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Extra! Extra! (12.11)

December 11, 2006 |  8:40 am

If third quarters were report cards, the one the Lakers had in Sunday night's 106-99 win over the D_on_duncan Spurs was one worthy of prime refrigerator real estate, if not framing (as opposed to the kind you skip school to swipe out of the mailbox before your parents get home... not that we know anything about that).  Especially since it came only days after Phil Jackson declared that his bunch wasn't ready to hang with the likes of San Antonio.  Don't tell that to Gregg Popovich, who said his team folded during a third frame in which the Lakers forced nine turnovers, scored 37 points, and generally put more pressure on the Spurs than a mob heavy collecting for the boss.  Did they expose some serious San Antonio flaws in the processThe box shows Kobe Bryant, who wasn't going to sit this one out, led the way- go figure- but he didn't work alone, a good thing for the Lakers.  Walton and Odom came up big, as did Kwame Brown (in the second half, at least) as the Lakers stayed at the top of the Pacific.

Don't count out A.I. in L.A. (but seriously, don't spend a lot of time counting him in, either).  And don't be afraid to pre-order this fine bit of entertainment.  Un-Cut and outrageous?  Just one would have been enough!