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Kobe's Pissed Off

I know this, because he said so.

As one might have guessed, the buzz around today's practice- Aside from the team's collective health, which now features Lamar Odom and Luke Walton ready to play but Brian Cook expecting to miss at least three games- was Phil Jackson's comments that the NBA, via retroactive reviews, suspensions and fines, was making Kobe Bryant the focus of a witch hunt.  Jackson's remarks are now under league review, but unlike the player he's defending, the Zen Master doesn't expect he'll be forced to write the NBA a check.  "That doesn't even enter the equation in my mind, that (it) would happen.  Fines are about officiating and directly talking about officials in a personal way, in a way that undermines the game.  This isn't about officiating at all."  In fact, he doesn't even expect to hear back from anyone in the office.  "They like it," explained Jackson.  "They know there's got to a corrective person out there who speaks the truth." 

Not quite sure if Jackson was being sarcastic about David Stern's deep appreciation of his searing honesty, but either way, I chuckled.

Kobe declined to get into whether he was literally getting the John Proctor treatment.  "I just want to play basketball.  I don't want to comment and say anything inflammatory that'll create any distraction."  That said, he definitely appreciated Jackson offering a few distracting words on his behalf.  "It feels good knowing you have somebody in your corner."  And he was definitely willing to share in no uncertain terms his feelings about his "dirtiness" being examined in the first place.  "It's insulting.  I don't need to be a dirty player."  Told the topic was fodder for Dan Patrick's radio show this morning, Kobe's expression was one of disgust.  "It's just ridiculous. I'm not a dirty player.  Never have been, never will be."  It's not about being scrutinized, mind you.  Hell, you wanna put Kobe's game under the microscope, have at it, just as long as it doesn't get absurd.  "If somebody wants to criticize me or the way I play on the basketball court, at least make it something that's at least somewhat realistic," insisted Bryant.  "Say I shoot too much, you know what I mean?  But don't just knock something that I'm absolutely not."

In discussing this topic, I've said before (and some of you agree, some disagree) that there's now an onus on Kobe, whether fair or unfair, to be mindful of his physicality, because the consequences have been made perfectly clear.  So has Kobe began watching himself with his mind's eye?  "You think about that a little bit.  At least now.  I don't want to have that image of being a dirty player.  Be a little mindful of that, not to the point where I'll be thinking about it (too heavily)."  But even having to think about it at all is something he'd never done before.  "Why would I," he wondered.  I asked Bryant if he had a sense of what it would take to shift the focus away from the bone connecting his forearms and biceps.  He wasn't positive, but ventured an idea:  Stop his team's bleeding.  "People get tired of saying you suck, so they kind of want something else to talk about."  Thus, winning really is the cure-all.

When asked if his team captain was a dirty player, Luke Walton's face grew quizzical at the mere idea.  "He's not dirty at all," insisted the now-healthy small forward, who PJ figured would start tomorrow if for no other reason than to keep his ankle from stiffening.  "He's a very aggressive player.  He wants to win at all costs, but he's not out to injure people."  Walton reminded us how Bryant constantly helps up players whom he may have knocked down.  And by "players," Walton also meant "teammates."  "He hits us with elbows (in practice) all the time," said Walton with a casual shrug and nary a hint of resentment.  "It's basketball.  It's part of the game.  I know they're trying to clean it up, but you can't just start calling someone dirty because he's playing the way he's always played."  And having watched his old man play in an era where some of these "controversial" hits wouldn't even be considered fouls, Walton has a hard time seeing what the problem is.  "I remember watching games in Boston where Parrish would punch Lambeer and they'd both finish the game."  Besides, in Walton's opinion, a dirty player is a guy who has to resort to such tactics to compensate for a lack of skills. 

Say what you want about Kobe, but he's rarely been accused of sucking.

Odom, who figured he'd be capable of playing his normal minutes tomorrow, seconded the notion that Kobe's clean as they come.  "People are making a big deal about nothing."  As for whether or not the witching hour is indeed upon us, LO smiled, then gave a polite "no comment."  "That's PJ," laughed Odom, noting how it's easier for a guy with 10 rings to speak his mind in uncensored fashion.  I asked LO if he'd be willing to publicly revisit that question once he's got a little bling of his own.  Yeah, no worries.  "Maybe I can talk crazy a little bit," said Odom with a sly smile.


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Dirty? We're talking dirty?

How about hallucinations...because Stu Jackson has to be hallucinating to paint Kobe dirty. He's never been dirty, and really if you look at half the pounding he gets...his moves aren't even in the same ballpark.

Kobe's not a dirty player...he's old school. If anything I wish he would just go willingly into the dark side. Screw em Kobe!

James Worthy is right...this isn't the league he played in, and it's definitely not the league he's proud of. It's a dictatiorship, it's biased, it's the NBA.

NBA=Nutty Biased A-holes

PJ has 9 rings not 10

Nice article AK. Great work.


It's about time Kobe got mad. All of this dirty player talk is just that talk. But just like weapons of mass destruction, a lie can masquarade as the truth but not forever. Bryant doesn't need to be dirty to beat anybody, he's got a killer jumpshot.

This is truly a case of how supposition, inuendo and flat out lies and abuses of power by Stu Jackson, ESPN reporters, beat reporters and those NBA fans who hate Bryant and will use anything to try and degrade him, can be turned into an ugly, ugly lie. But all Kobe can do is let his game do the talking. As he said only winning cures the unfairness of the rumor mill.

There are some dirty players in the NBA but their names aren't Bryant.

Kobe a lie can't defeat unless you let it. You don't fit the corporate image anymore because of Colorado, but one thing for sure, they can't take your greatest on the court away from you unless you let'em get in your head.
Remember your peers think you are one of the top 15 players to ever play the game. They know what's going on and even if some fans berate you, pick at any little thing they see as a flaw, your peers got your back. They know you aren't dirty. And truly only their opinion counts cause they do walk a mile in your shoes as your peers.

Keep your elbows down and your chin up!

Laker Nation got your back!




"'s easier for a guy with 10 rings to speak his mind..."

Did Phil Jackson just get engaged?

i'm glad someone else on the team is speaking up. especially PJ. this will do a lot to build team spirit and get this team back on track.

the 3 plays under scrutiny involving Kobe aren't dirty plays. dirty playing is what Raja Bell did to Kobe. that was blatant intent to harm.

Phil has ten rings. 9 as a coach, one as a player.


I can't wait for Mark Cuban to finally sell the Mavs, then write a tell-all book about what these front office brownshirts are really up to. You know it's coming.

I cant believe I sold my free Kobe t-shirt on e-bay for bottom dollar...

I don't believe Kobe is a dirty player. I blamed all on the media, because they kept showing again and again, last year Kobe &Miller, Kobe& Raja Bell. The first time you saw it , you would say no way, but then second time, third time, ...some people will believe it, and now it looks like criminal record. When you're on TV to many times, either you're bad or good, but most of the times, you're bad. THe problem with our society, too many people in the media like exciting news, because they have nothing to do or to write. David Stern changed a another rule too, you can't argue with NBA refs. Kobe should play smart ball, refs don't call fouls, you have to play with it, if you are upset, do something , they will be happy to see that.

I am so elated that Phil spoke out. Finally, I don't feel like a conspiracy nut. This mistreatment of Kobe is NOT a recent occurence. It has been happening ever since Colorado. The refs have not given Kobe the calls he deserves for over two years now. It's amazing that he is still arguably the best player in the league, depite the officiating. Since the refs could not stop him, the evil dictator, along with his evil sidekick Stu, had to intervene, and take matters intio their own hands.


Marty, if PJ gets engaged why will he get a ring? Will Jeanie propose? lol!

bluesky, that's what they call trial by publicity...and we all know how it would be going if all proceedings are done that way...there would never be a fair trial if the judge will solely based his judgment to such damn would surely gave due advantage who has the access to the media...

press people, can we do a more responsible releases?

and stu, i think and i believe that you are in the wrong the part of your career... common, man...i finally get are better off being a clearly see a good foul...

Wasn't it 2 rings as a player? 70+72.

i dont know if this link has been posted before, but for this writer, lakers fans shouldn't been feeling so sorry for themselves and the team for all those injury bugs.


I had thought that, too, but in his Laker bio, he's only listed as having one ring. Maybe they didn't give him one in '70 because he was injured the whole year. Tough crowd. haha


Dampier just threw an elbow and sent Barbosa flying. Shouldn't that be upgraded to a flagrant 1 or suspension?

In my ranting I forget the most important thing of all.

Thanks AK, I echo Weatherman, this was great work as usual!

Amare just threw an elbow and knocked Stackhouse over. Will the precedent be applied?

Watching the end of the Mavericks / Suns game and have seen two offensive fouls involving elbows to the head. Question to the NBA: are both player getting a flagrant +1?

Remember when the Suns knocked us out of the playoffs last year? I couldn't stand them. But...are you watching the Mavericks/Suns game right now?

Since the Mavericks made us look like punks, I am watching a great game in which the Suns were down, they're now in double overtime. Go Phoenix at least tonight so the Mavericks can cool off just like they did against the Miami Heat. I never wanted to see Shaq win another championship in another city, besides our Lakers.

I'll be at the game tomorrow in Denver. Our Lakers better WIN!!!!

Colorado loves the LAKERS!


Maybe travis heath has a voodoo doll .Did this guy get cut as a player from a lakers summer team in the 80s or something,he ripps us at every chance he gets

I didn't see the game but I watched the live stats of it..must've been a great game..especially since Phoenix 50-14 beat Dallas in Dallas 52-11! Mavs don't feel so invincible now..Play offs are going to be CRAZY..anyways..I hope the Lakers win tomorrow..after watching the Clippers almost win in Houston..then lose by 5..I'm hoping the Lakers will play their best tomorrow in Denver..I bet Dirk is very upset..and Avery Johnson is ripping his team 2 new ones lol

Boy, after seeing this Mavs v. Suns game, you get a true appreciation as to how distant the Lakers are from competing for a championship. The Lakers would have looked like a highschool game against these two teams tonight.

And as much as I hate to say this, maybe Nash is deserving of his 3rd straight MVP. Not only is he good, he's extremely smart out there on the court.

Indeed, the Suns vs Mavericks game was like the The Showtime era. Like what Troy said, we're light years away. It is good for basketball to see other teams compete at this level.

Are Amare and Dampier going to be suspended for the elbows they threw tonight?

They should, because if the sports channels slow the action over and over (like they do with Kobe) it will look the same way, it is an elbow above the shoulders.

Also I watched the game and a lot of elbows are thrown, so I was wondering if Kobe is the strongest man in the NBA? Since ALL the players who guard him fall to the ground and over exaggerate, so Kobe must be the strongest man in the NBA.

I was also thinking since the four-letter network and other media outlets can't say that Kobe is selfish anymore (up to this point) now they got this debate of Kobe being a 'dirty player.' Kobe is news and controversy so they have to find a new controversy and since there are so many Kobe haters, they buy into it.

Like Kobe said, he doesn't need to be a dirty player, he's extremely talented to be one. I would say that the people who over exaggerate are the dirty players, because they are looking for an advantage.

So its looks like I'm not the only one who saw flying elbows in the Suns/Mavs game. Nothings gonna happen though.

I don't know whether to be pleased with Phoenix Winning or Dallas losing..what are your opinions everyone?

Pleased with Phoenix winning? I'm not a Suns fan what so ever. Rather see the Mavs win.

When you speak the truth on Kobe's behalf, people everywhere, Laker fans and haters alike, think that you're saying it because you love Kobe. Anyone with an ounce of fairness and justice in his system will tell you that Kobe is being shortchanged. Because Kobe is a megastar doesn't mean we have the right to violate him. Why can't people stand up for injustice. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, whether it be your son, daughter, mother, father, whatever, whether it be on the b/ball court in the classroom, or in the court room. Kobe's aggressiveness is been distorted as dirty play, just like his competitiveness was perverted to mean arrogance. Just like that's not enough, you have the intelligensia coming up with benighted notions of what is right or wrong. I'll take anyone head-on, I mean anyone, who would dare say this is not injustice. However, it is pleasant to know that PJ and his teammates know that all these wild rantings are a bid to smear the reputation that Kobe has built. Kudos to PJ and all others who have stood up to call it like it is. I hope this would bring out a renewed intensity, focus, and determination to win games. Go Lakers

As a Laker fan, I'd rather see any other team win than the team Raja Bell is on. So as much as I dislike Mark Cuban and his guts, I'd rather see the Mavs win than the Suns.
PJ's speaking out for Kobe is the right thing to do. He doesn't care about the fine as he earns $10 mil per year and Phil's not playing on the court so the refs can't retaliate against him, as opposed to Kobe speaking out himself.
I truly believe that the way the league treated Kobe changed after Colorado. Whereas prior to Colorado Kobe could go on attack mode on any given game and expect to get to the line 15 to 20 times (just like Wade & LeBron have been doing the past 2 seasons), now there are more games where you see Kobe get into wrestling matches fighting through screens, double, triple teams without getting a call in his favor.
With all the money the league is making off Kobe (the #1 selling jersey, sellout crowds everywhere, not just in L.A., sales of other merchandise, especially after the 81-point performance and not to mention high t.v. ratings whenever Kobe's televised nationally), they should be kissing Kobe's feet and not be these dumb_ss, ignorant, and biased ingrates that Stern and Stu(pid) Jackson are!!!

For once, I'd like Kobe to just go on a rant just like Ron Artest did before and say, "F U Stern & Stu! You pieces of sh_t can kiss my a_s!"


Now why on earth would the marketing friendly NBA choose to attack the NBA’s second largest markets best player? They wouldn’t. Period. Idiots.

It was only done to promote credibility at the expense of the wrath (that’d be you folks) of Lakers and Kobe fans. It must have been important. He is dirty, selfish and will never be anything more than an arrogant loser. Intelligent Los Angeles people already know this, homers never will. Good day now.

Nice post. The NBA is making a mint off of Kobe and in return they treat him like crap. He is getting abused on both ends of the court not only by other players who try to beat him up and contain him, but also the refs who conveniently turn a blind eye while he is being pushed, grabbed, elbowed etc. The leagues new politics under Stern and his cohorts (Stu Jackson, Ronnie Nunn) are disgraceful. Kobe is a warrior but he has no prayer against Stern. If you are on Sterns bad side, you are going to get screwed. Just ask Cuban and the Mavericks and any unbiased NBA fan who watched Wade and Miami receive a gift wrapped NBA title last year. This year the Mavs have a good shot because everyone knows what happened last year and even Stern does not have the audacity to try to pull it off again. His credibility is already severely damaged and that would be the end for him. Kobe has a tough road ahead of him, unfortunatey.

I hope you are not as ugly as you are ignorant because it would really suck to be you. Either put down your crack pipe and seek help or hurry up and take another hit so that you do not have to come down off of your self induced coma and face the reality of how ignorant you really are. Good day now.

P.S. Seek help

I'm playing with my Stu Jackson Voodoo Doll right now...

...just stuck 5 needles in his groin...

...bending his arm backwards...

...putting him in the microwave for 3 minutes on HIGH.

For the record, Wade and Lebron have the top selling jerseys in the NBA not Kobe.

You know I don't think Kobe is a dirty player but I have to wonder why the league is looking so closely at him. No there is no witch hunt and hes not a victim so get over that. I imagine the league is looking at specific actions that it wants to clean up and Kobe is caught in the middle, bad timing.

I have watched dozens of games since the Manu gate and no other player swings his arm out like Kobe when he gets blocked. Its a bush league play anyway and Kobe is too good to need to do that.

I have seen several posts claiming Kobe is getting held, pushed, jersey grabbed. What player doesnt that happen to that is half way decent? And when Kobe scored 81 was he still getting held pushed etc. Get over it Laker fans, start thinking about winning games and not playing the victim role.


"Idiots". That's a great way to present your moronic post. I suppose you consider yourself one of the "intelligent Los Angeles people"? A man of your intelligence should know better than to put your name (if it is in fact your name) to prose that belittles the very point you are trying to make. Back your point of view up with some sort of substance, not vitriol. There are Laker fans out there who do believe that the situation Kobe has found himself in is warranted--but they also can be defined as "homers".

Myself I don't mind putting my 2 cents worth out there--already have on the subject (see James Worthy and others who actually played the game at a Hall Of Fame level and I seem to relate to their point of view)...

Where does that leave you? Well since we "ignorant" homers get to define you by the only thing you have with your name attached to it...You are the perfect example of someone who is a hater. The kind of guy who loves to stir shit up, yet can't really sit down and explain what it is that really bugs you. It's OK. Mabey your team will someday make you get up and cheer for them (your'e not a Laker fan). Mabey you life will take an upwards swing and you will realize that there's more to it than taking a swing at others you will never get to know. Mabey you will get the courage to say what you feel in a crowded bar, with the same language you so freely (and it is brave might I add) spew while hiding behind a PC...

Enjoy your pathetic life :-)

Laker Lover--

For the record...

Man I don't know where you guys are coming from. According to the last stats I could find (feb '07), Kobe is the number one selling jersey according to the NBA oficial store.

Mabey you are getting your information from David...

Or Stu Jackson...

Or Adande...

Or Simmers...

Or all the other writers who wish they had the talent on the court...

Laker Lover.

Man that is ironic...

How many games was that Knick player suspended for punching Kobe in the face? Who was it?


Hugo Boss,

Being in Denver, I really wanted to attend tonight's game. However, given the recent shenanigans in the NBA League office, I will NOT spend another penny on ANY NBA item until either Stern or Jackson resigns....

Maybe I'll stand outside the Pepsi Center tonight with a sign in protest of these couch sitting critics.

Please cheer on our team with PASSION!!!

Woooo, let's go Lakers!

Laker Lover,
When did LBJ and Wade take over the lead in Jersey sales? I haven't seen anything to support that, what are your sources?
Everything I've read states Kobe's 24 jersey is number 1. Has anyone else heard a change to that?

That was the last article I could find on Kobe's #1 in Jersey sales. Can anyone find something to disprove this?


Lakernation will awake on Thursday morning to the shattering news that lakersblog regular Jon Kavulic is under investigation for being a clippers fan.

Kavulic,known on the blog for his philosophical approach,is thought to have been posting on the LA times clippers blog pledging allegience to the clippers.One such post read

'god bless Sean Livingston
I love my team
go clippers!'

Kavulic rose to popularity on lakersblog with his positive outlook and unbridled passion.His player personality analysis was appreciated by many readers.Today those same readers will be in shock.

Lakersblog contributor 'Kiwi' in a telephone interview likened the stunning revelations to 'dicovering santa claus doesn't exist'... but the shock is not limited to the blog alone.

One lakers player,who refused to be identified, held his head in his hands and said 'Its been a rough time for the team, this will set us back but you just have to keep going is what it is.'

The infamous Michael Tentiente was also found to have posted on the clippers blog and is also under investigation although Tentiente is thought to have professed his love for the lakers and only posted to express sympathy for clipper guard Sean Livingston's horrific injury.

Both Kavulic and Tentiente were unavailable for comment.

i found myself rooting for the suns last night for whatever reason..what the hell- these freaking guys are good and they play everybody jumps down my throat, let me explain that when it comes to the playoffs and we meet these guys, then f them...but i cant hate the suns, because, realistically, theyve beaten the lakes 1 time in a playoff series in the 20+ yrs i've been a fan....and last year, lets be honest, its not like the lakers were going to go all the way..maybe, if a few breaks broke their way, but not can i hate them? we've been beatin that a** ever since that franchise came into, take the spurs and the pistons..those 2 teams i freaking hate because they took down the lakes in years when the lakers deserved championship rings

Although I think the league has caused this issue by suspending Kobe, I think the Kobe hating media and the laker hating faithful are the ones painting Kobe as a dirty player.

THey are sinking their teeth into it and having a field day. THe other night Peter Vescey was on NBA tv and did every thing in his power to paint Kobe as a dirty player. The other 2 guys(cant remember the names since I was very sick that night) in the studio argued with him relentlessly but he would not give, finally one guy let it be known that Vescey would NOT get the last word so Vescey had to throw in some comment like "Well Id like to see him try that in my town" or some such garbage. Once again the New York egomania from that city is unbelievable, like all New Yorkers are tougher than anyone else? What a joke.

Anyway back to my point, the media who hates Kobe and has their agenda is making this mountain out of a mole hill. Not all media mind you (sorry AK and BK, you guys are cool) but there is an agenda. The league and Stu need to back off or they will hurt their product in one of the best markets in the country, LA.


Now that was BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! lol

Let's Go Lake Show.
We have spy's on the blog. They want to know everything about the Lake Show. I understand Jon though. I mean did you look at the Clipper blog. He was the only one on it.LOL


Great post, that's laugh out loud funny.

Everyone else, it's obvious that Nash deserves to be considered for this years MVP, though I'm fairly certain it will be Dirk this time. The problem is LAST YEAR when Nash should NOT have gotten that award.

Our 18 game win streak starts tonight, and that will put Kobe as the front runner and give our team the much needed momentum heading into the playoffs...


By my count (I could be off a couple games) the Lakers have played a whole 13 GAMES at full strength this year. This is obviously not counting Mihm.

13 and we aren't getting more than that until Cook gets back.

PLEASE GET US A WIN KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and please NO MORE INJURIES TO LO~!!!


And how did you discover this information? I hope it was via informant, and not from you trollin' the Clips blog.

Zakee, Kiwi and Tim:

That was a nice entertainment on a dull week. lol!

However, rest assured Lakerville, Jon Kavulic is a bona fide Laker fan and one of the "Chartered Members" of this blog. You can go to the archive and do a research on the first posts. He is our Chrono-Bio and Martial Arts expert that provided entertainment to all. I know it's one of Kiwi's jokes from France but for bloggers who don't know JK's allegiance to the Lakers, he got drunk in disgust when the Lakers lost the 7th game in last year's playoffs. Go again to the archives and read the post after the last Lakers game. Undeniably, JK cheered for the Clippers on the 2nd round and it goes with other Los Angelenos. You see. LA is where the world meet in the West Coast. This is not Middle America where we have only one team to cheer. We have here fans of Yankees, Red Sox, Bulls and so forth coming from all states with all kinds of nationalities of the world that can speak more than 250 languages and dialects but they are now making the Southland as their home. We also cheer for Dodgers as well as the Angels, the Kings as well as the Ducks, Galaxy as well as Chivas but we too, abandoned the Raiders and the Rams when they chose to reside elsewhere. For that matter, no strict allegiance to NFL games. So if Jon K has dual patronage, that is his priviledge and the Lakers are lucky to have him. (Note: Not a Paid Advertisement of Jon Kavulic)

With regards to Mike Teniente, this blog will be boring if there is no Mike in it. Some people will disagree with that observation especially those who had sparring with Mike T. As a claimant to have a great basketball mind that dependent for many years just by reading newpapers, listening on radio play-by-play and later on, watching games on local feed of a 13" B & W TV. As the late Richard Nixon said, "Now you don't have anybody to kinck around." ( Note: Not also a Paid Advertisement for Mike T.) lol!

Both individuals provided the rare character that made this blog better than the others.

Wow, all this discussion about whether an overrated pure scorer is dirty, on a team that got creamed by a legit contender this weekend, and will end up being completely inconsequential.

You guys should spend more time trying to figure out how to run your offense and/or get Kobe to "pass" the ball, and less time crying because one of the most favored players in the NBA is finally getting called on his trash.

Or don't, you'll have lots of time to complain in June, from home.

Hey Edwin ...Im not being nasty or trying to knock anyone I hold both guys in the highest of blogging esteem for their contributions and Ive been the first to point out what you did when Mikes getting a hard time....however John ? cmon cheering for other teams and stuff is one thing we all have our crushes but did you see how effusive he was? its one thing to be married and have a bit on the side but being married to two people is something else...that aside my intention was entertainment and I certainly dont mean to be spiteful.However you gotta admit after coming across it. I had no choice but to call him out on it...

Joeub...I googled something and it came up so I checked it out...I didnt have to look too closely becasue they were pretty much the only dudes posting on there as Zakee noted.


I know you're merely kidding but beware with JK's flying kick all the way to France. I'm reminded what my father said: If life plays you with a joke, try to return it with another joke." So you think I was serious with my post.

edwin your right I doubt I could do much against a martial arts experts fly kick but thats cool becasue I dont live in France... just in case im not going to be posting my address on here anytime

As Odom said, Kobe should've been the MVP last season. Nash didn't deserve it. This year, after his standing up for that scumbag Bell, Nash shouldn't get the MVP either.

matt in austin...please respond back with the number of championship banners hanging in dallas ..division titles dont count..ohhh? whats that? you have none? stfu

Well, hi y'all, was a pleasure reading all of the blogs on this topic. I am a new reader and now blogger. These are the types of subjects that should get one involved to help right the wrongs. I hope this gets many sportsfans get fired up to help change unjustices to all. The newsflash email just came in...Lakers AND Phil Jackson are both fined $50K for yesterday's comments. Not only have I been angry for the witch hunt of Kobe and the aggrandizement of the NBA over people's freedom of the press being not only garrotted, but now fined...for using that same 1st amendment rights. I know somehow (STUpidly) members of the NBA are blindfolded AND muffled, there should be a massive outpouring from ALL players, ALL coaches, ALL other 'appropriate' members AND as many of the public who is tired of all of this unappropriate powertrip of Stu Jackson and Stern (et al) denying freedom of speech and having a campaign against dissenters whether, OR not, an actual 'act' has occurred. There should be an equitable force to oversee that NO unfair acts by omission or by unfair treatment or unfair tactics can be utilized against any person IN or OUT of any sports league. Even our goverment has a balance of power! I am glad that this (Kobe and Phil Jackson topic) has surfaced, now the public in masses should attack the NBA (StuJ and Stern) and demand to have uniformity and fairness reign...possibly to even tarnish their names so severely to have the 2 of them ousted completely! JMHO ...whoo, that felt great, thanks!

Oops my bad, I misread the article Kobes jersey is #1 this season, Wade was last season.



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