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Devin Green Joins the Fun

September 26, 2006 |  9:16 am

As some of you may already know, the Lakers inked Devin Green to a deal going into camp. And with the announcement of an already swollen roster's expansion, the natural speculation for many readers will be that something is indeed a-brewing. Well, not necessarily (and second opinion Eric Pincus would agree).

Yeah, the powers that be obviously want to take look at how Green's much improved Summer League play translates while mixing with the big boys. And if Green (or J.R. Pinnock, or any other "bubble guy") impresses, perhaps an Aaron McKie buyout or a roster space creating trade will be pursued.

But you only can make such decisions by bringing them in for some round ball sessions. And while the cats in question can obviously play — I'd be happy if either made the squad — with all due respect, this is not the biggest decision Mitch Kupchak is gonna make as GM. If Pinnock or Green's presence mostly amounts to a more competitive preseason vibe, that's nothing to complain about. Dudes often get brought in to eventually get cut. That's the nature of the bidness. So in the end, while it's hella fun reading into this stuff (and I dig it as much as any member of the blogging nation), a grain of salt should always be kept on hand.

Very few sodium-heavy substances are required, however, when it comes to Kwame Brown's presence at training camp. Here's Ross Siler's article about the center that came from the interview published earlier.