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Extra! Extra! (4.18)

April 18, 2007 |  9:56 am

By virtue of Golden State's 111-82 pasting of a resting Dallas Mavericks squad (Dirk, Howard, Stackhouse, Dampier... and D.J. Mbenga all sat), tonight's regular season finale in Sacramento still has meaning.  Win, and the Lakers will head to Phoenix.  Lose, and if the Warriors win their game at Portland, the Lakers will face the Mavs.  At this point, it's fair to debate the merits of winning (and the Mavs losing last night), because that's what you do in the NBA.  However it shakes out, and it's no picnic either way, it looks like two things are clear- Kwame Brown says he'll give it whatever he's got from here on out (encouraging words from him, considering a week or so ago, he wouldn't say if he'd play in the postseason), and if he wants a starting point guard to feed him in the post, it's time to lean on Jordan Farmar.  Phil Jackson wouldn't say for sure that the rook would start tonight, but Farmar practiced with the starting group on Tuesday.  That's a clue. 

In news that is likely to give Lakers fans visions of a triumphant return to glory, Jerry West says he's leaving the Grizzlies on July 1.  In accordance well established sporting law, speculation immediately centered on West possibly landing in New York.  Mercifully (for West) James Dolan says he won't force The Logo on Isiah Thomas.  Of course, nobody here cares about that.  Is West coming back to L.A.?  At least right now, it doesn't look good.