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Extra! Extra! (4.18)

By virtue of Golden State's 111-82 pasting of a resting Dallas Mavericks squad (Dirk, Howard, Stackhouse, Dampier... and D.J. Mbenga all sat), tonight's regular season finale in Sacramento still has meaning.  Win, and the Lakers will head to Phoenix.  Lose, and if the Warriors win their game at Portland, the Lakers will face the Mavs.  At this point, it's fair to debate the merits of winning (and the Mavs losing last night), because that's what you do in the NBA.  However it shakes out, and it's no picnic either way, it looks like two things are clear- Kwame Brown says he'll give it whatever he's got from here on out (encouraging words from him, considering a week or so ago, he wouldn't say if he'd play in the postseason), and if he wants a starting point guard to feed him in the post, it's time to lean on Jordan Farmar.  Phil Jackson wouldn't say for sure that the rook would start tonight, but Farmar practiced with the starting group on Tuesday.  That's a clue. 

In news that is likely to give Lakers fans visions of a triumphant return to glory, Jerry West says he's leaving the Grizzlies on July 1.  In accordance well established sporting law, speculation immediately centered on West possibly landing in New York.  Mercifully (for West) James Dolan says he won't force The Logo on Isiah Thomas.  Of course, nobody here cares about that.  Is West coming back to L.A.?  At least right now, it doesn't look good.

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Well Laker fans this is the last regular season game and tonight we find out
Our seeding. I really don’t care 7 or 8 it makes no difference. Why, because the
Band is back together again. The entire team minus Mihm is ready to play and although I know this team is not like the Lakers of old that could just turn it on and off, I still think that unlike the other teams, we have not shown that other gear yet. The combination of no team having seen a complete Laker lineup play together and not seeing them shift to a higher gear leaves other teams woefully unprepared for what they are about to meet. Farmar has been honing his skills in practice against the deadliest man in the league, The Mamba and then as a final tune-up played double headers in the Dleague and the real league. Kwame, LO, Cook, Radman all have had significant rest so all will have fresh legs. Smush is playing for his free agency so I guarantee he will not flame out in the playoffs and if he does, unlike last year we have options, Mckie, Jordan and shammond. Socks will be out to prove that he should be the starting center for next year plus he has playoff experience. And call me crazy but I really think the key to the playoffs will be Sasha and the Radman. The Radmans rainbow three will be vital to the teams success. Sasha’s crazy defense will drive whomever he is guarding crazy and with the state the referees are likely to be in he likely will be able to knock a lot of players off their game. Also Rad does not play half bad defense. If you expect nothing, then any defense that you get is a lot. I really feel that it does not matter who we play. Playoff time is Phil’s time and all of the silly player substitutions and mind games were for this purpose, playoff time and all shall be revealed by 9 rings. Smush’s reaction to demotion alone should have been a signal to one and all that something is up. I’m going out on a limb and predict that who ever we play the Lakers will win in 5. I only give one game to the opposition for adjustment purposes. Jim Clemons was not with the Lakers last year, but has been with Phil in all his title years. The one thing that has been missing was defense. I don’t care if it is Phoenix or Dallas, they will only have one 100 point game. Clemons specialty is defensive adjustments in the playoffs check the record. He will have LO, Kobe and Smush playing unbelievable defense. Kwame will not need to score he will just be a defensive specialist in the middle. So cheer up Laker fans our time is almost here. We are, I said, WE ARE going to the Western Conference Finals. WHY? Come on now do I have to tell you? Repeat after me:



AMEN Mamba24!!

Phil better not mess up our rotation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farmer as a starter and bring Smush off of the bench. If he doesn't give us anything or loses the lead, then in the second half he should not play at all and we should go with Sasha.

Real simple rotation. It is time for Smush to earn his keep now, and if he can do that from off of the bench, then it will only benefit the Lakers.

The important thing is that Smush is playing from the bench now and he can't hurt us as much now, because now Phil can contain him.

Let's Go Lake Show!!!!

And please Laker fans, don't be discourage if Bibby starts out on fire. The game is about finishing strong and I have no doubt the Farmer will hold us down. Phil just gave Farmer the confidence that he needed and we needed before the playoffs!!

[repeating along]
though I walk through the valley of the shadow of a 60 win contender, I will fear no dirk nor nash for we are the Lakers and we will defend until we are victorious...

Good one Mamba, I'm feeling ready!

OK, I have seen the 2nd and 3rd installments of the Shield. Really good stuff. The tension is just building and building in Shane's head! And now whats gonna happen to Vic for taking out that gang leader? I'm lovin' it.

Hey for the first time in weeks I agree with Mamba.

Let's go Lake Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the refs...
Kobe better really be careful for the rest of this year.

With Joey Crawford suspended, the other refs are not going to be real happy with David Stern. How to react - legally kick another superstar out of the game. That would really p*ss David off and he would be unable to do anything about it. Now comes the really bad part...if the refs choose to tech up Kobe twice, not only does he get kicked out of the game, but he is suspended for another game because of excessive techs - and David Stern wouldn't even dare to peep on that one (considering what his group has said and done earlier in the year). This would be the perfect way to really 'screw' David Stern.

Kobe - do nothing to upset ANY ref. Do not talk to them, do not make faces -- just play the game.

Hallelujah Mamba24!! I feel the Power!! I see the light!! I see the Lakers deep in the playoffs!! It's a miracle!! Anything can be done if you really believe in it.

Ajax, "Anything can be done if you really believe in it."
Would that anything include Smush being a great point guard? lol

the point I am making is that just one of L.O. & Bynum are likely to GO, not BOTH!!!

giving up both would be equivalent to starting over because you have two stars and nothing else on the team...

Giving up one would give you 2 proven players & a potential star or 3 proven players in the league...

The Lakers' number one priority this off-season should be bringing back Jerry West. Period.

Last Call......

Well the 2006-2007 NBA regular season has finally reach the last hours for another year. When the final buzzer sounds to mark the completion of the last game, fourteen teams will inevitably begin their summer vacation. Of course, there will still be work being attended to in each front office. The draft is still coming as well as a summer expected to bring much free agency activity. However, for all intensive purposes, a league of 30, will be down to the "sweeter 16". Normally, the games on the last night are mostly just for formality purposes with seeding already being determined. However, out of the 14 games being played tonight, 7 directly affect the playoffs. Thus, it is significantly important that we take a look at what is going to happen to tonight.

In looking at the games is a mix of prediction and desire.

Milwaukee @ Cleveland ~ Cleveland wins going away.
Miami @ Orlando ~ Orlando loses in a close game
Chicago @ New Jersey ~ New Jersey wins a low scoring game
Washington @ Indiana ~ Washington wins a close game
Golden State @ Portland ~ Golden wins in a blow out
LA Lakers @ Sacramento ~ Lakers let Sacramento hang within reach, but win down the stretch
New Orleans/OK City @ LA Clippers ~ Clippers win pretty easily

At the end of the night, here are my final playoff seedings.

1-Detroit, 2-Cleveland, 3-Toronto, 4-Miami, 5-Chicago, 6-New Jersey, 7-Washington, 8-Orlando

1-Dallas, 2-Phoenix, 3-San Antonio, 4-Utah, 5-Houston, 6-Denver, 7-LA Lakers, 8-Golden State

I agree with you. Just be very careful if you want to trade Kwame - he is extremely valuable as a stopper. You can trade him at the next trading deadline if Andrew really starts to shine next year - you may even get more for him from a club with a desperate need in the middle and playoff hopes.

Sean P.
Jerry West is NOT going to be the GM of the Lakers while Phil is still here. Also, he is 69 and doesn't need any 'political crap'. If we want him back we should hire him as a well paid consultant and let him work flexible hours with Mitch and the Buss's.

JJ, "Final seedings"
Close but no cigar. How about:
1-Detroit, 2-Chicago, 3-Toronto, 4-Miami, 5-Cleveland, 6-New Jersey, 7-Washington, 8-Orlando

1-Dallas, 2-Phoenix, 3-San Antonio, 4-Utah, 5-Houston, 6-Denver, 7-LA Lakers, 8-Golden State


Time certainly does funny things - over time.

The Kwame Brown/Caron Butler trade is beginning to take on a different coloring as we move along.
1) At first we all thought it was really dumb.
2) At the middle of this year we thought of it as a major mistake. Never mind that Caron wouldn't play major minutes because of the presence of Kobe.
3) Now, with Kwame back and a force in the middle and with Caron injured for Washington, the trade looks much more like a reasonably good one.

If Kwame doesn't improve over what he is now (I personally think he has more growth in him, as he becomes more comfortable with his bball skills) we may still consider the trade good for both clubs and both players. It is a good demonstration of why GMs must not be fans, but basketball businessmen.

Deals that work out for both parties are generally the best deals. Keep this in mind when discussing proposed Laker trades.

Well, Smush is still young, has done good things offensively and is good at steals, but still has time to improve upon what he does defensively to where he could later be known as at least a better PG than he is now.

'Tis the season of blind faith and optimism...hide your heart, Laker fans, here comes the playoffs.

It's truly a shame that Lamar has to work with a bad shoulder 'cause this post season he's got to be in the front office spotlight. If Kobe's the keeper then the next salary down the ladder will be the protruding nail that gets hammered after a first round loss. That doesn't mean blamed, it means the piece that brings another all star to run with 24.

We all want to keep the roster and add a KG as was Mitch's free agent plan from 04. We'd all love to trade pieces we, and no one else, wants for a KG. I wanted a juicy lottery pick to dangle in GMs faces but that won't be happening.

LO's game would flourish with Kobe and another major contributing piece but the team has almost no options to get one. If he and company play huge, the lord is willin' and the creek don't rise, and we get past the first round, he's the other man on your 07-08 Lakers. If not, probably not.

Off-Season Moves....

I still contend that the Lakers best options to improve this team ivolve making draft day deals as well as free agency. Trying to offer a trade to any other team after the draft is going to be very difficult. It amazes me how several on here are so quick to offer up players in a trade scenario to other teams, thereby indicating how little they value those players, yet they believe that another team will value them so much. If you don't think Lamar or Bynum is worth keeping, what makes you think they are worth acquiring?

I recommend that the Lakers try to pull off another "Elton Brand/Tyson Chandler" type of trade in which the Lakers get "Brand" in that scenario. Since the Lakers do not have a high pick, it will require that they throw in some other players to make it work financially. However, teams are more apt to trade on draft day than later in the summer. The closer we get to next season, the harder it wil be for the Lakers to get a reasonable trade. The targeted players are Jermaine O'Neal, Channing Frye, Pau Gasol, Al Jefferson, and Kevin Garnett (Not likely). We sould be able to give up our pick and 1 or 2 players for one of those guys excluding KG.

If they are able to do that, use the MLE to sign a point guard/shooting guard. The Triangle would work best with a combo-guard. As I have stated before, Mike Bibby is my choice at this time. Tonight is going to give everyone another look at what he has to offer. Not only does he have the skills to fit the Lakers nicely, he also has the attitude and personality on the court. It is his presence that raised the Kings to a title contender back a few years ago. He is really the main reason why they have any credibility right now. Kobe would have someone almost as fierce on the court as he is. Bibby never gives up. His abilities on the court fit the Triangle greatly. He is an excellent distruibutor, however, he also plays off the ball well. He is one of the best guards in the league at running the P&R. He has proven the ability to carry the offense on a given night. He is a strong leader. He is a floor general. He and Kobe are currently friends. Those concerned about his defense should note that although he isn't a lock down defender, he does stay with his man well. With Kobe by his side, the guards would be locked down.

Craig W.,
I'm gonna need you to get off of Kwames NUTZOS!!!!


There are plenty of guys in the league that play "solid D".
Enough about "clog up the lane" ... What the hell does that even mean?

How can you clog up the lane but only be able to guard your man? How do you clog up the lane but dont block shots or play help defense in a superior fashion? That's not clogging up the lane!!!

Kwame is valuable for THIS team as currently constructed. But, a guy like JO or KG is way so much more valuable its not even funny.

Just because he is the only good post defender for THIS team doesnt mean we have to crown him.

Like Denny Green says, if you want to crown him, then crown him. But KWAME BROWN is who I thought he was... And your letting him off the hook!!!

Amen brother, with those comments I don't think anything can stop the Lakers now! lol

Congrats to Kwame getting the front page treatment of the LA Times Sports Section today. Kwame's article is accompanied by a photo of his "Kaboom-Kapow Dunk"! (Replacing Shaq's "Boom Shaka Laka")

Craig W.,

I agree that Kwame is valuable right now, but that value is based heavily on the fact that the Lakers have no other options. However, if the Lakers are looking to use him in a trade for another big man to defend the middle, at that point his strengths for the Lakers become a mute point.

What people don't realize is that having a big body in the paint is good if for no other reason than that the Lane is now clogged. Part of Shaq's benefit to any team is his ability to clog the middle because of his size. He doesn't have the physical skills of Alonzo. Brown doesn't have the physical skills of Turiaf....he has the size though. However, if the Lakers are trading him for someone that can play defense but actually provide consistent offense, that has the ability to anchor the offense at times....they should trade Kwame in a heart beat. Andrew is for the future. That hasn't changed this year. Some saw him have such a good start and began getting all excited looking for him to dominate now. He is still a couple years away....but that's okay. It just means that the Lakers need someone else to start instead of him. You let him get another season under his belt with more work and more experience and by the fourth season, he will be producing All-Star numbers at center.

First of all, RIP to all the VT students who senselessly died and my deepest condolences to the families and students there. As a Korean-American who was born in America but travels back and forth, I must tell you that the country of Korea is regretful for your loss. We feel somewhat responsible for this tragedy even though it involves one person. A Korean girl was also shot and killed there too. Please recover quickly and know that God is watching over them now.

Secondly, I just want to ask that there is no backlash against the Koreans in America. I can tell you that this was an isolated incident and that most Korean people are friendly and nice people. I am just writing this because although most of you Lakers fans are level-headed people, it is just natural to be angered by this incident. I am not in America right now but my friends living in LA have told me that they get uncomfortable stares that really bother them. They are just as outraged as everyone else by this unfortuante tragedy.

Anyways, sorry that was off-basketball but for some reason, I felt that I just had to let the Lakers family know about this.

OK Back to basketball...

Am I the only one that kinda wants the Clippers in too? I really want the Clippers in and Golden State out. I know that GS fans have been waiting forever for playoffs but living in LA, don't we all kind of like the Clippers too? The Lakers-Clippers match can happen again this year... (a man can deram).

Phil said that the Lakers match up well against the Suns time in and time out. Lakers playing the Suns as of late hasn't produced great results but playoffs are a different time. It is Phil's time. He'll pop in one of those Britney Spears Video Things that he makes and motivate them to play to a new level. (in reference to an ESPN article regarding Phil's motivation techniques -- its on Page 2 of

Lakers slowing down the tempo won't work as well as last year because of Amare but still can be quite effective in my opinion. However, I believe our main problem is boards. Especially against a team like Phoenix. Look, Phoenix shoots many many 3s. They are a pretty good shooting team from outside but still, 3's should RARELY be rebounded offensively. 3's will usually produce a long rebound and our team should be ready for that. Yet, when I watch the Lakers Suns games, we seem to always be mystified that a bricked 3 goes back into the hands of the Suns. The Suns are a small team but they seem to grab so many rebounds a game. If we can stop the 2nd chance, we can definitely beat Phoenix.

Anyways, again, it doesn't matter who we play.
As I said before, 2 words from here on out Laker family:

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Lakernidas, "prepare for Glory,"
Tell the truth now Rakers, you're just trying to emaulate the mamba
by changing your name. In that case I am considering changing my
number from Mamba24 to Mamba824
By the way did we train in the bus for a Glory Train? lol

Unfortunately, this isn't like football, where you can play someone just in "passing downs", or baseball, where you can use the DH so the pitcher doesn't hit.

Kwame is good in one area (one-on-one defense), poor in an area (help defense), mediocre at best in one area (rebounding), and horrible in a significant area (offense). Those weaknesses take away considerably from the value of his individual defense.

Of course, if he is as valuable as you say, the Lakers would have no problem packaging getting some great player(s) for him in a trade. Other teams will be beating down the doors to get him, because at $8.2 M, he would be a steal. Here are some of the possibilities:

Kwame and Lamar for Garnett.
Kwame and Lamar for Gasol and Miller.
Kwame and Vlad for Gasol.
Kwame and Lamar for O'Neal and Foster


So basically you don't believe that tonight's games will change anything? You do realize that it will take several things happening for the standings to remain the same just as for them to change as I had them. First, Chicago needs to win or Cleveland needs to lose. Second, New Jersey needs to win or Washington needs to lose. Third, Washington needs to win or Orlando needs to lose. Fourth, the Lakers need to win, or Golden State needs to lose, and at the same time, the Clippers need to lose. If the Lakers lose and Golden State loses, a Clippers win will push them into the 8th seed.

Your suggested finish is no more concrete than mine.

The only problem in acquiring JO or KG is that it would signify that the Pacers and/or Wolves are going for the "rebuild". That would mean that not only are they dumping their franchise guys and the hefty price tags they have, but they would want to get out from under some of the other poor contracts.

So the PAcers would probably want to build around Diogu/Granger/S. Williams and whatever youth/picks they get and rid themselves of players like Dunleavy, Murphy, and Tinsley.

The Wolves would more than likely want to build around Randy Foye, their lottery pick this year, Rashard McCants, and whatever youth/pick they get in the trade. They would want to get rid of players like Jaric, Hudson, Blount, and Madsen.

The big problem for us becomes matching salaries.

My take on the off-season is first we have to see if Greg Oden declares for the draft, and then we need to see how the lottery shakes out. Teams are going to make A LOT of personel decisions based on whether they get the #1 or #2 pick.

I still say Gasol is the best fit for us, player and financially.



"I wouldn't say to Isiah, 'Hey, Isiah, Jerry's coming in and you've got to take it,'" Dolan said. "No, I would never do that."

Gee, you would think that Isiah would get the hint and won't stand in Dolan's way of bringing Jerry West to New York. Can you imagine that? Jerry West with James Dolans willingness to spend money and with the New York spotlight?




About Bibby. I never really thought about Bibby in LA but what you say about him makes perfect sense. Bibby is perhaps a very good fit for the Lakers and maybe can be brought for cheap since I believe that he is a free agent? Currently I think he has a very high payroll and so if he's not a free agent next year, he would be hard to trade for.

Anyways, regarding trading on draft-day... I don't think this year's draft is going to allow for lots of draft-day trades. This draft class is pretty good and I don't think a lot of GMs will be willing to look stupid on draft-day. They'll probably wait until after the draft to make any bold decisions. Unless it is Kobe for a top ten pick or something, I don't think any GM will trade away their lucrative spot. Why do you think so many teams tanked this year? Anyways, Bibby to LA seems really good because that means we might even be able to bring Mr. Big Ticket to La La land...... won't that be a beautiful sight?

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the contrary JJ, I agree with you 95% it's only that 5 percent I'm worried about. I'm 100% sure the Bulls will beat New Jersey, which is the only
thing I changed on your seedings, because if the Bulls win they will be the 2nd seed and cleveland the 5th. Other than that I agree with you all the way brother. By the way don't be surprised if the go to the Eastern Coonference Finals.

BTW don't you guys love it that the Lakers have to play either the Mavs or Suns? I do. Because then we can see who the REAL MVP is. This gives extra motivation to Kobe. Phil should post up an MVP picture of either Nash or Dirk over his dressing area.

Light up the fire baby...

It's time for the Kobe Show.

Kobe to score 50+ and dominate in the playoffs.

GO LAKERS!!!!! I'm so excited!!


I love to get Jeff Foster, I've always admired how hard he plays. I'd actually throw in Bynum in that last deal if it meant we could get Foster.

What about Zach Randolph from Portland? I know the guy has some character issues, but what we really lack is a low post scorer and Portland would love to get away from him and his contract, leaving them Darius Miles away from building the "new" Trailblazers.

How about Kwame and Cook for Randolph? Works salary wise and the cap room Portland gets is incredible. They are going to have a high pick in the draft and after next season all they are on the line for is Cook's $3.5 mil a year.

We get a 20-10 guy to play the 4 and can play with his back to the basket and step out and hit a J. We'd obviously lose some defense with Kwame leaving (would actually prefer to lose Bynum instead of Kwame in this one since Kwame could be the one-trick pony he is and it wouldn't matter with three scorers and two good rebounders in Randolph and LO), but you have to give up something in a trade.

Anyway, its an idea.

Zakee, "I work on Wall Street"
I work in IT and what IT or Wall Street has to do with the Lakers winning I don't know. But as a wise man once said the whole world is Illusion" or as Kwai Chai Caine would say " Is not your bleeding purple and gold nothing but illusion"


Why do you think Mike Bibby will take the MLE. Do you think he will prefer to make lesser amount of money? Get serious, eventhough, I love his game, the reality of this is 1. We can't afford him . 2. The Maloof brothers will NEVER trade him to a rivalry team especially, the Lakers.

This is a good way to dream though. If I were you, I will see to us getting someone like Marcus Banks, who I believe is wasting on the Sun's bench. he is affordable and plays better defense than Bibby. Once the Lakers can fortify their interior defense, i believe with the cap room limitations the Lakers currently face, a guy like Marcus Banks will suffice at the PG spot.

This is just my opinion without any disregard to yours.

Mike T I know you are a big fan of Kwame. What is the Lakers team record when he plays?

GO Mamba24, the most effective cheerleader in the blog.

We will win because of Mamba24.

PS. If I were JW, if given a choice between Lakers and Knicks, I would choose the diabetic patient insulin-dependent than the paient with lymphoma. But at age 70, you'll deal with patients with lingering diseases, that's not the way to spend your Golden Years. Lol!

For those of you who think the Lakers are dangerous or can win the series, how many of you are betting that the lakers will win?

I don't mind trading Kwame, but I want to make sure we aren't just leaving the middle open. Most of the proposals talk about consistent offense and the ability to block shots. This isn't what the Lakers need.

We need a combination of things. If we trade the middle for next year we better darn well seriously upgrade our guard play. If not, we are going to be in worse trouble than this year.

We shouldn't talk about trades in isolation. We need to plug holes, not open new ones.

You do bring up Mike Bibby and he is an upgrade, but more on the offensive side. Remember what happened to Sacto when they lost the middle. They no longer could compete. And they had Bibby.

For those interested the lakers are 20-18 when Kwame plays this season so his importance on defense has not necessarily translated into wins.

Zakee soorrrrry,
I meant Fakers not Zakee.

Ya Fakers and Ive lost money on cant lose stocks in the market. As far as I know you maybe the bum broker that sold me them. HA HA . Anyway, this is why they play the games. I am realistic in my assesment that we are probably done after 5, possibably 6 games. However I can also see us pulling an upset if we can stay in front of Nash, force him to be a scorer and a couple of Lakers other then Kobe finding their stroke. The whole western conference is weird. Look at the seedings. If they hold Dallas, the suns and spurs are all playing the lower seed with the best chance of upseting them. Now that would be wild.

ex, are you kidding me? any one of those trades will never happen. C'mon, did you really say kwame and vlad for pao gasoft? a 20-10 guy. Two bad contracts for an all-star?

Andrew Z,
"How about Kwame and Cook for Randolph"
That sounds very good; that keeps Lamar and Bynum. Walton is coming off the bench, which he is (I think) better suited for. Turiaf (and possibly Mihm, if healthy) backing up Bynum and Randolph. Evans backing up Kobe. The "other" guard could be Farmar or possibly ? signed with the MLE, giving Farmar more time to work into the system.

That would make the Lakers a very deep team. That also leaves the possibility of trading Lamar for a top-quality guard.

And speaking of Miles, wasn't someone screaming last summer that he would be a great acquisition? He is probably still available!

You are a vicious, vicious man ! lol !

No, I don't think those trades will happen. I was pointing out to Craig that Kwame is not as valuable as he claims, because if he was that valuable, the Lakers would be able to make those types of trades.

Imagine poor Zakee next year. He is going to be a Joker with no Batman, A Yin with no Yang, he is going to be lost with nothing to post about.

Poor Zakee... but you'll be taking one for the team. Your go through withdrawals, but this team really doesn't need Smush and I'll be glad to see him go.


Yeah, last night's episode didn't let up at all. Shane's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He can't even deal with the guilt of seeing someone like Guardo die for his crime. He's eventually gonna crack. I can't imagine how Vic's gonna deal with the truth.

In the meantime, I was digging that B-plot where Ronnie helped bust that meth ring. I've always found his character very interesting, so I like when they give him more to do. It would also be hilarious if Tina ended up going after him (they sort of hinted she was interested), since Dutch is so clearly into her.


Since several responded to my post, I will try to cover everything in one.

First, Mike Bibby is a free agent since he decided to opt out of his contract before the season ended. He had an early opt out clause which indicates one of two things, either he is going to push the Kings for more money, or he wants to move to a team with a better structure for winning a championship. I would tend to believe that it is the latter of the two seeing as how he is sacrificing a lot of money to do this, and the Maloof have made it clear that they won't trade him. The only way he has an opportunity to get out and on to a better team is to walk. As for him taking the MLE, I don't see that as a far fetched idea. First, by going to the Lakers it would allow him to remain in California. Second, the Lakers, despite some opinions, are really not that far from being a serious contender. A team that has one of the top 5 players in the league is never far from being a contender. Mike Bibby could be one of the pieces to get them to that level. You take a risk when you take the MLE, however, he could secure the whole thing and have an opt out clause in his contract after the first year. That way, if it doesn't work, he would return to being a free agent. Most important;y, Bibby's desire to win a championship is what will drive his decision. Wherever he goes, that is going to be the point. In looking a the league, how many contenders are in need of a point guard? Cleveland is the only one that comes to mind.

As it relates to a draft day trade, I have thought about that, but you have missed a VERY crucial point. Indiana and New York do not have a picks in the firs round. The only way that they can get a draft pick in the first round is to make a trade, thus making a trade desirable. Memphis would have the chance to have 2 picks in the first round. That's not a bad scenario. Plus, Memphis is already in a rebuilding mode so they would seem to be an obvious choice to get rid of Gasol. Kwame will be in his last year so they can use him as trade bait by the trade deadline next season.

I agree about Chicago, but I am looking at the fact that New Jersey is at home and is really desiring the opportunity to not play the Bulls. If they lose to the Bulls, they may have to face them in the first round. If they beat them, they most likely won't.


Interesting that you paraphrased Psalm 23

The writer is King David, of David and Goliath fame.

That giant was over 8 feet tall, his armor weighed 220 lbs, his spearhead alone weighed 20 lbs. Golliath was just not tall but massive, fearsome and ugly.

David on the otherhand had no armor, was just a kid, and had only a sling and a rock.

His chances of winning were about as good as ours.

But, he was victorius because he was a good shot, was confident, and had God on his side.

Whether we play Phoenix or Dallas, our task will be just as hard. Dallas has a Goliath type guy in Dirk, at least as ugly. Phoenix has little Goliath Jr. , the Canadian dude Nash.

This will be a series of Biblical proportions.

Team X (Dallas or Phoenix) = MVP's, Allstars, 60 plus win season
Our opponents will have the Evil and now proven Corrupt Refs on their side
They will muster all the Dark forces of the NBA office to insure them victory (Stu Jackson, Ronnie Nunn)
The spirit of the ESPN Media will rally to their aid.

Lakers = One Saint, One Wiseman, and a bunch of little merrymen.
Only 41 wins and fresh off a victory over Seattles D League team, the Starbucks, this team is so injured it needs help in putting on their shoes
To counteract ESPN, we have only the Laker Blog, which is for Truth, Justice and the American Way, even tho currently discumbobulated.

The odds seem insurmountable. But like Goliath, our enemies underestimate us. They laugh and scorn at us. Even some of our fellow bloggers have lost faith.

They all forget one thing.

We have Kid Kobe. Who is armed with just a leather basketball and a pair of Nike sneakers. Who just happens to be a deadly shot and is backed and inspired by one of the great forces in all the universe, Laker Tradition.

Ya gotta believe

G.H.F Fatty - The Original Laker Homer

PS Mamba24 - Psalm 23 is usually read at funerals, Hopefully not ours.

Craig W,

You are comparing apples to oranges. When Chris Webber and Vlade left Sacramento, Miller also got hurt, which left them with guys like Thomas and Abdur-Rahim. I'm sorry, that is not the same as the Lakers getting rid of Kwame for Jermaine O'Neal. The fact that you would compare them in that way shows how lofty your impression of Kwame is.

As for Mike Bibby, sure he is more of an offensive presence, but as I have stated all year, a stronger offense will help the defense. What people miss is that if you can control the tempo through the offensive end, you will be in better position on the defensive end. Transition points will be decreased as will turnovers and poor shot selection. Also, Mike Bibby is STILL a decent defender. He is an all-defensive team member, but who is that is available? You guys kill me how you criticized potential players pointing out flaws yet don't realize that they are upgrades. You guys were criticizing a potential Kidd arrival before the trade deadline, but now you wish you had him. Now you criticize Bibby. I want an upgrade....that's the bottom line for me.


I'm serious, you're the guy who lighted the Laker candle, we all know that it may not last long compared to battery-operated lights or energy savers lights that Mavericks, Spurs & Suns have in their well rested players, at least we have a candle light burning throughout the night. For as long as there is light, there is hope. If God forbids, we reached the light of dawn and do not need candle lights, then we will remember the famous words of the greatest prophets in the blog in LakerTom and JJ. They belonged to the lineage of Nostradamus. Lol!

Fatty, "Psalm23"
Great post, I can't touch that. I'll just add let it be the only funerals
wil be that of the opponents.

Mamba24: "The combination of no team having seen a complete Laker lineup play together and not seeing them shift to a higher gear leaves other teams woefully unprepared for what they are about to meet."

True insight there, Mamba. Unfortunately Kupchak and Buss have assembled a combination of "KB24 & the Four Stooges", and it's best for us fans to see this complete assemblage together in order to realize how badly the team needs to be made over. Come playoff time I have no doubt the Lakers will resemble the Washington Generals, our Meadowlark Lemon being KB24. Maybe then reality will hit Laker fans and hopefully Jerry Buss.

Laker Lover,
It depends on who's on the court with Kwame. When Kobe, Lamar, Walton are on the court with Kwame as the starter the Lakers record is a little hard to follow. But it goes like this:

Kwame Brown missed the 1st 7 games of the season and the Lakers were 4-3.

Then Kwame came back and played back-up center for 7 games. The Lakers were 5-2 during this time.

Then Kwame regained his starting position again and the Lakers went 6-1.

Then Lamar Odom went down and the Lakers were 5-5 with Kobe, Kwame, and Walton but without Lamar.

Then Kwame went down and that left the Lakers without Odom and Kwame. With Kobe and Walton the Lakers record was 7-4.

Then Odom came back, which made it Kobe, Odom, and Walton. The Lakers lost that game. 0-1.

Then Walton went down, which left Kobe and Lamar. The Lakers record was 6-9.

Then Kwame came back to play with Kobe and Lamar but without Walton. The Lakers lost 0-1.

Then Lamar went down, which left Kobe and Kwame. The Lakers record was 0-5.

Then Odom and Walton came back to play with Kobe and Kwame for one game and the Lakers lost. 0-1.

Then Walton was out for a game and the Lakers won with Kobe, Lamar, and Kwame. 1-0.

Then Walton came back and the Lakers won 4 games in a row with Kobe, Lamar, Kwame, and Walton. 4-0.

Then Kwame went down for a game and the Lakers lost with Kobe, Lamar, and Walton. 0-1.

Then Kwame came back for 2 1/2 games and the Lakers were 1-2.

Kwame went down, again. The Lakers with Kobe, Lamar, and Walton went 1-5.

Then Kwame returned and the Lakers won. 1-0.

Now lets add up the numbers.

In total the Lakers are 21-18 when Kwame plays no matter what.

When Kobe, Lamar, Kwame, and Walton are on the court together the Lakers are 12-4.

The Lakers record without Kwame Brown, no matter what, is: 14-23.


I am but a student at thy feet.

As you can see this injury filled season has taken its toll. Here are the referrences.





We dont have any chances of getting KG. Please , stop wasting your time , talking about it.
Jerry West willnot come back , not in any capasity. Do kid yourself : Hall of Famer Jerry West being an advisor to Jim Buss ?? Are you kigging me ?
We will have to go over the salary cap to have any hope of restoring Laker reputation.
The aswer is pretty clear : We MUST SPEND MONEY.
There is no other way around .

Someone's arithmetic is wrong; with Kwame 21-18. Without Kwame 14-23.

What about the other 5 games?

I disagree on obtaining Bibby. You state that a stronger offense will improve the D. But we are already 5th in scoring in the league and only 26th in Defense. We give up more points then we score, which is weird when you think about it.

michael h,

I don't know if the Lakers would be able to get Bibby, but he would be a significant upgrade over Parker for a number of reasons.

1) Obviously he is individually much better than SMush offensively.

2) That takes offensive load off of Kobe, which means that Kobe can put more energy into his defense, which has not been that good lately.

3) While not a defensive "stopper" like Bruce Bowen, he is better individually than SMush defensively.

4) This will also improve Kobe's defense, because he will not be as concerned about what is happening with the other guard.

5) Bibby woudl be the number two option offensively, which moves Lamar to 3, and Luke to 4 (assuming no other changes to the lineup.) That suits those two players much better. With Bynum at center, who gets left open to double on Kobe? Everyone else is a threat.

Personally, I doubt that Bibby would sign for the MLE, but if he did, it would make a very big difference!

Mamba24 and All Laker Bloggers,

Thanks to Mamba24 this was one of the best, funniest, and uplifting threads in a Loooooooooonnnnng Time!

It makes us feel Gooooood about our team. We all needed it.

Give the Mamba24 a Medal

(fakerz must be rolling in his doom and gloom by now)

I haven't seen anyone raise this but I might have missed it. What about going after Fabricio Oberta... he's got a player option with the Spurs for really low money. The guy's not afraid to get down and dirty in the post.

It wouldn't be a major move but we could really use a guy like that.


Dave M

michael h,

You disagree because you aren't looking at the true picture. You can't just look at a couple of stats like total points and reach a conclusion.

It takes time to really explain it, but it's more to it than just what you are looking at. When I have some time, I'll post a message dealing with it more.

This is the kind of GM I wish we had.
He assessed the talent, made the decision and went for it. Also notice his relationship with the prospective draftie. Mitch is good, but not great like West.

The late Chick Hearn loved to tell about the time he picked up the phone only to hear West breathing heavily on the other end.

"You been out running?" the Lakers' announcer asked him.

"No," West said, "I've just watched the workout of the best 17-year-old basketball player I've ever seen. I've got to have him."

The year was 1996 and the phenom was a kid named Kobe Bryant out of Lower Merion High in Ardmore, Penn.

"He drove me to the workout," said Bryant on Tuesday, reminiscing about West. "I remember being in his Lexus [thinking,] 'This is what a Lexus smells like.' … Just kind of cruising around with him. I was in a car with Jerry West. Pretty awesome."

West got his man, swinging a deal with the then-Charlotte Hornets for Bryant in exchange for Vlade Divac after the Hornets drafted Bryant with the 13th pick in the 1996 draft.

"Words can't explain how much respect I have for him," said Bryant of West. "[Considering] what he did for me, bringing me here and talking to me throughout my career. I love him to pieces."

cool, ex, my bad

I don't want to think about next season until this season is done. All you people saying "Lakers can upset blah blah blah" then turn around and make a trade that drastically changes the team, just shows how much confidence you guys have in this team. I honestly think Kobe, Lamar, and Farmar (yes Farmar) will step it up.

IF we do end up playing the Suns, it is inevitable that Nash is going to get past both Smush and Farmar. So how bout this strategy, which i don't know if it was planned or it just accidentally happened several times against the suns, but when nash passes our guy and is driving into the lane and a man is forced to leave to get infront of nash .. why doesnt our PG (whether its smush or farmar) .. run and intercept the pass that nash will most likely make. That's what the suns are all about .. drive and dish as soon as the next defender leaves his guy.

Several times against them this season, ive noticed that Nash just passed by and for some odd reason smush ended up being in the way of the pass to Amare (because Kwame is most likely the one to leave his guy to get infront of nash). The thing with the suns is .. they drive in the lane .. and as soon as someone collapses to help .. BOOM .. theres the pass that goes to the perimeter and the defense gets crazy .. so i agree with all the people on here that say let Nash score is points .. just take away the passing lanes .. and im sure for the lakers its MUCHHH easier said than done.. but i know these guys will step it up.. last year we had them .. it was our series .. we played 4 vs. 5 in the last game (i still dont know why Kobe didnt show up .. what he was trying to prove .. i dont know!)

Lets go Lakers!

Kwame in Playoffs

If Kwame averages 12 to 13 rebounds and couple of block shots, plays inferior D down low and up top on pick and rolls, than maybe I would reconsider keeping him, but I guess that's asking too much from a 9M dollar one dimensional player... All I'm saying is that Kwame needs to excel on what he does and he should try to increase his production on just that ( double his rebounding average, double is block average, and increase his moderate defensive reputation...

Kwame already knows what his roll is on this team, he has the physical attributes on what it takes to be just that (like Smush Parker) it’s up to him to deliver, so far after 2 season with the Lakers and after 6 years in the League he hasn’t done it. Can we afford to wait until he gets to that point just like Bynum and Farmar and Odom for that matter , I don’t think so. At this point so does the Laker organization … Big off season moves up ahead…

Go Lakers

Just heard on the radio that the team that would be in the best position to trade for KG is Phoenix. They have THREE first round picks this year and could send a package of two or three of those and Shawn Marion to Minnesota for Kevin Garnett.

That Suns team would be unfair.


With Kwame in the line-up the Lakers are 23-17.

Without Kwame in the line-up the Lakers are 18-23.

I think this is correct.


michael h,

Let me add....have you ever heard of a word called tempo? Tempo can be stablished on either end of the floor, but is normally established best on the offensive end. People were amazed when the Lakers had a sizable hand on Dallas during the Shaq and Kobe years, but they failed to realize that a major reason was that the Lakers controlled the tempo. Nash was a runner back then, but he couldn't against the Lakers because they slowed the game down. The lakers ran an efficient offense with few turnovers, and few bad shots. They stayed away fromt he quick shots that can lead to fast breaks by the other team. By slowing the tempo of a game on the offensive end, you allow time for your players to get back on defense on the other end. With them being able to setup correctly, the defense is now able to function as it should. However, when a team is able to run out on you because you have shot long 3-pointers, or had turnovers, even if you can get a man or two back, you are playing the reaction game which most normally leads to the other team getting a wide open shot.

You know's crazy that i should have to actualy support the idea of bringing in Bibby. The fact that anybody would actually not be in favor of bringing him on is crazy. What alternative do we have? We are facing a next season with just Farmar and Vujacic. Sure, Smush will be gone, but cane Jordan and Sasha handle the load? I'm giving you the possibility of Bibby and you are turning it away. Is it more likely that KG was arrive through a trade or that bibby will sign as a free agent? I amazes me that the realistic deals are considered to be unrealistic and turned away, but the unrealistic deals that don't make sense for the other team at all, are focused on as being clearly possible.

There is no way that Minnesota is going to trade KG to another western conference team especially the Lakers. Have you forgotten that Kevin McHale is the one making the decisions? Do you really think he is going to give the Lakers a piece to possibly get them back in championship contention. Like Isaid before, free agency or draft day trades....with preferably an east coast teams, are the ways to go.

I was going back from Odom to Kwame to Walton. I must of gotten some of the numbers mixed.



If GM's are only judged by one thing and if they only have a short amount of time to prove themselves......shouldn't roughly 25 GM's be getting fired at the close of this season? I mean, the way you all look at the GM position, it appears pretty obvious that the league is full of poor GMs.

Since the Bulls won the second 3-peat championships, how many teams have won the title? 4

If you give consideration to Dallas and Phoenix because of how well they have played over the past few years, that still leaves 24 teams that have fallen below par every year and really have no security blanket to hold on to. If we are going to be so hard on Mitch and criticize him because the Lakers are not in championship contention and actually winning championships every year....what does that say about the others?


What do you think for a possible point guard scenario for next year. who would be better?

Mike Bibby or Stevie Francis?

hey bill Simmons has picked the fans as mvp this season...along with my beloved fatty award thats two in two days Im on a roll man....


I didn't know you were a Shield fan. Are you a member in the Shield Forum website?

Anyway, landing in Dallas or PHO wouldn't matter. We're too injury plagued right now. I read in a stat a week ago that the total number of games that all 5 original starters played together was 16! I don't see how they would be able to gel so soon.

Ok! Ok! Your analysis of Bibby fitting in is very good. I especially like the #2 scorer, bumping LO and Luke down a notch. Yes, getting Bibby is an upgrade. If we can do this we can now talk about trading Kwame.

While Kwame is a one-trick pony (I see more talent in him than many other bloggers, but that is another story), that one trick is a critical part of the Laker system. When he is not in the game we continually get abused in the middle (even Phoenix has Amare). During the playoffs, this weakness becomes critical. Therefore, any Kwame trade must include someone who has the potential to provide 'some' heft in the middle.

With any luck, in his last official call for the Sacramento Kings, Muscle-head will give Miller, Bibby, Artest and Shareef the night off.

Enter the new generation Kings; Williams, Garcia, Price, Martin, Douby and Salmons. Let the young guys on both squads go at it for a taste of the future. Does your seeding in the playoffs really matter?

With any luck, in his last official call for the Sacramento Kings, Muscle-head will give Miller, Bibby, Artest and Shareef the night off.

Enter the new generation Kings; Williams, Garcia, Price, Martin, Douby and Salmons. Let the young guys on both squads go at it for a taste of the future. Does your seeding in the playoffs really matter?

The Crawford suspension definetly confirms my suspicions that certain refs do, in fact, have it out for Kobe. The fact that he gets so many non-calls is a frightening, yet telling testament to the concept that NBA referees purposely treat Kobe as unfairly as they possibly can, for whatever number of reasons.

I'm happy that Tim Duncan was able to validate the the bias of Crawford, who hasn't exactly been a Laker Lover in the past. I'm hoping now the Laker organization, or Kobe himself, can gather enough telling evidence to get a few other corrupt refs out of the NBA.

And I hate to say it, but goot job D. Stearn for taking a bold move.

Kwame Brown's career numbers are worse than Benoit Benjamin.

'nuff said.

getting Jermaine O'neall without giving up Odom and BYnum is very realistic...

I dont know what has gotten you to think it isnt...

IF you give them Bynum they have a potential perennial all-star in the East at CENTER... Thats the kicker...

Give them Vlad, and they have a SHOOTER thats better than any other shooter on their team right now. He's better than Dunleavy, Murphy, all them at shooting. And he's a guy if you get 10-12 shots a game he will average 15-18 points easily.

Then you give them Kwame. He's a big body and remember he "clogs the lane"!!! ... lol But seriously, he's a useful player and if all else fails he is an $8M expiring contract. You either keep him or you can trade him in some sort of bigger deal. Thats a huge chip in the trade as well that it's Kwame Brown with an expiring contract!!!

For a rebuilding team, you wont get that much more if you are trying to trade away your star. You get a potential all-star, a definite scorer/shooter, and als Oa potential piece to trade later or take off the books later for the next free agent.

What else could Indiana really get that is better than that for J.O.?

Indiana isnt trying to get better NOW, they want to get good in 2/3 years. No need to trade L.O.!!!

Trade Proposal:
The Lakers need an inside force in a major way. I think the right guy to go after is is Jermaine O'Neal b/c he wants out and his team is not doing well. Getting Garnett is unrealistic.
Here are two trade proposals that I think make sense for both teams:
Lakers recieve:
Jermaine Oneal ($19,000,000) and Jeff Foster($5,000,000)
Indiana recieves:
Lamar Odom ($13,000,000) Kwame Brown ($8,000,000)
The salaries work out close enough. But the major adavantage for Indiana in this trade is that they can get rid of Kwame's $8 Million Dollar salary after next year. After next year they will save 11 million a year. Plus they will have Lamar Odom who is 2.5 years younger than Jermaine O'Neal.

2nd trade proposal:
Lakers recieve:
Jermain O'neal

Indiana recieves:
Andrew Bynum
Kwame Brown
throw in (Radmonovic, Sasha, Cook....)
1st round draft pick

The adavantage for Indiana in this trade is if they want a complete reuilding project. They will have a player to build around in Andrew Bynum, Plus a draft pick in one of the best drafts in a long time. Also, they will save cap room by getting rid of Kwame's salaryafter next year. For the Lakers this would obviously be awsome for the next few years having Kobe, O.Neal and Lamar on the same team.

Let me know what you think


The only thing that kills Kwame is the fact that he always hurt.

In no way is like Smush.

Smush is like himself and to himself. He wouldn't have never had the guts to dump a cake in somebodies face. Not to say it was a good thing, but hey I don't got Smush doing anything outside of himself. Kwame use to be like that, but now he has learn how to jst be himself and that is a good thing.

Plus we all have witnessed life without Kwame and Life with Smush starting. Neither are a good sight.

Kwame can stick Shaq. JO or Garnett can stick Shaq or any other Center in the league.

Kwame is here this year and that is all we really need to be worried about.

Let's Go Lake Show

Just keep Kwame out of trouble this year in the playoffs. We don't need any more distraction like last year. Phoenix made one of there cheerleaders call that one in!!!!!!!

It won't work this time.

Andrew Z,
substituting Marion for K.G. doent work for the Suns. They would be better off resiging Marion.

K.G. doesnt nearly run the floor , shoot 3s or have the ability to guard 4 defensive spots like Marion.

Good thought, but adding K.G. makes the Suns a conventional team again...

Two guys on the floor who cant shoot 3s would kill the Suns methodology!!!

Who cares where they go.

We are about to win the championship this year and everyone is going to want to come and play with Kobe anyway.

Just worry about what we do tonight.

I am anxiuos to see how Farmer does.


I would love to have Bibby on this team, but I don't think he would sign for the MLE. I know the guy would want to win, but ultimately he'd be leaving a TON of money on the table. He will get $13.5 and $14.5 the next two years. The only way I can see him opting out is if he got a new long term deal in the $8-9 million range. Obviously we can't afford that.

I know players always say it's about winning, but when was the last time a player took a paycut (entire contact value) to play for "contender"?

Mike T if you have any connection with Kwame outside of being his number one fan, can you please adivse him of my email above and see what he thinks of it.....

JJ and Fatty,

GMs are also judged on the profit they are making for the owners because ultimately, it's a business and making money is priority number one. Winning obviously helps bring in revenue, but at the end of the day owners would take bigger profits over championships any day.

Brandon C
One ( Bibby) makes to much money and has no defense, Francis has the New York Virus in his system, it will be too hard to overcome LOL....

Fear the Dark Side…

It is so good to be back on the side of hope and goodness after spending a day as part of the GHE crew. lol. You don’t realize how good the sunshine feels when you are draped in GHE hope-killing black threads. It’s so dark and gloomy you can’t even wear your purple and gold shades. You’re lost in the fog and all you can hear is the Darth Vader like deep breathing of ex and Andrew Z. I mean, you might as well be a Knicks or Celtics fan. lol.

But Phil starting Jordan Farmar saved the day, jolting my weary mind from its GHE drug induced lethargy and pulling me back to the side of righteous hope and optimism. It is like surviving a near death experience, hovering in the air above your body on a stretcher watching your GHF friends gather around your moribund body, with Fatty and Mamba24 mumbling psalm 23 droning in the background and Edwin, devastated by his own bout with GHE syndrome, delivering your final eulogy. lol. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, you are saved. Your Laker soul dives back into the body on the stretcher and your purple and gold clad eyes pop wide open: there is still a chance. And you rise from the dead, cast off your black GHE robes, and rejoin the living and loving throngs of GHF Laker fans in time for the final stretch run, led by the rookie and fueled by the mamba.

Suns in 6, Nuggets in 6, Rockets in 7, and Heat in 4. Bring it on. Make them obey.


Lakers don't need a star PG unless his name is Chauncey Billups.... I would go after Earl Watson or Charlie Bell or even Mo Williams. What we need is a major upgrade down low to utilize the paint, this will open up Kobe's game a lot more, trust me......In addition an athletic guy like ( Jermaine O’Neil, Kevin Garnett, Zack Randolph Paul Gasol) is what we need to counter the Suns, Warriors, and other teams that try to run....We don’t have legitimate down low proven scorers, last year Lamar, Kwame and Luke tried hard with Phoenix, but this year they have Kirk Thomas healthy as well as Amare Stoudamire to go along Boris Diaw. I don’t think the suns will have Marion on Lamar, that means Boris Diaw will take the job on Lamar and they will have Marion on Luke, this will be the key for the Suns...This year will be tough. But I always hope for the best
Go Lakers

Andrew Z,
"Just heard on the radio that the team that would be in the best position to trade for KG is Phoenix."

Not to worry. He has a house in Malibu.


Our seeding doesn't matter one bit, we're getting crushed either way.

I would love to see Kobe in a suit and tie tonight, cheering for Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, and Ronny Turiaf as they are annouced as starters.

I would also give Vlad a lot of minutes. It would be nice to have his shooting stroke in the playoffs.

So the bottom line is with or without Kwame, this teams is about 500

Me, I like your 2nd scenario better, because it does not change the whole complexity of the team, also having Lamar, Kobe and O’Neil (Already made Warriors) will give them inside, outside, wing side, far side, near side( get the picture) advantage over most teams…. Like the Clipper broadcaster I don’t know what his name is OH ME OH MY that's a tough team to beat......


I understand tempo but I also take point differential under consideration. I put together a list of the teams I feel have the best chance of winning it all.

Dallas 99.9pg gives up 93 dif 6.9
Suns 110.2 pg 102.9 dif 7.3
Spurs 98.8 pg 90 dif 8.8
Detroit 96.1 91.9 dif 4.2
Houston 97.1 92 dif 4.9

And the Lakers 103.2 pg 103.4 dif -.2

Injuries play a part in this but we do not have the personel nor the coaching philosophy to run like the suns, who like you said create tempo to win. While its true that Bibby is somewhat of an upgrade over Smush defensively I do not believe he is enough. I mean Bibby ave 17.0 in 34min smush gets 11.1 in 30 min. How much more offense is he going to bring especially with kobe and lamar here. And lastly I really cant see him taking 6 million pay cut to take the mid leval with us. I beleive there are several guards out there that we can try to obtain through a trade for that would be better suited to our needs.

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