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Extra! Extra! (3.15)

March 15, 2007 |  8:59 am

One way or another, when Kobe Bryant is playing a game in Colorado, the question of "image" will likely become a topic. Granted, to some degree, this would be the case no matter where the Lakers headed for battle, since he's had to answer questions lately about whether he's a dirty player. His answer? No.  Frankly, Kobe's very unhappy people are even examining the topic in the first place, believing it should be a nonissue. Unfortunately, as others in the league have found out, this is the NBA world we now know and ... "love."  But a trip to Denver itself tends to prompt writers to examine the perception of Kobe since sexual assault accusations against him were dismissed. By most accounts, he has done a successful job getting himself back in public favor. But has his celebrity status actually provided advantages in repairing his life that the woman who accused him doesn't have?  Yes or no, it's an interesting question.

Madness, baby!