench, that could work.

Walton said he'll stay for 2 mil. a year if Mike T. stops by his new rib joint and live blogs from there once a week. What ya think Mike, can we make the deal?

I just listened to the recording and couldn't make out any coherent words. Does anyone know who Seth or Seth's cousin are? Did anyone understand what Kobe's alleged comments were?


"Man, I feel so dumb for even briefly thinking that Lebron is better than Kobe after the Detroit series."
You get props for admitting you were wrong.


I won't respect ANY of LeBron's final apperances until he wins a championship. I know getting to the finals is an accomplishment, but just about any team that made the playoffs in the west could have gone to the finals in the east. It's sad to have to say this, but it's the truth. The east is sooooo watered down, that if you added Kobe to the Knicks roster as is, I GUARANTEE they would be in the finals, and I bet you Kobe and a bunch of nobodys would beat the Spurs at least once. Matter of fact, I bet if you replaced LeBron with Wade, the Cavs would have won at least 1 game by now.

The D,

The Bulls also had Scottie Pippen, one of 50 greatest players of all time playing the 3 spot. We have Luke Walton playing the 3 spot.


Charles, I think that team certain makes us stronger, I don't know about trading Socks for JKidd though...just like I wasn't sure about that last time it came up. I think certainly a guy that can be had...if we just go after it is Artest, and nutso or not, no one questions that guy's intensity in the court. We have been looking for an enforcer for awhile now lol.


"Walton said he'll stay for 2 mil. a year if Mike T. stops by his new rib joint and live blogs from there once a week. What ya think Mike, can we make the deal? "

You got a deal! I love ribs and Luke Walton at 2 or 3 million a year. But if Luke is a starter next year...that's a deal breaker.


The only words I heard were "Andrew Bynum" and from the quote on the website "ship his *ss out of here" my guess is if the tape is real, then what those clowns are selling is probably what they say it is, Kobe going off on management and socks.

The D,

Are you in reference to Kirk Hinrich or J-Kidd?


Bill Walton may be right when he says that the Lakers supporting cast is better than Cleveland's. However, he fails to recognize that Cleveland plays in the Eastern Conference and the Lakers' cast was plagued with injuries this year. Besides Detroit, who did Cleveland play? Let's see.... a Gilbertless Wizards, New Jersey Nets?


A Toronto article said they would love to have him. He is a good facilator, has a decent shot, but is weak on the athelitic side. They would prefer Wallace, but feel he his out the price range. A beach boy will die in Cold Toronto. He won't go.

Walton had 6 good weeks of ball last year. That's all. He went into a slump before his injury for 2-3 weeks. Then wamo, nothing for the rest of the year. He has an injury prone ankle. A slight sprain for him means lots of down time. I feel the most a team will offer him his 2.5 - 3 mil.

Let him have his fun in looking for a new team. He's just using them as a tool to get a better offer from the Lakers. Most teams know this and will not play the game.

Luke will eventually sign for 3.5 mil and maybe not at all if Artest comes aboard. Daddy is promoting him, no problem with that. Bill hates the Lakers and wants Luke out. No problem with that, I don't like Bill either. Luke could have a long carreer with the Lakers, if he doesn't over value himself. Coach likes him as a solid backup and that's all he is. He could be a niece piece for years to come.



I'm not so sure you watched much of Webber this season. If you did you can NOT honestly say that he can play defense well at all. And I like Hill, but not as a starting PG.

What we also need, and Mike T likes to bring this up OFTEN, is a more athletic defender at the 3 and someone who can stop dribble penetration at the 1. Those were two major issues we battled all year.

Based on keeping Kobe I would like to see this.

Trade LO, Bynum, Brian Cook, and #19 for JO.

Make an attempt at Mo Peterson using the MLE or part thereof.

Trade #40 and #48 picks to Phoenix for #24 or #29 (they will look at getting out of those guaranteed first rounders to avoid the luxury tax, second rounders are "free").

With first rounder draft for Chicago (for salary purposes-rights are worth money in trades, draft picks are not) and send Sasha and player to Bulls for Chris Duhon.

We would be looking at a line-up of:

PG Duhon/Farmar
SG Kobe/Evans
C Kwame/possible Mihm re-sign
SF Mo Pete/Vlad/Walton
PF JO/Turiaf

I think we're looking at a much better team defensively (JO-Kwame duo in the middle would be tough) and having an actual inside presence on offense (something we haven't had in three years) would make like a hell of a lot easier (less 3's please!!, HA!).

More than anything we keep Kwame's expiring deal which becomes more valuable at the trade deadline (not to mention dude is playing in a contract year, that's got to be worth something) and we have a much better balance between youth and experience, not to mention overall talent. Plus, we could run with the Suns and slow it down with the Spurs.

I like this team.

Way 2 go Mike T. I couldn't pass that one up, knowing your love for Luke. I wish it was that simple. Now if I can only find takers on Sasha & Cooke (the two I'd love to see go to St. Elsewhere)


I haven’t heard the supposed Kobe Bryant cell phone recording but I have postulated several times that I thought it was the Lakers decision to pass on the Jason Kidd trade to protect Bynum that triggered Kobe’s anger over the team not doing everything they could in order to compete for a championship right now.

To Kobe, that was a slap in the face. The Lakers basically said that they preferred to keep Andrew Bynum rather than to trade for a guy who would have immediately given the Lakers a third star who could have made the team an instant contender. If you look at his play and the play of the rest of the team from that point on, you can see that Kobe played much more selfishly with far less trust of his teammates.

Aside from the injuries and Phil’s stupid decision to stay with Smush as the starting point guard, the nixed deal for Jason Kidd was the turning point in the season as far as I am concerned. Everybody on the team but Kobe, Lamar, and Bynum would have been traded to New Jersey if that deal went through. It was a harsh reminder that business is business and don’t you forget it. Take a lot of Smush, a lot of Kwame, and then dump in the Lakers choosing Bynum over Kobe in the Jason Kidd deal, and it is easy to see why Kobe finally cracked and went berserk.

By the way, I am surprised that the Lakers have not re-approached the Nets, if for no other reason that to keep pressure on any other teams thinking of going after Bynum or Kwame’s expiring contract. Maybe it means that they really have a deal in hand with the Pacers and are just waiting until June 28th and the draft to consummate the deal. Bottom line, however, is that having $36M in expiring contracts the summer before Kobe can opt out could be a franchise saver. It’s these type of ramifications that I worry that Mitch might not have the power or imagination to pull off – the kinds of gambling moves that enabled the Lakers to draft Magic Johnson and James Worthy and join together Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant.


Like Tim4Show, I listened to the recording and couldn't hear anything but "Andrew Bynum." But if Kobe DID say what he's supposedly quoted as saying... well, isn't that essentially the same thing MJordan said about Kwame? So what.

I still say a deal is brewing, and we'll all hear about it soon. But the things that are passing for news these days ... goes to show you what die-hards we are, so starved for all things Laker, that we're willing to post about them and read about them for a good chunk of time.

"Well, it's no trick to make a lot of money ... if all you want is to make a lot of money."

Repost from "Dynasty" thread

In a 3 year period, we are superior to the Spurs.

In a 10-year period, they are superior to us.

As a franchise, we are superior. Which is why some of us want to get back to glory and ditch Cancer Boy. Nice PR stunt, Kobe, by showing up at the soccer match, trying to get heat off of your little week-long hissy fit not long ago. The guy is so obvious, it's embarrassing.

Ric Bucher is totally in the tank for Kobe. Anything he says about LeBron has to be understood from the angle of trying to make Kobe look better by putting LeBron or Wade down. I don't trust that guy 1 bit. Honestly, he's an embarrassment to journalism, IMO.

Stein is much better, and more even-handed. Still, many picked the Nets over the Cavs, same with the Pistons. LeBron's 48 point game was the dawn of a new era. Just because LeBron ran into the NBA Dynasty of the last 10 years doesn't change that fact. And trying to take apart a 22 year-old's game with words like 'sobering' is an utter joke. LeBron should be a senior in college, not an 11-year NBA vet.

You can't go crawling back to the Nets now. Not after you turned them down and especially not after Kobe went on his radio tour. Every NBA fan in the nation knows how desperate the Lakers are to get help -- just imagine what the GMs think when they negotiate with the Lakers.

The Nets may have just wanted Bynum before, but now we'll probably have to end up giving them some combination of Bynum, Farmar, Mo Evans, and Odom if we want to bring in Kidd.

LakerTom -

You nailed it. Management's decision to make this Bynum's Team was not lost on Kobe.

And now Kobe is going through what Shaq went through, which is being the low man on a 2-person totem pole.

I'm not surprised he's pissed, and given the context I could see him mouthing off on some kid's cell video. As
much as I want Kobe exposed for the misfit he is, I'm afraid his value in a trade will further plummet if this thing
hits the big time. So, I hope for now it's kept under wraps.

Kobe: Not only selfish, but d-u-m-b, with a capital "D."

The D, that was the '83 Sixers. I remember when we lose, especially when we get swept.

Fakerz ..
will harass and denigrate anyone who just come to contradict his ideas behind that compulsive heat for Kobe.

Now the Barcelona visit is a PR stunt?
Heat him with all your heart, mind and body, Mr Fakerz, if you dear. Don't stop the train, run with it to neverland.

At the end, the more heat and bad karma that you spell against him, the better/.
At list you arent' indiferent regarding him, as the public is, regarding your King of Nothing: "The great Leboring" .

Because...Nobody is witnessing!
Nobody is watching that mockery of a King

KL, KL Beast,

Looks like I pierced deep in your heart because you’re still bleeding. Believe me; I didn’t take a joy out of it and didn’t like myself doing it. It’s just not me and my style. But a man has to do, what he has to do.

I had another razor-sharp piece ready to cut you deep again. I have been sitting on it for couple of days and I hated myself even writing it. I didn’t post it for couple of reasons:

That would start a war on this Blog, which I like and respect very much. It will become a messy place and that wouldn’t be fair to AK and BK and all of the good people here including the bloggers against Kobe.

I am not a negative or evil person as you assumed, and I believe every negative word would fill our world, personal and on the Blog with negative energy.

Also, I have only limited time to spend on this Blog and I would like to spend it wisely reading and writing positive stuff.

Now, my options are limited; either I just ignore you, which hasn’t been easy because you’re still taking cheap shots at me. And leaving is not an option for me considering how much I like it here and what has been happing between you and me. So I am left with only two options here:

You and I have had no history of any sort of communication until some days ago you started becoming personal; I had never ever mentioned your name in my posts and have never had any history of “Jokes” with you. All of a sudden, without any cause or provocation you became nasty and I had to defend myself. I admit; it was harsh, unfortunately, you caught me on a bad day and your nasty post or “Joke” as you call it was the last straw on the camel back. I was wrong, and I am sorry to have said thing to you which was out of place and hurt you the way it did.

So, I would suggest; if you’re cool, I am cool too. But please, Lets just ignore each other totally for a while. No jokes, no irony, no nothing, and we put my AK47 and your 38 back into closet and give this Blog a break. I will be very busy with my work the next couple of weeks and I would even have less time which I like to use wisely on this Blog. Who knows? Maybe you and I can start some intelligent exchange one day, but not now, there have been too many broken dishes.

The last resort would be; you and I continue this nonsense which would be totally unfair to our fellow bloggers and the webmasters and would defy the purpose of this Blog.

The ball is in you court and decision is yours. Again; if you’re cool, I am cool. LOL


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