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One hip leads to another

Phil Jackson will have his left hip replaced (with, we can only assume, an artificial one) this morning.  Unlike with last season's procedure on the right hip, he should be good to go in plenty of time for training camp.   Perhaps it's worth checking in on Johnny Buss' MySpace page to see how he feels about it.  After all, this Dr. Jerry progeny, who has no input into hoops decisions, has already used it to express his opinion on the Kobe drama.  Are there any cousins or former classmates who'd like to weigh in, too?  Long lost uncles or orphaned children?


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The D:

Okay, so I've found some valuable information on a random myspace page. This is the message that was left:

"eh is ki i guess. O_o mad borin.. coming 2 a big city 2 sucha small town is yuck! but nice to see new faces.. ``o`o`o` and as much as i love and m in lo ve wi boarding.. i cant wait til shorts and no shirt..lolrofml and a tan...but lol... so ho are u? lol sike ur so adorable. im siked someone seems to be chill? i found most ppl in bend are hippy... but 2 long, catch up wit u l8r. }:-)"

What do I do now? I can't even understand this, but I need to inform someone in the media that something is happening that evidently involves boarding and hippies.

Vent: No worries. It's a pretty long and exhausting document. The NBA Salary FAQ, that is. I think I could read that thing a billion times and there'd still be something that I missed.


hey, did you read Ventriquist go ape $hit on me for my joke? I was laughing all the way home at his response. I must have hit a nerve. You know i find it funny that i get called all sorts of things from "moron" to "racist", but when i poke fun at kobe, at other bloggers, or at myself, everybody gets up in arms. this blog has a lot of extremist on both sides. anyhow, nice to have you back positng. i summarized the exchange below.

KL to Ventriloquist:
"hey ventriloquist, do you talk out of the side of a$$ too as well as your mouth? LOL. sorry, i had to do it. i'm [sure] you've heard of that ad nauseum.

Ventriloquist to KL:
KL Beast,


You're either a disturbed kid or an adult with a brain of a disturbed child. If none of the two, you must have been abused seriously during your childhood, physically or verbally. Most probably both, and that by one of your family members.

Your social behavior is indicative of some really serious issues you have with yourself and you're taking revenge in attacking people around you. I truly feel sorry for you and I hope you would seek some professional help before you cause harm to yourself or others. Your hate is unreasonable and without a cause.

Having an opinion deserves respect but asserting your opinion with aggression and profanity is worthless, distasteful and deserves at the best an effortless ignorance.

I have done or said nothing to you, for you to attack me. That's just shows in what miserable conditions you grew up or didn't. You and your likes are parasites of this blog and I hope one day ANDREW and BRIAN KAMENETZKY would wake up and cleanup this site from parasites like you before LOS ANGELES TIMES pulls the plug on all of us.

Get lost, and you don't have to read my posts and talk to me. I have decided to stay here to the very end and show the rest that there also goodness in contrast to hatred.

As I said, this is my last talk to you and anything you say will be ignored without any effort.

Go get a life or even better, put a gun on your head. One jerk less, who cares.



Posted by: Ventriloquist | June 11, 2007 at 07:31 PM

Again, and again.

From LA times:

"Here's a thought for Bryant after his flip-flopping over whether he wants to be traded. Playing for a new team would sell a lot more jerseys.'

If we read well, LA times reporters never mention the damage that Buss privileged child do to Lakers franchise, neither were them able to evaluate Jim Buss radiothon of self promotion in detriment of the team. I'm still waiting for an article in sports page with an unbiased recount of these recent problems. But, hey isn't happening, is easy to blame Kobe, to present him as the villain, and in the same time is more beneficial to take corporate side, because “business is business and anything else is pure rhetoric”.

Congratulations are having fun with Kobe and Lakers fans anguish. No more unbiased perspective, what’s matter is gossip, innuendos and scandals. The old time approach to news and press is gone”.

"Viva la press loca" .

(By the way is very clear that LA times sport pages is taking this Lakers blog as material to write and include in their news:
First, it was the Michael Jordan words about Lebron and Kobe, cited here for a fellow blogger. Now the My Space scandal, brought for first time in this blog.
Also, the last Heisler “jordanesque” article is a repetition of clichés, stated here a million times.
The first decade of this Millennium will be remembered as the start of the unstoppable wave of press decadence and irresponsibility.

Who is going to protect us, people?
Save yourself if you can, now.

I've been watching the blog for about a year now, I don't have time to contribute often so I didn't join. Also I am on the east coast most of the time. I just wanted to give my 2 cents about the off-season / what I would do.

Indiana Gets:

Kwame Brown – Cap relief, alright defensive big man, some potential

Luke Walton (Sign and Trade for about 5.5 Million) – Young player began to have break out year could have better year if he doesn’t get injured. Try to convince them that he is not redundant on their roster. He is not a troublemaker. Hopefully we can get this to be a very short one or two year contract and so some cap relief as well.

Andrew Bynum – This is the whole reason they are doing the deal theoretically, he could be running the league in 2,3 or 4 years.

19th Draft Pick – If they are really going to start re-building or even if they are not they need a draft pick

Lakers Get:
Jermaine O’Neal

Problems with above, can we get Luke Walton to do a sign and trade? Can he get more money elsewhere? Does he want to play in Indiana? Surely an upgrade as a back up SF but who wants to pay a back up SF around 5 mill when they already have some awful contracts?

The truth is Lamar, Bynum, and the 19th are too much to give up for Jermaine O’Neal. The Pacers make think that they have all the power in these trade talks, but they are in a bad place as well. This trade would be easier to gauge if I knew what they were planning on doing. Obviously if they take Bynum they must be rebuilding. In this trade, they will be taking in about 3 million dollars less cap space than they are sending out, with Kwame’s expiring contract they might be under the cap next year. In addition, we could add something to this trade if the Luke Walton deal is longer and get Jamaal Tinsley in return. So they would be trading two bad contracts for one, some potential, a draft pick and cap relief.

This Trade will leave us with huge gaps at Small Forward and Point Guard. Assuming Vlad Doesn’t step it up a lot next season, which isn’t something we can assume. I think trying to sign Grant Hill for the MLE is a great idea. If Kurt Rambis leaves we can promise him an assistant coach position, if he wants to do that. Also with a nucleus of Lamar, Jermaine, and Kobe, the Lakers will be poised to go much farther than the Magic.

The point guard situation is tougher to figure out. Obviously if we take Jamaal Tinsley problem solved, besides his fat contract. But, assuming we don’t I would recommend we try to draft Affalo at 40 and hope Farmar makes a huge lift and have them be our point guard tandem. Who knows Sasha could step up next year? Well that’s really unlikely.
Our Line up would be:

I understand this plan has way to many ifs to be feasible, but what I am really trying to figured out is a way for us to keep Lamar and still get O’Neal.

My dream sequence would be: KG opting out, signing with the Lakers for the MLE then our line up would be O’Neal, Garnett, Odom (since he thinks he is a small forward), Kobe, and Mystory PG. or we could trade Odom for a PG or a Pick (for a PG who is ready to play) and hope Grant Hill stays one more year.


Andrew Z,

"Give me Deng, Thomas, PJ Brown S & T and the #9 pick and I'm sending Kobe on the first plane to the Windy City."

You forgot to beg Kobe to agree to that before you put him on the plane :)

Kobe/Gordon/Nocioni/Ben Wallace is not something he would sign up for.

I think the Suns (shudder!) will prolly offer a better package that KB would sign off on - Barbosa/Marion and either Bell/Banks for Kobe/Vlad would make sense for both teams.

LO/Marion/Barbosa is a good 3 man team with Kwame/Bynum/Farmar/Mo/Ronny/Bell(or Banks) to provide able support.

With LO and Matrix both coming off the books in a couple of years, that would allow us to offer MAX $$$ to FAs.

On the other hand,
Nash/Kobe/Amare with Diaw/Vlad/Kurt/Banks/Jones is positively scary!


WOW I did not know that things had gone that ugly!!! Seems as if I missed some days of heavy posting!!!

But seriously everybody should lighten up we are all here to have fun.



I don't really know "for sure." I'm gonna assume it's the real one, but there are tons of fakes floating through cyberspace. BK and I were at an ESPN writers conference last week and one of the topics discussed was athlete MySpace accounts. How they can be a legit source of info, but you often have to sift through a bunch of fakes and call athlete reps before you know of a page's validity. Take that info as you will.

But honestly, I don't really care if it's his real page or not, because I consider this a non-story at best. We're talking about Johnny Buss, a guy with absolutely no role with the team whatsoever. I don't even know if he attends games. I don't really care what he's yapping about. That could simply be an offhanded remark between him and his friends. We spend enough time trying to read between the lines when it comes to people actually pulling the strings. Why bother with somebody holding no twine? I find this more sickly amusing (Seriously, can ANY of the kids keep their mouth shut?) than truly alarming.

Plus, to be blunt, it's hard enough taking Jim Buss seriously. I don't have enough patience to sweat the other brother. haha


Andrew Z

I believe P.J Brown is a free agent, so we would probably end up wth something like Gordan, Deng, Wallace and their pick for Kobe and another small contract to make it work. I really couldnt see them gutting their team to match salaries and of course Kobe wouldnt have to go if they did.



This is where you need good Ron Burgundy impersonator:

"Sources warn that shirtless hippies may be planning to invade a bend somewhere...Authorities warn of potential hackey sacking and ultimate frisbee ... Film at 11."

I actually think this is how local news is produced. This is not something to emulate. You heard me, LeAnn Schreiber!

would Kobe go for this?

PG - Hinrich
SG - Kobe
SF - Deng
PF - PJ Brown? or ??
C - Ben Wallace

Tyrus Thomas has stud written all over him, see? it says STUD right on his forehead... but, he's not ready yet either. Stack him up with the young Lakers though and things get interesting:

PG - hey I'll even put Farmar here as starter
SG - Sasha! no... Ben Gordon
SF - Tyrus Thomas/Nocioni as 6th man
PF - Odom/Turiaf
C - Bynum

let those guys get some burn next year, then pick up a few extra pieces here or there or our draft picks pay off, #9 and #19 in this year's draft and walla! Happy times are here again...


That's some dream sequence. I, for one, believe in the power of dreams and not ashamed to admit it. While you're at it, please dream me up a sequence where Alyssa Milano lovingly hand-feeds me grapes as we sail the Greek Isles together. If we all think positively, we can make this happen. For me.


i read it again, and it's still funny the overwhelming response to my joke. I hope vent doesn't do a comedy skit. i'm glad i get to post in anonymity.

How long is it going to take for people to realize that the Lakers can score?

Their problem is ALLOWING POINTS,
--Having players like Kwame, a "clueless dude" in rebounding, defending the pick and roll and finishing plays.

No wonder why Phil calls their brains “worst than wombs”.

---Having Lamar protecting the pain with just putting up his arms,
---Having Walton the most unathletic small forward in the NBA,
---Having Smush going for steals most of the time and getting burned,
---or Bynum, a foul waiting to happen or "lost in translation" in any play while the other team attack and succeed.

If Teniente think that playing good defense is just being a strong wall against some post ups plays, like Kwame do, and nothing else, we just have to take his opinion very lightly. Good defense imply a lot of details, and Kwame is good just in one of those, and because he has the body and not the desire to be a stopper, sometimes he succeed in that detail and nothing else.


You're missing one pivotal fact...

Johnny boy is hanging out with Daddy as we speak. They've been over there for two weeks now. You don't think Daddy's words and comments find their way out through Johnny's typing fingers?

The reason I say we're in a world of hurt over this is because management does not get it, they don't understand. Kobe gives them a golden opportunity to grow some intestinal fortitude and Johnny back peddles? Plus, this goes along with the "Insider" comments.

While I certainly acknowledge Jerry's success with this team, he did not do it alone. It appears that more and more of the front office is made up of the monarchy that really has no business making basketball decisions. This team is a train wreck. If Kobe goes, mark my words, he was the last one sounding the alarm bells. Jerry West was the first, Shaq was the second.

The Buss family legacy is at risk of being a memory...

"How Can You Say That JO Going To New York Is Good For The Lakers? We Need To Get Somebody That Can Score And JO Is That Guy That Can Score."

How long is it going to take for people to realize that the Lakers can score. Their problem is ALLOWING POINTS.

What was the last score against Phoenix?


We scored 110 points but lost by 9 points. That's a defensive problem. That's been the story all year long.


I Agree With You On That But Mike There Been Another Problem The Lakers Has They Didn't Have A Consistent Second Scorer Every Game So That Why JO Is A Good Idea To Get And People Was Injured On The Team Meltdown Mike There Was A Lot Of Problems That The Lakers Had This Season That Why It Was A Disappointing Season.


And On The Artest Thing I Was Just Saying The Negative Thing But Here The Positive Artest Is A Great Defensive So Is Camby That Solves Our Defensive Problems. Mo WIlliams Or Tinsley Will Solve Our Point Guard Situation Why Is Everyone Want Grant Hill So Much? He Injury Prone And He Is Old.


Andrew Z,

Oops - forgot about Kirk!

Even then, I think the Bulls would rather give up Gordon than Deng:

Thabo/BenG/Tyrus/Brown/#9 for KB24?


may be ok.

Kirk/Kobe/Deng/Nocioni/Wallace with Duhon and the #9 pick may be enough to pique Kobe's interest.

And for the record, I don't think we should trade KB away. If that makes me an apologist so be it :)

can you add me to your list? i want to be with the "in" crowd.

KL in fairness to Vent (Vent lol!) anyway in fairness to Vent it may have been the straw that broke the camels back.If hes been listening to your s*it and disliking it for the last month or two it might have sent him over the edge....

The first time I read it I thought you asked him if he spoke out of his mouth as well as his a$$ which would have been far more insulting than asking him if he speaks out of his a$$ as well but I got the feeling he was just generally sick of you haha.I never thought you were that bad but it sounds like youve been outa control the last couple of weeks while Ive been elsewhere judging by the abuse you are getting.

But that Comptons Finest seems far meaner than you are...did you see what he said to generic one for f**ks sake?


Good comment.

Now, is obvious LATIMES included this as news because is a way of put Kobe down. Is just to play mind games with Kobe, the number one enemy of that sports page.

It's just that simple.

Remenber Robert Horry statements defending Kobe ?
Not worth it.

Remember Shaq statements clearing KObe?
Not worth it.


Let me ask you something...Did we make it to the finals the past 3 years?

What team were you watching. Kobe is garbage at the #1 position on the team and the sooner the lakers figure that out, the better we'll be.



do you want Kobe to leave? They must want him to shake.... They must...

It'll be a sad day when Shaq and Kobe both win titles NOT in Laker uniform...

Wow: Actually, Ray Allen predicted this. So did a few other people I know, but you haven't heard of. I personally kind of doubt a Kobe trade is going to happen, but it's been predicted. You can't say no one saw it coming.


Has it actually been verified (and not just through cyber chatter) that

a) Johnny is in China with Pops?

b) He actually wrote those comments while they were in China? Do we know the date they were posted? Did they come before he was in China when everything was crazy (assuming he's even in China, of course) or during?

If it has, fair enough, but I'd want to know those answers before I got too worried.

But even if it's "yes" in both cases, I'm still not sweating this. I'm having a hard time buying the idea that Johnny, the one kid with no connection or role with the team, is the Buss with his finger on the pulse. That feels like the equivalent of Don Corleone bypassing Michael, Sonny or even Tom Hagen so he can finalize his plans with Fredo. Until more comes of it (if anything does), I'm simply not giving this much, if any, thought.

By the way, a random thought just popped into my head. Clearly, the Califorinia court system doesn't consider Dr. Buss to be a flight risk, since they allowed him to fly to China. Good to know.

As you were.


LOL. Dude, stop messing around. That new lineup you proposed was hilarious. That team is worse than last year's actual Chicago team, the same team that had no chance in the JV conference. And now you want a lesser version of that Chicago team playing for your Lakers in the West? Good one buddy. You almost had me there. Either you are a comedian or you are a Bulls fan.

Hey Jorema

Very good post!! The defensive blunders of the players you mentioned are spot on. I totally agree with you. People should watch how the spurs play defense and stop calling them boring to make excuses about their teams poor play.

Defense is all about determination and Bball IQ. Whatever the Lakers do, whether Artest, JO or someone else they should look for guys who play defense on all fronts and realize what it is all about. A lot of people also fail to realize that being a good rebounder is also about smarts, you have to have good positioning, box out, time your jump, have a feel where the ball will land etc.

Being big, strong and athletic is not enough.



This team is a train wreck. If Kobe goes, mark my words, he was the last one sounding the alarm bells. Jerry West was the first, Shaq was the second.

The Buss family legacy is at risk of being a memory...

No buddy, if the drama Queen goes, the Buss family is acknowledging they made a mistake with letting Shaq go and they are now going to do what's right by this team and rebuild like we should of done after Shaq left.

Johnny Buss posting in MySpace? How old is this guy...14?

The D:

The EHAS (Emergency Hippy Alert Status) has been elevated to Code: Mauve!


I'm waiting for Jeannie to confront Johnny about being the insider:

"It was you Johnny. I know it was you. You broke my heart... You broke my heart."

It'll be a sad day when Shaq and Kobe both win titles NOT in Laker uniform...

Shaq already won one. Which was pretty predictable since he was the person carrying the Lakers to the other 3 championships

The D: "The Lakers don't trade away HOFers for parts."

Are you new to this? Was that a serious comment? Sometimes it's hard when people are using sarcasm...

If this gets posted twice, forgive me, my computer is messed up.

I don't have a myspace account like some of the other bloggers, but from all the websites with his pictures and portfolio, this would have to be an elaborate hoax. The Lakers beat writer put his comments in the LA Times more than a day after a blogger posted them here. I'm thinking they thought they were genuine enough to make note of them in the actual newspaper.

Friedo... ha ha, ah man that's funny stuff Andrew.

It's not that Michael has to get approval from Friedo, it's that Friedo is a dumb ass who talks too much and undermines the family, wait, sort of like what's happening now.


Whatever happens, happens. Say what you will about Kobe, his antics, his selfishness, his single handedly demanding that Shaq leave the lakers, his responsibility for the JFK assination, and the entire list of conspiracy theories cataloged by our favorite seattle blogger, whatever your opinion may be... the one thing you cannot take away is his desire to win. If management does not understand this desire to win, then I too have very little faith in management. That's the part that scares me right now.

Okay... back to reality... Tinsley? Did someone say Tinsley?

It really wouldnt suprise me if it were true.If Im Buss and Im rich and powerful my first reaction is to try to appease Kobe...then I sit in the sun and drink a few cocktails with a few pretty ladies and I get to thinking....I dont need this s**t....we dont this punka$$ behaviour....we are the lakers and we can just free up some cap space and theres any number of players that would love to come and get top billing for the Lakers...Gilbert Arena's unappreciated for so long in small market??? zany dude with a flair for the dramatic...I think he would happily sign in LA.In fact thats probably schoolboy stuff for a guy like him...Just becasue Kobe doesnt appreciate things until they are gone doesnt mean a guy like Arenas who has battled his way up the ranks wouldnt.In fact it wouldnt surprise me if that why Arenas has come out now and said he will opt out...hes probably letting the lakers know hed sign there.

The lakers have their hands tied...if they can get a decent deal for Kobe to a team he will go to he's gone.If Im the lakers I trade Kobe for as much cap space as I can and keep Bynum,Lamar,Farmar,Turiaf,Vlad,Kwame's expiring contract and whatever decent players I might have got for Kobe....then I do my best,pick up a decent draft pick if the season tanks rebuild around a top notch free agent.

I dont run a professional basketball team and maybe its a good thing but if I did I wouldnt stick Kobes crap for a second.If there wasnt a team he would go to or a deal to do I would bench his whinging a$$ till there was.

You have to remember these are rich powerful people who do not like being pushed around...shaq anyone?

Kobes gone.

Michael A

I forgot the usual caveat: in their prime.

The Lakers don't trade away HOFers in their prime for parts...

That's better. Now I don't have to write letters of apology to the likes of Shaq and Gail Goodrich.

KL & Gunner24,

Just want to butt in eventho' I'm not in the mood of posting.

We never had this kind of division before when you were not yet posting last year. Of course, there were Steven, Tarugo and Sonnybelfast but there was no tribal groipings among Laker fans.

Is it too much to ask if you can lower the hate volume so that the reciprocation of equal hate will be lowered too. Try not to be negative on anybody just for one day and let's see if we can entangle the knots and go back to former disposition of peace and tranquility within the blog. If your problem is LakerTom or anybody, that's easy I will mediate for you guys but I ask one favor: Can we try that formula?

Please don't destroy this blog.

"That feels like the equivalent of Don Corleone bypassing Michael, Sonny or even Tom Hagen so he can finalize his plans with Fredo. Until more comes of it (if anything does), I'm simply not giving this much, if any, thought."

HA HA HA very good analogy AK. That was a great one.

thanks for reminding me of the obvious that Shaq has won title

and throwing the jab at Kobe that Shaq was responsible for those titles...

I must say I completely agree with you

geez AK do you wanna talk about it? haha

"Remenber Robert Horry statements defending Kobe ?
Not worth it.

Remember Shaq statements clearing KObe?
Not worth it."

Jorema very good observation never thought of it that way. While I think the times articles also make some good points true journalism would be looking at both sides of the story good catch.

The D,

I laughed very hard. Kudos.

By the way, it's days like this when I realize that I'm literally getting paid to come up with the best "Godfather" analogy to the Lakers when I think I've got a pretty good gig. haha


I feel like a broken record but here we go again:

We trade Bynum, LO, and Cook to Indy for Jermaine O'Neal, and Granger. Indy won't want to part with Granger, but they're getting our best young player(with the potential to be an all-time great), and our 2nd best player.

Then we trade Kwame, and the 19th to Sacramento for Artest. We can make other offers to them as well (i.e.Vlad, and Farmar), but I think this works best for both teams. We get the defensive stopper/potential all-star we want, and they can start their rebuilding process with a expiring contract, and an inexpensive young player.

As much as I would like to keep LO, we can't have him Kobe, and JO. Like JJ said it would kill our cap space, and we would definitely have to pay the luxury tax. We then use the MLE to sign Charlie Bell, and Mikki Moore (hopefully), and then hopefully bring in a vet for the minimum (i.e. Hill/Magloire). Here's my ideal roster:

Bell-Farmar-draft pick
Kobe-Mo Evans-Sasha
Mikki Moore-Turiaf-draft pick

This is a much better defensive unit, yet we would still be a very efficitient offensive team. Granger could easily be the sixth man of the year, and if the Artest experiment falls through we could always move Granger to the starting lineup and not lose much. What do y'all think???



Oh, don't get me wrong. I do think the page is likely real and I don't think Kobe being traded at some point is out of the question. Not by any stretch. I'm just saying, Johnny Buss' MySpace page in no way makes me think it's imminent. haha


Jay Jay ,
There is nothing that Jerry Buss can do until July 1st. He might as well go on vacation and let the people he is paying to think things through. The Lakers cannot wheel and deal right now anyway. What do you want Jerry to do? Come to the office everyday and dream "what if" for a whole month?


"ya know what... mark cuban ain't so bad after all."

Now that was really funny. LMAO. Thanks.


Edwin Gueco,
"Is it too much to ask if you can lower the hate volume so that the reciprocation of equal hate will be lowered too. Try not to be negative on anybody just for one day and let's see if we can entangle the knots and go back to former disposition of peace and tranquility within the blog"

Edwin, my condolscenses on your lost. We spoke on many occasions about this in the past few days. You know who started this? Laker Tom

He's the person you should be speaking to. Yesterday, I came here and had a good conversation with Mike T and the Waterboy. I explain to him that i'm ok with toning down if we don't have those Pro-Kobe lovers posting the greatest on the planet posts.

Then all of a sudden, here comes Tom with his ignore them all posts again and that started it up again!

So, speak to Tom first and if he tones it down i think that would be a good start.

What up Kiwi?

I haven't spoken to you in a while. I see you retired from the #24 towel boy job. That's good to hear.

Man, what were you doing yesterday. Look like you were at war with Compton's Capitalist aka P Diddy?

Just wanted to say what's up!

Go back to the horses, Johnny.

AK I agree with you on that...I just enjoyed your crushing post to Tim4show...might as well as said 'get down boy raaarghhh'

In reference to that suggestion about you teaching Lamar to use the other hand: it was actually a very good idea.

After all, you guys do drive on the other side.

Why Kobe Bryant Sells
Written by Joe Cottage
Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Give the guy credit for this much: People love him.

I've taken my share of lumps for Kobe bashing on the Bleacher Report (The Best Reason to Trade Kobe Bryant, June 8th)—but I've had a change of heart. Seen the light. Come to Jesus.

I get it now, finally:

People love Kobe Bryant. And I'm a fool for missing the boat.

Kobe's jersey topped the NBA's best-seller list this year—which says a lot without saying everything. More illuminative, I think, are the responses that flood this site when anything negative gets written about Number 24: the caterwauling diatribes from that legion of faithful Kobe-ites who will stop at nothing—Nothing—to preserve their man's good name.

Loyalty is a thing that should never be taken lightly. For all his faults, for all his petulance—people still love Kobe Bryant. If you ask me, it has something to do with his Me-Against-the-World schtick. Kobe fans are Kobe fans, if I had to guess, because they empathize with his alienation, and share his disaffection; Kobe fans are Kobe fans because they feel it's Them-Against-the-World too...even if they're not on TV as often as their man KB.

People love Kobe Bryant, simply put, because there's a little bit of Kobe Bryant in all of us.

And far be it from to criticize that. At least until the next time he puts his foot in his mouth.


Bleacher Report is the web's only Open Source Sports Network. If you've got something to say, let our writers hear it—or register for free to write your own editorial.
Responses (8) >>

You just don't get it, do you?
written by gkfahnbulleh on June 12, 2007

Just as people relished watching the excellence of Michael Jordan averaging 35 points and doing what a basketball player is supposed to do(make lots of baskets), people enjoy Kobe Bryant's excellence.

We enjoyed watching Kobe bring his team back from 19 down, and scoring 81 points in the win. We enjoyed watching Kobe outscoring the entire Dallas Mavericks team in three quarters 62-61 and sitting out the fourth quarter as his team cruised to a victory. We enjoyed Kobe putting the Lakers on his back for 4 games last season, when they absolutely needed to win, and score 50+ points.

In the entire history of professional sports, there have been a very special few players who have been able to impose their will on the opponent every night, even though the entire objective of the opponent is to thwart exactly that.

Kobe Bryant is in that category. That is why we recognize every time Kobe Bryant puts on his shoes and steps on the court, we will have an opportunity to be witnesses to history. For that, and that reason alone....we love Kobe!

very well said
written by nessa on June 12, 2007

very well said you just dont get it ...thats exactly how i feel much negativity has been said the past few weeks reguarding kobe ..the facts are simple ..he is amazing to watch ..magical even

written by Hector Arteaga on June 12, 2007

Yep, I agree. We love Kobe. I am a big fan of this guy. Why? Because there is a little Kobe in me. Just like there was a little MJ in me. Nobody wants to be a LeBron James. Everyone wants to have that will to win and be the best. Kobe is the perfect example of a perfectionist and a winner.

written by steve1152 on June 12, 2007

KB24-greatest ever.

He's the reason why the next generation of basketball players ...
written by NH on June 12, 2007

will fall in love with the sport. Just like Michael did before him, his unbelievable skill to be the greatest scorer is what inspires people. I try to watch every game I can when he's playing just so that I don't miss anything ... sadly, there is no other player alive playing basketball that makes me want to do that (Randy Moss = football, Ronaldo 99 = soccer) ... and I do agree in part with liking him because of the Me-Against-The-World attitude, because when he first got in the league and tried to be what the NBA wanted to market him as I never liked him, I always thought he was really good, just never liked him ... I don't think I started to respect him as a player until Shaq left because I knew the only shot he had at being remembered as the GOAT was to do it without Shaq ... now I'm waiting and hoping he comes through on that and wins another 2-6 rings.

The more you hate, the more we love KOBE
written by Kobbeee on June 12, 2007

No player can match his exceptional skills. All who hate Kobe they do it out of jealousy!

Iron Will.
written by ID24 on June 12, 2007

Very few players in the history of the game can match Kobe's intensity night in and night out, yet he's the only one who's disrespected by the media.

Soon they'll overcome that I hope, until then it's US(Kobe & Kobe fans) against the world because the media controls public perception.

Kobe Bryant - LOVE ME OR HATE ME!
written by Staples 24 on June 12, 2007




you are making a lot of sense I must agree....

cant trade LO & Bynum without getting JO & Granger....

if thats what they want they have to privy up something as well....

Johnny also has some terrible looking model photos on his Myspace page.

Johnny also has some terrible looking model photos on his Myspace page.

Marbury and Bryant together?

Marc Berman /New York Post:

"Bryant was the first guest on Marbury's cable talk show, but he knows Knick fans would rather see them together in the backcourt - not schmoozing on the couch.

"That would be spectacular, something that a lot of people would want to see," Marbury mused.

Marbury feels if Bryant and Indiana's Jermaine O'Neal, another Thomas target, still want out, he expects their wishes to be granted.

O'Neal and Bryant both have wanderlust for New York. Bryant has a no-trade clause and can potentially steer his way to the Knicks, however unlikely. In figures released yesterday, Bryant's jersey was the NBA's No. 1 seller. Marbury's ranked seventh.

Marbury isn't shocked by Bryant's stance.

"This is a business at the end of the day," Marbury said. "He wants to win, he knows what it tastes like and he's still hungry for that taste."

Meanwhile, O'Neal wants to reunite with Thomas, for whom he played in Indiana.

"My personal opinion, if I'm the GM of a team and he doesn't want to play for you anymore, you move on [and] do everything possible to move him and get something in return," Marbury said.

"Knowing [Pacer GM] Larry Bird as a player and his demeanor, his attitude, if you don't want to play for him, he'll get somebody else."

Oh Gunner these idealistic kids...they dont realise what a harsh place the blogging world really is...

Gone are our socialist ways so evident around playoff time as Mamba24 Willis Reeded us with role calls, following our exit from the playoffs bloggers turned their pain to creative use as we were spoilt with skits and poems ....and now we have a fascist party building and demanding a 'true laker fan' sub groups of ageists,and even predjudice against the poorly endowed have also reared their ugly heads but it is the fascist faction that causes the most concern...those without the necessary 'true' attributes are to be blacklisted forever...given that I am a nailist and a libertine Im not quite sure we I fit in to the equation but eventually hatred finds those who are different.I will be waiting for knock on my door any day fact Im on the verge of hiding in my attic.... but Im determined to defend freedom of speech in the meantime!


I always thought that there is no way ownership can be that dumb to trade away the best player, the biggest draw, the biggest money generator, and the hardest working player in the entire league in his absolute prime. But now I'm getting second thoughts. Can ownership really be that dumb? Based on recent history (and Johnny's comments), I've concluded it's entirely possible.

Thus far, the front office:
-allowed Mr. Laker himself, the Logo Jerry West, to leave the organization without a fight. No offers for a promotion, NOTHING. They just let the most important Laker of all time walk! Please don't believe he left because of stress issues, he was very unhappy with the front office.
-lied to Kobe about building a contender NOW. After making this promise, management drafts a high school kid that rarely played basketball, and tags him as "untouchable". This is a CLEAR indication that management was building towards the future. This stance has mysteriouly changed, however, after Kobe's public comments were first aired. Would their stance on Bynum have changed had Kobe not said anyting publicly? Hmmmmm.
-allowed a crackhead horse trainer in Jim Buss to have authority over basketball decisions.
-allowed Buss Boy to air out his complaints about Phil publicly, although he doesn't even attend practices.
-allowed Buss Boy to claim his power to the throne by stating Kobe "can" be traded publicly.
-allowed an insider to blame Kobe for Shaq's departure.
-has NOT fired or punished the insider yet.
-had the supposed owner arrested for DUI.
-allowed the supposed owner to go on vacation in a time of Laker crisis.
-traded Shaq for a package that included Brian Grant's ridiculous contract.
-traded Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins for Kwame "hands of stone" Duran.
-resigned Cook, a slow footed big man with a poor attitude, that can't rebound or play any defense.
-drafted Brian Cook ahead of Barbosa in the first round, despite Ron Harper's (our scout at the time) pleas to the front office that Barbosa would be a definate star in the league. (Josh Howard, Carlos Delfino, Kendrick Perkins were all drafted in the 1st round after Cook).
-signed 60 year old Vlade Divac.
-signed 50 year old Aaron McKie, who couldn't even get any minutes on the Sixers!
-resigned Slava Medvidenko.
-resigned Sasha.
-has been seemingly content with Smush Parker as the starting point guard of the LOS ANGELES LAKERS for two years.
-in desperate need for a point guard upgrade, signed Shammond Williams.
-in desperate need of a power foward, signs the immortal Samaki Walker.

I can go on forever. Mangement has proven that they have absoultely no clue. Trading Kobe is definately a possiblility for this idiotic bunch. The possible trades invloving JO and Artest from the posters are all interesting and all, but replacing the front office with competent basketball people that HAVE AUTHORITY over Buss Boy to make the basketball decisions is the only way this beloved franchise can be saved. Jim Buss will bring this franchise down to the ground. Kobe's intital statement before his radio tour was that he wanted Jerry West back with FULL AUTHORITY. Kobe AND the fans know what a complete mess the front office is in. Everyone complains about Smush and Kwame's lack of basketball IQ. These two are geniuses compared to the front office.

The Kobe-hating media, inluding the LA Times, is trying to deflect the blame away from the front office by pointing their fingers at Kobe, and ignoring the real problem - the clueless front office.

C'mon people! Can we really believe that a multi-million dollar franchise of the National Basketball Association like the Lakers would allow its intent to let Kobe go be declared or leaked on Johnny Buss' MySpace page? Even a paranoid like me who can find a conspiracy brewing under every rock finds this premise to be a stretch.

Sure, the family is dysfunctional, at best. Sure, we have an owner more interested in bimbos than basketball. But what's at stake is a critical business decision.

Contrary to innuendo, I do not put Kobe above the well-being of the team. But business is business. A franchise without star-power is not a healthy LA entertainment business, and that's what the Lakers are -- an entertainment business.

No matter how inept the Front Office is, letting Kobe go without the acquisition of a player-in-kind is unthinkable. When the team let Shaq go, they still had Kobe.

At the end of the day, the power of the almighty buck will still rule, and Kobe will still be a Laker.

Arenas and Kobe....same pattern?

Why Arenas want out of Wizarsd?

Like Kobe he wants to play with better teammate and he said loudly.

Who is more selfish? Arenas or Kobe?

Jermaine want out of Indiana, no rebuilding time for him. He said it to the press, like Kobe.
Who is more selfish?
Jermaine or Kobe

Paul Gasol wants to be out of Memphis, rebuilding for him is an insult.
The news was all over the press.
Who is more selfish...Kobe or Gasol?

Nash said in the press:
Maybe my teammates aren't championship material.
Stabbing his teammates publicly. Can he keep it private?
No, he has to call them out.
Who is more selfish....Kobe or Nash?

Steph Marbury said today in NY post:
Zeke should draft a shooter.
Kobe said upgrading is necessary for this team.
Are they the virtual GMs of those teams?
Is Marbury offending Zeke with his suggestions like Kobe does?
No bad judgment for Steph in NY press. He just wants to help.
Who is more selfish...Kobe or Steph.

Isn’t hear a pattern in all those examples?…
Whatever Kobe say or do is just a selfish scheme.
Whatever other guy, even if is the same actions that Kobe does,
Is different.
Same actions = Different guilt sentence.

Oh, Kobe! How many more injustices this press is going to committing just to stigmatize your name?


Shaq embarassed Dr. Buss personally with his " pay me" antics. Kobe tirade was against Jim Buss. More of the "Your father, the owner, said this to me and now your saying another?. Well f you". Not quite the same thing.

excellent analogy. It's good to put some of these informational scraps we are digging through into perspective. Everyone's so anxious for the next piece of info, we'll even pay attention to "Fredo" Buss.

Interesting to read the ebb and flow of everyone's emotions. It appears that the one thing the Laker Nation won't stand for is the Busses doing nothing this summer. Whether we trade half the team for JO - or trade Kobe for half a team, the fans appear to demand something.
BK hit the nail on the head a couple days back - "A Dangerous Summer" indeed.
I hope (and with fingers and toes crossed) that mgt makes wise decisions this off season. I want to root for a team with ganas - desire. Is that too much to ask? I just want a team that will give me 100% every night - regardless of personnel.

How credible are myspace "pages"? Well Smush Parker has a myspace account and his says he's the "world's greatest" so....


Here's something legit (haha) to ponder. Last offseason, we heard of this tune before...except it was someone else. We heard that JO might be on the block, and that if the team doesn't at least make it to the playoffs he was going to walk. So Indiana panicked and took on the hefty hefty contracts of Dunleavy and dude whose name I can't remember. In exchange they traded Al Harrington (hello, Al Harrington! Which incidentally would be perfect in purple and gold, but I digress)...and sucked. Lesson to be had? Don't PANIC! Be smart, get the best deal possible, and if the JO to LA is true...please don't let it be both LO and Socks. Because that would hurt. I'm all for getting Kobe help, in fact I've been begging for it (my future firstborn for KG! lol)...but we must be smart about it. We have cards to play, and they do not suck...we just have to go all Jerry Buss like (or AK)...and win lol.

Jay Jay...a little late but...personally I have no problem with Dr. Buss being in China right now. If anything I wish Jim was more like him...Dr. Buss believes in letting his basketball people make basketball decisions, and if need be he steps in. Case and point, calling Kobe. And really right now there isn't much to be done seeing as you can't really do anything until after the Finals are over (I think)...and really the draft. But I do think someone in that front office needs to wracking their brain to get us help, or at the very least begging for JWest back, doesn't have to be Dr. Buss in my opinion.

The 2 members of the BREAKFAST CLUB....
must have censord my post you guy's are lucky,because I killed you guys off............. Flucc it.
Just like how I spelled your name with small letters that's how small this conversation is to me.
It's like some-one from the Y.M.C.A. giving KOBE tips on how to score, you guy's are a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guys have no creditability.
an 2 that other person,I told LAKER TOM I WOULD'NT REPLY TO YOU GUY'S.....( IN HOPES YOU WILL GO AWAY)
SO GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

P ang

maybe not but its pretty safe to say Kobe's done his fair share of embarrassing.At the end of the day they are businessmen so they will make a business decision.Its hard to compare the two situations I think the Shaq move was predominantly a business move too ..but. my guess is they are proud guys who are used to calling the shots and they will not like the way Kobe has embarrassed the whole franchise and in their minds at least made it look inept.Id be inclined to say what Kobe has done is far worse but it depends on how you look at it I guess.

Marbury and Bryant together?

Marc Berman /New York Post:

"Bryant was the first guest on Marbury's cable talk show, but he knows Knick fans would rather see them together in the backcourt - not schmoozing on the couch.




Benny Blanca,
"I hope (and with fingers and toes crossed) that mgt makes wise decisions this off season. I want to root for a team with ganas - desire. Is that too much to ask? I just want a team that will give me 100% every night - regardless of personnel."

That's what Kobe and most fans want as well.

If this team looses Kobe Bryant, who is hands down the league's most exciting player, the player who fills arenas nation-wide like no other single player, they had better be prepared for a backlash unprecedented in sports history. I'm not saying he'll be the best player ever to be traded or leave via free agency, I'm saying that the explosion of the internet over the past decade would make his departure unlike any before him; this event unlike any before it. I wasn't in Brooklyn when the Dodgers left, and I don't won’t to compare loosing one player to loosing an entire franchise (especially one as loved as the bums), I'm just saying that the Buss family had better prepare for the worst and expect the possibility of a gargantuan public backlash by Lakers fans. Kobe may have his detractors, but for all the naysayers he has, those from whom he does have support really, really, really love him and have already been tempered and forged into Kobe-protecting warriors and will have little fear of letting the true beast of fan loyalty raise it destructive head from the ashes of tragically inept ownership and mismanagement.

I for one am completely ready to turn against this franchise if they let Kobe go; and I don’t mean stop watching, I mean stop watching and write on this blog every day with a venom and reproach matched only by that which I've saved up for the day Santa comes calling to explain why I got old spice and socks in my stocking year after year when a BMX bike would have fit nicely under the tree.

Trade Kobe and my Lakers loyalty will vanish and be left for dead with no promise of recovery save for the bitter hiss of that word "fan" that I repeat as I pound this ownership into oblivion on this and any blog that will listen to my monomaniacal rants.

I will hate the Buss family with such vigor one would never chance to think that I could ever again become a Lakers fan.

Do it Jim, Johnny, Jerry and Judas...make haters of lovers and villains of loyalists and strip bare any hope that the soil of your graves will give life to anything but bitter fruit and tangled weeds and assure for yourselves that the only shelter your lost souls will have under the ravaging sun of Hell will be the faces of angels and fans who spit down upon your tortured souls from the green and laughing vines of Heaven.


hey gunner

just saw your other message..was never a towel boy but 24 has fallen from favour you could say...Im sure I will get over it and we can do battle once more.

Id taken a bit of a break and came back a bit pumped up and Compton wore me old fashioned but what good is a blog without a good old spar once in a while.

I see you're as popular as ever!

be well!


Considering the lack of respect that some posters have for Kobe Bryant, I thought I would check out the Pacers blog. First problem was finding a Pacers blog. Lots of listings in google but some of the listing didn’t even have a single entry. The Pacers official site has a blog but all posts have to be approved before being put up. No KL and gunner24 in Indy.

Strangely, the focus of the Pacers official blog was basically to categorize Jamaal Tinsley as the Pacers version of Smush Parker, but with a terrible contract. After reading what the Pacers fan have said about Tinsley and several comments that said the Pacers biggest need was at point guard, I think I have lost my interest in including Tinsley in any trade for JO.

Even more strangely, there was little discussion about O’Neal other than a few mild comment about the miles on his knees and the fact that while he was a good shot blocker, the team lacked an enforcer, which was self evident since Bird traded all of the guys with guns to Golden State. By the way, where the Lakers blog has a photo of Kobe, the Pacers blog has a photo of Dunleavy. Now that was pretty funny in my opinion. The Dunleavy comments could have been Luke comments if you changed the names. You know, great BBIQ but can’t play D and is overall too soft.


Ex...well it was directed at generic rather than me but you're right, we drive on the for Lamar...I get the feeling he needs both hands.


Good one. Funny. Which one's Fredo? Only Jeanie doesn't bang cocktail waitresses two at a time.


Rather than being the end of the dark ages, I fear they've just begun. The ship has left port, the rats are growing fat on the carcasses of the infected, Nosferatu stirs in the galley and land appears on horizon...



The stuff about Johnnie Buss’ MySpace page is just hilarious. The Buss family is the NBA’s version of the Sopranos. What a crazy collection of individuals! Reality TV at its best.

Is Jerry really Tony? Is he going to wack Kobe or what? Is his son Jim really A.J? Will he end up with his own club? Is daughter Jeannie really Meadow? The only professional in the family? Is Phil really Finn DeTriolio? The boyfriend that Jerry finally approves? The resemblances between the two families are eerie.

How will it all end? Fade to black with Kobe going to New York and all but a few of the Laker fans wacked? You know there is going to be sequel on the big screen for the Sopranos. And you know there is going to be at least one or two more tabloid books about the Buss family when this is all said and done.

Who said life was even stranger than television. lol. 3 – 2 – 1 …what happened to the blog?



That was a beautiful and passionate post. My sentiments exactly.

Did you ever end up getting that BMX bike? I hope so. lol.

One word to describe off-season so far…”Frustrating”


If the front office gives up LO, and Bynum, and they don't get Granger they all need to be fired.


I think they have a blog on the Indy star's website. If memory serves I went there right after I started hearing about the JO trade scenarios. I don't know why they don't like Tinsley. The dude has some questionable off the court behavior, but on the court I think he's a pretty good pg. He's an assist machine, is pretty quick, and is good at breaking down the other team's defense at kicking out to the open man. That said, I wouldn't want him here....unless Phil wasn't the coach. He's not a good fit for the triangle, but I think he could be an all-star on an uptempo style team.

The new "son-of-a-buss" who just appeard strikes me as a becon of end times. Like Consantine's vision of God, like the breaking of the seventh seal, Like Tom Cruise on Rosie surely these are the last days of this once proud and majestic animal we called the "Lakers."

Sire to no one, cast off and left cut from ear to ear, where does this franchise turn?


For All bloggers,

I don't know even if I should argue with the idiots like gunner24 or just let it go? Does he realy had any brains when he wrote 'Shaq was carrying Lakers to 3 championships' Maybe he was the one who wrote a year ago 'Shaq was carrying Heat to championship'. Pal, go check yourself because you're insane. Shaq by himself did not win anything. Team of 2 two superstars and very good role players assembled by West and coached by PJ did it. On fourth one, he rode cottails of Wade, who got a help from the Stern and Co (24 free throws!!!) If he was soo good why he did not carry Lakers to 4th one with Malone and Payton? You probably smoking something...

Am I the only one who finds this year's Spurs-Cavs NBA Finals BORING?

"Id taken a bit of a break and came back a bit pumped up and Compton wore me old fashioned but what good is a blog without a good old spar once in a while.

I see you're as popular as ever!"




"If this team looses Kobe Bryant, who is hands down the league's most exciting player, the player who fills arenas nation-wide like no other single player, they had better be prepared for a backlash unprecedented in sports history"





Good. Good.

The Laker FO is a mess indeed.

The latimes' Lakers section is a joke now. All the negatives about the team. So one-sided bias against Kobe.

Sheridan is a fool.

All the media focus is on Kobe's "flip-flop" trade demand or the Lakers' need to please Kobe. They never bother to mention the Laker insider's attempt to make Kobe the scapegoat of the Shaq trade, or the Laker FO's lies of building a contender around Kobe "now" when Kobe resigned.


I did. I rode it for 5 years through Junior high and the beginning of high school. After years of service, and as I was transitioning to an automobile it poetically got stolen by some punk teenager who probably needed and deserved it more than I did. I held no resentment to that thief.


"I always thought that there is no way ownership can be that dumb to trade away the best player, the biggest draw, the biggest money generator, and the hardest working player in the entire league in his absolute prime."

Gilbert Arenas, Kevin Durrant, whoever....they would do the same thing. LA is a big market so, management is very smart. They know the biggest draw, biggest money generator does matter because you bring in a Gilbert Arenas and the fans will continue to come. It's all about building to a championship. And not just build towards one this year just to please the Big Pluto.

Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Shaq....there will always be someone coming into LA leading the franchise to a championship.

Being hasty this summer won't win championships. But it can certainly move this team away from one for a long period of time.


This is too weird. Just as I clicked to submit my Buss and Sopranos post, which ended in a 3 – 2 -1 countdown, the blog crashed and I could not connect for 5 minutes due to a DTS error. I am now beginning to worry that Jerry may really be intending to wack Kobe. Strange lights in the sky. Strange rumblings in the earth. Whatsup with all of this? Something big is going down. lol.



Marvelous post.

We know what's going on around the Lakers.
We know that in this matter, Kobe is right.

Benny Blanca,

""Fredo" "

Awwh man, someone beat me to the use of the "fredo" thing. I was going to use it to describe Tex Winter. I was going to use it at the trading deadline when all kinds of information was coming out the Lakers. I suspected it was Tex Winter and I was going to use the scene where Mike is questioning Fredo, when Mike had to face Congress.

Fredo was sitting in this chair all skinny and shaking as he spoke. You know when he said:

I was passed by!

That's Tex Winter giving everyone who calls him for "inside" information. He was "passed" by for the Hall of Fame.

I was going to write a big piece to describe it but you beat me to the Fredo connection.



I think this is the worst NBA post season in over a decade. When has been this bad? I think it's horrible.


Greek dude:

I hear that Theodoros Papaloukas is looking for an NBA team where he can star as the point guard as he has been doing in Europe. Is this guy really that great. If he opts for the NBA draft this year, he would probably not last until #19 but maybe he is worth trying to get a lottery pick. What do you know about him? Thanks.


That's the impression I've been getting also. Why would we want Tinsley? I know that Compton says Jermaine is a franchise player, but he cannot get his team into playoffs in the east. They consider Jermaine a bad contract... well, it's either us or New York, take your pick pal. Oh wait, I forgot, we got Fredo running "the show"... um, can we give you Farmar as an upcoming back-up PG.. yes, yes sir, I know we're also including Bynum, Lamar, and Turiaf and we'll gladly take one of your bad contracts since we're getting the better end of this. Thank you mr Bird, thank you!

I have a feeling that management has improved its dealings in the past few weeks. Obviously with these Johnny comments, my assessment could be way off.

I'm a life long lakers fan. I went to the Forum as a kid during Riley's first year as coach and have been hooked ever since. I'll never forget jumping up and down in the living room when Magic hit the baby hook. Having said that, I would not put it past me to temporarily turn against the ownership if I feel they're screwing things up. IF (which is a big if) Kobe were dealt this summer (I highly doubt it) then it would tell me that ownership doesn't have the gumption to win. My loyalty will return, but seriously man, that's like walking in on your woman with another dude.

I'm quite sure you and I aren't the only ones who feel that way. Judging from the LA Times online poll, we're at least 30 to 40% of the fan base.

Why clown on a Laker brethern, especially one who admires the land of Aukland...

LAL_Fan aka Kobe_Fan (your true name)
"I don't know even if I should argue with the idiots like gunner24 or just let it go? Does he realy had any brains when he wrote 'Shaq was carrying Lakers to 3 championships' Maybe he was the one who wrote a year ago 'Shaq was carrying Heat to championship'. Pal, go check yourself because you're insane. "






My friend Gunner24,

No I would not be happy with that. But I don't think we trade Kobe to get better, that was what the Shaq trade was for, and look how the management screwed that up. I would not trust this GM or owner or whoever is in charge these days to trade in trash bag of pepsi cans, let alone a star like Kobe. I am as frustrated as you are, but I don't trust Mitch with a trade of this magnitude.

I trade players like Vlad, Farmar, Walton and even Lamar and Bynum before I trade Kobe. At the very least, let Mitch show me he even knows how to make a trade, let me see him get the better end of a deal JUST ONCE, then talk to me about trading Kobe.




LAL_Fan aka Kobe_Fan

Here are the stats you request compliment of LA Guy. This why Shaq could not carry us to the 4th Title. Now what's your comment?

Game 1: Kobe 10-27 (37%) Rest of Lakers 19-46 (41%)
Game 2: Kobe 14-27 (52%) Rest of Lakers 24-53 (45%)
Game 3: Kobe 4-13 (31%) Rest of Lakers 23-61 (38%)
Game 4: Kobe 8-25 (32%) Rest of Lakers 25-53 (47%)
Game 5: Kobe 7-21 (33%) Rest of Lakers 24-54 (44%)

LA Guy
"There are the facts. In every game but one, the rest of the Lakers shot far better than Kobe did. Yet he kept taking far more shots than everyone else (at least 25 shots three times!) and only averaged 4.4 assists (and 3.6 turnovers) per game. If they were doubling him far more, then why didn't he pass far more and shoot far less? This series shows how his selfishness had taken over well before he had a lower-quality team, and demonstrates why the Lakers fell apart the way they did."



The finals are on? What channel?


Just got home from work and read your post. has a very good explanation of cap rules. Click on GM Resources and then scroll down to Larry Coons CBA explanations.

Bird's rights can be used on any player on the team who has played 3 consec years.

I think you are misunderstanding the Lux Tax. If you go over the Lux Cap you will pay the penalty. The only exception was the amnesty we got for releasing Grant.

1. Salary Cap. The NBA sets this amount every year. 57 mil this year??

Teams under the cap can do about anything they want. Sign FA, Make trades without salary matches, long as the dollar amt doesn't exceed the Salary Cap. (Ex. Lakers could trade Lamar to charlotte for there #1) as long as Odom's salary doesn't cause Charlotte to exceed the Salary Cap.

Teams at or over the cap are strictly limited on what they can do. Exceptions are MLE, Vet Min, or the minor exception which can be used every other year. (Like Shammond's) Injury exceptions can also be used. As well as Birds Rights.

Teams can play over the Salary Cap with these rules. Once they exceed the Lux Threshold 70 mil??? is when the Lux penalties start ot apply.
The MLE would give the team lattitude to sign someone but no protection from the possible lux tax.

The NBA has set the rules so teams will hopefully play under the Salary Cap. As we know, there are always exceptions to the rules. The NBA will let a team slide until they hit the Lux Threshold.

Here's a lousy illustration: The posted speed limit is 65 mph. Most cops will let you exceed the limit by 5 MPH (My brother is a cop) When you hit 70 MPH you will have to pay the fine.

The MLE is used to sign non-Laker free agents while Bird's rights are used on your own FA.

If this doesn't make any sense, ask Laker Tom. He's like having a Nun on the blog. He can explain anything. and is always right. lol He's not infallible, (See Niners) But he's good.


Cavs - Spurs 67-65 with a minute to go IN THE GAME !!!

NBA action is FANTASTIC !!!

I'm all for the JO thing, but I think the smarter thing to do would be to go after Ron Artest.

O'Neal is +0.6 in PPG
+3.1 in RPG
-1.0 in APG
-1.41 in SPG
+2.03 in BPG
-.004 in FG%
Sure, JO is a little bit better overall than Artest, but if we have to give up LO and/or Bynum, he's not worth it, especially when we could get a similar player in Ron Artest.

This way, we get to keep Lamar and Drew. I haven't checked the salaries, but maybe Kwame and Vlad for Artest, or something like that.
That would give us a starting line-up of:


Like Mike T. said earlier, the Lakers need defense. Both players would fill that void, but Ron Artest will come much cheaper, so I say forget Jermaine, and go after Artest.

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