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AK's Season Preview: Can They Win Without Jim Jackson?

Throughout the offseason, BK and I have posted a series called "Know Thy Enemy," where we break down Western Conference teams and predict if they'll finish better or worse than the Lakers. We didn't realize, however, that the biggest "enemy" was actually the injury bug. The Lakers head into tomorrow's season opener against Phoenix hurting like Keith Closs after a club-hopping spree. How out of control have things gotten? Bad enough that we can break down patients into categories.

Guys who are definitely out come Halloween
Chris Mihm, whose recovery from ankle surgery has moved slower than a parked car.
Kwame Brown, with a shoulder injury that will likely sideline him until around mid-November.

Guys I'm not sure about, but could very well be out
Shammond Williams missed much of the preseason (and the opportunity to learn his new teammates and system) nursing an abdominal strain.
Aaron McKie's wife just had a baby — congrats to the family, by the way — and she still might be more of a lock to suit up than her husband.

Guys who may or may not be out, but could very well play like they're injured
Kobe's situation is redefining "game time decision." Either way, if the new Jack Bauer does dress (and I hope he's not risking future injury by coming back too soon), I would expect a little rust.

Guys who will be on the court, but could very well play like they're injured.
I don't everything about hoops, but generally speaking, guys shoot with their hands, the more important being the dominant hand. For players labeled "pure shooters," that hand's proficiency is even more crucial. So unless Vlad Radmanovic can chuck left handed or head the ball in from downtown, do you see where I'm going with this?

For those of y'all big on starting up various bandwagons, I wouldn't rule out "Gary Vitti has a nervous breakdown by mid-December" as a solid contender for an engine and wheels.

One can smile a bit, however, since the team actually looked decent during the preseason. Does that mean they can remain in the mix for an entire season with important players watching games in Armani? Hell, no. But I do think it's a credit to the team's improved depth that October wasn't an absolute train wreck. Plus, with the exception of Radmanovic, whose hand will probably bug all season, everyone important should be in the pink relatively soon. Thus, it's only fair to address best case scenarios as well. And there are legit reasons to be optimistic heading into the season.

The last 20 or so games of 2006 and the majority of the playoffs featured a squad clicking. Lamar Odom actually hit stride right after the All-Star break, playing at a level that might have landed him a roster spot for those festivities. But soon thereafter, enough bulbs went off inside the squad's collective heads — Luke Walton and Kwame Brown in particular — to light up Vegas. The breakthroughs were due in part to guys growing more comfortable. But the lion's share of credit, especially during the playoffs, goes to Kobe for making a conscious, continual decision to involve his supporting cast. Doling out unconditional opportunities, Kobe's vote of confidence brought out the best in everyone (including himself). Obviously, his cronies weren't metronome-steady (Game 7, anyone?), but the overall result was a snapshot of team that could be tough to beat if such efforts evolve into the norm.

In addition to the strong finish, the Lakers' chances were bolstered by some new blood, quality role players who address specific weaknesses. Radmanovic ain't much on the boards or bodying up, but he'll hit from distance in his sleep, a threat the Lakers sorely lacked. The bum paw may negate some prowess, but he's also underrated as a driver/cutter (in part because he doesn't do it enough), so he can still lessen Kobe's scoring burden. I believe the trade for Maurice Evans — who provides desperately needed athleticism and defense- will end up a serious steal. I'm not sold yet on Shammond Williams (I haven't seen enough recent action and his first NBA stint hardly blew minds), but Europe nonetheless treated him well. Jordan Farmar's biggest contributions are likely down the road- although he's not exactly trying to siphon minutes from a Nash/Paul/Kidd rotation, so nothing is impossible — but from day one, I've suspected he'll get some PT. All in all, the bench went from spotty (typified by new Mav Devean George's play) to versatile and potentially dependable.

Unfortunately, that depth is currently negated by injuries that prevent spring 2006 momentum from being immediately built upon. I'm particularly concerned about how Kwame's injury will affect him. He parlayed a nice finish into a training camp groove and I'd hate to see the time off stall (or worse, regress) any development and consistency. Plus, with Kwame and Mihm sidelined, you're looking at early games with Andrew Bynum and Ronny Turiaf as the only true bigs. Not good. Bynum's final pair of preseason efforts were certainly strong, but I still expect a late '90's Robert Downey Jr to be less erratic by comparison. And while Turiaf, especially offensively, looks more polished, I still think he'd have trouble playing more than 25 minutes without fouling out (which wouldn't be a huge problem, except other biggish types Radmanovic and Brian Cook have both spent preseason as whistle magnets). But mostly, the injuries hurt because of L.A.'s home-heavy November schedule. 10 of 15 games, to be exact. The purple and gold really need to capitalize, which won't be easy without all barrels blazing. As for the outcome if this M.A.S.H. unit atmosphere continues, last year was a hard fought battle for seventh place with the majority of the roster healthy throughout. You can do the math from here.

Obviously, if we've learned one thing over the years, it's that you can't count out any team with Kobe Bryant. But we've also learned that you can't count on any team with Kobe Bryant doing everything. Even the NBA's most talented player needs help. His teammates have shown an ability to provide it, but never for an entire season. In particular, assistance must come from Odom, whom I've always felt is the "As he goes, so go the Lakers" fella. Consistency has never been an Odom trademark. And frankly, who'd blame Lamar if his thoughts are often elsewhere this season? But all sensitivity aside, the team will live and die off an ability to set their watch by LO. There are also reliability questions surrounding Kwame, Walton, Vlad...basically anyone not named Kobe Bean Bryant. Folks need to step up, especially if Kobe continues playing equal opportunity ball. And the onus falls on Kobe to continue resisting the urge to take over games before the time arrives. I'd also prefer better point guard options than five guys who'd come off the bench of every team in the league (save perhaps Houston or Cleveland). I don't think it will haunt the Lakers as badly this season — incumbent starter Smush Parker has a year under his belt, Sasha Vujacic looks improved, Farmar can contribute now, etc. — but I doubt we've bypassed "Achilles heel" status, either.

All in all, the 2006-2007 Lakers — when healthy — are better, deeper and more experienced than last year's version. Unfortunately, so is basically every team in the conference, including those already better than the Lakers (and should Houston remain in one piece, they could be a monster). Quite simply, the west is a bitch and the Lakers would have to make serious improvements to leapfrog those teams. I don't think they've made such strides (or I haven't seen evidence, if nothing else). But I do think they're moving forward. And like I said before, if March-May 2006 was more than an oasis, I'd want no part of Kobe and the crew. But as every reader knows, I'm a "gotta see it to believe it" kinda guy. Doesn't mean I'm not optimistic. Just means the optimism is more "cautious" than "unbridled, bacchanalian celebratory."

Official Prediction: 48-34. Third in the Pacific. Sixth in the Western Conference.


FYI: I'll answer my title's question with a reasonably certain "yes."

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Hahaha....AK, that's probably the funniest headline in Lakersblog history good work.


I'll agree with your predictions, to be honest, I didn't read your entire report(too long, sorry) But I'll agree with your prediction. For once you made the right choice, hahaha.


Glad the JJ reference amused you. Certainly, it's a question that's plagued Lakers fans since training camp opened. haha



I'm glad you liked the prediction, although in actuality, BK and my posts are almost identical lengths. I guess I'm just more longwinded. Or he exhausted you by the time you reached mine. haha


check out this link to see NBA players and their mistress.

i dont know why but seems like theres some hot girls from Jersey basing on Kidd and RJ's wives.

Andrew Z, Exhelodrvr, Michael A, others...

48-34 predicted by AK. Hmmmm. Kind of sounds like what the "realist" group has been saying all anong, doest it?

Not that 55-win bandwagon schtick that LakerTom and his band of merry elves were predicting.

The season hasn't started and it's too soon to gloat, but there's not many professional writers or others predicting anything close to 55 wins.

Maybe our GHF (glass half full) group is not as out-to-lunch as LakerTom would have us believe!

Heisler is a Lakers/Kobe detractor nowadays. I don't know whether he was better before the Shaq trade. But he's like Mike Bresnahan, all gloom and doom, subtly taking shots at the Lakers/Kobees at every chance.

Notice that Bresnahan's Buss interview coverage left out the part where Buss talked about Kobe and Phil's closeness while the Dailynews and Ocregister all mentioned it? Heisler and Mike are just not as blatant as the 3 stooges of the latimes, Adande, Plascke and Simers.

It's just too hard for the latimes sports editors/writerst to see Kobe in the positive light or haveing team success after all the crap they have written about him.

Jim Jackson?


James White cut from the Pacers. Anothe interesting possible pick-up for the Lakers.


Great fricking piece Ak!

I really enjoyed reading that. You were right on the head from most of what I can see. Vald scares me a little too. I wonder if we should operate on the hand now. Or does being forced to play different due to the hand limitation force him to expand his game that will later be of benefit. It perplexes me. I feel the caution. I am trying to stand on faith that those players will do just what you have described, continue to grow and accept responsiblity for the team's performance. The gut feeling I have had about Luke since drafting him is that we will get lucky in that regard. I pray Kwame too. Andrew will be good enough for years to come, whether he is apart of the Big Continuum(as named by Shaq) or not. Lamar. What you stated should be screaming from the heavens. Lamar can be the most unbelievable and versatile player in this league. And if he is distracted this season, complaining would be cruel and insensitive, not to mention classless.

Alot of forces at play, its going to be an interesting ride, hope yall enjoy it as much as I will.

Happy Basketball New Year's, it's a celebration bootches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike T,

I'm all for it, I want a Dunk Contest Contestant on the team.

I guess it was good we didn't draft the guy in the first round like people said we were.

Mike T. and Andrew Z,

I gotta say, I'm surprised about White getting waived. I read a couple things saying they were happy with how he was doing. And I thought that since Jimmy "Snap" Hunter (to my knowledge) didn't have a guaranteed contract, they might waive him as a way of sending a message about character issues (since he was at the strip club).

But hey, shows what I know.


James White? I would pick him up and cut Smush Parker today! LOL!



No disrespect intended, but I will go with Jerry Buss' positive attitude and go with the blog's 55-Win Bandwagon for the Lakers, starting with a win over the Suns tomorrow night.


The Lakers aren't in a position to pick anyone up. We start from HERE!

We better be at least .500 through the first two games or it may be all over.

Darn I'm nervous and itching to turn on the TV.

James White,
One team's loss is another team's opportunity!

Keep watching the waiver wire my friend, as there may be other "prospects" before the day is over!

Laker Tom,

None taken. I would never presume to tell anyone how they "have" to think. This is simply my analysis/opinion, which I'd like to think is reasonably well thought out. And frankly, I'd love to have underestimated how many wins they'll get.


Thanks, Najja. I appreciate the nice words.


Mike T and Andrew Z,

Hey! I just read the Pacers indeed did cut Jimmy Hunter before even waiving White. So I guess I sort of knew what I was talking about. haha


It's 2:14 right now and we have until 3 p.m. to make our cut! Come on! Make the right move Mitch and PJ...Jalen Rose and James White? Pick one and move on...



Think you got it wrong. You, Andrew Z, exhelodrvr, and Michael A are the GHE (Glass Half Empty) group. The 55-Win Bandwagon is the GHF (Glass Half Full) group.


Laker Hater!!


Do you guys have anything riding on who gets the most comments on their thread?



Lets get this journey started!



Like Borat, the loser will be execute. haha


AK, did I ever tell you how I like you and your analysis (48 wins) is way better than that loser BK(46 wins). BK is probably the ugly step child of the family, didn't get much attention so he has to radiate his negativity all over. haha

But seriously, both you guys are awesome. Thanks for giving the non-homer perspective without going retarded like Heisler (Golden State and Utah making the playoffs? WTF?).

I'm still sticking on the 55 win bandwagon though, Kbros.

"My friend, he try to come to USA but they no let him in...he...uhhh...make-a too crimes. Do you like the sex crimes?"-Borat on Conan

Can't wait to see that movie

Thanks bmurph. But regarding Utah making the playoffs, it wouldn't surprise me if they snuck into the 8 spot, or even the four if Denver blows.

I'd love to continue this conversation, but do it on my thread. I'm trying to win a bet, here (hahaha).


J. Walter Weatherman,

There is no doubt that AK will get more comments due to his prediction being better than BK's.

C'mon, bmurph. Don't make me go back into my post and say something mean about Kobe.


2:49! 15 more minutes until the final cut must be announced. You would think it was an automatic thought. But here I am waiting.


It's 3 o'clock! AK/BK...who got cut? Who makes the announcements?


Chris Sheridan and Jamal Mashburn picked Kobe as the Preseason MVP. Sheridan also picked Bynum as the most improved player.


Anyone need tickets to tomorrow night's game??

I got 4 seats in Premier 12, Row 5. They are up on ebay at item number 230042352906 (just copy and paste the item number into an ebay search bar).

I will be at the game myself but in a different section.

Original 55-win band-wagoneer
Start Farmar band-wagoneer

Mike T,

I'm looking into it.


"...slower than a parked car."

That sir, is funny.

b.t.w., a question: how will this "Lights Out" thing effect any future "Live from the Game" efforts. Can you still scoop items like "Manu Girl"?

-inquiring mind

It's funny how people think James White all of a sudden is a great pick up. Didn't we have a similar player already we cut named J.R. Pinnock? The Lakers don't need another wing. Right now w/ the injuries w/ the bigs, the Lakers need a respectable big. Looks like the kind schedule isn't kind if you cant put your real team out there. So, how many out there are on the 50win bandwagon now? LOL! GO LAKERS! EFFF RAJA BELL!!!!

Hey I dunno if you guys saw but ESPN's Chris Sheridan has Baby Bynum as his Most Improved Player for this season.


Funny link. Isn't it against the law for Ron Artest to be holding his mother like that?


I didn't read the entire report BK wrote either. Just went through it quickly, like yours, so don't worry. I treated both reports the same way, hahaha.

It wasn't just you, it was him too,hahaha.

...Sheridan also has Kobe Bryant as his MVP. And let's not forget that he picked us to finish third in the West. Looks like we've been able to convert at least one ESPN analyst.

rain or shine i'm always a laker. but the rash of injuries thus far has really staggered my confidence for the upcoming season and the development of our young team. playing so short handed we'll really have to fight and scratch through the first month or so. so much for that favorable schedule. we'll see if guys like evans, bynum, and luke can step it up. really dig the post guys

To the 55 win bandwagoners:

"My prediction on the number of W's for this team is 48. I think this will be a much more consistent team in terms of its production. But in a Western Conference that is brutal -- and also much-improved with Houston and Utah back in the mix, just matching last season's 45 wins may be a chore."
-Spero Dedes (the cooler Greek dude)
To the 55 win bandwagoners:

So mike,
you would rather cut Smush than Devin Green, Shammond Williams, or AARON MCKIE!!!

I like to think positive when it comes to the Lakers, but I don't see them improving in the W-L column this year. Look at the first week, a tough opener with Phx, w/ a back to back against GS (always tough for the Lakers, imagine how tough it'll be on Kobe's knee) then two games against Seattle (who always play tough against the Lakers). I honestly see them going 1-3 to start the season.

They need to start off fast, but a weak front court will simply slow them down, especially w/o Kobe being 100%.

Ramonovic was a weak free agent signing, especially with him duplicating Cook's role.

I predict the Lakers to go 39-43 and miss the playoffs this year. Hope the opposite, but that is my honest opinion


Is it because I said 48? Now you're coming up with 48? I'm good but not that good. (JUST KIDDIN)


Oh ya, they matter. Usually. But in the 06-07 LAKERS case, if that is all the INJURIES we're gonna HAVE throughout the season, they don't matter. They just DON'T. Becasue we should be too DEEP and too EXPERIENCED to let a bunch of EARLY season injuries HURT us. YES, we do have an EASY ealy part of the schedule that we have to take advantage of and YES, we need EVERYBODY to show up. But for the SAME reasons we can't use these ISSUES as an EXCUSE to go out there and SUCK.

If we want to be a TEAM to WRECK with, we need to learn how to go out and JUST PLAY. We have been through too much just to SIT and feel SORRY for ourselves that: "well, we're not COMING INTO the season as STRONG as we could." I say, so what. It has it's negative effects but it sure has some positive that atleast COMPENSATE for the negatives (such as BYNUM, RONNY, and WALTON and/or MoEv getting minutes that wouldn't usually recieve.)

55 WINS-

Tom did Dr. Buss say we're gonna WIN 55? WOW. Doctor usually doesn't say ridiculous stuff like that. But, I guess you have yourself a FELLOW BANDWAGONEE and it's the OWNER. (Are you making this up again or he really said 55)

E Homp,

I'm pretty sure I've been in Staple for a "lights out" atmosphere (All-Star game two seasons ago) and it was really cool. And if I remember right, the lighting would still allow for BK and I to see our laptops. But even if it didn't, BK and I would work by candlelight if need be to provide our readers live blogs.

I'm always looking for Manu Girl.



Good to know BK and I are equally adept at putting you to sleep. haha


What's with all the suspense? It's darn near 4 o'clock. The Lakers must have broken the news by now. Isn't it a 3 o'clock deadline? What gives?


Can you say 55?
All it takes is a little luck until we get the injury situation right?

Laker fans pacin,
the nation is waitin,
KB24 is itchin to make a statement


and now we ready to roollll,
threw Shaq off the wagon cuz,
he was to heavy and slooowww,
Get with THE SHOW,
you gotta' it to know,
Takin out the Suns cuz our
game is so cooolllldddd

And with the blog you couldnt wish for
karma like this,
old macdonald wish he had a
farmer like this!
we'll let blog just type it
with the court lights lit,
showtime is back in 2007
can't help but like it


Original 55-Bandwagon Co-Starter


Thank you for you're note. Feels good to hear somebody TALKING with REASON. NOW they wanna freakin PICK UP JamesWhite. That is the "Genius Idea" of the day. With a roster FULL of SMALL FORWARDS, let's pick up JamesWhite so we can make the CHEMISTRY alittle more fragile and that's IF he is any good.

But I tell ya never UNDERESTIMATE the DEGREE of stupidity of the moves that MITCH and JIM BUSS WOULD very well make. so YOU NEVER KNOW MY MAN.

Hey we owe BRIAN GRANT 16 MIL and he's retired. Just be HAPPY it could'nt get WORST.

QOUTE of the day (thanks to the great link by LAKOFAN)-

BY Michael Balzary the co-founder of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS:
"Why don't they just move up to Seattle after the Sonics go somewhere else? L.A. is Laker town. We don't need no stinkin' Clippers."

Mike T,

I don't think the decision on who to keep on the roster is going to have much impact.

James White...I could have sworn he was a shooting guard. Let me see...We have 4...lets count them, again. Yes...that 4 PG on the team. Farmar, Sasha, Williams, and Parker. Not too sure but isn't McKie a PG, too? Well, lets leave it at 4 PG's. Do we really need that much PG's on the team? NOW that IS sarcasm.


I'm not looking for impact. Just the information.


A team full of small forwards? Gee, lets count them. Vlad Rad, Walton...and who else? Oh, yeah, Mo Evan is swing. That's 2 1/2 if you count Evans as a swing person. I guess that counts as a ROSTER full OF small FOWARDS. TALK about REASON. It just doesn't end.

Mike T,

Sorry, you're last post sounded like you were really anxious about finding out who stays and who goes. With that I was under the assumption that you felt it was a really important decision.

I tell you, I lose a lot in translation from spoken to written word.

I am anxiouis to see who goes. But how does that translate into impact? I thought it was more in line with the 12th spot on the bench or D-League personal. Only impact is to pick up James White or Jalen Rose and cut that is impact.


it doesnt matter how many wins people predict the Lakers will have. just as long as they get in to the playoffs. hopefully all these injuries and chemistry issues will be ironed out around the allstar break. playing the best ball then is all that we can hope for at this point. with a little bit of luck we might just go deep in the playoffs. with all the writers disrespecting the purple and gold, maybe theres a chance that we can sneak up on some of these western conference power houses.

oh and JALEN ROSE was just waived by the knicks. since he is making $16.9 million this year, im sure he can sign with us for the minimum. big guard type that PJ likes in the triangle. something to think about Mitch.

Mike T,

I think we're saying the same thing here.

It would be an interesting move to pick up one or two of those guys, but that would mean cutting two current guys and adding another small forward which is seems like we 13 of.

Also, I just can't get the fact that Jalen Rose was one of the guys guarding Kobe when he was dropping his 81, so strong D is probably something missing from his resume.

I think we should limp into the season with the roster we have and see how things shake out.

although, I'd bet AK and BK would like to have this guy around, just to watch in practice.

Jalen Rose? Are the Lakers that desperate? Rose is exactly who they don't need. Weak on D, low FG%, huge ego. I think I'll pass.

can someone tell me where is jim jackson

So, don't we have a million or so left over to sign some wayward veteran, like, say...Jalen Rose? Can't he also bring that veteran leadership thing that MacKie brings? And he'd fit the triangle nicely...


Andrew Z,

While I would certainly consider bringing in Rose for the vet's minimum, you're correct. He ain't much on D.


I don't now much about Rose's D, but I wouldn't hold that 81 pointer against him. I mean there are plenty of "defensive specialist" that are happy to hold Kobe down to 30-40 points, as long as the Lakers lose, in their minds.


Of the two, I'd certainly rather have Rose, who would theoretically fill the role McKie would have if he were ever healthy enough to step on the court. I have no idea how much he has left in the tank, but if he's cheap, there's really no harm. His attitude has been questioned in the past, but at least for this season, he said all the right things in NYC, and would be playing to prove he deserves one more contract (not $16.9 mil, but a contract) somewhere. Depending on how it was done, I probably wouldn't object, and the guy might come in handy. He can still score a little, and shoot from downtown.

As for White, I think they wouldn't sign him for the same reason they would theoretically let Green go- that they feel his value doesn't exceed the $2.5 mil that McKie brings in a trade later in the season.



I think Rose would be a great addition for the vets minimum.

Obviously we could hide him on the defensive end with guys like Walton and Radmanovic.

Honestly, I'd sign Rose just for his comments, that guy's always entertaining.

Jalen is one cool customer, will not choke in pressure situations, unlike one of our guards who I will not name but who has the initials SP and its how like my potatoes

Darn near 5 o'clock...what's the big deal?


Luke, MoEv, KOBE(they wish), VLAD, LO are SF's
Sasha and McKie are that SIZE. That's 8 out of 14 is a lotta SMALL FORWARDS.

I said Dref was talking with REASON. I, you have to read between the LINES.

If we take JamesWhite, cut SMUSH, and let go of PhilJackson then we'll get soemwhere. (only and only KIDDING)

My bad. Half full-half empty. The bottom line is 48 wins is a very realistic number. Lets get the season going. Did you see the Buss article?

Mike T.
I dont know much about James White or how he compared to any of our existing players. Maybe someone on the blog who follows Indiana, can give us an update.

I disagree that we have too many wing players. Unless the team plans to have Kobe play a lot at the 3, we have Lamar now mostly at the 4. That leaves Radman, who is injured, Walton, Green who will likely get waived, and Evans, who is undersized for the 3. My point is that I dont think we are all that strong at the 3.
Now if we had Artest, I would feel differently!

Also, the point I was making earlier with the White post was that there is going to be some decent young players released today. No all-stars but some good young talent that rebuilding teams particularly like Atlanta, Charlotte, or Portland, could use. Cutdown day is a difficult time for a lot of teams. I think the Lakers would like to keep Green if they could.

Hey, its possible that maybe Mitch is working a trade deal AS WE SPEAK! Only the goblin knows!


Is not that you guys put me to sleep, I always like reading what you guys have to say, well... let me refresh that, I like reading it to see what you guys think and then usually disagree with you,hahaha.

The problem today is that tomorrow is halloween and I have to do some alterations to my nephew's costume, so no time to read long reports, just the main prediction,hahaha.

I'm not even going to have time to watch the Laker game tomorrow, so see don't take it personal, hahahaha.

Jalen stats for last year
fg 42%
3pt 35%
ft 78%
avg min 28
ppg 12
plaved in 72 games
there is plenty in his tank
he's 32 and 6'8" phil likes em that way
made 16.9 mil (although that's ridiculus, someone feels he's pretty good to pay him that much)

Rag! Rag! Rag!
Listen, Smush played well enough last year to warrent staying with the team this year. He, and others I might add, ran into a wall in the playoffs. Well, aren't we suprised! Look - he might as well have been a rookie - and he played all 82 games. Any rook would have been exhausted after that.

His defense isn't the greatest, but then again neither was Steve Nash's and people didn't seem to hold that against him.

I'm not a great Smush fan, but I think all the griping about him is really silly and not very intelligent. Oh! I forgot. This blog doesn't require intelligence - only enthusiasm. Still, it would be nice if we didn't blame all the clubs faults on one guy (Smush). The media does this with Kobe and we all get upset.


I went and looked at the roster for the Jazz and for them to make the playoffs it seems that they need more luck than us. They don't have a dominant star player (AK 47 is good but not there, great 2nd option not a great 1st), they seem to be injury prone in areas (AK, Boozer), reliant on young player to continue to blossom (Deron Williams). I know that they have one of the great coaches in the game in Sloan, but I don't see them making the playoffs. I see New Orleans, Sacto, Houston, Minny all ahead of them. But that's just me.

I would LOVE Rose to SWITCH places with McKie. But not to come in for anybody else.
MAYBE only for SMUSH (BELIEVE IT or NOT)(I should be ashamed of myself) but I would chage JROSE for SMUSH or McKie. JWhite, MAYBE NOT, though. unless you wanna win the DUNK contest. Which NATE will MISS ANOTHER 100 and WIN again anywayZZZZZ.

LOL! Now that is funny,


Out of the first 5 players you mentioned 3 are scheduled to play other positions. Evans, Kobe, and LO. That leave only 2 SFs. It really doesn't matter because right now we have an excess of PGs, in my opinion.



"Hey, its possible that maybe Mitch is working a trade deal AS WE SPEAK!"

I'm hoping! There's no reason why the "cut" shouldn't have been announced by now.



"Now if we had Artest, I would feel differently!" Ya I would have felt differently as well. I RESPECT you bringing up the BEST PF in the buisness (and what we EXACTLY need). Nobody has Artest, though.

I really think the BRAND of BALL the LALs play, makes every 6 5 to 6 9 premeter player the same POSITION. Really the position for those players is based on who they can GUARD. I think the 6 players I mentioned are all the same POSITION players in the TA offesne. Sasha and McKie can GUARD smaller players so I wouldn't put them in there.

I really like you mentioning ARTEST's name. To me that says you completely UNDERSTAND who we need at the SF and can TRUST your judgment on it.

Laker A

Absolutely, all the 48 win guys are realistic in their predictions. Just like the guys that get paid to do that, like AK, he get's a check [I hope]. Don't think any of the realists here get paid tp predict but I imagine they enjoy their realism as much as the elfin optimists.

I vascillate, like fans do, WCF after a win, lottery team after a loss, but realistically I've got a bad feeling about the season. Less than 45 wins could do in the franchise, 'cause no matter what positive smoke Jerry Buss blows by the press, he won't watch another '05 finish. If this ain't right by the all star break, moves will be made. Phil needs to win almost as much as Kobe. Can't charge those prices and not be the greatest show on hardwood.


Very well done, my man, like your "Unbearable Lightness of Being" a writer on the Laker beat.


Here's a WILD guess:

MIAMI would sign JWhite.

Just a reminder to everyone in the league.... THE SEASON STARTS TOMORROW!! so dont forget to set up your lineups.

I heard a radio report that it was indeed Devin Green cut. I'm waiting a call back confirming, but for now, there you have it.



Thanks for the report.


oh dang, PARIS picked up the helemt and, apparently, she is ready for some FOOTBALL. "thats HOT"TTTTTTTTT

I think the season coming looks good, and it's giving the other players an opportunity to learn how to play together without Kobe. So if they seize this moment and take the helm when Kobe comes back they could be a very dangerous team.

P.S. I think that Jerry Buss should request for Von Wafer to come back, and assign him to the Los Angeles D-Fenders so he could develop what lies within. DON'T SLEEP ON OUR FORMER #23

Mike T,

No worries.



I guess I would like more experienced PLAYERS if we are to PICK up somebody. PG or SF

I'm telling you guys now, if I were GM I would cut McKie and sign Jalen Rose if he'd take the vet's minimum (and I think he would to play for the Lakers). McKie is not going to contribute ANYTHING this year. Rose can play 3 positions for us and he's a better defender when properly motivated and you know Phil will motivate him. Plus Jalen is a very good passer and can still score. I would do it. Come on Kupchak! Make that move!


I promised it. Now you've got it.


Here it goes:

Rad Vlad is a special case (not unlike Kobe and Bynum). Rad is (nearly) as entirely mental as a person can be. He is extraordinarily so.

For those not familiar with Dr. Arthur Mikaelian's Bio-Chrono Analysis here's how it goes:

There are four basic levels of experience: Physical, Emotional, Mental/Social, and Spiritual/Creative.

Each can be experienced relative to one another. So, one can experience the physical physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually.

How one's Bio-Chrono pattern is established fixes a person's relationship with experience. As such, fulfilling these foci of attention are essential to a person being able to realize their potential, for if these foci are not fulfilled, a person will feel a disconnect from themself and their relationship with life.

Here is how Rad Vlad (Vladmir Radmonivich) is set up on the four basic levels of existence: Physical, Emotional, Mental/Social, Spiritual/Creative

PHYSICAL: (Dual process) Vladmir Radmonivich experiences the physical world primarily mentally (like Shaq and Andrew Bynum). This means that Vladmir's mental state (and social environment) has a strong impact upon his physical state. When Vladmir is in a good physical state (or powerfully impacted by a positive mental state) he feels confident. This feeling of confidence is crucial to Rad Vlad's physical success. Confidence-orientated people are truly "mind over matter" types of people. When they are in a positive state, they can literally will themselves to do things other people cannot. They can overcome great hardships (including real injury), and acheive feats of endurance, athleticism, and physical focus that other people cannot. It is not a matter of them being physically superior. It is a matter of them being able to will their bodies to acheive goals that others may not otherwise have the physical focus to acheive.

The opposite is also true with Rad Vlad. Mentally-orientated physical types are particularly vulnerable to poorly focused or self-destructive mindsets. When in a negative physical (or social) state, they become fearful, insecure, lack confidence, and make poor physical decisions. These are the types of people who can be prone to hypercondriacism. They can make themselves sick, simply by thinking negatively.

The whole reason a confidence-orientated person like Shaq cannot make freethrows has nothing to do with his body. It's his mind. He is not confident about making freethrows, thus when he wills himself to physically act when attempting freethrows, his body does not respond effeciently and he performs a terrible freethrow action and flings up a brick.

However, we have all seen Shaq perform physical feats seemingly beyond his hulkish physical capacities. Why? Because he is confident in certain actions, so his body responds with extraordinary effeciency, and he amazes.

This same scenario is true for Rad Vlad. If Rad Vlad is confident (as a result of a discplined, positive mind supported by a stable, positive social environment) he has the ability to be a remarkable (almost supernaturally so) shooter. When not, he will throw up bricks.

So, it is very important for Rad Vlad to maintain and deepen his sense of personal confidence.

(Dual Process) Rad Vlad also experiences the physical world with heavy emphasis upon the creative/spiritual. (Though this is not as significant as his mental influence upon the physical.)

This means that it is also very important for Rad Vlad to feel attractive in life and feel attracted to new experiences (like Luke Walton). It is important for Rad Vlad to acheive his physical potential that he be able to be creative in life and feel that people are drawn to him. In short, it is important that he stand out, that he not just be part of the crow.

Rad Vlad's spiritual life is very important to his physical effeciency. He needs a significant spiritual meaning and creative freedom to acheive his full potential. Infusing his understanding of basketball with spiritual metaphors should be of great benefit to him.

The opposite is also true with Rad Vlad. If he feels outcast, unattractive, and most importantly STAGNANT in his life, it will significantly negatively impact the inventiveness of his physcially creative decision making process. He will make stupid, inflexible decisions and he will be unable to learn new physical skills.

EMOTIONAL: Rad Vlad perceives his emotional world primarily from a mental/social perspective. This means the most important factor in Rad Vlad's emotional life is his ability to feel trusted and to trust others.

Ah... trust-orientated people. They are your best friends... and your worst enemies. They are classically inflexible emotionally. So, it is best to stay upon their good side, for once you are on their bad side, it is very, very difficult to regain their trust.

Trust orientated people love open, honest communication. It does not always have to be positive. It simply has to be honest for these people are human lie detectors and they hate liars. They forgive people easily, when they are honest. They condemn people with hatred when they are deceptive.

Their social environment is very important to them. When they trust their social environment, they will sacrifice themselves from them. When they do not trust their social environment, they will insidiously work to undermine the individual members of their group.

Trust-orientated people are people who you can trust above all others, but they are also the most untrustworthy people (when they are in a negative state.)

If you want a trust orientated person to be trustworthy (like Rad Vlad), honestly trust them, and they will rise to the occasion. It is that simple. They feel a need to perform and prove their trustworthiness, for when their word is valued, they value their word.

It is terribly painful for a trust-orientated person to be distrusted (particularly by those they care about or respect). It causes them to lose perspective and their sense of self. They become untrustworthy.

However, when they view others (not close to them) as liars, untrustworthy, or "bad" they are literally your worst fricken enemy. Perhaps even too viscious an enemy. They feel a duty to "cleanse" their environment of people they distrust.

Don't go into battle against a confident, angry, trust-orientated person who thinks you are a conniving liar who is out to hurt the people he cares about.

You will lose.

MENTAL/SOCIAL: Rad Vlad experiences the mental aspect of life mentally/socially (like Kobe). This means that it is very important for Vlad to feel respected and (in particular) IMPORTANT in his social group.

It is very important for Vlad's mental state that he feel right and that he feel respected. When Vlad feels respected and that he has a pattern of making the right decisions, he acheives great mental clarity. He is able to make decisions that are not only good for him, but good for others. His mental focus (and, oddly enough, unselfishness) becomes extraordinary.

However, if Vlad does not feel that he is important, nor respected, he loses clarity and becomes extremely disrespectful to others. He will make categorical judgements without thinking them through.

Respect-orientated people have a strange paradox. They have a tendency to be very judgemental (on both a positive and negative level), but they HATE to be judged by others.

It is important to be compassionate towards them (even when they're being a jerk) and acknowledge their social importance constantly.

In addition, they need a nurturing and supportive social environment (which they can trust). A negative and/or parasitic and/or dishonest/untrustworthy social environment will completely unbalance a respect-orientated person.

They need people with clear-cut values and they thrive upon those kinds of social environments. Rad Vlad is not exception.

SPIRITUAL/CREATIVE: Vladmir experiences the spiritual/creative world primarily mentally (like Larar Odom). This means that the most important thing in Vladmir's life is faith--faith in others, having others believe in him, and faith in ideals (what is right and wrong).

When these things happen, faith-orientated people (Vlad, Lamar) are able to accomplish amazing things.

They literally use their minds to will reality to shape to their sense of what should happen.

General Patton was faith-orientated. Faith-orientated people make great generals because when they believe in victory, victory is acheived.

Faith-orientated people like to have clear goals and focus their minds upon their goals. When they do so, they focus their perception of reality upon exploring what they already believe is real. Thus their reality begins to conform to their belief and they begin to experience their belief.

This is true both positively and negatively.

It is very important for faith-orientated people to have positive, beneficient beliefs because when their beliefs are negative, the negative begins to become manifest in their lives.

Even worse (for these people) is when they lose faith.

Faith-orientated people need direction. They need focus. When they lose it, they really lose it. They become like people lost at sea, hopeless and unsure of anything. While this experience is painful for anyone, for a faith-orientated person accustomed to navigating life with a warrior's sense of strength, this sense of helplessness separates them from all life and they suffer enormously.

And they must struggle with incredible energy to regain their focus, or they are consumed by their last of focus and meander forever through life like ghosts.

So is true for Rad Vlad.

(And Lamar. You can see why the death of his child was so incredibly painful. It has caused him to reassess everything he believed in life. Poor guy. We don't know how bad he suffered. He has been in hell.)


So Rad Vlad has a particularly POWERFUL (and unbalanced) Bio-Chrono chart.

He is INCREDIBLY mentally orientated. The mind is a double-edged sword, it can cut a path forward with amazing power and precision. It can also trap a person in illusion and suffering.

This is the crux of Vladmir Radmonovich's life.

If any man is a true coach to Rad Vlad, they will respect this fact and strengthen his potential.

They will do so by helping provide a supportive, trustworthy social environment.

They will do so by being honest with Rad Vlad.

They will do so by having respect for Rad Vlad's potential and the incredible power of his mind.

Since Vlad is mental (primarily) on all four levels of perception. Each of those levels magnify the others. Thus, Vlad is even MORE confidence-orientated than other confidence-orientated people. He is even MORE trust-orientated that other trust-orientated people. He is even MORE respect-orientated that other respect-orientated people. He is even MORE faith-orientated that other faith orientated people.

In short, his mind is incredibly power. He literally is psychic. That is no bullcrap. He is.

He is also incredibly vulnerable to negative social environments. Social support is remarkably important to his life. Lack therof will ruin him.

(Andrew Bynum is mental on three of four levels. He is also a very powerful [and vulnerable] Bio-Chrono.) Quite frankly, this team (Lamar, Bynum, and Kobe included) have a hell of a lot of mental energy associated with them. It's a good thing, but our coaches better fricken manage it properly or there is hell to pay.)

In short, Vladmir Radmonovich has the potency of remarkable power. If he (and his social group/coaches--because literally he cannot do it alone) are able to unleash it, he is unbeatable.



P.S. Jordan Farmar also has a great Bio-Chrono reading. Not as extraordinary/unbalanced as Vlad's, but solid. Farmar's next!

P.P.S. Another thing about Rad Vlad (and Lamar Odom for that matter). They are very much about the concept of "TEAM". "Team" is a state for them. If they are with their team, they will work their hearts out for their team's victory. If they feel out of place or unappreciated by their team, they will be particularly uninspired, even unconsciously undermining their forced "team".

So it is very important for these two players to feel important in their team and feel that their personal values are also the values to their group. When this is so, they excel.

No suspicions about why they are letting him go?

You really think we need another SF/SG right now?

Lamar Show,

Does it hurt us if the guys in our lineup team isn't playing? This is my first time playing fantasy so i'm not sure.

I would love to see Jalen Rose in a Lakers uniform.


45 wins would be entirely acceptable if the team is making good progress. This is not going to be a championship year. Next year could be, if the youngsters "grow" a lot this year.


LOL. No, I wasn't making it up about Jerry Buss predicting we were going to win 55 games. I don't remember exactly where I read it but I am sure that I did. Actually, maybe it was 56 games, damn, now I can't remember. haha. That happens when you get older. You know, selective memory. I just remember the things that I want to remember and forget all of the rest. It's the secret to being happy. haha.


Last year we thought Jalen would be released by Toronto and play for minimum with us.
Didn't happen.
He's going somewhere, He's too good to sit at home and watch the games like us on TV. Miami would love to have him and maybe us.


"This is not going to be a championship year."

You can't say that for SURE. There is a good chance that we WON'T win a RING this year. But, I think we have a GOOD chance of winning it ALL this year. Hey when you get to the post season READY, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN.

We got LO, KOBE, KWAME, Mihm, MoEv, VLAD, Luke, Sasha, Cook, BIGGUY, SMUSH, JORDAN and the BEST coach in the HISTORY of the game. And NOONE can count us OUT. (I truley BELIEVE that, last year, IF we beat the SUNS, we would be in the NBA FINALS.)

NBA is becoming more and more LIKE football and baseball, UNPREDICTABLE. It is an OPEN field. Sure, SPURS and SUNS just have our NUMBER but that's what we thought going into the playoffs last year.

I bet alot on SPORTS. (yes I bet on WNBA too, it's just when the NBA season has ended and the sports are slow so you take LA SPARKS. My GIRL thinks I got problems when I do that) And I tell you last NBA YEAR was the most UNPREDICTABLE year basketball had since 1993 (when I started GAMBLING).

so WATCHOUT when you say WE ARE NOT GOING TO, casue we just MIGHT.

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