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Extra! Extra! (11.6)

November 6, 2006 |  9:46 am

Obviously, the Lakers weren't going undefeated on the season, so you had to expect a final result like last night's at some point. That said, a result can still come off a quality effort, which isn't how most would chalk up the 117-101 loss to the Sonics.

Perhaps the Lakers peaked too early, hitting their first seven shots before coming up dry. But thar "lucky 7" naturally went down during the first quarter and once it ended, so did the Lakers' fortunes. Apparently, the Lakers didn't enjoy having ownership of the ball- or just wanted to make Slick Watts smile — because they became dead set on giving it to Seattle at every possible opportunity.

It was also not the best night for either Kobe Bryant or Lamar Odom, the former still searching for his burst after returning from knee surgery, the latter simply not as aggressive as during his first three games (or stranded without as many opportunities to be aggressive, depending on whose opinion you'd like). The evening also spoiled a potential "stick it to my old team night" for Vlad Radmanovic, who spent almost five seasons in coffee and grunge country. Instead, the Northwest defector had to settle for boo birds and a crummy box score.

It ain't easy sharing Ronny Turiaf and Fred Hoiberg's bond. But at least they're alive to share it.

If you've got a little extra time on your hands, this baby's about as long as The Odyssey and has absolutely nothing to do with the Lakers, but it's without a doubt fascinating.

Because what would a day be without a "KG to L.A." scenario?

If further evidence is needed to show "Scarface" has influenced many an NBA player (and trust us, it's not even remotely required), here ya go.