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Practice Notes and Quotes (10.6)


I say that only because I'm trying to keep y'all updated on basketball's Jack Bauer, but when asked of the latest haps, he just shrugged, "Got a haircut. Other than that, nothing new." I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Kobe's going batty waiting to get on the floor. I can't say I know the guy like my best friend, but for some reason, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who prefers watching hoops over playing. Maybe it's just me.

Anyhoo, today's end of practice scrimmage was divvied up into three squads rotating in and out against each other.

Blue Squad: LO, Smush, Sasha, Cook, Kwame, Walton
White Squad: Bynum, Turiaf, Shammond, Evans, Vlad, Pinnock
Green Squad: Devin Green (which is likely more a coincidence than Kurt Rambis trying to keep things light with an ironic play on words), Wafer, Douthit, Mamadou, Farmar,

There were highlights (Kwame sneaking a wrap around pass to a very surprised Cookie, who barely recovered from his shock to score the lay in) and lowlights (Smush blowing a layup after stealing the ball from Pinnock off an inbound. He redeemed himself, however, by canning a J on the next possession), but the one consistent was very physical action, meaning a fair amount of "whistleable" play. That's simply par the course, according to Rambis. "Training camp, there's just always fouls."

Odom agreed, especially since the monotony of early practices don't exactly reek of "fun." "Everything's so systematic. You gotta learn things together as far as defense and offense. Even learning the fast break is systematic. Guys get a little testy. Especially when the one time they get the ball, they get fouled. If you watch the whole practice, it's like that."

Rambis was asked if Aaron McKie was still an unknown commodity at this point, given his injury-riddled and borderline nonexistent 2006. His answer stuck me as very "yes and no," depending on what the Lakers are specifically looking for in the wily vet. "That's an interesting question. We have a lot of faith in his leadership capabilities. He did a great job when he wasn't playing or when he was dealing with injuries last year working with the younger guys, showing them how to be professional. He was fantastic in those areas."

When I asked if that that presence remained as necessary for a team one year older and wiser, Rambis didn't hesitate to confirm. "He does a great job talking to the players. When things get out of hand, he settles the team down. He's mature. He knows how to be a leader. He knows how to say the right things."

As to McKie's theoretical contributions on the court, that's where things might get a little more dicey. "In terms of playing out there on the court, he shows all those instincts that good defensive players have," said Rambis. "He understand this offense and now it's just physically whether or not he's able to keep up." This was unfortunately not one of those days, since McKie's back done went gimpy.

Good news if you're a Dodgers fan: LO does think the series will go five games. Bad news if you're a Dodgers fan. He didn't seem to convinced of L.A. actually beating the Mets.


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wonder who cuts kobe's hair?... j/k! the season needs to start already!!!!

OK Aaron, time to hang it up dude... we've got too many talented youngsters with good backs who can can actually play for you to be mucking it all up with your little contract, just take a check and go kick in Philly already!

what happened to the 55-60 win bandwagon??

Mckie's leadership skills are cool, but the dude is getting OLD, and can't stay healthy. I think we should just buy him out of his contract, and invest in some young talent i.e. Pinnock/Green. Hey, maybe Mckie will retire, and become a "special consultant".

I'm telling you, even at 100 years old, McKie is still valuable to us. Now if he could only spend 45 minutes in court playing D instead of vegetating LOL.

So which squad did the best? My money is on the White Squad!!! Good to hear there's a lot of competition during training camp.


the best kobe video i've seen to date.........

To everyone that entered the second fantasy league, the draft is tommorow at 11 A.M., be there ten minutes early!!

Aside from Brian Grant's contract, giving McKie two years contract was simply a bad advice after he has been waived by the Sixers. I pity the deep pocket of Jerry Buss wasting his money on these kind of mistakes. It could have been used for recruiting young stars among international players. Why don't the Lakers just negotiate his contract as a scout or an assistant coach of the D'Fenders instead of playing as a player occupying one position?

Edwin Gueco,

That's not a fair statement. I don't want to rehash the "we shoulda got more for Shaq" argument, but the league has salary cap rules that affected both obtaining B. Grant and letting him go. Plus for Mr. Buss its just a salary expense. I don't want to get into accounting but lets just say Mr. Buss makes a lot of $$, and salaries are written off.


I agree we don't have to rehash on past mistakes but I'm refering to the present predicament that those wasted salaries should have been put in good use TODAY. Now that is a fair statement!

Mckie is receiving $ 2.5M for this year, it is FAIR to say that you can get a good international player for that amount who is younger, could play and could immediately fill-in the Lakers predicament in some positions OR guarantee guards like Pinnock & Farmar to be part of the 15 player roster. Right now, the thread says that Mckie can only give veteran advice & that job can be done by the four assistant coaches plus consultants like Tex and Kareem and core senior players, Kobe and Lamar.

The question is not whether the Lakers could have gotten someone better than McKie for his salary, but whether they could have gotten someone better than the players ahead of him. I don't think they could have. His salary will not be what keeps Farmar and Pinnock off the team; what will keep them off/on is whether or not they can contribute this year.


I like your creative idea involving with McKie. Even though we will probably waive him, if we changed his title, he could remain on our team to do what we got him to do in the first place; teach. Even if our origal intentions with him was to get a player who is capible of playing some back up minutes, that's clearly not the case now with his UNhealthiness. The good news (and this will grow as time goes on) America isn't the basketball mecca that is once was. We now have a worldwide community of great basketball players to choose from. Ten years from now, I'm calling out each NBA team wil have about 8-10 more scouts on their tgeams just to look at other countries for talent.

Here is a quote from Maurice Cheeks, the head coach of the Blazers (the first NBA team to lose to a Euro team since '87) after their 104-99 loss to FC Barcelona: "The European players are starting to find thier nitch, if not already."

I think trhey found it!!


I've said this at least a hundred times and I'll say it again: GET RID OF MCKIE!
WHY IS MCKIE STILL A LAKER?! Besides him being a good locker room/Practice player and role model for our younger guys, I dont understand how he is being paid 2.5 million a season to do NOTHING but recover for various injuries and sit on the pine. I can see him staying as our 15th player ONLY until the mid point of the season. Thats when we dump him and give his spot to a better younger player like Pinnock (My #1 vote is of course Laron Profit but it broke my heart to find out he signed with Memphis) Mckie u are DONE, admit it, realize it and get over it....


Could you please detail what u meant by "Kobe's new DO." AS far as I know he has been sporting that tired low cut (ceasar-style) hair do for years now. Did he get a baldy or something?!

I was a big fan of his mini-fro days around the time he was winiing championships with Shaq. I really really hope thats what you mean by his "new do".....

greek dude (and others)

Here is athe T.V. schedule of the Lakers' pre-season games.


I know that AK will post this later today, but just so you know what I'm refering to:,1,290107.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers

Great news on Phil. Even bigger than the hip situation, Phil's heart also checked out during the routine cat scan. Thats huge!! He had a lot of blockage in his heart in the past, luckily they found it in time to correct it.

Go The New and Improved Phil Jackson!!

Go Lakers!!!



That Kobe video officially got me hyped up for this season. Thanks for that.

I think Mckie can still be a contributor for the Lakers on the court. In the little bit of time he was able to play at the end of last year he was very good. He showed great leadership out there. If he can stay healthy throughout the season, he can be valuable for the squad.

Plus Mckie can ball on NBA2k7! Haha!

I'm willing to bet that I'm the king of the blog playing NBA2k7. My Lakers cannot be stopped! Bring it!

I'm not sure but I think if you get rid of McKie all you do is get rid of McKie. You don't free up space 'cause his 2.5 counts against the cap. A seat on the bench becomes available which many here would go for.

I've scoured the "Explanation of the Salary Cap" web site and I'm still hazy on it. I do know that the luxury tax should not be an issue for this organization, since we diehard fans drape the Lakers in solvent luxury. If McKie can't play he should leave a seat on the bench but there's no point in his leaving if you like him in the locker room and have to pay him anyway.


Good observation Dan, in the case of FC Barcelona, I believe the Sixers could have beaten them easily but they don't know these players capabilities or familiar with their plays but give them more games like 7 game series, I think the Sixers could win because they could make some adjustments to Euro teams. NBA is really opening up to the world but the American players are still the best basketeers when it comes to creativity in the post.


Wait after the preseason or midseason, you will see the new draft picks Farmar, Pinnock & Green blossomed with the Lakers, just give them the time to be acquainted with offense and defense of the team, recover from NBA jitters as rookies, getting acquainted with those bumps & hits eventually, these rookies could aid the rehabilitated orthopedic squad. lol!

Edwin - You point a real issue. 2.5m$/year for Mc Kie has been a huge disappointment. There's a bunch of young players around who deserve a chance to prove their real value for less. Our roster is now overloaded. Mc Kie himself should resign or negociate a way to quit without waves. I'm sure the lakers board would maintained his salary. We can't wait so long this wasting of time and money. It's all about managing and winning!!

Let's recognize our mistakes and correct them.
This would be a tough season. So we can't tolerate in this roster players always wounded or trying desperately to heal. Let's be honest.


"you will see the new draft picks Farmar, Pinnock & Green blossomed with the Lakers"

LOL!! There is not enough playing time for all of them to blossom. Or do you think that Kobe, Williams, Evans, Parker, and Vujacic will all be sitting on the bench? At the most, one of them MIGHT see significant playing time this season, and that will only happen if some of the above have significant injuries.

why wont the first game be televised? that sucks, we have to wait till thursday...i dont think i could wait any longer...

Go Lakers

JUST IN... Cska Moscow beat the LA Clippers in a no match game. While Spurs are winning in France and also Suns. Who is scouting for greek player, Papaloukas?


If McKie negotiates his contract, it could be the same as Vlade Divac where he agreed for $2M as a scout rather than $4M as a player. Perhaps, Mckie would agree for a lower amount w/o the need of playing 82 more games with a sore back. Besides Lakers money, McKie would still be earning $6.5M this season and $7M next season with the Sixers. With that kind of security, what else do you want to prove as a long-timed NBA player? He should be preparing for his post NBA career.


That was a great video!!!!!! Everything about it showed how great Kobe is, but the thing that stood out to me the most was his RANGE!!!!! Dude could probably hit shots from just inside half court consistently!!!!!!

As far as Mckie goes, if you've read my above comments you know what I think should happen, but I see some of you want to keep him on the squad. My question to you is this: Do you think having an OLD player (who can't play) is better than developing young talent that can actually be useful at some point this season? Yes, Pinnock, and Green are young, but with some decent minutes they could turn into contributors THIS YEAR.


Kobe's hair looks the same as always. To be honest, if he hadn't mentioned getting the cut, I'd have never known the difference.


"Guard Aaron McKie sat out the second half of Friday's practice because of a sore back." -Mike Bresnahan. L.A. Times.

Sounds about right!!


While I'm looking forward to and rooting actually for Pinnock in particular. I think y'all are overlooking what a vet does. Now while McKie like I said would be injured most of the season, hoping he gets at least 45 minutes lol...he'll still be a valuable commodity to us. Awhile back I believe it was Kurt Rambis or Brian Shaw that said it's bad to have an all rookie team in that all of them would keep on competing with each other, they'd all hit the wall at some time, and there would be no one to pump them up, or talk to them at times when they're down. LO and Kob are veterans true, but they play different positions from PG in particular, though Kob I'm sure can mentor that too...but it's just not the same. That said, if he goes for the coaching thing with the least amount of money possible, bring it! lol

P.S. From the link, which is gr8 oh wait it's great24 now lol...there was a link to another one called D-Fake LOL. I'm not hatin or nothin (though I still think dude has not earned his stripes to get the calls, or whatever) but it's still funny.


Ten years from now, we may have e European division and American division in the NBA. And the NBA might reinstitute the old territorial draft preference so that countries could keep their own.



“LOL!! There is not enough playing time for all of them to blossom. Or do you think that Kobe, Williams, Evans, Parker, and Vujacic will all be sitting on the bench? At the most, one of them MIGHT see significant playing time this season, and that will only happen if some of the above have significant injuries.”

Don’t let any of those rays of sunshine get by. haha. No way that good news is going to sneak up on you.

Gotta give you props for being vigilant. Hope to you is like Farmar to me.



Damn. Which squad won?



Great link, though that video seems to crash my laptop every time. I did get to see it all the way through once, though.

It was perfect, except the guy flubbed his own by-line, "Present by..." instead of, "Presented by..." That's got to be embarrassing. Especially after so much hard work he obviously put into it. It is epic.




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