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Two Big Statements

It was a day of major statements Sunday at Staples.  First, Von Wafer dropped 29 on Your Los Angeles D-Fenders! to lead the Colorado 14ers to a 113-81 win in his triumphant return to Staples.  Second, and dare I say no less significant, was the one the Lakers made against the Spurs in their 106-99 win.  Kobe Bryant managed to find the right combination of tape and adrenaline to play, and play well (34 points on 13-25 from the field), but it was a major team effort for the purple and gold.  All five starters in double figures.  A near trip-doub for L.O. (18/11/9), 17 from Walton, 11 from Kwame Brown (along with a couple huge boards down the stretch and two big blocks), and 10 from Smush Parker.  Jordan Farmar played well off the bench, while Andrew Bynum contributed 6/8 in only 17 minutes.  L.A. headed into the half down by two, but a huge third quarter in which they went all badass, forced the Spurs into nine turnovers and outscored them 37-22 was enough to last through a San Antonio push in the fourth. 

Much more on the game to come.  Big, big, big win.  Folks at Staples are positively giddy.  NOW UPDATED BELOW THE JUMP


Not surprisingly, Jackson talked about the pressure defense in the third that helped the Lakers open up the lead.  "I thought our defense was good," he said.  "There are some things that we learned tonight that I think as a team helped us grow up a little bit."  So what were they?  "I'm not telling.  It's a secret."  And there you have it.  Jackson did divulge his pleasure in the performance of the second unit.  While no reserves hit double figures, the short bench of Bynum, Farmar, Evans, and Cook provided quality minutes.   Download phil_jackson_12.10 SAS on 2nd unit.mp3

More on the third quarter, and the state of Kobe's ankle.  "I noticed that one dunk that he made in the third quarter, or the fourth quarter- I don't remember, but he went down for an emphatic dunk, and I knew if he went off and did that he was fine."
Download phil_jackson_12.10 SAS on Kobe's ankle.mp3 

Another guy who came up big late was Kwame Brown, who did a solid job on Tim Duncan and was a force down the stretch.  "He felt like in the first half he wasn't as active as he wanted to be.  I talked a little bit after the first half about his 0-2 and one rebound performance in the first half. Drew went out there and played well and got us going and gave us a gain in the middle a little bit, and I think it got Kwame going in the second half," Jackson said.  No argument from 54.
Download kwame_brown_12.10 SAS on 2nd half.mp3

Winning without Kobe Friday night against Atlanta was a boost as well, Brown said.  Now it's time to get out on the road and see what they can do. 
Download kwame_brown_12.10 SAS, home and road.mp3   

This isn't a game he would have had last year after a bad start.  "I probably would have hung my head a little bit."  This year, he managed to get out and do something positive.  It's the yin and yang of Kwame, who continues to be among the more inconsistent players in the league.  But the good parts are getting gooder, with apologies to everyone who has ever taught me English.  He was pleased, too, with the effort he put in on Duncan.  "Before, star players used to come in and relax on me on the offensive end, and I'd have to play them every play on the defensive end.  So I just wanted to make him work on the other end, so at least he has to think about me."  Good stuff too on the defense they played in the third- how the Lakers came out harder on the pick and roll- and his growth as a shot blocker.  Download kwame_brown_12.10 SAS on defense, TD, shot blocking.mp3

The third quarter turned out to be a turning point in the game, and possibly (not to be hyperbolic) on the entire season.  If they continue to play well, we could look back on the third quarter tonight as a major turning point.  Maybe, maybe not.  Who knows?  But it could have gone either way.  If the Lakers come out in the third and get crushed, as they likely would have last season, fans leave the arena and go drink for entirely different reasons.  Luke Walton spoke about their approach in Q3, and about the generally fantastic weekend he had.  Download luke_walton_12.10 on 3rd quarter.mp3

We'll have more tomorrow, for sure, on Von's big night, and the other game that came afterwards. 


With the possible exception of the Utah win at Staples, tonight's game was the best collective showing of defensive intensity, focus and energy the Lakers have displayed this season.  And they couldn't have picked a better time to pull that particular rabbit out of their hats, because the Spurs are a team that will match whatever their opponents throw out every step of the way.  Bring anything less than an A-Game and you'll likely find yourself embarrassed.  Or as Smush put it, "They'll just walk all over us."  And that doesn't change, even after a decisively strong win.  "San Antonio is a top, elite team in the league," acknowledged Luke Walton.  "They fought tough.  Even when we got a ten point lead, they came right back.  We had a lot of energy out there tonight and that's the way we need to play all the time." 

In particular, the third quarter was a high-octane affair, including 9 San Antonio turnovers that were converted into 19 Laker points.  As fans familiar with this squad know, third quarters have typically been the Achilles heel, so this explosive and successful a twelve minutes after halftime was more than a little eye opening.  "It felt good finally winning a third quarter," smiled Smush.  "This will be my second season and I think that's the first time we ever won a third quarter."  If you're like me, you've always wondered why that section of the game is such a struggle for the Lakers.  If you're like Smush, you still don't have the answer.  ""I don't know," shrugged Smush when I asked for a possible cause.  "I have no idea. We just have to come out with a lot of energy and force the issue a little bit." 

And force it they did, ratcheting up the D in a manner that Lamar Odom may never forget as long as he wears a purple and gold uni.  "That was the best defensive quarter that I've ever played as a Laker," nodded LO.   "The game was won defensively."  An evening featuring such offensive proficiency and clampdown success may come as a shock to some, but to Walton, it was a result in the making.  "I knew it was in this team.  We've showed it at times.  We'd play a quarter with a lot of energy.  We'd score a lot of points and rotate on defense and get steals.  And tonight we finally put a game together.  Everyone had each other's backs, we were all talking, the energy level was high and people were making plays."

Nice to make a statement before a potentially tough roadie.


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Folks at home too, BK, folks at home too.

Great game. Now let's take that great game on the road.

Oh, snap! This is big son. As long as Phil keeps 'em humble, this should be a VEEEERY good season, yo.


This win was better than Utah because it was more of a team effort ...

Kobe was Kobe but he was able to be "Kobe" in spurts.

Great effort... the next part of the schedule is houston-dallas-houston... ouch!!!

let's go 2-1 on this trip at least...


Where are you man! Do you believe now?! Are you a believer!!! :)

Congratulations Lakers! Kobe's back! and his ankle looked well. Lamar Odom almost almost a 3-double, next time dude! Great 34 from Kobe and good blocks from K.Brown!

It's my birthday today and i couldn't ask for a better b-day present from my lakers.
I'm in the eastcoast and couldn't watch the game live but i followed the stats live. good performance by Drew for only 17 minutes though.
I think the confidence is build to take on the rockets and dallas. you guys remember the predictions by Drew (15/5) lakers kind of blew that against the hornets but it's all right. so let the real test begins.

Goooood luuuuuuck , LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from Florida, peace out

What a nice win over the Spurs. It was encouraging to see them play hard and win. Lakers still have a lot to learn about themselves with games agains the Mavs and Rockets. Hopefully we can win those games. Lakers should play like tonight against EVERY team. We win games like this tonight and lost to the Blazers, Hornets, and the Bucks. Establishing consitency and competing night in and night out should be the important thing. That will develop the Lakers killer instict which would allow them to clamp down on their opponents defensively and run the offense with minimal mistakes. Tonight agains the Spurs we showed glimpses of what we can become. This team will be like the early 1990 Chicago Bulls teams if they keep up their effort and intensity every night. Way to go Lakers!!!

Our next test is HOuston and Dallas. Dallas will be really tough, we can't sleep on plays or they'll light us up.
Key to this game:Rebounds, Bench, defense on Guards.

Houston has Tmac whos having back spams right now so he'll only be available on 1 end of the floor. This game will depend on how much Kwame can guard Yao Ming. I think Kwame should just bully him since he is much stronger than Yao. Nobody else on the Rockets can guard Lamar since Battier will be guarding Kobe.
Key to this game: Lamar, Kwame

14 offensive 42 to 33, 62 to 38 in the paint

That's gonna get it done.

Great effort, great intensity and GREAT game!

See what a lil intensity brings? See what an active team can do to someone soo good and soo old (lol). We saw what this team can do tonight, with their intense D, and determined offense. And yes they did do it all 48 minutes...the Spurs are just soo good, they fought back...but in no way did I feel we were gonna lose this game. Why? Cause we have winners in this team, we play D like we're capable of, and we have heart.

Props to Smush and all our perimeter players (especially Kobe, he took their "soul" out in that intense 3rd quarter)...and of course our Bigs. Way to play, way to play. Nothing was easy for the most part in this game, and that's all you can ask for. We also fought like our lives depended on it, for rebounds, a collective and LO driven effort. Rotations were crisp and if it wasn't there, we stayed in front of our man for the most part. We altered many a shot this game...the floater is not a shot to take cause it's pretty, but cause you know someone will challenge, and there was a lot of those. Nice to see, kudos all around. Now since I demand perfection...absolutely no dribble layups next time lol.

Offensively, very very impressive in all our players, total team effort, but especially great game for Kwame. Aggressive, aggressive and finishing. Way to play, way to play. 30+ for Kobe, it was easy...he's just sooo good. Almost a trip dob for LO, lovin it! They didn't know how to handle our bigs (and Kobe for that matter). They looked old and short haha.

Unlike my "unacceptable" diatribe...this is what I call my PROPS diatribe haha. Course, I did say it would come down to rebounds and turnovers lol.

P.S. Props to Ray Ray? For the "guarantee" lol

Yes, this win was a good indicator. Now there are three games in Texas to make a better statement.
I hope players would feel our huge support on the road. They need to build a positive chemistry. Tonight had a taste of may 2007.
Cross our fingers.


wow KWAME did it up

Great win by the Lakers. Can we do it on the road? We are soon to find out. Do I think so? Hell yeah, we ARE that good. But being able to do it or thinking you can do it and actually doing it are completely different. Nonetheless I believe and so will all the doubters, or atleast doubt us a little less, if we have a solid upcoming week. Lets go Lakers.

a very impressive be honest, I didn't have faith against the Spurs, but the lake show proved me wrong

an impressive stat: 6-3 against +.500 teams

Just read this from:

"Lakers coach Phil Jackson said he wouldn't rule out a trade that would send Iverson to Los Angeles and pair him with Kobe Bryant."

Mitch Kupchak shouldn't even think about this.

Let me be the first to put up a comment on this game. Great game by all the players.We needed this one bad to keep the Phoenix bumbs off our backs. Now all the haters are gonna say "it was still at home and this game means nothing"etc etc..Still if a team drops a 100 on a great disciplined defensive team like the Spurs the rest of the league should watch out. And whats up with the refs holding back on calls for Kobe? This has been going on all season.

Dammit I thought i would be the first.

SA shotts 52% FROM 3 and LOSES. LO makes them play small to match up and we dominated the paint all night. Keep this goin' on the road and we're elite. I'm over the NOK loss, anybody else?

Justin Young,

Maybe Kupchak should walk over to Phil's office and slap a little sense into him. "We're not looking into AI!" lol.

heck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh





I'm not over it we'd have the best record in the league right now w/o those bonehead losses.

All in all I'm happy though. I love this team. I love that we've been flying under the radar. And I'm excited about having the team going out on the road and proving themselves against the Texas triangle and the rest of the league.


And man, PHX is putting the pressure on us to win every night. They just won their 10th in a row. The Pacific division is going to be a 2 team dogfight. Everyone thought it'd be a dogfight between that other LA team and PHX. But Kobe can Co. are playing inspired basketball.

Kwame is my hero.

When they traded for him I said that he needed to model his game after Ben Wallace, and now I think he's playing like Big Ben with a better nose for offense and quicker feet. I am so glad to see Kobe taking him under his wing and teaching him about asserting his will - not like MJ did in Washington with scowls and talking down to him, but with encouragement. Gotta think that all this team chemistry is going to have a positive impact on all these young, impressionable dudes. Do you realize the only cat on this team over age 30 is McKie?

Glad to see Bynum and Farmar making strides, and interested to see the relatively shorter play roster tonight - we "only" played nine guys, and Vlad, Ronny and Sasha didn't see any action. Is anyone else excited by the fact that we can play 12 guys legitimately?

Looking forward to seeing what this fine Laker team is going to do on the road. GO LAKERS!















This is a very hard game to take if your a spurs fan. Spurs played well, they did not tank this game, they were simply outplayed, and were dominated in the paint which they normally own. The Lakers no longer respect the spurs bigs, and will play even better the next time we play. Can you believe Bynum, Absolutely NO FEAR of Duncan.
Unlike the Lakers, who give the other team unforced turnovers, the spurs were forced into 19 to's. As westphal said after game, When the Laker's lower the to's, we are in the Elite of nba.
thank you Laker's for a nice Sunday Eve!



you know what's really difficult... playing that new gwen stefani video in the background and try to concentrate on what you're typing... really challenging, but i'm doing my best...

GREAT WIN!!! best of the season, hands down. loved that defense, it was so inspiring to watch our boys going after and coming up with steals. SA looked tired (gosh, now mr. jibbs is on. why Lord, why does he have to be from st. louis?) tired and old... but this is the team that's supposed to win it all...
the praise is limitless tonight

ya'll realize kwame's five boards were all on the offensive glass?

mo had that big bucket to kick off the fourth quarter and silence SA's first mini run

farmar, big three once again.

LO was so active, he just excites you.

and Bynum! boom by ya! he was such a factor.

great team win
i really have to just let go of those three insane losses, b/c watching the lakes play like tonight... it'll just make you wanna pull your hair out thinking about the past.

14 down, 41 to go!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO

Damn, tomorrows games should be interesting.

Spurs vs Clippers
Suns vs Magic
Dallas vs Utah

If we win our next two games, there is a good chance that we could have the best record in the league. A lot of ifs, but if Dallas can win in Utah, and the Clippers (probably the first time I ever rooted for a Clips win) can somehow manage to handle a pissed off San Antonio, we'd be in the drivers seat!!

The Suns are creeping up on our # 1 P.D. spot and Amare is getting back into shape. As a human being and a basketball fan I love it, but as a Laker fan I hate it! lol We have to keep an eye on them because they are the only ones in our division that will be able to even test us this season.


All Overated!!




"That was the BEST defensive quarter that I've ever played as a Laker," nodded LO, who fell one assist shy of a trip-dub (18/11/9). "The game was won defensively.

thank you!

i concur, LO. the best you may have played, but definitely the best i've ever seen from the Lakes. job well done, i'm still smiling.


I just heard on Sports Center that Phil Jackson said not to count the Lakers out in the Allen Iverson sweepstakes.

What do you guys think he would cost? Would you want him?

Personally, I do not want him. He would probably cost us Bynum and some draft picks but the fact of the matter is I can't see him and Kobe meshing very well. We already have a scoring guard.

Now KG on the other hand...heheheh.


great win, good team game, lets have a good road trip

go lakers

The real test comes from road games,
so by next week we'll see where we're at

What a great performance by everyone tonight. Is kobe human? Because I dont think its possible for someone to heal that fast. The guy is amazing.

At the same token, this is why the Lakers frustrate me so much. We play like this against the Spurs, then play like we did last week against the Hornets?

Our bigs were very big tonight. Oberto plays 13 minutes with 4 fouls? That's huge. He had 11/11 in one of his games this season. Also, Brent Barry has been lighting it up from downtown. Very lucky Pop stayed away from him.

Who's the oldest team in the NBA? Gotta be between the Spurs and the Heat.


O/T. Why are the protective pads around the basket stand thingy (don't know the proper name) emblazoned with the Clippers logo?

Don't the Lakers have their own equipment manager to take care of things like Laker balls and Laker pads? j/k We seem to play well when we use the Clipper equipment.

AI will not end up in LA. He flunked geometry. On the other hand, KG will study the triangle for another year so that he'll be ready.

Lamar needs to work on his individual offensive moves.

Other than that, he was OUTSTANDING.

I love when Kwame's aggressive, even when he misses a dunk like tonight - hey, at least he's trying to dunk it instead of lay it in!

Did you see Bowen grabbing at Kobe all day?

Did you see Farmar grabbing the defender's jersey after he was picked, to slow the pick in and roll? A wily one, that Farmar.

And no, Bowen's is not wily because he does it continuously, all game, not at opportune times. And Farmar doesn't injure players with his play.


I'm out like San Antonio in Staples!

Ray Ray, props for the guarantee. You hit the nail right on the head. What, you're like 4-0 on this Blog?

Good show.


BTW, if the Lakers continue to play .800 ball at home (33 and 8), then they only have to be 22 and 19 on the road to finish at 55 wins.

You MUST believe by now.



Yep the old formula is win 75% at home and 50% on road and you're golden.

Is Phil on crack?

AI seems like a good enough guy who for some reason always brings chemistry issues. We don't need that messing up our locker room this season.



"Maybe Kupchak should walk over to Phil's office and slap a little sense into him. "We're not looking into AI!" lol."
Ha Ha very funny, all phil has to do is sneeze and cupcake will be out like a germ

I anticipated the Lakers to lose but their defense won them the game. Win or lose, it was still a Test game. They beat the Spurs at a high level. No injuries , no excuses from either teams. I do believe it the Lakers will meet the Spurs in the Western Conf Finals. Great Game. Great Win. One game at a time.

I knew they could do it, and they really did. Lets keep it up!

Yeah, Eva Longoria was heard asking, "Who's this Smush guy?"

The Lakers won because: (1) great D that caused turnovers on which we could capitalize. Even a high % shooting team can't win when they turnover the ball as much as the Spurs did tonight. Also, (2) Kobe (as always) makes the buckets when the rest of the team needs him to. But we saw something more tonight that I hadn't noticed before. Yes, the Lakers looked more athletic and agressive, but did anybody else sense an aging Spurs team was having a tough time keeping up w/ younger, more energetic athletes? Don't misunderstand me here -the Spurs are a formidable opponent who demand to be taken seriously. But the little brother is quickly growing stronger and more athletic than his aging big brother (The perfect microcosmic example of this was Bynum's HUGE block on Duncan) My theory: At the end of a brief era of Spurs dominance the new Lakers are emerging.....
And as for Dallas and Houston, insofar as Kobe singlehandedly outscored the fomer 2005-6 Western Conference champs last year in three quarters (65-64), can anyone name even one defender in Dallas who can keep up with #24? In Houston, lets admit it, Yao is still kind of scared of physical play (much like A-Rod is afraid of the ball at 3rd); look for Kwame to dunk on Yao's head early in the 1st quarter to solidify an early physical tone to the game.

Go future Pacific champs!

The Suns are hot right now, with 10 wins in a row, but if Kobe & Company keep playing like this, a 2nd or 3rd seed in the playoffs is not out of the question...Still alot of season ahead, but I am very enthusiastic over the impressive start!! And I agree with several above who said AI would NOT be a good fit for the Lakers!!

I dont know why people dont understand this...If you have your nice house and you are happy in it and somebody offers you a say no Im happy in my house and I cant afford it...but you havent even asked the price????

...lets sit back and see what the sixers are offering before we say not to even think about it...who knows how Kobe and AI's games would mesh? people are being extraordinarily closed minded about all this....then again its probably just more psychological warfare from Phil trying to fire the lakers up for a tough road trip...

hey mike t

i want to be the blogger that you mention in your blogger quote section of your jackson journals hahaha. . .

how do you feel the lakers are taking phils instructons to give bynum the ball when he has good position? do you think theyve actually listened to him and are trying to do that? or is that one too many things to be thinking about during a basketball game?

I don't know about you guys (and i sure not lighting up someone else's **s), but this was the one time that i missed that Jackson Journal. Would have been filled up with a lot of Kwame Brown hosanna's, but Kwame deserves them bigtime for his great game.

Go Lakers!!!!

Phil was hardly saying they were serious about making a play for AI....hes a great player of course the lakers have 'interest' compared to say Olowakandi hitting the market...furthermore if Denver is looking at Iverson theres no harm in saying the lakers have 'interest' even if they DONT in order to increase iversons value...the more good players a western conference team on the verge shifts to a no hoper team in the east for AI the better as far as he is concerned.

I would be very suprised to see Iverson as a laker...BUT if you move Odom and Mihm?



Maybe you would need to try a second trade involving a backcourt player or two for another body but thats potentially a very good team.Easily as potentially good as the one we have and possibly alot better.Potentially alot worse as well but you have to be in to win.

Main problem would be that any trades would involve our rebounders becasue they are the ones with the salaries and the lakers are already a dodgy rebounding team but if they have faith in Turiaf to step it up or were able to follow it up with a second trade for another body.

I would be very suprised to see Iverson in a lakers uniform but AI is not such a menace as he has been made out to be Its been a long time since hes been in any trouble and he wants to win.I wonder if he and kobe would want to play with each other?

It might not be the right moment for a lakers trade but if this team requires a change by next season this would go down as a missed opportunity.The lakers are good at the moment but will this team actually contend?

I think everyone from Kobe to the coaches and fans like the current team and I doubt it would happen but its worth mulling over and its nothing against Odom but you have to look at the possibilities.

Nice game last night all around. To see Kwame playing like he does now is a great thing. He's accepting challenges from the top bigs, he's leading Bynum in a positive way, he's under control down low, and his teammates trust him.

I wonder how could Washington be so short-sighted when it comes to Kwame. They actually expected an 18 year old straight out of high school to come in and dominate? Micheal Jordan had it right talent wise, but he and the Wizard coaching staff had it all wrong nurture wise. What a terrible mistake for the Wizards, they'll be paying for that for years to come.

To see Kwame jump over Duncan, steal that rebound, bounce right back up and ferociously jam it in Duncan's grill was as satisfying a play as I've seen all season for the Lakers. And his quickness is astounding for a big man. He left Duncan in the dust at the elbow with his first step.

And I can't believe I actually thought Sasha would be better than Smush this year. It's not even a contest. Credit to Smush. He's turned his streetball antics into a craftiness that most other point guards don't have.

Go Lakers!
Go Chargers!

could be in a separate blog thread but...

iverson??? one of the best players in the league, but i don't think ever i'll want him on the lakers even if the sixers give him to us for free (unless we can then use him to trade for KG... yay!).

the last thing we need is a ballhog to complement our other one (who, i'm happy to note, is beginning to share the rock more consistently... yeah, i'm talking about you, luke).

i'd love to see iverson on the knicks. just to see which undersized two-guard wins out: the answer, starbury, or stevie franchise? isiah, make it happen!!! or golden state to pair with baron davis.

p.s. not hating on kb24 (though he really, really frustrates me sometimes with his shot selection). he does have this reputation that he's still shaking off, but he's our main man and i wouldn't trade him for anyone (except for lebron and ONLY because he's 7 years younger).

Great win guys which is bringin another question? How in the world we can play as good or better than SA and win it and loose at the same time to NO, Bucks and Portland? I got over it, but I'm looking at PD and I can see Suns closing in with more wins on the road then us.

About Iverson trade.. Too scary to give any of our starters. Chemistry problem and etc... But on another hand, Phil already use to deal with Rodman in Chicago and it helped to bring 3 more championships. Just don't know.. Probably best to stay away...

As good as this win was in it is only December 11. The Lakers still need two player. a Power player who can score and a point guard. Those two editions can lead to a championship. KG is available go for him. it's time to lets Chris Mimm go, it's time to unload Smush, It's time to get something from Valdamire or Cook. Phil knows to get to the elite level he may have to trade something he would like to keep. It will either be Kwame or Bynum.

From a friend of mine (Lakers fan) who lives in San Antonio, referring to the Lakers defense in the third quarter:

"Sean Elliot, the Spurs 'color man' on TV, said that was the first time all year he’d seen the Spurs rattled on offense."

Alright... after watching this game I may have to retract the AI comments before... Maybe we don't need him after all... but seriously.. I know all of you guys REALLY don't want AI because of said "chemistry" issues and all... which I know may be true... but here is a proven warrior in AI and a man who has been to the finals. AND to top it off.. it looks like AI will be dealt cheap because the Sixers are looking to rebuild and because not too many people are really that excited to take AI. I think we can snag him at a bargain by giving Mihm, Cook (although he just signed an extension which might make him hard to deal) and some other stuff like draft picks... look.. I LOVE our roster as is.. but the addition of AI won't HURT the team in my opinion... Jackson is good enough to hold fort and adding a great PG to an already great team seems like a good enough idea in my opinion.

Of course, the better idea would be to get a team player like Garnett involved... but I think Garnett is too expensive and we will have to part with a lot of our good talent.

Again, I don't know.. but I do know that today's game was freaking bad ass.


Philly will need to replace AI with a scorer who can get 30 ppg. They're not getting that from the Lakers. If we had another one of those besides Kobe we'd be at the top and wouldn't need to trade for AI.

AI would not do well here, he could never be play second fiddle to anyone.

Don't you guys love Phil? He's always looking out for his players, paving the way to glory for them. He accuses Bowen of what people have only dared to whisper over the years. "Just look at the film" too funny.

L.A. Clipper's Mike Dunleavy on radio now, if they get embarrassed by San Antonio tonight then they'll know that they're not as good as they thought they were.

Suns on top again. Lakers up to #5. Consolation: We kept the Spurs from the #1 spot.

Side note: We've beat 3 of the top 4 teams through 20 games. The fourth team is Dallas.

Weren't we the only team last year to beat every elite team at least once? I seem to remember something about that.

AI to the Kings? They have the best shot for a straight up trade. Bibby for AI and a contract plus a draft pick. Kings just drifting along now, could make them better.

AI to Minn. Doesn't look like it could happen. But did you see how excited KG got thinking about it. He's in for a BIG let down when the deal falls apart. One more kicker to push KG away.

AI to LA ? We all know a long shot, but fun to talk about. If we get him without losing our whole team, I would go get him, pt is a big waekness on this laker team. He'd be awsome trade bait in offseason that could bring you two good players.

the gooffy Espn ranking is out.

Of note, lakers have beat 6 out of the other 9 teams. And are ahead of Houston, detroit, Orlando.
Mr stein now feels we belong with the Elite. Not bad for a team that is not supposed to even be in playoffs.

Wow, a dream come true. This is the reason why Laker fans get giddy and get into this blog and share our joy and passion. Who will talk trade if you see that kind of movement, spirit and defense from this team. That's the Laker team that we know and the team that will bring back glory to LA.

All I can say is Congratulations from the coach to the ballboy for what you have done in transforming this team after a luckluster performance few nights ago. Keep up that high spirit on the road, you have done it and you can do it again. Go Lakers!

Show of hands: How many of y'all are joining the 55 Win Bandwagon today?

This team's not even close to 100% and we're still kickin' a's!!

If we win our next two games, and Dallas and the Clips win tonight, we'll have the best record in the NBA!!

I just hope that we will be able to maintain because we will be a huge target to every team in the league.

If we peak too early, it could cause us problems if we go back to playing half-ass. We will have no margin for error.


We've (meaning Laker fans) got to stop thinking and talking like AI is a good fit for LA, once and for all. HE IS NOT: I like coffee and I like beer too, but I don't put them in the same glass at the same time or I'd always be dehydrated (and have a sour look on my face). Having a PHD in basketball theory (jk,) allow me to post my Five Reasons, once and for all that Kobe and the gang would be worse off with AI in purp n gold:
1. AI would require that Odom goes. This should be self-explanatory, but I'll say it anyways: Odom is -when all is said and done- a better all round player than AI. He requires less shots, is a better rebounder, has a defensive game (other than steals, which IS AI's conception of defense), and is-to-Kobe Bryant-what-Scotty Pippen-was-to-Michael Jordan. Every championship team NEEDS a #2 man , not two #1 men, to win (Just ask the US Olympic team).
2. Salary cap, salary cap, salary cap: When Bynum, Farmar, Luke, Evans, Kwame, Odom, etc. are ready to ask for more money -given their brilliant play in the 2006-7 West Coast finals -the Lakers need to have that money to give them so they don't end up, like D. Fish did, getting bought up by some other squad w/ spending cash.
3. At the end of the day, when Phil says the Lakers are still looking for someone to fill the 1 guard, he isn't thinking of someone who will give the Lakers 30+ points but only 3-4 assists per game. On the contrary, he's looking for someone who will move the ball to its appropriate spots at the appropriate time; Famar (w/ Smush's help) will eventually be the man, and anyone who thinks AI can give the Lakies 10+ assists and only take 4-7 shots per game is smoking crack and showing their utter ignorance of how the triangle differs from other (less superior) offensive schemes throughout the league.
4. Dr. Buss knows best. This is an easy one: a lot of you may have sighed when Buss traded Shaq and then the Heat won the championship. The thing not to forget is that Buss knew that if Shaq laughed 1st, Buss would laugh last (and louder, though in the context of a nice meal with beautiful women around him). The point here is that Buss is omniscient and so would have already gotten to AI had he thought the team would be better with him.
5. The Lakers don't need to bring in anything from the outside. A quick reference back through basketball history will see that championship teams develop from the inside-out, not the outside-in. Recall briefly a little mailman and a glove coming to LA in 2003: Laker fans were foaming at the mouth at the prospect of FOUR FUTURE HALL-OF-FAMERS in the same starting line-up. Go back and watch those final games. Yes Karl Malone had a bum kneee, yes Gary Paton was whining the whole time, and yes Kobe and Shaq were giving each other dirty looks throughout the series....But don't forget as well that an individually-inferior but team-wise-superior Detroit Pistons came into LA and beat us. Its unlikely that any of those Pistons will be hall of famers; but they were structurally stronger than us that year because they developed from the inside-out. That is the sort of structural development that truly knowledgeable Laker fans are hoping to see in the duration of the first half of the 2006-7 season.
AI is out. This team can win a championship w/ the players it has. End of story.

How could Von Wafer do that to us? Punk. How many turnovers did he have? How many shots did he take? Was that 29 points on 46 shots?





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