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Live From Staples- Lakers vs. Hornets

Yes, it's what you've all been waiting for, the consolation round of the Staples Shootout!  We'll get cranking in a moment, but in the meantime, comment away!


Okay, minor technical issues out of the way, Smush hits a three for a seven point Laker lead.  Both Smush and Devin Green have come out of the gate much stronger tonight than they did yesterday.  Especially for Green, that wasn't exactly a hard one to top. 

There was the bad pass in the lane to Bynum, but overall, S.P. seems a little more focused. 

5:36- Timeout on the floor.  They're showing a package of the wierd and wacky on the Jumbotron.  I'm waiting for that great clip where a tiger mauls the second baseman.

Smush to the line... and because he's a Laker, he missed.  There ain't nothin' free about free throws when the Lakers take them.  Something that needs to get fixed before the playoffs.  Good play by Smush to knock it away... and it doesn't matter as West hits the jumper off the inbound. 

4:40- Pinnock picks up right where he left off last night, making bad plays.  He's just trying way too hard, not that I can blame him, considering the odds he's facing.

Late rotation there by Bynum on the and 1.  That whole defensive sequence was off.  Turiaf in.

3:45- Turiaf is being guarded by Cedric Simmons, NO/OKC's #1 (one of them, at least).  Serious size mismatch in Turiaf's favor.  Let's see if he can do anything with it. 

Smush misses an open three off the kickout from L.O. in the post. 

There are kids in the section over from us yelling KOBE!  KOBE!! KOBEEEE!!!!  I kind of wish 24 would acknowledge them, just so they'd shut up.  Too loud! 

Considering who they have on the floor- I'm not sure this is the active roster Mitch and Co. had in mind a month ago- the Lakers are doing a decent job.  Brian Cook and Walton look like they're ready to enter the game.  Maybe if Luke plays a little worse, he might get to start (see tonight's pregame audio if you don't get it....)

Also, Farmar into the game.  That sound you heard was LakerTom screaming in joy.

2:00- Simmons stuffs Pinnock on the dunk attempt.  Dude just can't catch a break. 

Nice cut to the hoop by Farmar, just missed the lay in.

:04- Farmar passes to the photographers.  Looked like he thought someone was going to zig, and they zagged.  Hate it when that happens.  Overall, 26-23 at the end of the first?  Not to bad (if you need an explination as to why, check out the starting lineup.)

AK to take the second quarter.

This will be a nice test for Farmar.  Between Paul, Jannero Pargo (Ex-Laker in the house!), Bobby Jackson and even Desmond Mason (who's been on him one possession), he'll be challenged on both sides of the ball, I think.  A lot more defenders on him, and certainly a couple tougher guys to guard.

Cedric Simmons put the monster swap on Farmar's floater.  That's exactly why NO/OKC drafted him. 

They just showed Kobe on the jumbotron during that time out.  You're not gonna believe this, but the crowd cheered rather enthusiastically.

Walton with the fadeaway jumper.  I like how much he's grown on the offensive end.   Lot more sure of himself than the way he started last season.

Farmar drills the three.  That may help him get started up in the scoring department.  Sometimes that first basket can get a guy rolling.

Smush back in after the time out.  He's being guarded by Pargo.  Two dudes who both made the Lakers via training camp.  Six degress of Mitch Kupchak.

Mo Evans beating the buzzer.  I think it was because the guy to my left yelled, "Shoot it."

I'm trying to concentrate on the game, but BK keeps asking me who I'd start from his fantasy football roster.  Tell him to stop bugging me.

Great job by Smush forcing that turnover on Paul.  That's the kind of D he plays well.  Poking balls away.  it's not the same (nor enough) as strong on the ball D, but it comes in handy from time to time.

Smush draws the and-one.  He looks much more in the zone today, for whatever reason.  Much more dialed in.

Mo Evans with the bucket, scoring his 10th point.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I think that trade is going to be a much bigger impact than the ink it's getting.  Maybe even more than Vlad.

Nice that Bynum got to the line, but he's gotta have his hands up.  He could have converted that bucket were he ready for that pass from Smush.

DUDE! They just showed the cat who played Urkel on the jumbotron.  Big applause.  Seriously, people really clapped.

And with that airballed trey attempt by David West (not really his shot, I suspect), haltime commences.  Lakers up 60-46.  See y'all in about 11 minutes.


BK here.

That Peja guy can shoot!

10:02- Smush got away with one, there.  Nice aggressive move to the hoop, but then he got stuck before West bailed him out.  By the way, if I miss something, it's because Jack Haley just sat down in front of me, and his head takes up about a third of the court.

9:33- Green with the and one.  Good for him.  He's played much better tonight than yesterday.

8:12- Nice pullup by Linton Johnson on Evans.  Then he fouls L.O. on the other end.  Love it when LO goes to teh hoop. 

Good play by LO down low there.  Fought off about three Hornets to get the bucket.

Peja misses a jumper with Green sort of in his face.  Not sure if it affected the shot, but man alive, Green can jump.  If I'm drafting a team for my Jumping Fantasy League, he's a first rounder.

6:46- A ticky tack foul brings Farmar back into the game for Smush.  Smush didn't like that call, and this time I agree with him.  At least he didn't get T'd up.  Farmar got beat off the pick there on Paul's hoop...

5:43- Great play by Green on the putback.  By the way, you think teams will give Bynum that jumper from the elbow any time he wants it?  I do. 

FYI- Fantasy Jumping League?  Not sure how exciting that one is.  I'm just taking Green, that's all.

Two nice plays in a row by Evans.  In the end, he could very well have a bigger impact on the season than Radmanovic.  Great pickup.

I can hear you guys saying, "But he gave up Chiek Samb!" I know.  That's how good I think Evans will be!  You'll forget Chiek Samb! 

3:10-  C'mon Ronny!  How do you expect to get some PT if you can't stick with Chris Paul on the perimeter!  MOve those feet!  Seriously, though, that was a bit of a mismatch on the switch there.  I doubt Ronny liked looking at that. 

3:00-  Farmar turns the ball over to Paul.  The ROY is giving Farmar a tough go, not that you wouldn't expect that.  Then he gets an 8 second violation.  Occasionally, he's gonna look like rookie.  Timeout on the floor.

2:41- These are the sort of games I wish Wafer were available to play in.  What's the over/under on the number of shots he'd have taken by now?  46?  52? 

2:31- Farmar and Paul jump ball.  Hops for the little people!  Farmar ought to win that one, given his performance at the combine... and he does. 

1:35- Nice play by Pinnock to cut to the hoop when Farmar needed a lil' rescue.   Would have been better if he made the shot, though.  Still, on this team, it's nic e to see anyone remember to cut to the basket.

:40.5-  Okay, nearly three quarters through, turns out this Chris Paul guy wasn't a flash in the pan.  Great move to the hoop for the and one.

Pinnock finally gets a bucket on the other end.  Good thing, too.  As AK said after he missed his last shot, "Pinnock's gonna shank someone if he doesn't get a bucket soon."  And with that segue, here's AK for the fourth!

Farmar scores inside immedately to start the quarter.  There's a big difference between being matched up against Chris Paul and Jannero Pargo.  Pargo's a good defender, but just knowing you don't have to defend Paul makes a difference.

Pinnock drives to beat the shot clock, misses the layup.  If you run into the guy on the street, give him a hug.  Dude could probably use it.

Now that's why everyone loves Ronny Turiaf.  He swats the living crap out of Cedric Simmons' shot to the point of knocking the dude over, then immediately helps the guy up.  Dude could run for office.

Spectacular job by Farmar floating that shot in to beat the block attempt by Simmons.  Absolutely terrific.  And Walton's pass was nothing to sneeze at.

One good turn deserves another.  Farmar sets up Luke for the trey.  Pac-10 at work.

LO sort of shoved Brandon Bass down picking up second foul.  Here's the thought bubble I just pictured:  "Eh, I got five more of these babies. Screw it!  I'm pushing someone."

Such a great pass by Odom to set up Evans for that three.  Just pretty.

Bynum misses working under the basket, but I liked that he used the left.  That's the only way he's gonna get that shot working.  He does, however, need to pick it up under the glass.  While I like his 4 assists, they shouldn't outnumber his boards (3).

Mo Evans hits another basket.  You guys are always looking for nicknames.  Since the characters on "Good Times" were the Evans family, what do you guys think about nicknaming Maurice Evans "Kid Dyno-mite?"  Thumbs up?  Thumbs down?  Or are we sticking with "Mo" (which a lotta folks seem to call him)?  Just getting a consensus. 

And there you have it.  113-106 Lakers.   Evans leads all scorers with 27.  No Lakers hurts himself.  Solid evening all around.  Thanks for dropping by.


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i think we win this one by 10 or more. . unless peja suddenly strikes form

Lakers look solid so far.

daym odoms doing everything

2 bad passes by Smush. Trying to be something he's not. A true point guard.


Smush...catch and shoot. That's what he does.


Smush's offense looks good

I can't believe it. is showing the Kings game and NBA Audio League Pass doesn't have the game on radio. I need posts and lots of updates guys. Damn, Comcast. Is Farmar starting by chance?


parker 3

assisted by andrew bynum haha

You know Smush Parker is playing with the thought of Farmar in mind. He's doing what he was suppose to do to Nash. Taking his man to the hoop.


Looks like Lamar reads the blog and was not pleased with the disrespect. He's working hard to earn your guys trust back so you'll let him keep his job!

i like the wat smush has come out lately. really looking for his shots and making them.

Thanks K Bros!

I have digital cable through Cox Communications out here in Vegas. All the Laker Home games are shown on FSN. You should look for it. Stu is the announcer.

nice D smush

Laker Tom,

Same problem here. Piling on the disrespect is no gamecast on espn scoreboard.

Starting 5:

Parker G
Evans G
Odom F
Green F
Bynum C

Smush is showing he's not a PG but more SG. He seems more comfortable when he plays the SG positon.

Turiaf in the game.

... Waive Pinnock NOW :P


So, is Mike Penberthy back yet or not?


I know Evans is here for defense but he needs to be able to hit those open 3s.

Emma, shouldn't we wait till the end of the game to wave Pinnock?

Let him take a shower...

odom is really playing tonight....if he plays like this all season we will be okay

yeah pretty sure pinnock is gone, along with mckie.

Why did we get rid of Pargo and J Jones when they didn't cost anything. I forgot. Jones went ballistic on us and Pargo lit it up for Chi a couple of times.

score? anyone

Farmar in the game.

For those in need, Yahoo is keeping up to date score.



Question: Is Shammond playing...and why not?

Would be nice to see the Farm on Paul.

Pinnock just isn't ready.


26-21 Lakers

love turiafs energy and how he didnt give up to get that basket.

Our second stringers are better than our first string.

Scoreboard, play by play, & box score

End of 1st Quarter

26-23 Lakers


I didn't see Shammond today, but talked to him a little yesterday. Unless something new has happened, it's the same as before. Abdominal/pelvis area strain. He's just trying to get it healed up.


Shammond still has a warped pelvis, Faith.

I think he came that way. Shouldn't we get a rebate?

At this point it looks like Pinnock should have stayed in school. He looks like he's choking on everything.



What's all this 'warped pelvis' talk? Sounds like the name of a punk band.


Farmar's off so far that case maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing to work out a deal involving either Green or Pinnock (whoever we don't sign)...and especially McKie (cause we now have a new McKie in Shammond lol). Hopefully for a banger/rebounder.

You guys know I'm a fan...and that Farmar as a "true" PG...will have turnovers...but he needs to do less in that sense.

Jackson is great experience for Farm. Valuable minutes for him.


Thanks but no luck. Don't have FSN even though I am subscribing to everything. I may end up going back to direcTV. Comcast sucks.


not a good night for the farm so we can see how he acts when he is having a bad night.

Not a bad idea Jon K. You can sing lead.


The ROOK has to do something atleast. WEAK game for him.


Farmar just came off a high screen on the play Simmons blocked him.


Also, love Turiaf...but he needs to find a way to not get called so much (for fouls). Then again that might be cause he's pretty much a rookie.

Is that D I'm hearing on Cook? lol

We seriously need to lock up Luke. Seriously. ;-)

the farm got blocked but ran down to cover his man, you have to look at stuff like that. If that was smush he would have hung his head. I'm not picking on smush just pointing stuff out.

Cookie Monster!

Call me CRAZY, but I would start LUKE at the POINT. Well not really but before I even think about starting A rookie.(Farmar or whoever)

Great move by Ronny

Just got home and listeend to the 1st Q from the RADIO. It seemed that BYNUM was ineffective again.

Luke is making that fadeaway his money shot...maybe he should do that in 3s too...maybe that'll give him confidence in that shot lol.

I'm actually also curious about how Luke would fare as a PG. Does anyone know if he's played that position before? He's kind of small for a Western Conference forward.

Is there a "Start Luke" Bandwagon? I want in.


I'm listening to the I don't really know...but are we playing small ball...cause with all these offensive rebounds, we better be.

I think PHIL is PLAYING. ALL these injuries and problem don't LOOK natural. KWAME's, Mihm's, VLAD's(to some extend), maybe true. But, every thing else is just really a way PHIL wants to EASE the team's way, to the PRESSURE of the MID to END season and POST SEASON.

No doubt, Faith (okay not about the three pointer thing). He's really done a nice job adding consistency to that shot. He's not all that quick, so it's a huge deal for him to be able to convert shots like that where he can create a little space w/o dribbling/penetration.


There you go farmar, nice 3

If JORDAN makes that shot 2 outa 3, START HIM.


yeah, I saw that but I'm not talking about just one play. Look at it in phases.


40-36 Lakers


They've run a few, they just haven't worked. The first couple posessions when Luke was in, he and Farmar did it, and they had a couple before that. Not being executed well, but I agree, it's never a bad idea to put them in there.


Everybody check out the offense when Farmar is in the game. Watch how the triangle is like a hinderance to his game. The triangle isn't using any pick and rolls. I mean high pick and rolls. I'm talking about phase of the game. Watch how many times they don't do it as opposed to how many time they do.


farmar made both his that the first time?

If you want to see who's in the game at any given time check out the box score on this page. Has a play by play, too.

Bynum did nothing to stop the dribble on that play once Jackson beat the pick.



Quit with the random caps already.


bad pass smush...he needs to just play his game

odom is on tonight...i love when he plays like this.

go lakers!

Thanks. At least its better than sitting there refreshing one page for AK and BK and another for the blog comments.



Good to have you BACK again. NAGGIN.

Hahah yeah, rayray caps all the wrong words. It's really strange.

I like Mo Evans ... no one talks about him but he seems like a quiet, steady, hard workin' kind of guy.


Three assists for Socks. Not bad. Keep it up, kid!


If LO plays like this...we're pretty much guaranteed to do good. Go LO!

P.S. I know it's been said before...but seriously, Evans is turning into found gold.

DG to the DL


From watching the game and the execution of the offense, would you say that the triangle is more reliant on cuts as opposed to pic and rolls?


When I read RAYRAY's comments, I emphasize all his capitalized words in my head, and it sounds really weird :P


BK, stop bugging

Good on ball D by Smush.

maybe thats rayray's thing...maybe its a message within a message lol

I like the competition among our guards. It brings out the best in them.

Yeah, Evans brings stability to the bench. I'm looking forward to that. Throw in Sasha, too.


Fred Carter's astute analysis of the Utah Jazz:
"They're a young team, so they want to win games."


I think you're right, generally. But they happen. In terms of how Farmar fits in, I think he's fine in just about any system, including this one. It's a ball movement/player movement deal. There's plenty of opportunities for him to show his skills.


49-44 Lakers.


sasha is out tonight

Mannie Jenkins,

That's hilarious. Fred Carter is horrible.


I think the REFS call that moving PICK when the passer TURNS and passes and pickes the PASEEs deffender at the same time on every NBA play but the TRIANGLE PINCH.


The pick and roll is an option that can be used from almost every configuration of the triangle, especially when the ball is moved from the strong side, where the triangle is, to the weak side. The Triangle is basically a system of spacing that allows players to select different options depending on what the defense is doing.


Did Chris Paul just take a rebound away from Bynum? That's not good.


good D by smush tonight....The farm has gotten to him and he is fighting for his job...this is great

I can't watch but I'm keeping up with the boxscore ; it says bynum 0 rebounds. Wassup with that? Are they all hitting the back or front of the rim and not going his direction? 7'1, you gotta have a board here and there don't you? I love Drew, but I dont love him not rebounding. Hopefully he's running the floor well and playing good D. Sorry for the long post.

Thank you LakerTom. More eloquently put than how I did it.


Drew really needs to get into the habit of keeping his hands up.



I think you're right. The Farm is putting pressure on the PG position.

Wow, Smush is showing some PG skillz..must be cause I'm not watching lol.

Just a lil commentary...I think 3rd quarters are going to be huge for us this season. It's already becoming huge this preseason.

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