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One hip leads to another

Phil Jackson will have his left hip replaced (with, we can only assume, an artificial one) this morning.  Unlike with last season's procedure on the right hip, he should be good to go in plenty of time for training camp.   Perhaps it's worth checking in on Johnny Buss' MySpace page to see how he feels about it.  After all, this Dr. Jerry progeny, who has no input into hoops decisions, has already used it to express his opinion on the Kobe drama.  Are there any cousins or former classmates who'd like to weigh in, too?  Long lost uncles or orphaned children?


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Good luck coach!!

Get ready for the upcoming season.

hahaha, i got really worried when i saw the headline "Owner's son says kobe will leave". I clicked on it thinking, "wow, jim buss really is going to ruin our franchise, what an idiot". and then it turns out to be Johnny Buss? haha, who the hell is that?

Actually, Phil is having the hip replaced with Kwame Brown's self-respect. It's not the most stable product on the market, but it's built for punishment.

You see....then we wonder why Kobe could possibly feel such horrible frustration towards teh Lakers franchise. The Buss family is as disfunctional as they get. Why the hell would this a**hole come out now and say such a stupid thing?

I'm a Laker fan man but this is just getting he the "insider? And what is his motivation behind this? Is this some kind of retaliation for being one of the "black sheep" in the family?

This just in...

Laker GM Mitch Kupchak halts Jackson's hip replacement.
"We fear too much change at this time will prevent us from developing our team. Sure, Phil might get a better hip than the one he has, but then again, maybe not. We cannot sacrifice the future of this organization on the off chance that this replacement will work out."

When asked if his star player was on board with this "don't replace, develop within" philosophy, Kupchak demurred. "I know Kobe wants Phil to have a new hip now. He's frustrated, of course. So is Phil. But that's not the way to build championship legs."

There is no basis to the rumor that Dr. Buss refuses to pay a luxury hip tax.

Oh my goodness, how stupid and out of line are these Buss kids?! Why add more fuel to the fire when this drama has cooled down some? I can see that Dr. Buss has taken all the smart genes and passed down all the dumb genes to his childern. I should know because I just recieved my degree in biology.

from Chris Sheridan on ESPN INSIDER this morning.....Chris Sheridan........

Kobe to Knicks? Could happen
posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 | Print Entry

The Kobe Bryant situation has been quiet for almost two weeks now, ever since Bryant and owner Jerry Buss spoke on the telephone and Buss released a statement expressing his desire to keep Bryant in a Lakers uniform.
Since Buss is now vacationing in China and is not due back for another week or so, expect things to stay quiet for a while longer.

One thing to keep in mind as this thing bubbles beneath the surface: Nobody except Buss and Bryant knows exactly what was said on their phone call, but a day earlier Buss had responded to Bryant's formal trade request -- which was made to general manager Mitch Kupchak by agent Rob Pelinka -- by issuing a public statement essentially saying he wanted to hear those words come out of Kobe's mouth.

So we don't really know with 100 percent certainty whether in his heart of hearts Bryant does or doesn't want out, although I'm hearing that the formal trade request remains on the table.

Now, if that trade request ever turns into a trade demand, there's a good case to be made that Kobe will end up with either the New York Knicks or Chicago Bulls.

Here's why, and how.

If Kobe really, truly wants out, the Lakers have almost no choice but to grant his wish.

Yes, they could play hardball with him and make him hold out when training camp arrives, but Kobe would then be holding the entire franchise hostage while he waited them out. He's the league's pre-eminent superstar, and he's not going to be pushed around.

He's also about as stubborn a person as the NBA has ever seen. Sometimes it serves him well, sometimes it doesn't. But he's stubborn. And if Jerry Buss plays poker against Kobe, he loses. And Jerry knows it.

"If I'm Mitch Kupchak, I'm looking right now to see where my leverage would be, and I'm not finding any," one NBA general manager told me.

A holdout would cost Bryant a lot of money and would be ruinous to all the image rehabilitation he's accomplished over the past year, but he'd make up for the financial loss many times over through his 15 percent trade kicker, and his image, as we've seen, is reparable no matter how bad things get.

So here's the next big thing: Kobe's no-trade clause.

Because Kobe can veto any trade, he can dictate where the Lakers must trade him by giving them a list of acceptable destinations. That is the power of the no-trade clause, and Kobe is the only guy in the league who has one.

Next you would look at where he might want to go -- and where the Lakers could accommodate him while still helping themselves.

I don't think Buss could live with trading Kobe to a Western Conference team and having him come into Staples to face the Lakers twice a year (and two times more to face the Clippers, plus, potentially, another set of visits in a playoff series vs. the Lakers), so I'm excising all West teams from my list of possibilities.

So we move to the East, and we look at where Kobe might want to play.

Philadelphia: One thought is Philly, because Kobe wants more than anything to be loved, and nowhere is he hated more than in his hometown (and nowhere would he be greeted as more of a hero). The problem is, it would take a minimum of Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala to get Kobe, and that would leave the Sixers with next to nothing other than Kobe. They've been down that path with Iverson, and anyway Kobe wants to win a championship.

Miami: Forget it. Not unless the Heat are giving up Dwyane Wade, which they aren't.

Atlanta: Too young. Years away from contending. Too far off the national radar.

Detroit: You never say never, especially after they looked old and done against Cleveland, but the market-size drop-off would be a problem for Kobe.

Boston: For Paul Pierce? Maybe, but they would still be far from a championship-level team, even with Bryant.

Chicago: This is the team I hear as one of the strongest possibilities, although its questionable whether John Paxson would be willing to gut the core of his team to get Bryant.

Paxson would probably have to start with Luol Deng and Ben Gordon, and perhaps Chris Duhon, and he would probably have to include a signed-and-traded Andres Nocioni or P.J. Brown to make the salaries work.

That would be an enormous amount for Paxson to surrender, especially given the way he has shaped the team's salary structure for the next 3-4 years.

New York: If Chicago is one of the logical places for Bryant to end up, that raises the question of which team could make a competing offer. That's where Knicks coach and president Isiah Thomas would come in.

I've known Isiah a long time, so trust me when I tell you he would go to the end of the earth and do whatever it takes to get a deal like this done. He wants his legacy to be something special in New York, and Kobe Bryant could help assure that. Furthermore, Bryant has previously expressed interest in lighting up Gotham.

As a trade partner, what the Knicks lack in quality, they have in quantity. In terms of volume, Isiah could overwhelm almost any other offer out there, starting with combo guard Jamal Crawford, rebounding machine David Lee, Knicks starting power forward Channing Frye, a pair of unprotected No. 1 picks (let's say 2008 and 2010) and sundry throw-ins, including Nate Robinson, Randolph Morris, Renaldo Balkman, et al.

Crawford can score 20 points a night, and he'll go prolific for you at least twice a month. Lee is a double-double man, and the most popular player on the Knicks, an energy guy who will easily play in the league for 10 more years if he stays healthy. He's far from a bum, and the same goes for Frye, who could start for the Lakers for the next seven seasons.

No, there's no superstar in here, but it's a lot of lumber. And if you're rebuilding, you need a cache of young talent. Lee, Frye and Robinson are still on their rookie contracts. Crawford has a reasonable long-term deal ($7.9 next season, with a contract that ends after he makes $10.08 million in 2010-11). The Lakers would actually have cap space, lots of it, after Lamar Odom's contract ends in the summer of '09.

Nothing, however, will happen unless Kobe forces Buss' hand. That hasn't happened yet, and it still might not happen if the Lakers can make a major deal to put some new talent around Kobe and placate him. Certainly we've all heard about the possibility of Jermaine O'Neal and/or other players joining Bryant in L.A.

But if that doesn't happen, I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe pipes up publicly again, this time demanding -- not requesting -- a trade.

And if that happens, I think he'll end up in Chicago or New York.

Well, we really have to question the motives behind Mr. Johnny's comments. Is he jealous that Kobe is higher on Jim Buss's list of priorities?

I posted this in the other blog, but here it is again...

Johnny Buss's Myspace page:

Ouch. I am blind. Regardless of how horrible it looks, you'll have to add him as a friend to see the notorious bulletin.


How Can You Say That JO Going To New York Is Good For The Lakers? We Need To Get Somebody That Can Score And JO Is That Guy That Can Score. Artest Got A Bad Attitude And Will Be Probably With The Lakers For One Season And Then We Might Have To Move HIm. JO Will Retire A Laker.

There is talk about making small roster changes, big roster changes to win now and no changes.

What about another angle, roster change for the future.
Is there a way for the Lakers to clear house, bring in talent and a young shooting guard and training them for 2-3 years to be triangle experts right about time when Bynum should be in perfect form.
Instead of taking on large contracts this means trade away to get good draft picks now so triangle development can begin.

The trades of this year would be to bring in a scorer who is young and has upswing that will be lethal on the 3 year timescale. That means no players over 30.

For example, what about a trade for Bosh, Josh Howard or just Granger from the Pacers, or with teams like 76, Atlanta or the Bulls.
The aim is to get players who will be all stars within a few years meanwhile train them to be champions today.

Need to stay away from veteran heavy teams like the Nets or Suns, or with teams that are have nothing to offer us like the Timberwolves, Wizard, Cavs, and Clip, but want to deal with teams that think they are on the bubble, one player away from contention who will sell away their best young prospect for the hope that one Laker player can do it for them.
And go with a plan, targeting players who will fit into the triangle, 6-6 and up tall ball handling guards, a future talented scorer, guys with fire to train hard and become physical rebounders. The good point is we already have a young center, an energetic power foward and maybe our point guard of the future if he can develop.

However, I think Portland already has an edge on this strategy and will try to get out of their Zack Miles Jamaal contracts. I think the magic started rebuilding with Howard but they don't have enough peices so their bid into the playoffs wasn't the right timing (by a bid I mean picking up a few veterans to go with the young stars for the playoff push).

I don't know where this leaves players like Walton, Vlad, Mihm, Cook and Sasha. Mihm might be a good sign for the short future while Bynum improves and splits time with him. Sasha is a big guard, but if he wants to be more then a 3rd string bench guy he needs to put on some muscle and become not just hustle but able to take control of the game with steady shooting and go to moves (actually if all he'll ever be is the haha look at the goofball bench guy then maybe he shouldn't stay). Keeping Cook also hinges on him turning into more then a streak shooter. The Lakers will need a veteran shooter in 3 years and perhaps one of the above can be that or they could sign one when the time is right.

This does mean players like Odom, Kobe, McKie, Evans, and Williams goes.
The Lakers could keep Brown to see if he can turn it around or to enjoy the expiring contract themselves. Trade for characteristics of talent, young scorer, injury free, crime free, headcase free, hard workers and future all star.

An advantage is the Lakers already have 3 draft picks this year and good deals will bring in more of them. Can the Lakers get a top ten pick (the 1 and 2 is impossible). Atlanta has number 3 and 11 and young players will they deal?

Talent scouting and player development will be huge. We might give a up year or two of first round playoff exits, but I'd rather take a future triangle master team with dominate post play and athletic perimeter players.

I think people are missing the purpose of making changes this summer for the Lakers. It is not simply about making changes. It is not simply about improving the talent level of the team. It is about getting closer to a championship caliber team that can compete for that championship sooner than later.

This means that before you go suggesting various players for the Lakers to pickup this summer and various changes to be made, it should be evaluated for how those changes will work for the oevrall good of the team and how those players will function together. There are a few constants with the Lakers right now that must be accounted. First, the offensive system is already set which is the Triangle Offense. As long as Phil Jackson is in LA as the coach, that is likely to change. Second, the defensive system is most likely to remain the same as well. That system includes single coverage that utilizes effective switches, and VERY RARELY resorts to a zone. That system also prefers to use trapping defenses at strategic times in order to change a game. Third, from a coaching standpoint, Phil Jackson is naturally a very hands off type of coach requiring that his players learn through their experiences. He uses practices as his means for being hands on, however, uses his timeouts sparingly during games. In order to fucntion in his system it takes players with strong inner strength that can maturely and intelligently approach game sistuations including unexpected ones. Finally, it is a constant that as long as he is in LA, this team belongs to Kobe Bryant, which means that at times he will take over. Some players can't handle teams where one player at times seems to break from the "system". Being on the Lakers requires that all the players understand and are commited to the system as well as that.

Taking those things in account, certain players don't seem to fit, while other players do. Players that play their best in an uptempo style won't fit in the Triangle. Players that are not known for playing solid defense shouldn't be added as well. Let me state right here that I agree with those that say that Luke walton is a serious liability defensively. That is very true. However, he and Lamar Odom are the two most unselfish players on the team. I wouldn't be so quick to get rid of him especially when the cost of keeping him is so low. He shouldn't even be a factor in discussions right now. The ONLY reason I would see it good to get rid of him is if another team is asking for him and the return player(s) is worth it. Otherwise, even at 12th man, he is a good quality player to have. Every team needs a player with his kind of attitude and approach to the game. Kobe is selfish and he needs to be. However, you can have a team full of Kobe's and be a winner. You need some others around them. I am in favor of Lamar leaving for 3 reasons, first, he and Kobe still don't seem to be able to REALLY mesh well and play well at the same time. Second, Lamar is most likely going to be necessary in a trade that would bring back a really good addition. Third, the Lakers can't afford 3 high salaries so even if the Lakers were able to get a strong player without him, it would be a bad thing.

I still contend that the following roster would be my goal this summer.

PG: Tinsley, Farmar
SG: Bryant, Evans, Rookie
SF: Artest, Hill, Walton
PF: O'Neal, Turiaf, Cook
C: Bynum, Webber, Mihm, Rookie

That is a solid roster that talented, deep and fits together nicely. Notice that Luke Walton and Chris Mihm are the third string options for their positions. Neither is expected to be huge contributors, but they are there is injuries or something happens to cause them to be needed at some point.


The D,

"I am quite sure that numerous shortcomings in your education and upbringing help explain your ad hominem response to a simple rhetorical question. "

i can only imagine what "D" stand for. speaking of ad hominem, look above. i'm quite certain i'm doing better than you professionally and personally...........finalcially too........albiet not physically (that what happens with age).

my answer to your "rhetorial" qustion is still the same, it depends what you're tring to do, win on the playground or win in an "organized" environment. enjoy.

The D
kwame's self respect??
best blog laugh in days--good man!

Would it matter if Kobe goes to a west team if the Lakers aren't aiming to peak till 3 years later, by then Kobe will be older and he'll be on the end of his contract.


JO Is Perpetually Injured And Will Miss Half The Season Like He Always Does Plus We Are Giving Up Way Too Much In The Proposed Trades For Him For It To Be Worth Our While. If You Look At Their Statistics, JO Isn't That Much Better Than LO So We Would Just Be Making A Lateral Move Instead Of Actually Improving, But We Would Also Be Losing Our Draft Pick And Most Likely Bynum.

Do You Realize How Much Of A Pain It Is To Type Like This? Why Would You Do That?

What an idiot Sheridan is...

New York would be a terrible trade for the lakers...Kobe for the entire crappy Knicks roster... um lets hope not.

So its a big market and he loves the garden and new york...but with any half decent players gone to LA for him he would be in an even worse position..and if Kobe thinks the lakers management is bad Isiah Thomas is clearly the perfect remedy given that hes quite possibly done the worst gm job of anyone in history.

So this is what people pay for with ESPN insider??


Did you see that pic of Johnny smoking a joint? What a freaking moron.

Lateral move indeed.

In fact JO isn't better than Lamar, just more expensive.


What about trading Andrew Bynum for a lottery pick and an athletic/SF who can handle and defend?

A team like Atlanta needs a center and a point. At #3 in the draft it's too high to take someone like Conley and Oden will go #1. So why not send Bynum and Sasha (salary purposes) to Atlanta for Josh Childress and the #3? If we have to we can send the #19 to sweeten the deal.

Childress is a solid all-around player with long arms and good athleticism. You could actually mold him into the Point Forward position that the Triangle covets so much.

At #3 you would have too many options to even think about, not to mention the fact that you could package Kwame Brown, Brian Cook and the #3 to Memphis for Pau Gasol.

I know people don't think Gasol is a great defender, but he anchored a Memphis defense that was one of the best in the league for a couple of years.

Our line-up would be:

PG Farmar
SG Kobe
C Gasol
PF Odom
SF Childress

It's a good combination of experience and youth and all the contracts are much, MUCH more cap friendly than JO, Tinsley, or any of the other poisonous Pacer deals they are trying to send us.


I did. What an unfortunate human being. I mean... his photography is horrible so basically he's one of those guys that takes pictures of women just to get their clothes off. All of those girls are probably his father's ex-girlfriends.


“what happened to you [KL] man. Your posts are getting a lot more violent day by day”

nice catch. for a while there, there were a lot of personal attacks and I guess I got sucked in, but I’m going to cut it out.

“Last time I checked you used to post your point if view on topics. Now you seem to scan every post for a little bit of Kobe positivism and try to rip the comment apart by coming out with negativities about Kobe.”

fair enough, but the last time we saw our leader (kob), kobe was ranting about laker management, ranting about wanted to be traded, then proclaiming to “love the city”. dude, the guy’s a joke and all of the kobe loyalist on this blog began to spout the personal stuff. it’s not right, but I got caught up into it. I’m trying to tone it down.

“Fans support there idols. There is nothing wrong with that. Let it be, everybody knows you hate the guy. Did you all of a sudden get a new aim that is to change every bloggers mind about Kobe and rally every fan to rise up against Kobe and kick him out of L.A? It sure seems like it.”

your absolutely right. point well taken. man, your post does a lot more to change my POV than all of the personal attacks in aggregate. good man.


dacsila said: “IKSAGLAM, What a smart comment to a stupid blogger KLBeast.”

see what I mean? I will call a statement “stupid”, but I won’t call a person “stupid” unless it’s in retaliation. now having said that, dacsila, you’re stupid too……just kidding. joke, joke. LOL.

I never understand the logic of not wanting to trade within your conference. Who cares? Don't you go with where the best offer is? If you're trading someone, what matters most is what you get back, not where the player is going.

If you're that scared of the damage a player could do to you as an opponent, don't make it worse by accepting an inferior deal!

And from a business perspective, wouldn't you want to play that team you traded your player to more often, as those games would generate more interest and revenue?


I Type Like That Because People Use Caps Man If They Use Caps Every Time I Should Capitalize Every Time As Well.

Back To The JO Thing What Choice Do We Have? We Have To Make A Move To Get Back To The Top And That If Moving LO And Bynum Then We Got To Make The Move And At Least We Could Get Tinsley In The Process And You Didn't Have To Capitalize Every Time I Understand. I Don't Want To Give LO And Bynum Either But What Choice Do We Have?

A Z,
"A team like Atlanta needs a center and a point. At #3 in the draft it's too high to take someone like Conley and Oden will go #1"

I don't think Bynum is worth that much.

Man I think its fair to say Kobe will be traded.

According to "JonnyO's" page, he is vacationing with his father. And I think he knows that his father is willing to part with Kobe, so he lets it out on myspace.

It,seems like Kobe and the lakers are done. and I hope he goes to the Knicks. Biggest stage ever.

I bet nobody in their entire existence could predict the situation the lakers and kobe find themselves. Even Phil might leave the lakers and go coach the knicks. The Knicks were in position to get Phil when he returned with the lakers.

Buss Junior should shut just go to the mail box, collect his allowance and shut his F-ing mouth when it comes to basketball. Can't he find his own business to run into the ground?


"I Type Like That Because People Use Caps Man If They Use Caps Every Time I Should Capitalize Every Time As Well. "

I can think of maybe two people who use all caps. Pretty much everyone else types normally, so I think you're putting yourself through way too much trouble.

"Back To The JO Thing What Choice Do We Have? We Have To Make A Move To Get Back To The Top And That If Moving LO And Bynum Then We Got To Make The Move And At Least We Could Get Tinsley In The Process "

First off, getting JO isn't going to get us back to the top. It might get us into the 5th or 6th seed in the West, but it certainly isn't going to get us past the second round. Tinsley is awful. There are other moves that would potentially be better and would allow us to keep our younger guys while avoiding horrible salaries like the ones that Tinsley and JO have.

I'd like to see a move for Artest and Camby, primarily, while picking up a point guard with the MLE. That's enough to placate Kobe and be decent while allowing us to revert back to rebuilding mode should Kobe still want a trade, which he certainly will if we do something horrible like gut the team for oft-injured JO and attitude-impaired Tinsley.

"And You Didn't Have To Capitalize Every Time I Understand."

Yeah, I know dude. I was just poking a little fun. Plus, I wanted to see how much longer it takes to type that way.

"I Don't Want To Give LO And Bynum Either But What Choice Do We Have?"

I don't have a problem moving either of those guys as long as it isn't for JO and Tinsley. I'd rather just trade Kobe and be done with it before that happened.

I still think Charlotte has the advantage here. They are WAY under the cap, and have all the tools to bring Kobe over... including Michael Jordan.

Kobe and Farmar


Gerald Wallace (sign and trade), Raymond Felton, Sean May, and the #8 pick


PG: Felton/MLE
SG: Wallace/Draft Pick
SF: Odom/Walton
PF: May/Draft Pick (Noah)
C: Bynum/Kwame

(I don't want Kobe traded, but this could be the best scenario if it happens)


I don't think he's worth that much either, but I'm going on the hope that Atlanta hasn't watched enough of the Lakers, that they only know there's this great raw talent with good skills, a big body, and two years teaching under Kareem.

I mean, that's the Kool-Aid we've been served.

I also have looked at mock drafts and they all have Atlanta taking a 3/4 combo forward. For pete's sake, how many of those do you need?!?

It would strictly be a "for need" trade by the Hawks, and the fact that they would still have the 11 and 19th picks might make it easier to swallow.

I was trying to think of where Bynum would be slotted to go in this draft, and the Hawks and Bulls are two teams that would be looking at him.

How about Bynum, Sasha, and the #19 for Chris Duhon and the No.9. That would fill our PG need, and at 9 we could get Jeff Green, Corey Brewer, or even Joakim Noah. All three would serve a good purpose.

You know, the more I think about this whole Johnny Buss thing, the more I think it's just some gimmick that he came up with to try and attract more business for his photography studio. Now that his myspace page has made the papers, he'll see an influx of people taking a look at his pathetic attempt at "art" in order to try and sell a few more glamor shots. He'll probably just issue a statement sometime this month that he was just wishing Kobe well no matter what happened, rather than insinuating that Kobe was going to be traded.

What are the chances that Magic could put togther a group of investors and buy the team? Short of that...I would like to see Jerry take Jonny out behind the shed at Staples and swat that, clueless brat.

JO is neat....Odom is neater.....I am not even sure JO for Bynum is a good deal.

How about getting Artest and/or Kidd.......use Kwame or Vlad Rad..Sasha...19th pick........I think that alone would do it.

Kobe just wants to win.......can you blame him???....on second thought dont answer that.

Jonny Buss = Lakers Insider???

well which buss hasn't chimed in yet?

there's always joey, one of the illegitimate kids dr. jerry buss had in the 80s. i want to hear what joey has to say!


maybe he'll send out something on his facebook

(btw...a 50-year-old dude with a myspace... creepy)

Andrew Z,
Interesting ideas. The # 3 pick is going to be valuable. Who else could we "toss" in to make that sweeter for Atlanta. (Farmar?) As is, i don't think they let go of the # 3 for Bynum and the #19... that said, it's worth a call.
I agree that if you could then dangle that # 3 to Memphis, the Grizzle would have no choice but to cash in and rebuild. Maybe find a way to pull Stoudamire from Memphis too (to replace Farmar if he's required by Atlanta).
Keep the ideas rolling. Can we somehow still land artest? If Luke or vlad needs to change addresses, so be it.

TO EVERYONE: who thinks Atlanta would be interested in Bynum? Maybe Farmar and Bynum? They seem to have young talent else where...

JJ, seriously... I'm not trying to pick a fight with you... LOL!

but... Webber wants to play full time minutes, Grant Hill is a disaster waiting to happen - he's a nice guy and all but his legs are weaker than dead twigs, Artest is not a given, remember, we're trying to deal with Sacramento and you don't have Vlad Rad on there so you are assuming somebody took him off our hands. Tinsley and Farmar as the only PG's is really thin.

This Johnny Buss thing is ominous. Yesterday, I thought it was people who didn't know it was "Jim" Buss but no, it turns out there really is a "Johnny" Buss who kind of implies on his website that Kobe is moving on and wishes him good luck??? Yikes!!!


Yiiiikesss! Where else would he pick up on something like that? Why would he even post something like that unless he was trying to show his buddies how much he knows?

Kobe to NY... would have to be a 3 team trade - at least. Indiana wants to move Tinsley and ONeal's contract... wow... that'll make everybody's head spin...

---> Here's something no one has talked about that NEEDS talking about!!


When Shaq was demanding to go, he was off with some teenybopper in Italy, leaving us with Odom, Butler (now Kwame) and Grant's ridiculous contract in exchange for the MDE. That helped. NOT.

Now when Kobe's in a crisis, he's off with another teenybopper in China and "Since Buss is now vacationing in China and is not due back for another week or so, expect things to stay quiet for a while longer."

Other teams are NOT staying quiet - they're in the headlines maneuvering for JO, Lewis, and Artest. This is NOT the time to chill in China dude. Zip up your freakin pants and COME HOME! The draft is almost here and NOW is the time to make a trade. Don't leave your wayward son and Kupcake in charge when neither has the authority or the cojones to really do anything.

Our franchise went halfway down the tubes when you were cavorting in Italy 3 years ago. If you're gonna let it go the rest of the way, then at least PLEASE sell the team to someone who CARES!!

>>> Why isn't anyone talking about this?????? <<<<<

Andrew Z I like that trade... I think we can even get Jarret Jack and Zack Randolph for Kwame B, Brian Cook and #3 pick...And Sign Maglore of course.... That's if we can't get Gasol.....

But I think that's as good a trade as there is to make, I also think JJ's is really good to, the only thing is I don't see Bynum starting next year either and playing 25 to 30 min a game..... Than you can use your MLE on Varrajo, that's if Luke agrees to sign with less than MLE....

But a line up of

Jarret Jack


Is as good as any....

A Z,
I would go for either of those trades, if the Lakers can get Atlanta to make one of them.

But how would you feel seeing "Sasha-face" in a Hawks uniform?


I like the Charlotte idea.


"(btw...a 50-year-old dude with a myspace... creepy)"

First thing I thought when I read the article.


It's only the offseason and I'm already having Sasha face withdrawls.

there's always You Tube.

Andrew Z,

I'm sorry but do you think Kobe is going to appreciate a deal for Childress and another early draft pick? It is going to take that team at least 3 years to develop? Bynum is already young enough for this team, they don't need any other youth.

Generic One,

I am tired of people calling Jermaine inbjuriy prone. He missed 13 games last season out of 82.....How is that half the season???? How many games has Lamar missed in the past 3 seasons? How many have Kwame missed?

As for his abilities on the court. Jermaine has been the main low post presence for the Indiana Pacers for about 4 or 5 seasons and done an excellent job being an All-Star in almost every one of those years. When Lamar becomes as consistent an option in the paint as Jermaine, then I will agree with keeping him over getting Jermaine.

To All Blogger,

In light of Iskaglam's insight, i promise to knock off the personal attacks even when i'm being personally attacked by others. My posts are intended to be a casual discussion with some levity and humor, however if i offend, i apologize. I will also promise to knock off the negativity regarding kobe, however, i will continue to call out ridiculous statements like "kobe's the best on the planet", "without kobe, ......" and the like. I respect all opinions, positive or negative, but i would appreciate less of the personal attacks.


Did you not see where I had us shipping the #3 pick in a deal for Gasol? And just because someone is a rookie doesn't mean that they can't contribute. There are players that would be available that could come in and start right away. Al Horford, Corey Brewer, and Joakim Noah are three players who have TONS of college experience and won two titles. All three could come in and start for the Lakers and be improvements at the positions they play.

And the deal for Childress and the #3 included Bynum so Kobe wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.

I think you missed the whole point of my post.

While a lot of trades discussed I would like to take another look into getting Ron Artest. I know, I know a lot of you people will point out his behavioral problems and a lot of baggage he going to bring and I'm not questioning this. Lets take a look at the basketball player. This guy can effectively become our 2nd option because he can put easily 15-20 points per game scoring from perimeter or slashing to the rim. Well, even it’s only like 15 points per game we should not overlook another benefit which is defense. Artest is premiere defender, someone who capable completely shot down opposing 2 or 3 or at least making their scoring very difficult. He is not afraid to play defense in fact he is proud of his defense. Let say he’ll be able to limit scoring of opposing player by 5 pts than season average, just a hypothetical figure. It means with his 15 pts average we already talking about someone who can bring 20 pts per game. I’m also forgot to mention that in return he is very athletic guy and someone will have very tall task to defend him. Ask Luke Walton. He is relatively cheap making 7 and Queens looks like going to shop him anyway. If it workout fine, if not, he’ll be in his last contract year and can be very easily traded after this season to the team looking for to get under the cap next year. Another thing to consider, he wants to come to LA before being traded to Sac. I think he will not have problem to accept Kobe as a leader of this team and PJ as a coach. Artest did not have any problem with Rick Adelman back in SAC. In fact he was very frustrated when Adelman was fired. PJ with all the experience he got when handling Rodman I think would be interested too because of the one big reason – significant improvement of Laker’s defense which became almost invisible by the end of this season. It will also free Kobe from the task of guarding best opposing player every night. Look how SA utilizing Bowen. Bringing Artest and addressing our PG situation by using trade/MLE will immediately improve Lakers and undoubtedly improve something that was completely lacking at the end of the season - Defense. Yes, bringing Artes will carry some risk as any significant change, but I think it’ll carry much smaller risks than taking on some huge JO contract by trading half of the starting lineup. Now what does it takes to bring Artest? Kwame? It’s really depends how desperately Queens wants to move him and if they already made this decision between him and Bibby.

An what I tell you about posting DUMM-ASS remarks,stick to writing skits F-ING CLOWN because your baketball I.Q. is about as soft as KWAME hands.
To repeat I hate STAT BOYS when comparing J O'NEAL an LAMAR,dont use stats.
Instead of post DUMM-ASS remarks,(FIND A PORN SITE TO PLEASURE YOURSELF ON......AN WHILE YOUR AT IT, SHOW LAMAR HOW TO USE HIS RIGHT HAND) an leave basket-ball to the people who know what their talking about.
Best believe I get my share of vitamin c........OH.......OH-NO........wait (VADOK an OJ dont count do it) if not im flucc.
Sorry yall im in a bad mood today let me go drink some OJ to calm my nerves..with-out VODKA of course.
KIWI.......... are you from NEW-YORK are something,because that's the only way im going to let you get away with you calling me SON!!!!!!
because I know that's how KATS out there talk...

I felt all season long that this just wasn't as "hip" as past Laker seasons under Phil Jackson, maybe this is the answer.

Jerry Buss needs to spend more time fixing this Kobe issue instead of vacationing. He also needs to smack Johnny and fire Jim. The only Buss kid what half a brain is Jeanie and she isn't even involved in making decisions. I still think that the Kobe trade won't happen because he brings too much revenue in for the team. He has the #1 jersey sales and has a lot of loyal fans. It's unfortunate and embarassing that Kobe had to resort to this kind of behavior but now this really puts the heat on the organization. We need some trades and maybe this is the only way that we'll get something going. Regardless if you're a Kobe hater or lover, bottom line is this is a Laker blog and we only want what's best for our team. If there is a trade on the table that will improve our team then we should take it. With or without Kobe I will still be a Laker fan but I think I'd be really disappointed if he is dealt. True the way he handled the situation was extremely childish and unprofessional but it's hard to blame it all on him. You have to put equal blame on the organization/owner for not willing to do anything to improve the team. Bottom line is it's going to be hard to get back equal value for a player like him. He's the most dangerous player in the whole NBA and I don't think theres a better clutch player then this dude.

Chris Sheridan is a freaking idiot if he thinks that Kobe will be dealt to the Knicks. Who are they going to give in return? All they have are a bunch of scrubs with bad contracts. The only reason he's even mentioning the knicks is because he's from NY.

JJ- I like the line-up...just too many moves and I don't think Kupcake can do it.

LAL Fan- I want Ron Ron too, but because it's been quiet on the front, I don't think Sac Town wants to do a deal with us.

What up laker nation?

I emailed Jonny buss on my space and I got this message back. I'm don't know if it was him or some dude who gets paid to check his messages. Go to myspace page it is some funny stuff. I have never seen a bigger list of escorts. Here is his reply::::::

First of all, I feel sorry for your nephew for having such an uncle that would write such trash without merit...

Other than that, the Buss family has run the Lakers since '79 and won more modern NBA championships than anyone. You are a Lakers fan because of what we have developed that base over the years.
Only fans believe in a jinx...managers believe in long term commitment.
Kobe is a great player but without the personal commitment to his team or his fans. Try to remember who stood by him during the Shaq problems or the Jackson problems or the Denver problems...we did!
For Kobe to want this at this time is disheartening to us as well as his fans, but it is his choice. He is a man not a baby. He is capable of decisions on his own. This is not about us not wanting him to stay...we have proven that over the years to him and the fans. We have offered him everything but it is his decision to want to leave.
A single player does not win championships or even go deep in the playoffs. Winning is a team effort that the Lakers have proven in the past or the Spurs are proving today. Individual style players need to understand this as Shaq proved last season.
If it were that easy to win half the championships each decade then there would be a problem with the NBA not with the Lakers.
All in all, I'm thankful that you are a Lakers fan and not a Kings or Warriors fan, or even a Celtics or Bulls'd be miserable!
We are still doing everything possible to keep Kobe and will meet with him again in a few days but again it's his decision.
I hope when the Lakers make the next big acquisition or win the next championship that you write again with a better understanding of the business and management of sports.

Oh, and by the way, I'm 6'1 (hardly little) and weigh 180 (hardly fat) and I'm sure you wish you had the models I have to even talk to.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Jun 12, 2007 11:35 AM

Thanks for taking down the once mighty Laker franchise. Forcing the hand so Kobe gets traded is an evil thing to do. Do you remember the jinx that was placed on the Nets when they traded the then best player in the league, Dr. J? They have not won a championship since and the same will be bestowed on the Lakers once they trade Kobe. Which you have helped push along. On my space of all things!!! You need to get back to talking to your little dirt bag models you fat little man.


You're right, They could sign Luke under "Birds Exception". But this "Birds Exception" is used to sign high salary players and I think ( please forgive my amateur opinion and I could very well be wrong) for Luke salary being in MLE category, it would make sense to sign him under MLE and it would eliminate the Lux. Tax. But again, this is just my interpretation. I checked the MLE and here is the full text, please correct me again if I wrong.

MID-LEVEL SALARY EXCEPTION -- This exception allows a team to sign any free agent to a contract equal to the average salary, even if they are over the cap (see question number 24 for the definition of "average salary." Also note that for 2005-06 they used a defined figure of $5 million). This exception may be split and given to multiple players. It may be used for contracts of up to five years in length, and raises are limited to 8% of the salary in the first year of the contract. Signing a player to a multi-year contract does not affect a team's ability to use this exception every year. For example, a team can sign a player to a five-year contract using this exception and still use the exception the following year to sign another player. Also see question number 20 for more information on the availability and use of this exception.
If the player is a restricted free agent with one or two years of service and receives an offer sheet from a new team, the player's prior team may use the Mid-Level exception to match the offer sheet (see question number 36 for restricted free agency).
Here are the actual values of this exception for each season. Note that since this exception is based on the average player salary, the actual value of this exception is not determined until the start of the free agent signing period.

Rick Friedman,
I see your point and I respect it totally. I think the last few games of Luke Walton left an unfavorable taste behind. It really all depends if you like a player or not. I personally, think Luke could be an asset for the team and we could argue about this for a long time. However, I don't think anybody Including myself would overly disappointed if Walton would go somewhere else or stays. And I don't think Lakers would pay more than 3.5 max 4. Mil. for him. We shall see.



"It is clear to me at least that he is achieving that cant say KL beast is stupid...the most you can say is thar he isnt very nice. KL is nasty but I think he takes the right spirit to it for the most part."

uhhh, thank you? i'll try and be nice, but what fun would that be? stay cool.

Compton good to know your drinking your OJ LOL!
Im not from new York...I just called you son becasue its damn irritating.

No offence to Generic but the 'teaching Lamar to use his right hand; call was kinda witty.I'll give you that Compton.

If the MLE is used to sign Luke, the Lakers will not be able to get any notable help via free agency.

FYI, "DUMM-ASS" is spelled, "dumb-ass". Not a good word to spell incorrectly.

Compton's Finest-

Oh how I wish you were right...

"[Regarding Generic-One] your baketball I.Q. is about as soft as KWAME hands."

If Kwame's hands were soft, he would likely be able know...catch a ball..haha.

Just kidding...

That Johnny Buss myspace is Slee-zy! Feels like you're going into the Red Light District.

Andrew Z.

I like that trade! Gasol is a much better post player than O'neal!


I like your trade the best!


"Every team needs a player with his kind of attitude and approach to the game. Kobe is selfish and he needs to be...which means that at times he will take over. Some players can't handle teams where one player at times seems to break from the "system". Being on the Lakers requires that all the players understand and are commited to the system as well as that."

What makes this acceptable to you, seriously? Last time I checked, no one on the spurs is a selfish takeover player. And their in the finals, embarrising another overdribbling takeover player!

There is one and only one player who could do this successfully, and consitantly. His name is Michael Jordan, and there is no one who is his peer.

johnny buss fighting battles through myspace.


btw, earlier this morning i watched "beyond the glory: the buss family" on fox sports. this was my first introduction to all (dysfunctional) things buss then a little later i log on and see that johnny actually does exist... and he has a myspace!

ya know what... mark cuban ain't so bad after all

Thank You JJ Again Are We Cool?


Lamar Is Also Injury Prone As Well JO Is A Player That Can Give You A Double Double Every Game And Injury Are Part Of The NBA Tinsley Made The Game Winning Shot Against The Spurs So Tinsley Is Good But HE Can Be An Excellent Assists Player If He Come To The Lakers. Also That Take Care Of Our Point Guard Situation Now We Can Go To Free Agent And Get Ourselves A Player Of A Mo Peterson, Grant Hill Or James Posey.

Everybody Want Artest On The Lakers? Bad Idea Because He Is A Ticking Time Bomb And We Got To Put Him On A Lease Before Games And Off The Court It Is A Matter Of Time Before He Be Gone From The Lakers. Camby Is Too Old So He Might Be A Bad Idea As Well But He Is Defensive Player Of The Year. So He Might Be Great For The Lakers Defense. But Still A No On Artest.


"I am tired of people calling Jermaine inbjuriy prone. He missed 13 games last season out of 82.....How is that half the season???? How many games has Lamar missed in the past 3 seasons? How many have Kwame missed? "

Half of the season is a slight exaggeration to emphasize a point. I tend to do that a lot. Last season the Pacers were fortunate to have him around as much as they did, because the two season before that he missed more than just the 13. And yes, including the suspension he still missed more. His health is on the decline. Lamar can easily rebound from the injuries that he's had, but the type of knee injuries that JO has had aren't going to get any better.

"As for his abilities on the court. Jermaine has been the main low post presence for the Indiana Pacers for about 4 or 5 seasons and done an excellent job being an All-Star in almost every one of those years. When Lamar becomes as consistent an option in the paint as Jermaine, then I will agree with keeping him over getting Jermaine."

Once again, I said that JO was better than LO (although in my opinion not by much) but with the amount that we're giving up in that trade we begin to lack a lot of depth, especially in the front court. We can't necessarily count on Mihm being a reliable option and there aren't really a whole lot of other centers we can bring in with what we'll have left over after the trade for JO. We really need three options. Two (Kobe + JO) ain't going to get it done in the Western Conference.



I'm not entirely sure why I even bother responding to your retorts at times, but that is neither here nor there. If he can win 50 games by himself, then why were the Lakers 42-40 this season?

"An what I tell you about posting DUMM-ASS remarks,stick to writing skits F-ING CLOWN because your baketball I.Q. is about as soft as KWAME hands."

It's blatantly apparent that you feel that for some reason you can just browbeat other posters on this blog into submission with your insults. I think the main reason for this is because you feel lacking in certain areas and try to make up for it with an aggressive approach. The only problem is, and I'm just going to take a stab at this, you seem to have a serious drug problem. Not taking your medication? Too many sangrias in the morning? I don't know, but you should seek help, dude.


You know, you bring these sites up quite a bit. I'm not quite sure, but I think I should be a little disturbed that you want me to look at porn. Is this a new fetish? Do I need to worry about taking out a restraining order? You can tell me now and save me the trouble of putting up surveillance cameras to make sure I don't have any new stalkers.

ak/bk why is my name abrivated every time i post, it will always say "kiley", as opposed to "adam kiley? Just wondering?

"You star player at least gets consulted in the moves that the organization is about to make. Maybe your star player isnt the one to pull the trigger, but his feedback weighs tons on the decision."

Great point. It's really a matter of perspective. These guys play each other night in and night out. They have a better feel for a player's personality, or at least, a different perspective on it. It's just smart business, and in addition, it would make the player being consulted feel more appreciated and part of the group. Besides, any player who is truly commited to the organization would WANT to know exactly what's going down, or at least what the ideas of management are.

Is that for real?
Lord help us all if it is...

This story broke out two days ago here on the blog. Now I'm convinced these other writers patrol our posts, they'd be crazy not to actually. I do not have a myspace account so I never went in to check that post. My initial thought was that it was a late post or whatever. He keeps his page up to date though, with photos of him in China. My guess is, that WAS his email that he sent.



"Lamar Is Also Injury Prone As Well JO Is A Player That Can Give You A Double Double Every Game And Injury Are Part Of The NBA Tinsley Made The Game Winning Shot Against The Spurs So Tinsley Is Good But HE Can Be An Excellent Assists Player If He Come To The Lakers. Also That Take Care Of Our Point Guard Situation Now We Can Go To Free Agent And Get Ourselves A Player Of A Mo Peterson, Grant Hill Or James Posey. "

I already addressed quite a bit of what you mentioned in the response to JJ that I just posted, but LO is a player that can give you a double double every game as well, if not a triple double. One shot against the Spurs doesn't make Tinsley a good player. If you go on any of the Indy boards, they are THRILLED that they're getting rid of him. They hate him. Not a good omen, eh?

If you also take a look at those same boards, you will see that they think the Pacers are totally abusing the Lakers with those trades. Even THEY know that it's a bad trade for us, which is why they're so happy.

Great trade talk going on here! It's really great to see so many creative trade ideas flying around.

One of the things that's missing from statistics is the players' determination to win. Some players put up good stats, but did the production come during crunch time or when it didn't really matter? The fact that Kobe likes Jermaine leads me to believe that JO is a player who is consistently tough in crunch time. That makes me to think he'd be a good addition. Same with Ron Ron. Figuring LO and Bynum for JO, and Kwame for Artest, we'd have the following:

Farmar / Sasha / ?
Kobe / Evans
Artest / Luke / Vlad
JO / Cook / Turiaf
Mihm / ?


This lineup leaves 4 spots and the MLE to aquire a decent point guard and maybe some decent vet bench players. I'm not even opposed to picking up Tinsley if we can get rid of Vlad. I'd rather trade Vlad and change for Ron Ron and keep Kwame, if possible. And I'd still like to have the #19 to get a big if we have to lose both Drew and Kwame. (It seems that Indiana wants Drew if they give up JO, but if I could get away with it I'd trade LO and Kwame for JO and Tinsley, then Vlad and the #19 for Ron Ron, leaving us with Tinsley, Kobe, Ron Ron, JO and Drew as the starting 5.)


With Kobe, Artest and JO, that's a pretty tight defensive lineup (with Mihm as a pretty decent weak side blocker) and a solid 1-2-3 offensive punch. This might also play to Farmar's strengths as a slashing playmaker, as he'd have to pick up some of the ball movement duties that would be missing with Luke on the bench. It would also be a fairly balanced offensive team with four players that can post up so that no one player has to wear himself out banging on O the entire game.


One weakness would be against the running teams. We'd have to rely on veteran experience and patience to control those games the PJ way. Another weakness might be Mihm at the 5, especially if he's not back to 100%. The main reason I have him in the lineup is because he knows the triangle and Phil seems to have confidence in him. That means 3 starters that know the system with JO and Ron Ron, both very high BB IQ players, having to learn it. We still need another solid vet at the 5, whether as a starter or a backup. Turiaf can fill in, but he's really not a 5 and it would be nice to let him develop a bit more at the 4.

Some may see Farmar's inexperience as a weakness at the 1, but with two solid shot blockers (JO and Mihm) in the paint and three solid help defenders (Kobe, Ron Ron and JO), the Lakers could use defensive schemes that allow penetration only in certain lanes that direct the O to the blockers, like San Antonio does. Besides, I think Farmar's alot better than we've even seen so far. This could be a great year for him.

Wish list:

I really like Jared Dudley, Josh McRoberts, Jason Smith and Arron Afflalo. Dudley and Afflalo are tough, athletic defenders; McRoberts is a rough and tough SOB; and Smith is showing up everyone he works out against in tryouts. I also have a hunch about Marc Gasol. I think he's going to surprise everyone. Of course, I might just be like that guy in the Sportscenter ads that talks out of his....lack of information.

That's my two cents.


Jay Jay:

"Why isn't anyone talking about this??????"

I think we've just gotten used to it by now, unfortunately.


I Saying That About Tinsley Because He Would Be Better Than Smush Who Would You Rather Have Tinsley Or Smush?

Fellow Bloggers

Want Artest On The Lakers? Bad Idea Because He Is A Ticking Time Bomb And We Got To Put Him On A Lease Before Games And Off The Court It Is A Matter Of Time Before He Be Gone From The Lakers. Camby Is Too Old So He Might Be A Bad Idea As Well But He Is Defensive Player Of The Year. So He Might Be Great For The Lakers Defense. But Still A No On Artest.


"I Saying That About Tinsley Because He Would Be Better Than Smush Who Would You Rather Have Tinsley Or Smush?"

Between Tinsley and Smush? Tinsley, but not by a whole lot.

"Want Artest On The Lakers? Bad Idea Because He Is A Ticking Time Bomb And We Got To Put Him On A Lease Before Games And Off The Court It Is A Matter Of Time Before He Be Gone From The Lakers. Camby Is Too Old So He Might Be A Bad Idea As Well But He Is Defensive Player Of The Year. So He Might Be Great For The Lakers Defense. But Still A No On Artest."

Artest may be a ticking bomb for a lot of teams, but I really do believe that he'd be just fine alongside Kobe and playing for PJ. Plus, he already has triangle experience. It's risky, but it's the type of gutsy move that we really need right now.

As far as Camby is concerned, he's 33... he's not that old. He's the Horace Grant type of player that we could really use right now.

I totally admit my Lakercentric bias, but c'mon people!

The Lakers don't trade away HOFers for parts. Other teams do that and live to regret it. That's why we're the Lakers and they are not.

I cannot argue with people taking Kobe to task for the way he's going trying to "fix" the problem. It's just that Kobe is not a Terrell Owens type who bathes in attention for its own sake. Kobe probably has no sense of humor and is probably a cult of one in terms of personality. I would just like an understanding of who disputes any of the following assertions:

1) Kobe is widely regarded by a plurality of people with an NBA paycheck as the best all around player in the league.

2) Kobe wants to win much more than he wants to be liked.

3) Despite observation 1, above, many other good players, especially the younger ones, find Kobe off-putting because of observation 2, above.

4) Despite his will to win, Kobe cannot actually win until he convinces others that he will work for their approval as much as he works to win. He seems to know this and appears slightly calculated and untrustworthy as he navigates this chasm. [I think he's like Hillary Clinton in this regard].

From my experience with other extremely narrow and driven guys, I humbly submit that Kobe needs a son. Sadly sexist, but true.

if we can't make a deal for a quality inside presence, then...

if we can't make a deal for a quality perimeter player with defensive skills, then...

then we have to deal kobe, and get as much as we can.

next, we'd have to attempt to sign gilbert arenas aka agent o aka the hibachi NEXT SUMMER.

this is a decent idea, if and only if arenas chooses the lakers next summer.

Aloha Andrew Z

I like your trades. I know that Atlanta has expressed intrest in Bynum in the past. And I believe he is a better prospect at the number 3 then anyone else that will be on the board after the big 2. There is only one problem. As a lame duck GM would Jerry west even be allowed to pull the trigger on a major deal. Especially to the Lakers. But I like the trade.


"Want Artest On The Lakers? Bad Idea Because He Is A Ticking Time Bomb And We Got To Put Him On A Lease Before Games And Off The Court It Is A Matter Of Time Before He Be Gone From The Lakers. Camby Is Too Old So He Might Be A Bad Idea As Well But He Is Defensive Player Of The Year. So He Might Be Great For The Lakers Defense. But Still A No On Artest."

J-cool, that is the reason why he should be available for cheap... His a 18.5pts 6.8Rb and 2.9stl player that has one year after next remaining on his 14.8 Million contract.... No one likes anArtest character becuase your right he is a ticking time bomb, but so was Rodman... Rodman was as responible as Scottie and Jordan where for their championship run......

Artest is a defensive specialist, becuase of that his been known a s a dirty player, name one Laker in last years roster that has means of an Artest... This is the reason why the Lakers where considered so soft..... And so weak on the defesive end... I for one think we need to get Artest and than consider filling in the rest of the line-up mainly 1 & 5 spot.. We have to many holes to fill and it starts with Artest.....

michael h,

I think if Memphis could get the #3 and #4 picks in this draft they would definitely consider moving Gasol.


I see your point and agree and again I am not an expert, I just interpreted the regulations. I just don't know how many time or for how many consecutive years the "Bird" rule could be used. It seems to me that the "Bird" exception is something you don't use on low-salary players. Let say, Lamar stays and he has only 2 years left on his contract and next year, he just beats all the expectations and Lakers would like to renew his contract next year before he becomes a free agent the following year , using the "Bird Exception". Considering that his salary is around 14-15 Mil, could they use the "Bird Exception" again next year? I really don't know.

Here is again the link with all the facts.


I heard from KLAC570 from Steve Hartman that he's sure that KOBE will be traded to the Bulls. How true is this? Do you have any Insider that will verify this. He said he based this on what the eldest son of Jerry Buss said recently about wishing Kobe good luck wherever he goes.


That More On Lamar Odom I Put Up.


I would take anything Hartman says with a grain of salt. And by grain, I mean "fistful." haha. No offense, but it's fair to say he's a touch prone to dramatics from time to time.

I'll say this much. If Kobe does get end up getting traded, I'll predict the Bulls as one of the, if not, The safest bets. But I don't think we're anywhere close right now to declaring certainties.

And because I just said this, Kobe will probably get traded within the hour. haha



I think you're trying to overcomplicate it a bit. Bird rights can be used to re-sign any player that has been under contract for at least three years. Doesn't matter how much the contract was for or how long. Using Bird rights also doesn't have any restriction like the BAE (only used every other year) or MLE (every year, only once). If you have five players whom you have Bird rights to that are expiring the same season, you can re-sign all of them with no worries.

All the trade proposals that are coming from you guys are just so impossible. Your thinking that the other GMs are that dumb for them to give us their best assets to us for our crapy ones. Forget it. If we want to get the best trade this year, TRADE KB. while he is still hot in the market and while they still dont realize that KB is the real problem in the Lakers.

I haven't listened to AM570 but if Steve Hartman made that assumption based on Johnny Buss's MySpace post, why does Hartman think the trade will be to the Bulls? I don't recall any mention of any speific team from Johnny Buss. Did he mention any other sources? Did he say he was absolutely certain? What were his exact words?
Your response would be much appreciated.


Thanks for the props ya all dacsila, KL, Laker Tom

Nice to see you cheerfull again and I am glad that we can now go back to Bball discussion.

Along with a couple of others you are one of the posters I always try to read. Love your insight and Bball knowledge!!!

I agree with most of your trade ideas. If the lakers can get JO for Bynum, Kwame, Cook, Vujacic then they definately should consider it. You are not gonna get a better deal than that. Plus that trade would mean that you would still have a shot for Artest (although I think there is no way that is gonna happen).

Forget about the offense just think what a monster defensive line up Kobe, Odom, Artes and JO would be. Yeah it is a dream but if the above trade works there is always a chance.


A team can always re-sign their own free agents even if they exceed the luxury tax; the Lakers don't have any big contracts that are up this year, though. ANd doing that this year could cause problems in subsequent years with being able to sign free agents from other teams, so it needs to be used wisely. But this season, the Lakers are stuck, and almost have no option when it comes to re-signing Mihm and Walton. (Assuming Mihm is healthy.)

Hartmans record is less then steller when it comes to breaking stories. That said, Shaq embarrassed Dr Buss, gone. Kobe embarrassed Dr Buss and ? We'll see.


Hey ya all

Does anybody have an ESPN inside account? If they do I would really appreciate if they can post Hollingers article about fixing the playoff seedings and format.



I'm suspecting that the entire thing was based on assumptions and rumors. The rumors were pointing towards Kobe being traded to the Bulls, so when Johnny posted his little message, they jumped to that conclusion automatically. Journalism at its finest.

I think this is about the Lakers belonging to the Buss family and not even Kobe Bryant is going be able to kick against that. What that means is it's Jimmy Buss' call to do whatever he thinks is best.

Even if the Lakers trade Kobe Bryant it would be no big deal because this is Los Angeles. Sooner or later there's some big star out there who wants to play in Los Angeles.

This is L.A. And L.A. is bigger than Wilt Chamberlain, Shaq O'Neil, and even Kobe Bryant.

L.A. will always attract big names.


What is this crap?

From some online source:

Buss hinting of Kobe departure
Posted: Tuesday June 12, 2007 09:55AM ET
Johnny Buss, the oldest son of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, sent a bulletin to friends on his page that contained a peculiar reference to the team's nine-time All-Star. 'If you've been following the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it's not really drama -- sometimes we all need to make a change in our lives and that's all it is,' Buss wrote. 'Popular or unpopular, when it's time, it's time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!"

This team is screwed.



The Bulls make the most sense because they could give us a decent package in return and still be at a championship level (with Kobe). And they're in the East, where we would more than likely send him.

Give me Deng, Thomas, PJ Brown S & T and the #9 pick and I'm sending Kobe on the first plane to the Windy City.

I've got a great idea: run in and tell your client or your boss that you should make a decision based on some critical information you just read on MySpace.

I suggest you update your resume before you try that little gambit.

It seems like the bar should be higher, not lower, if you are pro. journalist. What a joke.

"How Can You Say That JO Going To New York Is Good For The Lakers? We Need To Get Somebody That Can Score And JO Is That Guy That Can Score."

How long is it going to take for people to realize that the Lakers can score. Their problem is ALLOWING POINTS.

What was the last score against Phoenix?


We scored 110 points but lost by 9 points. That's a defensive problem. That's been the story all year long.


I just read on MySpace that Shaq will be the official spokesperson for a new Bennigan's vegetarian sandwich: The Shagrilled O'Cheese. Sounds scrumptious.

Woops! I guess I should have read the artical in "main" before I posted...

Still...this is turning into "King Lear" or my favorite "Ran."


Andrew Z,
'Give me Deng, Thomas, PJ Brown S & T and the #9 pick and I'm sending Kobe on the first plane to the Windy City'.

Deng is not as good as people think, he is good, very good but not great. The bulls would still have kirk, Gordon, Kobe and Ben Wallace. That would make them contenders, since they could then probably trade Duhon and Nocioni for another big to play with Big Ben. The Blazers need to lose Jamal so thaats an option. Hey thats a great trade for Kobe

I don't think there is a solid basis on what Steve Hartman said about the possible trade of Kobe to the Bulls. He did not said anything about he's got a source or something. I guess, he's just giving an assumption based on what that loser Johnny Buss said about wishing Kobe good luck wherever he goes. Steve being the version of Cow Simon of American Idol, on their radio Loose Cannon, a negative and always against Vic "the Brick" and Mychal Thompson is only teasing the two die hard Laker fans. He choosed the Bulls because that's the best trade partner of the Lakers in terms of players/salaries and that's one of the team that Kobe wants to be traded.
I don't worry about what Steve said. For me Kobe or no Kobe I will still be a Lakers.

Michael T,
"How long is it going to take for people to realize that the Lakers can score. Their problem is ALLOWING POINTS."

So true. That's why just one move alone, replacing Artest over Luke next year, will be a HUGE improvement for the team. Now that Houston and Miami are in the mix for Artest, management must make Artest priority number 1 (or 1B). Artest only makes about $7mil. He might self destruct, but the risks are pretty small, considering his salary. The rewards, however, are potentially HUGE.

All this trade talk is pointless if what Johnny Buss said in MySpace is true. His comments are frightening. He is Dr. Buss's oldest son, and they are vacationing together. Although he is not part of the organization, whatever he says has to be taken seriously.

Is the myspace page verified as being authentic. I mean any jack ass can put up a myspace page and claim to be some other person.

And umm if the page is real, then d rest of y'all sing with me:

Ooh it's the lights (you're blinded by the...)
Action! (you need that...)
Hollywood (Uh Uh Uh Uh)
Ooh it's the lights (you're blinded by the...)
Satisfaction (you need that...)
Hollywood (Uh Uh Uh Uh c'mon)

Sounds like Johny is just blinded by the lights and needs some more of it. Hopefully I don't tune into my tv tonight and find out espn and co. have decided to grant johnny his wish.

You're right do you think we should pursue Artest to fill that defensive void?

Exhelodrvr, Generic_one,

You are both right to the point as far as I can judge as a non-expert. And I am not trying to overcomplicated things, by no means..... It is just an amateur speaking and questioning. I get the point and I will go back to NBA regulations' literature ( if I have the time) and I will educate my self a bit more.

Thanks for the feedback. Both of you. lol


I'd be stoked for a Kobe trade! I know that ain't gonna play well around here... but... look at where we are at. Gutting the team for Jermaine ONeal? and then hoping we are able to pry a wacko from Sacramento, who will A. cost us too much because Sacto will try to stick it to us any way they can and B. is pretty much GUARANTEED to have a meltdown if not this year then next year when he suddenly retires so he can produce rap records...

I guess it depends on your timeframe. My timeframe isn't just next year, it's the years beyond that. Build around Bynum and Odom (what is he? 27?), get Tyrus Thomas, Ben Gordon, maybe Nocioni in a sign and trade, the #9 pick and maybe even Chicago's 1st rounder next year along with filler. We can still try to trade Kwame, Walton - sign and trade with somebody?, and possibly move Vlad Rad at the trade deadline.

Retool! Sasha will EXPLODE without Kobe around, just like Iguodala did when Iverson left... ok... just kidding... but if you look 2-3 years down the road, we are much better off moving Kobe now then trying this half a$$ plan of bringing in Jermaine ONeal and ??? and some overpaid guard we won't want in 2 years when Kobe opts out...

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