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Extra! Extra! (11.29)

Redd They say it's a good thing to be in the zone. Maybe, but if last night's 109-105 loss at Staples to woebegone Milwaukee was any indication, it might not be so good to be against it. The Lakers did manage to set a franchise record last night, but as Clark Griswold once said to his son who congratulated him for flying the family car 50 yards off the highway into the desert, "That's nothing to be proud of, Russ." The record in question — 37 three-pointers attempted — indicated that the Lakers weren't getting the penetration they needed to beat the zone defense Milwaukee employed throughout the game. (Try not to stare directly at the shot chart. Or the box score, which shows some paltry contributions from L.A.'s low post players.)

Meanwhile, Bucks G/F Michael Redd was doing just about anything he wanted to beat the Lakers, dropping 45 on the purple and gold (putting him with impressive company in Bucks lore), generally abusing anyone who tried to guard him, including Kobe Bryant. Number 24 got into early foul trouble, then struggled with his shot all night, his most important miss coming on a freelanced play with 16 seconds left in the fourth. So maybe the Bucks and the Eastern Conference don't actually suck? Aw, who are we kidding?

Lamar Odom filled up the stat sheet on Tuesday, but was also taken out of his game by, in his mind, some questionable whistles from the refs, one which resulted in a T. But such losses of focus have become increasingly more rare for L.O. this year, who is using hoops to help him through the grieving process.

Steve Springer talks with Luke Walton.

Your Los Angeles D-Fenders! ran their record to 3-0 with a win in their home opener against Bakersfield, in front of an enthusiastic crowd of approximately 70.

Milwaukee now only needs 32 more wins to tie the greatest win streak in NBA, and perhaps sports, history.

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"Try not to stare directly at the shot chart. "

Haha, Lakers crashed and burned but the K BROS are on their game.

This is why I continue to dislike Smush:

Did you see that?

Smush Parker got off to a torrid start, hitting 5 of 6 shots from the field, but he fell out of sync thereafter. And when Phil Jackson chose to pull Parker early in the third quarter for Jordan Farmar, Parker reacted harshly, yelling, "Oh, man!" At the ensuing timeout, Parker sat at the end of the bench, away from the team’s huddle.

I'm not saying he lost the game last night. The whole team (and the refs) did that, but who does Smush think he is?

What Smush does is wrong, not even Lamar or Kobe do that and they are the stars of the team.
Phil and the team will get tired of him and then lets see what happens.

Lakers' lost can easily be attributed to lack of D and inclination of taking lots of jumpshots. This is a young season and sure lakers will learn as it moves on... anyway, this may entertain you:

THE JACKSON JOURNAL: 14th Game – Milwaukee Bucks (9-4)
By Michael C. Teniente

A thumb’s down for Phil Jackson!


Phil Jackson is playing the weakest combinations with a deep roster of players. Why is PJ insisting on starting Andrew Bynum? Bynum gets blocks but he doesn’t rotate well enough to stop other teams from scoring. I’m not saying it’s Bynum’s fault…it’s PJ forcing Bynum down Kobe and Lamar’s throats. I mean if you look at the end of this game he brings in Kwame for the last 2 minutes of the game. Why does he do that? Is it because Kwame is a better defender? Of course he is but why does he wait until the end to grasp for straws? This freaken idiot has got his head so far up his triangle a*s that defense isn’t the priority. So what does he do? He stays with Bynum.

I know Kwame Brown didn’t have much rebounds but he was causing congestion, which allowed players like Farmar and Sasha to create turnovers. What is it called? It’s called dynamics you dumb arrogant bast*rd! The egotistical a*s isn’t allowing the dynamics of a defensive presence to establish itself from the outset of the game.

And why? Becsuse PJ demands that the starters pass the ball into Bynum just so that he can get his touches. What do we make of that? So Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom are to scale back their game so Bynum can get touches? A 19 year old! Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom are being subjected to a 19 year old who has only shown us glimpses of greatness. But what’s so cold about this game is that Bynum didn’t get the touches. But what we’re left with are Bynum’s weak defensive rotations and the lack of the player combination dynamics, which at the start of the 3rd quarter cost us. Do you think this isn’t true? Then why did PJ pull Bynum early in 3rd quarter and not put him back in game the rest of the way? Again, I’m not blaming Bynum; I’m saying that the Lakers need to start with defense above the need for Bynum to get his touches.

Bynum is going to get his touches on the 2nd unit anyway, but it should be AFTER a defensive tone to the game is already established. To put Bynum’s need for touches above our need to establish a defensive tone is incredibly stupid! Especially when there’s a perfect opportunity to get Bynum his touches on the 2nd unit…AFTER WE ESTABLISH OUR DEFENSE! How many times do I have to say this?

I knew this was going to happen. If you saw the game, you know we got close a couple of times but a series of lucky 3-point plays by Redd extended a 1 point lead to a 9 point lead. This is making the defensive guys work too hard to change the course of a game. Can the defensive people change the course of a game? Sure they can, like they did tonight, but they can’t stop lucky stuff like what Redd did during that 9-point run. They wouldn’t have to if this egomaniac would start with DEFENSE as the priority instead of putting Bynum’s need to get touches above the team.

What doesn’t PJ understand about Bynum scoring 3, 3, 4, and 6 points in his last 4 games? What does that tell you? It says that either Bynum’s glimpses of greatness are 1 in every 5 games or his teammates are trying to send a message to PJ?

1st. If Bynum’s greatness is only evident once every 5 games, is that enough to put Kwame Brown’s defensive on hold? What PJ has been getting away with, until last night, is having Bynum start, and if he doesn’t get into the swing of a good game, then he can bring Kwame Brown into the game to bail him out of his decision to start Bynum. That’s an insult to Kwame Brown’s hard work. What I mean by that is this: Kwame Brown, except for last night’s game, has basically mastered his defensive rotations. What that means is that he actually studied the concepts. What that means is that he has the mental ability to implement those concepts and it’s showing. What PJ is doing is ignoring that as though it means nothing. As if he doesn’t give a damn! As if he considers Kwame Brown nothing more than a serviceable big man. That’s an insult! Not just to Kwame Brown but to basketball logic, and anybody who understands basketball, especially Lakers fans. And this is from a guy who professes to be a defensive minded coach. That’s an insult!

2nd. If Bynum’s teammates aren’t passing him the ball intentionally then it’s because they’ve decided that they what to go to war with Kwame Brown as their starting center. Why would they do that? Because they’re not stupid, that’s why. They understand basketball! They understand that defense is going to be the key to this season and they know that Bynum isn’t ready to be the leader of that defense. And if that’s not enough, they have a coach who is trying to subject the best player in the NBA to the glimpses of greatness that a 19 year old possesses. But if that’s not enough, that coach is subjecting a player of Lamar Odom’s talents to the same. And if that’s not enough, Luke Walton, too!

Do you think they’re not passing the ball to Bynum because they can’t? This freakin coach is insulting these established players for glimpses of Bynum’s game. This egomaniac is saying that his system is greater than what Kobe Bryant brings, and he’s trying to prove it with a 19 year old. This egomaniac is belittling all his players for Andrew Bynum. Do you think the players are going to pass the ball to Bynum if they feel their coach is disrespecting them like that? Hell no!

Do you think Kobe Bryant is going to be happy with the offense running through Bynum? Kobe Bryant was going to walk if he had to play with Shaquille O’Neil for another year. Why? Because Kobe Bryant wanted his own team! Kobe Bryant wanted to show what he could do with a team when an offense runs through him.

Dr. Buss committed 120 million or so to keep Bryant with the idea of having the offense run through him. Now this egomaniac has the audacity to try to bypass that idea because he thinks his system is bigger than Kobe Bryant? He thinks his system is so good that the offense can run through a 19 year old? Get the hint you egotistical basta*d! They’re not going to pass Bynum the ball and put their dreams, of winning a Championship this year, in his hands when they know he can’t anchor the defense. Why can’t PJ get that simple idea through his head? Because he’s an egotistical bast*ard! What? Do you think these NBA players don’t have egos? And now this incredibly dumba*s bast*rd is trying to subject them to a 19 year old.

Some might say: If what you say is true then why didn’t they pass the ball to Kwame, either? Because they didn’t want it to appear as personal thing against Bynum! That’s why! They didn’t want to show favoritism. This isn’t about liking Kwame better than Bynum. It’s about respecting Kwame’s defense over Bynum’s defense. They want to win a Championship this year! That’s the point! By not passing the ball to either Bynum or Kwame, what they’re saying is: It’s not about the offense in the 5 spot…it’s about defense.

That’s a shrewd move by the players. The only question is if PJ is Zen enough to see it. You stupid bast*rd! And he wants to teach philosophy? He knows nothing about the human condition. Come on…PJ instructed the players to pass the ball into Bynum and they ignored those instructions. Get the F’en hint! THEY’RE NOT GOING TO PUT THEIR DREAM OF WINNING A CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR IN THE HANDS OF A 19-YEAR EVEN IF THE COACH SAYS TO PASS HIM THE BALL!

For those of you who don’t understand, let me make it plain. By starting Andrew Bynum, what PJ is saying is: Hey, we’re probably not going to win a Championship this year. Since we’re not going to win a Championship this year we’re going to invest into Andrew Bynum for this year to accelerate his progress and hopefully we’ll be Championship caliber ready by next year.

What the players are saying is: Yeah, you may feel that way…but we don’t! We feel that we could win the Championship this year and we will not subject ourselves to a 19 year old to appease your vision of preparing ourselves to being possibly Championship ready next year.

What I’m saying is that it doesn’t have to be that way, because on the 2nd unit Andrew Bynum is going to accelerate at the same pace, if not faster, without compromising what the players want to do this year. But this isn’t about basketball logic. It’s about PJ’s overblown ego, which defies basketball logic.

My feeling is that this is a calculated gamble on the player’s part. They’re not the type of players to do something like that over an extended period of time. They want their coach to get the message. If he doesn’t, they’ll comply, but I’m tell ya, they’re not going to be happy and…trouble is in the horizon. Again, this coach is messing with their dream of winning a Championship this year.

Don’t you get it? Don’t you remember Bynum asking why his teammates weren’t passing him the ball a couple of days ago? Put one and one together and you get your answer, young Andrew. This is about the coach, not Andrew.

I only hope that the players have spoken to Bynum and told him not to take this personal. I think the players enjoy Bynum very much, as I do, but they and I, unlike their coach, understand he’s not ready to anchor the defense. They’re not going to put the dream of winning a Championship this year in Bynum’s hands when it’s evident that all PJ wants to do is prove that his system is greater than the players themselves. They know what Kwame Brown can do on the defensive end…and their supposed to ignore that to help PJ prove that his triangle is the greatest thing in basketball? I think not!

PJ can keep on with this approach and win a lot of games against weak teams, but you can mark my words…he’s going to lose more than a few of these game against these teams, too. I’m not even going to say what will happen against good teams. I’ve been saying that we’ve been winning ugly against weak teams. I’ve said it time and time again…Kwame over Bynum for defensive reasons. I’ve been waiting for this to happen. And it did tonight.

These dumb bast*rds are talking (on T.V.) about how the Lakers are having trouble with the zone defense. You dumb stupid bast*rds! The Lakers scored 105 points and they’re still talking about; it was the zone? Your freak of a coach has his head up his triangle a*s! But what’s so cold is that most of those 105 points came with the players ignoring that dumba*s triangle. The Bucks scored 109 points with their starting forwards being out! That’s a defensive problem but this dumb a*s is saying that it was the Lakers inability to figure out the Buck’s zone. Yeah, right!

We could have handled the zone if we just played defense. Again, starting Andrew Bynum is putting us in a hole before we can establish a defensive tone. If not in the 1st quarter then the start of the 3rd quarter. In this game it was at the start of the 3rd quarter.

Keep on starting Bynum…this is why I’m writing this journal. I’m putting PJ’s ego online. Let me see him Zen that.


Now Utah is coming to town. They scored 114 points the last time we met them. They out-rebounded us 45-27. We need defense and rebounds! We can’t rely on Kwame and Bynum to handle the middle alone! We need Turiaf in the game with either Kwame or Bynum. If PJ had any sense he would go with Kwame and Turiaf in the key moments. I can’t wait for this one…I’m going to skin this guy alive. Metaphorically speaking, of course.


p.s. You know what so funny? With God as my witness, I was writing this post, in my mind, since the end of the New Jersey game.

Make that (9-5)

That was horrible. I didn't see the game but the highlights, boxscore, etc, speak for themselves. This has been a Laker problem for years; not being able to beat the teams you are EASILY suppose to beat. That goes back to the dynasty days and beyond. The Lakers have lost to the blazers, sonics, and bucks; if we want to be elite, that has to change. Right now, that's the difference between the spurs and mavs compared to the lakers. They beat who they are suppose to beat (though the spurs did lose to the bobcats, but that's only 1) and they play DEFENSE!!!!!!! DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. To add fuel to the fire, it was a lousy eastern conference team, damnit. The lakes better practice HARD today; they should run 37 suicides or have to do Kobe's blackout drill 37 times, that'll get a point across. This was a an entire team loss: coaching, players, ball boys/girls, trainers, etc (jk). If we dont beat utah on thrusday (a game which will be the second half of a back-to-back for the jazz, AFTER playing the spurs), I don't know what I'll do. Hey I can live with losses, we are not perfect, but you are suppose to live and learn. The Blazers and Sonics are the learning experience, it shouldn't have happened again. Now the Bucks are part of the learning experience, it BETTER NOT happen again if we REALLY want to be taken seriously this year.

Sorry for the long post, just frustration.

Side Note: my heart goes out to Kwame, hope things get better with your ailing mother.


I mentioned something I saw yesterday involving Smush during the live blog. In the 4th, he finally got the call from Phil to enter the game after he had been sitting on the bench for some time. Dude gets up and rips his warmers off in a very angry manner as he's walking over the scorers table. I know that he was pissed about sitting for so long, but it sure looked like he had a face that said "ohhhh, so NOW you want to put me in". Dude was straight up pouting. I think Phil saw this. A timeout was called once Smush reached the scorers table yet he wasn't in the lineup when play ensued. Odd.

if that's what Smush did, then he deserved to get benched for the time he did.

The combination of Farmar driving and Smush pouting (allegedly) is a good enough reason for a coach to sit a player in my book.

Smush is really dissapointing me!
Absolutely no defense!!
Attitude on the bench!!
Attitude on the court!!
Bench him coach!!!!

+++ A Criticism of Kobe Bryant +++
(reposted from last thread)

I rarely criticize Kobe, but this is a situation where i have to...

If Phil calls a play, I think it's too early in the season for Kobe to just check off the play. He should've gave Lamar a shot to make it happen just in terms of Lamar's confidence.

I dont think Kobe's selfish but this is a case where he has to channel his competitiveness into the big picture. One game loss is nothing in the long run. It's more important to develop Lamar's killer instinct than Kobe's because as we all know, Kobe will bring it when he needs to.

Kobe should've realized that Lamar had the easier matchup on him to get the easy two but instead he took the "Kobe-Stopper" challenge and missed a deep three. It's not about personal challenges, it's about trust and KB24 might've just took one step back after making 3 steps from the first 14 games of the season...

Now, I do believe Kobe has the ability to make that shot any time but this early in the season, and with his game still not "Kobe", I would like him to defer to Lamar especially if the coach calls that play.

Admittedly, if Kobe would've made that Shot I would've been singing kobe's praises and maybe the story of Kobe passing up Lamar would've never came out.

But it did. And if you take the risk, then you must also take the blame when you mess up just as you take the reward if we win.

Above all, I love Lamar's attitude (at least on the outside) when he says the "Team lost".

Now that this is an actual story, the national media has another thing to point to against Kobe when Kobe could've avoided all this!!! ... oh well

*** LakersBlog Fantasy League Update ***
Bob is currently killing my squad 7 - 2... Bob's squad "Fish Sticks" had the combo of Redd and Yao playing last nite.

Don't worry, I got LBJ and Joe Johnson bringing the pain today so the score should even up real soon.... real soon or I will cry! j/k ... lol

This is the reason Phil in general doesnt like young players (or any coach for that matter).

I was wondering why Smush didnt go in. I think we are dealing with a young player who cant channel his emotions right.

As a kid, you learn that EVERYONE wants to play but EVERYONE cant play. For some naturally talented kids, they always play and never experience how it feels like sitting on the bench, rooting for your teammates.

Often times, this is what a kid learns in college. The team camaraderie and how to just root for other players without regard for your own time or goals.

So now, we have Smush learning on the job and Phil taking on the role of babysitter (which he didnt sign up for).

I predict that this situation will blo-uptuate around the All-Star break, eventually having Farmar start for a few games. That will be Farmar's big chance. I also predict Farmar will blow it (too many minutes to handle) and Smush will get his job back as he has Rambis, Shaw, Kobe, and Phil in his ear telling him to get his act right.

Smush is so effective when he is aggressive and in to the game. Unfortunately, this is going to be a year-long struggle, but I have faith that we will get it ironed out by playoff time.

BTW, I am still a fan of smush's abilities and think he can work for the lakers either as a main contributor or even sign & trade bait for after the season.


I would be happy to have you kicking my butt 7-2 if the lakers would have won last night....Redd could have dropped 45 on any other team. Why my lakers, Redd? Why?

Mike T,

Interesting comments on the Journal. The last few games, teams have adjusted with Bynum and now front him more in the post. They tried that with Shaq a few years ago but we had the players that can make the good pass. Its really the responsibility of the players to deliver that pass to Bynum and make them pay. The Lakers need to adjust.

On KLAC this morning they talked about how Phil Jackson never holds himself accountable for any problems. While although I can see their point, you cannot argue with his success. He is the most successful coach in NBA history. No one here has the credibility to question Jackson's motives on anything coaching related.

A lot of people on the blog don't like Sasha, but I would rather have Sasha than Smush.

I don't like Smush, I never have, there's something in him that just doesn't seem right.

With Spero Dedes commenting on Smush's attitude and now Kevin, it's only obvious Smush is a person that doesn't take competition well. He hates it, he wants to be the first and only option and that can't happen. He is not a superstar.

For him to give Phil an attitude it's outrages.

I mentioned Sasha because Sasha is happy for his teammates, even if he's not playing. Sasha encourages the team and has fun when his teammates are playing well, unlike Smush and his horrible attitude.

Sasha and Jordan played well last night together, remember with them in the line up, the Lakers got the lead in the 3rd quarter.

Sasha is just happy to play, whenever Phil calls upon him to play, but Smush thinks he's a superstar and shouldn't fight for time.

Smush needs to come down from his cloud and play well and stop with his bad attitude before he loses his job for good.

Smush wasn't in the ballgame because Farmar was doing a decent job penetrating in the lane. Something that Smush couldn't do. Phil needed penetration to beat the zone. Unfortunately it lead to a lot of kickouts and missed 3 attempts.

Anyone see Jack Haley and Paul go at it last night!? lol





Can anyone explain why the Lakers looked so flat last night?? Everyone knows that you "drive" into the zone. Them passing around the perimiter was frustrating. When Farmar came in, he knew what to do...maybe he could give Smush some tips.

"I'm stunned. I'm truly stunned!" - Blanche Devoroux (The Golden Girls).

At least it was not on national T.V. Quite intolerable when the Lakers losses at home shown nationally on the boob tube. If they get embarrassed tomorrow by the Jazz, I'll have to throw my shoes and everything at the telly. Hope they can redeem themselves come next game. Still, Go Lakers.


A national story?

that Kobe took the shot instead of Lamar?

I think you are taking it too far, the team lost the game not Kobe by himself.

Luke, Kobe, Lamar,have always said that a team doesn't lose a game in the last seconds of the game. So don't blame that lost shot on the team losing the game.

Kwame and Andrew were no where to be found, the team played no defense, Phil is not teaching them how to beat the zone defense, so don't make this a 'Kobe doesn't trust his teammates'

Don't start something that's not there, if you're a Laker fan you don't want to start something that's not true.

The national media is not paying attention to the Lakers or Kobe, because there's no story here, just a team trying to be better and they are better.

If you want a story then take Smush, since he in fact is making tantrums in front of everybody.


For this post only my name is "Disappointed LakerFan4life"
I didnt get the chance to see the game live, but I did TiVo it and watched it. It messed my whole night up! I have never seen so many attempted and missed 3 point shots in my life (well with any Lakers team). I know that the Lakers as a team, has taken on the Zen masters persona, but these Lakers are softer than a jelly filled marshmallow in a pool of jello; (just to clear the record, I am a fan..hinced the username) but I have to call a spade a spade. I have said in a previous post that the temperament of these Lakers have to change. This has to be a collective effort from the entire team, no more finessing the ball, if you are a big man freakin "DUNK the damn ball", if you are a guard penetrate and dish, the old Lakers didn’t settle for a 3 point shot! They need to channel the vibe from the Showtime era, when they took pride in being a Laker, they didn't let teams come to their house (the forum) and take games. When teams came they knew they were in for a fight! They did the dirty work, with Magic, Big Game James, Cooper, Byron, The Captain..the list goes on but you get the point. Do you think they would have let a 4-9 team come in and take it to 'em like the Bucks and other teams are doing nowadays. These new generations of Lakers take no pride in being a Laker, teams come to the Staples Center and have career highs, franchise highs, etc. This team fails to realize that all of the NBA teams strive to do what the Laker Dynasty has done, so when they come to town they are hungry to prove to the world that they can beat the Lakers and this team allows that. Teams are pumped to showcase their individual talents against the best organization in the NBA; for this reason and others the Lakers should always consider themselves, the underdog and fight as such. I can not blame Phil Jackson for any of this, and I won’t because a coach who has 9 championship rings has nothing to do with the how the game is played he is not on the floor.

Here is what I think about each player, starters only.

Kobe - Needs to calm down and let the game come to him, we know you are the best player in the NBA, and so does the rest of the NBA (notice the double and triple teams?) you don't need to walk on water every game. I have seen this so many times with Kobe wanting to be the hero for every game, such as last night; he had the best percentage 3 point shooter in the league (Luke) wide open and did not pass, a true General uses all his weapons.

Lamar - Aggression. He has to be more aggressive offensively, and learn to pull up or pass before getting the charging call. Work on his right hand. This excludes what he has been through this past off season and I respect that and never will question where his heart is on that, l-rd knows I would be gone if I lost a child, but this is something Lamar was guilty of prior to his loss.

Luke - Not much more I can ask for from Luke, he has been the bright spot on this team, he has done what every player should do, is be better every season, work on your weakness’, and perfect your go to move. I would ask that he keeps his man more in front of him on defense.

Smush - Disappointment. I have never seen a NBA play lack passion for the game, and pride for what you bring to the game than Smush. I have seen him in many games pull what I read he did in last night’s game. I will call him the cowardly lion because he lacks courage. He has all the talent of a good point guard, but no passion or commitment to his skills. He has proven the nay-sayers right about, his ethics and desire to play the game. Smush "put up, or shut up and sit down"

Andrew - Discipline yourself to focus on two things right now rebounds and shot blocking, you need to secure the middle (offense will happen) Let these teams know you cant come into the paint that easy, watch some old Shaq, Big Ben, Hakeem, Charles, Mutumbo, and Dennis Rodman films and learn.

What do you think?
My two cents for free.

Go Lakers!

actually, the story is in the orange county register. So today, when the national columnists go on their ESPN insider and look for the local Laker articles, they will see a big piece on "Kobe checking off"... No doubt, this is more ammo for Kobe haters to tee off on whether the fall-out is implicit or not.

"so don't make this a 'Kobe doesn't trust his teammates'"
I didnt say exactly that... Obviously in this situation he took the challenge over giving the ball to Lamar. So I guess, yea, he didnt necessarily trust Lamar to make it happen in that situation. Isnt that cut and dry? You should read Mr. Ding's article...

"if you're a Laker fan you don't want to start something that's not true."
I'm not. How is this a question of me being a true Laker fan or not? I'm stating the obvious of what happened last nite. When did I blame the entire loss on Kobe? Poor D and Bad Zone Offense were the main culprits of the loss.

"The national media is not paying attention to the Lakers or Kobe, because there's no story here, just a team trying to be better and they are better.

If you want a story then take Smush, since he in fact is making tantrums in front of everybody. "
The truth is, nobody nationally cares about Smush Parker. He is only popular in Laker land and only really gets press in Laker land. People care about every little move Kobe does.

I do think the Smush Parker thing will continue to be overblown but it is a story none the less though (dont go calling me a Smush-lover as I just posted a couple of negative posts against him). It's expected for young players to act up.
So why would national media even cover that?

What's more "juicy" in media terms, is when Kobe does something that can be perceived as selfish. Whether it is or isnt is a different question in itself...

I will say that Smush did seem to have a excellent first-half. I mean, he was on fire right?

What happened after the first-half is a different story... but to imply "Smush ruined the team's chemistry" would be a little off-base in my book...

Mike T.,

I want to make a comment on your journal with regards to Kwame as a starter. There was nothing wrong with Bynum as the starter, in fact, Lakers were doing OK in rebounds on the 1st Q., in defense especially blocked shots on the post however on offense, he didn't touch the ball. How could he execute his pivot if the ball did not come to him? On the other hand, the whole 2nd half was mostly Kwame, the result was disastrous in the offensive rebounds but I also notice, he too, did not touch the ball that much because the guards and forwards decided to take the game into their own hands, betting on 3 pointers to initiate the rally that did not materialize while Redd, Williams, Bogut and others were pouring their long ranged threes.

What the Lakers need is energy, hustle and a little common sense in shooting for high percentage shots: go to Kobe and fish for foul, or let Lamar penetrate to fish for foul, let Kwame use his huge body and fish for foul, use Bynum's height and long reach advantage & fish for foul rather than relying on Farmar/Smush, Evans, Walton/Vlad, Kobe, LO doing the copy-cat of disaster that led to no show in the 2005 playoffs. Well of course they have to scatter the offensive strategies by mixing inside & outside plays, I thought that was the reason why there is this triangle? Where is the triangle? what I saw was a concave path of ball movement.

Kobe held Redd waaay down for 10 games. It was Redd's turn. He was as hot a player gets, give him that. The one 3 pointer in the last 2 minutes, off the screen was as quick a release as I've seen. I don't even think he saw the basket till the ball went in.

Death by jump shot is painful and rare phenomenon but we now know how the other guys feel when Mr Bryant heats up.

MikeT wrote:

It’s called dynamics you dumb arrogant bast*rd!...
Get the hint you egotistical basta*d!...
You stupid bast*rd!...
Don’t you get it?...
You dumb stupid bast*rds!

Damn, that's the worst I've been insulted in a post since McGarnagle called me a jackass last spring...I have to go lick my wounds for a while.

why are we mad at kobe for taking the last shoot? If it went in everyone would have been like "oh thats just kobe being kobe", we have seen him make that shot many times. He missed it a now he is selfish again becuase he didn't pass it to Lo?


I'm not talking about last nights game. I talking about the last 6 games.


Mike T.,
Great post. I absolutely agree. I think it'd be best for the team AND for Bynum if Kwame starts. We need his D down low, and besides, Andrew would get more touches with the second unit, and continue to grow. I don't understand the point of throwing him in there as a starter. He is only 19! It's not even fair to HIM...He needs time to develop, not just get thrown in as a starter, with all that pressure on him (which he has handled very well). I mean, we had no choice at the beginning of the season with Kwame being out, but now that he is back, it's only fair that he gets to start again, especially because Bynum's not even playing that great. We've seen glimpses of what he can do, but until he becomes consistent with it, he shouldn't be a starter. Had Kwame not ever been injured, Bynum wouldn't have been our starting center, so I don't understand why PJ is starting him now that we DO have our starting center back. I trust (and hope) that Phil will figure this out in the near future, because our schedule will get a lot tougher after the next couple of weeks, and I want them to be ready. If not, we're going to be in for a rude awakening.

We actually made our freethrows last night though, which is a good thing and we also never gave up. Even though the game was seemingly over, we hung in there, and gave ourselves a chance. Had Kobe hit that shot, the terrible D, and the 37 3 pointers wouldn't have mattered (that much lol). Speaking of that, I wish Kobe had listened to Phil and let Lamar have the last shot, instead of trying to be the hero. I also didn't understand why he took THAT shot with THAT much time left on the clock. If he wanted the last shot for himself, he could've at least got a better one, especially since there was still like 6 seconds to go. Even if Kobe had tied the game at 108, with that much time left, the Bucks...errr..Michael Redd would've just gotten to the line again, or hit a game winning 3 or something. Kobe should've waited til the final seconds and then shoot, or better yet, pass to LO. Oh, and learn, I guess.

I can't remember the last time someone scored 45 on us. And here's a little stat for ya...Last year Kobe scored AT LEAST 40 (81 on some occasions lol) against 22 different teams. 22! That's all but 7 teams in the league. Man, it must suck having him on the opposite team. No wonder everyone hates him, I think I would too lol.

Anyways, hopefully we'll beat Utah tomorrow, and all will be right in Lakerland. They play SA tonight, so they should be pretty tired by the time they come to Staples on Thursday, which has blowout written all over it... or it'd


I also wonder in the last quarter, what would have been the effect if they put all the tall men on the floor rather than liliputians

1 Kobe
2 Odom
3 Vlad
4 Kwame
5 Bynum

If you were Michael Redd and all you see are the hands of Odom, Vlad, Kwame and when he drives inside he meets Mr. Bynum, do you think he can still do his act?

Compare this to the fast but small line up like Farmar, Sasha, Evans, Walton, well, Michael Redd could see the hoop as big as the planet Jupiter.


If Bynum was doing "ok" then why did PJ pull him early in the 3rd quarter and not bring him back for the rest of the game? Answer that before you present your logic.



I’ve always said that my criticism of Smush has more to do with the position he is in of having to start, rather than Smush’s skill set. It’s not his fault that he’s force to start therefore making him more prone to mistakes. If he played less minutes then he wouldn’t make so many mistakes and people wouldn’t be so hard on him. I think he is a backup, and a very good one at that. So when I rip on Smush I’m certainly not ripping on his overall skills.

The biggest reason why he plays inconsistent is that as a starter he plays against the opposition’s best PG. If he was a backup then he would be playing against second-unit PG’s, and he would excel in that scenario. Less mistakes, quality possessions and shots.

But none of that justifies his tantrums. Good for him that he wants to be the best he can be. But that has certainly clouded his thinking. Somehow he thinks that he deserves to be a starter and playing big minutes, and anything less is disrespect. Dude needs to remember that he’s starting because we don’t have better options at this point, and certainly not because he’s earned something. He was floating around lifelessly his first few years. He starts one year and now he’s a diva? No way. There’s no room for that here. He needs to get his crap together. That attitude makes me wonder if he’ll ever be satisfied with a reserve role, which most certainly is his future since he will eventually be replaced by a better PG, whether it’s Farmar or someone else. If he can’t accept being a reserve then there’s no room on this team for him.

But I sure hope that he changes his tune because I would hate to see th team have to deal with this distraction. Our loyalty should be to mother-Lakers, not mother-player.

Personally, I think they were both pretty bad last night. In the end, Kwame will likely get his starting gig back, and at the very least will play starters minutes and finish most games (as he's been doing) because while he's not as good a shot blocker in the lane, he's a better overall defender. He's been rebounding well, too. The good thing is, with some exceptions, the team has been getting good production out of the position. In the end, that's what matters most.

I don't buy Mike's conspiracy theory, which if I understand correctly is that the team isn't passing Bynum the ball b/c they don't want him starting and ruining their championship aspirations, yet they don't pass to Kwame either b/c they don't want to look like they're playing favorites, nor do I think PJ is asking the team to run the offense through Bynum as if he were Shaq. He just wants touches down low.

But hey, that's what the internet's for, right?


"If Bynum was doing "ok" then why did PJ pull him early in the 3rd quarter and not bring him back for the rest of the game? Answer that before you present your logic."

All we can do is make assumptions. Mike, I know you don't like to make assumptions. I would like to point out that we are not on the Lakers coaching staff. Unless you have proof that is the reason he took him out, then all you can do is assume.

The facts I do know is that he was in foul trouble and the Lakers don't know how to feed the post when they front him.

Everything we say here is just speculation and for good fun. But please don't assume you know everything.


I read Kevin's article, in the same article he mentioned Smush's bad attitude.

Obviously Smush is a none story nationally, but that's a story even if you don't want to admit it, is a story because in the long run will affect the team.

In Kevin's article he worded it like that, that does not make it true. He doesn't know what Kobe was thinking. I'm surprised Kevin wrote his article in that way, he is not the kind of writer to look to create problems. I would of thought the LAtimes writer would of done that.

But the point here is you are trying to make it or to put it as if Kobe doesn't trust Lamar and that the national media now has dirt against Kobe and that's not the case.

Kobe does trust Lamar and maybe Lamar was not in the right spot. Maybe Kobe thought he could make the shoot. A thousand maybes can be put here, but don't say Kobe doesn't trust lamar or that he lost the game.


I was looking the meaning on the dictionary on the words written on your post whether there are people classified with that description.

"egotistical bastard"

egostistical is an adjective which refers to someone who is conceited or thinking of himself.

bastard is a person born of parents not married to each, regarded with contempt.

- I wonder what is our qualification in life to call someone as "egotistical bastard"?

- I also wonder what are the foundations arrived at (either through google or private detective work on a person) to refer to someone as a "egostistical bastard"?

Nice to say when one is angry but when carefully analyzed, it is really a misplaced comment.

Man, there's nothing like a home loss to an NBDL-caliber team to bring everything to a point. Every fault is exposed and magnified. Kobe still doesn't know the meaning of "degree of difficulty". Smush is still a toddler. Phil is dragging his feet, put our best defender back in the starting lineup already Phil. Smush, Luke, and Lamar still have a knack for throwing the ball to the wrong team (not to forget Sasha's gem of a pass). And of course, why make a move towards the basket when you can just jack up a three? It's so much easier.

This loss plunges Laker fans to depths of frustration not seen since last season. It's a game thrown away, which hurts our seeding chances. Other than that, it doesn't mean much. Just one of those freak occurrences, like taking your eye of the road for a second, and the next thing you know you're in the hospital with a broken nose.

Mike T,

So let us know how you really feel, did you like the PJ worked coached last night or not. HA HA.

Looking at it from your Journal Post it makes sense even though watching the game I was mainly worried about our ability to attack the zone.

Good Post

Club 46 to go

Mike T.,

Pj tried to play the small line-up, he wants to rally and have the fast players on the floor. Bynum is kinda slow in covering the fast breaks so he thinks kwame can do the job since the tall men of Bucks are not really threatening in the posts. As i said, I have no problem with Kwame substituting with Bynum, or vice versa if that is what you wanted but the results speaks louder than our points of discussion. We lost so there must be something wrong with that strategy.

"Bastard" is the politically correct term for really saying something else. But this is an internet blog and there are children present.


Hey, you got that right! That's what the internet is for. LOL! Isn't it great? Again, thank you so much for letting us express ourselves fully. Right or get the idea.


Smush's attitude didn't bother me as much as Kobe's. He was pouting through most of the game and was badgering the refs all night! He does this every now and then and it annoys the hell out of me.


""Bastard" is the politically correct term for really saying something else. But this is an internet blog and there are children present."

You got that right. The word I wanted to use is downright nasty.


Blah Blah Blah, so many long posts, jeez don't y'all go to work in cali ...

new season young team ... sh*t happens ... as always our boys put up a good fight, can't ask for much than that for now

Next up UTAH, the team that stole a W from us last week.

In a jazz squad being flogged by the Kobe bryant led Laker Squad we Trust,
Go Lakers

Good afternoon, fellow sufferers.

Mike T and BK:

I'm also not so sure about the so-called conspiracy theory about entry passes to the bigs. Last night I saw an inspired Bucks team with hands everywhere on D. Notice how many Laker passes were deflected? They seemed to collapse on the ball with at least two, sometimes 3 and 4, almost every time, and not just on Kobe and Lamar. I think we can give some credit to a Bucks defense that was playing a bit over their heads, which all teams are capable of doing from time to time.

Now, whether it is difficult to do or not, Phil's strategy of pounding it in to the bigs on O and especially against the zone is fundamentally effective for several reasons, and one of them showed up last night very clearly:

Whenever we did manage to get the ball to Drew and Kwame in scoring position, the Bucks just hacked the crap out of them, sending the boys to the line or getting away with it. While this result may seem like a reason to not pass to the post, it is exactly the reason to do it. The more you draw the attention of the refs to fouls in the post whenever our bigs get the ball, the more likely to get foul calls. The more you place the opposing team's bigs in foul trouble, the softer the middle gets. The softer the middle gets, the more the lanes open up. The more the lanes open up, the more you break down the zone and consequently get more points as well as draw reach-in fouls, which are more likely to happen when the lane is open than when the lane is clogged. A closed down lane makes refs assume that the offensive player is impinging on the defender's territory, giving the defender the benefit of the doubt on foul calls. An open lane makes refs assume the opposite, and gives the benefit of the doubt to the offensive player, a la Wade in the finals last year.

I think that is why Kobe has not been getting many calls in the last several games when he tries to force his way into double and triple teams to make a play. If we had spent more time early in the games drawing fouls from the oppositions' bigs, the lanes would be more open and Kobe and Lamar would get more calls on their drives.

Last night's game was lost due to poor defense and coach PJ not making the right adjustments. Starting Bynum is not the problem, the kid played well at the outset. Blocking shots, causing Bucks to alter shots and so on. Once the Bucks went into zone instead of our guys attacking the zone (basketball 101) they settled for jumper after jumper. That works well when your shooters are hitting but that wasn't the case. That adjustment should have been made by Coach PJ. In the third and early fourth Farmar began pushing the ball up court and attacking the zone... After all coming from the college game, he's played against the zone and knew how UCLA use to handle it. "ATTACKING" I totally disagree with swapping Kwame into the starting role right now. Bynum's presence in the paint is causing more problems for the other teams. Also, it was stated that Phil asked the forwards and back court to pound the ball inside, allowing Bynum and Kwame to get their game going and to establish the inside game. Had they stuck to that plan we could have pulled out a win. While allowing Bynum and Kwame's confidence would continue to rise. Despite what some are thinking about Bynum now, the fact is Phil is looking down the line. If he chooses not to bring Bynum along now, then we stand a huge chance of not going deep into the playoffs. Nov. and Dec. are months in which he tunes the team for the long haul. If Phil waits to deep into the season (God forbid injury) Bynum won't have the needed experience to contribute later. This is a young team, I know as Laker fans we are use to a certain level of play but this is not a team of veterans. Kwame is also the type that needs encouragement to continue to develop. The so called two headed monster theme is working but it is a constant work in progress for PJ and the team. He's not throwing Bynum down Kobe's or Lamar's throats, he is trying to form a complete team that has several threats. Walton has come along though I remember someone writing in length on how him being a second or third option hurts the team. Not the case, the game is a game of mis-matches, so at times he's going to get his touches with us hoping and now seeing he can finish. He has a similar role that Devin George had when the line up was Shaq, Malone, Payton, & KB. If George wasn't hitting the shot his man would double down on Kobe most of the game. When George was on, that caused his man to stay home and Kobe to roam more freely. Phil's not new to this, he may have some mental breakdowns or something. Maybe he can't wait util the game is over to get back to Jeanie. At his age I damm sure would be enjoying that thought. Smush gave me a glance of why he's here and then blew it all away with his cry-baby attitude. Careful Smush with shipped out that last BIG CRY BABY!

I am not saying Kobe doesnt trust LAMAR at all. I am saying that sometimes as the MAN you have to let other people be the man even if it trumps your own competitiveness. For the long run. Kobe has shown a lot of trust in Lamar all year.

I'm just saying if the coach calls a play for Lamar, then I think Kobe should defer to Lamar in that situation since it's the coach calling the play.

Obviously, Kobe has the ultimate check-off option, but I think it's in Kobe's best interests to give Lamar the full keys to the car even in some instances where he knows he can make the shot.

Just stopping by briefly...honestly, I can't stand much in here anymore especially after a loss.

The majority of you are so fickle that it makes me sick. After a loss or a win you always find something to complain about. Do you not realize that even the good teams lose every once in a while? I wish we could go back in time to when Magic was playing and I wish a blog like this would have been around then. I wonder if Magic would have been crucified the way Kobe is after a loss. I wonder if Byron Scott or James Worthy would have been crucified the way Lamar or Luke is now after each game.

The bottom line is that the Lakers had a bad game. It happens. They are still 9-5, and sitting atop the division with a nice home-heavy schedule left to be played. I was hoping and believing that they could win 10 out of the first 15. If they beat the Jazz on Thursday, they will be 10-5. I am very happy with that, and it coincides with my goal of 55 wins, if they win 10 out of every 15 games.

As a side note, I am liking the fact that none of the others are running away with the league right now either. The Lakers may have lost last night, but so did some of the other teams that are looking to be playoff bound. The remainder of this week and then next week will present several head-to-head matchups of teams fighting to be at the top of the Conference as well as make the playoffs. My hope is that they knock each other around enough so that the Lakers can simply concentrate on winning their games and moving forward. Right now though, I am still happy with what I am seeing.

Finally, for those that made comments about the Lakers not focusing on being effective against the zone, you weren't paying attention after the Pistons game when it was reported that the Lakers spent several games focusing on conquering the zone. They simply didn't execute it last night. As for Bynum and Kwame, benching Bynum for Kwame right now could really hurt the growth of Bynum. It's like giving a child permission to do something and then taking it back once they start getting use to it. You can really hurt the person. The same is true for Smush and Farmar. Sending Smush to the bench in order to start Farmar would really hurt Smush right now. The Lakers might as well trade Smush if they decide to not start him, because he won't be effective as a reserve. It will especially hurt him that he is replaced by a rookie. As it relates to Farmar, we saw last night what happens if a non-three-point shooter shoots too many 3's. He can make a couple at times, but in reality is not a solid perimeter shooter on a consistent basis. He also plays much better with the ball than without it. That is why Smush needs to start in my book because he plays better off the ball and is able to cut and slash as well as pop out for the jumper.

I believe that we should all just sit back and be patient. Phil Jackson knows how to prepare a team for the playoffs. He has done it numerous times before and his record for not missing the playoffs is too great to go unnoticed. He knows what he is doing and in the end we will see that. I believe that it is not wise to make rash statements when all of the information is not complete. It only makes it look bad for you later when it works out and your rash statements are highlighted as being just that...rash statements. Instead we need to learn to ride the highs and lows of the season enjoying the whole season and not simply the parts that we want to.

Why is Andrew starting? Because he is playing at least as well as Kwame, including defensively, when shot blocks and "help" defense is considered. Kwame is doing slightly better in those areas than last year, but not significantly. He still has hands of stone, as shown last night. If Kwame would start rebounding, he could possibly take back the starting job.

First, I totally agree that Kobe should take the final shot to win or tie a game for us. But not from the half court line you moron. You take a 30 footer to tie the game with 9 seconds left. What if you make it? The Bucks would still have a chance to win. Drive to g-d damn hole and do something. Maybe they foul you but you cut the lead to one and you can foul on the other end. IDIOTS!!! It amazes me that someone with no basketball experience can somehow have more knowledge of the game. You guys have been playing this game since you were born and you still make dumb ass mistakes. KNOW THE SITUATION for crying out loud.
Second, WTF is up with all these g-d damn 3 point shots. I cant stand this crap anymore. You are not DUKE. You dont need to take 30 3 point shots to win the game. You are a g-d damn professional basketball team. Act like it.

Has anybody thought that perhaps Phil is sending a message to Jerry Buss? The Buss's are the ones who decided to draft Andrew. The pressure was on to give him some minutes. Perhaps, just perhaps, Phil is saying, "Let me give him the minutes I want to, when I want to."

Anyway, if that was his intention, I think he got the point across. Most of the blog now believes Andrew should be on the 2nd team, as the center of the action. I wonder if the Buss's feel that way too.

Rather than place blame on Smush or Bynum for this loss can any of you concede that Kobe, with 18 seconds left in the game, is capable of creating a better shot, or finding a teammate for a better shot, than the 35-footer that he hoisted with 2 seconds left?

JJ is right. You guys are some of the most fickle fans I have ever seen. When we win, its all great. When we lose, everyone sucks, trade the whole team. Kobe makes a game winning shot? He's god. He misses? Kobe's selfish should have passed.

Craig W.

Maybe you're right...but whatever. The novelty of Andrew Bynum starting has worn off. Don't get me wrong. I love Andrew Bynum and believe, without a doubt, that he is the future of the Los Angeles Lakers...but not this year.


I think the Bynum/Kwame deal really isn't an issue right now. We're getting good production out of the position. We lost last night, not because of our defense, but because of how poorly we executed on offense. Taking that many three point shots is ridiculous, and often that leads to fast breaks and easy buckets for the other team. Part of actually running the Triangle is putting your players in position for the defensive end.

There's really no reason to get too worked up about PJ's coaching or who should start, it was one game where we fell in love with the three. My guess is we see less long attempts moving forward.

Mike T,

One thing your "Jackson Journal" doesn't accomplish is looking at the season as a whole. JJ mentioned that Phil develops teams for the playoffs and I agree. You might give yourself an ulcer if you get that worked up for 82 games. I believe Phil has a plan for his team and his individual players and he has 9 rings to prove that he knows what he's doing. Sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, if you know what I mean.

JJ, you're starting to get out of control again. Easy bro . . .

Good points Andrew Z.

Andrew Z,

I don't buy it! Not for a second. While Andrew Bynum was the starter without Kwame Brown as the back-up the Lakers were 4-3. Since Brown has been back I've been watching very closely and I can tell you right now...the score differential between the two when they're on the court favors Brown. Also, I've noticed that Brown has been bailing PJ out with his defense. And this is against weak teams. We've been winning ugly against weak teams and we've lost to 3 weak teams. We lost to 2 good teams. This guy has pushed this Bynum as the starter far enough. If that isn't enough he also ignoring Ronny Turiaf in favor of Luke Walton. He putting too much stress on Brown and Bynum to control the defensive lane with Walton as the SF when he can drop Odom to the SF and play Turiaf at the PF. Believe me the mathematics of this thing is going to play out and I'm going to record it in the journal. By that I mean there's no way we win against good teams with Brown or Bynum holding down the defensive lane alone. NO WAY!


Andrew Z,

One more this: my Journal will look at the season as a whole. When the season is done. Then we'll know for sure what is myth and what is factual. That's the whole purpose of the journal.


And if Bynum/Brown isn't the issue then why did PJ pull Bynum early in the 3rd and didn't bring him back? Why hasn't Bynum been getting the majority of the minutes? I'll tell ya, it's because there are weaknesses in his defensive game. PJ knows that and that's why he doesn't give Bynum the majority of the minutes and pulls him early when he's not in foul trouble like he did last night. That is obvious.


I don't really care if smush starts or not...all I want to see is more farmar and sasha on the floor together lol...those two had me thinking we could win the game. Talk about two scrappy white dudes trying to please the coach.

I think Bynum should keep on's not like he's hurting us. If he makes a mistake, phil will bench him.

Mike T.

The novelty of your Jackson Journal has worn off.


Maybe you're right but I bet you I'll skin PJ alive before I'm finished.


One bad game does not a bad season make!!! Lets be glass half full people, people!!! I don't like losing but let's get some perspective! I was proud of our effort down the stretch and for all you Laker historians one of the Greatest All Time Plays in Laker history was a "check-off" play.

The Magic "Baby Hook" play was designed to go to Kareem and Magic checked off the Captain. Kobe has the ultimate greenlight and if ANYBODY was to take that shot, I'd rather it be Kobe!!!

It's one game...the season is too young to be tripping!!!!

I feel you but realize that the reason basketball is so intriguing is because there is never a perfect answer. In a win, there are always things that can be better. In a loss, there are always things that can be improved. Great teams even have flaws.

I as well can't stand people to vacillate wildly between hate and love for a player. That's crazy.

But to call it like you see it every game, you will be forced to criticize and congratulate the same players because no one plays good or bad all the time or every game.

It's kind of what makes good conversation because then you have to recognize what is an anomaly in a player's play and what is the trend. What is the lineup that works and what is the lineup that is going to get us beat...

I don't think everyone is up and down with the wins and loses, it seems to me that after a loss people pop in who I have never seen post anything before. I only say that because you wrote "you" and most of the regulars are reasonable sensable. Anyway, good point about Smush. The thing is that he is in a contract year and Farmar will be around no matter what. There are decent guards on the market every year, so I would just rather put Farmar in there and see what happens. If Smush can't take it, he can roll after the season.


Well, don't read it! What did I do? Say something about Walton? It's true. Walton is a defensive liability. Everyone knows that. Against these weak teams it's been hidden. Against good what happens. Chicago's SF killed Walton.


Mike T

LOL I'm sure you will....

Mike T -

Given that he seems to have a knack for targeting and improving (significantly) different parts of his game, do you think that Walton is incapable of improving his defensive skills?

Mike T.

I didn't read it....that is why I said The novelty of your Jackson Journal has worn off. You say the same things all the time so there is no point to reading it IMO.

I think most of us get it already:

Kwame should start
Smush should start
Phil is the devil

everyone else sucks and you have nothing good to say about them.

Okay okay, I get it....

But it's a blog so feel free to keep on writing. At least you are consistant.

Mike T,

I think we're barely beating mediocre teams because we turn the ball over WAAAYYY too much. We're extremely sloppy on offense which has led to easy buckets for the other team. I think Kwame is a better all around defender than Bynum (who of course has liabilities, ie. leaving his feet way too easily, he's basically a rookie) but Bynum definitely brings more of a "presence" in the lane by his sheer size and arm length alone.

I think we need to improve all-around team defense and offensive efficiency if we are going to be an elite team, I don't think replacing Brown with Bynum or Walton with Turiaf will solve everything. You can't just put a defensively tough team on the court without offensive weapons, you'll end up being the Chicago Bulls.


For the blog, I think the reason that it seems really moody is because you have a multitude of people with Differing opinions even within the blog. The people that are the most affected by recent events will be the loudest. So when you see Kwame not playing enough you hear Mike T., when Farmar isn't playing enough you hear LakerTom, etc. The thing is there is a foil for each of these people and when things go wrong their voices are heard. Because of that, the blog seems incredibly tempestuous and impulsive, but the actual people who contribute just seem to stick to their guns.


everyone knows that Walton is a heady player. But it's his body frame on this one. He's slow footed for sure. That's common knowledge. I just don't think he has the size to make the difference against big teams. Against brusing teams Walton just doesn't size up. But that shouldn't be a problem for us because we can drop Odom to the 3 spot and use Turiaf at the 4 spot. Against Utah we'll need all the rebounds and defense we can get and I don't think Walton is the answer on that one. Ronny Turiaf playing with Kwame and Bynum stablizes that situation.



Great question...I know you asked Mike T. and I hate butting in but I just wanted to say IMO, I think he will...I'm not sure how long it will take him to get better but I'm sure he will try to work on it. His D is not at bad as his shoot was so maybe it won't take him a whole summer.....

For one thing Bob, I said Smush Parker should be cut. But it didn't happen so he's starting until it all leads to losses.


Respect My Authoritah,

I really like Walton, he's a solid player, but I feel that what makes a great defensive player is three things: Athletic ability/quickness, determination, intelligence/ability to read the defender. This means i think that Walton could improve, but in the great scheme of things I think that his well below average quickness/athletic ability will not allow him to ever be more than an average defender. But maybe, at some point, he becomes less of a liability (but not much).

Bob -

Sorry I missed your response to my note to Bmurph yesterday. Glad to hear you're on the "not" side of the nerd fulcrum, but I meant nothing by my jibe. I'm diggin' all the groovy chicks and cool cats on this blog. I was just busting Bmurph's chops, and his response was perfect. Something about "baby steps, man." That was really funny.


Didn't you tell me the other day that you woke looking forward to reading my journal? And that you were disappointed because I didn't say anything about Smush Parker and the guards?

Well, I kind of believe that you haven't been reading because I've been saying that Andrew Bynum with Luke Walton and Smush Parker doesn't work. I went as far as to say that Smush Parker doesn't belong in the starting line-up. What more do you want? But I also mentioned that over the last few games Parker has been playing pretty good. That includes last night.


Smush Parker has been very aggressive over the last 3 or 4 games. I'm a strong believer in giving credit where credit is due. And right now...give Parker his due.



I so agree with you on the Jackson Journal... You see it, you skip it. Mike T. I'm so glad your not the head coach but if it were, I feel it would be short lived. Where's LakerTom and J.J. when you needed 'em?

Respect/Mike T/bmurph,

Interesting topic about Walton's D. Mike made a good point that he's slow footed, and that might be improved upon with conditioning, but only so much. However, I think he can be a sufficient defender in the right system. Magic Johnson was considering a below average defender, but he was smart enough to be able to hide his inadequacies by being an excellent team defender, same with Larry Bird.

Walton doesn't have the athletic ability to be a shut-down, one-on-one defender against the SFs in the league today, but he can be more than effective playing quality team defense. There is a difference.

bmurph- I mentioned to lolo and mti that this blog
is like a dog chasing its tail. An ill tempered dog at that. Compared to Blue Notes it is very dark
and mean spirited. People constantly taking pot
shots at one another.

Mike T

I did wake up ready to read your post, but it was the same old same old, so now i'm over it.

Maybe I missed it, but how come no one has mentioned that Michael Redd was flat out amazing and abused Kobe all night? Kobe was even working hard and Redd kept going "Kobe" on him. That dude can shoot the rock man.

Andrew Z,

" You can't just put a defensively tough team on the court without offensive weapons, you'll end up being the Chicago Bulls."

With Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom...offensive isn't our problem. We average around 100 per ball game. Heck, even Smush Parker is an offensive option. Plus we we lack in offense with Brown and Turiaf we can get from the bench with Bynum and Walton. That means: defense first. What it doesn't mean is that we're going to lose all that much if we use Bynum and Walton on the 2nd unit. In fact our offense my improve with the combination of the two units at the end of the game. It's a possibility that we really won't know until PJ starts using different player combinations with this deep roster that we have. That was my whole point with today's journal.



lol! whatever! lol! At least give Parker his due...he's been playing well lately.


Andrew Z,

Probably because when as skilled a shooter as Michael Redd is on fire there isn't much you can do and there isn't much to talk about.

Besides it's way more interesting for people to scream for PJ's head, Bynum's benching and Smush's low b-ball IQ. lol.

Andrew Z -

First, I want to say that Mike T doesn't care whether Bmurph and I agree with Bob regarding Ken's comments about Korey's opinion.

...but I agree with you. I think Walton will continue to show as advertised, that he will continue to improve and surprise people. I'm a UCLA fan (wife's an alumnus), and I remember watching Luke pummel UCLA with Arizona. He was a clutch player in college, and he's developing into one in the pros. I think he'll be one of those pros who steadily get better with time in the league, and he'll eventually be one of those veterans that Phil says are necessary if you want to win in the playoffs. Not perfect, just better than good enough.

The thing that bothers me about the constant refrain of "not athletic enough" is that it's like saying "white men can't jump." Luke is plenty quick and has decent hops when he needs it. Just because he's not MoEv doesn't mean he's "not athletic." Luke's deal is that he tries to think his way through the game too much. It's typical of younger developing players to find ways to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. Luke knows the game very well and understands Phil's system fairly well, so he tries to use that knowledge in some circumstances where an instinctive reaction is more useful. That sometimes makes it look like he is slower to react or to make the right move on defense. As he gets more experience through time on the court, his instincts will develop better reactions. The great thing for Luke is that he will be developing those instincts from the correct perspective and foundation, given that he knows the game well. His instincts will be good, and his reactions appropriate and timely.

Just remember he has played more in the past 3 months of regular-season and playoff games than in his first 3 years in the league. He is on a roll and will keep getting better.

Mike T.

I will, when you give Bynum his due....and seeing as how hell has not frozen over yet, I won't hold my breath and neither should you....LOL


"First, I want to say that Mike T doesn't care whether Bmurph and I agree with Bob regarding Ken's comments about Korey's opinion."

LOL! What was that? That one has so many roots I would have to go to college to study it.



That's funny.


Nice post. I've been a fan of Walton's and I really think he plays best when in the line-up with LO and Kobe. I've always thought he is the perfect compliment to those guys and I think it's showing this year. It would absolutely blow me away to see him in a different uniform next season, he just fits the PJ player perfectly.


well said, well said....


I do give Bynum his due, as a 19 year old who has a lot to learn. I just think that learning is best served on the 2nd unit. I say he's the future of the Los Angeles Lakers...what more do you want? Complete worship?


Awwwh, I haven't worked out in a whole week...I have to get back to it now. So...I'm out of here for now.


Man, after yesterday, I had to take a little

Heated debates, sexual suggestions and predators, KFC conspiracy theories, and a Laker loss... All in a days work.

I missed every thing but the last 5 mins, but I've got it TiVo'd. I've got a midnight mattenee planed tonight after my girl falls asleep, I want no interuptions.

After reading some of your posts, there's madd ish that I'm gonna be lookin' for.

I'll holla back tomorrow.


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