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An Update on Kwame

Ross Siler from the Los Angeles Daily News had a lengthy convo with Kwame Brown. Here's what the Lakers' most yoked dude had to say about his offseason workouts, the pressure of wearing a purple and gold uni, and his odds of a breakout season (assuming he can, as he puts it, "catch this damn ball").


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Brown's comments on his workouts and workign on skillsets? Music to ears.

Brown's comments on the new ball? Eh...not so much.

Geez guys, my cup runneth over with not one, but two incredible interviews!
Thanks K-bros! (And thank you Mr. Siler even if I didn't know and don't care that you blog existed!)
I am gratified (mixed with more than a dollop of relief) that both Kwame and Socks seem so much on the same page.
I get a sense of purposeful direction from both guys in terms of where they want both their individual game and the team's game to go, and that is saying a lot.
Both come of as "PROFESSIONAL" people, especially when you consider that Kwame has such a reputation for being disinterested and a bit of a flake, and Mr. Baby Bynum is so young (still 18). Their answers are not unemotional, but they are literate, relevant, and even insightful at times.
I feel so much better about the Lakers after reading both interviews.
Lastly, I got the feeling that both were sincere in their answers and weren't "fronting". Sure Sonny will try to spin Bynum admitting to a mistake into something negative, but at least for me, two wrongs ain't never gonna make a right.

In this blog...we always talk about why Kwame needs to be coddled...or how his previous coaches and team management has screwed him up...there are no better telling words:
"I’m like, `Wow, he’s still not killing me.’ It was crazy to see that approach. Most coaches, they can’t do that. This is a business. It would have been easy for him to say, `We’ve got this guy, he ain’t doing (anything), and that would have been it.’
That’s the true meaning of a coach, when he can lift a player up. I’m not saying everybody should do that, but some guys need different stuff."

I also love how Kobe is being..."It’s good to have him around because he’s always going to talk positive for us. If you’re missing shots, the key words you always remember him saying is, `Will it in.’ You get down, he’s always saying something that reinforces you in a strong way instead of a weak-minded way." Go Kobe!

That said...we need the Kwam to show us all he's got...especially these next couple of seasons as we take steps toward that Chip.

Not quite K Bros style...but it will do lol. Good Shtuff. I have to say though, I missed the humorous McDonalds questions and the Von Wafer references haha.

Now that is encouraging.

Let's Go Lake Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Good Stuff,
Go Lakers!!!!!

Most yoked? I read that Kwame is 270 and Bynum was 285-289. They both do weights. I'll be interesting if Baby Bynum can get 15 minutes a game this season.


Mike T,

Bynum may outweigh Kwame, but Kwame is definitely more yoked. Dude is scary muscular/cut.


That was a great interview with Kwame. I think I speak for all Laker fans when I say 15 and 10 sounds like an excellent goal! Was it me, or did Kwame say he was working on getting his legs "BIGGER and STRONGER"? Is that even possible?

- T-Rock

What's scary is the Kwame worked out his legs during the off-season. Can you imagine this guy with larger legs than last season?


I think Kawame will be a success if he only averages 12/8 for the year. However, he must also be THE defensive presence in the middle (perhaps with Mihm sometimes coming to block shots off the weak side).
We have enough offense to win games. I think Kawame got it right when he said it is the d that really needs to improve. He will HAVE to be the guy who erases the perimiter players' mistakes. That is all I really want from him this year. If he does that then 2007-8 will take care of itself.
Please lets not get into the usual fan mode - where we demand all these points from every player. Please! Please!

Craig W,

I agree! We can have everyone one scoring a bunch of points. I think Kwawe has to be judged by his defensive impact. That's what I'm going to be watching. His offense is gravy to me.


And speaking of Kwame, for those access, there's a new article listing him as one of 5 "Time to Put up or Shut Up" Players (the other four being Baron Davis, K-Mart, Darius Miles and DeShawn Stevenson). Check it out if you're intrigued.


Mike T/Craig,

I think with Kwame, while he obviously needs to contribute offensively on some level, it's not so much the specific amount he scores (15, 12, or whatever) as him simply becoming enough of a scoring threat that teams need to account for him. For the first half or so, he was so lost offensively that he basically left the Lakers playing 4 on 5. During the second half, he was inconsistent, but also had games where he made opponents pay for ignoring him. It would be great to see more of that.

Obviously, if Kwame can start putting 15 a night, sweet. You won't hear me bitching about it (haha). But I just wanna see him keeping defenses a little more honest.


CATCHING the damn ball
(Mike I read your post on Kwame)

Last year when KB54 was missing some games, likes of Melvin Ely were putting an spanking on our D. The career BENCH WARMER big men, were not only having CAREER night, all of them KNEW how DIESEL was feeling in a regular basis. POWA. Pau Gasol took the offenseless GRIZZ past us single handedly and it went ONnON. When Kwame came back we then really realize, what could BROWN do for us. I don't think Kwame will have any PROBLEMS and I believe He can D-his man-UP amongst the BEST in the league(his STRIKING lower body strength is the reason) as far as CLOSING down the paint, meaning block shots, taking charges and so on, those should come in now that he knows he is a CENTER. MY CONCERN with KB54 IS NOT ON THE D-SIDE, AT ALL. Although essential to the success of the team, I am CONFIDENT he'll have very little problem on the D when playing CENTER. my CONCERN is him CATCHIN the damn ball. in TRIANGLE O, catchin and passing are what makes or breaks the flow of the offense, thus maximizing every offensive position, thus being on POSITION on the D, thus WINNING. since KWAME will be ONE of the ANGLES of the triangle Lakers are gonna run, and he's benn getting better and better in PASSING the ball, the QUESTION REMAINS: Can he catch the DAMN passes, DAMN loose balls , DAMN REBIES, and DAMN Ally OOPS? if YES, the WESSIDE, already pretty THICK, CONTENDER list is gonna be THICKERRR.

Kwame could get 15 points a game just by making the easy shots that are created by the double teams of Kobe and Lamar.

Laker 97 NBA Champions


Man, we are going to freaking ROCK this season!

I may revise my estimation from Western Conference Finals to NBA Finals.

Michael T.,

I admired your loyalty to Kwame. Now I really admire it.

(Even though you are completely wrong about Chris Mihm.)

What I am so absolutely happy about is the positive attitude all of the players are displaying! It is so fantastic. Everyone who remembers the good/bad years of Kobe/Shaq and winning in a strange, twisted environment of backbiting and drama, knows that's not the way to spiritually build a team.

We're going to have it next year. A team that believes in itself. Damn!

I just can't wait.

God Bless the Lakers.


Vlad making (like ) 200 shots in a row!

That's what I'm talking about!

Remember I still owe Farmar and Rad Vlad their Bio-Chrono readings. They'll come when camp begins.

Vlad is literally psychic. Literally. I'm not screwing around. So... everyone noted how when he chose the Lakers at the 11th hour he stated "I just felt it was the right decision in my gut."

Well, it's the right decision, because the guy's fricken psychic.

The Lakers are going to rock this year.


Mike T.,

I guess you were wrong about how Phil was approaching coaching Kwame (negatively by pulling him after every mistake is what I remember you saying). I definitely like what both Kwame and Bynum had to say. Seems like they both had a good off-season and everyone knows that defense is the key.

10 days to training camp. I can't wait for the season to start!


K Brothers,

You guys have to step up your game. Ross Siler's got your number.


That interview with Kwame really bodes well for the Lakers. With good health and attidudes like that then 55 (or 60) games is fully attainable. This whole season is unfolding its pages like a long, thought-provoking, mysterious book that we can all settle down to read in front of the fireplace. And hope for a happy ending.

I have said it before and i will say it again Kwame will atleast average 13-8 this year or surprisely 15-10 if he really improves on his game.

he's gonna have a excellent year and alot of the media people outside of LA will take notice.

Another great interview...looks like AK/BK have some competition lol.

I'm really pleased to hear that Kwame has been busting his butt this offseason. If he can seriously work on that jump hook and work on his 15 foot jumper the guys going to be a load to deal with. A guy with his physical gifts could easily be the second best player on this LA team, and that Caron Butler trade would be an absolute steal.

It's also great to hear the Kwam talking about defensive rotations and the screen and roll. My favorite part of the interview was when Kwame said "we'll be as good as our defense lets us." We all know that defense was the difference in the PHX series and defense wins championships.

If Kwame and Bynum rock this season plus Kobe, LO and Vlad I'll join Mike T.'s bandwagon of 60 wins & Western Conference finals against Spurs. After hearing Kwame, that adds a lot of confidence from hungry Laker fans. I'll be waiting what Smush, Sasha and Chris Mihm would be saying? I'm sure AK/BK will also interview the new guys like Radman, Evans, Williams, Farmar and Pinnock. Lakers will be rockin' again. haha!

NOW I'm getting excited! Things are starting to warm up a bit with some news of progress.

I agree 12-8, even 10-7 consistently from Kwame would be fine. Having any kind of threat from the post will help everything else. And I think this team will be fine overall offensively.
Nice to hear both Kwame and Bynum talking about defense. To make any kind of run in the post season, defense HAS to be the focus. Much of defense is mental, and playing good D must become a habit for these guys. They might as well start from the beginning of the year. MAKE it a habit.

****Music to the Ears of Lakers Fans****

Where to start with that great interview of Kwame Brown?

To begin with, that may have been one of best interviews ever from a fan’s point of view and, as Ross Siler so aptly put it “music to the ears of Lakers fans.” The questions were great and Kwame’s answers were nothing short of incredible.

Either Mike T. secretly scripted Kwame’s answers or Kwame himself has been reading posts on the LA Times Lakers Blog. Or we are starting to see a wonderful maturing of a talented young player we desperately need to become great.

As physically talented as Kwame is, it has always been the mental side of his character and game that’s been in question. Kwame took a giant first step here by telling us not to worry. He has his head screwed on right and his focus on winning.

While it’s easy to figure out what is the “right” answer to an interviewer’s question, it’s much harder to fake the intelligence and insight that Kwame exhibited in his responses. You can actually see the young man growing up before our eyes.

As a person, I was impressed by the maturity and respect imbued in Kwame’s comments about his interactions with Phil Jackson, Mitch Kupchak, and teammate Chris Mihm. Kwame is maturing into an intelligent and responsible young man.

As a player, I was surprised by the basketball smarts Kwame showed discussing adjusting to cutters in the Triangle offense and defending the pick and roll. I have long advocated that we “trap and rotate” on pick and rolls, like Ben Holland at UCLA.

You have to love Kwame carrying around Phil’s 15 and 10 note, his comments about catching the ball or losing game 6. But the hands down winner is ““I can’t wait for training camp.” That says it all for all of us,


LakerTom -

It was joyful to watch.

If Kwame averages 13-8 expect a 2nd round appearance if he gets 15-10 get you're WCF tickets ready.... this season is gonna be full of magic for the Lakers and us.

What a great, great interview. Kwame sounds intelligent, psyched, energetic, and incredibly present.

This blog is very seriously the best thing to ever happen for Lakers fans in the context of the media. Please, God, keep up the good work. THANK YOU. For real.

Kwame is pretty buff. I saw him next to Jermaine O'Neal and he made him look skinny.

I'm glad Kwame is gaining confidence and he's working hard. I like Kwame a lot, with confidence and working along side Kobe and Phil, he can contribute a lot.


Phil's already working on the future prospects of the Lakers(maybe.) Today the L.A Dfenders had tryouts and Phil was there, also Smush.

I think I am starting to like Smush (NOOO!!!!, haha) it seems he's always there with the Lakers into the team and all that they do. Maybe I'll give him a chance, but I have to wait until the season begins, or if AK/BK interwiew him and I like what he says,haha.

What a difference a season makes for both Kwame and Bynum!!

All ready a good start for our boys. This summer has been productive to both. Hopefully, their hard work will materialize this upcoming season. But, it sounds like they are both focused, driven, and hungry!!

Represent the PURPLE N' GOLD!!!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!

K Bros -

Thanks for passing on a GREAT interview!

I loved it when he said he freaked out watching Rad put in "200 shots in a row." Wow if Rad can get those open jumpers, Kwame can be the stud he's meant to be, and Kobe and LO can be Kobe and LO, we just might become an elite team in the West. Especially with Mihm, Luke, Evans, and Bynum coming off the bench.

Now if we ONLy had a decent point guard......

I cant wait for the NBA season to begin. Two great interviews.

Mike T.
Nice analysis on the previous thread. As far as Kwame's numbers I think him just being consistent would be good enough. He's not really reliable on some nights but nowing that u can count on him to produce and showing progress is a good sign. 15/10 is great but i would also like for him to be that defensive presence and if 15/10 is great then throwing in 2 bgp would be a perfect season for him (at this stage in his career). Cant wait...... for now the NFL is the filler for another month.


Know I have made respect for you now, we have been asking for this interview and for whatever the problem with your bosses was we did not get it. But you provide it the best way you could and none of us would have found it. Mad respect for that!
It is nice to know that Kwame did not spend any time away from the game and as MK told him for get conditioning work on your skills when training camp come we will work on that. In short if you have no skills conditioning is no good. Still the games will tell how hard he actually works.

Here’s a video of Jordan Farmar promoting the preseason opener. He talks about the fans and his expectations, Kobe, etc.

I like his attitude, he has a lot of confidence in him and he works at his game.

What I've noticed with the recent interviews to Andrew, Kwame and Jordan is that these players are learning by example. They are inspired by Kobe and his work ethic, the 3 mention the same thing they get confidence in watching Kobe.

This is really turning into Kobe's team; they are an extension of his work ethic. And is great to see that the players understand that is just about one thing winning.
It seems strange to here players embracing Kobe's work ethic, since not a lot of players have the discipline to work out early in the morning and improve on their game.

Like Luke Walton told Dan Patrick on his radio show, Kobe is always in the gym working out with all of us. I've talked to many players from other teams and they say their superstars always work out alone. Kobe is not like that he's in the gym w/us.

great Socks interview AK BK arigato!!

i think we're all ignoring the fact that either Kwame moves to the PF (which isnt in the teams best intrest, aparrently) or we have two really good centers only playing 24mins a game

or we trade one of them. . .

best to ignore for now eh

How is Kwame going to average 15 if he can't catch the new ball? I mean, if it's harder to grip than the old one...

Great interview.

I think the most positive point to take away from the interview is that Kwame understands that he is not the focal point of the team. Unlike in Washington, he's not expected to be a leader on the team, expected to carry a heavy load. He seems to understand that the main guys (Kobe, LO, even RadMan, etc.) are going to take up most of the offense, his job is to fill in the blank spaces left over. He also seems to understand that most of his impact, and perhaps his most most important contribution, is going to come on the defensive side of the ball. It's always a great sign when a guy has a clear view of what his role is. I think he understands now that his job is to be a bruiser, a "big" big man. The guy's body is agift, and it seems he finally is planning to use it.

Great news for the upcoming season. Don't need to get hopes up too high, but things are certainly looking up.

Cali King

It comes down to one thing, a common thread: Kobe is the leader. He is inspiring them. He has only positive comments about the team. Last year, in some of our worst losses, he was positive about the future. We were disgusted and he was looking ahead.

This is Kobe's team. We can't lose with so much spirit.


ps: What a difference with Shaq's attitude.

ABOUT TIME ! Thanks guys I was wondering if we'd EVER get some fresh news since training camp is only a few days away ! Excellent job ! A healthy season for our boys will lead to HUUUUUUGE things !

i watched an american football match where the player couldnt catch the ball so they stuck glue on his hands to help him.wanna give it a try,haha.
no i think whith the new confidence and a tender touch he will catch the ball and make the shots,but wat suprises me is he can get rebounds but not catch it.i think with a litle less rebounding from lo kwame could easily look at 15 10.

There's another difference with Shaq's attitude. He would never come out on the pick-and-roll, which was a well-known glaring weakness of the championship Lakers. But instead of recognizing the need to work on it, the way Kwame is doing, he hid behind his self-adulation when he called himself the Most Dominant Ever. It was an excuse to avoid any kind of work ethic by virtue of the fact that he was simply bigger and wider than everyone else (with some very real skills attached, nevertheless, especially in his footwork). A team that doesn't address its problems is bound to have more of them.

The only problem Shaq tried actively to solve -- instead of minimizing it, the way he did with freethrows -- was negotiating a superhuman contract extension, which he might have had if had shown an ability to work on solving problems. But how could Dr Buss have confidence in a dude who said he was too dominant to work on weaknesses, chose to take medical leave on company time and was leading a team that failed to dominate two years running, in spite of the fact that he was at the summit of his career before an inevitable decline?

Kwame ain't Shaq, but his attitude shows growth is possible, not just a personal level, but also at the team level. Kobe's teammateds are showing that he's the kind of leader that can give coherence to a collective effort, not just wow them with size and force (Shaq) or spectacular skills (such as Kobe's own). Getting the guys on the same page is what it's all about and the interviews seem to indicate that's what's happening. Hell, Shaq was proud of bringing in Malone and Payton and none of them were on the same page (though Malone dug in and actually helped with his immense skills, so long as he remained healthy).

GREAT interview, thanks for the links fellas. THose help me immensely since I am fient for some bball action and can't wait any wait much longer!
Just wanted to comment of how Kwame IS growing and maturing. This has ALWAYS been, in my mind, Kwame's weak point. I have never felt that he lacks the size, strength, or skills to be a special player, it was always his mins state and emotional disconnect that has been the issue. I see his a lot of growth and maturation in the little time he's been in LA and I think its wonderful.
I dont like to place numbers and stats to measure playing ability and contributions because I feel they are misleading and innacurate. But I do feel, and I've posted this seniment many many times before, but Kwame should definitely average a double double. He has all the tools needed to be that kind of player, it's all up to him. And by the looks and sounds of things, this is the year! Go LA! We taking it next year!

No need for Kwame/Bynum to score 15, it's OK to score single digits as long as they can also limit their guard assignments to single digits. Can you imagine they could check Duncan, Nowitski, Amare, Brand, Gasol, Randolf, K-Mart, Yao, Artest & KG to single digit? that's a tough order, that would surely propel Lakers to the win column in every game.

Kobe needs to facilitate, get shots off for his teammates, while everybody plays team defense. AND then Kobe gets into his killer mode in the 4th quarter


good stuff guys. i've always had faith in kwame. with an nba build like his it was only a matter of time when he aligns his skills and his psyche to be atleast a decent big man for us. gotta give props to PJ for having the ability to squeeze out more out of these players. kwame gets down on himself when he has bad games or in his case a bad career but if he can stay healthy and be productive this season, he'll let go of all that pressure of being picked number 1 and just play the game. if kwame and bynum develops to be forces on the defensive side of things we are gonna see this offense just blow up run and gun style with kobe and lamar going off to the races. CANT WAIT!

Kwame Go For IT!!!
Dang this guy has got a body that should be feared all over the NBA. Like Karl Malone was, he is the muscle for the Lakers. He was great in the series against what was Diaw 6'6" and who else did they have - oh yeah that perimeter guy that killed us Tim Thomas.
I really like the fact Phil is looking for these multimillion dollar players to shoot 80-85% from the charity stripe. Great point. And to take it easy on the youngster all season that was really sweet too!
Sad to hear he doesn't like the ball, I mean he has to have the worst hands in basketball, and now he doesn't like the ball. Whew, I may be wrong but this guy has to step up huge and make a difference right away or this team is going to back to Kobe vs. the world.
His attitude is good and I hope with Kobe and Phil nurturing his confidence he realizes the NBA is his to rule.

Good Interview and Props to Ben Stiller.
Now its time to meet the Parents - members of the BLOG!
Why doesn't anyone ever ask what is wrong with his hands? hahaha... He needs to know his grips are horrible! Medicine ball workouts, hard and fast passes. Maybe Farmar's touch and skill for delivering the rock will be the difference.

Kobe is going to have to step up into Michael mode and demand more from these guys. Commitment to workouts and practice are a huge part of winning (TO - Iverson, don't count)Every great team has to have cohesiveness and I think we have all argued enough about whether Mihm or Kwame should start, with what Kwame produces against that short staff of Phoenix he should be the man. The big question will be if he and Mihm can coexist or compliment each other on the floor. The propensity they both have for giving up bad fouls we may need them both, and Bynum too, especially if we are playing choke-foul shooters like Tim Duncan and Shaq.
I loved Kwame and Bynums positive vibration and want to hear from Lamar and Mihm just as bad.
Lamar is on the hot seat probably worse than any player there is on the team, his mental health seems to be fine since he is out doing Hip Hop videos and better be thinking about being Kobe's Pippen. The death of his Grandma was huge motivator so possibly his son will inspire him also, this guy is all about family and has like 25 relatives in college due to his generosity. I just want him to come in a little greedy and try to be ready to make a difference and blow by the PF, SF and Centers of the league.

Tsphere makes a great point in SHAQs team was there but not together, no reason why that alent sholdn't have dominated the NBA. Well, Phil was the reason and not playing to players strengths was really eveident. But this team has a good attitude and the deferring attitude and recognition of who the true all-star is in Kobe is awesome to see and hear. Kobe is a born leader and is truly growing into the role that Phil should have been nurturing since the first Championship season. Shame on Phil but here we are and the truth is this team can be the epitomy of what growth is all about, so much potential and so many complimentary personalities is a great plus to starting a season.

I never really saw Farmar so close up- dude has some funny ears! Sign of intelligence - I know I got 'em too! He is going to be a real push on smush.

Dime magazine had this on their daily fox blog/report:

In a Q & A with the L.A. Daily News, Kwame Brown said that Phil Jackson set a goal for him this year; to average 15 and 10. Phil put the numbers on a card which Kwame still has in his wallet. And asked if this could be his breakout year, Kwame said, “Yeah. I don’t like saying that because every year I’ve said that, I’ve gotten hurt. After my third year, I had a great finish with the Wizards, then I broke my foot that summer.” …

And in the L.A. Times, Andrew Bynum was talking about his summer league experience and in particular, one game against the Grizzlies. “I couldn’t get the ball against Memphis,” Bynum said. “That big kid (Andreas Glyniadakis) was high-siding and he had help from behind and I got frustrated, so I just stopped working hard, calling for the ball and holding my position.” Back it up, Andrew: That big kid? We looked up Glyniadakis, and he was born in 1981. Bynum was born in ’87 …

So I guess magazines and other blogs look at this blog for info.

Both interviews were great!!!!!! I'm glad to see that our team is really rallying around, and getting confidence from Kobe. I really think we can do big things this year if we really gel as a team.

PS: Can you imagine how much it's killing some of these guys in the media to hear that Kobe is a good teammate and is actually encouraging the players around them?!!! Someone needs to send some of these interviews to Simers, and Plashcke.

hello, hello!!!

mom from miami is happy to say at this time i can forget bout my husband drivin me nuts and shed some tears of joy for the gold and purple. great interviews, indead. i'm happy for bynum and kwame, now i really can't wait for the season to start.

go lakers , it's your season!!! huh! huh! huh!!!

got to go my kid needs some chocolate milk

Good interview. Kwame is not stupid, and if he can get his mind right consistently then he is a tough matchup, esp. with Lamar at the 4, Vlad droppin bombs at the 3 and Kobe being himself. Good to hear that Vlad's been practicing with the guys, impressing people with his accuracy. I truly believe that a lot of people are underestimating the ability that this Laker team will have to stretch the floor and create good looks.

I wonder how Lamar's mental state is after the death of his child.

That's got be a tremendously difficult blow to bounce back from.


Nah, Weave-man...they'd just ignore it, or worst say they thought that all along, then continue to bash (so it's really a no win situation for them haha).

Nah, Weave-man...they'd just ignore it, or worst say they thought that all along LOL, truer words have never been spoken.

I don't know what it's going to take to get the media to give Kobe a little love, but when it happens I will definitely be one of the happiest people on the planet.

Hi Guys!

Though I love Kobe(and by extension the team he is on - the Lakers) - I dont see why the excitement and hopes from a simple interview.

I hate to burst all the fans bubble(I am one too) - but saying and doing are completely different things.

Lets see what happens when the season opens.

Meanwhile, AK/BK are WAY behind on their assessments, on their "Know thy enemy". How many teams have we done so far ? Weve still got 5-6 teams in the West plus the 15 from the East. And no time to get the assesments done. Get cracking!


I don't know if we had planned on getting into the East in the same kind of depth as the WC. Honestly, does it matter in terms of the playoff seeding if Detroit is better than the Lakers? Not in practical terms. But I'm sure we'll go over them. Knowledge is power.


You're right, Kwame isn't stupid. Not by a long shot. That's always one of the things that I hope people understand when I question his basketball IQ, I'm talking about his innate hoops instincts, and general ability to find flow in the game. But his actual IQ seems pretty high. That he's not an intelligent kid isn't a fair criticism. If anything, I think he probably thinks too much rather than too little.



Go east. Sign with the Heat or Bobcats.

36 days and a wake-up.

Some of you shift like the wind. Just a couple weeks ago you were throwing out all of these negative statements and saying that Kwame, Bynum, Vlade and some many of the others have so much to improve on. While I agreed withat (in a sense), I also saw that in your stating that you were leaning towards the side of doubt whether they could make the improvements.

However, after a couple of interviews, now you are pronouncing that it is going to be a great season. The only thing that changed from a couple of weeks is that now you have read transcripts of them talking.

This is why I have a problem with several of you on here because you are so inconsistent in your comments. Plus, you are so impatient, in that you always to hear or see more, instead of waiting to see what happens in the normal course of time.

I have said it sense the day Phil came back that the Lakers would be fine. In fact, I said that they would be fine the day Shaq was traded. All they need is just a little time. If you can just sit back and wait, you will see this Lakers' team do some pretty nice things this season. I am not putting a limit on how good they can be this season because I believe that the potential is just that great.

Nice interviews over the weekend. It's always nice to know that Kwame knows what he has to do. Sometimes I wonder when he's out there on the court.

He was complaining about the ball; sounds like a built in excuse for when he bumbles the ball around next year.

I liked what I read out of Kwame though. He's definitely on the right track, and with his god-gifts, he's going to be a force. 15/10 seems out of his range but would be a pleasant surprise. We'd be a championship squad if Kwame can put up an efficient 15/10 every game.

All I have to say is this, BRING ON THE LAKERS!!
I love football but Bball by far is my heart and soul -- and since I no longer live in NYC, I long for the days of watching bball on the courts (the Cage in particular) just the parks -- I dont have that luxury where I live so I need and depend on the NBA..

Great interviews! All Kwame needs is two baskets a quater, thats all! Let's work on rotating on the P&R and we'll rock.
Can't wait for the season... GO LAKERS!!!


We are all Laker fans, sometimes we may be critical with their bummed games in the past but we always hope and dream for improvement. In fact, that allegiance could change again if they show no heart or exhibit poor mental attitude in their games in the future. At this time of the year, a Laker fan will always exhibit a degree of optimism with the chances of the team as a whole and celebrate for any happy news he gets about the members of the team. Are you not happy the way Bynum and Kwame responded to their interview, their responses manifested some maturity and dedication to their work for next season?

Like I've said, Phil is doing great work with Kwame, using positive reinforcement, clear and incremental goals, and appropriate and targeted criticism. I think the most telling part of the interview was Kwame's response as to whether this will be a breakout year for him. He was reluctant to agree, which, to me, means he is focused on what he can accomplish in the present. PJ does such a good job of getting players to focus on their particular responsibilities within the team concept.

I'm on the Kwame bandwagon with Mike T.!

Kwame's Hands;

Kwame Brown can bulk up his body all he wants to look like Shaq or even better yet the Incredible Hulk. However if Kwame can't catch and control a Basketball during the action of an NBA game, all that work goes to waste, unless he is going into Modeling or Body Building. Another great acquisition by the brilliant Mitch Kupchak!!

The truth

....and nothing but!

I really am impressed with Kwame's attitude. He seems much more mature and more confident. However,I think it will be hard for Kwame to avg 15 and 10 espeically now that we added Vlad. I say realistically, he can probably avg 10 and 7... which is decent.


Kobe 28 4 6
Lamar 18 9 7
Kwame 10 7 2
Vlad 15 4 2
Smush 10 3 4

There's another difference with Shaq's attitude. He would never come out on the pick-and-roll, which was a well-known glaring weakness of the championship Lakers.", (by: Tsphere | September 24, 2006 at 09:19 AM)

Correct, the only thing The MOST DOMINANT Center in the NBA did was 'pick and roll' his way to WIN ANOTHER NBA CHAMPIONSHIP with ANOTHER TEAM in ANOTHER CONFERENCE, with A NEW SUPPORTING CAST of Players. All Shaq did while 'picking and rolling' was DELIVER on a PROMISE to bring an NBA Championship to the City of Miami. While along the way 'picking and rolling' to only make Dwayne Wade famous worldwide. Shaq came out and 'picked' DWade to win the coveted NBA Finals MVP award while 'rolling' toward his FOURTH NBA Championship Title.

All goes to show another of the brilliant moves by the astute Mitch Kupchak who got 'picked and ROLLED OVER'(on his stomach)all for Kobe Bryant.

The truth

...and it hurts!

Sad but true;

While Kobe Bryant fans keep FANTASIZING about future Laker NBA Titles with fervent dreams reminicent of a group of NBA Fans who grace sidewalks of Small Market Arenas like a group of Zombies lined up for just for the give-aways. This is like a group of down-troddent, hopeless Basketball fans. All giving way to blind leaps of faith and promises like the infamous 'snake-oil' faith healers. General Managers who promise to anoint fans each season of fielding a championship caliber team.

The Miami Heat lead by The MOST DOMINANT Center in the NBA only just won their first and Shaq's FOURTH NBA Championship Title. While DWade only just garnered an NBA MVP award.

While we see DWade eloquently hawking Lincoln Navigators during NFL timeouts. DWade also provides an important yet simple message to the youth regarding the principle of 'SHARING' and 'Caring'.

We have Kobe Bryant is trying to rehab his tarnished image after 'FORCING' himself on some 'unknown', broke, nasty, no-panty changing, multiple partner having within a 24 hr period, double nasty Colorado Hotel Clerk. All while NOT wearing a BASIC necessity,...a CONDOM!!! Did he need trainer Gary Vitti to show him how to put one on?!!!!

The WRONG Laker was traded.

The truth

Man there's nothing like one of Steven's rants to lightne up the mood around here. They're so hilarious lol.

steven,usually i dont respond to u coz i dont skoop to a level so low,but i must say 2 things:
first are u blind,or stupid,i think both.
second man get a life,better off get a girlfriend. just get a life. didnt address the problem

his pick and roll DEFENSE

i have a question for you, i would like to know the truth

how many more years does the MDE have left as the MDE?? (assuming for arguments sake that he still is)

i wait in glee for you to answer so that i can pick it apart bit by bit. . .(everyone else: yes im THAT bored)

or not

If Shaq had come out on the pick-and-roll we would have two more Championship not one but two. The only reason is promise came true is because PRiley is a smarter coach then PJ when Shaq was not producing in the finals Riley gave the ball to Dwade and let him do is thing, the only agenda was to win a Championship, PJ was trying to get someone traded.
And that is the truth
That is why he had got kick out!!!


You must keep up your 'Purple & Gold' force training so you can resist the 'Stupid Side' of the force. 'Darth Steven', 'Master of the Stupid Side' is on the prowl for more followers of is insidious 'Stupid Side'.

His most powerful 'Stupid Power Words' are the following:


He uses his stupid powers to disguise the real translation, 'The Most Stupid Poster Ever' & 'That's the Real Truth and Nothing but the Truth'

You can return to the path or righteousness by using your common sense and actually doing some research into basketball. Get plenty of DVD's on the history of the 'Purple & Gold' and you will be immune to 'Steven's Stupid Side Powers'.

I felt a confluence in the 'Purple & Gold' and his revealed to me a link describing the Lakers signing 'Devin Green'

May the 'Purple & Gold' be with you always!!!!


No respect from Tony Mejia on Lakers' PG's.

Kwame's impact next year won't even be seen in the box score.


More regression from, Steven - great!
Shaq is gone, bye!
If you love him so much then follow him to Miami already...

Shaq was down to what, 18 points a game - couldn't be left in the game at the end (same as when he was a Laker- really dominating in the last 2 minutes) because of 38% Free Throw shooting. Had the best back-up of his career deliver more defense and blocked shots in a 1/3 of the minutes and is now sitting down eating pizza still thinking about training camp where he will more than likely be 30-50 lbs. overweight.

He is a helluva leader though, boy it amazes me he and Kobe didn't get along better, considering the amount of time he works on his game. How in shape he is every season and off season. No one that dominant should ever have to work hard on his game in the off-season, or even think of taking advantage of allowing the greatest center if all time KAJ to help him with improving a muscle game that will not last. I hope Shaq can still dunk, that is all he ever had. It was sad to see every year, such a waste of talent and such a poor attitude towards improving his game and adding a new dimension to it every year. He brought us two trophy chasers in Payton and Malone, but forgot to improve his own game. He sure knew a lot about pick and roll- San Antonio and Sacramento killed him with it almost every time they played. He has a great blocked shot average too – once again Mourning outshines him in the Finals. Nice of him to be such a good guy and allow Wade to be the leader of the team. I guess him watching Kobe blow by him year after year was a little too personal to take. So if Kobe never wins another title will Shaq be considered the better player to have on your team? Nahhh - when it all said and done we will still be talking about Kobe and MJ along with Elgin Baylor, Dr.J, ...the men that always seemed to want the ball at the end of games. The guys that could make miracles happen and deliver baskets from anywhere on the court.

Oh yeah and how many people do you know that yell at their boss continue to be employed by them.

We are rebuilding and no Shaqs or even anyone close is available, we don't have that option and we have to promote from within and hope for huge performances from a lot of guys who are on the bubble years of their careers. Maybe a few surprises (Vlad Rad hitting 3's) and some serious effort on defense (Kwame banging) can will us to win a few games more than last year. If we are in the playoffs again then watchout, because I just don't see the meltdown happening twice not with the master Phil and a motivating Kobe pushing these guys all season to beleive they can do better.
ONE REBOUND AND A Second round birth was ours, the league hasn't changed drastically and honestly I would have loved to play Denver or the Clippers then the Mavs- we even looked good against Shaq and his group, who knows this team is right around the corner on getting a lot of pieces to come together.

Did I get that right 38% Free Throw Shooting…in the NBA 20-25 million and 38% FT Did I get that right 38% Free Throw Shooting…in the NBA 20-25 million and 38% FT
Did I get that right 38% Free Throw Shooting…in the NBA 20-25 million and 38% FT
Sorry for the 3- Peat it just scares me to think, he really thinks he is the Most Dominant ever. Sorry we lost that guy too, we might have had some seriously ugly looking teamwork happening, although I just don’t think I would have ever wanted to see that Laker Finals team ever play together again. The level of play has diminished so badly that teams that should crush another team Mavs vs. Heat just crumble when one star ala KOBE , or our new star D Wade gets going and no one can stop him. Why didn’t Wade have that kind of game in the USA vs. Greece…yeah, I would still take Kobe over Wade –right Steven?!!!
Shaq is gone we got what we got, Kupchak is a yes man, he enjoys his life and wants to remain employed so he doesn’t yell obscenities at his boss and he is trying his best to clean up the mess that Shaq made…OK…quit blaming Kobe he is the best thing we have and I personally believe he will suffer maybe one more season of challenges and we are going to the Finals. The way he take care of himself he could be playing another 8 years and be awesome. No one rolled over except for Shaq, he is more to blame than anyone and possibly Phil for not managing these players and their egos. Then Kobe still had the oppurtunity to leave the mess Shaq created but remained loyal to his Boss- Mr. Buss, the Lakers organization and us the fans. I bet he has never even sworn a foul word in the direction of Mr. Buss.

There are two things most that I find most telling from Kwame's interview:

1) That he knows that his only real weakness that came out of last year was his inability to consistently catch the ball. He may be currently "coddled" by PJ, but PJ is also still letting the important criticisms leak through. Kwame seems to be taking the criticism he is getting in a mature manner. He, in fact, used the exact phrase we've been using here on the Blog for at lest three months, "Just catch the damn ball!"

His maturity and grace under fire are really encouraging.

2) Second, what are all these reporters seeing with Kobe and his teammates? What Kwame and Bynum have both said is that Kobe is always ultra positive and encouraging. These idiots are apparently not doing their homework. They seem to take an individual bad incident and project that onto the entire relationship between the two players.

What these players are telling us is that Kobe is encouraging and positive. Also, it looks like there is just a little bit more trust there then maybe we can see. Kobe seems to believe in this team. Plus, they both seem real eager to please Kobe, and they don't seem afraid of him. Respectful, but not afraid.

I think LO's overly respectful attitude when he first got here maybe made some think that Kobe was the cause of that and just that LO's reaction was a manifestation. I think the truth is more that LO is just naturally not a leader but is incredible skilled. We just needed to see LO mature a little, grow into manhood a little, and not read too much into the way he was when he first arrived.

Kobe has the trust of his teammates and his teammates have his trust. Even AK and BK have said he lacks leadership. What Kobe might lack is THEIR flavor of leadership. But, what he has is his own flavor of leadership. He took a team that 98% of "experts" said wouldn't even make the playoffs to within one rebound of the WCF. With apologies to the Brother's K, the Lake Show would have crushed the Clippers.

I am encouraged. I am gratified. My resolve against the LA media is even more solidified. How can they be around the team and not see this?

When does training camp start?



A basic understanding of helping some understand Employment Law would be to lend to the fact that Jerry Buss hired a group of independant contractors to toss basketballs into opponents baskets This is done for the express enjoyment of those who have expendible entertainment income.

Jerry Buss authorized his agent to negotiate the services of one of the MOST DOMINANTING Centers of our time to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. The short version; Shaq is employed by the NBA and was an independant contractor for the Laker organization, not an employee in which an express contract arises as a Master Servant relationship. I am sure Buss is not taking out taxes or paying on any of his players salaries, so that fails the test for a Master - Servant Relationship.

Kobe dissed the organization after they went to the expense of providing him with a private jet to attend his court proceedings in Colorado. Kobe in a greatful return of thanks, threatens to sign with the LA Clippers. Kobe should have been charged for use of the private jet as his sexual abuse hearing was not a team business issue.

to be continued.......

Agreed, Peter Maguire, if Shaq had busted his ass in terms of conditioning in 2003 and 2004 we definitely have one more title, probably two. It's up to those of us who followed those teams (since most of the media is on Shaqass's jock) to continually point that out when the uninformed and the delusional start talking Shaqass up.

As far as the Kwame interview goes, I just hope everything he is saying is the truth (and I have no reason to doubt it). If Kwame is able to come into camp and start from where he left off (as a 10-8 guy) and build on that, we will have a top-10 NBA center, with huge depth in Mihm and Bynum.

This would be a tremendous bonus for the Lakers. If for some reason Bynum doesn't develop, we're still covered. If Bynum does come on, Kwame could be a huge trading chip down the line.

pete baby,princess wade didnt shine coz the most dominant ever wasnt around,hahahaha.
coz the fu******** referees didnt wishtle every touch coz he isnt that talented,coz its all bull to hype the kobe s got 3 and shaq 4 and the 2003 class,wade has as much game as lebronze foot and lebronze cant touch kobe so plz no more wade is the next jordan.

Finally I got it! you and Shaq are very much alike; that's why you're turned on to 'HIS TRUTH'!

Sef-agrandizing, me-my_team-I-Myself, fat, lazy, hateful, unforgiving, 38% percenter, old-before-his-time, bench warmer.




That Steven guy is hilarious! His unabashed worship of His Largeness is equal to the adoration KB24 gets from his worshippers on the blog, but his hatred of KB24 far surpass our disdain for the Not-Quite/No-Longer Aristotle/Adorable.
The late Joe Dimaggio in the declining years (of his life, not his career) used to insist on being announced as “The Greatest Living Baseball Player” because he was very astute at continuing to earn a living off his reputation. Sure, there were many who found this cause for parody and mockery but Joe made a successful living from it and cared little what anyone else thought.
The campaign to enshrine Shaq as the MDE was started by Kazaam himself, and it says that he is clearly concentrating on making sure he will be able to continue trading on his reputation, ala Joltin’ Joe, now that the end of his playing days loom. I wonder, albeit idly, if Steven isn’t the large jokester himself?!?! Say it ain’t so …. Just say it ain’t so.
Why does all his arguments seem to come back to $$$'s?

Glenn, Baywood

Again, you took the bait on Steven's Theory of Employment. This post should be treated, "READ ONLY".

Steven - Please, try to be positive about our team. You look at in the past. The training camp begins in October, so put your energy in it. Please, focus in what matters: our coming season. I'm pretty sure, you would feel great.

Edwin Gueco - About Steven's post, you're right, it must labeled "READ ONLY" but I could not resist. I had to write. LOL!
With AK and BK out, you'll be the new ruler!!


Good post as usual. The only thing about Kwame however, is the fact that he is afraid of free throws. I think its the reason he can't catch is because he is thinking about free throws. I mean, what grown man do you know that can't catch a ball that is thrown to him? Kwame's game will be determined by how well he shoots free throws, more than anything.


Thank you. Of course I know that. But, maybe I was blocking it from my conscious mind. If he shoots FTs well, that last final doubt in his mind would be erased and PJ would have created a monster.

I don't think Kwame's psyche could handle the Shaq treatment; vis-a-vis being benched to avoid Hack-a-Brown.

So, we'll see. But, he's got good overall mechanics on his free throws. He just has to practice to stabalize his release point and he'll be fine.


Whats new ball can some one explain?

lakofan, here you go

It was introduced on draft day. The league was trying to build some sort of anticipation because this years draft wasn't the cream of the crop. That had the ball in a black box and promoted the uveiling by saying whatever was in the box would change the game forever... Anywho, thats about it.

Are the lakers going to invite Laron Profit to camp,I thought he was had value going off the bench .

I think the Lakers are going to win on October 10. All of us Criado's go for the Lakers and it will always be the Lakers for life and it will continue in our family generation forever. Some people say the Lakers are not the best, but we got to lost sometimes. Whether we win or lose you still have to have faith in your team and that is what we have with the Lakers.
GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LAKERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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