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Guess that kills our chances of pitching "BruinsBlog"

Or at least "BruinsBlog: Featuring Live Blogs!"

Seriously, is there anything not against NCAA rules?  If there's an organization on the planet more out of touch with the world of 1990 (much less 2007), I'd be stunned.  John Travolta circa 1976 lived in less of a bubble than these folks (although in this particular scene our hero's dwellings are "aquarium" as opposed to "bubble"). 


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wassup NY.

“Dude all kobe said was trade me or give me a contender. Kobe is not training hard everyday to become the worlds best gm, i.e. it ain't his job to do so. We all watched the team struggle this year, and most of us agree that collectively they sucked. All kobe is asking for is decent help, now as to whether that means trading bynum that's the gm's job”

so what makes princess kobe different that everyone else in the league? I suppose every other playah has to right to publicly embarrass it’s employee and be a KBiatch on national TV. BTW, kobe did have decent help until he decided he didn’t need the help. help me please.

“I repeat no one is saying trade Bynum, that's the gm's call”

do you mean mitch or kobe?

Haha, you know you'd hate it anyways as a trojan lol. Then again, at least there'd be grounds for you being called a hater LOL, jk.

I Say The Lakers Should Make A Run At Billups But It Unlikely Because He Won't Come For The MLE Money. Other Than Mo WIlliams I Say We Get Steve Blake SInce He Cheap. What Do You Think About Getting Blake Anyone?


Holy crap that Travolta link was funny! Perhaps if Smush had lived in a bubble reviewing film and practicing D last summer he would still be a Laker...

Which Laker representative will have to kick you guys out of the next game for blogging?

This Bennett guy must have been typing some serious fast stuff to make it appear live.

AK/BK - Does this mean that you guys will thread even slower so you won't get your credentials .....gulp......pulled? jk lol haha

Bennett should've just followed BK's method of live game threading. After each play, take a bite of the hot dog, check out the Laker Girls, sip a little Mountain Dew, then type some stuff. If you do it that way, it can never be considered a live thread. haha

We DON'T want to lose our Laker Live thread. Maybe a name change so as to fool the NBA security forces. New Name. Pre- post game thread

And this is from the same progressive people that changed the Indian Mascot Stuff?! And kept the USC receiver from coming back?


Mike T. will love this.

Luke on the floor allows 0.6 points less per 100 possesions when on the floor, while kwame allows 0.4 points more.

To his credit, smush does allow 5.0 points more when on the floor, so in that respect, mike t, you are right.


Little did Travolta realize that scene was providing his screen test material for "Saturday Night Fever." haha


Those vintage Travolta moves have nothing on this...

Dancing and singing lol.

Greek Dude,
Most of us have realized for a long time that Kwame's post defense does not make up for his lack of help defense, and poor shot blocking and rebounding.

They would catch on after awhile. Alternating with the "post pre-game thread" would throw them off the scent. Also, they should put on a different disguise, preferably one with hair, every quarter.

Faith , 1st let me throw up and then I will comment on your post.

Sat Nite fever and now a Dane Edna look a like. That's sickening, you should be ashamed of yourself for sharing that. lol


ex, forgive me, for i am slow, unlike my great thinking ancestors.

"so what makes princess kobe different that everyone else in the league?"

"princess kobe" -- oh you really got him. I bet all the kobe apologists are in awe of your wit. I wish I would have thought of that one.

" I suppose every other playah has to right to publicly embarrass it’s employee and be a KBiatch on national TV."

I didn't realize that kobe had any employees, at least none that he has publicly embarrassed. Oh...perhaps you are referring to his imaginary role as gm.

"BTW, kobe did have decent help until he decided he didn’t need the help. help me please."

ZZZZZZZ Here we go again. Just because you keep repeating a fact doesn't make it true. That sort of propaganda may work for politicians, but everybody in this forum knows the facts well enough to see through your sophistry. Perhaps your repetitive assertions that kobe is the gm is your idea of levity. It stopped being funny for me after the 950th time--kindly pull your head out of your arse and conduct yourself with a bit more self respect.

I have to admit that I found your posts somewhat amusing at first, but your material is getting old.

kobe takes too many shots, blah blah blah
kobe doesn't pass enough, blah blah blah.
kobe should be able to make smush smarter blah blah blah
kobe hates winning, blah blah blah
kobe should have used his leadership skills to heal luke's ankle, blah blah blah


It is a given that the Pacers interest in trading Jermaine O’Neal to the Lakers is to get Andrew Bynum in return. As a rebuilding team, in addition to young talent, the Pacers are also interested in obtaining expiring contracts and a first round draft pick. And neither the Pacers or the Lakers are interested in taking back any long-term contracts.

Jermaine O’Neal will make $19.7M next year. Since they are over the salary cap, the Lakers will be required to give the Pacers players with total salaries no less than 80% of O’Neal’s salary, in this case $15.8M. Draft picks do not count as part of salaries. Here is the only deal that makes sense for both the Lakers and the Pacers:

Jermaine O’Neal ($19.7M) for Andrew Bynum ($2.2.M), Kwame Brown ($9.1M), Brian Cook ($3.5M), and Sasha Vujacic ($1.8M). Laker player salaries total $16.6M. Brown is an expiring contract and Cook and Vujacic only have 2 years left on their contracts.

This deal keeps Lamar Odom in purple and gold and leaves us with the following roster, not counting players we would sign with our MLE or draft with our 2 second round picks:

1 – Jordan Farmar
2 – Kobe Bryant | Maurice Evans
3 – Vladimir Radmanovic | Luke Walton
4 – Lamar Odom | Ronny Turiaf
5 – Jermaine O’Neal | Chris Mihm

The good part is that the roster gives us a big three in Kobe, Jermaine, and Lamar. The bad part is that we still have not solved the problems we have defensively at the 1 and 3 positions. O’Neal does, however, give us better defense at the center position. The deal probably also means that we do not have any realistic ammunition left to make a trade for Ron Artest, so I would support the deal only if it became obvious that there was no way the Kings were going to trade Artest to us.



Another option in the Jermaine O’Neal trade would be for the Lakers to use their 19th pick on June 28th to select a player of the Pacers choice. The 19th player taken automatically receives a slotted salary of $1.0M. This means that Bynum ($2.2M), Brown ($9.1M), Cook ($3.5M), and the signed 19th pick ($1.0M) would be enough to give the Pacers in return for Jermaine O’Neal under the cap rules.


Jay Jay:

OK. No problem on the list but I’m going to drink a hell of a lot of beer at the games. Pete Maguire has already signed up so now there will be three Lakers Blog fans at the next Lakers-Warriors game. Want to make a bet on the Raiders record vs. the Niners record next year? OK, no more taking advantage of handicapped friends. lol.


Pete Maguire:

Understand about the lists. No big deal but I’ve added you to the list to go to the Lakers-Warriors games next year with Jay Jay and me. Any other NorCal Laker fans out there? Let us know.



What’s uncanny about great minds thinking alike? lol. Other than not having been an All-American at anything, there have been a lot of posts that could have had either of our names at the end.



Glad you’re back. Does this mean that we are going to be co-founders of the 55-Win Bandwagon and co-protagonists over Andrew Bynum (assuming he is still here next year)? lol.

If we cannot get Artest, then I am willing to trade Bynum to get Jermaine O’Neal. I still feel that Andrew will become a great center in this league. He has the length and height and some of the best hands I have ever seen in a big man. Wish to God we could have transplanted those hands to Kwame but then we would have had to give him Kobe’s heart also. At any rate, glad to see you are back and ready to talk Lakers.


Fellow Bloggers:

Ignore them and they will leave!


04---Tired of Primadonna

03---Edwin Gueco
10---Kobe Apologist
11---Greek Dude
13---the WOLF
14---Benny Blanca
16---staples 24
19---Rick Friedman
22---Jon Kavulic
35---Amar K


GRANT HILL... He can be an upgrade of a Ron Harper in the Lakers' triangle.

SIGN GRANT HILL. He could be a great contributor.

Come on Mtch, Jim, Dr.Jerry


“"princess kobe" -- oh you really got him. I bet all the kobe apologists are in awe of your wit. I wish I would have thought of that one.”

I actually thought princess kobe was pretty good, but to each his/her own.

“I didn't realize that kobe had any employees, at least none that he has publicly embarrassed. Oh...perhaps you are referring to his imaginary role as gm.”

If I said “employees”, I misspoke. You got me on the employee part, but kobe is the defacto gm……am I right? Kobe had a problem with shaq, gone. Problem with atkins, gone. Problem with malone, gone. And now apparently problem with the entire 2007 squad, soon to be gone.

“It stopped being funny for me after the 950th time--kindly pull your head out of your arse and conduct yourself with a bit more self respect.”

I kind of like living with my head up my a$$. Ignorance is bliss.

“I have to admit that I found your posts somewhat amusing at first, but your material is getting old.”

I’ll have to work harder for you. I promise to try harder. Hey, did you see my post to Ventriloquist? He got all pissed. You might find that amusing. Hey, I respect you POV so fee free to call me out anytime you’d like.

These days the players don't stay in school log enough to blog about them. Duncan was the last major star to 'fulfill' his collegic obligation. Now it seems only the journeyman type players stay the four years.

This leads us to the cause of a great deal of our problems, young players with no traing in the basic basketball skills. We have both Bynum and Kwame, neither even attended a day of college. Why should we be surprised when they are clueless on the court?

The main problem is that Phil Jackson is not a teacher he's a 'motivater'. He has alot in common with former Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda. Both have been belittled for lacking in the Xs and Os. Both have huge egos and enjoy the media interaction. Both have proven they can win with stacked teams.

While Tommy is a regular at spring training and tries to teach the prospects, Phil has an alergic reaction to rookies. Phil wants a turnkey veteran team that he can watch over. Phil does not WANT to teach.

Someone has to be brought in to teach both Bynum and Kwame. Maybe Jabbar should be added to the fultime staff. Jackson is not the right coach for THIS team.

We either need to throw away our young players for veterans and try to win number ten for Phil or we need to get a new coach who will teach the young players we already have. I suggest Van Gundy. He would preach defense. With proper teaching a patience both Bynum and Kwame could become excellent defensive players. WHAT SAY YOU?

There is talk about making small roster changes, big roster changes to win now and no changes.

What about another angle, roster change for the future.
Is there a way for the Lakers to clear house, bring in talent and a young shooting guard and training them for 2-3 years to be triangle experts right about time when Bynum should be in perfect form.
Instead of taking on large contracts this means trade away to get good draft picks now so triangle development can begin.

The trades of this year would be to bring in a scorer who is young and has upswing that will be lethal on the 3 year timescale. That means no players over 30.

For example, what about a trade for Bosh, Josh Howard or just Granger from the Pacers, or with teams like 76, Atlanta or the Bulls.
The aim is to get players who will be all stars within a few years meanwhile train them to be champions today.

Need to stay away from veteran heavy teams like the Nets or Suns, or with teams that are have nothing to offer us like the Timberwolves, Wizard, Cavs, and Clip, but want to deal with teams that think they are on the bubble, one player away from contention who will sell away their best young prospect for the hope that one Laker player can do it for them.
And go with a plan, targeting players who will fit into the triangle, 6-6 and up tall ball handling guards, a future talented scorer, guys with fire to train hard and become physical rebounders. The good point is we already have a young center, an energetic power foward and maybe our point guard of the future if he can develop.

However, I think Portland already has an edge on this strategy and will try to get out of their Zack Miles Jamaal contracts. I think the magic started rebuilding with Howard but they don't have enough peices so their bid into the playoffs wasn't the right timing (by a bid I mean picking up a few veterans to go with the young stars for the playoff push).

I don't know where this leaves players like Walton, Vlad, Mihm, Cook and Sasha. Mihm might be a good sign for the short future while Bynum improves and splits time with him. Sasha is a big guard, but if he wants to be more then a 3rd string bench guy he needs to put on some muscle and become not just hustle but able to take control of the game with steady shooting and go to moves (actually if all he'll ever be is the haha look at the goofball bench guy then maybe he shouldn't stay). Keeping Cook also hinges on him turning into more then a streak shooter. The Lakers will need a veteran shooter in 3 years and perhaps one of the above can be that or they could sign one when the time is right.

This does mean players like Odom, Kobe, McKie, Evans, and Williams goes.
The Lakers could keep Brown to see if he can turn it around or to enjoy the expiring contract themselves. Trade for characteristics of talent, young scorer, injury free, crime free, headcase free, hard workers and future all star.

An advantage is the Lakers already have 3 draft picks this year and good deals will bring in more of them. Can the Lakers get a top ten pick (the 1 and 2 is impossible). Atlanta has number 3 and 11 and young players will they deal?

Talent scouting and player development will be huge. We might give a up year or two of first round playoff exits, but I'd rather take a future triangle master team with dominate post play and athletic perimeter players.


Why u don't like Kobe taking too many shots? He is the best player in the planet, therefore he should take all the shots he feels needed to win a ball game. I mean he is goooooooooooooood! The 81 point outburst, one of a kind in this generation! You are lucky you saw Kobe put on a show like that! You have to admit, you enjoyed watching it yourself!

He does not do it every game, but when chance presented it self. You have got to go with all you've got. That's all he did, ain't nothing wrong with that.


The Truth! Kobe is the best player in the planet! NIKE knows it.... NBA knows it.... Julius Erving said it... Michael Jordan said it... Larry Bird said it..... All the coaches knows it!

That's the Truth!

GUnner24 and Steven, Kobe puts so much for this Laker team and it is our team! You should love the best player in your team who also happens to work the hardest to bring excitement and win games!


It is not a personal attack. Mike T is really the most stupid person Iin this blog. Because he is the only one that does not see how much Kwame Brown is a failure! Iin pretty much all aspect of a basketball game. That to me is truly stupid! No Doubt!

Chris Mihm, Luke Walton, Phil Jackson, etc. I don't care if they are still with the Lakers or not. Altough I do not think they are horrible with the Lakers. At the same time I think they are very indespensable and makes the team weak if they start. But to say Kwame Brown does not suck, to me is plain stupid.

Kwame Brown and Smush Parker, I have been saying aftter the loss to the Phoenix Suns in 06 playoffs were liability ball players at both ends of the court.

Therefore, until he admits he is wrong about Kwame Brown. I will keep saying he is stupid, because simply he is! Nothing personal there just my point of view!

Laker Tom -

First the important stuff - You're on for the game, beer man.

Now as to your trade scenario - I think it would be a solid team to field, but unfortunately it cripples us financially. Kobe, JO, and LO's salaries ALONE put us at the cap. Assuming we get Luke back for around 4 mil and Mihm for around 2.5, the combined salary of the team you propose is over 70 mil - and that's WITHOUT using the MLE.

I say better to give them LO and Kwame straight up and let us be the team taking 20% less salary. Or have them throw in Granger and its close to even. That gives us essentially the same team you laid out with Bynum at center and JO starting at the 4 - a more natural position for him. He of course can do a Duncan and slide to the 5 during the game, with Vlad and/or Turiaf spelling him at the 4.

This also gives us the full MLE to comfortably spend on a good veteran point guard to spell and mentor Farmar. And finally (and I'm only saying this to appease you), it gives us enough salary flex to trade some combination of Vlad, Cook and the 19th pick for (gulp) Artest and still be less over the cap than in your scenario.


Last Updated: Jun 11th, 2007 - 06:10:39

Draft Prospects: Los Angeles Lakers
By Eric Pincus
Jun 11, 2007, 05:35

The 2007 NBA Draft is just over two weeks away. The Los Angeles Lakers currently possess the 19th, 40th (from the Charlotte Bobcats) and 48th picks. Though LA may be able to land a solid player with their first round pick, there's a solid chance they trade it on or before June 28th.

Speaking to season ticket holders in April at the Lakers' Town Hall Meeting, General Manager Mitch Kupchak downplayed this year's draft:

I'm not excited about having three draft choices. I don't think this team needs more young players. I would like to get prospects, but I don't think that's going to be the way we'll make this team better going forward. If there are opportunities to move a pick or several picks to get the veteran player we need. I think that's more attractive to me right now.
While that may be deflating to the die-hard draft enthusiast, there's no guarantee the Lakers find the right deal before for the draft.

LA may in fact need to use their picks with the basic assumptions that Kobe Bryant, Luke Walton and Chris Mihm are all returning next season:

PG: Jordan Farmar\Sasha Vujacic
SG: Kobe Bryant\Mo Evans
SF: Luke Walton\Vladimir Radmanovic
PF: Lamar Odom\Ronny Turiaf\Brian Cook
C: Andrew Bynum\Kwame Brown\Chris Mihm

That would leave three roster spots available for any picks and free agent signing(s) via the Mid-Level Exception (MLE ~$5.5-$6 mil) and/or veteran's minimum.

The team clearly needs to add a point guard. Since the triangle offense does not require a traditional point, the Lakers may look to draft a versatile shooting guard or small forward with ball-handling/initiating skills.

With both Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm still recovering from surgeries, LA could use additional size . . . at least in the second round.

Here is the latest (unofficial) workout list culled from various sources:

Point Guards
Bobby Brown (6'1") - projected early to mid second
Javaris Crittenton (6'5") - late lottery to mid first
Brandon Heath (6'3")

Shooting Guards
Arron Afflalo (6'5") - projected early second
Russell Carter (6'4") - mid second
Daequan Cook (6'6") - late first
Coby Karl (6'4") - bottom second
Nick Young (6'6") - late lottery

Small Forwards
Jared Dudley (6'7") - projected late first
Caleb Green (6'8") - late second
Dominic McGuire (6'8") - early second

Power Forwards
Josh McRoberts (6'10") - projected mid first
Abdoulaye N'Diaye (6'11")

James Hughes (6'11")
Major Wingate (6'10")

Though this list may not be complete, it appears the Lakers are focusing primarily on their second round options.

Both Crittenton and Young would be solid choices at 19. McRoberts would seem to be a natural triangle fit as well at the four.

The odds of an Acie Law, Jeff Green, Julian Wright or the like dropping all the way to 19 are extremely thin.

Thaddeus Young is an intriguing prospect who might be available when the Lakers pick, but he seems an unlikely match with Kupchak's win-now directive.

Afflalo would be a nice choice at 40. Pairing him up with Farmar, his former backcourt mate at UCLA would play well with the local crowd. Afflalo may develop into a player similar to Bruce Bowen or even Raja Bell . . . a defensive stopper with a solid three-point stroke.

The Lakers desperately need help slowing down dribble penetration . . .

If LA lands Crittenton, Afflalo and a project big man on June 28th, they'll have had a nice draft.

Then again . . . a "nice draft" probably won't solve the major issues the Lakers are faced with this summer (specifically pressure from both Kobe Bryant and the fans to field a roster that should be able to advance well beyond the first round of the playoffs).

When the offseason first began it was easy to toss around a bunch of big names like Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol and Jermaine O'Neal.

Of the three, it appears the Lakers have a solid chance to land the Indiana Pacers' All-Star.

The Pacers are looking to rebuild and carrying an injury prone player with a $64 million contract over three years is quite restrictive. While O'Neal has had some great years in Indiana, the Pacers haven't found much of a market considering his salary.

The Lakers have two key assets (not including Bryant) that are attractive to various teams: Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom.

While O'Neal would improve the Laker defense significantly, his low field goal percentage is a worry. To give up both Bynum and Odom is simply too much for the Lakers to pay for O'Neal.

While a trade built around Odom and Kwame Brown would match O'Neal's salary, LA would be hard pressed to find a workable combination of players to send with Bynum (at least before July).

Since Indiana doesn't have a draft pick, LA's 19th selection is an attractive piece . . . but that's a problem if a deal sending out Bynum can't happen until weeks after the draft.

While the Pacers may find Bynum a compelling piece, Odom gives them enough to compete now in the East whereas the Laker center is still a year or two away from being a high impact contributor.

The Pacers actually tried to trade up in the 1999 NBA Draft for Odom, making a deal with the Raptors for their fifth pick. Unfortunately for them, the Los Angeles Clippers took him fourth and Indiana settled on Jonathan Bender.

Indiana may be willing to compromise and take an Odom package that included the 19th pick (and Brown to match salaries).

Odom has indicated recently that he'd like a contract extension if traded to the Pacers (or anywhere for that matter). That may be an issue Indiana and Odom would have to hash out post-trade. The Pacers would be acquiring the Laker forward with the hopes that he becomes a long-term piece.

Of course the Lakers would then have to compromise in return. While taking on O'Neal's salary is not insignificant, a Bynum-less package would in all likelihood require an additional concession to the Pacers.

To get a deal done, LA would probably have to take one of Indiana's long-term contracts . . . Jamaal Tinsley, Mike Dunleavy or Troy Murphy.

While it's easy to say Dunleavy or Murphy may be a better fit in the triangle, sometimes getting a deal done means taking a player who is less than ideal.

The Lakers certainly need a point guard, but Tinsley (at least on paper) is not really suited for the triangle offense. He's injury prone and has had some off-court/attitude issues that would naturally give the Lakers pause.

While Dunleavy and Murphy may prove valuable under new coach Jim O'Brien, Tinsley has far less good will left in the Pacer organization.

Indiana was once moments away from the NBA Finals with a team built around players like O'Neal, Tinsley, Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson. Unfortunately that group never got over the brawl in Auburn Hills.

Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown + 19th pick for Jermaine O'Neal and Jamaal Tinsley would help the Pacers turn the page completely while saving in the neighborhood of $55 million dollars in committed salary.

No, they wouldn't get the bright Laker center prospect but the Lakers may not be willing at this point to trade Bynum at all.

The Pacers in compromising would finally turn the page on an ugly piece of history. They'd gain financial flexibility, a draft pick, a versatile player in Odom and a last year contract (Kwame Brown).

The Lakers would compromise while taking on an enormous contract load that would likely mean a hefty luxury tax bill.

They'd also be adding a less than ideal point guard . . . but at least they'd be addressing one of the rosters biggest deficiencies with an experienced, albeit flawed veteran who still has some upside.

LA could then look to take a player like Afflalo and a project big man with their pair of second-round picks (Sean Williams, Nick Fazekas, Glen Davis, Kyle Visser, Herbert Hill, Jermareo Davidson, etc).

PG: Jamaal Tinsley/Jordan Farmar/Sasha Vujacic
SG: Kobe Bryant/Mo Evans/Arron Afflalo
SF: Luke Walton/Vladimir Radmanovic
PF: Jermaine O'Neal/Ronny Turiaf/Brian Cook
C: Andrew Bynum/Chris Mihm/Second-round pick

The Lakers would still have their MLE, perhaps for a veteran like Grant Hill (though that's just asking for another Vlade Divac, Aaron McKie situation), James Posey, Ruben Patterson, etc.

The Bottom Line
The Lakers clearly need to improve quickly, lest they risk further trade demands from Kobe Bryant.

Improving through the draft may be ideal considering the rookie scale contracts but Laker GM Mitch Kupchak sees the writing on the wall.

It's going to take a dramatic deal for the Lakers to survive the summer intact.

While the perfect trade is a rarity . . . it may be time for a compromise.


Join the group that's unraveling the fraud that has been shadow over this one dear franchise for now 3 years. If you are tired of the many excuses for AZZes and you really want this team to rebuild because we won't have nothing to rebuild for after 2009 and you don't want to be like the Celtics after 2009 when the Drama Queen snakes out on our historic franchise please join the True Lakers Group

--- KL
--- Steven
--- Tired of Primadonna
--- Steven
--- Fakerz
--- LA Guy
--- Laker69
--- LA Balla


---Uncle Tom
---Edwin Gueco
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To which list do you belong? Let us know

Aloha Laker tom

Havent been to involved with the blog for a few days but I am glad to see your continuing your fight to save Lamar. And it is important. At this point I am really hoping the Knicks will offer them something better then us because the terms that I have been reading all point to a Lamar involvement, even if they dont get Bynum. I think Bird wants to unload bad contracts as much as anything and that would require both Lamar and Kwame. So I still am holding out for an Artest deal, makes more sense because we improve and hold on to Andrew as well. And the good news seems to be the teams that do have interest really arent offering anything better then the lakers. So hopefully....

On another note the 9ers signed Sam Rayburn today. Not earth shattering but another solid vet for the D line. If the Lakers could accomplish even a little bit of what Nolan has done this off season we would be in great shape. Aloha.


Anyone else think that its kind of odd that Shaq of all people is going to be doing a reality show with overweight kids...



First off, eventhough we disagree....

Aloha K.L havent really been hanging out on the blog much the last few days but I wanted to respond to your post to me a few threads back. It was a fair post and I appreciate it. It appears we have agreed to disagree which is cool. I will give you that Malone and Payton and possibly Shaw all came to play with Shaq, if you give me Harper and Ho Grant probably came for Phil. Basically my biggest point of disagreement with your therory that no one wants to play with Kobe. It is basically, a therory because lets be honest, we havent been in a position to sign anyone substantial and there really hasnt been much movement with old vets, with a mile or 2 left in the tank over the last few years.

That said I will agree that I am sure there are some guys that Kobe has turned off around the league, all though for possibily differnt reasons then yours. I think the whole trade me, dont trade me could hurt in recruiting some free agents because after all if you are going to commit to the Lakers you kind of want to know that Kobes going to be there or will he be traded, or walk? So that could be a problem, we will have to wait and see. For me I do believe, unlike others that Kobes outburst should have been behind closed doors. I feel his frustration, I felt the same way but going public did more to hurt his cause then help it. But I still keep him if we can because we need fewer parts to compete, he is clearly the best player in the league . But if management trys and falls short of his expectations then I would consider trading him this year because he will have less value next year, with an opt out looming in 09. So as Chick would say, this is nervous time for the Lakers.



Aloha Laker Tom

Like I said to you in an earlier post that I havent been on the blog much over the last few days. I have podered whether to join your list of bloggers or not. Personally I must confess that I enjoy reponding to some of the crazy anti kobe rants with logic. Then I enjoy watching as some of the anti kobe bloggers inner 7th grader come out in their response to me, if they respond at all. Props to K.L because he always responds. But the list I would join in is a pledge to boycott those bloggers that use personal attacks and I have seen that from both sides. I think AK and BK would love for the blog to stay a civil place, where we can argue our points without personally attacking someone. If someone has a crazy idea its o.k to call them out but some of the resposes go way beyond calling out a crazy idea. So if you start a list that represents BLOGGERS FOR A CIVIL BLOG please put me at the top of the list and I will ignore those who get nasty, reguardless of which side they belong to.


hey gunner 24,

youre so one-sided and hypocritical saying that genuine laker fans will want kobe out with your so called true laker group, hating on kobe consistently and when other bloggers try to show the other side of the argument by saying how valuable kobe is to the insult them and disregard them as "kobe's groupies" or whatever your want to say. kobe may have his faults at times but kobe is also a proven competitor who will do everything in his power to help his team to victory. i truly believe that kobe will stay in la and (garbage) management will hopefully build a championship team around him.......but i guess you'll just incompetently ignore my statements and say im a fake laker fan and a groupie right?????

Aloha mike,

First off, I’m learning to respect and appreciate your POV. I will knock off the rhetoric with you as much as possible.

“Basically my biggest point of disagreement with your therory that no one wants to play with Kobe.”

Admittedly, I acknowledge that “no one wants to play with kobe” is extreme. call it shock value. All I’m saying is my personal opinion is that some in the league are turned off by kobe’s tactics (antics, shenanigans, etc.), rightly or wrongly which hurts the lakers……..hence my gripe with kobe. We can disagree, but that’s my reasoning. Like I’ve said, I will rescind if kobe can lead a laker team to a championship (I might even concede if kobe can lead a team to the finals).

“It is basically, a therory because lets be honest, we havent been in a position to sign anyone substantial and there really hasnt been much movement with old vets, with a mile or 2 left in the tank over the last few years.”

I won’t start with the “nobody wants to play with kobe” crap, but I do find it interesting that no significant free-agents, or even trade opportunities, has materialized since the shaq trade. I won’t access blame one way or another since we’re being civil.

“That said I will agree that I am sure there are some guys that Kobe has turned off around the league, all though for possibily differnt reasons then yours.”

Fair enough. Look, I could be 100% wrong and I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve admitted many times on this blog when I’ve been wrong. I believe you’re the one who called me out on the “mean-spirited” post again my favorite blogger, faith. I still think she’s a chicken-$hit for posting a nasty-gram, then running away like a little girl (or boy). That goes for Lil Troy too. BTW, Troy is Ray Allen a “bigot” and “hater” for saying the same things I’ve been saying about Prince(cess) Kob? I’m still waiting for you to “pick me apart”.

“I think the whole trade me, dont trade me could hurt in recruiting some free agents because after all if you are going to commit to the Lakers you kind of want to know that Kobes going to be there or will he be traded, or walk?”

We agree here. I’d argue that the shaq trade was also a detriment just by the appearance that kobe was holding out until shaq was gone. It doesn't help kob's cause since kobe signed AFTER shaq was traded (Exiled fka Peace’s argument).

“For me I do believe, unlike others that Kobes outburst should have been behind closed doors.”

It’s always better to deal with problems “behind closed doors”. That’s my policy in the workplace and family life.

“But I still keep him if we can because we need fewer parts to compete, he is clearly the best player in the league.”

Arguable, but I will concede one of the best players. If it was kob in the finals instead of LBJ/TD, I’ll concede fully.

“But if management trys and falls short of his expectations then I would consider trading him this year because he will have less value next year, with an opt out looming in 09. So as Chick would say, this is nervous time for the Lakers.”

Good point. For me, it was nervous time since July 2004 when shaq was traded. You do realize that I waited almost decade before there was true hope when shaq signed in 1996. I know you don’t like the guy, but he did bring results.


“Anyone else think that its kind of odd that Shaq of all people is going to be doing a reality show with overweight kids...”

Perhaps shaq realized that his time is coming up, so it’s time to move on.


“Why u don't like Kobe taking too many shots? He is the best player in the planet,”

Which planet, Pluto?

Let's face it..we're not getting any big names until the end of this year, when Lamar and Kwame's contracts expire. Hopefully that injury bug won't infest itself anymore.

Another Buss steers into drama
By Mike Bresnahan and Robyn Norwood, Times Staff Writers
June 12, 2007

With Jerry, Jim and Jeanie Buss all speaking out about Kobe Bryant in recent weeks, it leaves Janie and Johnny as the only Buss family members not to voice an opinion on the matter. Oh, wait. Make that just Janie.

Johnny Buss, the oldest son of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, sent a bulletin to friends on his page that contained a peculiar reference to the team's nine-time All-Star.

"If you've been following the Kobe drama, I want to let you know it's not really drama … sometimes we all need to make a change in our lives and that's all it is," Buss wrote. "Popular or unpopular, when it's time, it's time. Good luck Kobe wherever you go!"

A freelance photographer, Johnny Buss is not part of the Lakers' front office and holds no decision-making authority in the day-to-day operations of the franchise. The Lakers have no plans to trade Bryant, who two weeks ago said publicly he would like to be traded.,1,5835337.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers



Look at you, putting me on blast on the very first post. shame on you ... lol ... anyway, schools in session

Ya said:

"so what makes princess kobe different that everyone else in the league? I suppose every other playah has to right to publicly embarrass it’s employee and be a KBiatch on national TV. BTW, kobe did have decent help until he decided he didn’t need the help. help me please."

Dude, if you want to say kobe embarrassed the lakers in public, fine with me. Just don't start saying he's making the gm trade anyone they don't want to. At the end of the day that's mitch/buss call. If you truly believe kobe is the one's making the calls then that makes the laker front office even in worse shape than we all thought. The go from being not only incompetent to being liars and thiefs. That is they're pretending to do the work that kobe's doing for them and also they're getting paid money that should be going into kobe's pocket. Sounds like the kinda thing that would make a player go on tv and say fire front office and bring in jerry west, at least he'll do the job he's getting paid for.

On da real all this kobe forced shaq out of town and kobe's the gm trading bynum and odom just shows that you don't believe the front office has what it takes to get the job done. My superstar is upset ... boo hoo, you're the gm that's what you're getting paid to do .... i.e. manage the team. Do your F*ing job and handle the situation or tender your resignation if you can't handle the heat.

How come some of my posts haven't been showing up? I take a long time to write some of them. Anyways, here goes again:

If Artest is to go to the Heat, who would they give up in return? They would probably have to package something around Haslem or something -- I don't think the Kings would be wanting to take anything else. If I remember correctly, the Heat have the #20...

That means, a Luke Walton package with our #19 would look better for them except that we are in the same conference...

Anyways, I guess the KG trade won't come into fruition -- but whatever happened to the Gasol trade scenarios. All I hear lately is that we're getting JO. While JO is great -- he is in my opinion, too expensive.

Now, if we can get him for Kwame, Bynum, Cook, and the #19, it might be worth it, but again, I don't think that will bring us to the championship level. If that is the case, I say that we instead try to get Gasol for Bynum + Cookie + Vlad or something and then trade Kwame for Artest -- since Kwame is an expiring contract, it might really look good for the Kings. Again, same conference thing might kill it.

I don't know, just throwing out trade scenarios out there.

We need a winner and we need a winner now. I can't stand to watch any more of these Spurs/Cavs....

Oh, and to you Kobe Haters... PUCK YOO


Weber to the Lakers if this is true for the vets min. (good backup player)

"Dumars has yet to discuss plans for Chris Webber and Lindsey Hunter. Both could retire. Webber almost certainly won't return to the Pistons" DetNews

PJ and Kobe both feel his game could fit well with the Lakers



thirty 2...dont even start on the world cup man...that was just downright humiliating...

As far as I know the kiwi bird doesn't eat kiwifruit which is grown easily in NZ and is enjoyed by many a New Zealand resident...unlike Compton I personally like Kiwifruit and apparently it is filled with more vitamin C than an orange.

Incidentally vitamin C is seen as vital to ones recovery after indulging in 'scooby snacks' at a club...Compton claims to dislike kiwifruit and my theory is that he is not getting enough vitamin C after all his clubbing which affects his mood in a negative fashion.

Compton do you like oranges son?



I think Webber for the vets minimum is quite likely. He wanted to come here last year but somehow we didn't think we could find any minutes for him in our 'loaded' frontcourt.

The problem is that if we take him that means another frontcourt spot taken up by a nondefending player. Look, its almost certain that we will sign Mihm (because he will sign cheap) and he has defensive issues. Bynum is still developing and gets in foul trouble easily. The only defensive center we have is Kwame. lol

If we take on Webber we will probably have to keep Kwame. We will have to hope first, his ankle heals, second, that his relationship with Phil improves, and third, that he wants to prove something in his contract year. Thats alot to hope for. WHAT SAY YOU?


Why do you persist to argue something that you are ignorant about? I will will type slowly, so as to make this easy for you to understand. If you go to ANY NBA website that list depth charts for the teams they NEVER have the same player listed more than once on the chart. It doesn’t matter how many positions that person may play, they are only listed on the chart 1 time. It is totally asinine for you to actually try to argue that anything different is correct.

Go study a little more and then come back to the blog. I mean really…..

Michael Teniente,

Are you stupid? I’m sorry, don’t answer that……. Who ever said that Mihm or Walton have anything to do with the Lakers trying to make improvements on the defensive end? You are so fixated on Luke Walton that he is all you see when you read a comment or article. You actually suggest that the Lakers management is sacrificing winning just to keep Luke Walton looking good to the media? You know they have a place for guys like you….it’s a mental ward! What you fail to realize is that everybody on your team isn’t going to be a defensive juggernaut. In fact, they don’t have to be. Instead you need a variety of players that working together make you strong on BOTH ends of the floor. You are so fixated on the defense that you fail to realize that although the Lakers had a high point total average for the season, they rarely played solid and consistently on the offensive end. People are complaining that the Triangle is outdated and trying to play it hurt the Lakers. Well, I might would agree if they actually played it! Most times people were out of position and the offense became stagnant.

The bottom-line is that the Lakers can not afford to put so much focus on the defense that they spite the offensive end. They need BOTH!


You are basing your statements of Ron Artest and the Lakers on past situations. If the Bulls had looked at the past track record of Dennis Rodman, they never would have acquired him. You can’t do that. Plus, your comment about the Lakers not being deep enough doesn’t apply here because by the start of the season they could in fact be very deep with the right trades and acquisitions. Just sit back and wait before passing judgment on things that haven’t even happened yet.

Michael Teniente,

Since when did you become a member of the Pacers’ payroll? How do you know that Andrew Bynum is the main piece the Pacers want? Besides, your commenting on that is heavily subjective since you would be in favor of any move that would free up the path for Kwame to get those minutes you keep crying for. You are so transparent it’s ridiculous. Plus, your beloved Kwame has value right now for 1 sole reason…..his expiring contract. He is the joke of the league and the closer we get to draft day, people will remember just how much of a disappointment his career has been thus far. As far as the Pacers are concerned, they need cap room since they have so many contracts already. Kwame’s $8mil-plus is just what they need to help them out of that salary dilemma.

Andrew Z,

Unless Kwame’s defense is of the caliber of Wallace, Camby or Mourning, the Lakers can’t afford to have him as a main contributor of the team. He is too much of a liability on the offensive end of the court. In the East, the Pistons were able to hide Wallace for a few years, but eventually it caught up to them. In the West, you can’t afford to play 4 against 5 on offense. Defenses are too strong and teams out West know how to handle guarding a superstar guard or forward that has a liability at another position. Kwame needs to go.


You all are overcomplicating things and really don’t seem to have a grasp on the nature and process of negotiations. Plus, neither team is going to be in favor of giving up more than the other team. The same way Indiana is not going to be willing to give up Granger, I fail to understand how the Lakers would be willing to give up Farmar. By the way, you are all overlooking a key factor in this whole thing which is that Indiana initiated the discussions. Clearly they want a deal to happen.

Michael Teniente,

If you are going to relate Luke Walton and Steve Kerr together, I would think that you’d have enough sense to start with their ties to the University of Arizona. Duh! By the way, if you are so against the “Hollywood Lakers”, why don’t you go find another team? As it relates to both Walton and Mihm, they are not the issue here at all. Neither is going to hit the Lakers salary cap next season, however, both can be signed to smaller contracts if they want to remain a part of the team. That still leaves 13 other positions to be filled. Focus on those and leave those two guys alone. As for trading Luke….if he is as weak as you say, can they get ANYTHING for him? NO! So why talk about trading him?


Doesn’t O’Neal have a 3 year contract just like Lamar? Lamar is already talking about extensions if he gets traded which he would want if he stayed. Are the Lakers REALLY locking themselves in? As for Tinsley, if the Lakers take him, that means they must find somewhere to send Radmanovic. They have a very similar contract, and the Lakers could handle 1 but not both of them.


I agree with you on your assessment of Tinsley. It’s funny how the different ones were complaining about Smush not being a good distributor and only waiting to shoot. Yet they don’t want Tinsley who can pass the ball really well in a half-court offense like the Pacers run. Plus, as you stated, they won 60 games with him as the starting point guard. They played solid defense.


Improving the 1 and 3 won’t solve the dilemma of how to use Kobe and Lamar effectively together. It also won’t solve the dilemma of how to get Kwame Brown to achieve his “potential”. The Lakers need to upgrade 4 positions, not just 2.


Why would the Lakers do a trade that is not going to fill in any of the holes that currently exist? They have an opportunity to get back a point guard and a power forward/center. It is always good if you can get 2 players at one time that have been use to playing together with each other and have done it well. This would be that time. Another thing, with the free agent market, it is clear that it will be much easier to fill the small forward position than any other position. Plus, you have left your pint guard position VERY thin relying on a second year player to assume the starting role.


I have Webber in my plan as well. He fits the Triangle in the way that the Lakers hoped Vlade Divac would two seasons ago.

David Whang,

It is a poor financial move to use a player that can be re-signed without using any capspace in order to acquire a player with a long contract. In other words, using Luke Walton as part of a trade is stupid. If the Lakers want to get rid of him, just don't re-sign him.

However, with the roster limit being 15, I fail to see the harm of keeping Luke or Mihm even if they are holding the 14th and 15th places on the roster.


Don't assume what Kobe is thinking....


The D,

“To Kobe detractors, if there were a huge pickup game for all the marbles, all current players available, do you seriously NOT pick Kobe first?”

“Pick up” game ain’t the same as “organized” game. Big difference.

“All the cap management issues are out the window, and you know both teams will be surrounded by talent; do you want to play AGAINST a Kobe-led squad for all the marbles?”

If I had a million dollars in cash, I wouldn’t ever have to work again. What’s your point? my point is kobe can’t lead. you can put 3 HOF around kobe and you’ll still lost……….oh wait, wasn’t that the case in 2004 when kob tried to “take over”.

“Kobe's nerve is the least fungible asset in basketball. This is where I submit the example of Team USA as my proof.

do you even know what “fungible” means? Also, you’re right, kobe does have plenty of nerves to think he can win a championship without Shaq and company. BTW, how is kobe’s quest going?? I believe the last time I check, Shaq’s got 4-shizzle rings and kobe's crying over spilled milk......whah whah, mommy give me a hug.

Disgruntled, Frustrated Laker Fan:

Here's Johnny Buss's myspace page. In order to see any bulletins he's posted, you'll have to get him to add you as a friend.



Anytime a NBA player, play fantastic, immediately the Kobe heaters, and some ingenuous basketball pundits, are happy to throw in THEIRs usual verborrhea:
"This guy is better than Kobe, plus he makes his teammates better".
Nash, Wade, Mcgrady, Carmelo, Billups and recently Lebron.
All comes and goes as FAVORITE flavor of the month.

Obviously, the lesson is this:

Any player in the NBA has to be measured against Kobe, in order for him to be called the best of the best.

The problem with those flavors of the month players is what Michael says:

To be great, you need to play consistently great 95% out of 100. iT'S NOT A MATTER OF PERCEPTION OR A SAVVY TWISIT OF PUBLICITY. You can't call yourself king if there is another with best armor than you.

So...that's the real problem of all those flavors of the month, they fail to be consistently great. Ask Arenas, if you dear.
And that's why being a Kobe heater is a job of constant suffering: They have to eat consistently their own words. that's explain why you see in KL, Gunner and all those Kobe heaters some suffering in their words, some grievance and excruciating pain similar to the one experimented from that Albino guy (Silas) in “The Da Vinci Code” movie.

Because As Hosea Ballou wrote:

“Hatred is self-punishment. Hatred it the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”

Webber is very limited defensively, a mediocre rebounder, and he doesn't have much of an inside offensive game. He would not be a good addition to the team, unless it is for a limited backup role, with a very cheap contract.

Adding Artest's capabilities to the roster, if it only cost Brown or (Vlad + change), would make the Lakers a contender. He could be the second option on offense, which would allow Lamar to be the third option, a more comfortable role for him. Huge upgrade as a defender, he is the type of player who automatically makes everyone else better on defense, too. That would allow Walton to move into a backup role, which also strengthens the bench. He is still a significant risk from a behavior perspective, though. The fact that he has had problems everywhere he has been means that it is a reasonable assumption that he will have problems with the Lakers, too. The question is how long before that happens. Considering the potential gain, the limited options the Lakers have due to cap considerations, and the length of his contract, it is probably a risk worth taking. But do so "with your eyes open." Because he will have problems again in the future.

WOW this board has changed since I last checked in.

Whats with all the anger people. Let it be ya all.

what happened to you man. Your posts are getting a lot more violent day by day. It seems as if nobody is allowed to say anything good about Kobe anymore. You seem as if you want to come up with a negative for every positive thing said about Kobe. Why? Last time I checked you used to post your point if view on topics. Now you seem to scan every post for a little bit of Kobe positivism and try to rip the comment apart by coming out with negativities about Kobe.

As much as you hate Kobe people have the right to be a fan of him. Remember being a fan does not mean you have to be logical about it. Actually being a fan of someone or some team is illogical anyway. What do you get out of it, it isn't as if the Busses or players share their money with the fans. You absolutely get nothing out of it.

Fans support there idols. There is nothing wrong with that. Let it be, everybody knows you hate the guy. Did you all of a sudden get a new aim that is to change every bloggers mind about Kobe and rally every fan to rise up against Kobe and kick him out of L.A? It sure seems like it.

Great post jorema,

Also the haters are all massive tools, besides being self loathing losers.

Well done jorema

if we don't get jermaine o'neal, we better at least get ron artest.

kobe, artest and lamar is an upgrade.

then sign FA magloire or pj brown for some inside help.

and find a capable pg.

for those who do not want to blow things up, that is the perfect summer solution.

trade for artest
sign a FA big man
sign a FA point guard

simple enough.

Just read this in the NY Post -

"Meanwhile, O'Neal wants to reunite with Thomas, for whom he played in Indiana. "



I'll take that as a yes.

I am quite sure that numerous shortcomings in your education and upbringing help explain your ad hominem response to a simple rhetorical question.

That said, who do you pick first?


I think the NCAA are more like the Seinfeld bubble boy than the Travolta bubble boy.

Costanza: "Oh says 'Moops'" That kills me every time.

"Meanwhile, O'Neal wants to reunite with Thomas, for whom he played in Indiana. "

Please, JO... PLEEEEAASE reunite with Thomas in New York. Anything that keeps you away from LA is good news for us!


I don't disagree. It wouldn't hurt for people to tone down some of the personal attacks. Debate the hoops all day and night (seriously, all day and night... it's good for business (haha)) but a little civility can't hurt.



Interesting comments on the Bleacher Report, usually an anti-Kobe site, about why Kobe's fans are so loyal.


The D-

Interesting observation. I wonder if there are any other potential bubble boys we're missing. Perhaps we picked the wrong topic to debate (haha).

That's a great episode.


Marion trade rumors resurface ( Also Interested In Grant Hill)

Dumars cites group failure (Including Being Interested In Grant Hill)

Five Questions

1. Should The Lakers Get Marion?
2. Why Should The Lakers Get Grant Hill?
3. Should The Lakers Get Steve Blake?
4. Should The Lakers Get Webber?
5. Should The Lakers Get Mike Bibby?


I was inspired by your post.

Kobe IS the measuring stick for team basketball greatness.

I have posted this a couple of weeks ago. Is kind more of a conservative approach instead of the 'impact change' one, but I think it will upgrade our team significantly. Use the MLD exception and get a decent pointguard, players like Mo Williams, Charlie Bell, Steve Blake, among others. User Kwame's expiring contract, 19th pick, plus filler and get Artest. Sign one or two veterans for vets minimum or for a couple of more mil's, even if you pass the luxury tax. Players like Hill, Webber, PJ Brown. And Resign Chris Mihm.

I dont know about you guys, but it makes a lot of sense to me. We upgrade the point guard position and the SF postion. We give Bynum one more year to develop and if things dont work out, we still have him for a deal at the trading dead line. This team will be upgraded significantly without touching its core. Plus, you need to add the possiblilty of Garnett walking to the Lakers next year.

2007-08 Lakers:

Williams or Bell or Blake/Farmar
Odom/Turiaf/Rad Man/Cook*

*Player who would likely go as filler in the Artest deal.

There is a lot of expeculation and we really dont know what is being said behind closed doors. But if i were the lakers, this would be the approach that I will be taking. I would make Kobe and Phil see that this team would be a MONSTER if KG is added to it next year, which is a real possiblity. Add this that the team wont be crippled financially, plus if everyone stays healthy, this is a team that could end among the first 4 teams in the west, which would most likely takes us to the second round.

But the way im seeing this is that the approach of "NOW OR NEVER" is being taken, which IMO is not healthy and it is what really destroyed the 2004-05 Lakers, regardless of the Kobe-Shack feud. The team got Payton and Malone, plus Kobe could opt out of his contract and Shack was talking contract extensions. The only thing that could have saved that team was the championship. Now, if there isnt a trade for a 'superstar', it could mean that Kobe is traded next year or him optioning out of his contract a couple of years leaving the Lakers without nothing.

My proposed trade doesnt make us an instant championship caliber team, at least not in paper, but hell it makes us a second rounder for sure and who knows, look at Utah this year. The only team they faced of the Big 3, was SA and it was in the Western Conference Finals. So, anything is possible.

Imaging the 2008-09 Lakers core of KB, KG, JO and Ron Ron. Scary isnt it??

Anyways, is just food for thought.

Go Lakers!

Thanks BK for the reply

I really like this blog, it has always been and will be a great place to talk about hoops. You guys rock big time. Maybe if you threw in a couple of questions Bball related or anlayses it would get people away from the "you must hate or you must love issues."

For example maybe analyses on the finals a little bit. What each team is trying to do, opinions on what kind of adjustment teams should make etc.

Or maybe some historical anlaysis like differences in the game between the ages, or why there are so many injured players these days. For example Hollinger had this crazy (in my opinion) ranking of all time great dynasties or finals teams according to his wierd statistical rankings. I believe his ranking is ridiculous because it fails to incorparate the condition and level of competition between the years/decades. Would love to hear your thoughts on that one.

I have always liked your insight on Bball isues but then again I quess you guys are busy and this is not the only blog you run!!!

Cheers to both of you as always.

If Mihm is going to be able to play, at least as a backup, it sure makes everything much simpler.

NBA measures for the wannabes.

Do you want to be called the best power forward in the NBA?
You have to be measured against Tim Duncan and surpass his achievements.

Do you want to be called the best all around player in the game?
You have to be measured against Kobe Bryant and surpass his achievements.

You want to be compared to Michael Jordan?
You need to be measure, first, against Kobe and surpass him, because if you don’t,
probably you won’t qualify to be even talked as in jordanesque level.

It’s all about making the leap, say Michael Jordan:

“Making 'The Leap' is where you do it every single night. It's expected of you, and you do it. ... Not one game, not two games. It's consistent. Every defense comes in and they focus on you and you still impact the game.”

In other words Lebron…you make the defense react to you, you don’t let the defense determine what kind of impact you will do or will have in any single game.


WHAT? your final statement makes no sense with everything else you wrote. How do you see the Lakers getting KG and JO next summer?
How can you consider them as potential core players going into the 2008-2009 season? You make no sense.

If the Lakers don't get JO this summer, they won't be able to get him next summer. If they try to get KG next summer, it would first require him to opt out of his contract. Next, if the Lakers still have LO, where is he going to go? You should have not even included that whole subject within your post it makes no sense.


It would be weird seeing Webber and Bibby in the purple and gold. Of course, their heydays have mostly passed, but they are heady, dependable pros and are big upgrades for us. In fact, seeing former enemies realign to combat an unspeakable foe...(have you watched the Finals, the Spurs ARE unspeakable)... isn't that the basis for each of this summer's threequels? That means it has to work!

Our list is becoming longer and longer. I wish those haters and negative bloggers will just go away. More power to us true Laker fans.



How Can You Say That JO Going To New York Is Good For The Lakers? We Need To Get Somebody That Can Score And JO Is That Guy That Can Score. Artest Got A Bad Attitude And Will Be Probably With The Lakers For One Season And Then We Might Have To Move HIm. JO Will Retire A Laker.

I think generic_one has it right about Jermaine. He's a good player, but he's not the answer for the Lakers.
Also, he looks like a giant, abused-inmate version of Ken Griffey, Jr., and that does not augur well for living up to early promise.

Joe Dumars manifesto as GM

"We are looking for talent, obviously, but we are also looking for guys with a sense of urgency. We don't want guys who are underachievers. We don't want guys who have been coddled. We want guys with an edge, who have something to prove. That is going to be a big part of our evaluation process."

Damm it!
Well said.


"How Can You Say That JO Going To New York Is Good For The Lakers? We Need To Get Somebody That Can Score And JO Is That Guy That Can Score. Artest Got A Bad Attitude And Will Be Probably With The Lakers For One Season And Then We Might Have To Move HIm. JO Will Retire A Laker."

JO Is Perpetually Injured And Will Miss Half The Season Like He Always Does Plus We Are Giving Up Way Too Much In The Proposed Trades For Him For It To Be Worth Our While. If You Look At Their Statistics, JO Isn't That Much Better Than LO So We Would Just Be Making A Lateral Move Instead Of Actually Improving, But We Would Also Be Losing Our Draft Pick And Most Likely Bynum.

Do You Realize How Much Of A Pain It Is To Type Like This? Why Would You Do That?

The D:

"Also, he looks like a giant, abused-inmate version of Ken Griffey, Jr., and that does not augur well for living up to early promise. "

Not to mention he's more of a McRib guy than a full platter of St. Louis Ribs made by the Kansas City Bar-B-Que Society guy.

What a smart comment to a stupid blogger KLBeast. I share the same feeling with you. For sure a lot of true Laker fans who roots for their favorite team and not hate anybody on that team ,shares the same sentiment with you about those bloggers like KLBeast and gunner24.


I have some what split feelings of JO.

On the one hand it is true that the lakers defensive problems start with the 1 and 3 but a defensively sound big man is also necessary. In todays game there is no way any defensive player stopping opposing guards or forwards from getting into the paint. Even Bowen and Prince can not do it.

The Detroit - Cavs and Spurs-Cavs series is the greatest example. In the Detroit series James was effective because once he beat Prince he had a free path to the hoop with help D from the bigs coming too late. He also got a lot of and ones because of late arrivals. But in the Spurs series once he beats Bowen (which he does) he is immediatly stopped by the one and only Duncan. That is the big difference between the series, Duncans help D and inside presence. In todays game that is more than anything that makes a good defensive team.

In my opinion even if the lakers got artest and a good defensive pg that would again not solve the problem since none of the laker bigs from Bynum, Mihm to Kwame are good interior presences and their help D is not good enough.

More than the offensive effect of JO I think the most important thing to think about would be if he is that interior presence the Lakers need. JO does have his short coming as some have stated. But just getting artest and a solid pg will not solve the defensive problems in my opinion and it also will not solve the lack of inside presence at offense end either.

The lakers are in big trouble because they not only need an upgrade on the 1 and 3 spot but they need that inside presence as well. I hardly think they can fix all of it. Therefore judging by how the game is played today and the importance of help D I would lean towards the inside presence whether it be JO or some one else.

I also do not think the Lakers can pull out the artest deal (they had the oppurtunity two years ago and they blew it). A lot of teams are interested in him and I do not see Sacromento dealing him to the Lakers.


I Type Like That Because People Use Caps Man If They Use Caps Every Time I Should Capitalize Every Time As Well.

Back To The JO Thing What Choice Do We Have? We Have To Make A Move To Get Back To The Top And That If Moving LO And Bynum Then We Got To Make The Move And At Least We Could Get Tinsley In The Process And You Didn't Have To Capitalize Every Time I Understand. I Don't Want To Give LO And Bynum Either But What Choice Do We Have?

“what happened to you [KL] man. Your posts are getting a lot more violent day by day”

nice catch. for a while there, there were a lot of personal attacks and I guess I got sucked in, but I’m going to cut it out.

“Last time I checked you used to post your point if view on topics. Now you seem to scan every post for a little bit of Kobe positivism and try to rip the comment apart by coming out with negativities about Kobe.”

fair enough, but the last time we saw our leader (kob), kobe was ranting about laker management, ranting about wanted to be traded, then proclaiming to “love the city”. dude, the guy’s a joke and all of the kobe loyalist on this blog began to spout the personal stuff. it’s not right, but I got caught up into it. I’m trying to tone it down.

“Fans support there idols. There is nothing wrong with that. Let it be, everybody knows you hate the guy. Did you all of a sudden get a new aim that is to change every bloggers mind about Kobe and rally every fan to rise up against Kobe and kick him out of L.A? It sure seems like it.”

your absolutely right. point well taken. man, your post does a lot more to change my POV than all of the personal attacks in aggregate. good man.


dacsila said: “IKSAGLAM, What a smart comment to a stupid blogger KLBeast.”

see what I mean? I will call a statement “stupid”, but I won’t call a person “stupid” unless it’s in retaliation. now having said that, dacsila, you’re stupid too……just kidding. joke, joke. LOL.

The Lakers don't NEED an "inside presence" (although it would certainly be nice.) What they need is someone who can score off of the opportunities that Kobe or Lamar (or a JO/KG/Gasol/Artest) create when they are double-teamed.

If Kwame could catch the ball, and dunk the ball, reliably, the Lakers would be hugely improved on offense. He would get probably 15-20 points a game, as well as opening things up for Kobe and Lamar. Bynum would fill that role, but at this point he gets pushed around too much, and often is not in position for those "dump-off" passes.

My bad guys, i meant LO, not JO.

Again, my bad.

Go Lakers.


youve got a cool name but to post here do you think it should be compulsory to see the lakers through rose tinted glasses?

why cant someone be negative or maybe even realisitic...?

The thing is on the blog there is Laker fans and Kobe fans.The Laker fans are here becasue they love the lakers and the kobe fans are here becasue they love Kobe.

And thats fine.... in my not so humble opinon theres room for both...we've all heard ad nauseum how the NBA markets individuals so the fact that fans become loyal to a player and not a team is cool in my book...

but that appears to be where many of the issues stem from.If everyone just accepted that this jsut is what it is... then the blog would be more chillled and inevitably more boring.

I keep hearing that KL beast is stupid.In fact he is quite intelligent.He has offered some strong and legitimate arguments and should be respected for that...In fact he is very good at what he does becasue he is here with the specific purpose of winding people up.It is clear to me at least that he is achieving that cant say KL beast is stupid...the most you can say is thar he isnt very nice....but then again neither is Kobe so thats not the be all and end all is it?

KL is nasty but I think he takes the right spirit to it for the most part.

"Adding Artest's capabilities to the roster, if it only cost Brown or (Vlad + change), would make the Lakers a contender."

Coming from an GHE'er, thats a pretty optomistic obsevation. lol

Artest Defensive mindset would make the rest of the Lakers improve, including Kobe. His Offensive game is good enough to take some pressure off Kobe and make Odom become the #3 option. Odom isn't comfortable being the guy every night, but can step up big when necessary. Its too bad a player with Artest's abilities has such head problems. Of course, if the head was screwed on right we wouldn't even be close to affording him.


Add to his abilties his passing and nice outside shot. He will sign for the vet min. I like him as a second team scorer and playmaker. He still has a good pick n roll game. He could be a niece piece in our quest to be a contender.
Add to that, he's a vet. We need a couple more vet's who actually play. His biggest negative is that he has a weakness for calling time outs when a team doesn't have any. I feel there is a high probabillity the Lakers will sign him, since PJ and Kobe think he will be a good fit. Especially if the team improves thru trade. He won't want to play for a loser.


"why cant someone be negative or maybe even realisitic...?"

Sorry, you're at the wrong blog for that. Lakers will win 62 games next year, but will probably not go undefeated in the playoffs.

I personally think that getting JO is a REALLY BAD move. I agree with almost everyone in here, that if the Lakers are giving Bynum and Odom for him is overpaying. In addition, i dont think the Lakers will be any better if we do give Bynum and Odom. It is really a foolish trade. In the other hand, if the planets align and Mitch turns into a magician and the Lakers some how manage to get JO without giving LO, there goes your salary cap spended only in 3 players. That means going over the salary cap for sure, God knows how many millions over it, financially we will not get any vet unless it is for the vet minimum. And we will need to invite Smush Parker for the Lakers tryouts!! So either way you see it, the trade is bad.

I really hope the JO trade doesnt happen, and if it does, look for Bird to dump us one of his bad contracts, either Tinsley, Murphy or Dunleavy.

IMO, first thing that needs to be fixed is the communication between FO, PJ and KB. If that doesnt happen, we must prepare to many short upcomming summers. I know some people in this forum say that Kobe is just a player not a GM. I agree with those comments. But unfortunately, like it or not, thats how things work in the NBA, MLB, NFL, and any other sport. You star player at least gets consulted in the moves that the organization is about to make. Maybe your star player isnt the one to pull the trigger, but his feedback weighs tons on the decision. Just the way it goes guys.

And finally, I would like for us to get more along and stop the personal attacks. I am not one to post much on this forum or in any other, but I am always reading them. Actually for the past three years. Huge props to the K Bro's. Ive read some really great post in this forum and others not so great, but I enjoy them all, specially the different points of view of people and the debate. But when it gets personal, well, thats just another story and there are lots of other places where people enjoy those sort of things. We all can agree or disagree, but at the end we are ALL LAKERS FANS! I know that when the season opener is near, many people will calm down and look foward for another Laker season. So much speculation, so many rumors. My advice guys, try to sick back and enjoy the summer with your love ones. Just my 2 cents.

Go Lakers!


"It is clear to me at least that he is achieving that cant say KL beast is stupid...the most you can say is thar he isnt very nice. KL is nasty but I think he takes the right spirit to it for the most part."

uhhh, thank you? i'll try and be nice, but what fun would that be? stay cool.


Outstanding post! I am also split on Jermaine O’Neal but his help defense against penetrating guards is exactly the reason why I am in favor of trading for him in the event that we cannot convince Sacramento to trade Artest to us. You made excellent points to support your post with examples from the current playoffs. If it’s defense we want, then O’Neal is the best big man option that is open to us at this point. I still am not in favor of giving up Lamar in a deal for JO, but would probably be willing to give up Bynum, Kwame, Cook, Vujacic, and our first round pick, which works under the salary cap.


Ex ...

you know what ? your just a freaken hater...Farmar will be improved next year and we wont have Smush and Kwame so we will win least 65 games and sweep the playoffs...even without Kobe becasue we should be able to pull of some kind of three way trade for him that will secure Lebron James,Duncan and Ginobli.


didnt mean to hurt your feelings it was supposed to be a compliment.I knew even you had a sensitive side LOL!


I dunno how personal it ever really is considering nobody knows each other...pinch of salt mate pinch of salt.Of course it gets old if theres too much personal abuse but removing that element is like the NBA trying to hard to stop players fighting...people always clamour for the K's to police it or block certain people but Id rather take the odd bit of irritation and keep the edge.People want to sanitize everything these days...keep it real I say ( and yes I do shower)

For the most part everyone sticks to the topic quite...well the odd passionate hissy fit is part and parcel.

Jay Jay:

It will be a blast getting together for the Lakers-Warriors game. Been a while since I tried to drink as many beers as possible but I will do my best to get my money’s worth. Lol.

As to paying the luxury tax, you’re talking to a Yankees fan. I have no problem with paying the luxury tax. The Lakers are a big market team with much greater franchise value and revenues than 90% of the NBA. Last year, here were the teams that paid a luxury tax and the amount: Knicks ($37.2), Mavs ($17.3), Magic ($7.8), Pacers ($4.7), Grizzlies ($3.7), Spurs ($0.9). Do you think Jerry Buss would rather lose Kobe or pay a luxury tax? Though so!

We need a big three – Kobe, Lamar, and Artest or Kobe, Lamar, and JO. Trading Lamar is like taking one step back and one step forward. You’re still in the same place. I also think that Lamar is a unique player who causes match-up problems with every team in the league. He is one of the few guys on the team with heart and soul (Kobe, Lamar, Farmar, Turiaf, and maybe Luke and Mihm, which is why we need to re-sign both of them). He doesn’t get traded if I were the GM. And the Pacers are looking to build around Granger and Bynum so no way they will do the deal without Bynum or with Granger.

And no way will the Kings take Vlade’s contract for Artest, although I have to admit I’ve thrown that one out there also. Bottom line, we need to add a third wheel who plays defense to Kobe and Lamar. That third wheel should be Artest or JO. At least, that’s my take on the situation.

You don’t want to place a wager on the Niners record vs. the Raiders for the coming season?



JJ made an interesting comment in a recent post that we should try and get Tinsley as he is a good defender whereas Charlie Bell and Mo Williams aren’t. (Sorry, if that is not exactly correct , JJ). At any rate, of the guys listed below, who is the best defender:

Jamaal Tinsley
Mo Williams
Charlie Bell
Steve Blake

I really don’t know that much about any of these guys. Can any of them help us defensively at the 1?

And while we’re at it, who is the best penetrators?
Who is the best passer?
Who is the best shooter?



Aloha, Michael:

Unfortunately, the Lakers are well over the cap while the Niners were well under the cap. But you’re right that Nolan and company really know what they are doing. It is amazing what they have accomplished in such a short time. Playoffs this year, Conference Finals next year, Super Bowl the following year.

Yeah, Bird would love to unload his bad contracts, especially after the egg on his face from getting taken to the cleaners by the Warriors. Dunleavy and Murphy, two Irish kids with suspect games and hearts and killer contracts. No way we take them. Bird needs Bynum. He is an old school player who knows that centers are still the big chip to get chips. The best he can hope from the Lakers is that we won’t demand Granger, who is a key building block.

I would probably also prefer to get Artest and keep Bynum because I think Bird is right and even though we need to make a trade for JO or Artest, I still hate to think we might be helping a Celtic in any way, especially one who cost us a couple of chips personally. Lol.


Laker Tom,

From what I've seen of these guys (and granted, I'm hardly an expert on any of them), I think Tinsley is the best passer, and probably the best penetrator. That said, he's also a terrible shooter.

As far as the D goes, I've read that Bell is fairly good (although to be honest, I haven't paid close attention), but the other three are pretty average, in my opinion. They may all represent an upgrade over Smush and Farmar (take that as you will), but if you're looking for a true defensive presence, other than maybe Bell, I'd say none fit the bill.

Of course, when you're dealing with MLE players (assuming they can be gotten for that money), you oft get what you pay for. Compete, multi-dimensional players are not typically had for that kinda cash.

Also, I don't think Bell's really considered a true PG. He can do it, but I think he's more of a combo guard, of that means anything to you.



Out of those four?


1) Charlie Bell
2) Mo Williams
3) Jamaal Tinsley
4) Steve Blake


1) Williams
2) Bell
3) Tinsley
4) Blake


1) Williams
2) Tinsley
3) Blake
4) Bell


1) Williams
2) Bell
3) Blake
4) Tinsley

Aloha Michael:

Understand and agree with your comments about courtesy and civility. If you check the list of the faithful bloggers, I think you will see that almost everybody on the list meets your requirements. There are, of course, always exceptions. I can remember exchanging some vitriolic posts in the past with Mike T. and even with AK. But for the most part, the Faithful represent the positive and compatible voices on the blog – as opposed to the minority of Kobe Haters that we just wish would cool it or split. So join or not join, you really do belong on the list in my opinion. It surely doesn’t mean you can’t respond to specific posts but just that you are going to ignore the hostile negative posts as much as humanly possible.



I Saying That About Tinsley Because He Would Be Better Than Smush Who Would You Rather Have Tinsley Or Smush?

Fellow Bloggers

Want Artest On The Lakers? Bad Idea Because He Is A Ticking Time Bomb And We Got To Put Him On A Lease Before Games And Off The Court It Is A Matter Of Time Before He Be Gone From The Lakers. Camby Is Too Old So He Might Be A Bad Idea As Well But He Is Defensive Player Of The Year. So He Might Be Great For The Lakers Defense. But Still A No On Artest.

David Whang:

I think the JO deal would be Kwame, Bynum, Cook, Sasha, and the 19th pick for JO. That works under the salary cap rules. I think the focus is on defense, which is why the Lakers are pursuing JO rather than Gasol. JO is a much better defender than Gasol. I wish there were a way to get Artest and JO while still keeping Lamar, but we just don’t have enough pieces. Problem with trading Luke is that he would have to agree since he is a free agent and the deal would be a sign and trade. And no way do the Heat give up Haslem for Artest on a one year contract. And I am worried that the Kings would take crap for Artest before trading him to us.



My first priority would be to trade for Artest to fill the hole at the 3. My second priority would be to get Jason Kidd so that we would have Kobe, Lamar, and Kidd. What I like about that deal is Kidd and Lamar’s expiring contracts in 2009, which may be the biggest free agent pool yet. But there seems to suddenly be no interest by the Lakers in resurrecting the Kidd deal, which is a mistake for no other reason than it puts pressure on other teams who might want Bynum, like the Pacers. Can’t have an auction with only one bidder. Kobe, Lamar, and Artest or Kobe, Lamar, and Kidd would give us big threes with dramatically improved defense at the 3 or 1.

I do like JO defensively as a center and you rekindled my interest in Tinsley. If he can defend the 1, then I would be willing to include him in a deal. I just don’t want to give up Lamar and don’t see how we can match salaries for JO and Tinsley without giving up Lamar, which I am not willing to do. I know we don’t agree on Lamar’s fit, but I want to keep the guys on the team with heart and get rid of those who don’t have heart. Maybe after the draft and after resigning Luke and Mihm and draft picks, we might have enough pieces to get Tinsley as well as JO without giving up Lamar. It’s Bynum that Bird wants in my opinion. That is his key.

And yeah, you’re absolutely right that Farmar alone is a pretty shaky situation at the 1 if we were to make my proposed trade for JO. But JO would definitely do a better job shutting down the middle against driving guards than Kwame (Sorry, Mike) or Bynum or Mihm, if he can play. At any rate, we need to get better defensively and Artest, Kidd, and O’Neal are the best 3 alternatives out there that I can see. Let me know if you see any other good defensive options.



"I think the JO deal would be Kwame, Bynum, Cook, Sasha, and the 19th pick for JO. That works under the salary cap rules."

Unfortunately, the latest buzz is either:

1) Odom + Bynum + Sasha + #19 for JO


2) Odom + Bynum + Kwame + Sasha for JO + Tinsley


“Do You Realize How Much Of A Pain It Is To Type Like This? Why Would You Do That? “

It’s called Title Case in Word. Easy to do, hard to read.


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