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Live from Liberty Grill/Maybe a draft live blog

We're definitely at the Grill.  If you got some feedback or comments, shout 'em out and we'll try to get ya heard.  And you can listen by hitting the link.

As for the draft live blogging, we'll do it if possible.  But if we can't, let us know what's happening in NYC.  We hear Greg Oden may slip to the #19 spot.  Granted, the source was the Liberty Grill valet, but hey...


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You are consistent, wrong, but consistent.

Can you tell them that there are lots of us that don't agree with you???


Colorado still loves the Lakers!


They're pretty aware, but we'll put in the blogsophere opinion.



Is Jackie Johnson there? That's me sticking my head in the place and looking around.


Mike T,

She's not here. But your restraining order is. haha


Considering they consider us whack jobs, maybe they don't care what we think lol.

Any word on Cookie for Head? Ok that sounds funny, but you know what I mean.

On the radio, at least address the $$$$'s lost issue to LA! if it is an issue, would you do anything to help reverse Kobe's

While you guys are there, please see if anyone will take Kwame for three rounds of Anchor Steam and a large plate of nachos. Not the small order. I think a former No. 1 pick warrants the deluxe plate of cheesy goodness.


Tell them to shove the Kobe petition up their a$$es.

Oh, and just saw on that Andy Katz apparently has news of a big blockbuster that's going down and will report it soon.

They might want to drop that piece of info.

And remember the petition.

Well guys,

It's time to say bye to Kobe. I believe we'll get nobody this off-season. I was really hoping that we can land Jermaine without having to give up Lamar, but it's only a dream.

Here is my outlook of where last year's starting 5 will be playing

Smush (probably will stay in L.A. but with the Clippers. That team needs
some help at the PG position.)
Kobe (probably will stay with the Lakers like a disgruntled Ralphie Parker
not receiving his Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot
range modern air rifle bb gun or commony known as Kevin Garnett)
Luke (will resign with the Lakers..hopefully not for too much money)
Lamar (we'll see him again...I hope he finshes the season the way he
started last year)
Kwame (he'll be there)

What are you guys eating?

I'd get something like minature cheeseburgers or maybe some grilled shrimp with some other grilled species to go with 'em. Mmmm. Sounds good. Any regular bloggers there? How would you know?



Regarding Kobe being the "best player in the NBA" and everyone waning to play alonside Kobe:

Last year our big free agent signing was Shammon "who?" Willams .

This year our big free agency signing is Theo "who?" Papa-something.

Can some please explain this? I know, front office is incompetent.

Go for Rudy Fernandez!

Hey, can someone tell me what Mike T looks like? I imagine a middle-aged Phillipino dude with big thick-rimmed glasses.


Lets hope we can strike some luck and get a good draft pick.

In regards to Kevin Garnett, I know I'm in the minority, but I've always believed that getting KG won't make or break the Lakers.

The Lakers don't need another superstar, then need 2 good quality players, a 3 point specialist, and a defensive stopper. KG won't do it for the Lakers. KG is really nothing more than a good scorer, and the Lakers don't need another good scorer. The Phoenix Suns have a ton of good scorers. Dallas has a KG-like MVP. Houston Rockets have two high powered scorers.

None of those teams have rings.

The teams that win championships are teams with good role players, at least one high quality player, and teams with excellent chemistry. The team chemistry makes team defense work. Role players keep the train running, and the one high quality player puts the dagger in the monster.

I don't see how KG would really benefit this team, at least to an extent to win a championship. Think about it.

I'd like to see this team get Ron Artest and Jermaine O'Neil. We don't need Bynum, and we really don't need Lamar. People want to keep Lamar because they feel sorry for them. Lamar is 27 years old, going on 28. He's never been able to make his mark in the NBA. I know he's a nice guy. Big deal. We need people who can play consistently.


Kevin Garnett has had quality player surrounding him in the past, and he's never been able to lead his team to a championship.

We need Ron Artest and Jermaine on this team.



Does anyone know much about this Sun Yue guy? 6'9, handle, pass-first mentality.

I'm in Dallas, and people and enthused about him. He's also a mature 22, which makes him sound like Phil material. Of course, the last thing Kobe needs is a language/cultural barrier; he seems to have enough trouble communicating with American players. Are there any decent Italian PG's in the draft?


all is not lost. kobe has been exposed for what he is, The Big Bleeping Bleep.


"Hey, can someone tell me what Mike T looks like? I imagine a middle-aged Phillipino dude with big thick-rimmed glasses."



Mark Madsen is a good interview, tell him thanks.

Red dress!


"Hey, can someone tell me what Mike T looks like? I imagine a middle-aged Phillipino dude with big thick-rimmed glasses."

ie, nerd.

"Any word on Cookie for Head?"

Must be one heck of a cookie!!

When I figure this type pad account stuff...I'll put up a photo.


Last Minute Trade Idea:

How about WE jump in and do a 3-way with the Hawks

Atlanta gets: Odom and our #19 pick plus Minnesota's #7 pick

Minnesota gets: Bynum, Kwame, and Atlanta's #3 and #11 picks

We get : Mr. KG

Satisfies the T-Wolves need for a high draft pick along with a young potential future star and an expiring contract.

Satisfies Atlanta's need for a proven strong frontcourt guy to go with Johnson. And going from #3 and #11 to #7 and #19 isn't that much of a price to pay.

Satisfies our need for KG!!!!!

Mitch can you pull it off??????????


That's an interesting take. I just don't think that all two-superstar combos are the same. I've posted before that KG and KB seem to complement each other extremely well, from both mental and physical standpoints. Clutch v. consistent. Score first v. flow of the game; Funloving v. Serious, Dirty work v. prima donna work, post v. perimeter. Vertical mobility v. penetration. Handle v. positioning.

They are also alike in their desire to play intensely to win. I believe it would be good for both of them. I'll also continue to believe that KG is the one player in the league who out-Lamars Lamar on the floor. This is why they are different from the Yao/T-Mac or AI/Melo combos.

Why don't all us bloggers just post or age, race, marital status and political affiliation. I bet it would make some the rationales behind the blogs a bit clearer.

Is the draft being webcast by ESPN? Does anyone know?

Faith, ExHeloDrvr

"Any word on Cookie for Head?"

It's like tit for tat, only better.

ESPN Reports are that Ray Allen is headed for Boston for the #5 and a couple players



KL, try to spell Filipino right if you want to talk deal with race. It is spelled Filipino here in USA and "Pilipino" in the Philippines ( no F in the national language). Just for your info.

Don't start war with Mike T., let's be focus as one UNITED LAKER FANS.

KL Beast:

"ie, nerd"

I fear we're all nerds. My only saving grace--as I've forever been compared to Anthony Michael Hall from "Sixteen Candles"--is that he became quite the stud in "Dead Zone."


Why do you need the race of bloggers? What's difference of cultural diversity? Why talk of these things on draft day? lol!

if that's correct Seattle will have the #2 & #5 pick.. Dangerous, very dangerous!

Damn, on this blog I'm as famous as the basketball players we're talking about.


Troy, allow me to start:

34(*), Pimp, Pimp and Pimp.

* - that's in pimping years.

I'm not sure if that actually helps anyone, but I, for one, believe in full disclosure. Cheers.

"Why don't all us bloggers just post or age, race, marital status and political affiliation. I bet it would make some the rationales behind the blogs a bit clearer."

i'd be afaid to say i'm white (if i were white) cuz you'll tear me se puede.

BTW, my here's my bio

race: human
marital status: loney
age: too old to be blogging all day
political affiliation: pot smokers of america

The Faze - (I now feel Mamba24's pain)

ESPN is offering an insider free preview today for the draft.

the original Faze- LAKERFAZE

Just when you think it's OK to include Mike T in the conversation...


"Damn, on this blog I'm as famous as the basketball players we're talking about.


You are a man amongst boys Mike T. at least here. In the real world, I am not sure. Pompous.

"I fear we're all nerds. My only saving grace--as I've forever been compared to Anthony Michael Hall from "Sixteen Candles"--is that he became quite the stud in "Dead Zone."

i'm afraid you've just disclosed your age to Troy.......OLD MAN. just kidding, i grew up in the "Sexteen Candles" era too. I can't believe i use to think Molly Ringworm was hot. Didn't Hall always play the nerd in every movie? i know cuz i related to the nerds.


i didn't post the comment regarding "Phil-a-pee-nose". but i do appreciate the acknowledgement.

Hey, has Kambros said anything yet? (I like to consider them one two-headed person)..


The D.

"I, for one, believe in full disclosure. Cheers."

We can go naked on the blog, that's full disclosure. lol!

D, this is nervous time, do we have KG, JO or they are both gone.....?


"Just when you think it's OK to include Mike T in the conversation..."

Do you mean you've been ignoring me? LOL! You want to know what I look like...even though you've been ignoring me?



"We can go naked on the blog, that's full disclosure. lol!"

what are the odds of seeing plenty of pot bellies and thunder thighs?

Wes, BK I think came up with...

"square of indifference"



Yes, the big 80's....

I like to think of the 80's as this generations 90's...



I have no issues with you as long as you aren't on one of your anti-Kobe crusades.

Here's some info on the potential Celtics/Sonics deal.


I threw out the line about Paris Hilton and the Koran. haha

By the way, everyone. Just wanted to give a shout out to RIck Friedman, whom y'all know from the blog. Well, he's here at the Grill. Good man, that Rick Friedman.


You here that, K bros?

You're world famous!

When does the world takeover occur?

The #3 is no longer suspense but it's #5 boston pick and #8 bobcats. MJ is still on the phone, it could be with Phil Jackson or Steve Kerr arghhh!

Jim Gray said: absolutely no offer on the table for Kobe. That's good news to us except to KL. Well, it is also good news to KL or else he has nothing to post about if KB is traded, therefore we'll have KL throughout the year. lol!


Bravo. Agreed 100%.

The only issue I have with JO is whether his salary justifies the trade. Is he a max-money type of player? He's very, very good. No doubt the kind of player to complement Kobe, because he won't fight for control of the locker room OR the ball. But at that price?

And will the Kings trade Artest in conference?

I think those two could put the Lakers back into the picture. The Spurs beat everyone with 1 Superstar and 2 All-Stars and a bench full of role players (they'll reload with younger talent, but that's another story). It can be done. They need some proven guys to give the rest of the roster more confidence because Kobe is such a huge presence, and I think that really intimidates the younger guys on the roster.

This all assumes, of course, that Kobe comes out of his snit.

(P.S., I'd have said (and have in fact said) the same thing about acquiring Kidd and Artest, but that's also a different story)

Michael T,

Don't think for a moment that the Laker players, their agents, families, friends, or employees don't read this Blog. It makes sense that they would. I'm certain you are known by some of the players. I think a handful of us bloggers have made an impression, be it serious or comical, upon more than a few Laker players.


I've given up just hoping for magical trades to work out for the Lakers. I'm now resorting to my old standby: drinking heavily and hoping for magical trades to work out for the Lakers.

Ahhhh... that's much better.

ESPN reported that Kobe Bryant isn't going anywhere.


Pot bellies and thunder thighs, that's reality that you live in America. Servings are too big to ignore. What's the connection of this on draft day?

Sweet, we're not trading KL away! Awesome for us, sorry KL, you have to stay...

Tell Rick I said hello... he's one of the best bloggers, easy. Wish I could be there.

I'm hoping that KG deal is just smoke, otherwise I'm quite sure it's Phoenix, and that's not what I want to hear (though how much does he really upgrade their team? It's more of a sleight to us)

On a side note, I met Paris at our high school right before the start of the school year last year. She was shooting a video from one of her songs (don't ask me which). Soon after that day, she was arrested for drunken driving (go figure).

Anyway, Paris is a lot taller and a lot thinner than you'd think.

OK, let's get this baby going.


troy, like i've said before, i think you're alright. my anti-kobe crusade is only limited to what kobe does as it relates to b-ball. thanks for the post.

Freddie King still mentions you Mike...


"What's the connection of this on draft day?"

my bad, i was thinking of a pint of bud light.

Is bob there?

Tell her I'm watching her. AK is still mine hahahahaha.


How did MIke T get his name in bold blue?


Rick is representing!



"I like to think of the 80's as this generations 90's..."

now that the sunglasses from "ChiPs" have come back into fashion (you know, the aviator glasses), you think mullets, cross colors, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice will make a comeback too?

I hope this draft brings us magical memories... like this one

Is it me, or do they both look they are in the witness protection program?


how about those nasty leotards.

The D,

Don't drink and drive if Lakers get KG. Greg Oden #1 pick. Will he become the new Chief or another Candyman?

Heehee, the "Cookie for Head" comment was hilarious.


i guess one consolation is if kobe gets traded, KL will have nothing to talk about....

What's the secret people...

How does one get their name in bold blue rather than this inglorious grey?


At least one blogger is there. Whats the atomosphere like K bros?


You have to click on the typepad account Sign in and follow the instructions.


laker Lover,

It's a little mellow right now, but a few more people are starting to filter in a bit. As it gets closer to folks getting off work, it should get busier.



KUPCHAK hasn't made a swap at the trade deadline in five (5) years. NOW THIS INEXPLICABLE SILENCE?



I should have went. I thought it would have been packed so I didn't go.


Ray Allen will now be a new lephrechaun. With Devin Durant on the Sonic uniform. Szerbiak and Delonte West goes to Sonics.

At least, we have removed Boston from KG derby but still bobcats pick is suspense, is it bynum or amare?

I say we bring back Sven Nater , he was one of my fav lakers of all time! Is he a free agent?


"you think mullets.. will make a comeback too?"

You mean they went somewhere? They only place I want to see mullets go is through the roof, baby!

Actually, I was watching The Lost Boys the other night and it suddenly dawned on me: Keifer Sutherland's greasy spiked mullet in that movie was clearly the harbinger of the Beckham "faux hawk" of the early '00s. Check it out. It's alarming.

Also; it is no secret that Keifer Sutherland is the keeper of the 80's. The cultural relevance of that decade varies proportionately with his celebrity.
Keeper of the 70's? Jodie Foster.

Can you believe the Grizzlies took Conley? Wow!


Memphis got Conley, a good PG. So they are disposing Kinsey who is a good shooter or Dahntay Jones? Is Jones better than Farmar? they are the same price.

Is Conley the lefty from Ohio State, the freshman?

The Sonic's made that trade. Allen to Boston for the number 5.


Seatle will be young but talented.

Props for sure to RIck F for his blog contributions.

I completely forgot that MJ was in charge of a pick again. This should be bigger news. Why is no one specualting on what horrible pick MJ is planning on making in the draft. Can we force him to take Kwame again???

If I were a GM I would ask MJ who he thought had potential just to be sure who to stear clear of. Haha...

CS in Virginia

Jeff Green and Durant? Aren't they both SF?


Whatever happened to ex-UCLA player Cameron Dollar? I only ask because it would have been nice if the Lakers would have drafted him, kept him, and then traded him for Luther Head.

Headline: Kupchak gives up Dollar.... oh, never mind.

I guess Seattle wants to go young and rebuild, but they'd rather pair Durant up with Jeff green than Ray allen? Interesting...

My prediction for next year:

Spurs will be boring, but annoying. Like the fat accountant who sits next to you on a transatlantic flight.

Didn't Cameron Dollar coach somewhere local? UC Irvine?


I thought China wanted Yi to be in a big market team.

What's gonna happen there?

Thank god I was born in 83 and don't remember much of the 80's.

I guess rashard lewis is out of seattle, cos its clear that they have found replacements for him.

Does this make Charlie Villanueva available?


Bucks gets Yi, a PF so that means Brian Skinner becomes available. He's a former Clipper at 5.8M. No dice Mitch. There was a rumor that Yi does not like to play with the Bucks? He likes LA, why not? Chinese food is abundant here.

"Spurs will be boring, but annoying. Like the fat accountant who sits next to you on a transatlantic flight."

I like the fat accountant who sits on you during the flight. In fact, I get annoyed when it doesn't happen.


Sam Woo chinese food. Yummm

Corey Brewer for T'wolves, I think Glentay is trying to team him up with KG, it's possible KG will not be traded.

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