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Devin Green Joins the Fun

As some of you may already know, the Lakers inked Devin Green to a deal going into camp. And with the announcement of an already swollen roster's expansion, the natural speculation for many readers will be that something is indeed a-brewing. Well, not necessarily (and second opinion Eric Pincus would agree).

Yeah, the powers that be obviously want to take look at how Green's much improved Summer League play translates while mixing with the big boys. And if Green (or J.R. Pinnock, or any other "bubble guy") impresses, perhaps an Aaron McKie buyout or a roster space creating trade will be pursued.

But you only can make such decisions by bringing them in for some round ball sessions. And while the cats in question can obviously play — I'd be happy if either made the squad — with all due respect, this is not the biggest decision Mitch Kupchak is gonna make as GM. If Pinnock or Green's presence mostly amounts to a more competitive preseason vibe, that's nothing to complain about. Dudes often get brought in to eventually get cut. That's the nature of the bidness. So in the end, while it's hella fun reading into this stuff (and I dig it as much as any member of the blogging nation), a grain of salt should always be kept on hand.

Very few sodium-heavy substances are required, however, when it comes to Kwame Brown's presence at training camp. Here's Ross Siler's article about the center that came from the interview published earlier.


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welcome Green! i cant wait for the season to start. im getting cold sweats just thinking about it.


i still can't believe we have aaron mckie is on our team.

Pinnock, Wafer, Green, Profit...Smush, Turiaf...??
Please, let me know what strategy is under way?
Time will tell.
Is Phil behind this?

New Kobe article over at And almost nothign but flattering about Kobe. I'm feelign the twilight zone vibes...

Aaron McKie, if healthy, is much, much more valuable to the team than Green or Pinnock.


Devin Green Signing....

This is definitely an interesting development. At this point, I am not sure what to think about this transaction. On the one hand the Lakers could be simply filling out a practice roster for training camp, making it a certain number in order to give them the flexibility they desire when having their practices. I would equate this the same as a football team calling several guys extra just to fill out their practice squads. In that instance, they really have little desire in signing those extra players.

However, this could be something else all together. It could the Lakers giving Green another opportunity to prove that he deserves a spot. It could be the Lakers giving themselves another opportunity to justify giving him that spot. Or it could even be something much different than that. It could a step in a larger plan by the Lakers to make a couple final changes to the roster before the season begins.

I don't know what I feel about all of that. I understand and would agree with the plan to simply add more bodies for training camp. That's not a bad idea because it allows flexibility during practice. However, I don't know about anything else. I honestly haven't seen enough of him to determine whether or not he even deserves a further look. Shouldn't the Lakers already know by now what he has to offer after having him on the roster for a whole season? Plus, when you are looking at the 13-15 slots, what are you looking for from those guys?

The idea of there being one more trade is a little interesting. However, I see another option for a potential trade, if the Lakers are able to jump in with Denver and Sacramento on the Bonzi trade plan. Maybe we could get something good from Denver as part of that 3-team trade. I don't know.....I just don't see much otherwise.

The bottomline is that I really feel that the 12-man roster is pretty much already set in the minds of the coaches and little if anything can be done to change that....except possibly a surprise trade to bring in a low key quality player as a key reserve.

Here is a very good article on Defense. Maybe we can get the guys to read it.


What I'm looking forward to is a Defenders team with players I care about.

GO Defenders!



Thanks for the link. That was really a fun article. Enjoyed seeing another side of Kobe.


Aaron McKie, if healthy, is much, much more valuable to the team than Green or Pinnock.......3 years ago.

I really like Devin Green's game other than his lack of ability to shoot the ball. He made some strides in that area this summer - so we'll see what happens.

Mckie is done, he needs to just retire - the Lakers don't want him anymore, and no one else will sign him. He has had a solid career though.

Why do people keep linkin emplay's article hes a JOKE.

So is Kwame now saying he enjoys missing free throws instead of dreading it?

I was hoping to read he had been practicing and feels comfortable at the line, but as long as he is happy.

Next thing you know he'll be saying he'll "make 'em when they count."

Memo to Shaq: They all "count"!!!!!

Tom daniels: Kwame shot 22 of 31 or 70% at the line against Phoenix in the playoffs. He also shot that for his entire rookie season (more or less). The point is the dude can shoot freethrows and its just a matter of confidance.

Certainly training camp signings are what they are - there will be more of them next week. Green might be a bit different - like management trying to show the guy a little support. Remember, nobody gave him much of a chance this time last year - he was just a camp longshot. Somehow he managed to outlast guys like Bobbit and Conroy. His new K probably has some kind of D-team option with some incentives thrown in... they want to keep the guy in the system.

Why dont Lakers bring Nick Van Exel back =D It might be fun . .



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