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Extra! Extra! (12.18)

December 18, 2006 |  9:38 am

Arenas Perhaps the Lakers have gotten overly self conscious about their exorbitant ticket prices, so they've made a point of providing extra roundball for the folks dishing out the bucks.  After giving Friday's crowd 10 extra minutes of game, they followed suit with five more last night.  Unfortunately, they didn't remember that a) They were playing the Wizards, who shouldn't push anyone to OT while outside the confines of D.C. and b) Fans only like bonus entertainment if it leads to very specific result.  Therefore, Lakers fans don't necessarily get a "money's worth" feeling after a 147-141 loss.  Well, unless they also define "economic" as "My Lakers lost, but I got to see them chuck a bunch of 3's, plus Wizards PG Gilbert Arenas set a franchise scoring record, so that was kinda cool." 

The 60 points put up by Arenas also represent the heftiest tally in Washington/Baltimore history, a particular delight for the sizable Arenas posse in the house.  Kobe Bryant downplayed Arenas' achievement (or the style in which the points were accrued, if nothing else), but perhaps he was just miffed that- Vlad Radmanovic's 27 points and OT aside- most of the Lakers' scoring duties had been dumped in his lap all game.  Or that Shammond Williams was the only Laker who couldn't be blamed for some form of bad D.  But either way, the evening produced a box score for the ages.  Just one that won't be celebrated by Lakers fans anytime soon.

Remember Caron Butler?  Used to play for L.A.  Got sent to Washington for Kwame Brown.  Well, he's evolved into quite the baller these days, but the Lakers stand by their swap.  But had Butler remained a Laker, Kobe would likely display a willingness to defer his way as well.