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Before challenging Tim Duncan to throw down

Double check and make sure you don't actually work for the NBA.  Otherwise, you might find yourself watching the playoffs in a sports bar, as is the case with suspended ref Joey Crawford, who offered to step outside with the Big Fundamental.  Apparently, you're not allowed to do that.  It must be one of those obscure rules way in back of the book.

I'm actually happy with this decision for two reasons.  First, ever since the Palace Brawl, David Stern has treated any player behavior that might even remotely come off as "thuggish"- from throwing a punch to arguing with officials to the length of their shorts- as a "Defcon 1" situation in need of a drastic measure.  Personally, as I've written on several occasions, I think he's gone way overboard, but if that's how he's gonna run the league, that's how he's gonna run the league.  But if that's indeed the game plan, when a ref behaves in a way that may also read as thuggish, as some might interpret baiting a player to put up his dukes, it needs to be handled with the exact same fearfulness by the league office.  Even though the odds of Duncan actually accepting the challenge seem more remote than Shaq donning a Laker uni again.

Second, I'm just not a fan of Joey Crawford.  I don't really have a problem with how he calls a game, but I can't stand how clearly convinced he is that the crowd is there to "watch him ref."  Him and Steve Javie.  It's obnoxious and ridiculous, not to mention delusional.  Thrilling a sight as it may be, the Laker Nation isn't showing up at Staples to watch Crawford call a blocking foul.  They're showing up to watch Vlad Radmanovic.  Or maybe Kobe Bryant, assuming they have a feeling he'll get some PT during that particular game.


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I agree with you Ak. Crawford is well over due to be suspended or penalized. He has been a rough chomp out there on the floor. He uses his power like no other refs out there. He called a lot of BS calls againts the Lakers especially on KObe. Anyway, I am not gonna waste my time on that guy.
What is ur take on "The Logo" situation? Do the Lakers fan see a second or I should say a third coming of "The Logo" to the Lakerville? That would bring exciting back to the City. Well that's all for now. Go Lakers!!!!!!
All the Way!!


I definitely applaud the situation. More often then not when watching a game I find myself going Bad News Bears at the TV and yelling "Let them play!". When the refs become problematic to the product people are paying money to watch its time to make some changes.

I think David Stern is going to take a couple years to find a happy medium between controlling the league and letting the game show itself. It's not an easy task and definitely not something that can be done in the course of a year. I think the Crawford suspension is a great sign that Stern hasn't completely lost sight of what's important.

Kudos to the Commish.

Steve Javie. Now that's a mad man.


About time ! It took a class act like TIm Duncan for Stern to suspend a ref ! I's really like to see more younger officials brought it. Some of the old generation have taken their jobs for granted ! Of course then they could finally see how many times Kobe gets hacked at the basket ! AK hoe close is Kobe to the suspension with technicals ??? I believe Amare is right there too !

Wow, a ref was actually punished! However, it did take a blatantly out of control ref threatening the likes of Tim Duncan. Still. suspended for the rest of the season is a pretty strong statement. Oh, there is only one game left, nevermind.

Seriously though, it does get kind of tiresome watching refs constantly inject themselves into games. Like a good waiter they get paid top dollar to deliver without drawing attention to themselves.

I just read the article on the annual "state of the Lakers" meeting with the season ticket holders.

When asked "Are you guys going to make a run for Garnett?"

"We will do our very best to get a top player here."

But they also said

"We love Bynum's talent and we really want him to grow old as a Laker."


We are hyping up Bynum because the only person we would trade him for is Kevin Garnett.

Steve is next. Steve Javie is the same as Joey "You Wanna Fight" Crawford.

I hate it when the refs control the game and for the most part decides who wins the game. >>>

we get no love laker fans.

Jerry West says he's a youngster no more and needs some rest, but I'll take him instead of Kupchak anyday.
And it felt good to know that Duncan did call Joey a piece of sh*t, because he is.

Steve is next. Steve Javie is the same as Joey "You Wanna Fight" Crawford.

I hate it when the refs control the game and for the most part decides who wins the game. >>>

Forget Crawford: GO GET JERRY BACK!!!!!!!

Agreed on Javie being as bad as Crawford, but as I said before, one outta two ain't bad. Javie can only ref a maximum of one game a day, leaving several other playoff games relatively untouched... at least in the early rounds.

I sent an email to the League office thanking them for this suspension. I feel I ought to be fair and send them good emails when they do something good, just as I send them emails when they do something stupid.

Of course, I did mention that I will not renew my League Pass until Stu Jackson resigns or apologizes to Kobe.

Regardless, that ejection the other day was flat out asinine! I'm glad the league is capable of doing something right.
Also, is it just me, or does it seem like if the Spurs want the league to act, then they'll act??? Seems that way...

I did some research and I found this article by Charlie Rosen about the Lakers. He's talking about one game EARLY IN THE SEASON in particular but to me it sounds like basically every game so far the last 2 seasons. Enjoy!

"For the Lakers to improve on last season's tantalizing playoff dash, Smush Parker must become instant history. His defense was shameful – twice being lifted on meager fakes past the 3-point arc, repeatedly reaching for the ball instead of moving his feet, showing on time but always late to recover, and getting smushed on screens.

And his offense was even worse – 2-6, 4 turnovers, zero assists, and only seven points. As ever, Parker is a turnover looking for a place to happen. In fact, he was entrusted to carry the ball across the time-line on only four occasions, and lost possession twice.

Parker is better than average in an open field, can sometimes knock down a 3-ball, but is less than useless in a half-court game. But if Smush's game is mush, the Lakers can survive with either Bryant or Odom safely moving the ball into the attack zone and initiating the offense.

Until he tried to make a right-to-left cut quicker than his right ankle could pivot and subsequently went down with a nasty sprain, Jordan Farmar gave strong indications that he might some day (sooner rather than later) replace Parker. The rookie isn't as quick as Parker, but is a smarter passer (especially his entry passes), has a nice stroke, has the capacity to play intelligent defense, and understands when to zig and when to zag."



Javie, Crawford, Bavetta and a lot of referees around the league have all gotten too big for their britches. Bob Delaney is another who falls into that category. The fact that the average fan even knows their names is part of the problem. Players and fans look for professionalism and consistency from these guys, nothing more.

That being said, David Stern is being too ambiguous and arbitrary in this action. At the beginning of the season, any player rolling his eyes or raising his voice to a ref was T'ed up. Gradually, that standard was eased upon, much to the relief of the entire league, but leaving the referees in some sort of limbo. They are a little uncertain of the support that they can expect from the league office. I think that Crawford's history has something to do with the severity of his punishment. He is a bit of a loose cannon, and going into the playoffs, Stern is concerned with perception at the expense of substance IMO. I think that Crawford is a jerk and deserved what he got, but Stern's manipulation and constant fining of players and coaches who dare to criticize the referees is also partly to blame for things like this. Crawford has turned into a sacrificial lamb for Stern's agenda.


I've heard nothing about West coming back to the Lakers, but then again, this is pretty fresh news. I'll keep an ear out. My guess is West won't be coming back, but I've been wrong before.


Crawford's history, as well as being warned about his behavior, definitely had something to do with this. Stern said that point blank.



I'm sure Crawford has done some irresponsible stuff, but so have other refs. What bothers me is David Stern's comments. Just like with the Kobe suspensions, he stresses that Crawford had a very good reputation prior to this:

"Although Joey is consistently rated as one of our top referees, he must be held accountable for his actions on the floor, and we will have further discussions with him following the season to be sure he understands his responsibilities."

Sound familiar? It does to me. Sounds just like the trash Stu Jackson was talking about how even a superstar like Kobe has to be accountable.

Instead of better refereeing and honesty, the NBA's version of discipline is putting on a charade. "Oh look Kids, this is a fair leage, even the famous guys get punished." I hate it. Oh no - the guy dared toss Duncan out after Duncan suddely burst out loud with emotion after all these years. I guess we better suspend him.


I don't really care, just sayin...



- Miguelinho

If Stern was truly concerned about righting a wrong, he would take the unprecedented action of nullifying the results of that game on Sunday and restart the game at the point of Duncan's ejection. Mathematically, the Spurs still had a shot the #2 seed in the West. Eliminating their best player definitely impacted their chance, albeit a slim one, at that.


That article is depressing and infuriating. Sadly, the jist of the piece is true. The Lakers aren't the team they were last year. It will be an early exit in the playoffs. However, I would LOVE to be proven wrong. Please Lakers, make me look stupid!!

Buss needs to make up with West and bring him back home where he belongs, in whatever capacity he'd be willing to take on at this point in his career. Our franchise lost it's soul when he left.

I can see it coming.

Celebrity Death Match

Joey Crawford vs Tim Duncan

LALAKERLOVE, and all those of you wondering, Kobe has 14 technicals this year. On your 16th (by my understanding), its a one game suspension, and the technicals carry over into the playoffs.

"On your 16th (by my understanding), its a one game suspension, and the technicals carry over into the playoffs. "

No, they don't. Once the playoffs start it's a clean slate. They get six freebees and on the seventh it's a one game suspension.

Ive been calling for Mitch Kupchak resignation for a while now. Without making any moves that last two years at the deadline, the Lakers have positioned themselves to the mediocre ranks. He could have acquired players, like Kidd, B-Davis, and Steve Francis. This team is not going to get better through free agency, and the problem is not the front court. It is at the point position where we currently have a rookie starting.

Jerry West please come save us!!!

now sasha needs to sacrifice himself and take stevie nash out with a haymaker or sumthing. Although that would probably just make sasha bounce off of nash, it would be worth a try. hehe

Sean P
I thought the main reason for West leaving the Lakers was his rocky relationship with PJ. If memory serves me well.
Anyways , its all about Buss's willingness to shell out some cash and go over the salary cap. I think this should help Mitch in his negotiations to bring the potential star to the Lakers.

designmao, thanks for the article. sad to say, i fully agree with the writer. the lakers are not a TEAM. it's kobe a bunch of guys. kobe/mitch got us into this mess by breaking up the championship-ready laker team when they traded away shaq, so now the responsibilty is on them to bring in real players to help this squad.

Regarding our new Gm Jerry West

I just feel Mitch is the Rodney Dangerfield of GM's. He gets no respect from other teams. On the other hand, if West calls a team its like you got the Pope or President on the line.

How many times has Mitch been told, "Hold please"? Or "Mitch, its not a good time, maybe later."

And with West its, "That sounds good Jerry, and can I have your autograph for my grandson?"

The only way West comes back is if Dr. Buss asks him and he really let's West run the team. Other than that. I like the consultant idea.

if kobe did the same as duncan, will the ref get suspended or kobe?

"sad to say, i fully agree with the writer."

The writer is a pompous dimwit. 90% of us know that the Lakers aren't going to do much in the playoffs but he wrote that article like we were completely in the dark. He's a pretentious twit and that's pretty much it.


Dude you are always talking about Kobe getting guys to come here to play. Two words SALARY CAP! I can just see the headlines now Billups passes on 14 million a year to play with Kobe for 5 mil !! There arent any players with game left thats going to play for mid-leval or minimums.

Oh and one more thing concerning your "championship ready team" In case you forgot, this was our roster after the season excuding Shaq and Kobe.

D Fish- nice role player
D George- o.k off the bench
G Pargo- journeyman
Slava -need I comment?
Fox- retired
Luke- good player, not great
Cook- pine rider
Payton- total triangle bust
malone- retired
Ho Grant- Retired
Bryon russell- retired
Jamal Sampson- career pine rider
Kareem Rush- Cant find a job in the nba

That was your championship ready roster. Now Kobe was a free agent and lets say he and shaq were lovey dovey and he re- signed his max contract and we still had the forementioned roster with no money to spend because of the salary cap. Would you still believe we had a championship ready team?

Hallelujah! After watching Crawford and so many other refs needlessly inserting themselves into the games all season, at least some measure of justice has been served. The refs as a group have been out of control and much too quick to call T's and eject players. Crawford is reaping his just desserts. And if this serves as notice to Javie and the others, all the better.

As for those itching for the Lakers to bring back Jerry West -- it ain't gonna happen. And remember, he was never able to turn Memphis into a real franchise.

As for the Lakers, everyone except Kobe and PJ is auditioning for next year during the Playoffs. If the first round is four and out, there should be no sacred cows when it comes to putting together a better team.

Who's disrespecting the integrity of the game?

"I told him I would throw Duncan out again if he did what he did," Crawford wrote. "So if my employer does not think that was acceptable, then I have a problem."

Fans that show interest and pay money to see games are being treated poorly by this official.

It must have killed Stu Jackson and Ronnie Nunn to relieve Crawford, one of their own, of his duties.

This episode reminds me of the MLB umpires revolt. They got a wee too big for their britches and paid a heavy price.

This years officiating has been a mess and NBA management needs to take a good look at it in the off season and how to fix it.

generic_one, you're sounding like Angry_Laker. I will agree the writer was kind of an a$$. I would like to see West come back to the lakers organization. I don't think West would have allowed the breakup of kobe/shaq and we'd be talking about how the Lakers matchup with Dallas, PHX or Spurs in the conference finals.

michael h, nice blog, but we did make the finals that year. Retooling my friend is the key. the lakers would of had kobe and shaq, the most dominant permiter player and the most dominat interior player (albiet, not so much in shaq's later years) still competing for a championship. You don't need much except guys guys willing to contribute 10-15 points a night and play really good defense. The formula worked in Miami.

Regarding the salary cap, kobe could offer to restrucure his existing contract to bring in a real player like JO or KG. This is what shaq did in Miami because shaq knew his playing years are limited and he'll need all the help he can get to win. All I'm saying is that kobe is a great individual player, but now he's a leader and he has to bring a competitive product to LA. kobe can't hide behind the GM and owner. it's his team and the Laker organization will do as he asks.

BTW, as I recall, Malone was forced out by kobe regarding the alleged "hitting on my wife" fiasco. I'd also like to add that Malone was kobe's biggest supporter that year.


"I would like to see West come back to the lakers organization. I don't think West would have allowed the breakup of kobe/shaq and we'd be talking about how the Lakers matchup with Dallas, PHX or Spurs in the conference finals."

I completely disagree. I know that this is going to be seen as sacrilegious, but everyone who is calling for West to return needs to take a long, hard look at what he's done since bringing in Shaq and Kobe. Basically, nothing. He's obviously been a lot more stressed out and his age hasn't been helping. And frankly, he couldn't handle the drama the Shaq-Kobe-Phil dynamic so he had to go somewhere else. He even admitted as much in his resignation speech, as well as several other factors like having to drive up and down PCH during the 2000 playoffs and having friends call him with the score because he couldn't deal with the anxiety. There is no way he would have been with the Lakers up till the point when Shaq was traded, as he would have likely had a stroke. He was one media headline away from a nervous breakdown as it was.


I understand what you are saying that Kobe and Shaq didnt need as much help as others and thats true but you still need more then they had, and we would not have had the money, even if Carl had played one more year. And honestly, the fact that he didnt go to Miami when asked by shaq or anywhere else, tells me he knew he was over. Also if you recall Shaq proclaimed to the world that he would not restructure in L.A that is one of the things that caused me to lose intrest in him as a fan. And if you take a look at the Miami roster most of it was in place before Shaq came, they are going to have real issues up grading that team with Wade and Shaqs salary on the books. As for us, I still maintain when healthy, we do not need another superstar to reach the next leval. A quality back court running mate for Kobe and a good vet off the bench for the back court I believe would be enough. If healthy, this team would have been at least the 4th seed. A couple more guys and another year of playing for our young guys and I think we will be ready to compete for another ring.


Malone vs Bryant is just another misunderstood situation that eveyone just assumed was kobes fault since he was so woefully out of favour at the time.

-Kobe made a harmless comment after being asked for the millionth time about Malone being able to help the team and speculation about him playing elsewhere...'we gotta worry about who is here' was all he said.

-Malone responds with the whole 'well if Mr big dont want me here' attitude (remember this was after the run in with the bryants)

-Kobe thought 'no way am I looking bad again when Ive done nothing wrong...this guys implying its my fault hes not coming back to the team when its really over something personal... now hes talking to the media blaming me' Kobe then dished the real story which was fair enough but of course he got hammered becaue he couldnt put a foot right at that point in time.

Sure the questions remain over whether Malone actually did anything wrong in the first place but Kobe obviously believed he had... Malone then brought up the idea of a rift with Bryant to the media knowing there was a hell of alot more to the story which was extremely unfair.Had Malone just been professional,graciously retired and not seized the opportunity to use Bryant as a scape goat the whole sordid situation, real or fabricated, could have been avoided.


KL0044 you are beginning to sound like a Lakers fan!!!

You understand the issues. You need to surround Kobe with players who can contributed offensively and defensively!!

I am no Kobe apologists, Kobe makes mistakes like any other player.

What makes me laugh about so called experts, they forget a few facts about LAKERS team

Lakers are :
6th in league assist/ppg @ 22.6
5th in league pts/ppg @ 103.2
9th in league FG% @ 46.4%
9th in league blks/ppg @ 5.1
11th in league rbds/ppg @ 41.2

So I feel we follow the tried and tested game plan against the Suns, that is slow it down, ball movement, clog the lanes and man up!!! Oh yes!!, hit the open shot!!!!

Make no mistake there is one Angry_Laker!!



In fact malone sucks... the guy was so unclutch it wasnt funny...nowadays stockton would be getting way more credit and he the mailman would have never won any mvp's....stockton was so clutch in the playoffs and malone kept blowing it....I will never forget the jordan flu game where the bulls had the ball up by one with 10 seconds to go and he passed on an opportunity to foul giving the series to chicago.(This was after stockton had saved the series with a superhuman last couple of minutes in game 4.)

No suprises we didnt win the title the season he was here.His sense of timing was always brilliant.

i was just thinking about it, but kupchak hans't done that bad of a job over the last couple of years. He got mo evans for nothing, drafted farmar (when much worse players were drafted ahead of him), drafted bynum (clips got yaroslav korolev or whatever one pick behind us), but signed vlad rad for a lot of money. So he hasn't done that bad of a job.

You CANNOT restructure contracts in the NBA like you can in the NFL. Shaw didn't restructure, his previous contract expired, and he signed a new. one. SO Kobe can't do what you suggested.

Fatty...glowing with pride I accept my fatty award...I would like to thank the lakers as without them there would be nothing to write about,Ak and BK for the blog as without them there would be nothing to write on,all fellow bloggers as without them there would be none to write to,without my teachers I couldnt write at all so I suppose I better thank them.

As coincidence would have it I have had a few tonight which explains my harsh and somewhat pointless assassination of LAguy or whoever he was on the the other thread.

I close with a small poem to express my gratitude

There are tears in the beer glass
As I clutch my fatty made of brass...

...hang on a second...

um...GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greek dude

Dont forget Luke and Ronny in the 2nd round. Mitches biggest mistake in the last few years was signing Vlade instead of a point guard. Even though there wasnt anyone great at the mid leval, we were thinking of bringing back Ty lue for about half of what Vlade got. He should have made that deal. If we had done that, we probably would have won 5 to 10 more games just because Lue can stay in front of his man.

greek dude - yeah but he also drafted Von Wafer, Devin Green, Sasha (and resigned), Cook (and resigned), Marcus Douthit, JR Pinnock

4 of those guys aren't even in the league anymore!

c'mon... what else did he get:
Aaron McKie
Brian Grant
Chucky Atkins (instead of Marcus Banks, even with GP balking, he shoulda got the job done)
Vlade Divac
Tony Bobbitt

They're saying Jim Buss got Rudy T, but I wonder if Mitch had anything to do with that.

Lue did NOT want to come back and play for PJ (at least that's what the papers said).

Albert: West isn't coming back due to the power struggle between he and PJ, PJ won.

MSNBC: Projected First Round

19. Lakers Derrick Byars SF 6-7 220 Vanderbilt
Vandy’s wingman helped himself as much as anyone in the NCAA Tournament. He’s sturdy and has great range.

Something tells me they're pulling this one out of the hat somewhere. What are the Lakers looking for anyhow? I was just thinking about the holes we have and it's not looking good. I mean seriously we need:

1) Perimeter defense
2) Cutter/Slasher
4) Shotblocker
5) Offensive post presence

If we all cross our fingers REALLY hard this is what can happen next year

1) Screw this, we need a new guy to come in BUT perhaps Sasha will learn how to play NBA D, Farmar adjusts and learns how to play better D, Smush (if he stays) learns what D means.
2) Screw this too, we need a new guy to come in BUT perhaps Sasha (I saw his Euro tapes, he was a slasher!!! what happened??!?!), Smush (New York is ALL about taking it to the hole and FINISHING, cmon man. MAN UP), Evans (okay, Evans can't dribble like a true slasher, but he has a nice short game and was great before he injured his knee in getting O boards and jamming the garbage in the hole), and Farmar (he got that teardrop, he can handle, some experience will do him good).
3) Vlad and Sasha step up
4) Bynum, Ronny and Kwame step up (and Mihm comes back)
5) See number 4

I wonder,

I wonder what Joey Crawford was thinking of. Could it be the guy had a bet on the game? I mean what he did sure sound suspicous.


sorry, should've posted the link to the draft position projections

Blaming mitch kupchak for every little thing is severely shortsighted. Not only does he have very little to work with, to compound things i believe that his scouting team may not be up to snuff, but than again there have very good selections made with the draft, kareem rush and brian cook not withstanding...If my memory serves me correctly The Clippers were offering more to Radmanovic than we were, so really we got a potential space maker on offense cheaper than the team he was more successful on. Sounds like a bargain to me.

adam kiley:

remember, Vlad was offered a $42mil extension from Seattle which he turned down, thinking he could up the ante with his play. He didn't do that and subsequently balked at the situation and got traded to the Cliips.

Anyhow, Vlad did way more for the Clips last year than he has for the Lakers this year.

If Kupchak's scouting team isn't up to snuff... then uhm.. try fixing it? That would be my first command as GM of the Lakers. It's not like he's had brilliant moves followed by terrible ones. It's that he has had few decent ones coupled with a lot of bad ones.

I listed a bunch of guys Mitch drafted/traded for, most of those guys aren't even in the league (or even made it to the league). Unfortunately, Mitch's record doesn't show too much.


We are not blaming Kupcake for "every little thing". Here is a list of some of Kupcake's moves:

-Traded away Shaq for a deal that included Brian Grant's contract. He said at the time that he had no intentions of a rebuilding proces. How do you expect the Lakers to compete at an elite level with Grant's ridiculous contract, knowing that the owner did not want to go over the cap?

- Drafted Cook in first round

- Resigned Cook

- Samalke Walker - We were in desperate need for a power foward that year, so who does he get?

- Smush Parker - After the Colorado incident, after Shaq departing, after Phil's book, there is immense pressure on Kobe to redeem himself. Smush has been the best option to join Kobe in the backcourt for 2 years now! I don't blame Smush for anything, he's making pennies with the Lakers. This is entirely on Mitch.

- Sasha - Is it me or are the Lakers the only team in the entire league with Europeans that cannot ball (Slava Medvdenko included)?

- Vlade Divac - someone already noted that we were desperate for a point guard that year

- Space Cadet - Just because we got a better deal for him than the Clippers does not mean it was a good move. So Cupcake got a better deal for him then Elgin? Nothing really there to brag about.

- Shammon - again, Kupcake didn't learn the lesson from the previous year. Our depserate need for a point.

- McKie - useless

Cookie - I don't think that was a bad move. The guy's progressing, actually making shots on the move. He's one of the best spot-up shooters in the league "when he's not guarded" :) Seriously, the juries still out.

Samaki - Yah, a bust but he played well for the Spurs

William - Lazy but has talent. If he tried, he could be a lock-down defender. Unfortunately, it's rare that he tries But I think he'll be key in these playoffs. He has often been a "game-changer", for both good and bad. Game-changers are rare in the NBA.

Sasha's a darn good defender if he can keep out of foul trouble. His shot is starting to come along.

Vlade was over the hill

Space Cadet - another guy who could be key in the playoffs. This guy can ball no doubt, he's just lost in the Triangle.

Shammond - He's had some good games

McKie - Useless and won't be a Laker next year.

We can't blame Kuptchak, the better question is, who did we miss out on? Not too many quality available players that we could have gotten without giving up Kobe.

Kupchak made 2 great moves in Bynum and Ronny.

IF you were in Kupchak's shoes, who would YOU have taken instead of Cookie, Smush, Sasha, Farmar, Bynum, Ronny?

Crawford would have been severely damaged if he fought with the mighty Timothy Duncan!

. No doubt.

I heard tonight that the T's DON't carry over....either way Kobe needs to chill with all the showing up the officials after non- calls.

The worst decision that Kupchak has made in my humble opinion, has to be when he took brian cook over josh howard, that was seriously offensive. But hindsight is 20/20 as the old cliche goes!

Luke walton
maurice evans
ronny turiaf
Karl malone (albeit a year)
Would have had banks, if not for that malcontent shizen koff!
Horace Grant
Smush parker (i know it looks funny, but really a steal!)
Kwame brown
Lamar odom
Jordan Farmar
Sasha Vujic

really all really pretty decent players that have contributed one way or another. In some way Kup' has had a hand in gettng all of them. Some of you really underestimate NBA talent, saying he sucks, he ain't worth a damn, not worth the money, etc... Well, sorry to be the one to break it to you , but really they are. In fact, most NBA'ers are worth a damn on one level or another. Cuz', to be able to compete in the NBA, let alone be a star, takes serious athletethism and skill. It's just some have a lot more than others, which makes it seem as though they are not as good. However, I challenge anyone on this blog to go against an NBA "scrub", and in all likelihood you'd get your ass handed to you! That's a fact, so before joanin' on players in the NBA past, future, present put in perspective of how really good they ALL are.

Sometimes some of the bloggers make it out like the success rate for NBA general managers is exponentially high, cause it ain't! Really most of these fall into success. The only one who I can think of that's seriously worth a damn is brian colagelo. In the grand scheme of things many more gm's are less competent, and would have done a far worse job with the situation kupchak is in now! So i give him a decent grade for being a decent gm.

Finally, in all of this random banter, what i really wanted to get across was the fact that are greatest utility, may be one of our most difficult problems to solve. That being the the triple post, for all it's glory, and trust me when i say it, and the princeton offense are wonderful tools. They do take certain a skill set and knowledge of the game to use them properly. Which puts the lakers in sort of a conundrum. Trying to get top level talent, with a salary cap problem, while still using their highly effective, albeitt difficult to learn offense. So, really Mitch has got his hands tied at the moment, and deserves our patience going forward.


For point guard, we had a chance to sign Jason Terry or Antonio Daniels, to name a few. I don't think Kupcake even pursued them.

Okay, I'll admit, Ronnie was a good 2nd rounder.

The jury is still out on Bynum. I don't see him being too much better than Olwakandi during his contract year with the Clippers, but at least he will serve as good trade bait this summer.

Are you kidding me about Cook? He is an unathletic big man that can't rebound, has no post moves, and plays zero defense. Here are some first rounders that went behind Cook: Josh Howard, Barbosa, Carlos Delfino and Kendrik Perkins. WOW. I can gurantee you that Jerry West would not have drafted Cook over any of these guys, let alone all of 'em.

All you need to do is look at the team. This is the freakin' Lakers. The lack of talent on this team is inexcusable. Now if Kupcake can somehow get Garnett or JO, without giving up Lamar, I will never say another bad word about Kupcake.


Adam Kiley,
"That's a fact, so before joanin' on players in the NBA past, future, present put in perspective of how really good they ALL are."

The best measure of that, I think, is to look at the players who don't make it in the NBA. (i.e. the great majority of college players)



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