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It's not clear yet who'll be on the 2007-2008 roster

But whichever lucky 15 players don the purple and gold, the Lakers must hire this cat to create their likenesses.  Seriously, that is masterful work on display (although one could make an argument that the artist perhaps needs to get out more).  And bottom line, there can't be a more intimidating sight than that of an Etch A Sketched Kobe Bryant.  Not possible.  You leave one of those renderings in the visitor's locker room as a warning sign, I guarantee the coach immediately declares a forfeit and puts his team back on the bus.  Done deal.  You just don't screw with the Etch A Sketch.

Question.  When it comes to sketching Sasha, would you prefer a vision of him hoisting from behind the arc, creating what all agree is a picture-perfect stroke?  Or would you rather see the anguish typically boiling over 1.4 times every 12:48 minutes, that moment of "me against the world" emotion commonly referred to as "the face?" 

Me?  I'm voting "face."


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Dr. Buss only picks the most beautiful girls to be his oracles.......

"Pray to the wind, the Lakers will fall. Kobe Bryant Will be traded."

"Trust the front office"

"Honor the front office"

Foolish management. Foolish old man.

I CANNOT agree to a Kobe trade because I DO NOT trust the incompetent front office.


Hmmn...tough one.

I'd go for one when he's "combing his eyebrows" haha.

Hey the other team can't lose, all they gotta do is shake "Kobe" and poof he's gone lol.


Are you kidding? You can always find a pretty shot. It's face.


Well, nobody says a write in vote wouldn't be allowed. haha

I must disagree with you, however, about the Etch A Sketch's power fading simply upon being shaken and erased. By then, the image has been seen and the damage done. It's burnt into your skull. As the saying goes, you can run, but you can't hide. haha


if they ever trade kobe bryant it will be years before the lakers ever be in playoff contention. they need to add another superstar with kobe and a better supporting cast. you cant trade thebest player in the league away. they screwed up once with shaq and if you trade kobe away itsall over for the lakers. just build a contender around kobe for heaven sakes kobe is the nba right now.

King Lakernidas "THIS IS LAKERLAND!!!!!!!!! "
Well said King

Has anybody heard any news on Theo Papaloukas? He'd be a great pickup for the Mid-level (esp. if Hill is longer an option). Jackson likes big point guards, and with Odom presumably on his way out, we'll need an new Initiator.



Thus far, the front office:
-allowed a crackhead horse trainer in Jim Buss to have authority over basketball decisions.
-allowed Buss Boy to air out his complaints about Phil publicly, although he doesn't even attend practices.
-allowed Buss Boy to claim his power to the throne by stating Kobe "can" be traded publicly.
-had the supposed owner arrested for DUI.
-allowed the supposed owner to go on vacation in a time of Laker crisis.
-drafted Brian Cook ahead of Barbosa in the first round, despite
Ron Harper's (our scout at the time) pleas to the front office that Barbosa would be a definate star in the league.
(Josh Howard, Carlos Delfino, Kendrick Perkins were all drafted in the 1st round after Cook).
-signed 60 year old Vlade Divac. -signed 50 year old Aaron McKie, who couldn't even get any minutes on the Sixers!
I can go on forever. Mangement has proven that they have absoultely no clue.
Trading Kobe is definately a possiblility for this idiotic bunch. Posted by: Mitchell | June 12, 2007 at 06:01 PM
Remarks: Mitchell, this has the potential to be the post of the year

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When the Lakers trade Kobe to the Bulls and the deal includes the #9 pick, who does everyone think we should get?

I think, from a marketing standpoint, that if Yi is available, you have to go that route. There's a big Chinese population in LA and you could make up some merchandising revenue you'd lose with Kobe playing in Chicago.


The impression I've gotten is that Ronny's occasional hip problems and (especially) his propensity for picking up fouls are doing more to limit his minutes than any heart issues. And, of course, the fact that Turiaf may not possess starter's skills at the moment, which makes starter's minutes less optimal (although he's really improving at a nice rate). But in any event, I wouldn't worry about the heart surgery as a deterent. That seems to be more of an afterthought, from what I've gathered.


From the Wojnarowski column:
Cleveland earned its way to the Eastern Conference championship, but this is too much, too soon for this franchise. Before the game, former Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy said that he thought five Western Conference teams could beat the Cavaliers in the finals. "And you can make a case for six and seven too, Denver and Golden State," Van Gundy said. "The disparity between the East and West has never been greater at any time since I've been in the league."
Hah, who does that leave as number 8 with no chance?

When can trades officially happen, 1 July?

This has really been a depressing off season for the Lakers and I don't know how much better our future will be.

Colorado STILL loves the Lakers!

After ready the man trade and free agent possibilities on this blog, I have to ask the following question.

Most would agree the lakers need more toughness and defense, offense was not an issue this season.

My question is what happens when your captin and leader, Kobe, only plays defense when he feels like it and/or does not bring it for 48 mins every night because he is too "tired" from shooting and playing offense?

How can you expect the other players on the team to buy into a defense philosophy when the captain and leader is not required to do so or cant do so?

On great teams like the Spurs the super star buys into the defensive philosophy so the other players follow. I see the same with Lebron and to a lesser extent Dirk.

Why is Kobe not held to the same standard if he is the leader of this team?

I'm starting to like the deal involving Paul Gasol more and more.... I think if we trade Andrew Bynum, Sasha V and our 19th Pick to Atlanta for their 3pick and Josh Childress... We can make this happen..

Atlanta also has 11th pick to go along with our 19th pick... I'm sure they can get AC Law at 11th.... Plus they get their potential big for the future....

With the rights to the 3rd pick, I would trade Kwame Brown, Josh Childress and our 3rd pick to Memphis for Paul Gasol and Terence Kinsey... Now I really think with Iveroni as their head coach, they would really want to get Lamar instead of Kwame... I personally would still pull the trigger, only I would ask for Hakim Warrick as well to make the contracts match.... WIth us having Kwame's expiring contract we can persue RON RON...
Sign Maglore to veterans min.....

I personally think with Ron Ron, Lamar and Kobe on the same team, your going to have problems since they all play with the ball and not without it....

A line of


Sign Luke Walton
Mo Evans

This is also a deep great line-up.. To many SF, but hey we can always package them to get ourselves a PF....

Laker Lover,
its easy.

Kobe is all-defensive team.

Most of the time he plays adeqaute D. SOme of the time he plays great D.

But regardless he makes a couple of big defensive plays a game.

IF you are going to bear the scoring load, you cant waste your legs playing great D all game.

More talent = better D from Kobe.

It's that simple.

Oh yea, he's all defensive team too...

Jerry Buss's oldest son, Johnny Buss, posted this on his myspace account:

"If you've been following the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it's not really drama . . . sometimes we all need to make a change in our lives and that's all it is. Popular or unpopular, when it's time, it's time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!"


Jerry Buss's oldest son, Johnny Buss, posted this on his myspace account:

"If you've been following the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it's not really drama . . . sometimes we all need to make a change in our lives and that's all it is. Popular or unpopular, when it's time, it's time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!"

Bit of a repost, but isn't LeBron more at a Penny Hardaway ca. 1995 level than a Magic Johnson ca. 1980 level right now?

I'm sure someone with a fancy subscription and archive access could more accurately regale us with how the media anointed Penny as the second coming of Magic, "but more athletic." I, for one, liked Penny's game even as I winced at anyone being compared to Magic. Despite his obvious gifts however, Penny's career was a cautionary tale.

I'm just parroting what many of the greats have said, but for LeBron to be truly "anointed," he has to be able to deliver or realistically threaten to deliver monster games consistently for some time.

This level is presently occupied by one Kobe B. Bryant. It is also the main reason Laker fans need to hitch our wagon to Kobe rather than to whatever combo meal deal we can get for him in trade.

To the "trade Kobe" contingent, I don't understand what is accomplished by tearing Kobe down. If you really think the Lakers can get value for him, shouldn't you elevate him rather than diminish him? I mean you don't whine about the house as you are trying to sell it, right? I realize that scouts probably aren't making decisions on the basis of blog entries, but as we are seeing with Johnny Buss's comments, media outlets will print anything as rumor; there is no question the reps are affected by rumors.

Laker Lover I defenitely agree with you as far Kobe not being commited in playing D for full 48Min...But I disagree with you on the part of his teamates being able to play D... When you have Smush, Cook, Sasha, Vrad, Bynum and Jordan Farmar ( even though these two are still young) How do you get motivated in playing D when you see that these crappy players can even stand in front of their man for a sec... This team is a complete mess when it comes to defense... That's why we need big changes.... Changes need to be for tough minded personall, period... ARTEST

Laker Lover

Kobe !st team All NBA Defense.

Labron zero votes


Korey- That contradicts what is agreed on, offense was not the problem this season and there was no need for Kobe to shoulder the scoring load.

Defense was the problem and I believe its clear Kobe was held to a different standard than the rest of the team. Historically that creates problems with team chemistry and players dont buy into a team defense philosophy.

And as everyone knows Kobe making the all defensive team this season was a joke, even PJ admitted that.

AB, "Jerry Buss's oldest son, Johnny Buss, posted this on his myspace account: "If you've been following
the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it's not really drama . . . sometimes we all need to make a change in
our lives and that's all it is. Popular or unpopular, when it's time, it's time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!"
What the F*CK Has the whole world gone mad.

Im not saying Lebron is a defensive stopper, but the team definately buys into playing defense hard for 48 mins and Lebron is a big part of that.

I dont buy the I cant play defense and shoulder the scoring load thing, do you see Duncan taking plays off because he is scoring. Its more of a commitement to play hard than anything and I didnt see that this season from Kobe for whatever reason.

I dont know if I would call Artest tough minded, for those who remember he refused to play awhile back because he wanted to work on his rap album.

Talented no doubt but more like a box of chocolates, never know what you are going to get.

Laker Lover,
I have to ask you how many games did you watch this season?

Offense was not the problem? Only because Kobe shouldered the scoring load at such a high efficiency rate.

Matter fact, I know you must not have kept track of the season because how do you think the Lakers scored points when Walton, Odom, and Kwame all took turns on the injury list?

How did the Lakers score so well? hmmm, lets see... GIVING THE BALL TO KOBE!!!

Now when people werent hurt in the beginning of the season this wasnt the problem.

But this is the type of cockamanie argument that I resist in engaging in because its so obvious what happened.

Players got injured. Kobe stepped up his scoring game. But now, we're going to use that against him to say he doesnt play defense...

What he had to do something because he made the all-defensive team.

so yea, team defense was the problem. Especially when you have no shot blockers at the rim and no big men to defend the pick and roll. How is that Kobe's problem again..???

What a minute, Kobe making all-defense was a "joke"?

Oh yeah, you're right, comedians are the ones who vote these distinctions... Carlos Mencia, Carrot Top, George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld and the home town favorite Jay Leno.

It all makes sense now... these are the same guys voting for MVP the last several years as well, Dirk, Nash...

That really IS FUNNY!


Wouldn't you agree that the Saint has done a damn good job of doing both, and it ain't over yet?

I look forward to the day when this storied franchise once again plays true team ball and becomes a front runner.

This won't happen until well after the Saint is playing somewhere else (God forbid Sacramento).

Nothiing new on that from me. You've heard it all before, but of late, moreso from the Laker Nation.

Wise up and become a champion again!

Hello girls. Having a nice summer?

Laker fans please open your minds to trading Farmar.

Farmar is the piece ...

I'm trying to tell you guys, that it's going to take Farmar to get J.O. to us without giving up Odom...

Bynum + Kwame + Radmanovic + Farmar + Cook + Vujacic + #19 pick = JO & Tinsley

That is the one that needs to happen...

IF Farmar has to go in order to not give up L.O. then that's fine. All we'll do is draft another point guard and develop someone behind Tinsley. Also, we'll finally get rid of the cancerous, talent deprived players in the form of Kwame, Cook, and Farmar.

The lineup is

That's a good team. Real good. Odom, Walton the main distributors. Kobe and O'neal the main finishers. Tinsley runs the offense.

On the bench we still have Evans, Turiaf, and Mihm.

Would you rather do the deal I propose or give up Odom & Bynum.

Farmar... has... to.. go...


AB, "Jerry Buss's oldest son, Johnny Buss, posted this on his myspace account: "If you've been following the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it's not really drama . . . sometimes we all need to make a change in our lives and that's all it is. Popular or unpopular, when it's time, it's time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!"

I say they buy some time from this guy get him to design a wall for the Staples Center for the fans to see of the whole team. Then give a wall in each locker room of the current year Laker team.

Maybe they go big and get his to do a collage of pictures that form an 81 from a distance.


Another thought on defense. Maybe some of the other old b-ballers on this blog will back me up on this. When you have an injured ankle or knee it is much easier to play offense then D because you are reacting on defense. And when you consider

Kwame- ankle (had surgery)
Lamar knee (probably getting surgery)
Luke -ankle
Mo- knee
Kobe -knee
Andrew- ankle
Smush- Ok just bad

I think this had a little more to do with our defensive woes then Kobes lack of defensive LEADERSHIP.



We've been discussing Fredo for the past three days. You allright man?

My point about the all-defensive team is that it's voted on by the coaches themselves, the ones who actually have to face these players night in night out, and they aren't allowed to vote their own players (if I understand correctly).

That's the first part of the argument. The coaches themselves see Kobe as a defensive presence that causes problems for their offense. As for Kobe taking "plays off", this a bit of a myth. I hardly recall (excpet maybe when he was coming back from surgery) where Kobe was not present defensively on every play. He may not have the high intensity every single possession, but even I know this is humanly impossible. I used to race a lot, and I can tell you this, the best conditioned athletes can go 100% for at the most 90 seconds (it's usually much less, like 40 seconds). If you go peddle to the metal, you have less than a minute before your body totally shuts down. Well, NBA is not all out like that all the time, but even so, if Kobe had to bring that 100% intensity on every offensive and defensive possession, he'd have to be subbed out every other minute. In other words, thanks to the set up of the NBA game, Kobe can "pace" himself. This does not mean he's taking it easy on certain possessions, it just means he's able to provide adequate coverage without expending huge amounts of energy.

Laker Lover,

You are kidding right. You are saying Dirk and LeBron do more on the defensive end than Kobe? Last I checked, none of them even got a mention on the All-D panel.

Now, Kobe could have done much better on the defensive end - especially when compared to years past. That leads me to - why did he get 1st place All-D team?

Is it because there aren't any good defenders at the SG?

Article from the NY post -

Thomas has not approached the Lakers yet with a firm offer, though he admitted at Orlando's pre-draft camp he concocted a series of tentative offers. Sources say the Knicks would be atop Bryant's and O'Neal's wish lists. Bryant has a no-trade clause and can nix any deal.

Don't trade Kobe.

But if you do, only one team would be stupid enough to give us MORE value that what he is worth.

The New York Knicks. We could clean there clock in a trade.

Kobe would love playing at the Gawden. The bad boy of the NBA would become the hero that saved the Knicks. I lived in NY. Trust me on this. The media would love him more than Patrick Ewing. The NBA office would have to follow suit. No more suspensions (try that stuff Stu on the NY media and they will run you out of town) Kobe will go to the line 15 times a game. 2-3 MVP's for sure. A walk thru to the finals. ESPN WILL CROWN him better than Jordan.

Kobe will have weekly guest appearances on Letterman. He will be the new guest host on the Today Show. The local NY papers will actually praise him, not make a practice of villifying and slandering him, like the LATimes. The dems would grab him when he retires and make a US Senator of him, after he serves his term as mayor of New York. That little white girl in Colorado, will be labled a gold digging slut. Dolan will give him his own Cable TV show, "Mamba 24". Kobe's poems will be on display at the Met. Kobe speaks fluently every language found on the streets of New York. How many NBA players can order from the Menu in any language and ask the sushi maker, how are his kids doing in Japenese? The Knicks would have Kobe opt out of his contract in two years, just so they can double his salary.

Youz from New York, know this the truth.

Kobe will be the KIng of the world. The man who saved the Gawden and the NBA. Someday when Kobe passes away, a statue of him will adorn the lobby.

The Laker faithful will look to this trade the same way the Red Sox look at the deal that sent the Babe south to the Yankees. Wondering why they were cursed and why they have never won a championship since Kobe left.

Don't trade kobe. Deny him his destiny. Make him suffer in LA.



We trade Kobe, and Mo Evans (or Farmar, either works) to the Knicks for Jamal Crawford, David Lee, Jared Jeffries, and Channing Frye.


That would leave The Lake Show with this lineup:

Channing Frye-Radmanovic
Odom-David Lee-Jared Jeffries

They'd bring in some decent young talent, but would all of you "Trade Kobe" guys be happy with this lineup? Chicago is a possibilty too, but they don't have any salaries to make the deal happen. They'd have to sign Nocioni to a HUGE extension, or resign PJ Brown to a HUGE 1 year deal.

If you "trade Kobe" guys sit down and think about what you're saying, you'll see it doesn't make sense. The Lakers will be worse off than we are now, and they won't be getting much cap space because no one is in the final year of their contract. But hey, if that's really what y'all want, us east coast laker fans will benefit because we get to see Kobe play every day.

I would go with the picture of sasha's beautiful 3 point shot, cause if he ever goes in a 3 point contest in the gym by himself, i'm taking sasha over any nba player. Once sasha finishes, he will walk out and tell us his score. Yes, grrrrreeek dude, (with rolling r's) I tsust (just) shut (shot) e thirrrty out of thirrty. I win. When I tell him he lied then he whips out the sasha face. See, i get the two for one.

Notice how after LeBron plays subpar, all the kobe hates vanish? It's amazing how a LeBron's performances affect how many annoying posts we get on this blog.

David Stern must be salivating over the idea of Kobe in New York.

I wonder if we'll hear of any eavesdropped cell phone conversations of David Stern talking to his minion Stu... I can see it now "Stu, Stu, we have to let up on this Kobe thing. He's on our side now... Stu, I know, I get it, we loved suspending him, but let's just hype him up like we used to do. Lord knows we NEED Kobe to rescue our dying league... you with me Stu?"

Two more weeks of this drama? arrrrrghhhhhh

While I give the etch a sketch drawing points for difficulty (though this medium is growing in popularity), the artist needs to work on his anatomy. The arms are way too short and cramped into the form, robbing Lebron of much of his athletic power.

I appreciate the novelty, but thriving on novelty alone is a weak (if sometimes overvalued) strategy in the art world. No matter how you do it, presentation is everything in art.


Farmar has to go? Farmar is a cancerous, talent deprived player? I didn’t even have to read the byline to know who posted that. Come on, Korey. First, you supported Smush Parker all year long, which resulted in Farmar not getting the PT he should have gotten with the starters. Now you want to include him in a trade to get JO and…wait a minute here...Jamaal Tinsley? A player who can’t even shoot a midrange jumper and has a $34M contract that is the worst of the suite of bad contracts that Indy wants to dump? Tinsley is a guy that most Pacer fans to consider to be a thug and loser and their version of Smush Parker? Oh, now I get it. He’s going to be your new Smush. Look, you don’t have to dump on Farmar anymore in order to prop up Smush. Haven’t you heard, he has a new free agent contract with…well, I’m sure it’s going to be announced soon. Hopefully before they repossess the Smushcalade! Take off your Smush is the man and Farmar Sucks ball cap and get real. Farmar is not going to be part of that deal. Bynum, Kwame, Cook, Sasha, and #19 pick for JO straight up. That’s the only deal the Lakers should make with Indy.


James Hastings,

Damn. Tough room. haha


Kobe in NY would solve a lot of the NBA's problems, particularly by having the most water-coole-talk-inducing player in early games throughout the season. They may have to rename it Kob-ESPN. It would also level out the competition between the conferences. The rivalries with LeBron and Wade could also be hyped.

This move will do nothing for the Lakers, however. As I am a Lakers fan before I am an NBA fan, I am against this move.

Aloha Weave-man

The rumors I have read on a Bulls trade for Kobe has the Bulls giving up Deng, Gordon, Wallace and their 1st round pick for Kobe and another small contract. While I believe no trade for Kobe is a good trade, I could live with that one.


I want to see KOBE in a Knicks UNI!!!!!!!!!

If He went to Sac Town, somehow I think Sonnybelfast would be the first in line to get his "Proud Sacramento Brokebacker" tatoo. Sonny, just admit it.

Fatty, great post! But, all that you said can happen for Kobe here in LA. It's inevitable. Nothing can deny his destiny. Stay strong Kob', we're behind you on this!

I also had noticed Lebron's arms were too short, especially his right arm that was made towards the end of the video. Either way you slice it though, unless they used camera tricks, that's one unbelievable etch a sketch!

Laker Love,

No question Kobe's defense slipped this year but remember that he came off of knee surgery. Moreover, while Tim plays great defense, his offense slips a little as well (ex-game 3 of Finals). But the biggest thing you have to factor into the equation is that Tim does not have to carry the brunt of the offense like Kobe because he has guys like Parker, Ginobli, Finley, Horry, etc. Also factor in the fact that Kobe plays a lot more minutes than Duncan and you can see how the comparison is not fair.

If we want to intimidate the other team with Sasha's Etch-a-Sketch image, he'll have to be drawn wearing a pratice jersey. That will bring shivers down any opponent. His practice jersey is the equivalent of a superhero costume. With it, he is a mythical basketball force. Without it, and wearing only civilian clothes (game jersey) he is forced to conceal his identity and pretend to be a hapless mortal on the court ala Clark Kent.

Steven! freakin Steven!


Your Lebron has not shown anything in the finals. Why don't you watch Kobe when he first got to the Finals! 4th quarter with Indiana he went seven for seven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody remeber this what game number it was? Many times KOBE BRYANT wne to the rescue!



Luke Walton is better than kwame brown!


I vote Face.

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team.

Suave, smooth-talking, and hugely successful with women, he serves as the team's con man and scrounger, able to get his hands on just about anything they need. Effectively second in command behind Hannibal (although technically Murdock outranks him), he is the one who arranges for supplies, equipment, and sensitive information using numerous scams and hustles.


How about them Niners? So give us the inside scoop from Sacramento as far as the chances that the Kings would trade Ron Artest to the Lakers. Will they make a trade with us? Will they accept Kwame and his expiring contract in return for Ron? Who would they accept? And is Rambis going to be the next Kings coach. We’ll be waiting anxiously for your response.


if kobe is traded to the knicks, we'd regret it even more than dealing shaq.

because the knicks aren't afraid of a luxury tax.

they've had crappy teams for the last 8 seasons while being over the luxury tax, and they haven't blinked an eye.

if they are able to land kobe, they will bring in the necessary talent to contend for titles, even if they have to overpay.

i kinda wish dr. buss had that mentality. he has a moneymaker with the lakers. and instead of investing in that moneymaker, he chooses to keep taking the max cut for himself.

imagine watching kobe & co. zoom through the eastern conference playoffs for the next 6-7 seasons while we remain a bubble playoff team (if that)?


Lakers starting FIve/bech
1. Starbury / Farmer
2. Jamal crawford / Evans
3. Lamar / Luke
4. Lee / frye
5. Kwame / bynum

I think this would be a very competitive team with three all-start caliber players in the starting three and very solid bench.


Please stop, the very thought has me bed wetting and Dreaming of Jeannie.

If the Saint became a King, I would seriously entertain rejoining the Laker Nation.

Although, it would be very tough to support a team whose fans get behind an icon more than they do the welfare of their team.

By the way, we are the "Queens", remember? You are the Broke-backer. Don't be ashamed.

Lakers Fans,

The hate does seem to be a lot less today than day's past... could it be because of San Antonio? We all wish LeBron & company our best, but still, these guys shove every new flavor of the month down our throats when all we want to do is talk basketball & likely trades.

While it might be unfair to lift the restrictions, at the end of the day, you're either left with a fair league like is now, except empty stadiums and fans who are off to the baseball, football, or hockey game, or we make the rules completely fair instead of the outcome. The NBA is dying a slow death.

I'd also argue that it's severly, and I mean severly un-american the way the league is set up now. A player cannot "interview" with different companies "teams" to determine the best place to work (salary, working conditions, upward mobility, proximity to family, etc)... they're locked in. The league set up exploits the athletes. Conversely, the players exploit the teams with their ridiculous contracts... the cap and rules are only leading to more and more outrageous contracts. For example, the other day, someone posted (I think it was Pincus) that we could sign McKie to a 3 million dollar contract in a sign and trade. He would then get cut from Indiana's roster. This proposed move was strictly to make a deal work, yet, McKie gets rich on it. This stuff is going on everywhere, it's disgusting.

Meanwhile, ratings are down and the worst teams in the league get "rewarded" for their lousy management through the lottery. You said this should happen, but it ALREADY is happening every year! I hear what all the haters are saying, because if it weren't for Kobe's heroics, we would have landed in the lottery and would have had a shot at the big reward.

This isn't the way sports is supposed to be! It's EXTREMELY un-natural. Let's get back to a free market system instead of this socialistic crap.

isaiah would trade his left nut for kobe.

because he would turn right around and also get jermaine o'neal.

or wait to get kevin garnett next summer.

dealing kobe to the knicks would be the worst thing, unless of course you are an avid fan of the knickerbockers.

Marbury seems like a class guy, and I think he got a bum rap. That said, he's really not all that good at, you know, basketball.

Knicks starting five/bench
1. Francis/Nate
2. Kobe / Balkman
3. Richardson / Vlad Rad
4. Jerom James/? need to sighn someone
5. Curry / sighn

Not Bad for the east, could easily be a top three see and with some good free agent pickups could be championship contender

For the record I would never say Lebron and Dirk do more defensively than Kobe, you missed my point. Its about buying into the team defense philosophy and getting your teammates to follow suit. The Mav were just another team until Avery got them to play defense. If your superstar does not buy into the philosophyand practice if, it has no chance of being successful.

As for the all defensive team, we has this discussion when Kobe got the award and its an award of reputation more than performance. Not unlike the gold glove award in baseball. To me that makes the award meaningless and a joke. And Phil even laughed when asked how Kobe make 1st team last season.

Laker Tom,

Thanks for answering Korey. I was trying to wait until I cooled off, but I was so steamed by the way he trashed Farmar, I couldn't compose a response. Your rules of the deal for JO are right on the money. Now, if we could only get you into the front office to keep Mitch in line!


"but would all of you "Trade Kobe" guys be happy with this lineup?"

NO! LOL! Actually I'm not a "trade Kobe" guy but where there's smoke... and there's A LOT of smoke here. Kobe has not rescinded his trade request and will probably talk to the Laker "brain trust" if you will, when they get back from their respective 20 year old "hot chick" weekend bonanza's... not a very smart move on their part. While I understand that a cooling down period was necessary, putting it off this long most likely resulted in Kobe getting more and more steamed as each day passes. He has to be asking himself, ok, so we get Jermaine ONeal, and ??? and ??? Jermaine ONeal doesn't put us over the top, does he even get us to the 2nd round of the playoffs? Jermaine ONeal and what army? Kobe and Jermaine would take up probably over half the payroll.

Kobe was already miffed about the "insider" comment, now "Johnny" Buss, out of sheer stupidity posts that he wishes Kobe well wherever he goes? LOL! You can't write this stuff! This is dark cloud stuff, I don't see either side giving in much in this meeting so Kobe will continue to push for a trade and he has ALL the leverage here, let's not kid ourselves. If he wants out, he can make things... very bad. Imagine starting off next season with Kobe sitting out. Can you say, 0-10 start? Maybe we beat the Clippers so we go 1-9 to start the season... we're already in rebuilding mode at that point, we should have started earlier...

So if Isaiah Thomas wants Kobe, he's got to do better than Jamal Crawford (craphound - there's 20 guys in the league like him), David Lee (hustler - no more upside), Jared Jeffries (??? wha?), and Channing Frye (could play much better in a new system).

Chicago's got the goods to at least give us some kind of return. Players with some upside and a good draft pick. NY would have to involve other teams in the trade and they've got a crappy #23 pick this year. The other teams are difficult to say. Philly? Why would Kobe agree to that? Boston? Charlotte's an interesting one but would the shoe companies sign off on it?


Quality A-Team reference! That just never goes out of style.

Over/under on year of release of inevitable A Team movie? I have it at 2011.
Over/under on tomato-meter of said movie? 31%.

Percentage chance that a pathetic, aging Jim Carrey reads for the Murdock part? 92%

Also, in a misguided attempt to court street cred, B.A. Barrachus will be played by 50 Cent or whichever interchangeable gangsta rapper shoots him. That's a shame because I think Funkmaster Flex (the Pimp My Ride guy) is a natural at this position, as is Big Boi from Outkast.

I have Terence Stamp ("The Limey") as Hannibal, although at the present rate, you could have a real Iraq war general.

Is there any doubt that Orlando Bloom is Face?


Let’s revisit the Jason Kidd trade because I think it offers the Lakers some great options. It gives the Lakers an immediately upgrade with a big 3 of Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd, and Lamar Odom for the 2007/08 season plus a chance to clear $36M in salaries and get under the salary cap after the 2008/09 season, allowing us to reload for the 2009/10 season, after which Kobe will have a chance to opt out of his contract.

As for the deal, Jason Kidd will make $19.7M next year, meaning we would need to send players with total salaries of at least $15.8M to satisfy salary cap rules. That could be done by sending Kwame ($9.2M), Bynum ($2.2M), Cook ($3.5M), and Vujacic ($1.8M), who total $16.7M – a four players for one player trade. Assuming we re-sign Luke Walton and a healthy Chris Mihm, our roster would then look like this:

1 – Jason Kidd | Jordan Farmar
2 – Kobe Bryant | Maurice Evans
3 – Vladimir Radmanovic | Luke Walton
4 – Lamar Odom | Ronny Turiaf
5 – Chris Mihm | MLE and #19 Pick

Obviously, we would be seriously weak at the center position, especially since Mihm’s full return to health is uncertain. But we would be able to use our MLE and our 3 draft picks to get some defensive and rebounding oriented big men to back up Mihm. The rest of the lineup would be pretty solid, however, and Kidd would dramatically help the team in almost every area we are weak, with strong defense, rebounding, playmaking, and leadership at the point guard position. Despite the weakness at center, the team would be a dramatic improvement over this year.

If the team contends, great! If they don’t, then we would have $36M in expiring contracts with which to make a deal at the end of the season or to use to clear cap space at the end of the season to reload with free agents unencumbered by the salary cap to make sure that Kobe does not opt out after the 2009/10 season. Or we could give Lamar and Kidd one year extensions and then be in a great position to go after Lebron, Wade, or Bosh, all of whom can opt out after 2010/11.

What do you think?


"The NBA is dying a slow death."

I think that is an exaggeration. The biggest problem with the league is the overall quality of the play, not the fact that New York and L.A. don't have good teams. Too many teams, marketing that emphasizes individuals instead of teams have added to that. Those could be changed. A rookie salary cap would help somewhat. So would increasing the minimum age by another year.

In addition, there have been generally poor finals the past ten or so years because the east is very weak relative to the west.

Giving extra benefits to Los Angeles and Boston is not going to bring people to the games in Memphis. All it does is try to cover up poor management there.

Laker fans.........I don't think we are in very bad shape. I do think that we do need to keep Kobe & Lamar at all costs. Simply because of their match-up possibilities.

Jermain he a post player. The good news is that Lamar is a great post player. If you can get Jermain & still keep LO, deal has to be done.

I think our biggest focus must be a defensive minded true point guard. Not necessarily one to run the offense. The triangle doesn't need the traditional guard.

A starting line up of

PG (?)

with Walton, Mo, & Mihm off the bench could be very good. I think this team could compete in the top 4 spots of the west! In a 7 game series...anything is possible.

Any thoughts?

"I want to see KOBE in a Knicks UNI!!!!!!!!!"

You can't have him, he's ours.

TwoOone 7

My wife said that at breakfast today, fed up with how the Times treats Kobe. "Maybe he should go to a place where he would be appreciated, He deserves as much" Even the PHX fans said they would never treat their players that way.

Johnnie Buss, the Lakers new PR Spokesman, replacing John Black, said Kobe is on his way out. Does this hurt the Lakers in trades or FA acquisitions? With jonnie going public and all? sarc


If we get Jason Kidd, we're going back to the Finals.

I watched a summary of the Lakers Dynasty 2000-2003 on ESPN today. I almost cried. What beautiful basketball. What fantastic role players. What a team.

I have faith in this team and particularly in our coach, Phil Jackson, a Laker. We just need one more piece. One more piece. That's it. It doesn't need to be a superstar like Kevin Garnett (the best Laker who is not yet a Laker) but we need just one more solid star.

Glenn Rice (who everyone forgets) played an important (if underappreciated role) in our first championship in our first championship of the Jackson Era. We need another Glenn Rice, perhaps someone a little better than Glenn Rice, but we need a third star. It could be Bynum, but that guy needs to embrace the crazy dark fire which Kobe has to be that this year.


"King Lakernidas "THIS IS LAKERLAND!!!!!!!!! "
Well said King"

Hey now, I did that first! With a great speech in front of it.

why the hell does johnny buss even have a myspace?

that says a lot about the buss family.

johnny buss must always be that guy "who's a lil too old to be in the club."

just like pops.


One additional comment on my Jason Kidd trade speculation: There is a player in Minnesota whose contract, assuming he does not opt out at the end of next year, would expire at the end of the 2008/09 season. Wouldn’t it be great to be under the cap if Kevin Garnett becomes a free agent then? Knowing KG, he will probably NOT opt out of his contract but will complete to give the Timberwolves every chance possible to put together a winner. The Lakers could actually be able to get under the cap enough to sign KG using Lamar’s and Kidd’s expiring contracts. That would probably convince Kobe not to opt out of his contract, don’t you think?



You let a nobody take the wind off your sails and float in the ocean of grief and depression aimlessly?

Get a grip of yourselves; this is the Glamorous Ship of Mambas with a taste for Kiwis and merciless Gunners on their side.

We ain't gonna let that Johnny Jerk take the wind off our sails, we are sailing to the harbor of champs where Golden Balls are fallen in the hands of Alamo Pirates from the Lone Star State. Our knights in purple and gold will recapture the Golden Ball and Champagne Dreams.

Captain of this historic vessel wants to jump over the board, so be it. He didn’t invent the game of Basket and Ball. The breeze of our hopes will fill the sails and land us on the Promised Land. We have been there more than once; we have enjoyed the sight of purple and gold mountains with the Golden Ball shining on top, filling our hearts with joy and pride.


The "Nash is better than Kobe" talk was traded in for the "LeBron is better than Kobe" talk which has now been traded in for the "Kobe should be traded to NY" talk.

Let it roll, trolls.




All of the talk that somehow Kobe is at fault for the 7 years of inept decision making by Mitch Kupchek and Jerry Buss is amazing.

I just read one of the most interesting articles about the reality of Kobe Bryant's achievements and the perception that the media creates.

I hope you enjoy it

"Anonymous" then made a more specific assertion, namely that Bryant owns six of the 13 worst shooting percentages all-time for 50 point games. I'd never heard that one before and did not even know how to confirm or deny that, so I asked "Anonymous" what his source was. He told me to go to this page at I'd visited there before but had never done the exact box score search that "Anonymous" did. The first thing I noticed was that the box score search function only includes games from 1987-present, so no "all-time" rankings could be made based on this kind of research. There have indeed been 13 50 point games since 1986-87 in which the player shot worse than .500 from the field and six of them were by Bryant. According to "Anonymous," this proves that Bryant is nothing but a gunner. However, I took a closer look at the numbers and here is how I described (in the comments section) what I found: "Kobe's team went 3-3, with two of the losses on the road (even good teams struggle to win half of their road games). The worst of Kobe's shooting percentages is .415 but that includes 7-15 shooting from three point range. He ended up with 50 points on 41 field goal attempts, well more than a point per shot, and had eight rebounds and eight assists in a 112-109 win. A similar story can be told for most of the other six games; in every single one Kobe has significantly more points than field goal attempts because of three point shots and drawing fouls for free throws. Any coach would love to have a player who can score 50 points at a better than a point per field goal attempt clip."

Field goal percentage is not the best tool to evaluate overall shooting efficiency, particularly for players who shoot a lot of three pointers and/or attempt a lot of free throws. A much more precise measure is "adjusted field goal percentage," which is calculated, as I explained in another comment, "by subtracting free throws made from points scored, dividing that number by field goals attempted and then dividing again by two. Apply that formula to Kobe's 'worst' 50 point game in the boxscore search and it works out to .500! In other words, in Kobe's "worst" 50 point game he shot the equivalent of 25-50 from the field with no threes or free throws. Of course, he made a lot of threes and free throws in the actual game, which mitigated the effect of his missed shots." I also pointed out that in the game in question Bryant had eight rebounds and eight assists. "Anonymous" stated that Bryant is just a gunner, that he puts up meager statistics in other categories in his high scoring games and that his high scoring games come against weak teams that the Lakers would have beaten anyway. The idea that the Lakers would have won these games anyway clearly makes no sense and in a previous post that looked at Bryant's statistics in his first 16 40 point games of 2006-07 (he later had two more such games with very gaudy shooting numbers, 17-33 and 18-25) I showed that during those games Bryant averaged 7.0 rpg and 4.7 apg while shooting .514 from the field, .500 from three point range and .853 from the free throw line. That works out to a .575 adjusted field goal percentage, which is very good. Bryant averaged 48.9 ppg in those games, during which the Lakers went 12-4; they went 1-1 in his two subsequent 40 point games (which were actually 50 points apiece), so Bryant spent more than a fifth of the season scoring nearly 50 ppg while shooting a tremendous percentage, contributing rebounds and assists and leading the Lakers to a 13-5 mark. I challenged "Anonymous" to find another player, other than Wilt Chamberlain, who had 16 (I should have said 18) such games in one season. In the face of such numbers it is silly to talk about the records of the various opponents: all NBA teams have good players and no one else can come close to doing what Bryant did against NBA opposition. Of course, those games do not even include his "greatest hits" from previous seasons, including his 81 point game, his 62 points in three quarters versus Dallas (outscoring by one point over a 36 minute span an eventual NBA Finalist) or his 56 points in three quarters versus Memphis on January 14, 2002.

This whole interesting discussion came in response to my post Making Your Teammates Better. Two things that I find very interesting about the way today's NBA is viewed are (1) that Steve Nash is basically immune from any criticism despite being a two-time MVP who has never made it to the NBA Finals and (2) that some people respond with a visceral negativity to the idea that Bryant is not just a scorer but in fact the best and most complete player in the game. Regarding point one, think about this: Nash finished his season by shooting 1-8 in the fourth quarter of a very winnable Game Five and then almost completely disappearing (three points) in the first half of Game Six as his Suns lost to the Spurs. Have you seen or heard anything about those stats, other than at this website? Meanwhile, LeBron James' decision to pass the ball at the end of Game One versus a heavily favored Detroit team supposedly is a referendum on whether he will ever be a truly great player. This is James' first appearance at the Conference Finals level, while Nash is a two-time MVP whose team enjoyed homecourt advantage against the Spurs (at least until they lost it in Game One). Regarding point two, the "Making Your Teammates Better" post focused on what great players do, specifically, to make their teams better and I used the consensus top five players in the NBA this year--Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, LeBron James--as examples. One would think that this would be non-controversial, but the mere suggestion that Bryant--a three-time champion like Duncan--should be considered a team player apparently greatly irritates some people.

I don't "love" Kobe Bryant or "hate" Steve Nash. I think that they are both excellent players. What I "hate" is that most of the "experts" who analyze basketball do not apply the same standards across the board when they evaluate players. I try to make player evaluations the way that a scout would. As I put it during my exchange with "Anonymous," "Kobe has no weaknesses:

1) Finishes at the hoop with either hand
2) Dribbles well with either hand
3) Has excellent post moves and footwork
4) Draws fouls and shoots FTs very well
5) Has three point range
6) Can get off a good shot attempt even against good defense
7) Rebounds well for his position
8) Reads double-teams well and makes the correct passes, which don't always lead to assists for two reasons: the second pass out of the trap often leads to the assist and it is not possible for anyone to get an assist if the shot is not made
9) Excellent defender, as acknowledged by the league's head coaches in All-Defensive Team voting
10) Tremendous inner drive and will to win

There is no other player in the NBA about which all of the above can truthfully be said."

Players should be evaluated on their skill level and how they apply those skills during games--and that has nothing to do with the cliched concepts of "loving" one player and "hating" another player.

To read more of David Friedman's articles, check out his website: 20 Second Timeout

James~ really ?

I can't see giving up the #1 player in basketball for three or four guys who can't even advance (win) the East. Why would we think they'd even be competition in the West? Are some of us forgetting Mello, and A.I. didn't have a complete season together. The Suns are deep in the draft, and have Marion to offer? We can go on and on.... but, Maybe its just me and my appreciation for Kobe and his game, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on a deal with the Bulls or Knicks simply because the numbers work. The eastern conference is the weaker conf., so why would we want to bring in players who aren't even the top of the East. You want to visit a empty Staples Crt. then make the trade and watch what happens. No big names on the court, will in turn give you no big names in the seats. Business is business and Apple isn't going to give up the I-pod for a bunch of scratched vinyl records.

I'm a Lakers fan and Kobe fan. At first when I heard Kobe demand a trade I was very upset with the though of Kobe not playing with the Lakers. It still kind of bugs me. However if he were to get traded to the knicks it would work out the best because I could then root for two teams in two seperate conferences.

You're spot on about the quality of play. I made that point earlier today, talking about for the past 15 years or so, kids only work dunks and three pointers. You're also correct that the East is generally weaker than the West since MJ hung em up.

I still don't see how creating a true free market system, the essence of capitalism and American values, is covering up bad management. Nor do I see how that's directly solely at either LA or BOS. On the contrary, the current system rewards the weak with draft choices that could absolutely alter the next ten years of play (look at when San An sucked, they got Tim Duncan). The free agent system is unfair. The salary cap is unfair and restrictive, especially all the trade constraints that go along with it, and finally, the lottery system is extremely unfair... I see no basis in fairness with it at all.

The NBA welfare system must come to an end. We need to promote WINNING, not losing.

Pfunk: Well stated and well supported. Props.


i think everybody is simply waiting for some real news to post about.

however, the boring nba finals series is not helping.

add to that, the trade/free agent market is not officially open til 7/1.

so you may need to get used to the kobe hate, the kobe love, trade speculation, kobe-shaq dynasty rehashings, draft and offseason strategies, trade kobe banter, anti-buss sentiment, and which bloggers are REAL laker fans...

it sucks, i know.

but it's all we got right now...

The lakers would be getting and established all star point guard in Starbury, and would also get Jamal Crawford good J, has good handles, and create his own shot like very few can in this league. IN David Lee the Lakers get a tremendous rebounder and defensive player who hustles his butt off. In Frye the get a big man who can who is an emerging all star. The kid is super quick, has a consistantly make the 18 foot jumper and has some abilility in the post. Averaged 10 points last year with limited time.

Great post. That article left it all on the table. There's very little to argue there except "but, but... " yeah, move your butt and go blog somewhere else man...
Ah we want the funk, gotta have that funk, ah we need the funk..

The league having "marquee matchups" in the finals, which is what it sounds like you want, is not the measure of a healthy league in my opinion. I am fine with lower ratings if the overall quality of basketball is better. ANd that does not mean giving additional advantages to some teams simply because of their location.

james a.k.a. mitch kupchak a.k.a. spike lee a.k.a. isaiah thomas a.k.a. die hard knicks fan who wants the best player in the league on his squad for 4 cast offs

can't blame you, unless of course you are really mitch kupchak

in that case, screw you mitch!

Pfunk dropping the knowledge like a BOMB!

Hello Tom,

Are you sure you're not Yul, the winner on Survivor?

I'm excited about the Niners, no doubt about it. Man, I like what they are doing and expect them to make some noise soon. Why did you stop your weekly commentary (during the season) on the football blog? I bragged about you, then you disappeared????

Rambis is a good guy. I was able to get his, Kobes, Vlads and Farmers attention at Arco . I got em' all trying not to laugh. I hope he gets his shot somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't think he is still in the running for the Sacrmento job. Heavy favorite right now is Scott Brooks, a Kings assistant and former NBA player, as you know. What I like best though, is that the organization is mostly being mum, which tells me that Petrie is back in charge, because that is how he operates, as opposed to the Magoofs. So, who knows?

While I know that Petrie was high on sending Bibby packing (and all but had the deal done before the Magoofs nixed it) last season, the Magoofs recently publically acknowledged that Petrie will be the primary basketball decision maker. We love and trust the man up here, so this is good news. Bad news for the rest of the west if it is true, because we'll be back soon enough, maybe even before you if you wait so long that you don't get great value in exchange for Kobe.

Bibby, Artest, or both gone? Who knows. Both or either may be back. Remember, the two played fine together under Adelman. Artest was a model citizen, and there is nobody who plays harder, not even Kobe. I think a lot depends on who they select as coach, and how they feel about it. Only outside of Sacramento have I gotten the impression that either Artest or Bibby will go for less than a fair exchange. Lots and lots of talk from bloggers and pundits; nothing from the Kings organization.

I'd let either of them go for a high end first rounder and maybe a Kwame or other mid-career big. Martin, Williams, Garcia, Douby, Price and a couple of first rounders are what excites me about the Kings. If it is true, and Petrie is back in charge, then most speculation is next to worthless, and as a Kings fan, I couldn't be happier.

"the current system rewards the weak with draft choices that could absolutely alter the next ten years of play "

That has been in effect for a long time, including the "good old days."


I can not believe you, man. How could you have possibly messed up that much? Dude, your head must be in the clouds or something or maybe it's just because it's Wednesday.

You should have "doo" FOUR times in front of the double "dah"! JEEZE!!!

That article is a must-read for everyone, especially the media.


cool article.

even though it's not rocket science.

a below average front office will always yield below average talent when it comes to FA acquisitions, trades, and draft picks.

i don't think kupchak & jimmy buss will all of sudden become master tradesmen in two weeks, do you?

the lakers ARE IN HUGE TROUBLE not because of kobe's demands, their in HUGE TROUBLE because jim buss and kupchak REMAIN AT THE HELM.

it is that simple.

Pfunk36, Thanks for that. That article really hits the nail on the head. Kobe has been the most complete and best basketball player in the league for quite some time now. Any objective look will show that. The players and coaches all know and acknowledge that.

I forget who asked but I'm not related to greek fan, and my comment about trading to the suns was a "if Kobe forces a trade" situation. If at all possible, the Lakers need to hold on to this guy.

Some people talking about potential moves really need to keep one thing in mind: this team does not need more scorers beyond a post presence. What this team needs is defense, mental toughness, and a guard or two beyond Kobe who can reliably hit an OPEN jumper. Artest should be first on the list, because quite honestly he's about the best defender around, with some offensive upside, and an attractive contract and price for his skills. Phil and Kobe can handle his attitude. If we can't get Artest, then Battier (if Artest heads to Houston) or Kirilenko (though more expensive) are good substitutes. Odom can play the 4. He is more effective when he plays close to the basket. He is too quick and long for other players his size and is an excellent post passer.

For the 1 we don't need a typical PG, all we need is a guy who can hit an open shot and play some D. For the 5, we need better defense, some degree of post-up game, and the ability to finish and handle passes. (how many points could Kwame have had if his hands weren't bricks?) JO or Gasol would be wonderful and definitely worth Bynum and anyone else not named Kobe or Lamar, but that would be a tough deal to make. Maybe stick it out here with Bynum and Mihm and try to do something at the deadline when teams are more desperate.

Lineup of:


looks awfully nice doesn't it? Tough to get all those deals done with Cupcake, plus other teams knowing we are desperate, but not entirely impossible.

Hey Dacsila,

When is that big announcement you were saying was coming during the Finals? It's 3-0 and about to be over, so what's up with your insider? Like I said, don't quote sources unless you can name them. Unreliable. Nice job making a fool of yourself.


The show,
Have you ever even seen Jamal Crawford play? The guy has scored over 50 points in a game! He is a bonified offensive force and surely not a cast-off. Starbury and LO are both NYC cats and would bond and play great ball together. In David Lee the Lake show is getting one of the best offensive rebounders in the league. And in Fry who I consider to be the weakest player in the trade the Lakers are getting a kid who can score and rebound and has a bright future ahead of him. In fact I believe the Lakers might be getting the better of the trade

Great points. I concede the argument. The league is great as is. Regarding quality of play, rule changes won't fix that, it requires effective coaching at young ages & dedication to learning the whole game. Then, the NBA must get rid of some of these stupid rule changes they always come up with "to boost scoring".

You have to at least admit, David Stern has been trying to increase ratings by boosting scoring. In basketball, the object isn't to score... it's to score more than the opponent. The game is a beautiful thing to behold when played well.

(oh wait, that doesn't fit either)


Tinsley is not as bad as everyone makes him out to be. He's not great but right now he's a huge improvement over smush and farmar. This is not to say Farmar will eventually be better than Tinsley but at the moment is not. Tinsley had a PER of 15.24 last season which puts him right in the middle in terms of offense for all players and 20th for PG's. If we can keep LO and get JO that'll make Tinsley one of our last options on offense. Which will allow him to focus on defense which, as everybody has noticed, needs major work. So if we need to trade Farmar to get JO without losing LO than I'm all for it.

I'm also in favor of trading LO to get JO if we have to. O'neal is leaps and bounds better than Odom. He had a PER of 18.86 compared with 16.62 for Odom. Plus, O'neal had a PER of 20 or more for the previous 5 seasons and he was an all-star. Compared with Odom who has never topped an 18 PER and never been an all-star. On top of all that, O'neal brings more of what we need, a post scoring threat and great defense. O'neal just fits in better. Lamar is really good player with an amazing heart and effort but he just doesn't fit as well as O'neal.

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