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Report Card/Exit Interview: Jordan Farmar

Farmar Report Card:  Smush Parker's first season as a Laker starter was a roller coaster, so it's only fitting that the guy who eventually took William Henry's job during an inaugural (and rookie) year would experience a similar ride.  Jordan Farmar's day one presence in the rotation as Parker's backup surprised some and his solid second unit play (combined with Smush's early struggles) led to mid-season lineup switch speculation.  But instead of joining the first unit, Farmar proceeded to struggle, eventually finding himself glued to the bench or donning a D-Fenders uni.  But the junior circuit success actually bolstered his confidence and when Smush suffered an April meltdown, Farmar found himself a playoff starter.  From there, it was up and down all over again

But during all the trials and tribulations, Farmar displayed a nice combo of promise, smarts and work ethic, plus an iron will when in over his head (which was occasionally the case).  He also has a tendency to telegraph passes, get burnt defensively and generally try to do too much, which is why I'm not sure the front office is convinced he's ready for full-time work running the '08 show.  But whether he starts or plays off the pine, it's reasonable to think Farmar can improve upon a nice foundation built during his rookie campaign.  Final grade: B-


Jordan Farmar's Exit interview is below the jump.   

Q: How did your interview go?

Jordan Farmar: It went well.  They just talked about this season and what to work on during the summertime.

Q: You ended the season on a high note, with a starting spot during the playoffs.  Was that important for you to finish strong?

JF: I think so.  I think it was okay for me to show some positive signs, but I'm only out there to win basketball games and do whatever I can to help this organization.  I'm not really thinking about personal things when I'm out there and the team's going.  The summertime's when I can really focus on myself and work on things I need to work on.  But when I'm out there, I don't really think about myself too much.

AK: What did it mean to you that Phil decided to stick with you as the starter during the playoffs, when there had been talk about him possibly going with a different starter for Game 5?

JF: I didn't even hear any talk about a switch.  I don't really read the paper.  I just try to stay focused and do my job.  But it was a good feeling to be the starter and be the starting point guard for the Lakers.  Go up against Steve Nash and all that great stuff.  Playing for Phil Jackson, who's not really known to play rookies.  Being a little guard and starting.  And that stuff goes into it.  But at the same time, I'm just trying to do my job and help this team in any way I can.

AK: The rookie season is now done.  Thoughts on the experience?

JF: It was up and down, you know?  I feel like I still have a lot more to offer, but I still feel like I had a productive, positive season.  I learned a lot on and off the court.  I played for a great coach who a different style of coaching than I'm used to, so I learned that there's a lot of differences and ways to go about it.  I had a good time.  I think I've grown as a player and a man.  I've been humbled, having to play in the D-League and things like that.  But it's just all been for my benefit and to help me grow.

Q: Did you guys talk about goals or is it too soon for that?

JF: I think it's too soon.  Right now, I think you have to go work on the individual aspects.  If you bring your game back at another level, you can definitely contribute to the team in more ways.  The more weapons and things you have personally, the more ways you can help the team. 

AK: Is it ever surreal for you to put on the uni of the team I assume you grew up rooting for?

JF: Not really.  Growing up, I kind of expected it.  Not necessarily to be a Laker, I just expected to kind of be in this situation.  When you expect something and you know you can do it, it doesn't really overwhelm you. 

Q: One of the biggest questions the Lakers have to answer over the summer is who'll be the starting point guard?

JF: That's not up to me to answer.  I just work on my stuff and be ready if my name is called.  I definitely want to be the Lakers starting point guard, but that's out of my hands right now, so i just have to go, get back to work, improve myself and be ready for training camp.

AK: What specifically do you want to work on?

JF: A little bit of everything, but really over the summer, I can (look to) get shots in our offense, where I usually don't take shots.  Watch some tape and see where I could have been more aggressive, make some things happen.  Physically and defensively, that's pretty much all around.  Just really focus on the way we play basketball and being able to be successful in this system.

Q: Can you talk a bit about watching your old UCLA teammates get to the Final Four and that loss to Florida?  Was it tough for you to see?

JF: Yeah.  I was really proud of them for what they did, rooting them on the whole time.  Those are my guys.  I was their leader less than a year ago, so it was a lot of fun seeing them grow, seeing them develop.  And for me here, it was the same thing.  They were looking on me with the same amount of pride.  Being proud of me the same way I was proud of them.  Watching me grow and I'm seeing the guys make tremendous improvements.  Darren (Collison) from one year to the next.  And for them to see me at this level, go through my ups and downs and keep fighting, keep working.  It's just good both ways.

AK: You looking forward to someone else carrying your luggage next year?

JF: No, it's not really about that.  (Smiles)  I'm not worried about that.  I'm here to play basketball.  That stuff doesn't matter to me. I'll do it again if I have to.

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NASH TKOed fight stopped due to blood, vows rematch with De La Hoya.

Tracy McGrady fails once again to make it out of 1st round, Vows rematch with Mayweather Jr.

King James wins in squeaker will sign on with Don King.




I don't think we need to worry about Farmar sitting on his butt all summer.


Mamba24, we cool. i'm just playing. i actually like the nickname. it goes very well with "kill, kill the beast" haha. LOL. thanks for the role call.

Jordan Farmar's a keeper though he is kind
of short for a 9Rings Team. But I think
he more than makes up for his size in stature
with the size of his heart.

I like that kid named "Justin" Farmar. Although I would have liked to see him a little more enthused to be a Laker. He sure does not lack in confidence, which can be a blessing and a curse. I think he has a lot more potential than Andrew.

I realize that it may be a bit unorthodox to post these here instead of airing them in the national media, but after the cake incident (you’ll have to continue reading and wait for the Kwame outtakes to see what I mean), I think it would be best to relay all of this to a smaller audience. Because I fear for my life, mostly.

I managed to sneak into the press conferences for each of the players and even got in a few questions for each of them. Once the press corps figured out I was not one of them, all of my questions were cut from the record, unfortunately. AK & BK… I waved at you guys and you two just stared at me blankly. I think it’s probably because you have no idea who I am, other than that I post on a blog as “generic_one.” I was the guy behind that one guy with the press pass.

And now, without further ado...

Exit Interview Outtakes

Aaron McKie

G1: Mr. McKie, what would you say was your most integral role on the team?
AM: Uh, well, I’d say that I was able to provide some leadership to the guys. I really didn’t get to play much, but in practice I talked to them a lot more. On the bench, too.
G1: What would you talk to them about?
AM: Well, you know… just where they should have been on a play, what to watch for the next time they went down the court. That sort of thing.
G1: [pausing]
[the audience starts to mumble a bit while waiting for the next question]
G1: [snickering and shaking head] I’m sorry… I really apologize, but I’m drawing a blank here. Which team did you play for this season?
AM: [blinking a few times in disbelief] The Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers.
G1: Oh, oh that’s right. Sorry.

Shammond Williams
Note: I’m not sure why I kept calling him “Shammond Williams.” I guess I thought it sounded funny, or something.

G1: Shammond Williams, how would you say that playing in Europe prepared you for your return to the NBA?
SW: [laughing] Well, I’m not really sure that it did. It’s a whole different game out there. They rely on a lot more outside shooting. I guess I picked up some different languages while I was there, so it helps me in that regard.
G1: What regard, Shammond Williams?
SW: Well, there’s a whole lot of European players in the league right now, so it helps that way.
G1: Ah, I gotcha, Shammond Williams. Shammond Williams, what do they call “basketball” in Paris?
SW: [laughing] Paris? I didn’t actually play there, but when I was around they called it “basketball” but you know, with an accent.
G1: Oh, really?
SW: Yeah. And you know what they call a... a... a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?
G1: They don't call it a Quarter Pounder with cheese?
SW: No man, they got the metric system. They wouldn't know what the [bleep] a Quarter Pounder is.
G1: Then what do they call it?
SW: They call it a Royale with cheese.
G1: A Royale with cheese. What do they call a Big Mac?
SW: Well, a Big Mac's a Big Mac, but they call it le Big-Mac.
G1: Le Big-Mac. [laughing] What do they call a Whopper?
SW: I dunno, I didn't go into Burger King.

Chris Mihm

G1: Chris, I’d like to say first off that I really admire your ability to circumvent the rehabilitation process by remaining perpetually injured.
CM: Uh… thanks, I think. Wait, what?
G1: Chris, what is going to be your biggest priority going into the off-season?
CM: No, what did you say before?
G1: When?
CM: Before.
G1: What is going to be your biggest priority going into the off-season?
CM: No, before.
G1: Chris?
CM: About injury… INJURY!
G1: You were injured, right.
CM: Yeah, what did you say about that?
G1: Didn’t you just bring that up?
CM: No, you did!
G1: When?
CM: Look, can we just move on please.
G1: Chris, what can we…
CM: [interrupting] No, not you. Someone else.

Brian Cook

G1: Hi, Brian. If you could think of one thing that could explain why Mitch Kupchak picked you over Josh Howard, what would it be?
[Mitch Kupchak leans over and whispers in Brian’s ear]
BC: I don’t… I don’t think I should have to answer that.
G1: Touchy subject?
BC: Yeah, kinda.
G1: Sorry, then.
BC: It’s alright, man. Just ask something else.
G1: Brian, if you could think of one thing that could explain why Mitch Kupchak picked you over Leandro Barbosa, what would it be?
MK: Brian doesn’t have anything to say about that. Let’s ah… let’s take a 10 minute break and then come back.

Note: At this point, I decided it would be best to slip out the back for a smoke because I noticed Mitch heading in my direction with a couple of guys from security. Fortunately for all of you, I had brought a change of clothes, a fake mustache and some aviator sun glasses so I could continue with my questions. Unfortunately, they decided that Brian’s turn was over.

Vlad Radmanovic

G1: Vlad… can I call you Caveman?
VR: [laughing] I don’t think that would be a good idea.
G1: Okay, thanks.
VR: [pausing] That was it?
G1: Yeah, why?
VR: Well, I expected something about snowboarding or something.
G1: No, no. That was it.
Kwame Brown: [from the back] Why’d you jump off that mountain?
G1: [looking back towards Kwame] Why’d you throw that cake?

Note: That was why people were laughing, AK & BK. Just FYI, this isn’t the cake incident I mentioned. It got worse in Kwame's actual interview.

Andrew Bynum

G1: Mr. Morgan, on “30 Rock” you…
AB: [interrupting] Mr. Who?
G1: Mr. Morgan? Tracy Morgan?
AB: [pointing at himself] Andrew. Andrew… Bynum.
G1: Oh.
AB: Did you… have a question?
G1: No. Not anymore, I don’t.

Mo Evans

G1: Mo, what’s it like working with Tracy Morgan?
ME: I’m sorry, what?
G1: [pointing at Andrew Bynum] That guy… Tracy Morgan.
ME: That’s not Tracy Morgan.
G1: Oh, I get it now. This is like a joke. Alright, I’ll play along.
ME: No, that’s not a joke… it’s Andrew Bynum.
G1: I know, I know! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more.

Note: Obviously, the Lakers don’t want us to know that Tracy Morgan is really playing for them.

Jordan Farmar

G1: Jordan, what kind of frustration did experience having to back up Smush Parker every night?
JF: [laughing] I wouldn’t call it frustration at all. He’s a great guy, and… he plays hard every night.
G1: [rolling eyes] Yeah, right. C’mon, what do you really think?
JF: Look, I really can’t talk about that.
G1: Okay, if you’re happy with playing with him, don’t say anything after this next question. AND… if you think he’s extremely awful, say anything you want after this next question. Got it?
JF: Uh… yeah, I think.
G1: Thanks.
JF: Wait, was that the question?
G1: You’ve said all you needed to.

I’ll be posting the rest of them as AK and BK do, as long as they’re alright with it. I’m not trying to steal the spotlight here, just thought I’d share some of the stuff that was outright omitted from the press conferences.

I'm in da house..just checkin' out the latest.

lakerfaze,"I'm in da house"
What's up Faze? Glad to see the family
didn't decide to GO FISHING like I did.
Take it from me GOING FISHING aint
all Kenny and Barkley hyped it up to be


tracy morgan reference. too funny. socks is a dead ringer.

thanks for keeping it funny.

i normally shut off when the lakers get bounced from the playoffs.

however, i cannot help but follow the golden state warriors.

obviously, it is always nice to see the underdog make it happen.

it's even nicer to see, baron davis (ucla product), finally get to shine in the limelight. his talent has never been questioned, only his durability.

so best of luck to baron davis & the warriors.

represent the pacific division well.

i think that gash to nash's nose (as inadvertant as it was) will set the tone for the rest of that series. spurs in 6.

Jordan Farmar is a smart player who has the ability to make smart decisions under pressure and doesn't restrict his game to his physical limitations. He is a player you can count on to develop beyond what works for him now, and who you expect to come back with a more refined game that will contribute in more ways then just scoring. After watching the core of this team play together for a couple years, you can say the same thing about Luke, which is why he's a definite keeper (if the money's right), but you CANNOT say the same thing about Kwame, Cook, Smush, and to a lesser degree, Lamar. It might take more time to see if Radmanovic, Bynum, Evans, and Ronny can also become smarter players in the Triangle, but unfortunately we might not get the chance after this off-season.

"Kwame Brown: [from the back] Why’d you jump off that mountain?
G1: [looking back towards Kwame] Why’d you throw that cake?"


Farmar is the answer, at least temporarily, if not long term, at the PG spot. Obviously, if the opportunity would come up, I would take Kidd. Another option not being mentioned is possibly Bibby, who appears to have played his last game for the Kings. But if we have to pick between getting a PG or a real presence down low (KG, JO, etc.) I don't think its any question that the more pressing need is down low. Getting a new PG should come second to that.


Farmar earns at least a B+. What do you expect somebody (a Rookie) sitting on the bench all year in PJs dog house, and all of a sudden he is supposed to be PJs savior?

Come on. The fault is on PJ for not having brought him up earlier. What took him so long to see what we all saw? the difference between Jordan and Smush

B+ in my book


Another Fan of Mamba,
" Keep posting, I get a ton of amusement from your posts.”

Another Fan, Thank you. Welcome to the blog, it’s a lot of fun.

Fan of the Mamba
“First let's say it takes a bitch to know a bitch! LOL”

Good one. LOL.

“You are a whining, complaining, hateful, spiteful person and every time you post it comes through loud and clear.”

Thank you Fan, I’m sure Another Fan thinks the same.

“They made the playoffs when you said they wouldn't and you haven't apologized for that.”

I’ve actually never said the Lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs. But, if it makes you feel better, I apologize.

“Man, you're a sad, sad person. I apologize to you. You need help. Get some please.”

I am a sad person, but now I feel better. Thanks Dr. Mamba

“Exiled, LOL! You are a funny little man! hahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Yo Fan, when one can’t argue the facts, one makes personal attacks. who’s little now Mr. Smalls.

“Leadership as defined by webster is:
1 : the office or position of a leader - Kobe is the captain of the team.
2 : capacity to lead - He has taken the responsibility of leadership seriously and according to Luke Walton he's become a good leader.
3 : the act or an instance of leading - defined below”

It’s sad to have to point to a definition. I believe referring to a definition is “Cop Out 101”

“No where in that definition is there "Being a leader means having the ability to maximize the productivity of people with more limitations than you." Dumbass some people that follow leaders are more capable than the leader, cause you lead someone doesn't mean they have more limitations than you do." Duh!”

Spoken like a true leader.

“Your an idiot who's involved in the private lives of men whom you don't know, and should have an opinion about. it's not your life. Shaq has moved on. Kobe has moved on, Malone has moved on, Phil has moved on and come back but you act like a nagging old hag without a life of your own to manage. Moreover, I take great joy in having pissed you off!”

Sounds like you’re the one who’s pissed off by friend. Hey, is Fan of the Mamba kobe in disguise. if so, it’s pretty pathetic Kobe. You can do better. Come to think of it, Fan of the Mamba is Kill the Beast’s alter ego. haha! Mamba24, Fan and the Beast cancel each other out in this blog.

“My opinion on this subject doesn't even matter, it's a damn game man!”

Fan, you and I actually agree 100%. Wow, what’s the world coming to?

“Leadership also requires a belief in one's players, even when times is tough. Jordan learned that. If he had stopped feeding the ball to Paxson when Paxson had a cold streak, they may have never beaten the Lakers in '91 and the Suns in '93 in the desert. Ditto with Kerr and their title in '97. I'm not saying Kobe's cast is great, but he gives up on them sometimes, and it shows. Sometimes he passes to them just to embarrass them and PROVE to them they can't do it (Game 7, 2006 1st Round).

well put. I think you are the eloquent version of me. Did you notice that VC is becoming a better leader. VC told Nacbar that he’s going to get the ball if VC gets doubled/tripled teamed after Nacbar missed the game-tying 3 pointer. The Nets/Cavs is a fun series to watch. So is Suns/Spurs.

G1, your out-takes were hysterical. Keep it all coming.


Too bad, Farmar wouldn't give up the "I'm a team player" veneer. Deep down, I think he knows all the things he's got to work on to solidify his right to start at PG. I'm glad he talked about improving his offense, but consistent defense is what separates the men from the boys. He's also got to become more physical.

It would solve a lot of problems for the team if he was good enough to start, because getting the right replacements for Kwame and Walton as starters is going to be enough of a problem. I'm not sure whether we can count on Mihm and VladRad to be difference makers.

BTW, seeing Nash bloodied on Sunday, I'll admit, was vicarious revenge for how he knocked the Lakers around.

Mamba 24
Thank you for the great sense of humor, it made my day::



I can't stop laughing,
Please someone, send this 2 lines to the Lakers front office. I would do it but I don't have their email address.
They could use some humor.

hey, everybody has their preferences.

i think farmar will become a solid point guard in this league.

would i trade him for the likes of jamal magloire, or pj brown? absolutely not.

would i trade him for the likes of kevin garnett or jermaine o'neal? yes.

MAMBA 24 .......cheers you are one funny guy man..........i hope that the JO wants to go to new york story is not true...the reason i like the jo trade is because they have better players to add to a deal with jo than minnesota and i think we would need more than just garnett

generic one,
that was hilarious, made my day. Keep it up!


You gotta stop with the idiotic "Roll Calls." I admit that it was a nice attempt to get the Laker fans pumped during round 1, but it's just overkill now. Don't want to sound like a hater, but hey... someone has to tell you right?

I love the Roll Calls...they stand out lol. Keep up the good work Mamba24.

Generic word, LOL (though that's not really a word, more like an acronym lol).

RE: Jordan Farmar. Yet another player I like and really out of the 5 I'd prefer to stay. In every season there are things that stand out. To me it's not the "hot" early's not the fact that he started in the playoffs...but a set of possessions within a game. It was in game 3 I believe, where Nash beat him to the basket. Nash turned on the jets and flew by, and he didn't even see him go. The next possession, Jordan adjusted, counteracted and when Nash got by, Jordan didn't quit on the play and got a block. That's EFFORT. Not quitting is the man's middle name...and he can definitely adjust within games. I think that's a valuable commodity right there...reading and reacting, something as a team we don't do a lot of.

As for his future...I agree with tha show. Yes for KG (everyone for KG, except Kobe), Everyone but Kobe, and either LO or Socks for JO...not quite for every other trade lol.

Farmar is going to be a really bright spot for this team someday. I think the kid can approximate the role of a Tony Parker. He's the one player who really could benefit the most from a pure low-post player like JO or KG. Or, Bynum, if Buss had his way. He reminded me of D-Fish, learning under fire. He never seemed to get down.

KL, don't even sweat Fan of the Mamba. I understand. If people dogged the love of my life, I'd get emotional too.

Kl Beast

How are you handling the depression of seeing your daddy Shaq sweet by a middle of the pack Bulls team as Detroit is showing. aND THAT MEAN Shaq is now a 12 or 14 points guy and knot more of 4 or 5 rebounds per game.

Pat Riley is chatizing him over there for taking vacatioins half of the year.
Is that a good leader for a team?

Shaq did the same here but Phil nurtured and babysitted him .

Now, the truth is out. Shaq alienate everybody in any team he plays.

His arrogance, his bravado, his supermacho vitriolics are now exposed.

You objective is to focus in Kobe, so nobody talk trash about the BIG dissapointment.

I imagine he will ask for a trade after Pat Riley trashed him in the press.
Maybe Dallas will be interested, they said that Darko and Kwame are better than him now, so.... they offer Devean George, Pavel, and three more garbage players.

60 millions wasted by Pat Riley.

Leader teach by example!

Mamba24 - Keep em up, dude. "No_Mamba" is probably a Suns fan trying to hate on the Laker Faithful.

Jormea=kobe in disguise,

Actually, Fan of the Mamba is catching up to you. Regarding th Bulls-Heat series, the Bulls look pretty good (although not so much in Game1 versus Detroit). I'm actually becoming a fan of the Baby Bulls. I think Bulls need an inside scoring presence because they have good shooters and slashers. This year is the coming out party for LDeng. As for Shaq-Daddy, it looks more like Shaq-Grandaddy (you like that??). Shaq's better days are over, but he'll make a tremendous role player. I think the Lakers can use Shaq; what to you think? Yo Jormea, i guess the 3 championships in LA are disappointments and the Heat's only championship in franchise history is a big dissappointment too. Damn Shaq, I wished he never put on a Laker jersey. I say, take the 00-03 banners off the wall. Keem em coming Jormea........

Exiled, Fan of Mamba either was being extremely facetious or extremely serious. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say that he was kidding. Noboday can be that serious. Nevertheless, you summed it up perfectly, the guy i most dispise is on the team i love most. It is ironic. I have faith that someday kobe will wake up and reaslize that he's not the best thing since slice bread. I say, kobe's relevance will diminish every years if the lakers suck and guys like Dwade, LBJ, Melo will take over the league. I already see that Big Media is focusing on Wade and LBJ as the face of the in point the T-Mobile commercial with Barkley and Wade. Perhpas kid kobe will be able to redeem himself before it's too late. I say kobe has 3 good years left before he begins his decline.

Generic One,

Hilarious! I always thought Bynum looked more like the guy from the Fat Albert movie.

Mitchell - Unfortunately I can't image link on this blog (or can we?), but if you just do a Google Image Search Tracy Morgan and compare it with a Andrew Bynum GIS, then you'll see an uncanny resemblance.


Shaq has his faults. Even when he was here, there was talk of "good Shaq" and "bad Shaq." Shaq carries his own baggage. His whining about "shooters" preceded the front office making a horrible Rice-For-Jones and Campbell trade. He cost the Lakers a 4-peat. He was resentful of other teammates like Kobe who shone. And, of course, his work ethic slipped every year after 2002.

But what you and others seem to ignore is that the Shaq thing has little, if anything, to do with love of the guy. It has everything -- EVERYTHING -- to do with results.

Since 1995, on average, A team with Shaq as the starting center gets into the Finals every other year.

As good as Kobe is, Shaq has proven that he can get another partner and win a ring.

Your gloating about Shaq's sweep does nothing to change that. Nor does anything you say about D-Wade carrying the team to the title change that fact. Shaq has his title and he can linger for another 2 seasons or so, so it's not like he's washed up.

I think some of you are projecting your own emotional attachments to Kobe onto his critics. I.e., I don't love Shaq a fraction as much as y'all love Kobe, but it's easier to accuse me and other Kobe critics of blind Shaq loyalty when we speak on this stuff.

It's as simple as this: Teams with Shaq on the roster have a better chance to win. And all I care about when it comes to the Lakers is winning.

I can understand that many of you all love Kobe, much like I love Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, Coop, Rambis, Eddie Jones, Vlade, D-Fish, Horry, et al. Hell, D-Fish was probably my favorite player on the 2000-2004 teams.

But this is all about results. Sometimes, I think y'all care more about covering for Kobe. Something has been off about this team since the 2004 Finals, and it hasn't been righted. I don't know whether it can. Y'all want to give Kobe all of the praise and none -- NONE -- of the accountability.

You say Shaq sets a poor example? Okay. But teams he left behind had no chance to compete. Teams who acquired him won titles. D-Wade basically played with the same guys that Kobe has now and had little success. Shaq arrives, attracts FAs to play with him, and D-Wade wins a title.

What is so hard to understand about Shaq being a common denominator in title contenders over the last decade and a half? His faults were outweighed by the benefits he brought. Phil believed that. Pat believes that. D-Wade believes it. And I believe that. Facts don't lie.

No_Mamba, step off on my bro Mamba24. I just made roll call. It's been a long battle to be universally hated, but accepted (except Jormea, Faith and Fan of the Mamba) by my fellow bloggers. today's a big day for me, don't ruin it. LOL.


Nice! I particularly liked the tip of the hat to All the President's Men. And of course, you can never have too much Pulp Fiction. By the way, do you write for a living? I'm getting that sense.

Mamba24: Thanks for the inclusion in the roll call. I feel like I belong. Being stuck out here far away from Lakerland (Utah), that means something. Now I have to endure all these Jazz fans running around like they just won the Finals.

KL "the beast" aka Exile,

Still need that cookie and a hug, huh? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

It's Kobe all the time for you 2. Oh well, at least you're psyhopathetic behavior is identifiable and consistent. You have a Kobe fetish. hahahahahahahahaha!

A psychopath is a personality disorder that is characterized by antisocial behavior exhibiting pervasive disregard for and violation of the rights, feelings, and safety of others starting in childhood or the early teenage years and continuing into adulthood, describes your behavior on the blog to a tee!

You two fools despise a stranger. Wow! How sad!

Fan, hum........cookies. my mouth is watering. Alright, Jormea, you're out as jormea=kobe in disguise. Fan of the Mamba is now Fan=kobe in disguise. Hey kobe, how's life eating doritos and wathing the playoffs AT HOME!! haha, you suck! keem em coming Fan=kobe in disguise. i will take the hug if the offer is still open, although no hugs from behind, if you get my drift.............remember what happened in CO when you hugged someone from behind?? LOL.

Hey Mambe24, know do you know what i'm talking about when i get really extreme with my anti-kobe jokes. it goes both ways.

Fan of the Mamba:

Again, I'm not surprised.

Guys in love can be forgiven of their folly.

I hope the end of the affair goes well for you.

AK: The rookie season is now done. Thoughts on the experience?

JF: It was up and down, you know? I feel like I still have a lot more to offer, but I still feel like I had a productive, positive season. I learned a lot on and off the court.


You should have ask him to elaborate on his statement "I feel I still have a lot more to offer"

It seems like all players are saying this statement which makes you wonder what is the reason why, they are limited in their abilities to help this team.

Is it PJ? or does this offense restrains them from showing their potential. I just hope that these exit interviews are really being evaluated by the coaching staff.

Makes you wonder what some of these players would be like if the offense opens up.

KL"the beast" aka Exile,

Poor baby needs some attention! There, there little one! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! My fourteen year old got better lines then that. He's reading what you just wrote and he asked is that an adult person? I told I don't think so. My fourteen year old says you need to grow up. He wants to know why sucks and hugs from behind are a part of your post? Then he said you're parents need to give you a serious time out from the computer. hahahahahahahahahaha! Then he said I need a time out too for responding to your stupid post. From the mouths of babes.

So enough is enough. My son is right, you're a waste of time and for my blogging Laker family enough of the back and forth dribble about nothing really. KL 'the beast" you have the floor, say what you will I'm done responding, not because I can't but because it's dumb to continue playing on the computer with someone else's child. I have children of my own if I feel the need to play.

To my fellow bloggers, I apologize for wasting your time with nonsense as opposed to conversation about the exit interviews at hand.

Marty: Good catches! And no, no writing for a living, but I write a lot of silly/strange things for a lot of different reasons (birthday cards, emails to friends, fake blogs), so I get lots of practice.

keep em coming Mamba24... are like some grumpy old man that doesnt like to see anyone have any fun.

theres a name for people like you


...go pour yourself a scotch...and if you ever wanna talk things over you know where to find me....

eighties lakers-

I always see that as a pretty stock answer meaning, "I can improve," "I have a lot of room to grow," "I can do better," etc., rather than "I'm being limited." In the context of the full quote, I take it to mean I think I'm capable of playing better and will improve during my career, but am pleased with my rookie year."

Just my interpretation, of course, but I think that's what he meant.


Fan=kobe in disguise,

Okay, enough fun for one day. In all seriousness, it was fun. If I offended your boy, I do apologize. This is an adult-only blog (well aldult in the sense of age, not mental capacity.....i'll speak for myself only). goodday kobe.

ok, thanks BK.

A shout-out from Mamba. Kewlness!

Anyhoo, I hope we can hold on to Jordan this year. Rookie lapses notwithstanding, he had a pretty good year - a helluva lot more dependable than the gone and soon to be forgotten Little Willie Parker!

A B to Farmar?

I don't agree.

he deserves a C

For stretches, he played well.

Most of the time he looked overmatched out there.

Farmar needs to have a better outside shot.

He need also to make his body stronger and more atletic.

Mamba24, Holding our blog together

I was upset when Phil put Farmar into D-league, i don't care how many rings Phil had, Phil doesn't know about young players. Farmar, Bynym, Vlad, Cook, Sasha, Maurice are best bench players in the NBA, this group can score 35, 36 points a game. No ego between them, everybody can shoot, pass, it was fun to watch them playing together.

SO what sre the chances of the lakerrs getting someone like garnett or jermaine o'neal or billups or who would they have to give up

Back to Justin...

Reading this interview, it's clear to me that Jordan Farmar is the type of players we NEED on this team. Just look at his answer to what he'll be doing this summer...

"shots in the system"
"analyzying video to see where I can attack"

Those two answers alone show why we need more of guys like him. 1. He's going to work on his biggest weakness 2. He's going to review a lot of video to find where else he can improve

Take what he said and compare it with most of the other players...
I wrote to Dr Buss last week and told him we need a whole team of guys like Farmar, not so skill wise, but competitiveness wise. He's got that fire to succeed, and that's a huge quality in today's basketball world.

Give us a team of players who have the competitiveness of Farmar and I'll show you a team that can contend under PJ's & KB's leadership.

"Farmar, Bynym, Vlad, Cook, Sasha, Maurice are best bench players in the NBA"

LOL!! Actually, that is probably the worst bench in the league. A rookie, a virtual rookie, a player with no clue about the triangle who was hurt most of the year, a streak shooter who plays no D and doesn't rebound, a shooter who can't shoot, and a decent defender who is very inconsistent on offense.

Actually, I would have taken the Raptors bench over ours, in a heartbeat.



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