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Extra! Extra! (12.11)

If third quarters were report cards, the one the Lakers had in Sunday night's 106-99 win over the D_on_duncan Spurs was one worthy of prime refrigerator real estate, if not framing (as opposed to the kind you skip school to swipe out of the mailbox before your parents get home... not that we know anything about that).  Especially since it came only days after Phil Jackson declared that his bunch wasn't ready to hang with the likes of San Antonio.  Don't tell that to Gregg Popovich, who said his team folded during a third frame in which the Lakers forced nine turnovers, scored 37 points, and generally put more pressure on the Spurs than a mob heavy collecting for the boss.  Did they expose some serious San Antonio flaws in the processThe box shows Kobe Bryant, who wasn't going to sit this one out, led the way- go figure- but he didn't work alone, a good thing for the Lakers.  Walton and Odom came up big, as did Kwame Brown (in the second half, at least) as the Lakers stayed at the top of the Pacific.

Don't count out A.I. in L.A. (but seriously, don't spend a lot of time counting him in, either).  And don't be afraid to pre-order this fine bit of entertainment.  Un-Cut and outrageous?  Just one would have been enough!

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Just in case there's any speculation out there, I don't think AI is a) a good idea for LA and b) even a remote possibility. Relatively speaking, KG is a done deal... and I don't think that's happening, either. Hell, I have about as much chance of playing for the Lakers as A.I. Okay, maybe not that, but you get my point.

On another note, it's interesting to watch the Lakers interior D from possession to possession, because like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. But as general trend, I like that Kwame's taken a more active role in shot blocking. It doesn't yet come natural, especially in the half court, but he's getting there (though the process will continue to take a while). As a result, he sometimes finds himself in nowehere land, between cutting off the lane and getting in position to block a shot. But it's an aspect of his game that had to improve, so you can't get too critical that he's trying.

What I want to see are more consistent rebounding numbers. Simply put, he needs to be far more active on the boards. Too many long stretches go by where he's not a factor in the slightest. As for Bynum, he needs to learn that not every shot is meant to be blocked, that sometimes it's better to cut it off and keep the ball from ever going up in the first place. They both fade in and out enough to give fans fits, but when the pair is on? They can really change the complexion of a game. All the Lakers need to do is create some sort of clone that combines their best talents.

We'll be kicking this sort of thing around all season, but it's (generally) a fun thing to watch.


Andrew Z,

Wins are wins but teams have to prove themselves in tough situations. It's what separates the pretenders from the contenders. We'll learn a lot about the Lakers and Suns over the next month or so.

Man I love NBA basketball, lol.

XYZ - wow, it's very interesting to see how many people are starting to have dis-taste for Wade.

Their arguments against Wade being named SI's sportmans of the year are very interesting - and correct. Federer should have been awarded the title. Federer has completely dominated his sport and Wade one a championship with the help of Salvatore.

Go Lakes!!! I predict we go 3-0 these next 3 games and then get spanked by Washington...

Encarnacion doodle-dee doodle-DEEE

i believe i tried the ai senerio this past off-season and people said i was crazy now when phil says its a possibility people go nuts.give me props because ai saw it a long time ago i just wish we could get dre ig also but that may be asking for to much


I don't know if you watched Around the Horn earlier today but it was absolutely hilarious. Woody Paige said that the Lakers are the ideal fit for AI because he'd mesh perfectly with LO and Kobe. As ludicrous a statement as that is, he made it even worse by saying that the Lakers should offer Smush Parker and Kwame Brown for AI, because that would be appealing to the Sixers haha.

Absolutely hilarious. He's totally ignoring chemistry issues, Billy King's common sense (I know the guy's made some questionable decisions, but come on lol), and the salary cap.

Woody Paige is a great writer but if there's any sportswriter more adept at unintentional comedy, I'd like to meet him lol.


I saw about 15 minutes, but missed that gem. not that I'm Nostradamus, but Woody is one of those guys who will make big, bold, fairly rediculous predictions and statements, on the odd chance he'll be right. I like him, though, because I get the sense he doesn't take himself too seriously.

I think we should have some sort of Lakers Blog PTI. Surely people would tune in for that.



I agree, its games like last night that show what a team's made of (more so than say catching the Bobcats on the second night of a back-to-back), but I think winning 10 games in a row, no matter where or against who, shows even more than what the Lakers did last night.

Either way, I agree, the next month is going to be HUGE, especially for the Lakers.

I honestly think this Spurs game was a "lights went on" game. Rather than having letdowns the next few nights, I think the play they showed in the second half will become infectious. At least I hope so, lol.

What is the secret that the Lakers learned last nite according to Phil? He won't reveal, its a secret, but we want to know. Is this just another mind game from pj?


"one of those guys who will make big, bold, fairly rediculous predictions and statements, on the odd chance he'll be right"

Sounds like a few people (who shall remain nameless) on this blog.


I think everything we do on the blog is PTI-like. That's why it's so addicting. There's nothing like arguing sports with equally passionate and knowledgeable sports fans. This place is like a sports bar and PTI mashed into a single online entity. And heck, we've even got people who complain about east coast bias like Wilbon does. haha.

Andrew Z-

You talking about me again (haha)?


By the way, I'm watching the Sixers and Blazers on League Pass. There are about eleven people in the crowd. Not sure I'd pay for that one, either.


Andrew Z,

I agree, I'm not taking anything away from the Suns or their win streak. They're a great team but I don't know if this streak proves anything when you're a team that's made it to 2 conference finals. They struggled when they had to go through their tough opening stretch so now we'll see if it was just the awkwardness of trying to work Amare back in.

I think last night's win validates the Lakers as a team to be reckoned with in the west. The next month will prove whether we're a contender. The SA win is a great start towards validation.

Stern will change again to old ball as soon Lakers beat the Spurs. Change that ball before they go on rampage.

AI might land with the Kings to join Artest, Miller and Martin while Philly gets Bibby and Shareef Abdul Rahim. Bibby will be reunited with Webber in order to make it a working partner. I think this is the most realistic trade scenario that could happen.


What the Lakers did with San Antonio last night was already great, you can't ask something greater than that. Just maintain that kind of intensity, tenacity in defense, pounding the inside, no team in this league can keep up with that pace. What I saw was like Team Greece beating Team USA. Supposing they lost the game last night, people will still be happy for the effort shown and chances are they will always win, if they take care of the fundamentals and have that consciousness that this is a professional job not just kidstuff.


Serious question: Luke Walton is a free agent at the end of the season. Assuming his current level of production continues, will we have problems re-signing him? Is he restricted? Unrestricted? This is a huge deal and I haven't seen it addressed much.

The game last night was simply fantastic!! The defensive intensity displayed by the entire team was wonderful to see. In my opinion, Baby B. really set the tone for the game in the 2nd quarter with his interior defense and some good post moves. And a child shall lead them! Smush played great. He really gave Pepe le Pew, oops... I mean Tony Parker a run for his money. Mr. Longoria had numbers, but wasn't as effective as he has been in the past. I also credit Lamar with playing great help defense and seriously blitzing the pick and roll and not allowing Ginobli or Parker to split the double teams or advance to the basket. Hell, the whole team played good defense. There was a hunger in their play that bodes well for the Lakers long term. GO LAKERS!!!

Where are Steven and Sonny these days? I guess they only come around to talk smack when the Lakers are not playing well.


When I refered to the Spurs as "older and slower", I was primarily focusing on their front court players, and how it affects interior defenses and rebounding. Parker is lighting fast, but he is not one of their primary rebounders. I was pointing out, in comparing the two games (NOK & SAS) the differences in rebounding. The Lakers were badly beaten by NOK, but were able to out rebound SAS. San Antonio's premier rebounder is Tim Duncan, and as good as he is, he is only one person. NOK, used multiple players in crashing the boards, and neither Kwame nor Andrew could compete. I think that when playing teams of that sort, we might have to beef up our front line by perhaps adding Ronny to the mix. I think a front line of Kwame (or Andrew), Ronny, and Lamar might be a good mix against a tougher rebounding opponent.



You're right, that's a great question. My understanding is he's unrestricted, and there's definitely a risk of losing him. If he continues to play well- which he should, since he's on my fantasy team now- every game where he plays 30-35 effective minutes with the 13/5/4 (and improving) he's putting up adds to teh price tag. While I'm fairly good at guessing what MLB players will get on the market, I've always been horrible at guesstimating NBA contract numbers, but my guess is at the very least, he'll get full mid-level offers. More if he's seen as a guy who can continue to get better, or if he manages to bump his 2nd half average to 15 or so with 4+ dimes.

In terms of the Lakers signing him, I think they probably thought it out in the budget going into this season and going forward, but I'm not sure they factored in how much he'll cost if he plays well, which he basically is. I'd be lying if I said I knew they had money slotted for him. But unless I'm missing something about the CBA, they have Bird rights, and can pay him whatever in terms of going over the cap, but they won't be able to match another offer.

I'm not sure every team will be interested, because he seems to fit better in certain systems, but he's a perfect player for the triangle, and it looks like he can continue to improve (though I wouldn't expect 55% from downtown all year).



I won't lie. If Luke continues at this level, keeping him could be tough. He's stepped up his play tremendously (and improved last season as well, which makes it look less flukey), does a little of everything reasonably well (save perhaps defense, but he's a decent enough defender that it shouldn't kill his value), and I imagine has a team guy rep. Bottom line, he's playing like a legit starter on a legit team. That looks good.

Granted, I think Luke also is viewed to a sizeable degree as someone who'd succeed in the triangle much better than in faster paced scheme. But judging by some guys who've gotten mid-level deals recently, I'm guessing that would be the minimum starting point for Luke. Perhaps even higher.

He'll get some offers, no doubt, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers, even with cap issues, will work hard to keep him. And if he'd sign for the mid-level, I imagine it's a done deal. Hopefully, the fact that he seems to like it here (and his family doesn't need any financial help) would maybe coerce him to cut his price, should a choice have to be made.



Do you happen to know why they re-upped Cook before taking care of Walton? It makes no sense to me, I think Cook is pretty expendable, especially considering they had just signed Vlad to a 5-year deal a couple months earlier.


I'm just spitballing here, because I have absolutely no knowledge of this at all, but maybe the Lakers did approach Luke about an offseason extension and he turned it down without much discussion. He and his agent may have decided (wisely, thus far) that given his performance over the last two months of last season/the playoffs, continued good play could field more competitive offers, so they should wait. I have no idea if this is actually the case or not, but it seems believable, if nothing else.

I'd at least like to think mitigating circumstances like that were what led to extending Cook (don't even get me started on exercising Sasha's option, haha) before handling Luke, who I agree is undoubtedly a higher priority.


For Woody Paige and everbody else in the unknow:
We've (meaning Laker fans) got to stop thinking and talking like AI is a good fit for LA, once and for all. HE IS NOT: I like coffee and I like beer too, but I don't put them in the same glass at the same time or I'd always be dehydrated (and have a sour look on my face). Having a PHD in basketball theory (jk,) allow me to post my Five Reasons, once and for all that Kobe and the gang would be worse off with AI in purp n gold:
1. AI would require that Odom goes. This should be self-explanatory, but I'll say it anyways: Odom is -when all is said and done- a better all round player than AI. He requires less shots, is a better rebounder, has a defensive game (other than steals, which IS AI's conception of defense), and is-to-Kobe Bryant-what-Scotty Pippen-was-to-Michael Jordan. Every championship team NEEDS a #2 man , not two #1 men, to win (Just ask the US Olympic team).
2. Salary cap, salary cap, salary cap: When Bynum, Farmar, Luke, Evans, Kwame, Odom, etc. are ready to ask for more money -given their brilliant play in the 2006-7 West Coast finals -the Lakers need to have that money to give them so they don't end up, like D. Fish did, getting bought up by some other squad w/ spending cash.
3. At the end of the day, when Phil says the Lakers are still looking for someone to fill the 1 guard, he isn't thinking of someone who will give the Lakers 30+ points but only 3-4 assists per game. On the contrary, he's looking for someone who will move the ball to its appropriate spots at the appropriate time; Famar (w/ Smush's help) will eventually be the man, and anyone who thinks AI can give the Lakies 10+ assists and only take 4-7 shots per game is smoking crack and showing their utter ignorance of how the triangle differs from other (less superior) offensive schemes throughout the league.
4. Dr. Buss knows best. This is an easy one: a lot of you may have sighed when Buss traded Shaq and then the Heat won the championship. The thing not to forget is that Buss knew that if Shaq laughed 1st, Buss would laugh last (and louder, though in the context of a nice meal with beautiful women around him). The point here is that Buss is omniscient and so would have already gotten to AI had he thought the team would be better with him.
5. The Lakers don't need to bring in anything from the outside. A quick reference back through basketball history will see that championship teams develop from the inside-out, not the outside-in. Recall briefly a little mailman and a glove coming to LA in 2003: Laker fans were foaming at the mouth at the prospect of FOUR FUTURE HALL-OF-FAMERS in the same starting line-up. Go back and watch those final games. Yes Karl Malone had a bum kneee, yes Gary Paton was whining the whole time, and yes Kobe and Shaq were giving each other dirty looks throughout the series....But don't forget as well that an individually-inferior but team-wise-superior Detroit Pistons came into LA and beat us. Its unlikely that any of those Pistons will be hall of famers; but they were structurally stronger than us that year because they developed from the inside-out. That is the sort of structural development that truly knowledgeable Laker fans are hoping to see in the duration of the first half of the 2006-7 season.
AI is out. This team can win a championship w/ the players it has. End of story.

NBA is making too many AMATURE mistakes. I thought DavidStern was SMART! I've seen him making just TOO MANY DUMB decisions with the NBA. That's why NBA playoff gets less RATINGS than a rainout NASCAR race. People like to WATCH it rain on a racetrack than watching a SUNS-LAKERS game 2 (or 3) playoff game. Now, the 'geniuses' are CHANGING the ball again. I wonder, if FOOTBALL people made so many mistakes, wouldn't people IGNORE NFL like they do NBA?


That works for me. I'd rather think of it as a shrewd business decision on Walton's part than a bonehead move on Kupchak's part.


LMAO! Thanks for the breaking news lakas4life

lakas4life: tell me you're joking. (We'd be averaging 130 pts. a game but would under 500% by March!)

I've missed a couple of Laker games (I watched last night's of course) but was wondering...whatever happened to Sasha? Is he ever gonna play a Laker game again?

We don't need AI if it means losing Odom and Bynum + stuffing (ie. Sasha). In all earnest, I think Sactown or Minnesota are the only 2 teams who have a chance at AI.

Lakers at Houston = Lakers blowout win
Lakers at Dallas = Lakers win by 4 points


I am just conveying the message. Dont blame the messenger for the message ;)

Yahoo sports- LAKERS # 1!!!
Steve Kerr Recognizes.

If only Luke play defense consistently in the last 20 games plus a low turnover ratio, he could have gotten an extension a long time ago. Lakers continue to evaluate on opportunities down the road or at the end of the season:

1. Who are the taller SF becomes available on F/A and Draft Picks.

2. What will be the total salary cap the Lakers will work on for '07 - '08?

3. What is the true value of Luke? Is he a trade bait for a superstar package?

4. If he gets his contract now, there is no more incentive for him to play harder ala' Devean George. There are two seasons in NBA, the regular and the playoffs, Luke could disappear again during the playoffs.

5. Perhaps, his agent wants more and Lakers grants it, they will have less money to lure a Superstar in the off season.

Ironically, it is just good business to keep everyone guessing on the incentives program ahead tied to personal production and team performance. If you deliver the sales, then, you get the fat commissions. What will be your bottom line contribution to the organization as a player?

Your'e probally right about AI, but your rational doesn't make any sense, with all due respect. How do you think we built our other championship teams? Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, to name a few were not grown within, but brought in. Even Detroit got Sheed to put them over the top.
We have a great weakness at the point, and we might be able to hide it like last nite with Spurs. Or have it exposed like Chris Paul did the other nite.
Its fun to debate this, a guy like AI doesn't come along that often and is certainly worthy of much discussion. But like you, I have great confidence in Dr. Buss, and if we need a new point, well get one.
Making the right move, at the right time is what has made Dr. Buss, Jerry West, and Mitch a top management team. And brought us all mucho joy over the years.

Has anyone read this article? It claims (perhaps half-heartedly) that Farmar left UCLA because he thought he was going to lose playing time to Collison.


Anyone who would even consider bringing Iverson to Los Angeles (Lakers) is a complete idiot.

Can't you see the potential of the team we have right now?


By HOOPSWORLD Wire Services
Dec 11, 2006, 18:21

HOUSTON - Houston Rockets guard Tracy McGrady has been ruled out for tomorrow's home game against the Los Angeles Lakers. McGrady was forced to exit early from the team's most recent game against the Washington Wizards on Saturday (12/9) due to back spasms. He is officially being listed as day-to-day.

Too Bad, No Tracy, I was really looking forward to seeing Kobe and Tracy going at it.

Its official, AI has been traded. ESPN reported at halftime of RAM-Bears game, but to who? News to follow, according to Berman.


Phil’s secret that the Lakers learned last night was that they are good enough to win it all – and last night was the formula. He is telling the team: “See, you can beat anybody. You have the ability of a champion. And the only thing that can keep you from winning it all is yourselves.”

Phil wants the team to develop a little swagger and the killer instinct to dominate the Sonics, Blazers, and Hornets by playing them into submission, The Kobe/Shaq championship teams did this all the time, especially in the few weeks leading up to the playoffs. They played opponents into submission.

When Phil says we don’t fear any of the teams in the West, he is playing with the minds of the other teams and the clueless media. He is smugly saying you guys are stupid if you don’t see that the Lakers are “the” team to watch out for this year. He won’t come out and say it but you know he is laughing out load at all of those who did not believe he could build the Lakers back into contenders so fast. He knows this team is going to be something special and is thoroughly enjoying it.

I tell you, regardless of any game-by-game score that Mike can tabulate, you have to look at the big picture to appreciate how great Phil Jackson is. In less than two years, the Lakers may well be back to being one of the best teams in the NBA with a huge upside if their young players continue to grow and improve under Phil and our coaching staff’s tutelage.

I give Phil a “thumbs up” for the rest of the season right now. Were so far ahead we’re playing with free money. Lakers all the way.


I guess I'm an idiot.

Interesting Luke discussion today. If AK is right and he declined an offer this summer to up the anti on his contract that could backfire for all parties involved. Luke is solid but he's a system player. He was lost in the Rudy run and gun. He won't fit in just anywhere with limited physical prowess. We can't pay him huge money, if we want Kwame and Bynum, LO and Kobe.

No T-Mac tomorrow, means a win for the Lakeshow.

And Utah is waxing the Mavs right now, they were up like 12 points last time I saw. Mavs not playing well lately. Hopefully, they can keep the suckiness until after the Lakers sweep on through Dallas on Wednesday.

Phoenix is officially now at an 11 game streak and breathing down the Lakers neck. Hopefully the Heat, Kings or Nuggets will be able to stop that damn streak. Heck maybe even the Warriors.


What superstar do you think we can get that will be more valuable to THIS TEAM than Luke? KG? WE DON'T NEED HIM!!!!! Would it be nice to have him? Yes, but not at the cost of LO, or any of our other young players. I don't know who's in the FA class this summer, but I'd take Luke FOR OUR TEAM, over just about anybody (unless the person could bring us the same skills, unselfishness, and triangle know how Luke does, for the MLE).

PS: T-Mac is out tommorrow. I honestly would rather have him play so we can beat them with their squad at full strength. I just hope our guys don't let up because T-Mac is out.


Very nice link. I think Collison, more fight or not, would trade anything to be as LUCKY as Jordan is. Farmar didn't have to MOVE too far. With the Lakers now, and NEEDED by the way, Jordan is probabely THANKING Collison and his coach for PUSHing him out and ultimately, IN.

hey guys....

can someone please post the Kwame Brown article from the ESPN magazine? I think its called 8 things you should know about the lakers...

Thanks ;)


I gotta agree with jfatty on this one. Most teams do bring in a missing piece (or two) they need. Your point is valid though, since most of the talent on championship teams is home grown. I'm iffy on this whole PG situation. During the summer I was one of the main people saying we needed a REAL pg, but with the development of Farmar, and MY MAN SMUSH starting to play more consistent, we might be able to hold off until next summer for a PG, or if Farmar continues to improve, he might be able to hold down the job.

Now, I wouldn't be against us getting a veteran PG now, but we saw how much that veteran pick up helped us last year with JJ. I was one of the people that was really excited about the pick up, since I thought having a vet could really help, but Jackson pretty much never got off the bench, and signing him seemed pointless. My point is, I don't think we should bring in a PG unless they have triangle experience WITH PHIL, and since just about all Phil's PGs are retired I don't see the point.

Emma and RayRay:

I am sure Collison had nothing to do with Jordan turning Pro but the rest of the world doesn't yet know just how good Collison is. He has Tony Parker speed and ball handling AND he plays great defense. Sounds like a guy who should turn pro next year and last until the Lakers have the last pick of the first round. Then he could compete with Jordan again. haha.

The Bruins may win it all this year and then bring in Stan Love, the next Bill Walton at center for a year before he gets drafted by the Lakers. Jerry Buss should petition to have the territorial draft reinstated so we would get rights to all of the UCLA players. That would be sweet.

Two championships in basketball for LA.


Is it in the new issue of ESPN the Mag? I haven't gotten that yet.

Man, how sad is the EAST? The top 6 teams in the West have a .700 record. The #1 team in the East has .652.

In the East, a .45 record can get you into the playoffs, in the West only 2 teams are below .45 (Memphis/Portland)


I think championship teams are built from within. I don't disagree that a great free-agent acquistion can put you over the top (ala Sheed)but the core players of championship teams have always been together for more than one season. It takes the growth of chemistry, playoff wars and disappointment to build an eventual champion.

That's why the last two teams that tried to slap together a group of great players have fallen on their faces ('04 Lakers and '00 Blazers). And that's one of the reasons why I'm so high on this Laker ball club. I love this team more than the championship Lakers because it's so fun watching them grow together. A championship by this group of guys would be a beautiful thing.


I've noticed that. Do you guys think there's any way we can gerrymander our way into the Eastern Conference? lol

Laker Tom

All of the so called power polls have us at the top and part of the elite. Even Espns' promo for wed game called us one of the top teams in the west. Steve Kerr says we may compete for the title. We have respect. Its amazing what one quarter, in one game, against one team, has done for all of us. If the secret is "weve come to the mountain" and we mastered it, then that swagger is trully soon to follow.

Luke is the best man to keep....we need to sign him , cuz we need him more than cookie or even radman ...


I agree with you, and basically said the same thing in my last post:

"Most teams do bring in a missing piece (or two) they need. Your point is valid though, since most of the talent on championship teams is home grown".

I was never big on us bringing in Malone, and Payton anyway. I honestly thought we would have been better off signing Juwan Howard that year. He was younger than Malone (obviously), was a good passer, and could score when needed.

Trust, and believe that I DO know a championship team is built from the inside, but sometimes you need a piece (or two) to put you over the top, like the Pistons needed 'Sheed.

Wow- Clips getting their butts handed to them. No need to thank us, Clippers fans, for getting SA so pissed off at whatever team followed us beating them.....You're welcome, We hope you enjoy the beatdown.

Just wanted to let everyone know that on the second night of a back to back the Spurs are throttling the Clips 45-22 lol.

For those of you who missed the game, here's the highlight video :)

I love that last power dunk kwame did against TD... You can feel the adrenalin...

its sooo good to see the lakers doing a LOT of great plays... its so good that when youre watching it, it seems like youre watching a different team :)



Did you see that smug smile on Phil's face when he said "It's a secret." Now that Red has passed on, it's clear sailing for Phil to use this team to cement his reputation for the ages as the greatest coach in the history of the NBA. And you know what, he undoubtedly is. This team has come together so fast even I am surprised. The glass runneth over may end up being the mantra for this year. Or at least until we lose to the Bobcats. haha.



The secret is kept in a covered bowl in the middle of the Laker locker room. No one is allowed to look! lol.

It worked for the Heat. (maybe it was Salvatore's payoff $) LOL

Did you guys see the latest power rankings by SI. They have Lakers 8th. 8th! I love SI, these are the same guys that have kobe ranked 16th in the best players rankings and gave diva-wade the bs sportsman of the year.

xyz, hahha thats hilarious


Thanks for the link. Is that the general consensus or the opinion of a hateful blogger? No matter what went on, it should've stayed in- house. Howland has always said that Farmar wasn't ready, yet. Jordan probably uses that for motivation. Doesn't matter, though. LA loves Jordan.

LA's other team is stinking up the staples center. The pretenders are down by 17 at the half.
Why would anybody root for them.
I have a theory on clipper fans. These are people who have roots outside of LA and have always been jealous of the Lakers. I know their always are exceptions to theories. (Jon Kavaluc for one)and I suspect he's loyal to the clips because of fond memories of Elgin. But these guys are not the "real thing", a mere facade of an NBA Quality team.



Ahhhh, I'm back!!! It feels good to be blogging about the Lake Show (and every other random topic that comes up) again. I definitely missed some of the crazy banter that goes on here.

I just want to let y'all know that I'm fighting my NBA fantasy addiction 1 day at a time. LOL!!!!

A day later, and another day of studying (arg, I hate studyin) has gone by...and I'M STILL HIGH ABOUT THAT DEFENSIVE WIN AND BEAUTY (sorry for the rip off Ray Ray and Stargazin)

In fact I'm soo happy not much to say to day. Except, yay!

Kwame gave away Phil's secret!!!

In the post clip, AK/BK asked him a question... and Kwame said something to the effect of "play the screens easy the 1st half and come out and show harder the second half"....

KWAME!!!...keep that secret stuff to yourself!!! lol

Are you saying its something like the
"holy Grail?"

And why the heck did we resign Sasha Vujawack!

How many DNPs has he got already this year?

Man ole man..... what a dumby dumb move....

Is there anybody left who thinks he can play? Anyone that still vouches for him and his "shooting ability"...

Someone? Anyone?

Can anyone with ESPN insider post the article they have called "Lakers like Kobe-Iverson backcourt"?

TO AB: HEre is your requested info from ESPN.

Iverson A Laker?
Dec 11 - What matters is that at least nine teams from the Eastern Conference called the Sixers yesterday. What matters is that Dallas, Chicago and the Clippers have potential deals the Sixers should want.
Said one Sixers source: "There was a time when Billy King cared about sending Allen Iverson to a contender, just out of gratitude for all he's meant to this franchise. That time has passed. He ain't thinking about A.I. anymore. At least not on that level." -- Philadelphia Inquirer

"I told Billy he should've done this during the summer," former Sixers star Charles Barkley said yesterday in a telephone interview. "This was only going to get worse.
"I tried to tell him, 'You're not going to be any good and the pressure is just going to get worse as the season goes on.' They're not a very good team. They should have known this team was not going to be very good." -- Philadelphia Daily News

Around the NBA ...

Maybe he was looking to give the media something to write about, but Phil Jackson did not discount the possibility of the Lakers' trading for the Philadelphia 76ers guard.
"The owner that has been here with the Lakers has always been a person that has looked at All-Star talent as something that he can accommodate, and that he is willing to accommodate," Jackson said. "I wouldn't just say outright we have no interest."

Lakers sources, however, emphatically said the team was not interested in acquiring Iverson. -- Los Angeles Times

A league source said Boston is on the short list of possible Iverson destinations along with Minnesota, Golden State, Indiana, Denver and the Los Angeles Clippers. Another league source said one Celtics trade scenario was Theo Ratliff, Sebastian Telfair, Delonte West, and Al Jefferson for Iverson. -- Boston Globe

On Sunday, a league source confirmed to The Bee that the Kings are involved, though it is not known whether they are pursuing Iverson or perhaps part of a deal involving more than two teams, or what they are offering.
Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie would not say if he was in discussions involving Iverson. "As a matter of rule, we do not discuss possible trades," he said. -- Sacramento Bee

If you ask Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace, embattled All-Star Allen Iverson won't solve the problems his team is having.
"I don't think Iverson is going to do any good for us right now," Wallace said. "No one player is going to solve our problems. We?ve got to play as a team and get that unity we had the past two years. I think everybody wants to win as an individual right now and nobody wants to win as a Bobcat." -- Gaston Gazette

The Timberwolves' size bothered the Bulls. Even though they are more erratic, the Timberwolves by far had the best player on the court in Kevin Garnett. That's why it makes a lot of sense for Minnesota to take a shot at Allen Iverson, a move it appears the Timberwolves seriously are considering and Garnett clearly is embracing. -- Chicago Tribune

Yes, LeBron James said all the right things. He likes Iverson. And yes, he could play with Iverson. All of that is true, and James would try to make it work. James never will say anything critical about one of the league's great players. He's too smart and too respectful. But Iverson is the wrong guy at the wrong time for the Cavs. -- Akron Beacon-Journal

The Pacers are not likely to be a player for Iverson. They would have to come up with a combination of salaries that match Iverson's $17.1 million figure within 25 percent.
They aren't going to trade Jermaine O'Neal straight-up for him, and they aren't going to gut the team, either. They have few options that make sense for either side. Besides, after dealing with all the drama surrounding Ron Artest, they aren't likely to have the stomach for Iverson. -- Indianapolis Star

Wolves vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale reportedly has acknowledged that the club is in talks with Philadelphia regarding Iverson. -- St. Paul Pioneer Press

Proceed with caution. Because whatever you think of Kevin McHale and his track record as Wolves vice president of basketball operations, one thing McHale is not is a leaker. Certainly not to the media.
So unless some of the purported insiders are tapping phone lines when McHale is talking with Philadelphia President and GM Billy King, it's sheer folly to predict what he's going to do in an hour, much less tomorrow in a multimillion-dollar transaction. -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich knows one team that won't be pursuing Philadelphia guard Allen Iverson. His own.
Asked if it was safe to eliminate the Spurs from the Iverson sweepstakes, Popovich paused for effect, pulled on his chin, looked at the ceiling as if in deep thought, then said, "Yes." -- San Antonio Express-News

You can scratch off the Hornets from the list of teams interested in entering the Allen Iverson sweepstakes.
When asked about the possibility of adding Iverson, Hornets coach Byron Scott said: "I think we'll stay with what we've got. I think we're OK." -- The Oklahoman

One question....... How can Staples Center go from a beautiful basketball mecca one night to a septic cess pool of excremated sludge the next night? I wonder how they get the stink out after the Clippers play?


Maybe Jackson is a secret member of the Allen Iverson fan club, or maybe he was looking to give the media something to write about, but he did not discount the possibility of the Lakers' trading for the Philadelphia 76ers guard.

"The owner that has been here with the Lakers has always been a person that has looked at All-Star talent as something that he can accommodate, and that he is willing to accommodate," Jackson said. "I wouldn't just say outright we have no interest."

Lakers sources, however, emphatically said the team was not interested in acquiring Iverson, who has two years and $42 million on his contract after this season.


Here's the part on the Lakers.

Around the NBA ...

# Maybe he was looking to give the media something to write about, but Phil Jackson did not discount the possibility of the Lakers' trading for the Philadelphia 76ers guard.

"The owner that has been here with the Lakers has always been a person that has looked at All-Star talent as something that he can accommodate, and that he is willing to accommodate," Jackson said. "I wouldn't just say outright we have no interest."

Lakers sources, however, emphatically said the team was not interested in acquiring Iverson. -- Los Angeles Times

But Korey, he shoots good in practice. Have you noticed how Kobe has always tried to encourage him, build his confidence, pat him on the back, put his arm around his shoulder, stroking his ego. None of it is working, maybe Kobe should put his hands instead around his kneck and start choking him the way Homer does Bart.

Kwame's article:

From ESPN Magazine

1.Denzel is the Man. "Denzel Washington is the coolest of our celebrity fans. He's always there. Smush Parker talks to him a lot because they both went to Fordham. And Ronny Turiaf gets starstruck, especailly with the girls. Like the girl from Girlfriends with the big eyes and the afro. Of course, she got all of us excited."

2.Luke is gaining on Kobe. "Kobe gets the most love from the ladies. He's definitely No. 1. But Luke Walton is a close second. I have no ide why. I think he's ugly as hell, but they fall down when they see him: 'Luke, oh my god!"

3.Once a Laker, Always a Laker. "It's a family Laker alumni are everywhere. Kurt Rambis, Magic-although I'm not quite sure what he does. I'm closest with Kareem. He's always talking to me and Andrew Bynum and anyyone who will listen, teaching us post moves, how to score out of this offense, how to be patient ducking in. Any help you need.

4.And it's good to be a Laker. "Being here-and winning-opens doors. Literally, you get into any club. And you get more opportunities. Like Lamar Odom, he's got a record company and a movie company. LO's our most Hollywood player. He goes to parties, but he doesn't hook us up. He just tells us about them."

5.We have Language Issues..."Sasha Vujacic always says strange things. Then there's Vlad Radmonovic. He'll say something. Then he's like. 'You understand, Kwame?'. I'm like, 'Man, I don't understnad a thing you say.' So he'll talk in his language. I'm like. 'What was that about?' He says, 'You don't understand my English, I though I'd try my language."

6...And Music Issues. "We argue about music all the time. But if you talk bad about 50 cent, LO is going to kill you. He loves 50 and Jay-Z. It'll be a battle."

7.Nicknames? We Got Plenty. "We call Brian Cook 'Columbine.' Not nice, but he's crazy: any money, he can sanp and start pushing people. Andrew Bynum is 'Socks' because he once wore his in the shower. Aaron Mchkie is 'Blue.' He says it's from childhood. I think it's becuase he's so dark.

8.We're not in Middle School-We just act like it. "Coach has this rule in practice that you can't shoot after a whistle, so we always trick each other. I'll be like, 'Yo, Luke, I'll give you $100 if you make this. 'The I'll tell on him. It's worth it becuase he has to pay a fine."

Someone please tell me this AI stuff is all just BS. Please tell me PJ was just throwing that comment out because he knew AI was coming to the west and he wanted AI to know the Lakers had respect for him. Sure hope AI wasn't Phil's secret.

The Lakers don't need this guy and I really hope we don't end up with him. I think the only way he comes here is if J Buss loses a hand of Texas Hold'em to the Sixer's owner and we have to take him.

Don't get me completely wrong on AI. He has as much heart as anyone in the NBA, and there is a certain amount of good he could bring to the team. AI can get to the basket on anyone and he shoots a lot of free throws. The problem is.... he shoots a lot period. AI and Kobe will not get along on the same team. AI's ego needs to be fed real regular and Kobe isn't about to share the spot light now that he's rid of Shaq, has suffered a couple years and is now on the verge of success without that second bonafide superstar.

Dr. Buss...... No trades..... Leave my team alone!

AK/BK- thanks for the response.

A couple summers ago Mike Dunleavy, Bobby Simmons and Tayshaun Prince all got similar deals at the position Luke's at. Judged by Prince, I think that amount seems to make sense. Judged by Dunleavy, Luke would deserve a max deal...

Hopefully we can make something work.

Dude, harsh on Sasha...Sasha I still believe will come around. I have faith lol.

Besides as I recall it worked a bit giving Kwame that extension...why not with Sasha. And yes I might be reaching but he is a part of this team, and as such I'll support him. Plus dude gives all his effort on the defensive end...that's all you can really ask for.

Thanks guys. I thought there would be more to it.


I didn't say that we are giving away LO to get KG. In all my threads, I kept on saying KG can get off his contract and move to the Lakers if he wants Championship. If ever he moves to another team, he wants it to be a strong team not a weakened team or another Minny on the boundary.

With regards to Luke, we don't know the F/A down the road but based on contract dates one of them: is Tayshaun Prince maybe at $8M; Joe Johnson $ 13M; Bonzi Wells $ 3M; Steve blake $ 2M; Desmond Mason $ 8M; Marc jackson $ 5M: Boris Diaw $ 3M; Jamaal Magloire $ 8.5M. Well these are some nice players whose contract ends this year unless they get extension during the season. Are they better than Luke Walton, I don't know it depends on one's opinion.

Luke is a favorite player of the crowd but you can help it, people at Staples will also remark this way when luke is on the floor..."Luuuke, what are you trying to do? You don't have to pass that ball." So there is doubt on his game but then with Hawks and Spurs, suddenly "hey Luuuuke, that's the way to go....there you are Luke, that's how to play that ball, nice job Luuuuuuke." In fact you can backtrack the game blog and you will see the different reactions, it has never been consistent.

Right now, he is getting $ 1.2M and if his agent would only ask $ 3M like Fisher or Fox made in the beginning, he could have gotten it. So the big question now is what is his total appraisal? Price-wise and ability. What are the comparables?

I know we had a great game last night against the Spurs and we are all giddy about our team, but I think you guys are all crazy for not wanting AI. Iverson and Kobe!!!! I for one would LOVE to see that. And I think they would play really well together, even more so than Kobe and KG.

IVERSON AND KOBE!! Jees, make it happen Mitch. Just don't give up Kwame or Farmar. Those are my boys.

Spurs killin the Clippers right now .Whats up with the clippers fans, they been pretty quiet recently. Charles Barkley must make more bonehead comments "the Clippers are better than the Lakers
" or "Kobes too selfish" everytime he offers an opinion it seems to be against the Lakers and he seems to be proven wrong every time. Remember Sir Charles was one game away from winning an NBA ring and MJ squashed his dreams, so i think he sees too much of MJ in Kobe and REALLY hates him. Thats why i like Kenny always seems to puncture his inflated ego. GO LAKERS MAKE THEM BELIEVE!!!!!!!

Ok, all this Kobe/AI talk making me queasy. I'll be glad when they finally deal him, and then I won;t have to hear about it anymore.


I was just laughing at Riley, though it's not one bit funny that the Sheat won. I don't care how much the Laker fans that live in Florida try to convince us on this board that Wade's really, really cool.



My god, the "answer" is the pariah. Nobody wants to touch him with a ten foot pole. O.K. looks like the elite teams don't want him messing with the chemistry. So you're looking at bubble & cellar teams.



Thanks for the recap. Who's typing was that? It was kind of hard to read. Anyway. Everyone on this team has personality, even the vampire (Vlad must be from somewhere near Romania).

Even though Kobe was a stiff, he's probably a lot more relaxed now. This must be one of the most fun locker rooms in the League. And that leads to chemistry. And Chemistry leads to wins.

But the one I'm really beginning to like is Kwame. He's a hoot. He may be from the South, but he has the wit of a city slicker.

I don't know if he's naive or just playin' us. Just like telling everyone he couldn't throw free throws or lift his arm above his shoulder. Like he's daring people to foul him or challenge him.

Kwame's quotes are quite classic! (say that 10x)

Was that Andrew Bynum in the McDonald's commercials? whoa lol

i hope KG and AI win atleast one championship. wherever they end up. but then again...maybe kobe will be the jordan of this era and ruin it for his peers. oh well. GO LAKERS.

Just been checking the Suns record and i noticed some things. They have lost to Dallas, twice to Utah,San Antonio and the Lakers. the only teams with winning records they beat in this streak are ORL and HOU, the rest being the bottom dwellers of the east. I dont think we have to worry about 160 point outbursts against us, not this year. I think we are gonna rough up Houston with no T-mac, out again with back problems. Dallas, on the other hand got stomped tonight on the road against Utah so i think they will be fired up on Wednesday.


"I am unsure of where all this 'AI's a cancer'stuff has come from...its more media garbage...I mean who would you rather trade Kobe for?"

I dont know if AI is a cancer, but in answer to your question, if I had to trade Kobe, I would trade for LBJ, Wade, KG, Bosh, D-Howard, Yao, Dirk, Melo, Amare, C-Paul, Brand, and TD before i traded for AI.

He is an undersized SG with a terrible shooting percentage who is getting on in years. I cant believe you are serious when you say that he would be the player you would want to trade Kobe for over anyone else in the league.

I do think Kobe and A.I. could play well cuz they are both fierce competitors and will do whatever possible to win. Kobe played with Shaq we all know and he pretty much did what he had to. I don't know that I have ever heard or read anything where Kobe publicly endorsed A.I. as wanting to play with him, though I am sure he respects A.I.'s game. But Kobe pretty much is hands off pubicly about players and wanting to play with this or that guy. He usually kinda says, "I like this guys game, or I love this guys game. He shocked me in the preseason or whenever it was when it was reported, he would love to play with the other A.I. (Andre Iguoudala). In a way, A.I. and Kobe's lives sort of parallel one another. Out of all the players in the league though, Allen and Kobe are arguably the two most recognizable competitors. True SOLDIERS of the game.Those two guys bring it every night. People keep talking about A.I., aka (BUBBACHUCK), hogging the ball but he was one of the league leaders in assists last year as well as steals.
But I don't see that trade happening, A.I.'s money is too long.And I would not want to get rid of our guys. Billy King is probably going to send him to a basement team. I read in the papers the Philly GM was once hell bent on sending A.I. to a contender, but I think that's dead now. I wish A.I. the best but the A.I. to Lakers chatter is str8t B.S.

Our current roster will continue to get better. Maybe trade deadline we will canvass the league to see whats out there and how we can maybe get better as we move towards the home stretch but I think what we have is what we are gonna be working with...Either way, I am gonna rydeordie

The Lakers are not that interested in AI. The only reason ESPN puts an article up is because L.A is a big market and they will get more L.A people to fork over money and pay for insider. Its all about money. Haven't you guys figured that out yet? They ALWAYS have insider articles on the Lakers and New York - the biggest markets.

The thing I love about our Two-Headed Monster at Center (aka Thunder and Lightning, aka Lord Kwame and Super-Socks) is that both of them like to play against well-regarded centers. This means they care about how other view them which means that they want to prove to themselves (and others) that they are "just as good" as great players like Tim Duncan or Yao Ming.

Once they start beating these guys, regularly, and people acknowledge this pattern, they'll start to believe their own inner hype and strive to defend it.

When this happens, Lord Kwame and Lord Bynum will begin beating up on lower quality centers, to make a point.

That point is: I'm better than other Great centers and I won't allow some punkass young player to steal my thunder as I stole the thunder of other Great players.

Watch it. That's what's happening.

The key to Lord Kwame and Lord Bynum's development is how they step up against celebrity centers. That's stage two of the four part journey.



"I think we are gonna rough up Houston with no T-mac, out again with back problems."

Easy, don't tell that to our players. Tell them that they have Yao Ming, bonzi, T-mac, Battier,Motumbo, Sura, Spanoulis, Ward. If not, they will play overconfident just like what they did with the Hornets game. Besides, no teams in the NBA will just fold at their homecourt. I know it's hard to be humble when we won handily in the last two games.

"Ran into Vlade Radmanovic's agent at the facility. He also is Andrew Bogut's agent. Asked him how Vlade was liking LA. He said he loves LA but is having a difficult time grasping the triangle offense, as are all the young players. It's very difficult to understand and does not have a natural feel, the reason a lot of players resist it." - Sonics Insider (

Hmnn, that explains the ligament problems and ankle injuries. Tex has to translate it in Croatian or let Kwame do the teaching through ESPN.

Guys, Steve Kerr just placed the Lakers in the #1 slot of Yahoo! Sports power rankings .....


"I loved the old ball, but now I've gotten used to the new ball," said Lakers forward Luke Walton, who leads the NBA in three-point accuracy.
Now I've got to get used to the old ball again," Walton said. "If my three-ball percentage goes down, I'm filing a complaint." - Luke Walton quoted by LA Times

Going to the old ball, back to old ways, Brick! Of course he's just joking, however, is Luke always conscious about his three-ball percentage like during the Hornets game to make his b'ball resume more appealing?

Sterns says, it's really hard to satisfy everyone.

Knock, Knock !
Who's there?
Aren't you,
Aren't you who?
Aren't you glad we didn't sign Bonzi ?!!!


Yeah, as the main supporter of the Lakers pursuing Bonzi in free agency, I am glad the Lakers did not sign him. I was disappointed for Bonzi’s personal sake that he let himself come into camp out of shape and have problems with the coach. But as a Lakers fan, I was happy to hear that the windfall signing of Bonzi for a measly $2.1 M wasn’t turning out as well as the Rockets had hoped.

Still, I didn’t like hearing that Bonzi may be getting out of the doghouse just as the Lakers arrive in Houston. That is not good news. We need to make sure that tonight’s game is not a coming out party for Bonzi as a Rocket. As the article implied, Bonzi on the court is another animal than Bonzi off the court. Bonzi has serious game and loves going against KB24. Whereas Tracy McGrady shies away from competing against Kobe directly, Bonzi relishes it.

Bonzi also has the best post-up game of any guard in the NBA. He was notorious for getting Kobe into foul trouble as a Blazer and he will literally eat up Smush Parker or Jordan Farmar on the block. Our only hope is that the Rockets will not post up Bonzi because of Yao’s dominating presence in the paint. Otherwise, it will be a much tougher game for the Lakers if they have to deal with Bonzi posting up. After all, he literally toasted Bruce Bowen in the post in the playoffs last year and none of our guards not named Kobe play anywhere like Bowen’s brand of defense.

No coming out as a Rocket party for Bonzi, Lakers, please.



I agree with you that a lot of Clippers fans are just Laker-haters in disguise. Others just love the Underdog. Others love the relative lack of pretension that the Clippers maintain compared to the Lake Show. Others love the Clippers simply because they are another team from Los Angeles.

Me? I love the Clippers for all the reasons above, accept the notion that they are somehow the anti-Lakers. They're not.

I must honestly say that my affection for the Clippers began with Elgin Baylor becoming their General Manager. Elgin Baylor is clearly the Greatest Laker to never win a ring. He so deserves a ring. I will honestly and passionately root for the Clippers until at least they win a ring because it would be an enormous tragedy for a Laker Great as magnificent and historic as Elgin Baylor to go to the grave without a ring.

If he didn't get one as a Laker, he sure as hell better get one as a Clipper or there is no justice in this Universe.

Anyone who is a true Laker fan must also root for the Clippers (as long as they're not playing against the Lakers).


Because they represent Los Angeles (as do the Lakers) and Elgin Baylor (who's retired Laker uniform hangs from the rafters at Staples) is their General Manager.

'Nuff said.


Tom – I believe you mean Kevin Love, not Stan Love.

xyz – General consensus of whom? Bloggers or fans? Either way, that’s the first I’ve heard of any Farmar/Collison friction, if it can be called that at all. I *have* heard that Farmar didn’t get along with some of the guys on the UCLA team, but of course it’s unsubstantiated. They seemed to get along pretty well in the games I saw. I do agree that Farmar would have benefited tremendously from staying in school for another year, but I like what he’s doing for the Lakers so far. Guys *can* develop in the NBA provided they are in the right system – Just look at Andrew.


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