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Extra! Extra! (12.12)

Things continue to look up for the purple and gold.  They lead the Pacific, grade out well in all sorts of fun statistical categories, and top Steve Kerr's Yahoo! Power Rankings.  Now they learn that their first big road test in what seems like forever, a matchup against T-Mac, Yao, Shane Battier, and the Houston Rockets tonight, will include all of those things... except T-Mac.  McGrady will sit with a bad back.  Yes, you can feel the tension emanating from Houston fans all the way from here.  And Jeff Van Gundy's office, since it might just be Bonzi Time now.  For the Lakers, this two game jaunt through Texas is just the beginning of a long stretch of roadies- 22 of the next 32, to be exact.  A time to see if all the lessons learned in the home heavy schedule can be translated to togetherness- "oneness," if you will- on the road.  No question Andrew Bynum's mom will be watching (as will ours, at least for tomorrow's ESPN game). 

Vlad Rad's hand is an issue, and so is his grasp of the triangle.  But like Randy Newman, he loves L.A.  (so still, does Robert Horry).  You know who else might dig our 75 degree Decembers?  Allen Iverson.  One L.A. team should find out

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Calling the Lakers a championship team is a little premature. But I'm loving the progress thus far!

Hey What happened to Steven (AKA "I'm out!")? Haven't heard much from him now that the Lakers are playing good and Wade has to score 40 for Miami to win.

I can def see aka BubbaChuck (A.I.) in a Clippers uni..But whatever.

I am more concerned about my Lakers and Yao "DOMINATING THE CENTER POSITION 2007" Ming. Luther Head too has been draining the 3 lately as as Shane Battier. We have to tighten up. Big game..But I think we will pull it out at the end assuming we can hit our FT's, outrebound and minimize turnovers.

Hey Zen, "but it's okay for Wade to score 40 cuz he's the "Sportsman of the Year" by gosh!! LOL Costas did an interview with him and I was str8t sick to my stomach how they are oohing and ahhing this guy and the Jordan comparisons and this, that and a third and how he's been with wifey since 4th grade so I guess he never tapped no other chick?? Whatever. Right now he is Mr. Perfect. Not to mention one of the 50 most beautiful and NBA's best dressed --- back up off him -- his ISH don't stink!!

We all know who the best in the NBA is. Kobe doesn't even get the love from the officials like Wade and Lebron do - yet he still is the best scorer in the game.

Oh I would love to see Miami and Lakers in the finals this year. That would be so classic. That series would put a stamp on the history of Shaq and Kobe.

Oh, no! It's the Steve "Kerr"se.

The players and fans are pumped after the win over San Antonio. Let's hope the Lakers have finally seen the light. Defense DOES win games. It does help having the Suns there to push them to win games.

If the players stick to the plan that Phil draws up for them, then they should do o.k. tonight. Dallas will be licking their wounds and will fight hard tomorrow night. They've been dominated by the Lakers lately, so they'll be looking to change that. Houston in LA should not be a problem.

What we're seeing is that the players are continuing to do what they did in the early games of the PHX series last year. They're imposing their will (o.k. they're bullying) on their opponents.

This season is going to be an exciting one. They may not get a top 4 seed or hit the magical 55-game threshold (gasp!), but barring a total and complete collapse (or AI trade) this team will be one of the last ones standing by the end of the season.

Go Lakers!


Wade's been with his wife since the 4th grade huh? No wonder she looks like his mother! She's so old looking, she looks like a younger (not by much) Mary J. Blige. She was on some show promoting the NBA store and the hosts asked her, "So what're you giving Wade for Christmas?" and she's like "Well, I have a little bun in the oven. So, I'm not getting him anything. (insert laugh track here)" Honest to God.


Did you notice that there hasn't been a peep from Sonny Belfast either? He'll be back soon enough to gloat if AI lands in SacTown. lol

Yea no sign of Sonny bedfast either!

AI would be good fit in SAC or the Clippers.


Not a bad starting 5.

One of the keys for tonights game will be the officials and how they call the foul game in the paint. Kwame and Bynum have to pick their spots and use quickness against Yao, hopefully placing him in foul trouble instead of the opposite. Kobe and Lamar can assist in early foul trouble for Yao by driving to the hole. Road games are never visitor friendly and with the love or hate Kobe thing in full effect its gonna be tough. Buckle down Lakers and bring how the "W".

Lakers vs Houston tonight! no T-mac :) Poor Odom, he always miss that 3-double. He should average 12 per year. So, Kobe should be maybe 95% on his knee and 80% right ankle. I will say Kobe with a 40-point in tonight's game!

PS. I admire A.I., but Kobe-Iverson together isn't a good idea, at least not this year!

starting tonight at Houston will be a good test for our team whether this team is ready for tough and brutal road games.
However, way they played defense last game against San Antonio Spurs in 3rd quarter and if they could do that constantly, hey, sky is the limit for this young Lakers team.
I also think if they just focus more on defense and don't take any team lightly like they did against Buck,Blazers & Hornets, it will be pretty successful road trip.
For all Lakers fans out there, we will get better and better as seasons go and I dream that end of this year, we will be making a lot of noise and going deeper in playoffs.

dude.. i just read this:

they are just gonna change the ball midseason.. umm.. thats kinda weird.. maybe its a ploy to make the lakers lose or something since we're on a roll... anything to disturb the lakers.. hehe..

anyways, hope Lamar is ok with this.. i remember him saying that he loved the new ball...


The Lakers looked good on Sunday. We'll see if they packed their Defense for the road. I'm hoping the road will serve as another challenge for this team to step up to. I hope we carry this "something to prove" chip on the shoulder all over the US.
Even with the league's worst turnovers per game, the Lakers are #3 in the West. Those turnovers on the road and in front of other fans could make for momentum changes; we've got to try and minimize the silly mistakes (esp. 3 in the key).
All in all, if the "D" is packed right next to the undies, they should be able to bring it every night.


Oh.. and.. what the.. Steve Kerr put us at #1? While I LOVE the lakers.. cmon man.. we are not there yet...

damn it does feel good that the lakers are #1.. but c'mon.. you still gotta give it up to a team that has won 10 straight like the suns...

even tho i hate and despise the suns and feel like we can beat them.. power rankingwise.. they should be number 1...

i don't want the lakers to be #1 at this point in time.. they might relax a little... i want them to be #1 in june... anyways GO LAKERS


Short of Livingston and Kaman, I dont understand why the Donald is not on top of this. Maggette is the obvious choice for several reason to headline the group, due to playing time issues. He doesnt make much money though, so they would have to package a good number of players? Business wise I think it would make absolute since. By LA's standards, in no way is Allen Iverson seen as a thug, and in that big of a market, the Donald would make a killing. Imagine how an Iverson Clippers jersey would sell. I am not a Clippers fan, but I am a fan of AI and just want to see him not go to Atlanta or some crap. The Lake Show rules the LA. Believe that.

So let me get this straight some of you dont feel "comfortable" calling th Lakers a championship team , who then is the elite in the NBA.Its our year and you doubters need to just relax. Cream always rise to the top. There are about 5 teams that have a real chance to win, and we ARE one of them.

Hard to believe that the league would be thrilled with AI in the West. The East is barely watchable. Detroit is good but not marketable. Wade and LeBron on losing teams and no more AI will make a mockery of the East vs West NBA concept for a few more years.

He won't tip the balance of power but he will tip the national interest level. That free throw debacle in Miami last year doesn't make up for the fact that everyone is aware of the lack of parody. I'd like to see him in Chicago or NYC just to keep the vibe alive. AI is East Coast, he can't be runnin with cowboys.

Couldn't somebody give us the inside scoop on Vlad the Impaler? The injury thingy is bothersome and we'll soon be past the point where surgery would be of any merit.
I see where his agent says he's been struggling with the Triangle but I need a better sense of whether it's due to the injury taking away his accuracy from long range or whether it's the learning curve being steep.
Lakers may yet prove Stevie's lofty placement but right now we have to give Amare, Steve and Shawn the props ... no one seem able to stop them, and we don't meet them again until March 4, 2007 in Phoenix.
I love the Lakers dudes, but right now the Suns are really flaming. Lakers vs Suns for the conference finals is beginning to look like another brutal heavyweight world championship title fight - I can't wait!

"might just be Bonzi Time now"

Second of all: yall should read the link the K-Bros have...linked to the sentece I've qouted. the "better looking Van Gundy" is saying Bonzi called him, Wells is saying coach did. They already aren't in the SAME page

First of all: T-Mac not playing and having to play Bonzi wells (a real screw head) is WORST news for the Rockets, but it doesn't concern the LAKERS. I don't care if they have to START Luther Head for Yao Ming when playing the LAKERS everybody will bering their A-GAME. So buckle up and get at them or it'll be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG NIGHT.

Hilton Armestrong (NOK rookie) on the win over CLEVELAND the 2nd win in the last 10 games:

"When we're playing a 'BIG name' like LeBron tonight, the guys just get more ready and bring their all to the game." (and then he continued with he was hoping they'll learn to bring it every night and so on.)

The other NOK win in the last 10 games, LALs. We are JUST a TARGET out there


They'd almost certainly have to include Livingston in a deal, but I'd still do it, and I still think Livingston is going to be very good. Basically, short of Brand, I'd consider almost anything. Even if you're not sure it'll make them that much better, and I can't see how that would happen, trading for A.I. would be a huge statement for the Clippers. It would give them their first national star. Even E.B., good as he is, doesn't generate that sort of buzz. Bringing in Iverson says once and for all that these Clippers are dedicated to winning, that they'll spend to do it, and they're tired of being doubted.

Add that factor to the idea that a core of AI, Brand, and whoever's left over (say Mobley, who will get more clean looks with Iverson around, Kaman, etc.) is pretty good, and it seems like a no brainer to you. And I agree with you- AI wouldn't have image issues here, and I think Clippers fans would welcome him with open arms.


Boy, they sure are promoting the Lakers/Heat game. Shaq said at first he's targeting the 23rd for his return, but the Heat are saying sometime in January. Do any of you know the latest? I think they'll err on the side of caution. They wouldn't want to lose him for the season.

T-Mac is out indefinitely. That's a big blow to the Rockets.

The latest: AI blows off Michael Jordan and Charlotte Bobcats. Balks at trade and deal dies a quick death.


Focus, BK, focus! We do not want to improve the Clippers. lol.

Reports have AI balking on a trade to NO. They say its Jordan's deal to make or not,let's see how it unfolds. I agree with "David Whang " (above) I'm from L.A. and don't know why the Clippers won't go all out for A.I. its a perfect fit market wise, and the team needs a lift! The Clipper Nation could use some help guiding that ship, and A.I. would fill seats at Staples. I route for the Clippers but L.A. is LAKERS all the way, don't get it twisted. Sterling should make the deal.

Rizzo - Why are you surprised that LA fans want to see more from this team before annointing them contenders?

If LA fans started talking Championships, we would just be living up to the negative stereotype of being arrogant Lakers fans. We're not new to this so let's not act like we are. We should know what a title contender looks like and plays like because we've seen it so many times before.

Look at how beating the Spurs was characterized. It was huge for the Lakers and a big disappointment for them. When the Lakers were elite, the roles were switched.

It wasn't that long ago. Remember those post-season wars against Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio etc? We need to see A LOT more from this squad to know if they could even handle something like that.

(rayray on GAURANTEES 4-0)


UCLA will beat SC and SC will go to the Rose Bowl. Oh that game was played already? OK then no more GAURANTEES for tonight.

First off, Iverson is a cancer. I read somewhere that his career record is 15 games under .500. In other words, if you were to bet $100 straight up against A.I.'s team in every game he's ever played, you'd be up $1500 right now.

Suns may have won eleven in a row, but their schedule has been very soft and will be until they play Denver on the 20th. Houston and Orlando are the only "elite" teams they've beaten this year (how about that ref treatment towards Howard last night?). The Suns' schedule gets a lot tougher toward the end of the month. Then we'll see what they're made of.

Off the subject - Sorry! But a week or two ago somebody posted information about getting Lakers games on a webcast somewhere. I neglected to write down the info. I get home games on my Dish Network package, but being 300 miles from LA, I don't get away games. Does anybody have any info. on the web site(s) I can go to to watch the away games? Thanks in advance.

yah to ranking #1 in yaaaaaHOOOooooOoOooo!!!! :P


Here's the link:

TVU is the best and sopcast is not too bad.


CANCER? Not Really. The man is a hall of Famer and can make a team like HAWKS (which I am in awe why they're not asking for him, maybe not enough pieces they're willing to part with) or CELTICS (who are a PLAYER in this SAGA) or even Raptors (which I think they have the team in place and AI is not a good long term gamble)VERY VERY GOOD.

But your POINT taken he is not a FRENCHISE player he once was. And he can't ADD anything to your team if you're already any GOOD.

Why is Vlad so dead on not having a surgery. It's not like he's helping us. Why doesn't he get the surgery?? He'll only be out for a few months and back by march.


if you start spelling gaurantee correctly will it stop working? Just kidding.

Here's a link to the Houston Scouting Report from the Lakers website:

I'll give it a try. My alternatives are a $199 NBA season pass for about 20 games I wouldn't otherwise see, or spending about twice that in a sports bar while watching those games (they get mad if you sit in the bar and don't actually order anything). Thanks!


I'm just answering a question. My eyes are on the prize (hahaha).


I'm not entirely sure. I know at the beginning of the season, there was concern that if he had it, the team would be severly shorthanded. They didn't know how long Kobe would be out, Kwame was a question mark, and Mihm was in his situation. So that played into it. Now? Hard to say. I think some of his struggles aren't just the hand, but the offense, and obviously if he's not playing and practicing, he's not learning. How much use he'd be getting back late in the year is questionable if he has no aptitude for the offense.

Beyond that, it's probably just one of those deals where he/they feel it can be dealt with, much like a player with a bum ankle or shoulder or whatever that just works through it.

Just guessing, but that's likely part of it.


LM- $400 worth of alcohol for 20 games? How would you manage that?


Am I spelling it wrong? That's WHY they wouldn't let me go to those SPELLING BEE contest if I didn't CRY and make a scene in the middle of PRE-SCHOOL. haha

Gaurantee....G U A R A T E E....yessss

DWADE IS TOTAL FAKE. HE IS NO MJ. NBA is promoting this guy as there is no one. it needs someone as face of NBA. they need someone who can impact the world like MJ. Kobe was the only one close to this. But Kobe's reputation got DIRTY bcoz of rape scandal, which is carefully conspired by SHAQ and others.

The only options are Wade and Lebron they are not upto the mark. They achieved this status by DEFAULT. Kobe earned it and he will definitely impact the world becoz he is true basketball player

Iverson is not a cancer. Unless your are talking about "Practice"...Are we talkiing about practice? (couldn't resist that one) The same things were being said about Artest before he got traded. "Stay away from the time bomb," "he's crazy," "he'll ruin any team." In the end Artest proved his point. He's a force you have to prepare for in your game plan. I still wish we would have made that move compared to Vlad Rad, who so far has been little more than an over-paid non-asset. Iverson needs a city, coach and system and he'll be fine. Somebody better wake up Elgin, and Donald.

No wonder this guy - Allen Ezail Iverson - is so tough.

After reading his bio, you can understand a little trouble now a then.

Jon Kavaluc, a chronos if he becomes a laker (or clip) would be quite interesting, indeed.


I saw your BLOG. Heads up man (or girl). Is your LEGAL name 'DARTH LAKER'? haha


That comes to $20 in alcohol per game. That's a solid first half for some.

raray - is my picture that bad on the blog?

I knew somebody would call me on that. Ok, so I exaggerated.

WE win tonights game if -
We keep the turnovers to a minimum.

Looking foward to a Laker win tonight.
Play with HEART Lakes!!

Show em what you're made of!!!

14 down, 41 to go

why do i have a feeling that steve kerr is a secret member of the 55 win bandwagon? he's a curse, we don't need his no. 1 power ranking ... sometimes i wish people would forget about the lakers, let 'em fly under the radar and keep disrespecting us...b/c right now theres only one way to go after hitting No. 1 so soon.

this is a big test. bonzi can go off, so i'm not letting my guard down b/c ol' boy is having back problems. i can go w/o kobe playing rover on battier, leaving him open for 3s ... we need to clamp down on leaving chumps open

MIAMI -- Heat guard Dwyane Wade had two wisdom teeth extracted Tuesday and will miss Wednesday's nationally televised home game against Phoenix.

You've got to be kidding me, missing a game for a tooth ache. All this publicity is making him soft. Or is it a case about getting it done on company time? Perhaps the "Big Baby" is influencing him in the wrong way. You no what they say about "one rotten apple".....

This just in: NBA to postpone Miami/Phoenix game wednesday to allow Wade time to heal tooth!

You know "Godfather Stern" would do it, if, he thought he could get away with it.

Anything to protect his boy.

iverson should go to the they can have an answer for starbury and franchise. nice combo.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but also Bob Costas HBO show Mr. Sportsman of the Year (dayum that sounds soooooo scripted, FakeWade went on to talk about his discussion with ShaqFizzle right after he was traded and mentioned what went on in LaLa land and how that would never be in Miami,(ONE SIDE OF THE EFFN STORY, ShaqFizzle's of course)FAKEWade then goes on to say "After that, we've been tight ever since, never had any problems with Shaq." Are those two sleepin' with each other?? Hmmm. Makes me wonder!! lol

I still don't get how that Sportsman thing was determined. A bunch of d#ckridinmofo's !

I could see A.I. as a Knick (my distant 2nd team being from NY and all) but the Knickerbockers are just as guard heavy and more capped out than we are..He would make a good Knick though. He has that East Coast Swagger goin' already and he can hang out with JayZ at 40/40 club and 50cent on the regular if he wants. Starbury doesn't care about winning to the point of ever going to a contender as long as he is a Brooklyn bridge away from Coney Island. But they would be best served by trying get rid of him and his ridiculous contract one of these days. Plus, Isiah's developing the youngns..A.I. may hinder that development. I think he is going to Charlotte or Sactown, from what I keep reading.

Fatty - I don't know if you've ever had wisdom teeth pulled, but I'm not surprised he's not playing. No way I'd even consider sitting at a desk for a couple days afterwards, much less play a game of ball - yeah he's a pro athlete, but still.

jfatty - you are a riot, LMFAO!! (This just in: NBA to postpone Miami/Phoenix game wednesday to allow Wade time to heal tooth!

You know "Godfather Stern" would do it, if, he thought he could get away with it.

Anything to protect his boy.

Hey, how long do you think Isiah's gonna last?? Maybe just after the All-Star break??

One thing I've noticed is he is playing Curry more (Eddy) than he played last year and Curry has been responding. But the Knicks are still the MECCA's biggest embarrassment.


Have you ever had wiz teeth extracted? I wouldn't want to play ball the day after either.

I think Wade is soft, gets way to many calls, misses a ton of clutch shots, and whines for fouls even when he wasn't touched... but I can't blame him for sitting out this game.

He may have gotten it done during this game on purpose though. Now the heat will have an excuse when the Suns kick their a$$E$. Its better to miss that one (its a non-conference game that they were going to loose anyways) than other games in their recent schedule.

Lake Show by 8 tonight.

Frank (the real) Rizzo

Anyone know if AI has to "approve" the trade?

re: AI

So AI nixes a trade to Charlotte.

I've said it before but player contracts are the bane of the NBAs existence. While Stern is busy changing balls, dress codes and the way the refs call games, what he should be doing is spending from now until the current CBA expires, figuring out how to address bad long term contracts. Why are there so many bad teams? Because they are crippled by bad contracts. It hurts the NBA product more than everything else combined. It's no coincidence that the NFL is considered the gold standard of sports leagues. They know how to handle bad contracts. Cut em.

thinking about tonights game....

I went to look at the Rockets sched. and who they have played. Um, they may have played more road games, but they have played a lot of easy teams, and on of that, all the good teams they have played (san antonio, Jazz, suns) the only one they have beat was the mavs (at the beginning of the year).

Even if you discount the suns victory for the same reason, we have beat the spurs and the jazz, and lost in another very close game the jazz.

For all that is made about sched. and stuff, I thought that was interesting.

No he does not. (AI on approving the trade)

But if he is really against it, the team making the trade will not do it because they know he will be a pain after it goes down.


AI has absolutely no say in where he goes. They can send him to which ever team gives him the best package. Marc Stein at ESPN said that very, very few players get a no trade clause in their contracts or have veto rights on trades. I think Kobe has one though.

AI should go to clipper land. I think it would be good for both him and the clippers. I like iverson as a player and it be great to watch him play locally. The clips still wont be no where near the Lakers, despite what "experts" say (cough barkely cough). So, no worries.

Frank Rizzo,

I hope you're right about the Lakers by 8 deal because otherwise I might have to hock my daughter's pony again this year to make the January mortgage payment.

Also, thanks for clearing up the Rizzo confusion -- I was wondering why the other Rizzo never said anyting about point spreads...

Lol Guilty,

How are you doing on the season?

So far I have been picking my spots very well. Im up to 275$ in my "Laker Fund." Im probably going to use it to finance a Vegas trip over christmas, and start fresh after the new year.

The line is Lakers by 2.5 points... that is easy money in my book...although im not going big tonight. Im putting 25 down and trying to get to 300 even.


I meant to say Lakers PLUS 2.5 points.

I think I might have said "By 2.5 points"

Its nice to actually be an underdog for once. :)





Hey guys,
Just had my wisdom tooth out on Friday. It hasn't stopped ME from watching Laker games, or even from writing absurd comments on this blog.

Food for thought, Do you think Kobe would miss a game for a tooth ache?

"No excusses" Jfatty

Truthfully, my knee surgery was easier than this tooth thing.

Prediction: Either Kwame or Socks dunks the ball off Yao's head in the first half and Yao gets that (consti)pained look on his face like he needs to duke (you know the face): the game will be informally over at that point.
LA over Houston: 107-91

I just went on a trade checker and after this Friday (Dec 15th) this trade would be doable:

Lakers Trade:

Sasha Vujacic
Smush Parker
Shammond Williams
Chris Mihm
Aaron McKie
Vlad Radmanovic
Draft Picks

Sixers Trade:

Allen Iverson

The Sixers would get HUGE cap relief, a couple draft picks and a guy who is basically the same as Kyle Korver so they would always be able to have a white guy who can shoot and not play defense on the floor.

The Lakers don't give up any key players, the draft picks would be late, LATE first round anyway, and get a starting PG that they need. This would be a good line-up:

PG Allen Iverson
SG Kobe Bryant
C Kwame Brown
SF Luke Walton
PF Lamar Odom

Bench: Mo Evans, Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum, Ronny Turiaf, Brian Cook.

We'd have to get a few guys to fill in the roster, but they wouldn't get much PT anyway!!

It's a win-win all around for both teams.

Plus, the Sixers would suck so bad they could get a high pick in next year's (strong) draft.

Come on, that team would rock!!!

Also, Iverson and LO both have contracts with three years (counting this season) on them. So basically the Lakers would be making a HUGE move to push for a ring in the next three years. At that point $35 million comes off the books.

I'm telling you, if Mitch Kupchak isn't on the phone with the Sixers right now, I don't know what's wrong. It seems every team that was "supposed" to be in the race for AI is backing out, so our package looks great!!

Lol AZ,

I can picture Kupcake talking to the sixers.

"Ummmm yeaaa, we won't be giving you Lamar or Bynum because they can actually play and have mad potential. We can offer you some iffy draft picks and a bunch of banged up, worthless, scrubs for your superstar."

OMFG, if Mitch pulled that one off he would be arrested for "illegal use of Jedi mind control while making NBA player trades"



"Focus, BK, focus! We do not want to improve the Clippers. lol."

Good point. It's those Clipper-lovin' K-Bros having more conflicts of interest over the state of their fandom. jk. It doesn't sound like there is any professional disinterest when AK or BK discuss "their" Clippers. haha. Keep AI in the East for goodness sakes. We don't want the Clippers to be anything other than they are now, except for maybe the Seattle Clippers.


Andrew Z

If you are the lakers and you can do it youd jump at it...I think the sixers would be after more talent though...An odom,Bynum,Brown or even a Farmar to be the centrepiece

Anyone here that wouldnt do that trade? more of this Iversons a cancer rubbish...weve seen what the national media have done to Kobe and theres no difference.

Andrew Z,

Actually, I think that issome good work you did. They would have to really sell it to their fans though, I hear they had 11k fans at the last game. I would do that. What if they insisted on Farmar?

frank rizzo,

Yeah, I was kind of laughing putting that one together, but seriously, it is Billy "I traded for Chris Webber and his knees" Knight we're dealing with here.

They've already cleaned out AI's locker and removed him from the pre-game highlight film, they just need to get the guy out of town and start rebuilding!!

Do I sound convincing yet?

You must check out this video at the rocket team site.

If they give me gift number five, I'll quit the Lakers and become a Rocket fan for life.

I do not want Allen Iverson in Los Angeles for any reason.

The guy's a loser. Just like Chris Webber.

Sure. He's a competitor and a damned fine one at that, but in the end he's just another fancy, egotistical loser.


Lakers STH,
"figuring out how to address bad long term contracts."

Probably the only way you could get the players union to move on that would be to significantly increase the salary cap.

Prediction, Lakers by 12, and ive had this name for over 30 years JERKY!!!!!


Philly might as well trade for Grant Hill and Jameer Nelson - they get a PG who is a hometown hero, and another leader with a huge expiring contract!
Still, I think the AI to Clippers makes the most sense - Maggette, Livingston, Cassel ought to get it done.
AI, Mobley, Brand, Kaman and Ross/TimT is a good team.

Oh, and BTW, we can't trade back to Philly - per the Amnesty Clause thingy.

Phil Jackson is the Greatest. I love that guy.

Oneness. Fricken awesome. What he's really talking about is Zen Union. Union of consciousness. Acting without selfishness so that the consciousness of the group exceeds the sum of its parts. Transcending as a team beyond the individual capabilities of its players through a conscious synergy dedicated to Greatness.

We can do it.

Actually according to Bio-Chrono: Kwame Brown, Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vuljcic, and Luke Walton are mentally most agreeable to acheiving Union. This is their natural positive state when working in a group.

So... "Oneness" really starts with these four. Keep that in mind Phil. Bio-Chrono never lies.


Frank Rizzo, LMAO RE: Jedi Mind tricks

I was somewhat puzzled when the US national team lost to Greece ( -anybody recognize the names on the Greece squad?), but team basketball will always prevail over individual talent. Its the same deal w/ adding AI to the Lakers: we would be better on paper, but not in reality. The Lakers (as I was saying last night) need to develop the group they have from the inside-out -that will bring us a championship. Would the 2003-4 Pistons have been better in reality had they picked up Gary Payton and Karl Malone in the off-season rather than sticking with Tayshawn and co.? I doubt it. THE GUYS WE HAVE CAN WIN IT THIS YEAR.

Way off topic, any body know the bestest, safest way to get good lakers tickets? My 50th is around the corner and I'd like to see a game in person. I am always suspect of ads selling great seats, are they legit? Thanks.
billy in slo

What in the world is Steve Kerr thinking?

I've been a Lakers fan for 35 years, but, they are not the number one team in the league right now.

Let's be reasonable.

He is essentially a shooting guard, and we already have Kobe. They both like to dominate the ball. He has consistently shown an unwillingness to practice hard, so how is he going to learn the triangle, especially in the middle of the season? Unquestionably one of the all-time great talents, but absolutely a bad fit for this team at this point in time.


I never thought of Orlando as a destination, it makes sense. Although they are probably the best team in the East right now so they don't want to mess with that. I think the Clippers make the most sense, for both parties actually. It would be nice to have AI in LA, I hope they get it done.

Kind of wish we had Brian Grant's expiring deal right now.

As for the trade I proposed, I was in no way serious. That would be embarrasing if our front office even tried to offer that. If we did in fact get in the AI mix, Bynum and/or LO would be a part of a package and there's no chance in hell I do it.

billy in slo,

On 570 AM they always have ads for It's where season ticket holders sell the tickets they can't use. Seems pretty legit to me. Give it a shot.

Sorry if this has already been talked about, but in the article about Bonzi in the "might just be Bonzi time now" link, Van Gundy says that Bonzi called him and Bonzi said Van Gundy called him. I have a feeling they're both lying and it's just really to show he can still play so they can trade him. The way that pans out could be interesting.

I should also say that AI is one of the last people I would want on this team. I greatly admire his tenacity and ability, but like exhelodrvr mentioned, he's quite possibly the worst fit of any player (sans Marbury) for this team.

He's fun to watch though, as long as you don't care about winning.

The ONLY way the sixers would take the AZ deal is if they wanted expiring contracts, to clear cap space and solid draft picks.
Smush, Cookie, Mimm, Mckie, 2.1 mil trade exception, is Doable, but not probable. Now throw in Von Wafer, now were talking!!

Jon Kavaluc - I used to think AI was a loser until I read is Bio today. This dude came out of the projects and made it to the top.

Houston with T-Mac tonight should be an easy, easy game for the Lakers. If the Lakers can't get it done tonight, I'm gonna go buy Clippers tickets.

Ok, ok, no Clippers tickets but man I'll be disappointed.

Alright... about D Wade.. c'mon man.. it's wisdom teeth... dude.. get real...

In the REAL world, if I get my wisdom teeth taken out, I am not allowed to miss work. Now, you are getting paid about 5000 times more than I am and you are going to take a day off for your teeth? Granted, your teeth are worth a lot more than mine, but c'mon. Kobe has a twisted ankle and a recovering knee and you don't see him sit out. That S.I.'s Sportsman of the Year was the worst decision... ever.

How can you put a person who, as about 99% of people would agree, is NOT the best NBA player right now. I don't care about last year's championship and what not. I'm not going to even get in on the officiating of that series. Dwayne Wade is hands down not the BEST player. Isn't the sportsman supposed to be the best sports star on the planet for the year? He's not even the best in the league.

AND he's staying out for wisdom teeth. DUDE. That is the most disappointing and pathetic excuse for not playing ball. I NEVER EVER WANT TO HEAR OF COMPARISONS BETWEEN MJ and DW (He does have cool initials though... heh... heh)

MJ played through intense pain and sickness. DW stays out because of an ouchie tooseaeek...

While Kobe stays up rehabbing a sprained ankle to play in the next game however possible.

THAT is a sportsman. Or just a sports player. Whatever the case, its more than what Dwayne is.

BUT DW are cool initials though...

If the Lakers aren't the #1 team in the NBA right now, who is? Not Spurs, Mavs, Detroit, Magic, Rockets, Utah (I still think Utah's a fluke).

Oh yeah, there's those Phoenix guys. I'd say Phoenix and Lakers are the two best teams right now. There isn't a better rivalry right now than Phx/Lakers either.


So... I did a brief Bio-Chrono reading on Allen Iverson.

Physically: He's like Shaq and Bynum. He's about confidence and fear. His mind rules his physical ability and he's competitive and willful when mentally tough. When he's in a bad social environment, he makes physical decisions based upon fear and insecurity.

Emotionally: He's like Von Wafer. He's very emotional and issues of appreciation and resentment are very significant to him. He also has a hair-trigger temper and his individuality is very important to him.

Mentally: (Surprisingly) he's like Luke Walton and Jordan Farmar. Meaning team union is very important to him; however, when he's in a bad social environment he is bound to create social conflict. It's just his way.

Spiritually: He's like Smush Parker. Manifesting goals and getting things done is very important to him (when he's is a good place.) When he's in a bad place, he's creatively stagnant. Money and physical comfort are very important to his creative ability. This type actually has the least creative potential, but they are most likely to actualize what limited creative potential they do have.

There you go.

In short, according to Bio-Chrono, AI is a mixed bag. Quite strong mentally and physically; more limited emotionally and spiritually/creatively.

He would do a lot better as a person if he removed himself from his ghetto posse that he seems to immerse himself in. Such a social environment really saps his natural strengths.


Steve Kerr has played in the triangle offense and has a lot more rings than anyone on this board,so if he says we r #1 we are. the problem with the Lakers and any other elite team for that matter, is they will have lapses against teams they know they can beat, but champions get up 4 big games!

J Fatty,

Thanks for the video:

GOD, that was pretty funny. Very funny video. THank you.


I agree that the guy had it tough and he did succeed, but I view true success not in terms of riches but in how one treats others and how they live with dignity.

Iverson has said and done a lot of stuff that is reprehensible, especially for someone who has "made it."

"Practice? Practice?"

The guy has to realize he's a role model and especially a role model for all those kids still stuck in the ghetto. Acting like a disrespectful ghetto rat never got anyone anywhere on its own.

There are a lot of NBA players who had it hard as a kid, but they carry themselves with dignity now that they've made it.

Iverson needs to humble himself as opposed to putting on this insecure front of him being the baddest mothermucker ever.

Yeah, right.

As Taoism teaches us, most people are inversions of how they present themselves.

When it really comes down to it, the true Allen Iverson is just that scared little child who had it so rough growing up as a kid.

Everything else we see. The tattoos. The hard ghetto exterior... it's all just a front.

Deep inside he's just a scared little child trying to prove something.

He'll never be Great until he gives up that front and starts playing for something other than hiding from himself.


Jon K,

What the hell is a Bio-Chrono reading again, and how the hell are you doing this?

Easy there SizzleChest.

You may have gotten the name Rizzo while shoveling Dinosaur poop off the front lawn during your weekend chores given to you by your caveman of a father, but you got to play second fiddle to the real Rizzo of the Lakers blog.


I agree completely. We are rolling right now. Even if we did get AI, it would take him until this time next year just to get the triangle down. We don't need more new players to try to nurse along while they learn.

Give AI to a team that is desperate and needs a change to make any kind of impact. I.E. the Clippers... :)

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