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Extra! Extra! (12.17)

December 17, 2006 | 10:52 am

Heading into tonight's game against Washington (where former Laker Caron Butler is thriving), the glow is still there from Friday night's double OT, comeback extravaganza. Unfortunately, among the many numbers Kobe posted, there's one worrisome mark that sticks out.  54.  That would be the number of minutes he played, on the heels of 43 and 44 minute efforts.  That's more than Phil Jackson wants.  Kobe says he's fine, but P.J. doesn't want to "extend" him that far.  That's a pretty easy strategy to devise with L.O. out of the lineup, but it's likely not the only idea bouncing around Jackson's head.  There's always something. Like relieving Kwame Brown's free throw jitters before the Hack-a-Kwame becomes the rage of the holiday season. 

What's already got everyone talking?  How about the A.I. sweepstakes, now joined by the 'Melo Suspension Watch/Continuing Disintegration of the Knicks after Saturday night's Garden brawl.

Read closely, and you'll see a little bit of Lakers Blog in this interview with Kareem.

And finally, Roland Lazenby's latest entry from the always entertaining Lakernoise blog.