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Extra! Extra! (3.14)

If voodoo dolls actually do work, then it's safe to say that the witch doctor holding a set of Laker figurines is continually pricking a pin in the ankle area.  Just as Luke Walton and Lamar Odom are set to make a return to action- the latter of whom possesses a spirit that impresses even T.J. Simers- Brian Cook becomes the latest Laker to catch ankle-itis (which may or may not be an actual disease).  While Cookie is expected to watch Thursday's game in street clothes, the sprain was considered moderate, so that's a plus.  Of course, the doctor (witch or otherwise) originally diagnosed Walton's sprain as "moderate", too.

There's no confirmation whether these witches in question happen to have medical degrees as well, but according to Phil Jackson, they're definitely on the hunt.  The Zen Master harshly criticized Stu Jackson and company over their habit of retroactively punishing Kobe Bryant.   And "elbow-gate" is indeed sparking a wide array of opinions.  Kyle Korver, whose face caught the receiving end of Kobe's last elbow in question, definitely wants to see #24 on the court.  Some find it absurd that Kobe's arms are being treated as the most dangerous weapon this side of a nuke.  Others feel Kobe needs to adjust, if for no other reason than his rep is getting hit harder than any recipient of the contact in question.  As for the notion that the fans missing the chance to see a suspended Kobe in person are the ones truly penalized, one writer considers that notion fairly condescending.

Curious about the purple and gold's spot in Cbssportsline's rankings?  We'll give you a hint.  Think "Jim Brown, Lee Marvin, Donald Sutherland." 

Even the K Brothers, with our absurdly high Q rating, aren't famous enough to make this list.

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Boy, I realy liked Odom's coments.

Looks like he's ready to come back and give us something!!

Great attitude Lamar!!

Drive the lane and use both hands!!

I'm looking forward to Thursday night's game.

Have a feeling well make a good run in the stretch!


Okay, The Playoffs, win one for the Buss boys...

NBA Basketball is a five man game but 2 can make all the difference. We've got one, it would be great not to have to trade all the pieces to get another.

Moving Forward: we try as hard as we can, hopefully no player hurts themselves doing it, make the playoffs, be hopeful but find out these players can't sustain an elevated level of play we've only seen in brief spurts. We get eliminated and the experience gained does no more for the team than last year's 7 game series. After: the summer is filled with trade rumors and wild scenarios but in the end we've got a high draft pick, a mid level, Luke's salary and a team of players that have to be grouped together to trade for anything close to the "other" major piece the Lakers need.

There's the way you want and the way it is. Of any group of fans, this group are reasonable to assume the Laker organization will eventually get it right. They've got a history of doing that. In the meantime, we're all smart enough to know what we're watching. Patience...
GO Lakers...sometime soon.

YES! Phil agrees with me:

"We wish they would correct some of the mistakes they make in a ballgame the same way. There's a couple of games that probably could be swung, won or lost, by some of the calls they [could] correct after the fact. But you can't do that in the game."

IMHO NBA needs an instant replay rule like NFL's - heck, if they combine it with the existing commercial time-outs, it wouldn't make the game a second longer.


Getting rid of Smush along with Luke, Mckie and Mihms because their contract ends is all we really need to do.

Pick up a point guard that is solid and that wants to win and we have us a championship team.

The problem with the Lakers is that their starting point guard is not a believer. He just doesn't understand the importance of his roll as a point guard and he just flat out doesn't know how to win a game for a team. He doesn't believe in himself. You can tell by just looking at his body language on the courtg and you can also tell by the way he shoots the ball. The point guard spot is the easiest spot to get fame and glory and Smush plays along side of Kobe Bryant in La and he doesn't even believe that he can take his team to the championship. It is no fault to him, because he has never won any type of championship so he doesn't know how it feels to be a champion. It doesn't hurt as much as it hurts Farmer and Shammond. They have been involved in big games in their colleges so they understand the importance of certain games. Smush just doesn't Know. He his the body and the talent, but without no Brains or no heart, then the body is useless.

Phil, I'm sure, mean't it as a joke when he said to "beware the eyes of March." However, Lakers have had its fair share of misfortune.

Unlike what the critics have said, Cook has been big since he was inserted in the line-up. He scores, rebounds, and assists.

I agree with Phil that Stu Jackson and the league are out to get Kobe. Those first two suspensions were plainly ridiculous. The flagrant should have been a non call or a foul, to say the least. They first of all violated Kobe's "due process" right by curtailing his liberty and property. They stigmatized him (punishments are societal codemnation), hence the whole talk about kobe being a dirty player, by violating the "ex-post-factor" prohibition--an act punished after the fact. Context or no contex, these are bad descisions. All the ad hoc justification by others just don's cut it.

LO and Luke can definitely change the complexsion of the game. It won't get worse than what it already is. With Luke and LO back, and hopefully Cook and Radman will be back soon, the rotation and playtime, and the triangle offense would be back in place. Things are not going to change dramatically immediately, but they would add some zest and confidence back in the team, and hopefully the momentum that would propel us to the championship

Unlike PJ, I think JESUS can help.
Go Lakers

I love the way the Smallwood guy blames Kobe for Raja Bell clocking him bringing Kobes total count for unnacceptable incidents to 5....

AND Bell in the playoffs...yes folks thats five strikes on kobe...beautiful writing that....

Good that PJ is taking up the fight for Kobe. It's very disturbing that the league is handing out fines/suspensions/flagrants after the fact WITHOUT INPUT from the parties involved (players and refs). It's just "high priests" Stu and Stern rendering judgement! If Kobe's elbow was a flagrant, what about Devean George's? Or Lebron's hit on DWade? Or any number of other hits that I'm sure occur regularly in any given game?

Boy, this is getting to be like a police state! :(

This is not the game and the NBA I grew to love. This is turning out to be some "bastardized version" of basketball. No wonder the so-called "NBA superstars" can't win in the Olympics or World Championships. They play some other game with rules that no other country uses.

As long as NBA think that their annointed 3 superstars are not being accepted by majority of the fans then Kobe will suffer until he will just quit. Stu Jack*ss will make the life of Kobe miserable....

go kobe!

Getting rid of Luke, mistake. Dont know about health concerns, I have my suspicions, but my thought is that we can probably resign Mihm near the league minimum and if healthy, quality back up center and we wont find one cheaper. If he wants like mid-level money, let him walk. I have been on the band wagon for a long time, but I ready to bye bye to Smush. I was down with this cat, but the sulking on the sidelines for getting pulled and back talk doesnt really make me admire a guy who hasnt really played all that well this season. I wanted to grab him by his neck for that tech he got the other night from the bench, two plays after he sat down. There is almost a sense of entitlment that hasnt quite been earned. Hurts for me to have to say this about the kid, I think he could be a really solid back up point guard, but that attitude isnt helping his cause to stay around. McKie is a no brainer.

From what I understand, we can resign Luke without using our mid-level on him, is that a correct statement.

AK/ BK, can yall help with an answer to that one.

"Things happen. And they can either break you, or make you better."


Perhaps, PJ was referring to the the Shakesperean play, Julius Caesar "the Ides of March which falls on Thursday, March 15th. Well, it can work both ways, it could be the ides of March for the Nuggets that they can never pass the Lakers.

The quote above comes from the strenght of Lamar Odom. I hope he will play with the Lakers for a long long time, he has exhibited a relenting courage by just playing this season. Misfortunes followed the death of his infant son with that robbery at Queens, injuring his knees, recently his shoulder but felt the compulsion to help the Lakers rather than go to rehab or opted for surgery. If there is a need for positive energy as suggested by other bloggers, let us give it to Lamar Odom for trying to help the team in distress. As the old adage says: 'It is not winning that counts but how you played the game."


I know you were asking AK/BK but yes that is right. You can resign your own players even if you are over the salary cap and the mid-level exception is given to every team no matter their salary situation.

Props to PJ for sticking up for Kobe! Didn't read the article but the headline says it all.



THe "Dirty DOzen"!! (Didn't even have to click on the link.) Great movie, better book.

But re-signing your own players can come back to haunt you in subsequent years. (Think Kwame.)

Jackson's comments under review by NBA !? Don't you think It's a free speech country? NBA is most certainly going - into totality's regime of basketball !

I guess that Wolfley guy didn't hear Spike Lee when he himself said that NYers were upset that they didn't get a chance to see Kobe play... the hate continues...

Kobe is finally getting called on his sh*t. Kobe does not have carte blanche to do what he wants just because he's a superstar.

Kobe is playing like the greats used to. Thats how he learned. The league is too soft now. Yernar Y shut up. Pa-leeeez.

When T J Simers writes an article like that, pigs fly.

Heh. AK, BK - you guys linked to a google cache in your article. is that how you find the news? haha.

I just thought that was funny. :D

"Even the K Brothers, with our absurdly high Q Factor, aren't famous enough to make this list."'re top 10 in our book.

Of course when it comes to Slava, you're #1! lol.


It's definitely not our primary means of tracking stuff down, but in this case, I was too lazy to backtrack and figure out the exact date Walton went down (and find the articles about it). Thus, I took the easy way out and typed, "Luke Walton," and "moderate sprain" into a search engine. No harm, no foul. haha


Kobe needs to play the game and quit swinging at people. I don't care what the Kobe-fanatics say, he's acting some underlying psychosis with that exaggerated swing. That's not the way you draw a contact file.
I don't understand how people can sit back and watch Kobe ride ripshod over the demise of this team and then blame everyone but him. He's got "his team," as he expressed he wanted on many occasions, and found it's not easy to win on your own.
And then, this thing about other players not stepping-up. When I played with gunners, who felt whenever they passed the ball to me, I was obligated to give it right back, it made for an unenjoyable experience. As soon as he passes it, he's got his hands up for the ball to come right back. If he doesn't get it, he's yelling. Give me a break fanatics, it's all about hiim.

NBA = Nazi Basketball Association

Down with Hitler!

Interesting Wikipedia summary of Stu Jackson.

Stu stunk as an NBA coach, he pretty well drove the Grizzlies out of Vancouver as a GM and now he is stinking up the credibility of the NBA front office. He should be fired.

You can ALL write Stu through this link:

Then you have to sign up for (free) and write on.


"I'm an optimist. As far as I'm concerned, the glass is always half-full." --Lamar Odom.

Take a lesson from LO, Laker Fans. Think GHF. We start our push to the championship tomorrow.



"I think maybe Walton will bring the Lakers to the top again when he comes back."

I have probably been as harsh a critic of Luke's defense as you have been but I agree with you that he may be more important to the team playing as a team than people think. For sure, the combination of getting Luke and Lamar both back should put the team back into our game.


It's about time to change on the NBA.
David Stern, Stu jackson, etc. should steped down long time ago.
We need new blood and new management. just ask Mark Cuban.

"Don't you think It's a free speech country?"
If you made negative, public comments about your employer, would they have the right to take action? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Phil is being put in jail for his comments. The league is considering fining him. Big difference.

Freedom of speech refers to the ability of the government to keep you from speaking. Not to employers putting limits on what the employees say about the product.

K Brothers, why don't you media guys have some balls to call out the league's witch hunt on Kobe? Or worse, are most of the media types doing the witch hunt themselves? That Smallwood idiot is a tool for the corrupted league.

Couldn't agree with you more. Nazi Basketball Association indeed!

I don't live in LA but what if just for 1 nationally televised game, all Laker fans picket outside Staples protesting against this totalitarian regime that is the NBA? I can dream but it just takes one person to spark a fire.

I've seen alot of comments on the other posts about Shaq winning a championship and Kobe hasn't since they're "BREAK UP"

Doesn't anyone else notice who Kobe has on his team and Shaq??? Shaq has Dwade... which personally i think is better than Lebron or Melo... A Mourning... Number 2 pick overall next to Shaq... Great blocker... Great Defensive... Works his @$$ off... Gary Payton... One of the greatest PG in the NBA... Antoine Walker... great shooter... Kapono... Winner of 3 point shoot out... Eddie Jones... Jayson Williams... NEED I SAY MORE...

Yeah these player aren't in their PRIME anymore but they could beat the $#!T out of anyone on the LAKERS team one on one... (Except Kobe of course)

But my whole point in this is... I've seen people saying it was a bad trade and should've gotten rid of Kobe... But come on now people... Shaq was never really that great... He was HUGE and can beat the $#!T out of people in the post... I wouldn't give up Kobe an all around player for someone who was jus great in the post...

Given... This LAKERS team has NOBODIES... They're all young but have potential... Give them some time... Although i agree with most people about SMUSH... he needs to go....

KOBE and PHIL will pervail in the end... and when that happens I don't wanna see any of ya'll giving up on this team now getting on the BANDWAGON again later on...

I've been blocked out from reading this blog for about a week now.

Good to be back. :)

What's up with...

"I think maybe Walton will bring the Lakers to the top again when he comes back. mike"

Is someone else posting as Mike T? I guess my sarcasm meter is broken.

Stu should move to Cuba... he would fit in perfectly over there.

He is a tool.


Sorry. I was reading The Crucible looking for tips (ha). Can you repeat the question?


Nice idea SamII, but paying $20 for parking just to picket a game is kinda cutting off the nose to save the face a bit.

I've been boycotting just by not watching any NBA games at all (something I used to do almost daily, Lakers and other games). So far I actually don't miss it that much, but then again the Lakers have been losing, and it's easier to read about a loss you missed than a good win so we'll see how it goes. Overall I definitely feel kinda done with being a passionate fan though, the NaziBA has turned into so much of a sideshow attraction now, I only read about it to see how much more ridiculous it can become.


Your comment that Shaq was not all that great makes your whole blog lose all credibility. You can not appreciate the dominance that Shaq had on the league? Wow. Regardless of the admiration to Kobe's skill by us all, we cannot forget how dominant Shaq was in his prime. Regardless how beautiful it is to watch the little guys make all of those acrobatic shots, this is still a big man's game.

As mentoned by many of you...

This issue is not about Kobe.

This issue is about Stu Jackson.

He is, essentially, the overseer of day to day NBA operations. How did he land this job?? By signing Bryant Big Country Reeves to a $65M contract? By pickign Shareef Abdur Rahim over Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Jermain O'Neal and Peja Stojakvic in the 96 draft? By trading for Doug Edwards, by hiring Brian Winters as the head coach? Or by completely destroying the Vancouver franchise to the point where it no longer exists. For all of this success he gets to be the Vice President of Basketball Operations?? Now we are relying on his proven incompetence to judge the on court actions of Kobe Bryant??



BK, that's good...I liked that. Pretty muchthe best way to handle that question...

Ace, are you a moron or do you just play one on this blog?

Violating the "ex post facto" doctrine? It's "ex post facto" not FACTOR. It's Latin man, look it up. That doctrine applies to new laws not being applied retroactively. It does NOT apply to punishments being levied after the fact of the act. If that was the case, we could never punish anyone after the act that gave rise to the punishment. What are we supposed to do, punish someone BEFORE the act?

Violating due process? Give me a break! When a player joines the NBA, they agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the NBA, which rules are negotiated by the Players Association and the NBA itself. One of those rules gives Stu Jackson the right to review a play and issue appropriate sanctions, if warranted.

No, Stu Jackson does not have to call a trial, with witnesses, evidence presented, cross examination, and the heresay rule in play.

Sorry for this brief legal lesson, but the ignorance on this blog is appalling at times. Didn't mean to single you out "Ace", but you were grossly misinformed.

Go Lake Show!

Ajax, I can't recall "The Greats" flailing their arms and hitting defenders in the face after getting jump shots blocked, and I've seen a lot of them. Let's call a spade a spade. Kobe screwed up and got called on it.

Is Kobe allegedly hitting white guys only ? LOL
He never was accused of elbowing Artest.


"Think GHF. We start our push to the championship tomorrow."

Being the Chairman of Board of the exclusive GHF, you hardly mention the Bandwagon 55 wins nowadays. Remember, we didn't get off yet on that bandwagon. We're trying our best to make this team a 55 wins or more and contender every year but not with Smush Parker or Jordan Farmar as the starting PG. When John Ireland called this group "whack jobs", I was wondering why he did not have any absolute faith on this roster? Well with the two consecutive six losses, we really got whacked.

So if you see some posts going south or negative as you may have termed it or trashing Smush Parker of which you're also guilty of, I hope you don't blame the messenger or people termed as GHE, they call it based on what they witnessed. What is worst, the coach himself quoted the name of the Lord that He could not help this team. So to you and your legion of optmists, please don't be disappointed if people suggest ways how to improve the roster, venting on reasons why they're so disgusted? By game time, they are all optimists and Laker fans for the next two hours (still happy fans, if they win)! You have to consider also that perhaps these fans lost their pants for betting big with this team while in our case, we lost only our reputation in predicting a very optmistic bandwagon of 55 wins (even brighter, 60 wins with Mike T's great flying Kwame) without considering at all that our leading horse is still named Smush Parker. (lol j/k only)

Hey J. Walter, does that make you a fair Weatherman fan? Just curious.

Oh, hush. Y'all know you wanted to say it.

If you guys think Kobe is doing it unintentially , you have to be kidding yourself .
Kobe cant get away with this because he is the best player in the league.
Mutombo has been doing that for years , but he is Mutombo , great ambassador fot NBA . LOL
If you remember , ones Mutombo has knocked a Chris Childs's (NY Nicks) tooth out (7 or 8 years ago).
Childs was so mad and he mentioned that would get Mut back and apparently a lot of NBA players were aware Mut was a dirty player.
Kobe seems to be targeted by the NBA.
Lets see if NBA is going to apply the same standards to other players and lose money on nationally televised games.


Here is a layman definition of ex post facto law

"A law that makes illegal an act that was legal when committed, increases the penalties for an infraction after it has been committed... The Constitution prohibits the making of ex post facto law. (See ex post facto)."

Your formulation that it is a "doctrine applies to new laws not being applied retroactively" flies in the face of its true definition. The law, in limited circumstances, punish people rectroactively, but not in all cases. . My point was that the punishment (suspension) in Kobe's case was increased (check the definition) after the fact.

Secondly, the "due process" clause does not only apply to the full panoply of a legal trial. It applies to those rights that are fundamenatally part of a civilzed nation. For example, a school principle can't suspend a student without an investigation on the complaint of a teacher or another student. Also, one can't sign his constitutional or legal rights away, even it is done voluntarily. It's a strange propostion in the legal world for you to argue that if you sign voluntarily to to be subjected to a violation of your right (which I doubt NBA players did), it can't be enforced.

Check your facts and scources before you write them them. Thanks for the correction on the spelling. It was a typo. I write very short with the hope that intelligent people would understand it. I would have given you a lesson in the historic function of the "due process" right and "ex post facto" doctrine, but i DON'T WANT TO BORE BLOGGERS with legal doctrines.
Get it?

Some of the arguments and comments made on this page are just plain absurd.

Sometimes I wonder how these peope even navigated their way to this page, let alone made a post with periods, commas', full sentences and paragraphs.

If you understand the game of basketball, you understand the importance of space, and zone privacy.

Kobe see's defenses like no other player in the league, since MJ himself. Defenders mark their calenders as soon as schedules are released in the pre-season to get ready for Kobe. In between watching game film for their next opponent, people roll film of Kobe and the Lakers in hopes of getting a leg-up. These players, consequently, are very excited and fearful, at times, to play Kobe and the Lakers. When game time comes around, things get physical. They'll grab his jersey. They'll elbow him on constant screens. They will basically do whatever it takes to slow him down. Those double teams can get vicious at times. More often than not, you have to accentuate fouls and clear space. More often that not, the players playing with fire will get burned.

Compare the treatment en masse' Kobe recieves with that of other stars and any objective analysis leads to only one conclusion.

You already know.

The NBA is at a critical time in it's life line. Stern has risked years of officiating balance the NBA referee corps have maintained by sobotoging the Mavericks in last years playoffs. Every NBA executive and official knows this and are afraid of ongoing influence the head office has on playoff and regular season outcomes. Stern has also severly hampered his own good faith with players and officials by introducing faux' laws that are far out of his reach and capacity as commissioner.

To top is all off, Stern almost started riots in New York & Madison Square by suspending Kobe's experiences there. Yes guys, yes - it was Stern. Jackson is a proxie used by Stern to carry out his de-escalation of Kobe's best in the game status, and escalate his yearning for Lebron and Wade as the next Bird and Magic.

Why do you think Jackson, with a track record of success so bleak, can be hired as "disiplinarian" of the NBA? Because, like Alberto Gonzolez, he is an inferior mental player and can easily be coerced to do whatever is neccesary to carry out the polital views on his appointee, Stern.

My little 15 year old brother, a good kid with his ear to only politics and basketball says is best.

"Why does this Stu Jackson guy remind me of that guy Alberto Gonzalez who's all over the news?"


Just out of curiosity, why would it take "balls" to call out something as a witch hunt, if that's really the way a writer feels? What consequences do you think the writer is "afraid" of? David Stern? Stu Jackson? The NBA? To put it bluntly, the league can't do crap about what I write. Zip. Period. And my editors have yet to tell me not to write about any particular topic. So there are no consequences to be concerned about. If I wanna call it a witchhunt, I'll call it a witchhunt.

But I haven't, because I don't agree with that characterization. It's really that simple. If you wanna say I'm wrong, that's fine. But it ain't a lack of "balls" keeping me from saying it. I criticized the NBA/Stu Jackson/David Stern for the original suspension (Manu-Gate), because I don't think Kobe's physicality should have merited suspension, and that this is all part of a VERY misguided and micro-managed attempt to clean up the league's image post-Palace Brawl. David Stern's refusal to move past this incident has ensured that fans never will, either. I criticized the second suspension in the sense that the NBA stupidly put themselves in a position where in order to maintain consistency, they have to suspend Kobe twice for something unworthy of such punishment. And I've repeatedly said that anybody who thinks Kobe is a dirty player (including the NBA, if that's the case) is wrong. In other words, I'll speak my mind.

Truth be told, it's actually pretty arrogant of you to assume that your opinion on this situation (or any) is so dead on correct that any writer not publicly supporting it must be "afraid" to speak in agreement. That takes way more balls than labeling this a witchhunt would ever require.


I would concede, however, that the narrow interpretation of the "ex post facto" law applies only to criminal conduct (which is not this one). I was trying to show how capacious this phrase could mean, but you obviously don't know that Utfanatic2000.

This just in:

Kobe is under investigation by the NBA league office for apparently swearing when a yellow light promptly turned red, causing him to miss the light. Stu Jackson has hired a private investigator to review the incident, if it can be determined that Kobe endangered the lives of NBA fans, he will be suspended.


boy you have so much kobe-hate in your heart...



GIve me a chance to play basketball with you and i'm gonna ride on you all night long.... i'm gonna hack you on your way to the basket 2,3 to 5 times....

No matter how frustrated you are please don't throw your elbow on me ok?

peace man.



When we win our next championship (hopefully this year), we will all be GHF fans. lol. Good to see a little positivity in your posts. Don't let the current troubles undermine your Laker heart. In the end, we shall prevail - as always. God is a Lakers fan.


Utfanatic 2000,

Why don't they apply that latin legal doctrine to other erring NBA players? Why only on Kobe? As mentioned, this is going on with Motumbo. We saw it with Lebron James, with Ron Artest, with Shaq and most recently with Devean George on and on... elbows hitting some parts of the body of the opponents. What law in the NBA Union Agreement that you can you cite that it should only apply to Kobe? Is there a merit in what Phil Jackson said that this league is conducting a witchhunt on Kobe? Lastly, what are your reasons why you hate Kobe, yet you cheer the Lakers (Go Lake Show) in your post?

Holy cow, are we really debating ex post facto on this blog? Please, let the games begin!

Winning streak begins tomorrow.

I am fortunate to go to a lot of Lakers home games and sit very close to the court (courtesy of my good friend) , I see Kobe being hit a lot and very often he gets hit very hard.
Ok , here is the real problem.
After a few hits/non calls , he complains to the ref in somewhat rude manner , the ref *inner pride* thing gets activted and he/she swallown the whistle in the *what are you going to do now* manner.
People on tv do not have the luxury of seeing this .
The real problem with NBA and D Stern is:
He (Stern) does not lecture the refs to swallow their pride and be fair to the players , even if this particular player got technical from this official just few moments earlier for being rude.
Somehow we are able to train the COPS no to beat up (in most cases) somebody during an arrest if suspect is cursing them .
Well , that seems to be too big of the challange for Stern.
Players are at mercy of referies.
How many times we hear on the telecast......Oh , he got him (the official) mad , so do not expect too many calls now (or expect this player to be called a foul ) every time he plays defense.
Refs should be nothing but brainless robots , if the player says *FU* , T him up and forget about your personal feelings , just do your damned job.
If that player is fouled on the very next play , call that damned foul !!!!!!

Shaq WAS the most dominant person at his position for years in the NBA. He is still one of the toughest covers. However, he correctly is listed BEHIND Kareem, Wilt, & Russell when he is compared to historically great centers.

As we all know, he was traded because he was on the downside of his career and wanted enough money to make it impossible for the Lakers to surround him with anything resembling a team. Also he, publicly, royally pissed off the boss. Can you imagine what this team would be like with Shaq, instead of Kobe, Lamar, & Kwame on the team. He would have been out 1/2 the year and then dogged it because he didn't have enough quality around him to make it worthwhile to try.

Shaq's problem has never been his talent, it has been his heart and dedication.


The only ignorant in this blog is you.

--Players association can challenge in any moment, any disciplinary action take it by the nba.

---NBA had workers. Workers had rights too.

----Ever player can challenge any decistion in any moment.

-----NBA brass management use bad judgments continuosly: Remember how David Stern backdown his imposed new ball rule. Is clear they are inmerse in a ridiculous wave of controling the game not only in the court, but from their office.

-----The Stu Jackson witch hunt of Kobe had a multilateral message: Referees doesn't matter if the NBA wants to delivery his own secret agenda. Non of those kobe fouls was looked by referees as intentional and suspicious, neither by players and coaches.

Finally, Uffanatic in this blog we are smart enough to debate ideas without taking shots at the person, because that's what ignorants people often does.


kobe being frustrated with those none calls on hard fouls is a joy in many hearts of kobe haters specially stu jack*ss.

i would really not complain if kobe gets T'd up or suspended but please call those fouls if its fouls.


I wanted to get blogger's opinions on this.

with the NCAA tournament just about to start, who do you think we should be drafting with our #20 pick.

Two people come to mind for me

1. Acie Law IV - reminds me of derrick fisher and Brian Shaw

2. DJ Strawberry - a very good defender, and would be a great triangle 1 (can handle, drops three's, and play def defense)

any thoughts anybody?

Why dont the Lakers pick up Eddie Griffin he just got cut by Minnesoda that would be a good pick up because his presents in the lane would be great for us

oh, and would anyone trade the draft rights to bynum if A) oden stays in school B) durant does not?

what i'm saying is could we get a serious lottery pick for bynum al la getting durant.

bynum, farmar, and 2008 first round pick for rights to durant.

the logic being you can build around a center better than a perimter player like durant, atleast that's how we'd sell it to sixers, hawks, blazers, or the celtics.

would this crazy plan work?

i think i like mihm and brown at center more.

while having a true scoring option like durant, allowing for my boy lamar to truly play his natural role.

with our #20 pick would get srawberry or Law IV both who i like a lot.

Good for Phil- Gotta go to bat for your boy and sheesh Lamar man this guy has been through soooo much. What a horrible year. We are still in it though and maybe some of LakerTom's optimism is going to carry some kind of lucky charm.
I hate to say it but I am pretty sure we won't make any noise come playoffs, and this season is already a story of who is really worth keeping. The magic of Phil and a lot of bench explosions could prove me wrong, I hope so. Defense wins, the past few days should have been a great time to re-group and get it going again. We need a strong finish. I think Luke will help out a lot, he totally gets the energy of sharing the ball and looking for hte best shot on Offense. His defense might be worse than it was-ouch -that is really scary. Well, let's stay optimistic like old LakerTom- c'mon Kobe get up and show us some of what you have been hiding all season.
Go Lakers...we need a streak!

boy I hope we win soon, this blog is getting out of control. we went from winners to whiners in a weeks time. Lakers 4 Life! Let's turn it around guys!

Phil came out defending Kobe.

Now, where is Mitch? Where is Magic? Where is Jerry Buss?

This Laker management had to be blamed for some of the bad image of Kobe besides the Colorado incident.

When Shaq was rampantly denigrating Kobe at the press, they never issues statements defending him.

When kobe went public canswering criticism from Shaq and Kobe...what Lakers management did...they put a simbolic penalty in Kobe, but never issue any statements to penalize Shaq.

When everybody started to blame kobe for broken the already broken dinasty....and for shaq out of town plot...they let Kobe take the blame in order to clear Buss from taking hits from fans.

Kobe...start seeking your own benefits.
Jim Buss is taking control of this boat and he already is taking steps to put Bynum as the Laker central figure even if the kid is just a big dumb body or a same Lamar Odom promised talent that will never develops and even when you still in your prime.

Kobe be smart...demand under curtains, never in public, that things get cleared.

This laker management had failed you. They had fans and good revenues thanks to you and revenues is what they care about it.

Do you want to redirect your legacy winning some more championships? It won't happen in the Lakers. They had showed you that.
if they aren't supportive of your vision, get out before is too late.

Finally...Remember Phil will do what is best for Buss family,. for him you are just a tool to benefit them or to guaranted more 10 or 15 millions money in his bank.

Kobe is facing harder defenses than Jordan ever imagined.

Zone defense was non-existant in Jordan's day. If Kobe had the chance to let his team clear out for him, good night!

adam kiley,

There are probably one or two guys in the league right now that a GM would NOT trade for the rights to Kevin Durant. I'm thinking Lebron and D-Wade (maybe Dwight Howard). That kid is sick and whoever has his rights is landing a superstar, count on it.

the nba needs to be revamped. get rid of david stern and stu jackson. i'd rather have mark cuban or john ameachi as the head guys than those two knuckleheads.

yo sherman. eddie griffin is an alcoholic, dog! we still getting pippen?

DAMN!!! AK went KWAME on GDChild

Its not about Kobe...

its about officials calling it IN THE GAME... NOT AFTER...

PJ has a point when he said, if that was the case, then lets review everything...

STu doesnt get the consequences of what he is doing... come playoff time, teams will question EVERY call the refs make... specially if the call contributed to a lost...


Stu is just a knob...

He has the right to "indirectly imply" that kobe is a "dirty player" but people cant say anything against him?? What a knob...

how come no major writer is speaking about kobes situation? i mean, i can't think of any bigger headline right now then this. if this was happening to wade, i think so many writers would come to his defense and blast anyone who thinks wade is dirty. anyways, hope phil doesn't get suspended.


I hope you don't mean I dropped the cake in making my points. haha


your probably right andrew z

it's nice to see you on the boards. I have always appreciated your commentary on the lakers!


Honestly, I don't know why. I can't speak for writers that I don't know or haven't talked to about this subject. I wish I could give you a more definitive or insightful answer, but I don't have one.

But for what it's worth, I seriously doubt Phil would get suspended. If Mark Cuban can get away with some of the nonsense he's spouted, PJ will be fine.


Wow.....just read the whole blog and one thing is evident.


Then (I can only hope) we will not hear the bickering, crying and "ex post facto".

Semper Fi Laker out.



Don't be so ignorant:

Of COURSE the player's association can challenge an action, that is part of the negotiated agreement. However, the fact they can do so does NOT mean Kobe is being deprived of "due process". Only an idiot would think so...respectfully.

of course workers have rights. The poor millionaires. He has the right to abide by the contract he agreed to, in exchange for millions of dollars. He also has a right to appeal the decision, which he has taken. That IS due process moron.

Of course a player can challenge a decision, that is simply more evidence that due process rights are NOT being violated. What are you, a legal retard?

It does not matter whether you or I or Kobe think the decision is poor. It is not ours or his to make. It is Stu's right, obligation, and duty to make the decision HE thinks is best.

Apparently YOU are not intelligent enough to debate this subject intelligently on the legal end. I'm an attorney and am. If you are not educated appropriately, no need to make a fool out of yourself.


Precisely, you simply repeated my definition in other words. The NBA did not change the rules on Kobe after the fact and retroactively apply them. The fact of the matter is, Stu has discretion to make appropriate sanctions as he sees fit. That does not deprive anyone of due process. Upon joining the player's association, Kobe agreed to abide by such decisions. He does not get to make them.

Have you attended law school Ace? Are you a practicing attorney? Trust me, you are confused about the doctrine, so please be humble enough to accept correction. Please feel free to write any law professor or practicing attorney to verify.

It is very odd to compare the student-teacher relationship to that of player to association in the nba. Students are not paid, and they do not sign a legally binding contract upon commencing studies. However, they do agree to abide by a student code of conduct. In the case of the NBA, the procedures are already in place and Kobe agreed to abide by them upon joining the nba. He has a right to petition for changes through the player's association.


Exactly. They haven't been and he has not.

Ace, I can run circles around you concerning legal doctrine, being a practicing attorney and part time law professor, but I do not want to embarass you. Feel free to write my email address if you want a lesson.

Jorema darlin ...rant away if it makes you feel better but thats simply not true...Dr Buss said that nobody makes big decisions but him...Jeanie Buss said the idea that a player (any player) or anybody else would tell her father how to run his business was was all documented at the time just because you failed to see it or failed to absorb it doesnt mean it wasn't said.They also spoke up big time by keeping Kobe over Shaq deciding to build a new team around him while paying him big big dollars even before the colorado incident was even fully over with.I think its fair to say theyve shown some faith.


No, I don't have ANY Kobe hate at all. What are you talking about? I think he's a tremendous talent. I have hate for lack of reason and rationality, for blind bias, and for jumping to conclusions, all of which are activities frequently engaged in by members of this blog. It's funny though that simply because I think Kobe screwed up here, you think I hate about lack of reason!

What a douchbag this utfanatic. If you were that good of a lawyer you wouldn't have time to come and spoiled our good time as a FAMILIA on this blog... Man get the hell outa here you 3rd class lawyer.

Mamba from the eastcoast


"Sorry. I was reading The Crucible looking for tips (ha). "

Wouldn't you rather be watching Kate Hudson in "The Skeleton Key" for your hoodoo tips? What's tha matta with ya?!? HAHA!!

Daxx, there is a distinct difference between street ball and officiated nba ball. You can't play the same way in the nba you would on the street. What Kobe did is egregious, out of the realm of acceptable basketball, and just plain dumb.

Look at it this way. Kobe has a right to do what he wants. He had no intention to hurt. However, he DID have an intention to try to make contact, of his own admission. Therefore, he is responsbile for the consequences of his intended contact. If I intend to hit someone even if I don't intend to hurt them, and I end up disabling them, you can bet I'll be held legally responsible, even if I didn't intend to hurt the individual.


Great questions. First of all, I don't hate Kobe at all. Odd of you to think so. Secondly, I am all for fairness and equity. I believe in equal punishment for the same crime. However, I have yet to see the same circumstances prevail with another player. But yes, if another player intends to make contact with a player, in an "unnatural" basketball movement, and does so in a manner which could seriously injure the player, the same penalty should apply.

Mamba East Coast,

Nice use of reasoning. Guess what! Attorneys have computers and it is a small task to take two minutes to catch up on my Lakers and the comments on this blog. It has taken me 10 minutes this day thus far, hardly a huge sacrifice.


I take it as an attorney and a law professor you know that due processs conceptually and as being interpreted by the courts has both ssubstnative and procedural component to it. Even if you say that the procedural rights don't apply here (which I doubt), substantive due process does. Your view is a cramp view of it. I think our disagreement is not retroactivity, but whether the rules were change. I think they were. The act wasn't suspendable till Kobe did it. You're mistaken because NBA, as I understand, has no rule on that play. So, there goes your arguement, if that's your point. BECAUSE KOBE HASN'T TAKEN ACTION, DOESN'T MEAN HE WILL NEVER TAKE AN ACTION. THEREFORE, YOUR POINT IS CONCLUSORY. Micheal Jackson could have sued the media for prejudicial comments during his last trial. By your line of reasoning Micheal had no case because he didn't sue, which even his reputable lawyer at the trial agrees with. I would have more, but I don't wanna bore lakers bloggers.


Substitute the word "Ginobli" for "Kobe" in your last post, and re-read it. Now, tell me how your argument doesn't imply that Ginobly should have been suspended.

That's all I'm saying.


Check out the time your nagging started

Mamba from the eastcoast

I tell you what that Tim Hardaway is starting to get on my nerves...there he is on ESPNs front page again still rabbiting on about how he doesnt hate gay people but saying nothing new...its over man MOVE um blew it you are so indulgent you want everyone to understand your point of view? nobody are only making it worse by going on about it... if you shut up and stop reminding everybody every week they will forget about it.

unfanatic I hear what you are saying but if you can convince this jury you are one hell of a lawyer


Your reply to Edwin says it all--you are not a true laker fan. This is what you said.

"But yes, if another player intends to make contact with a player, in an "unnatural" basketball movement, and does so in a manner which could seriously injure the player, the same penalty should apply."

If you saw the plays that he was suspended for and if you were reading the blogs here, you would know that they were not intentional. If you have been reading the blogs here, you would not bring up the word unnatural. We all agree that it's not uncommon for players to make unnatural moves. If you have been reaeding the blogs here, you would know that there are more dangerous fouls by other players that are not suspended. I don't know what you mean by the "same circumstances." It would be strange for you to see that in b/ball. But your criteria, taken as a whole or apart, fallls apart, under the weight of the evidence. Go LAKERS

The bias towards Kobe can be summed up by showing the clip of LBJ clotheslining DWade shortly after Kobe's first incident with jeanobeely. Not only was no action taken by the NBA league office, the clip was hardly shown or discussed by the mainstream media. Cut to the Korver incident last week. Not only does it get major airplay, the commentary on it started on ESPN before the game was even over. Whether or not the elbows were fouls (flagrant or otherwise), there has been a concerted effort to color Kobe in an unfavorable light. That is my belief, and I don't think I'm being irrational.


Ace, Utfanatic 2000 & others:

Utfanatic is not a Kobe hater, he just wants to express his points which appeared to be an in-depth legal, no comprendo by google searchers but in reality, he's also a Laker fanatic like Ace, Jorema, Mamba in East Coast and others.

You see, Utfanatic these are the sensitive times in the blog. As you see LakerTom gets depressed when he reads negativity on the beloved, nobody want to hear about possible Laker losses, about Kobe's unfair suspensions, you hit the nerve so posters thought, you're another modern Viking who would like to plunder and invade the sanctity of Lakerville. You're just one of us, so don't let yourself hit by friendly fire.

As Faith said: let us move on and get along - we are all Laker fans.

Go Lakers, please win tomorrow for the sake of the blog.

You are on the wrong blog. This is not the blog for self promoting lawyers who bore the world to tears blog. It is bad enough that the team has fallen on hard times and Kobe is unfairly being singled out as the league scapegoat (he gets physically abused every game while the refs often turn a blind eye. He is no longer one of the leagues poster boys after Colorado and he is getting unfair treatment) That is depressing enough. Reading your boring rhetoric makes me want to smoke a pistol. Focus on basketball or SHUT UP.

Ace, first of all, the degree to which substantive due process applies in any given scenario is ambiguous. As well, simply because a "rule" hasn't been set in place, does not mean any notion of substantive due process has been violated. Simply put, Stu Jackson is given broad discretion in determining just punishment. That is equitable because situations vary of necessity.

By the way, not only has Kobe never sued, but not NBA player ever has, nor has any NBA player ever publicly threatened to bring suit because 1) no attorney would take the case knowing it to be a losing one.

This is actually quite a simple concept Ace. I'm somewhat suprised that you, seeming intelligent, don't grasp it.

McGarnagle, you may be right about Ginobli. But which play are you talking about specifically?

Ace, let's use a little logic here. Don't you think that attorneys, being the money grubbing types that we are and always looking for a new style of action, would be all over these types of situations if it was an actionable suit? It's not, so we aren't. Think about it.....


What of it? Do you think attorneys work every second of the day? If so, you need to wake up to reality! We bill you when we are checking blogs! :)

Ace, no my "criteria" doesn't fall apart, because...*gasp* Kobe ADMITTED it was intentional contact, as in HE WAS TRYING TO DRAW THE FOUL. You are apparently blinded by your bias and are engaged in some weird type of group-think here. Open your eyes and face reality. Kobe even admiited the act was intentional, although he intended no harm. I am beginning to second guess my statement about your intellect....If one engages in intentional action (as Kobe admitted) in a reckless manner (as Kobe did) one is responsible for the consequence of one's actions, harm intended or no. It is very apparent and easy to see for all but the most rabid, foaming at the mouth, blinded by loyalty fan such as you Ace.

Ace, the blog's writers, the rest of America as evidenced by ESPN polling data, the facts, logic, and reality all disagree with does it feel my friend? :)

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