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On the Odd Chance You Haven't Seen It

Here's the link to yesterday's AP story on Kobe.  Good news for the Lakers- his recovery seems to be right on schedule.


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Yeah I read that story - nice to see #24 getting some decent press finally.

Hey at the end of the last thread I posed an interesting Kobe question. We all know about his awesome offense, but I still say that when needed he is a (if not the) premiere lock down defender.

So the question is - Game on the line, your team up one point, 10 seconds left. Ball in the hands of Dwayne or Nash or LeBron or any great guard or SF. Is there ANYONE in the NBA you'd rather have on D than Kobe?

"Bryant hopes the signing of Vladimir Radmanovic, Maurice Evans and Shammond Williams will strengthen the Lakers."

Oh-oh, wait a minute I didn't read the name of the favorite rookie. It appears that he's not starting after going to several threads of debates that he will lead the Lakers to 'ship. Easy, just kiddin' lol!

The news about Kobe is welcoming relief that the Lakers will have a fantastic season. Hopefully, Chris, Cookie and Lamar are also OK.


Jay Jay,

I go with Artest. Sorry.

I go with Devean George. I think I win.

Jay Jay,

I should elaborate by saying that I picked Artest because in the last couple of years I haven't seen the same intensity on the defensive end from Kobe as I had in years past. That could be attributed to injury or fatigue from the offensive load he had to carry, but either way, I just haven't seen it from Kobe for awhile.

Check this one from Fox Sports posted a few minutes ago today! #24 is #1


Did you see the picture of Kobe that they chose to go along with the article? I can't believe they picked that one!! That's the worst possible picture they could have picked! WHy are all the sportswriters out to get Kobe?

I think Artest is a better overall defender than Kobe, when he has his head screwed on straight. If he does, then I definitely take Artest

Dennis Rodman isn't available so it's got to be Ron Artest, no contest.

About Lamar:

It was at the end of June, this year, only weeks ago, that Lamar's six month old son, Jayden, suffocated. There could be nothing on earth more devistating to dad. I think Lamar will be doing good if he can just return to a full season of basketball this year. I sincerely hope that he performs to his level of capability this year, but don't expect too much from this poor man, or rag on him if he doesn't.

I've said all along that it might have been nice to get him back for a year, maybe two, and maybe not. Losing Bonzai frees up playing time for both Kmart and Garcia, our future. He might be amenable to a cheapy one year contract with the Lakers, a good filler as your players develop.

kobe and kobe then kobe again coz he is clutch he never dails when he is needed (ok he does or we would have won game 6 but he jumps higher than anyone can defend likle the best of them(too bad he isnt as consistent in his D as in his offence) and he always takes it to the nest level when the game on the line.
the bigger the pressure the better he gets.true greatness.

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Lamar Show,

I tell me how does this go? I mean I've heard that you get points or what not for how many points your player scores and all that...but what about defense LOL.

No for real...tell us all about it. How it goes, what happens...cause I basically just joined cause ya told me don't be telling me to jump off a bridge okay? lol.

Jay Jay-

I have to go with Kobe! Artest is physically stronger, but Kobe is quicker and has more hops!

- T-Rock

yeah. . .i was actually looking for a free league

Release Lamar Odom (former Heat star player) for Marbury (Kobe's equal talent).

haha Faith, i would never do that. its pretty simple. during the draft, we all pick our guys.... which basically is your team for the season unless you pick/drop or trade them.

positions are 3 guards, 3 fowards, 1 center, and 2 anything. each position can be played 82 times so dont over play it too much early. there's a bunch of categories... like FG made or FT%. so everyday those gets updated base on how well your guys do.

wont take long for you to get. just make sure you got some good players in mind to draft. thats the most important part ;)


And to think it was actually just a humble 3rd year player out of Marquette who garnered the most coveted award in the National Basketball Association; NBA FINALS MVP. Dwayne Wade only put on a heralded performance of historic proportions. Incredible!!! Who woulda thunk!!!

The truth

Wade? this aint no Miami blog this is the Lakers. "heralded performance"-some of could care less about him. wade could be in the same predicament if not worse if he didnt have all those veterans on that team as the lakers in 04-05.


However, DWade has a Championship ring AND a NBA Finals MVP award. All this thanks to Shaq's 'GUARANTEE' along with the orchestration of Pat Riley, both FORMER Lakers.

Game, Set and Match
Case Closed

The truth



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