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How you rooting now?

May 7, 2007 |  7:18 pm

Ever since May 5th, I've been carefully watching developments around the NBA, scouring the web for late breaking headlines, word of a loophole unveiled, or some kind of newly uncovered rules infraction that turns the world of hoops upside down.  But now that every second round playoff series has either begun or is scheduled begin later tonight, I've resigned myself to the following conclusion:

The Lakers are indeed out of the playoffs, that's just not going to change and there you have it.

Now I don't know about every Lakersblog reader, but I always keep watching the playoffs, even after my Purple and Gold have been bounced.  It's not always the most entertaining of experiences (Spurs vs. Nets for the 2003 crown, anyone?), but I love me some roundball, so I'm gonna stick around.  But like anything with sports, it always helps to have a rooting interest.  Thus, here are the top 3 teams I'm now hoping capture the Larry O'Brien. 

1) The Phoenix Suns - For those of you who didn't shatter their laptops tossing them across the room, let me explain. I picked the Suns in October to win it all, so I'd like a shot at being able to say, "I'm not really a genius, but I play one in cyberspace."  (Although BK picked Dallas, so at least I'm already more correct than him, which is always the most important contest to win).  Plus, I'm one of those cats who takes comfort knowing my team got beat by the eventual champs.  That's just how I roll.  And Pat Burke's simply too good a player to go his entire career without a ring.

2) The San Antonio Spurs - My girlfriend is a huge Spurs fan (and before anyone starts bashing a L.A. woman rooting for the enemy, she's a native Texan, her entire family roots Spurs- I snagged a bunch of the team's media guides the last time they visited Staples, which earned me big points- and she always cheers on the Lakers for me, assuming they're not playing Mr. Eva Longoria's team).  This requires something of a balancing act, since my #1 alternate playoff team is playing hers, but we've seemed to arrive at a compromise.  I'll be genuinely happy for her if San Antonio wins and she's going to sulk like a brooding, inconsolable teenager who's not allowed to attend a Fall Out Boy concert if Phoenix wins.  Problem solved.  Besides, anything that keeps Robert Horry flush in bling is fine by me (assuming it doesn't come at the Lakers' expense).

3) The Golden State Warriors -  Because it's a great story.  Plus, if they don't win it all, one assumes Stephen Jackson will be angry.  And as far as I'm concerned, any scenarios that could spark such a reaction should be treated with the words of David Banner from the old "Incredible Hulk" TV show.  "Don't make me angry.  You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."  (Incidentally, when we were little kids, BK LOVED this show!)

Honorable mention:  The Utah Jazz.  See team #2, then sub "Derek Fisher" for "Robert Horry."

So there you have it.  My top 3.  But where do your rooting interests lie?  And why?  Or do you even give a crap now that the Lakers have gone fishin'?  Let's hear how you're cheering (or shrugging your shoulders in utter indifference).