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Thus, coaches recommend playing hard for two halves

Had this game been kicked off at the beginning of the third quarter (which is admittedly hard to justify, but I'm sure the refs would have had their reasons), the Lakers would have come out of this one looking pretty good.  The second half featured a Lakers squad allowing only 33 points and playing with a general tenacity one might even refer to as "tenacious."

Unfortunately, the refs not only demanded there be a first half to kick things off, but they even declared that the Clipper points allowed in said opening half would count as "keepsies."  And when you allow 57 of those red and blue babies (creating a 15 point margin to chip away), that's generally not a formula for success.  Throw in a Laker squad that grew arctic cold down the stretch (Lamar Odom contributed the only Laker field goal of the final five minutes) and the 90-82 loss seems predictable.  It also didn't help matters that Mo Evans and Ronny Turiaf combined for 7 bench points and outscored the rest of the bench by 7.  Stuff like that will negate Kobe's 29 and LO's 21.

Still no word as to which ring Penny Marshall officially threw her hat into. She literally was wearing one, but it read "Bronx."

More to come later.  (AND NOW ADDED, AFTER THE JUMP)


As noted before, it was a tale of two 24-minute sessions.  Why the schizoid performance?  "I have no idea," shrugged Ronny Turiaf.  "Maybe we didn't have that much gas in our tank.  I wish we could have had just a bit more push, like a basket, or a call going our way, or a loose ball going our way.  Just one simple action that could have pushed us over the hump."  Alas, no such game changer was presented (or created, depending on how you view such things).  Noting how the team made a big comeback to get back in the thick of things, Turiaf at least could walk away from the game with a lesson learned.  "That we have to play focused basketball for 48 minutes."   

Ronny understanding the concept of sustained effort makes Kobe Bryant's life a little easier, since that's one less inexperienced teammate he'll have to schedule for a sit down.  "That's something that we'll have to address.  Phil has kind of touched that point several times.  I'm sure tomorrow at practice he'll give his barking orders to the fellas."  Beyond Jackson's lectures, Kobe's also been taking guys aside lately to pound his vet knowledge into their callow heads.  "We gotta understand the sense of urgency that we have to play with and the fun that comes from these big games.  These games are fun.  We've got to go out there and play with a sense of purpose and some type of energy and play harder." 

You think so, doctor?  I mean, five Laker starters managed on one sequence to get outrun by a guy whose laziness has reached damn near folklore status.  "The play that was really significant was Tim Thomas running down the loose ball and being able to save it and we had nobody down there."

Considering the only real hustle Thomas has shown throughout his career has consisted of conning teams into multi-year deals, jaws should be dropping right now.


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Let's go, let's start with the excuses and rationalizations. I'm all ears.

SEA is a must-win. Must-win.

We used to get upset when the lakers lose, welll lately, we're gettiung used to it, why don't we just go sailing along and dream for the big lottery. We too, can all be happy-go-lucky fans and join the jolly bandwagon of Smush, Andrew and Luuuuuukkke! They are called the Happy Trigger Threesome.

Keep your head up guys...we're still the Lakers, we shall overcome. At least I hope so lol.

In the meantime, we need to play like we did in the last half…for 48 minutes. We can’t keep on having this mental breakdowns, not to mention breaks. We’re not the championship Lakers, we don’t have the talent or the experience to overcome. Once we get that in our head...we should be allright, or at least surviving.

Kwame, PLEASSSSSSEEEEEEEE get back! We need you big guy!

P.S. "Thus, coaches recommend playing hard for two halves” lol. Thanks for the laugh K Bros!

you can't hate on luke, he played with heart and took the shots when no one else would.

THE JACKSON JOURNAL: 75th Game – Los Angeles Clippers (39-35)
By Michael C. Teniente

A thumb’s down for Phil Jackson!


Where is the logic in this approach? The Lakers are without Kwame Brown. Fine! The obvious thing to do is to make sure that you keep either Kobe or Lamar in the game at all times. Heck that’s something the Lakers do even with Kwame Brown available. But in the 2nd quarter PJ puts Bynum, Cook, Evans, Sasha, and Williams on the court? We go from being down by 6 to trailing by 17 before PJ calls a timeout.

If that isn’t enough the Lakers make a blue collared comeback. In the 4th quarter the Lakers tighten up on their defense and we pull within one point with 5:03 in the game. The score was 79-78 Clippers. On the next foul PJ pulls Odom in favor of Walton with 4:47 left in the game. Then he compounds the matter by replacing Evans with Bynum. That left us with Bryant, Famar, Walton, Turiaf, and Bynum. What was that all about? The Clippers go on to score 4 points in the minute Odom was out. Four of those points came from Kaman. I love Bynum but the boy is only 19 years old. He isn’t ready to be in these types of situations. Here we are holding on to the 6th seed, fighting for position so that we can play the Spurs who play a style of game that is a perfect match for us, and PJ does something like this? If we fall to the 7th seed and have to play the Suns in the 1st round it’ll be because of this type of stuff.

By the way, Odom scores 4 points when he returns. Too bad those were the only points we scored the rest of the way.

Take away the 1st half and 2nd half substitution patterns and we probably win this game. We’re not a fully healthy squad and PJ decided to shot us in the foot.


Luke Walton taking not one but two 3 pointers towards the end of the game, I have no problem with that. He shot without hesitation. That’s all we can ask for. If he makes it he makes it, if he doesn’t he doesn’t.

Smush Parker is cracking. Here we are at the end of the season and I can see his attitude coming out. Not by pouting but by the way he reacts to situations. Like at the end of the 1st half when he makes a lazy pass that the Clippers steal. Right away Odom and Kobe are running back to get on defense. Look at tape of the game. You’ll see Parker just walking towards the defensive end. What was that about? This guy doesn’t belong on the court.

2nd NOTES:

I know when we talk about the Lakers offense Kwame Brown isn’t really considered a solid fixture in how it operates. But has anyone else noticed how weak the high picks for Kobe Bryant are without Brown?


Today Smush let a player named Jason Hart ever heard of him EXACTLY....own him in the first half then PJ puts in Farmar and he STAYS in front of his opponent and what happens we get stops and pace speeds up for us and less fouls....then sasha replaces Farmar and what happens a 1 point deficit become a foul after foul for Maggatte AKA foul master...and its a 5 point deficit for us and then mommentum swings then PJ realizes his mistake and puts back Farmar and what happens he BLOCKS his opponent and gets us the ball but Lakers at the end of the DAY LOSE....because PJ cant figure out his own team...this game jus shows u how %*Y!(*%Y!*(@%Y*(!%Y*()!Y@%. it can be....

Now Bynum turn....okay i know ur 19...but come on you've played long enough to know how to play defense witout fouling a all he had to do was put his arms up and challenge the shot not put his hands straight horizontally!...Ronny played with energy and heart in the game....

....THIS GAME WAS LOST because PJ cant figure out his own team by now....i say the starting lineup should be (until kwame returns...) :


Good post Mike T ;-)

Today Smush let a player named Jason Hart ever heard of him EXACTLY....own him in the first half then PJ puts in Farmar and he STAYS in front of his opponent and what happens we get stops and pace speeds up for us and less fouls....then sasha replaces Farmar and what happens a 1 point deficit become a foul after foul for Maggatte AKA foul master...and its a 5 point deficit for us and then mommentum swings then PJ realizes his mistake and puts back Farmar and what happens he BLOCKS his opponent and gets us the ball but Lakers at the end of the DAY LOSE....because PJ cant figure out his own team...this game jus shows u how %*Y!(*%Y!*(@%Y*(!%Y*()!Y@%. it can be....

Now Bynum turn....okay i know ur 19...but come on you've played long enough to know how to play defense witout fouling a all he had to do was put his arms up and challenge the shot not put his hands straight horizontally!...Ronny played with energy and heart in the game....

....THIS GAME WAS LOST because PJ cant figure out his own team by now....i say the starting lineup should be (until kwame returns...) :


hey Michael T.

How does it feel to be right? Kwame, whether we like it or not is the key to our success. Kaman had a really good game for himself tonight, albeit on Andrew (I really don't play very hard or well) Bynum.
If Kwame would have played we could have played more inside out, and more importantly not allowed kaman all the easy looks he had. I know it's early in the kid's career, but i've pretty much made up my mind about him. I don't think he should be in the Lakers future plans. I think Kwame Brown should instead... Not to mention I'd much rather have kwame and Mimh at this point. Bynum has really just coasted the whole season knowing that there is no pressure on him to deliver. Behavior like this will only compound the fact that he's got a crappy in game motor, not to mention not a very quick thinker.

as a side note...I thought kobe really did force it tonight, even on the scoring tear a few weeks ago, he was in the flow of the game. Not to mention, whenever kobe was isolated tonight in the post all the other players stop their movement. Almost anticipating that kobe would shoot instead of passing it off to a cutter or curler. Another thing i'd like to see change is have kobe finish for us rather than create so much. Tonight Lamar did not have it in his hands enough at all. I really thought he should not have played so much off the dribble because obviously he was not getting any call. That was the corey maggette show. I did like that kobe kept us in it early on so had a chance to come back, but because his shots weren't falling a lot, nor were calls being made, as well as complete lack of game from andrew bynum led to this disheartening loss this evening.

here's a list of player that should be retained this season
kobe: obviously
lamar: ditto
Luke: we have to
Kwame: really do
Maurice: him as well
Jordan: he makes mistakes, but he also makes up for them as well
Ronny: he is the heatbeat of this team, no pun intended
Chris: cheap post player!!! not much of a question

sasha: to inconsistent for how little he is asked to do
smush: does not learn from mistakes
Bynum: a serious waste of time for all that has been put into this "project"
Cook: seriously what does he do well now, he can't even shoot at this point
shammond: keep only if it would help us land the big ticket
mckie: obviously

on the fence:
Vlad: i dunno yet?

mike you were right all along about kwame, and the rest of us were wrong!
I'm glad you stuck to your guns, when everyone else badmouthed you for it.

Couple more losses and HELLO, Durant / Oden / Brewer.

What is the point of the 7 or 8th playoff spot with a banged up roster that can't compete? Everybody gets to off season surgery sooner, making them more appetizing trade bait. Kobe gets a well deserved rest before he plays for USA and everybody wins.

A decent lottery pick in this draft changes everything. We can trade the pick, keep the pick, build with NBA ready youth, the options are many and varied. We get swept out of the first round and go back to our usual salary cap strapped off season with some pick in the 20's and this could get long term ugly. Season tickets anyone?

I haven't given up on this team yet. As bad as it had been they are still in 6th. Yes, maybe they may eventually drop down but that doesn't mean things wont get better at some point. All the negativty around here kind of sucks at times, but I had to chime in anyway.

Go Lakers! Stay positive.

Oh well! It is what it is. I love the Lakers, but I'm realistic enough not to expect anything like last season's playoff run. The team was playing at a much higher level at the end of that regular season and Kobe played the leadership role well through five games with the Suns. This year's version is not nearly as prepared. It's 4 or 5 and out in the first round no matter who the opponent.
Looking forward to next year, I hope Mitch Cupcrotch has the cajones to pull off a trade for KG. He is the most perfect complement to Kobe that is out there, and if Laker management has any vision at all, they will do what it takes to surround Kobe with the players he needs to win a championship within the next two or three years. That would appear to be the window available for Kobe who will be an "old" 31. Any other course would ensure that Kobe's prime years will have been wasted, at least in terms of winning championships.
Obtaining KG will require a lot of creative negotiation. The Timberwolves can be expected to ask for Bynum first and foremost. This has to be done no matter how you assess his upside. It simply is going to take too long for Bynum to develop to fall within that three year window for Kobe. The problem remains, however, that Bynum's salary hardly begins to matchup to KG's contract, so Kwame and Vlade have to be made available along with any or all of the PGs. In addition, a sign-and-trade of Luke may be necessary. Draft picks will probably also be involved.
It's hard to know what the Timberwolves will want. Probably, there will have to be a third or even a fourth team involved, depending on player needs. Also, Chicago and New York will be in hot pursuit of KG and probably have more to offer than the Lakers. However, KG has expressed a desire to come here, has a home in Malibu, is close to Kobe, and will have the last say as to where he goes, if traded.
I hope that a deal can be struck that leaves Lamar untouched. I think the trio of Kobe, Lamar, and KG will be a killer combo. Chris Mihm should be resigned if healthy as a backup center. Finally, Jerry Buss should open the big pocket book, ignore luxury tax considerations, and sign Jason Kidd or Mike Bibby if possible. The Suns may be willing to give up their team option on little used Marcus Banks who is an '07 free agent. Banks would certainly bring defensive help to the PG position so badly needed.

Here are my Laker untouchables:
Kobe (of course)
Lamar (he would be awesome 3rd option with KG/Kobe on the floor)
Ronny (great upside as energy/enforcer/defensive PF)

My wish list for keepers, but available for KG trade:
Luke (nice facilitator for 2nd unit)
Mo Evans (like his upside as athletic/energy/scorer)
Farmar (potential as PG, would benefit by working with a Kidd or Bibby)

My dream '07 starting lineup:
PG- Kidd or Bibby
Second Unit:
PG- Farmar
SG- Evans
SF- Luke
PF- Lamar/unknown
C- Chris Mihm

I hope and pray that Laker management will see the light and truncate the rebuilding process. BRING US THE PLAYERS, MITCH!!!!!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

MIKE T.....After reading your post i agree 100% with what you said (usually i dont )but today you hit the nail on the head,well put.......I also think its time to start FARMAR and bring farker of the bench.....By the way thats not a typo thats what he should be known as smush FARKER

why all the negativity? PJ's just tanking it in hopes of getting a real center in the draft...

It is painful to be a lakers fan now. Kobe is the best player, period. He is my man. But seeing him to bust his ass to carry the team and go nowhere is painful. I guess lakers probably won't pass 1st round in playoff. The better team wins in 7 games series, period.

Here is my own observations:

1.Management. I have to point fingers to the owner and organization for not bring the organization to the level where it should be by making wrong critical decisions and not investing to support a team which matches the second most profitable sports franchise in NBA. They slave Kobe to last drop of blood. Kobe wasn't 100% from his knee surgery, but he had to play over 40 minutes per game to carry the load on himself. Dr. Buss jacked up price for tickets, food/drink etc, but failed to spend a little bit from huge profit squeezed from Kobe who is their only "cash cow" to put together a team which shoud match the hefty price tag. It is a shame to put Smash Parker who is journey man in NBA and makes minimum salary for PG in the league along with the best player Kobe on the back court.

Maybe someday in the future the "golden boy" Bynum of Jim Buss would turn to be a good center. But I can be sure Bynum would be a great player as Shaq or Kobe. He doesn't have "it". He will be mature in a few years, by then Kobe will pass his prime year. It is absolutely wrong decision to put this "project" in Kobe's prime years. It is time for Jim Buss to give up his ego and grow up. I can't believe how he said in the interview that lakers is a solid team. What the phuck are you talking about? What are you smoking, Jim?

Lakers have Sasha, Smush, and they drafted Farmer, so why did they sign Shammand? Lakers had Cook, why did they sign all the middle term to Vlad who is the same version of Cook? Why can't they make the smart decision to bring in a decent PG who is smart and can defend? Why did they just squander the money for nothing?

If that is public company, the CEO and senior management would have been fired long ago by making such mistakes and putting business in such bad situation.

If business is failing and under-achieved. The management is responsible.

2. Coaching.

I thought Phil is ok coach. He obviously has 9 rings, hall of famer, blah, blah. I respect the guy. But I always wonder whether the great player like M.J made him a great coach or another way around. What I saw from past two years, he is clearly out-coached in-game coaching. His lacking of adjustment and no-reaction to in game caused lakers a lot of games. He put in weird lineup out there which is by no mean to make any sense to the normal people. I am not sure that was supposed to be part of "mind game". I called that incompetent and irresponsible. Any other NBA coach would have been fired by the poor result of the team.

Even we as fans would be able to point out that lakers have been lack of defense collabatively. It has been two years. I can't believe that it is still a topic without any improvement. I don't buy the execuse of "young team". It has been two years, players would have developed the chemistry. I has to think if the coach knows how to teach defense.

3. Supporting Cast

Sasha. Except getting foul calls, I don't know what else he can do on the court. Oh, wait, he throws bricks though. He is not a NBA product. What a waste of first round pick at 16. Look at the Barbosa, Josh Howard....

Cook. He has really bad attitute now. If he had thrown jersey to Coach Pat Riley, he would have thrown out the game for long suspension. But he didn't even get any suspension. What can I say? Our zen master might control things differently than our normal people or he just lost it.

Smush Parker. He isn't smart. He doesn't even give any effort. I guess all he cares for is his "stats" so he can get a fat paycheck. Well, you don't ask too much from a player who makes minimum in the league, do you?

Lakers probalby won't go anywhere in playoff. Even worse, they probaly won't do much this summer offseason. It is time to test the patience for Kobe who is carrying the team on his back and fans who are paying big price for the buss family. The worse isn't coming yet.

I don't know about everyone else, but watching this Laker squad has taken years off my life. They start off the season as big over-acheivers and seem to be ending as under-acheivers. I would rather have had it the other way around. At least my expectations wouldn't have gone on a roller coaster ride.

Truth is, I can barely watch them anymore. Prime examples- last night vs. Nuggets and tonight vs. Clips. We beat up on a very bad Kings team... yea... Surprise- the Nuggets and the Clips aren't necessarily great teams right now. It seemed like just months ago, these Lakers were beating on elite teams...

Oh, it was?

It's not injuries, it's not that they don't have talent or skill. Aside from Kobe, and maybe Walton, this team has no determination. You can say all you want about Bynum... that he's 19, still young, all that... but he's like any other kid today- he's indifferent. I remember watching the Lakers get blown out a couple months ago and the tv crew showing the Laker sideline. Kobe was noticably frustrated with the eventual loss... while moving down the bench, I see Bynum grabbing at another player laughing and joking.

Think about it. A team like the Pistons has about as much skill as our Lakers, but when you look at almost all their players in their eyes, you know exactly where their head is. You look at the players on this squad... they are nowhere to be found. example- Smush Parker.

This team does not have the collective tenacity to win on a consistent basis... especially that their young confidence has been rattled having so many losses in the past months. They've learned that they could be losers. We all do at some point in our lives. But it's the confident and strong that climb back. Doesn't look like this squad can collectively do that... not by the this season's playoffs anyhow.

This is where Mitch fails. He actually not a bad judge of talent. But what made West great (most of the time) was his judge in not only talent, but in character.


I believe Buss's know special package deals will have to be produced to get true fans to come back and watch this trash.

We make excuses for this team and why they keep losing. But this team is trash.

From KB24 on up should all be expendable this offseason.

And what if you're minnesota? Who would you want out of this trash for KG?

No one people! They are not going to want Bynum, Odom, or Kwame Brown. Do you think their management is that stupid to take our trash out?

They see how bad these players are right now and we don't have a damn lottery pick to offer them unless we don't make the playoffs.

But unless we plan to give Gunner24 the season off right now, there's no way we're going into the lottery.

I hope you people aren't paying for tickets to watch this trash because this trash will be up to your curbside again next season.

Get real. we're the Blazers just in Los Angeles.

now called, the "Blakers"

Adam Kiley...Mike T might be the face of the Kwame fan club (great post again mike) but theres alot of other people that have appreciated him too and see his importance....I agree with your analysis but Id keep Shammond.I feel that packaging Vlade,Bynum and Cook for defensively orientated big guy and a defensively orientated point guard is what we should superstars just solid role players...lets face it thesystem doesnt require much from the point position a bit of defence and a shot thats good enough thats it...i still think maurice peterson

I've been saying from Phil came back and of course allong with with comes the Triangle offense. First of all the Triangle offense obviously cannot be credited with winning Championships......PJ was blessed to have the teams at the time with the best players........jordan/pip & kobe/shaq ........nothing to do with the triangle offense. You watch every top team in the leauge....Dallas, Miami, Houston, San antonio, Phoenix, Detroit......need I go on......they all run, alot of powerful motion offense that consistently attack the basket, with Pick and rolls, Screens, movement without the that the shooting guard can roll off of screens and catch the ball in postions to attack........back cuts. That type of offense draws fouls because it cosistently puts pressure on the Defense.

The Triangle offense is a Perimeter offense and very stagnet......that's why we watch so many 3's and jump shots being jacked up every game. the Better players do not want to play in the Triangle offense....for that same reason. Point guards like Billups,Bibby, Nash, Terry need i go on....just about every play uses a screen or a pick and roll to execute there plays, drive to the basket and draw fouls or dish out for an open player......Jordan Farmer is a real point guard and needs the same type of plays to show his true potential.

Coaching is 99% of the reason the lakers are so inept defensively and offensively against the better teams. Can Smush start on any other team.....No for all the obvious reasons......but Phil thinks so. I ask you this, if he's Definitely not in the long term plans or even gonna be playing in a Laker Uniform next season, why would any se..........why not develop the future at that position especially when you can't be any worse at the point position.

Yes.........Smush is defintiely not a good perimter defender, decision maker or difference maker on the court and needs to ride the bench until they let him loose. Yes, Bynum is toooo soft and doesn't have the speed or footwork to really be an intimidating force. toooooo many times have i seen him catch the ball near to the rim and have his shot blocked or watch the ball bounce off the rim because he doesn't dunk or play with and edge.

I'll leave on this note..........Dallas had one of the worse Defenses in the leauge an unfixable problem right, well so we all thought.............UNTIL AVERY JOHNSON became there head coach, now there one of the best devensive teams with the same players.............THAT'S WHAT A DEFENSIVE MINDED COACH BRINGS TO THE TABLE.








enough with the disappointment.

enough with the wishes for the lottery (oden, durant)?

this is simply an AVERAGE team.

they are not any better or any worse than the #7 or #8 seed, as evident from their past two games.

if kwame brown is your determining factor between being below average and semi-competitive, then i would have to say that you HAVE MAJOR TALENT ISSUES.

not trying to be pessimistic.

just realistic.

you have people on this blog asking for the world from the likes of smush parker, sasha vujacic, maurice evans, brian cook, jordan farmar, shammond williams???

how can you ask for the world when these guys can barely handle (sometimes not) their basic duties?

face facts.

the lakers don't have much talent.

just enough to be a bubble playoff team.

so quit crying about the losses to other playoff bound teams. average teams, like the lakers, will lose these type of games.

and quit lobbying for the lottery because unfortunately this bs front office has put just enough mediocre players around kobe to make this a borderline playoff team.

glad i chose to watch recorded episodes of planet earth than the second half of last night's game.

and thank God for Champions League soccer. c'mon united!

what a joke.

lights out.

Hey Edwin, that trio you mentioned didn't take half the shots Kobe did last night. I can't really see blaming this loss on their shooting the ball too much.

Personally, I blame a lack of effort and ball movement.

"Bynum: a serious waste of time for all that has been put into this "project""

Both years? The guy played a monster early part of the season for us, and without him we wouldn't even be worrying about the 6th seed...we'd be worrying about making the playoffs period.

He's 19...he's not going to be great right away. I don't know if he'll ever be great, but I don't think we can write him off because he's not living up to the higher expectations we set for him after the first 4 months of the season.

And let's not forget that Andrew pretty much didn't play at all last year. A few spare minutes here and there, but nothing substantial. You've got to give him one more year before you call him a bust.

I seem to recall Kobe throwing up an airball in a rather important game as a teenager...we didn't give up on him and that turned out OK...I think we can give Andrew another year.


Please, If not, then why be a Lakers fan? To watch this mediocraty?
The only reason to watch a Lakers game is to watch Kobe Bryant magic. Besides that, forget it.

FLL, if the Timberwolves trade KG and don't ask for Lamar...I think Stern would order an immediate drug test for Kevin McHale. I mean, I can fantasize about flying to Alpha Centauri, but that doesn't make it any more likely to happen...

It would be easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for me to give up on my Lakers but, there comes a time in the events of man that all good Laker fans must stand up and search their souls. Im willing to see this season through to the bitter end but I had a nightmare last night that I was trapped on a speeding train going in the wrong direction with an engineer that had 9 rings but none of them fit the ignition lock. Outside the train on one side were a band of losers lining up for lottery tickets and yellng at me to jump. On the other side is a group of marchers carrying a banner BRYANT/GARNETT '07 yelling at me to jump and join the parade and ahead of me are a group of bloodthirsty villains with names like Maverick, Suns and Spurs waiting to see if the train reverses course and heads in their direction and then I woke up and realized it's only a game. GO LAKERS GO!

Who cares? The Lakers lost. I see improvement though.

Who cares if Kobe Takes twice the number os shots? He's the most dynamic scorer in the game. Of course you want him shooting the ball! Stop comparing him to someone like Nash who doesn't have any offensive talent. Kobe PLAYS SHOOTING GUARD. Notice the word "SHOOTING".

Nash is a passer because he is so short and below average from an athletic standpoint. Nash knows his limitations.

What you really should be concerned with is finding someone like Nash who can give Kobe help.

You need to understand that Kobe is NOT the problem. He is just doing what his talent allows him to do. Kobe needs better players around him that fit his style of play.

Also, in case you forgot, Kobe won 3 championships so he's not a cancer to a team like you think he is. If Kobe was a cancerous ball hog, the Lakers wouldn't have won 3 championships with him. So your argument is null and void. Move on.

Mike T,
That is all Brown does on the offensive end. Set high picks for Kobe! I just got the NBA live game and that is all Brown does in the Game. Set picks for everyone on the perimeter! Lol! You know if the video game has it, he must do it all the time.

Hello y'all.

Been reading your posts for awhile now. Just wanna help stir the pot a little bit....

I agree KG will be a great addition to the Lakers (possibly, 'tho not automatically, bringing in championships). But I do think any talk of a KG trade (or acquisition) should consider these:

1. It should include Lamar. They're both natural SGs. And if KG is an upgrade over Lamar, there's no point keeping the inferior product unless as a backup w/c probably won't happen. For KG, better to trade Lamar and keep the Kwam.
2. More importantly, for all who believe this is Kobe's team, getting KG will (most certainly) diminish Kobe's status as a superstar. Even as the tandem go on to secure a four-peat. Remember that KG is in the same position as Kobe - a superstar with mediocre supporting cast. KG is just more unfortunate with the management he has to put up with. Should they finally win a championship, nobody will be able to give either one full credit. In other words, if you're a Laker fan - go for it. If you're thinking about Kobe's legacy, better to focus on other ways to upgrade.

Just a few thoughts as the season winds down.

Peace !

Michael A.

If there was no Kobe, this game would not be even be close.....Lakers will not be in the 6th seed but in 12th seed. Be thankful that you have KOBE & LO.

Surround Kobe with reliable role players and we'll compete in the top 3. No hating on Luke who is a good player but not good enough to be #3 scorer.

Continue with these scrubs next year and you'll observe fan flight from the team. from Staples & media and lastly, from the blog.

I like KG but how??? Mitch can't handle complicated scenarios, he wants a superstar who'll come here a steal like Malone/Payton. To all who are clamoring for KG, elaborate the how Kevin Garnett will move to his home in Malibu???

I already contributed my idea: Re-sign Walton & Mihm, trade them both to T'wolves with Kwame, Bynum and Cook. If T'wolves want LO in lieu of the other player so be it.... I think that is very attractive proposition to cater the interests of the T'wolves owners and fans. (This offer is more attractive than the players we got in trading Shaq, those are: Odom, Butler & Atkins)

PS. Sorry for the mess up on that double posts above. Couldn't figure witht the bots whether it has been posted or not.

The BRYANT/GARNETT '07 campaign bus is chuggin' along.

Thanks to those for their support:

Fan of the Mamba
bynum=the big lazy

The list is growing!

Anyone else interested?

Im gonna try to make a sign for Sunday's game.


I'm Go Rakers, and I approve this message

If Kobe was on Phoenix with the same guys that are there now, the he would still average the same numbers with a couple of extra assist!

And they would win the next 4 championships. But we have Smush instead.

We would rather play Smush over Farmer and that is were our problem is at. I have been screaming SMUSH SUCKS since day 1 and I even gave him props on some occasions, but the bottom line is no matter how much that want to believe that Smush will turn it around, it probably won't happen. I would dare bet my money on SMUSH PARKER doing anything. The guy has no passion for the game of basketball and it is effecting the team. He needs to be sent down to the D LEAGUE.


We are going nowhere fast if Smush Parker is starting in any of the remaining games. We are sinking with this guy as a starter a PJ is killing us with his coaching decisions right now. I don't even want to be a Laker fan if Smush Parker is on this team next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zen, I thought the way you did. All the way through last year's playoffs.

And why is KG some great solution? What has he done in Minny? Almost nada, except when Sprre and E.T. carried him to the WCF.

Look, I wanted Kobe gone since the end of last year. But once Lil' Buss and KupC kept Bynum, it was really all about building for the future. That's where we're at now.

Go get KG. We're still not better than DAL or PHX, or possibly SAS or HOU.

This is where we're at. I think PJax walks at the end of the year, unless he really wants the coin. Why would he want to tarnish his legacy with another .500 campaign, and why would he want to trust KupC again?

I feel bad for Lamar. Guy's been through hell, and he just is stuck in this. He's part of the failed Shaq deal. This has not been a good year for LO.

We must beat SEA. That's all I know.


Stop trashing Triangle and Phil. Neither MJ, Pippen, Shaq and Kobe won anything before he showed up. Yes having great players will help, but also you should remember with great player also comes big ego and plenty of other staff. On the most part Phil’s had nothing to do with current status of this team, in fact I'm pretty sure without Phil we'll be looking at lottery now. Remember 2004-2005 season? I'm also remember Phil was against drafting Bynum and Jimmy Buss made this call, now we and Phil need live with results. No way Kaman would have a game like he had yesterday if Kwame were playing. Bynum maybe one day become someone but this is far far away if ever.. Meanwhile we are wasting prime years of Kobe career. This is not a Phil's problem that management assembled current team, he is working with what he has and I doubt any coach would've done better job with current roster.

Smush.. You can not motivate guy who is making minimum wage, all he's re about, it's his stats to get a contract this summer. We should let him go also because he is not playing any kind of D, for the obvious reasons, D is not present in the stats sheet.

Cook... The question was raised 1000 times, why Lakers gave him extension and at the same time sign Vlad? He is not playing D, not even shooting 3s with any degree of consistency. His mid-range jumper is suspect also.

Sasha.. He can not stay on the floor 5 minutes without picking up 5 fouls. He is suppose to be a good shooter, unfortunately it's happening only on very rare occasion.

This is 4 spots on the roster that needs to be cleared out no matter how via trade, for phantom 2nd round picks, for cash, I don’t care.

Something about Bynum… I thing, it very possible, Lakers still keeping this little mystery about his potential in order come up with trade that will bring any kind of value player in exchange. Otherwise they need to admit their 10th pick, highest in years went busted.

R.I.P Darryl Stingley.


Hey AK/BK,

What are the Chances that Lakers Make Playoffs this year?

I think it is 30% based on Current Level of team and all the circumstances..

What is your thought on this? Please don't say 100%



Smush cannot move to the D'League, reserve only for rookies within their 2 years tenure.

According to Smush, he's playing good but the people around him are not in tune with his game. His problem is w/ their adjustment they can't interpret a lob pass from shooting or this lazy drop pass.


I'll go with you, I think the lottery pick is the way to go. It is useless to play in the 8th seed, it's like getting a D+ in college. It may look negative in the short run but it will have a lot of positive effect in the years to come if we go for a lower seed with better chances in the draft og getting a good PG. Rest Kobe, get Lamar shoulders fixed, and all those misplaced ankles get surgeries. No team would trade with the status quo of Lakers injuries. They have to pass the medical examination. And if you don't trade these scrubs, they will just hang around and multiply. Here are some predictions on the order of the draft. We are now #20, let's aim between 10th - 15th.


They'll likely get in, though where they finish at this point is anyone's guess. They have a three game lead on Golden State for the final playoff spot, and that's a lot to make up in seven or eight games. Even if the Lakers 2-5 over their last seven, GSW would have to go 5-2 to catch them, and they still have some tough games on their schedule. Could the Lakers miss the playoffs? Yeah, they could, but their odds of getting in are much higher than the 30% you mentioned.

It's more of a math thing than a quality of play thing.


The triangle offense works. It's been proven. The only problem with this Lakers team is that they know how to run it, but they don't have the energy on some of the players to run it. Sasha throwing up some major bricks last night. Kobe was getting triple teamed. Lamar had a good night, Luke had an okay night. But the triangle offense was not the problem, it was their defense on the first half. What was up with that. Anyway, Kobe was being Kobe, but if you are not getting any calls all night, then you will be frustrated too. Magette was D Wade last night. He shot less and scored high, but he also shot 18 or so, free throws. You can say he was aggresive, but so was Kobe. Officiating last night was terrible. You know what, that has been the Lakers story this year with the refs. Thanks STU "pid" JACKSON and Stern.

Lottery, C'mmon people. Have faith with our team. In Kobe we Trust....remember that. Kobe is going to do everything in his power to make the playoffs, and don't think LO, Luke will give up too. It's frustrating, but like BK said, they have a better chance of making the playoffs than missing it. We really don't have a lot of sunshine once the playoff starts....Mavs (1-2), Suns (1-1 as of today with 2 more games to go), Spurs (2-1, would have been 3-0 if they got that one rebound to hang on to the lead, know the rest). Think about how Kobe is a different monster when it comes to playoffs. The system is ther, PJ is experienced and LO is LO. Reminder also that LO has a lot on his hands. He has something to prove this year, and also a motivation to succeed. LO has been solid for the last 3-4 games. We just need averyone else to be on the same page. Smush has had 3 bad games....Maybe he is due for a couple. That is just the inconsistency on his part.
OR, a big OR. Maybe PJ has something else in mind. Maybe they really want the Suns in the 1st Rd. It will be a sweet revenge. This time Kobe "The dirties Player in the league" will clothesline Raja. lol

GO Kobe, GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy! I read a lot, and a lot, and a lot more and it's good to see so many different opinions in so many different angles, but hey, that is what blogs are for right. I mean, unless your talking off of statistics, everything else is opinionated.

So the end of the season is coming upon us and the mood in Lakerland is somewhat soured by lack of effort, poor coaching and (still) haunting injuries. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that in the stride the Lakers are in now, a possible playoff spot is looking highly unlikely whereas teams such as the Clips, Golden State and of course Denver are making that strong playoff push. This would pit the Lakers in the 9th spot which means disqualification.

But lets look into some possibilities on what may be transpiring within the Lakers organization. In other words, could this all be some sort of strategy that may be falling deaf on the ears of Laker fans which later would make us all say "Ahhhhh" I see whats going on now or is it just meant to be the way it is.

Strategy #1: 3/6, 2/6, 1/6.

First Round: San Antonio vs L.A. Lakers

This would seem to be the logical playoff direction any team would want to be in, givin the number six seed. You gradually build from round to round and as the team succeeds into the further rounds, the opponents gradually get a bit more difficult. This being San Antonio, Phoenix, and Dallas. But this year, this strategy doesn't work in the Lakers best interest and here's why. Playing San Antonio in the first round almost guarantee's the Lakers an early first round exit. Three key reasons: Experience, Energy, and Size.

Experience: Other than Kobe and Luke Walton, the Lakers playoff experience is lacking versus the likes of San Antonio.

Energy: San Antonio may be an aging team, but it won't show much in the first round of the playoffs. Combine that with experience.

Size: The question is, who can contain Tim Duncan? A energized Tim Duncan at that. Not many teams can, and certainly not the Lakers.

But lets just say, the Lakers beat San Antonio in the first round....Well, lets not! Moving on to Strategy number 2...the winning strategy.

Strategy #2: 2/7, 3/7, 1/7.

First Round: Phoenix vs L.A. Lakers

You may think I'm crazy for saying this, but this is the best chance the Lakers have in advancing to later playoff rounds. Yes, the Suns are a run and gun team, very youthful other than Nash, and of course are very hungry. But this Suns team lacks experience, just as the Lakers do but having Phil Jackson on our side sure doesn't hurt. Other than Amare Stoudamire, the Lakers definitely outsize the Suns and if played right, can beat the Suns up on the inside. Most importantly, this series would instantly be a passion builder for whomever advances into the later rounds. This is the series I believe the Lakers can pull off this year but the Lakers must play more aggressive than the Suns to win it.

Second Round: San Antonio vs L.A. Lakers

Unlike strategy #1, this San Antonio team will be a bit more tired than the San Antonio team of the first round, and believe me, Denver is capable of giving San Antonio a run for their money. And with the Lakers aggressive play during the first round with Phoenix, this should give the Lakers the momentum in this series. This is where youth vs the San Antonio Spurs plays into the hands of the L.A. Lakers. This overall will be a good series and if the Lakers take good advantage of their youth, than this strategy will once again, be awarding to the Lakers.

Third Round: Dallas vs L.A. Lakers

This is probably where the buck stops. But doens't neccessary mean a wasted effort on the Lakers. This is where (if) the Lakers lose the series, that in return the Lakers gained a lot of experience as a team. But the Lakers have been known to match up with Dallas very well in the past, but reality tells us all that this Dallas team is very serious this year and will be almost impossible to overcome. But being the Western Conference Finals, anything is liable to happen...Anything is possible.

Strategy #3: 1/8, disqualified.

First Round: Dallas vs L.A. Lakers

This is probably the worst case scenario the Lakers want to be in unless they can pull off a MAJOR UPSET and defeat the Mavericks in round one. If so, this will make it a easy second round match up between Utah or Houston and the third round being either between Phoenix or San Antonio. All in all, it makes it a "Yo Yo" of a playoff run for the Lakers which by the way, kind of matches up to the Lakers season this year....up and down.

Ron, I couldn't agree less. Phoenix, to me, is the worst match-up we can have. We'd have a rebounding advantage, but they're more athletic than we are, have a better offense, and play better D. Add that to the fact that they're the team we had down last year, and they'll be very careful playing us. Translation? We're probably done like toast.

The advantage of playing the Spurs is that they're older, not extremely athletic, and generally slow the pace down. That let's a guy like Kobe be more of a factor. Who cares if Kobe goes for fifty if the other team has one going 40+, a couple more at 30, and a couple more in mid-twenties? Or 8 guys scoring 17+?

I'd much rather play the Spurs.



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