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Want to Have a Laker Roll His Eyes at You?

Ask about the whole Clippers/Lakers rivalry thing. Man alive, I haven't heard so many non-answers to reporters' questions in a long time (and believe me, we get a lot of non-answers). It's still a rivalry that is more media- and perhaps fan-driven than an issue with those in purple and gold. Obviously, the crosstown (cross-building?) matchup is a lil' bigger deal now that the Clips don't suck, but at least for today in El Segundo, little to no gasoline was poured on whatever fire there is. "I know the owners like each other. Donald Sterling has been eating off Dr. Buss' plate for years," Phil Jackson joked.

Kobe_and_kwame One big issue, literally, for tomorrow night? The Clippers frontline of Elton Brand and Chris Kaman. Large, large, large. It'll be a challenge for Kwame Brown, likely to spend time on E.B., and Bynum, who will see lots of Kaman. Jackson didn't rule out the notion that they'd both start. (I'm going to go out on a limb and say he'll do it) "I think the biggest step is Kwame Brown having to guard their All Star," Jackson said, talking about a key to the game. "He's become a bonafide power player in this game, and we have two games coming up with (Carlos) Boozer and the Clippers in which we're going to have to show we can play inside with these teams."

As for the laughter at the top of the clip, it was caused by Brown himself. Listen closely and you might be able to hear what he said to cause the guffaws.
Download phil_jackson_on_kwame_11.20.mp3

Why not keep it on Kwame for a while?  P.J. was asked how Bynum's development might impact what happens with Brown. Obviously, the team has an investment in both. "Right now, he hasn't done as much on-the-court work as he's done therapy work," Jackson said. Injury has limited Brown to the basics, with the more sophisticated stuff hopefully to come. "Kwame has to take the rest of that game and develop it."
Download phil_jackson_on_kwame2_11.20.mp3

Of course, it's not fair to talk about a guy without hearing what he has to say. To his credit, Kwame has shown a great attitude in terms of not complaining about losing his starting job. I asked Jackson if he worried at all about Brown becoming a little too comfortable in his role as a backup, and P.J. said no. They've talked about it and Kwame's goal is to start. Good to hear. Where could be up for debate. Brown said Jackson had him practicing out on the wing today (more fuel for my "Kwame Starts at the Four Tuesday" theory, and its sister theory "I Was Wrong About Kwame Starting at the Four, but He'll See Time There"). "I guess I'll be out there for defensive purposes, but I'll try to find my way on the offensive end," he said. "I haven't run at that position in a while. I still remember some of it, but I didn't have it down that great when I was there, so we'll see."

As for the state of his jumper? "I don't want to talk about it," Brown laughed. So if you happen to see any K.B. three pointers tomorrow night, that's probably not by design.
Download kwame_brown1_11.20.mp3

Brown said his goal is to get back into the starting lineup and he thinks he can produce, though if he were in charge, the rotations wouldn't change since things are going well for the team. He's an interesting player, in that you hate to hear guys complain about minutes — which Kwame is absolutely not doing — but I'd also love for him to say something like, "Andrew is playing great and I'll never whine about p.t., but my goal is to play so well that the coaches will have no choice but to give me 35 minutes a night." Or something similar.

He should feel free to find his own style and verbal flair, for sure. Kwame's a really good guy, but oddly passive sometimes, whether it's downplaying expectations of his production or saying that it's tough to grab rebounds because L.O. steals them all. Download kwame_brown2_11.20.mp3

Kobe was pleased with his effort defensively last night.  Download kobe_on_defense_11.20.mp3

Health Notes: Jordan Farmar's twisted ankle could keep him out of Tuesday's game.  Like all of us, he's day to day.  As for Ronny Turiaf, he practiced Monday afternoon, and is somewhere between questionable and probable for tomorrow.  Given the amount of bigs the Clips can throw at you, look for Turiaf to suit up.

Finally, after practice there was a media-only D-League exhibition between YOUR LOS ANGELES D-FENDERS! and, for our O.C. readers, YOUR ANAHEIM ARSENAL! I regret to inform you that I was unable to stay (or unwilling, depending on your POV), but did catch a glimpse of the D-Fenders warmups. Purple and gold, patterned after the big club, except with "D-League" stitched on prominently... just in case these guys happened to forget where they're playing. Also, if you had guards Elton Nesbitt and Jamar McKnight on your NBDL fantasy league squad, it's with a heavy heart that I inform you they were released last week.


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The biggest beneficiary of this move of any time Kwame spends at the 4 against Brand will be LO. Thank goodness the coaches recognized this and are exploring the option.

LO against Mobley/Maggette/Ross is a lot different than him getting beat up by Brand. If this works then I'm guessing he won't be so quiet offensively tomorrow.

Another byproduct of this is that LO would really bother Mobley and Maggette on the perimeter with his length. If they try to penetrate then send them into Bynum and Kwame.

I like it.


You know what...I was wondering about the passive nature of Kwame's comments, too. I have to believe he just wants his play to do the talking. Talking, at this point of his career, means absolutely nothing. I think he understands that.


Good to hear that Kwame is talking to Kareem. That's the best part of this whole post.



I think there's some truth to that, but I also think that sort of thing shows up in his play. A guy with his size and strength shouldn't let anyone steal rebounds, L.O. or otherwise. I don't know if it's because he was so beat down in Washington by the press or whatever (as I don my amateur psychologist hat for a moment), but it's almost as if now he just doesn't want to play with any sort of expectations at all. I really like him and hope he continues to improve, but he may need something to switch on internally if he's going to become more of a force in the NBA.


Mike T (and BK),

That's a good theory about "not talking vs. just doing." I'm not positive that's the explanation- Since Kwame has a history of making excuses from time to time- but it certainly makes sense.

I wonder sometimes if Kwame might be prone to downplaying expectations because when he came into the league, they were so ridiculously high and that was clearly a disaster. Physically and mentally, he just wasn't ready for that kind of responsiblity (and those in charge didn't always do a great job of preparing him, either). Maybe he's sort of looking to "underpromise and overdeliver," at least with public statements.

As long as that's simply a stance for soundbites and the media (as opposed to truly being satisfied on the inside), I guess there's no harm. And truth be told, he probably doesn't want to be percieved as a boat rocker after everything that happened in Washington. I just hope he's not allowing himself to "roll with things" too much.


Yes, love it. I'm for it win or tie. If ya got it, flaunt it.. size that is. We're gonna need all our bigs blazin'. It'll be great practice for Utah and San Antonio.

Back when, Kwame at the 4 was plan A. It looked better on paper than it worked out but that was before anyone knew how to form a triangle.


What's the status of Ronny T? Might be needing his 6 fouls.

For 10M can't Kupchek get someone who can promise and deliver?

I think we should try starting kwame and Drew next to eachother when Kwame gets 100%. Ying and Yang (at least defensively)

Kwame plays passively about 50% of the time.

If the Lakers start Kwame and Bynum, will that give them enough offense and ball movement, assuming Lamar starts at SF? Luke has been a fairly reliable 3rd option so far. Is BYnum to that point yet?

Kwam's playin' "beat the press". You don't think the kind of word beating he took wouldn't have some kind of effect? He strikes the same kind of pose about his injury, lowering expectations while giving the reporters the beginning of their first post game question, "Kwame, tell us, was your shoulder bothering you on your free throws tonight?"

I think he and Andrew will be awesome in the middle. It may take some time, but it's exciting to think about the possiblities.

Stop holding out BK, what did Kwame say to cause the giggles? No way I can hear that, all I could make out was a "sh" sound.

p ang,'s November year 2006. Where you in a coma for 2 years? This is the first negative comment I got since last season.
Did you know we have this 2 19 yr olds who are playing like gangbusters? Plus we have Mo Evans.

Earlier today (Inside Men thread) I made mention of how intrigued I'd be by a frontcourt of Bynum, Brown, and Odom!!! I didn't think I'd see it this soon though!! Kwame seems to thrive at the five spot and Bynum is coming into his own so I don't know how this will work! But I've got a feeling it will!!!

Twin Towers on the Lakers plus a small forward who's 6'10...should be interesting!!

didnt Odom play well against Brand last year?

I remember Kwame getting killed,Cook getting killed, and Odom as the only effective option on Brand...

why would we want to change that?

Also, with Farmar hurt, this sets up the Luke Walton sixth man theory. He can come off the bench and provide that offensive spark we lack when Kobe isnt on the floor.

(no not in scoring but in ball movement and creativity)

Did any of you bloggers check out Flea's blog yet? Good reading and funny too. That is why I like the Chili Peppers cuz they are Laker fans and Flea's got game for a small guy.

I just read my previous post. It looks messed up, I should preview but I dont. Anyway, I just meant I have not heard a negative Kupchak comment in a long time.

Hummm Drew and Kwame both starting.

I don't like it.

They're both centers. Now we would be puting Kwame back at the 4 where he hasn't played well at all. Defenders can sag off him and help on Drew down on the low blocks becasue they know Kwame isn't going to shoot from the outside. Not a good idea.

Further, if either, or both, gets into foul trouble it will cause problems in the rotation. We don't have another 5 to throw in there, and please don't say Ronny is a 5, he isn't.

I think we start the game with the same lineup we've had all this year. Let's see how that goes and make adjustments as needed.

actually Kwame played great defense on Brand late last season. he was excellent on Brand and on help defense.

Mike T.,

Really nice to see from the last thread that you haven't lost your polished people skills.

Really Nice!

c'mon BK tell us what Kwame said to cause the laughter. Don't hold out on us...

Laker Larry is right. Clippers will dare Kwame to shoot ( the rim and backboard are trembling as we speak ). No problem, we will play KG at the 4. ( oh thats right we dont have can dream ). Lamar will need to step up defensively without disappearing on offense.

I dont know if anyone has posted this.

ESPN Daily Dime
FUTURE JAM: Andrew Bynum has really improved at perhaps the most important skill a post player can wield in his offensive repertoire: learning to get an angle to the basket from almost any position. As he learns to explode to the rim more than he does now, you will start seeing more thunderous dunks in one-on-one situations. Because he is getting to the rim an awful lot. -- David Thorpe

Exhelodrvr - I believe that LO is going to be a ghost tomorrow night if he has to do battle with Brand. So, even if we lose Luke's production for stretches in the game, I believe the move means the team gains LOs production. The other byproduct I mentioned is the affect the move would have on Mobley and Maggette's offensive production having to operate against LO. Against Luke, I think both those players have the potential to "Nocioni" us tomorrow. It's a plus-minus thing.

Laker Larry - If they double team Bynum then it would be up to him to hurt them with his passing ability. Usually the coaches do just what you suggested. See how the teams match up and make adjustments. How well did that plan work out against Nocioni last night? They didn't make the adjustment to put Vlad on Nocioni until the fourth quarter when he had 25 points and the only shot he made after that was when Luke had to switch out on him. What I like is that they're getting Kwame ready for plan B (that seems to be what it is right now) so he's even better prepared to deliver what they're asking of him.

I don't think Drew and Kwame would mean much with the Clippers match-ups, Lakers has to go with their traditional offense i.e. 1-2 punch Kobe and Lamar. They have to produce 30 each to carry the team with single digit total turnovers. Bynum, Kwame, Luke should help in rebounds and impeding plays of inside players but this is the biggest test of the Lakers among Western teams. I think Clippers are better than Detroit so Lakers has to be aggressive from get go and play 48 minutes. Kobe has to work on his free throws and if he can score 50, this is the game.

If you review all the past games of Lakers with the Clippers last year, it was always closed and the game was decided on the last minute. I'm worried if we don't have our energy guys on the floor like Farmar and Turiaf. The second team of the Clippers are stable like Livingston or Sam Iam, Ross, Singleton, Ewing and their rookie, Davis. Lakers can't be error-prone team tomorrow, it has to be close to perfect game. Coaching has to be raised to another echelon cuz Clippers are real threat.

This is the matchup I've been waiting for. Bynum/kaman Brown/Brand. This really intrigues me. If this somehow turns well. I expect to see more come Playoffs.

I understand alot of you are not into Kwame being a PF. Yes he has'nt been playing well PF for the Lakers. But understand that he just got here a year ago. New team, new system. Before he got here, he has'nt been given playing time from his previous team. Yes he has been great at the Center position. That's because of playing time. The more minutes a player gets, the more he gets comfortable. The more he produces.

There's nothing wrong with testing the water. Who knows? good things might happen.

Good Luck Kwame/Drew!



At the risk of siding...cause believe me I'm not. I don't think LO can handle Brand defensively. In fact he was the reason why I believe LO needs to improve defensive (only to be shut up by his play against Phoenix). That said, Brand is physically imposing, and if we let the ball handlers handle the ball...we'll be fine. It's defensively that's a concern...which will hopefully be solved by having our very own "twin towers" and LO.

The key to this game is to keep it close. That and Kobe needs to be Kobe. As I recall we've won 2 of the games he scored 30+ (another is the 50 one) I say recipe for success, go Kobe go. For the simple reason that he more than anybody can get their bigs into foul trouble (I know he's struggling in terms of speed though). Which is not to stay LO shouldn't be involved, in fact there's a great mismatch in terms of him on the floor, especially with the Clippers...but his key will be to cut down the turnovers...that means charges. Though if he's going to be a SF...he better spend some time on the post, with someone smaller guarding him.

Defensively, rebounds, rebounds, rebounds. They're an active tall team...they're gonna fight us for rebounds, which means more it needs to be a priority that all of our players make it a point to get a couple of rebounds each. My only worry is foul trouble. This more than in any game (not really lol)...Smush needs to do a better job in the perimeter cause we can't have our bigs in foul trouble. This would have been a great game with Farmar...I'd have liked to see him defensively against 6'7 Livingston.

Go Lakers!


Great analysis on our Lakers. I believe that the Twin Towers of Bynum/Brown is very important to this team. We finally have two of our best post defenders playing together. We all know their potential individually. But dont we want to know their potential playing together?

I know that the thought of playing both big men will slow us down on getting back on defense. That's the good thing about this team. Like we all say, they're deep. We have others that can replace them to match the speed of the game. We have Vlade, Cook, Turiaf. Two out of three are quick and can match with the smaller lineups. We also have Odom.

Defence. That's what we've all been begging for. We need the others to consistantly defend the perimiter. I want to see more trap defence, it will help bide time for Kwame/Bynum to get back to position. This is what San Antonio did when they finally won with Duncan/Robinson.

I predict Phil will play these two men together. On offense, Phil will use Kwame at Center while Bynum with great footwork and jumper will be playing outside the paint. This scheme will work. It will confuse the opposition while it will also cause mismatches at the same time. Then on defence Brown on Brand and Bynum on Kaman.

The outcome of this scheme will all depend on our perimiter players.

Go Lakers! Defence!


I really think that if the Lakers play smart ball they can beat the Clippers handily. If Andrew brings his A-game tomorrow and plays well in the middle, the offense will flow well.

Lakers win 114-102


Good to hear that he's willing to try again the 4 spot. If it all works out tomorrow night then we have our future front court. I think kinda like Duncan/Robinson were. They were 2 centers playing alongside each other but they complemented each other as well. Duncan was mostly the offensive threat and Robinson would clean up. Now when they penetrate they have to make sure the right one steps up while the other one covers. Meaning that if Bynum goes out for the help defense then Kwame can cover his man in case their is an inside dish. My starting/bench tomorrow night and hopefully future one.

1. Smush/Sasha(Farmar if available)
2. Kobe/Evans
3. LO/LUke
4. Kwame/Vlad or Turiaf (depends on Brands sub)
5. Bynum/Cook (prefer Mihm in future)

The only problem in this setup is Cook playing the 5 if either Brand or Kaman are out there as he wont be effective defending them. Hopefully in the future we can get Mihm to be that backup C.

Should be fun to watch the outcome. Im hoping PJ does try out Bynum/Kwame. Worst case scenario is Kwame has to play the 5 and we can get Mihm to play the 4 in the future as I think he has the body and skills to play the 4 position. As long as Bynum continues to improve we have a better chance at finding what the best combos are.


OK, feel free to tell me I'm crazy.

I know the common mantra for success is "don't let them make you play their game, make them play your game," and, "dictate the tempo" and everything. Enforce your will on the other team. Figure out what kind of a team you are, what style you play, what your identity is and stick to it.

What if the Lakers, because they are so ridiculously deep and have such versatile players playing a versatile offense, what if THEIR team identity is that they can play any style? Think about it - we had great games against the Suns and the Warriors running and gunning up the court, we had a defensive slugfest with Chicago, and I could totally see a battle of bigs against the Clips and Utah... and I can see us winning against them. Playing their game, and beating them at it.

I understand all the concerns about Kwame starting at the 4, but I really think he has found a new confidence that will help him. I actually disagree that Kwame has to be left out on the perimeter, dared to shoot - since Andrew has a softer shooting touch and better footwork, wouldn't it make more sense to have him draw their shotblocker out and let Kwame dominate the boards and get the occasional entry pass for an easy dunk? Doesn't having a front line that's all 6'10" and taller put a crimp in the Clippers' game plan?

I think we're going to come out big in this game. I think we're going to beat them at their own game and have a whole new plate of things to discuss when our big strategy pays off in a big way.



Just got back. Read your reaction.

AK's take on Kwame to Mike T. - "Maybe he's sort of looking to "underpromise and overdeliver," at least with public statements."

My post - "For 10M can't Kupchek get someone who can promise and deliver?"

Take things in context. You do know who's getting paid 10m on the team?

You, and I suffer the same thing, should sometimes read what other people say and not ignore their posts just because its addressed to Mike T. LOL.


Hearing you talk bout kwame's issues with washington's press makes me just wanna hug d dude. First ya all had bynum giggling, now you've got kwame being an insecure kinda guy. Ya all ain't being very responsible with your reporting ... how we gonna make them obey if you telling the world our big men are soft

In a our laker big's being big bad mean tough guys on the court we trust,
Hmm then again duncan has always seemed kinda soft,
Umm we're not too sure on this one, arghh .. ok in a win against the clippers we trust, go lakers

BK I think you are bang on about Kwame not wanting to play with makes sense given his experience in the NBA...coming in with alot of expectations and being unable to fulfil them.I thought his comments regarding his shoulder were definitely a guy trying to reduce the pressure on himself at first I wasn't too impressed but you look at his history and it makes sense.Now I say let him be I think he can play a big role for the lakers for some time to come.If he can improve to the point where he is a solid option at the four that would be great...lets see how it goes...I really want this guy to succeed.

"he has'nt been given playing time from his previous team"

That's not accurate. Kwame got quite a bit of playing time with the Wizards.








I think we need to attack the basket as much as possible early to get Brand & Kaman in foul trouble. Haven't seen the Clips play this year but everything I've read & heard on sports radio is that Brand looks tired & Kaman is dogging it with the new contract!! Feed the Big Fella's early to get them going then let our perimeter guys take off late

I expect a good game out of The Kid tonight!! Each game is another step in his evolution to Great Big Man status. Serving Kaman will be big for him. Kwame vs Brand is another intriguing match up!! Kwame's still getting into game shape but his size and athleticism should help on the rebounding and defensive end!

24/7 is gonna give them fits!!! Lotto providing lock down D punch off the bench and hopefully the sight of the Clips jerseys will remind Radmonovic that basketball season has begun!

I think we're going to show our depth tonight & make the Clips understand that this AIN'T LAST YEAR!!!


Please include this in your next post, just for comedy's sake. Nate Robinson blocks Yao Ming, thats right Nate blocks Yao.

There are principles at stake tonight -- solid team basketball vs. feed-it-to-the-hot-guy. This is the Lakers opportunity to make their first public statement that they aren't just here to enjoy themselves. Get your money out, Frank Rizzo!

Is it me or does Bynum look like Keenan Thompson from Saturday Night LIve? How about a new nickname for him other than socks. Andrew "All That" Bynum maybe?


Indeed, you're the pride of the Philippine as well as in this blog. You also provided the creative T-shirt design for W-55.

Folks, this what you have been waiting for, free NBA TV ask Brylle.


All kidding aside, if what either BK or I wrote about Bynum or Kwame could literally turn them soft, there are bigger issues at hand than anything we're actually writing. You know what I mean?



for bloggers out there who don't have nba tv!!

call me your savior!

call me your god!


just kidding!!

yall can watch lakers vs clippers tonight..

all you need is a fast internet connection..

and this software for free..

download it you can watch nbatv for free and many other channels..

anywhere you go..




And if Kwame wasn't geting playing time in Washington it was when he was stinking it up.

lol Sorry to Kwame and all big Kwame fans I couldn't help myself

No one is allowed to respond to my posts anymore. I just write them for my own benefit.


I'm not worried about Bynum or Kwame, I'm sure they don't pay any attention to the stuff you write ... lol

It's more like the opposition's perception of us. Word gets out that Bynum giggles and opposing centers will have an extra swagger against him. So no more articles about giggling lakers, they don't exist.

In Men that don't giggle we Trust,
Go Lakers


OK, but that means you are not allowed to rebut any of my responses to your posts as well, though if you do I reserve the right to re-rebut them...

"that means you are not allowed to rebut any of my responses ..."

I can, if the rebuttal is in the form of an original post, rather than the form of a response.


But if I respond illicitly to your post then my response should not officially exist since you did not authorize it, and if it does not exist then how can you possibly rebut, regardless if you do it originally or in the form of a response? Moreover, if I create the first illicit and unauthorized response, there is no reason why I cannot re-rebut any posts developed to negate any of the points made therein....

To whom it may concern,
This is an off-the-cuff post. Any similarity to what a rebuttal or response to another post might look like is purely coincidental in nature.

About Which it Might be Said

Ah, OK, now I understand...

Jay Jay, LakerTom, Xodus, Weave-man, Lakersdoordie and other out-of-towners:

No need to subscribe to NBA TV just ask Brylle,the WONDER TVUMASTER. I really don't need it except for those yesteryears games in the NBA archives but I really BOW to your ingenuity. Brylle, hope they are not planting virus cookies, later on the agents of Stearns are already knocking at our doors. This is much better than the Journal. Haha!

Taliq, you can't possibly think opposing teams read this. Or that they'd care if someone "giggled". I think they'd care more if someone can ball...



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