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A Little Love For Kobe

I know we spend a lot of time on this site discussing the perception of a media bias against Kobe.  Some feel it doesn't exist, others trace the conspiracy to the highest levels of government (or at the very least, ESPN).  But that doesn't mean Kobe isn't getting any love from other important and influential groups.  As this clip, courtesy of the folks at (via YouTube) shows, the Guys Who Make Homemade Top 10 Packages Out of Saved Video Game Footage crowd thinks 8/24 is the bee's knees.  Bryant is featured not once, but twice in the "highlight" package, and even claims the top spot.

At least we can put to rest any notion of anti-Kobe bias among this group.  One less thing, right?


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He was only shown TWICE??!!

I bet the guy who made that is a Lebron fan.

damn i can't wait for the season to start...these threads are getting pathetic, no offense...

oh yeah,sponsors will be running after kobe coz his image is skuiqui clean again coz of a chinese(i dont know the accent) on a video game that cvouldnt beat the defender first 2 times.bling bling the money is rolling in.haha

OK the clip was weak, but he is getting the love. AK you need to get a post time/live chat with KB24 sometime here for us bloggers. Live chat with him would be sweet.

That last move was pretty ill, but that was still one of the corniest videos I'VE EVER SEEN.

You guys know I have mad love for the blog, but TrueLakerFan is right, this is one of the worst threads ever posted. I'm guessing it was just a way to start a new thread since the others are in the 100's, so I'll let it slide. Haha.

the ricky davis highlight was the best by far...someone needs to step and get us starving laker fans some f'n insight into this coming season...definitly the worst

that was one of the worst things ever....and not just on youtube.
but i'll admit it was SO bad that i was cracking up....the commentary was killin me.

Bonzai in Charlotte?

Interview with Testes, killer with a heart of gold

Hope the links work for those interested.


That it's so bad is what makes it so entertaining. Were it even slightly better, it would have nothing going for it whatsoever. haha


Rest in Peace to Big Norman,
Who broke records in more synanymns to "scorin'
None have been seen since,
None seen like his before him,
He ballin'
Right now in a peaceful garden!

smushcalade 9-19-06


Since we're talking about Kobe mixes here's a pretty sick one I found on youtube.

dan the man,

What the hell are you talking about?

BK...why YOU gotta be hatin! "Some feel it doesn't exist, others trace the conspiracy to the highest levels of government (or at the very least, ESPN)"


Smushcalade, lay off of the good stuff...or at the very least share! lol...jk. No it was actually pretty good lol.

Andrew Z.

I know it's kinda random. But so what? You know who Big Norman is right?


it is a vedio game HIGHLIGHT!!!

wow BK. you have GOT to be kidding? I know you're not FOND of Kobe. And I tell ya I LOVE that (that BLIND bias that he is the BEST and he is the LOVELIEST and so on disgusses me)(and you're a SHAQ lover anywayz(JKN)) But noway in HEAVENS you can argue that there is no bias or LESS becasue of this bias or that the CARTOON highlight group matters. It's like saying: "hey we know George Bush's approval is down but Britany Spears' loves him so atleast we know he's got Britany's approval" Thats just sarcastic.

To be HONEST as a Laker fan I am offended by your LINK. Your name is not Tim Legler, is it?

Last year, some MVP voters left Kobe off their top 5 list. If Michael (not Michael Teniente by the way) had such a season and his team went to the POST SEASON with the 6th best record in the CONF. He'd get VOTEs specially if he didn't have one before that.
It's a SHAM. Kobe's situation is and T.O.'s situation is. And wouldn't get fixed by a CARTOON top 10 list or a real TOP 10 list for that matter. I mean EVERYBODY says Kobe is the BEST when he is playing the games. But they HATE him so much that he doesn't make their MVP top 5 after averaging 35 points a game playing with a WINNING team.

Or maybe the StarBucks girl didn't listen that I asked for D-CAF this morning...

Andrew Z
You make it sound like people a nuts to say that reporters do not like K24. Most of them (especially ESPN ones) try to find everything negative and when they cant find it they try to twist is words to get the desired affect witch it to make him look bad. Even by acting like they did not hear the actual quote and quoting some off the wall newspaper (la times). Not saying that he did not cause some of it on himself but it dos get ridiculous.

Dan the man,

You know, I have no idea who Big Norman is.

cox man,

I think Kobe fans on this blog blow the whole Kobe-hatin' way out of proportion. I mean like, waaay out of proportion.


Thanks for the vid. Kobe, breaking the hearts of Portland was one of the best caps to the regular season in Laker history!


Dan The Man got a hold of some of our good stuff.

What the hell is this crap?

Andrew Z.

I know that you are the king of smart-a's remarks, but I figured the you'd be above cutting in to my Wilt tribute.


Wow. I thought this random clip of a guy doing the highlight package of video game dunks was pretty funny. Shows what I know.


Why only a "little" love for Kobe? Why not a lot of love? Why do you hate him so much?

BK -

That was funny. Love the commentary. Even the game knows Kobe is the best.

Can't wait for training camp. Bas-etball Jooooooooooooones, I got a bas-etball jooooooooooones, I got a bas-etball jones oh baby oo-oo-ooooo!


Perfect clip. The best part was the end when Chick made one of his best calls EVER.

"OOOOOOHHHH! What did I just see?!"

Classic. CLASSIC. And, it was a SICK dunk.

I remember that play and that call.

On one particularly difficult three (I think its in that clip, too), Chick said, "Kobe just made a 30-foot IMPOSSIBLE shot." Chick said it like it was a new category of shot that Kobe had just made up.

Thanks for bringing up two legends with just one clip.



Can you explain to my why there are so many video game highlights posted on YouTube? I just don't get it, they're video games. What's so spectacular about that?

Also, AK, my ears are now bleeding from listening to that dude. Worst commentary ever.


Sorry AK,

I meant to tell BK how bad his clip was.

My bad.


Fearless, I worry the long offseason has damaged your sense of whimsy.


I don't know if anyone cares, but Kobe gets no love from Nba Live '07. Check it out. They sure love Lebronze.

BK, I worry the long dodgers game last night has damaged your brain.


I was up late, to be sure.


This one is kinda old, but I still like it. Props to the persn who made it.

LOL funny stuff guys. NBATV did one too here it is for those who want to see it. They actually put his 50+ wins as top 5 and his 81pt game as the #1 play kinda sucks but they atleast did it.

Going out of the subject matter, there is a new business for Big Aristotle. No more Peace Officer but now a Big Realtor.

hi! first time poster here.

That voice in the video reminds me of some of my college professors!


I've read that Kobe declined to have a contract with EA sports, he went with Sony.
That's why he's on the cover of NBA Life 07.

Maybe that's the reason EA doesn't 'give him any love.'

WTF is that for a link????

Shaq Cares;

As Edwin Gueco asserted in a most eloquent way, how Shaq cares and SHARES by providing construction jobs and opportunities for many FAMILIES in South Florida with his real estate venture. Shaq consciously wants be a part of helping bring up the standard of South Florida.

While Shaq is helping MANY, Kobe Bryant just settles to send EIGHT college kids to Italy in a publicity stunt. This being done at a time when there is political uncertainty around the Globe. Another Brilliant Kobe Bryant move.

The truth

AK I have something that may prove to you that this isnt a so called "conspiracy" or a percieved bias there is against kobe.Its the truth.Spoken by a credible objective nba writer himself.

Quote from Chat with Dave Dupree of USA Today

David DuPree: I must admit that I appear to be one of the few Kobe supporters left. I take a lot of heat for it, almost constantly, but I believe in the guy.

What does that tell you,it tells me the media has as much disdain for kobe as it does for barry bonds and pete rose.Your collegues at the times,dont have much admiration for the man either.I heard from a well placed source the LA beat writers talk bad about kobe a lot.They dont like him very much,heck none of the media do besides very few.


1- Bulls signed BenWallace-
Yes they over paid him, but they had to. When you talk on paper this move made CHIKAO a TOP 4 NBA team

2- MAVS signings-
If they sign Dirk they are going to be GREAT for a long time, again.

3- PORTLAND cleaning up-
We hate the BLAZERS, but they cleaned up their team. After all time we had to listen to a BLAZER TRADE during this years draft, they look like their FORGETTING about that game 7 COME BACK.

Likely the last NELLIE experiment should be a SUCCESSFUL one like every other last ones

5- NBA changing the playoff SEEDINGS
Thats why people LOVE to watch FOOTBALL those people don't make STUPID mistakes. They seem to think every thing over

6- GRIZZ acquiring Rudy Gay
Be SCARED NBA. Be VERY VERY scared. YALL certainly are familiar with those JERRY WEST draft night TRADES, I'm SURE. LOGO makes moves like everybody else is TOO SLOW.

7- the NETS getting Marcus Williams
Its a LUCK thing and its LUCKY in JKIDD, MARCUUS and NETS aoll together. I think the KID needed money and he'll get it in the NBA

8- Bob Jackson and MJ hooking up, up at Charlott
BOB's Cats are now MJ's Cats, it just sounds BETTER

9- Lakers getting their SHARP SHOOTER
If everybody's right about Kobe being the most TALENTED player but not the BEST. Well LA picked up a player to help him use his talents to BECOME the BEST.

I think NOK is going to be WAAAY worse DEFFENSIVELY because of the players they LOST specially PJ Brown. But last year PEJA's come back by itself took INDY to the PLAYOFFS.

Wolves getting Randy Foye and Mike James, and RAPTORS pickin up TJ Ford were GREAT moves as well


Please do not twist the news I shared from Sportsline. It was not eloquent and I do not know the job creation component but more on business venture using his name to make his money hoarded from playing in NBA grow and active just like any regular businessman. Please do create any positive spin into it until we see the fruits of those investments in future years. Thank you Steven for your praise but honestly there is nothing eloquent in this post.

raryray. son. chill. please.

oh Lord. i weep for a world where a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek post "celebrating" the moral victory that is kobe's appearance in a silly videogame highlight could possibly offend someone -- on ANY level. must be tough to be a writer in a forum as open as this blog when you've got people who can't quite absorb the subtler nuances of the things you post (or at least just accept something for what it simply is without trying to read some greater implication into it).

anyway, this ain't all that new, but i think some of y'all might dig it:

I was just reading that David DuPree chat transcript, and things were going swimmingly until I came across this:

Miami, Florida: Dave can you compare Andrew Bynum with any established players so i can get an idea of what you think he'll develop into during his career. Also, has he impressed you thus far? Daniel

David DuPree: The times I've seen Andrew Bynum play, he's shown a lot of potential. I like him. I compare his game to that of, say, someone like Chris Kaman or Adonal Foyle or maybe Zydrunas Ilgauskas. He is developing some nice moves and he has a big body. His upside is so huge.

Did he say Adonal Foyle?! What? What? Harharharhar

*falls out of chair*

dan the man,

In all honesty I have no idea who Big Norman is. I apolgize if i cut in to any tribute, I just I had never heard what you were talking about.


I love the fact that he thinks Andrew Bynum's upside is Chris Kaman.


I agree with your rankings. Although I would probably switch 4 with 5. Nelli's clown style will fit in perfectly , but the GSW's aren't goin' nowhere. I think that move is a little over-rated. The playoff seeding situation is cool though.

Bulls look tough, they might rep the East, but nothing more.


Just so you know, the love for 24 was overflowing at the LA Team store last night. I was at Staples for the Kings / Sharks game (free tickets)last night and the new Kobe gear is in full effect. You can even buy little hat pins of all 3 of his jerseys. My little girl will still be rockin' her Pink and White #8 for some time to come though. Lots of Sasha stuff out there this season, maybe a marketing ploy or maybe they expect great things for him. Out like the LA Kings last night.


joel-sensei. mom. OK I wool.

oooh. Bro are you a LITRATURE major. took MINUTES for me apprehend what you're WHOOPing about. Though, I trust I comprehend at this instant.
wow writing like that is tiring for an uneducated like myself. But anywayZZZ. Dude if you're weeping or whooping or getting wooped to see somebody is OFFENDED by simple SHOOT in sports. This is how we do it in 21st century North America or for that matter world. Sports fans in America get OFFENDED by simple stuff. The thing itself is not that important. Its a SHOW. Its SPORT and you better not WHOOP yourself or WEEP over people getting offended from small stuff. Cause that is what its all about: People making some thing little, big and DWELL on it and have fun with it. The weather is very nice in Cali, mid September 2006, How is the weather in 14 CENTURY London? and Bro I see your point those DARK ages are pretty TOUGH. Its all WEEPING and getting WHOOPED.

dan the man >_< aka smushcalade

Ya. You're probably right. I just think Nellie will losen up the WARRIORS to play with more EASE and COMFORT.

Andrew Z.,

My bad. Big Norman is Wilt Chamberlain. His middle name was Norman. I thought up that ditty yesterday, and I was trying to bring in something a little different than the topic at hand.


They're doing this thing on ESPN right now about "the NBA in 2010" and they're going over which bottom teams could win a title in 2010, which top team will be in the lottery, which Euro player is the next Dirk, etc. It's actually kind of interesting.

One point that has been made a couple of times is that Lebron and D-Wade are both free agents in 2010 and that could dramatically alter the state of the NBA. I think a couple people made mention that both could end up playing together in New York or Miami (since the Heat will have HUGE cap space with D-Wade and Shaq contracts expiring) but what they all failed to mention is that in 2010 the Lakers won't have LO or Kwame under contract and will have tons of cap space themselves. I for one would rather have Carmelo Anthony paired with Kobe, but I think the articles bring some interesting points.

Unfortuantely Sasha Vujacic was noted mentioned in the "next Dirk" piece about young foreign players. Shocker.

Kobe is definately in "Image Rehab" mode. Watching the clip that LakerFan posted the other day shows more emotion and facial expressions than I have seen from him in quite a while. He is trying to open up and be the nice likable guy, the one you could sit down at the local sports bar and hang with a while. Not a bad place for him to try and get to, even if it is for publicitys sake. He needs to get the public back on his side at the same time appear more likable for another strong player to enter into the fold for the future.

I also noticed he looked more bulked up than last season, maybe we will see him in a different role than last year and more like how he played 2 years ago under the Rudy T weeks.



Do not acknowledge THE button-pusher. From the constant Shaq is our hero babble, I would think this is Steven A. Smith from ESPN!

I guess spending your own money to send 8 kids to Europe is no longer commendable. What has LeDwade done for a worthy cause? Oh, we can't talk about that since we are still taking digs at Shaq vs. Kobe.

And if Shaq is SUCH the family man, why did he have 3 kids and THEN decide to marry their momma? Keeping his options open? Plaintiffs can't use the "you’re married" card? He must have been busy thinking of himself during Kazaam and rapping. At the same age, Kobe was committed to becoming a family man. We know he f-ed up, but doesn't everybody at some point? If Stephan says Kobe was the first to cheat, then he is definitely mentally deficient.

Sorry, yesterday I watched ESPNs story on Shaq's Beyond the Glory or whatever that was. They even showed a little Roland L.

The Laker's used Shaq, and he is pissed. Jerry Buss has been in the housing market long before the MDE brought his game to L.A. Keep building condos, Shaqalicious.

Dan the Man and Fearless,

Yup those are nothing less than the clips of a legend.

I didn't grow up in LA (nor have I ever been there) so I haven't hear much of Chick's commentary. I thought he was very good when I did hear him though. He's another legend as broadcasters go.

Don't worry, bud, I think everyone's gettin a bit testy waiting for the season to start. I found it amusing. Props for the effort.


Speaking of the Shaq, that reminds me that he got with the Video Vixen too. It's in her Confessions of a Video Vixen book, Karrine Steffans, Author. She said he was very gracious with gifts when he came to get up with her, John Salley introduced them. This is pre-Shaunie (or rather before he married baby mama)..Video vixen herself said Shaq grew tired of her begging ways and cut her off eventually!!! LOL

Most if not all NBA players have their share of indiscretions I think so Shaq is not an exception neither are other ballers. Just that Kobe's ish went to a totally diff level cuz he probably didn't hit her off with a parting gift!!! LOL

Some unflattering comments about Kobe from LeBronze and the Ohio Press.

F*ck LeBronze.


Lakertom -- I think that link was ripped on this blog a few weeks back..But I feel u.

Actually from most interviews I have ever heard, Lebron has been the one dude to give Kobe his props.. That is the only reason I half like his LeBrat a$$....I don't see him winning any championships, he's all about dough right now, I have never heard him talk about being the best basektball player though I could be wrong. But his focus seems to be reaching billioniare status.

Laker Tom,

I can totally understand why you don't like the article, which is at least partially off base. While I think Wade, LeBron and Melo have justifiably earned their reps as unselfish players, I've also said many times throughout the summer that anybody claiming that Kobe's presence wouldn't have helped that team is an idiot. Yes, Kobe's had past issues with trusting teammates. But the idea that he'd see (for example) Wade, LeBron, Howard and Brand on the court alongside him and think, "Nobody else can make the shot" strikes me as more than a little farfetched. He'd have been fine sharing the ball with players of this caliber.

That said, I also wouldn't be surprised if LeBron's quote was taken out of context (or the context was fudged, if nothing else). Reread it. The quote has very little to do with the lead-in, especially the last two sentences. It felt forced in there. And that strikes me as believeable, since the writer is clearly running with the theme of Kobe not being good for Team USA.

I'm not trying to "stick up" for LeBron or anything. It just strikes me as odd that guy who's been very complimentary about Kobe (sentiments recipricated by Kobe, for that matter) would speak in an outwardly negative fashion about a guy he seems to respect and will be teammates with in two years.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, just something to think about. If you don't agree, no worries.



That's an older article obviously written before Lebron and his teammates were picked apart by Greece and took third. I think if there is anything that USA Basketball has lacked in it's recently fall from glory is the motivation and determination to prove, quite emphatically, that we are the best. Since Kobe Bryant seems to own that quality trait, I think he's the perfect guy for the USA. I don't want to see an unselfish chemistry on the team if we don't win, I want to see 12 guys with a killer attitude who want to beat every team by 40. I know so much has changed since the first Dream Team in 1992, and the "world has caught up", but don't tell me that the domination of that team had nothing to do with the desire to win and killer instinct of Magic, MJ, and Bird.

What the USA Basketball team needs is some heart, some fire, and a bit of nasty. I'd include Kobe, Artest, and Alonzo Mourning on the next team, hell I'd start all three, and leave "unselfish" players at home.


"Hate it or Love it" and "Moment of Clarity" the one L.O. show posted a while ago are arguabley the best two youtubes out right now.

As far as Chick is concerned. Man. He was awesome. My favorite Chick monent came in that Sac game when Big Shot Rob made that miraculuos 3 pointer. I was listening to the game on my radio, driving my car. Chick calls out "Kobe shoots, he misses.Shaq gets it. He shoots, he misses..." DEAD SILENCE. I remember thinking "what the f@ck just happened?" Chick comes back with "Lakers Win!, Lakers Win!" I have never before heard such a pause like that from Chick. I knew right away that something big happened.



Actually, I do agree with you since everything else I have heard LeBron say about Kobe has been highly complimentary. And fitting the facts to fit your story is what we all do.

The reality is that the mainstream media has discovered that linking a story to Kobe Bryant is the fastest, easiest way to get their article show up on google, as well as giving them an easy target or angle to exploit for the story. It’s all about the News.

And we all know what rats journalists are. Nothing personal, but reporters and journalists in general (not you guys) rate just below lawyers and just above snitches when it comes to trust. Not the kind of people you want to share your idle time with or a foxhole. Sort of like having a snake or rat for a pet. LOL.



Journalists provide a form of entertainment, and even if an article is derogatory about Kobe, it attracts readers and that's the intention. How much would it suck if every article written about Kobe basically said how rad he is (and yes I said rad)? I like hearing (reading) as many different opinions as possible. As for spending time with journalists or reporters, I can honestly say there probably isn't a group of people I would rather be at a bar with throwing a few back than a bunch of sportswriters. I also would think, AK you can clarify since you're on the inside here, that sportswriters that athletes CAN'T trust have short-lived careers. The best writers (and best selling) are the ones with the "inside" information, and having the best relationships with the most entertaining athletes is a golden ticket. Anyway, my lousy two cents.

Here's my two cents...

That you tube clip was hilarious. I especially like the Wilcox part "Thats what hard dunk is. Boom. Yeah."

"I'm not sure how having Kobe would've worked out. Kobe would've been a big part of our team.''"

How can you call that negative? Where would Kobe have played? What would the rotations be? LeBron is not sure.

Then he says that Kobe would have been a big part of the team.

To interpret those as negative is silly.


Yes, I agree that there are good reporters and journalists, just like there are good lawyers and snitches. And of course you and I would love to throw a few back with these guys because they ain't writing about you and me. I think in general, though, that most players are justifiably suspicious of reporters and sportswriters in general, unless they have known them long enough to trust them. Then, of course, if you are Kobe or ARod, you better be extra extra careful. I sure don't see either of those dudes throwing them back with the press.

Wow, first humor and now faith in your fellow man, Andrew. Whose been filling your glass? I would bet for every reporter that works hard to develop a long-term trust-based relationship with an athlete, there are nine other out there who would do anything for a story and would love to goad or lure the player into making a controversial or foolish comment. I admit that when it comes to my teams doing their best, my glass is always half full, but when it comes to lawyers, agents, reporters, or snitches, my glass is always half empty.


dam lakers 4 life
kobe's new jersey number is 24


What has happened in today’s virtual news world is that certain names have become permanent entries in the sports writers’ magic thesaurus and get called up over and over. Enter ‘player’ and ‘rape’ and the magic thesaurus spits out ‘Kobe Bryant.’ Enter ‘player’ and ‘bet’ and it spits out ‘Pete Rose.‘ Enter ‘player’ and ‘brawl’ and it spits out Ron Artest.

The result is an easy link for the reporter to use to build a story and a perfect way to insure that the story will come up high when readers google the news. I subscribe to google news updates on Kobe Bryant and half of the links on the emails that I get from google reflect articles where Kobe’s name has been obliquely been included for no other reason than to show up on news searches. Meta journalism at its best.



Of course it is silly but what else is there to do right now? Begin a start Mihm and Luke campaign?


wow... slim pickings this fall, eh? when a random youtube dude gets a thread, you know it must be football season.

well, AK and BK and all you dodger fans, just wanted to congratulate ya'll on that amazing win the other day. i know i'm late.

i'll never forget my "pujols v. lidge" moment and 9/8/98 watching mcgwire make history... so i just want to congratulate dodge fans. ya'll still must be friggin' giddy about that game. every fan deserves something that special.

p.s. your moment might actually beat 'pujols v. lidge' simply b/c the cards couldn't win game six.

Dan the Man,

I wish I had been able to hear Chick call that one. I actually never saw Big Shot Bob's shot live. I was unlucky enough to have to go to my older sister's college graduation that day lol.

Dan the Man,

I wish I had been able to hear Chick call that one. I actually never saw Big Shot Bob's shot live. I was unlucky enough to have to go to my older sister's college graduation that day lol.

The REASON Kobe Bryant is Vilified in the NBA:

NBA Players are a fraternity in the same way as Police, Fire, Legal Communities, Sportswriters, News Reporters and The Bush Administration to name a few. They all in share a common individual respect and in someways protect colleagues within their various professions.

Kobe went outside that professional 'CODE' of conduct by implicating Shaq in something totally off base during the Colorado Police Departments investigation of an alleged sexual assault. The investigation was geared toward Kobe's conduct that particular night, not the past consensual conduct a High-Profile teammate may have had with a member of the opposite sex in the past. In common layperson circles this action would be termed: 'snitching', tattletelling or singing like a canary.

There was no reason for Kobe to put on public record any implications of Shaq participating in any past adulterous behavior. This along with an arrogant demeanor which could be derived from not taking part in upper education by learning social nuances as a tool to help him assimulate among grown men.

Kobe is a great NBA talent no doubt, however he projects an image many in NBA circles seem to be uncomfortable with. It is like there is an 'O.J. watch' going on with Kobe. Here we have a once nationally beloved young athlete heralded as 'The Next...' Now it seems with all the attention of Kobe stories, beat writers are waiting in line to be the first to report the story, as the wait continues for him to implode.

While some blamed Shaq for the 'DRAMA' on the Lakers, we can all see who the title of DRAMA QUEEN belongs to. While Shaq DELIVERS on PROMISES of DELIVERING NBA Championships to his NEW team in Miami, Kobe continues to languish in the role of victim.

To show how unresponsible Kobe Bryant is; after all the awareness and information brought out by former Laker, present minority owner and Hall of Fame NBA player Magic Ervin Johnson about the health risks of unprotected sex and HIV, here this idiot risks the health of his wife and his newborn baby by having unprotected sex with some brokeazz, hourly wage earning, small town, no-panty changing Hotel Clerk!!! But hey, it's Kobe!

The truth

i thought that "Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them."...but why does some comments(specially from steven), which has nothing to do with the lakers, get an approval???

anyways, the vid was sooooooooooooo boring and i don't even understand some of the words the "announcer" is telling! yikees!



I feel for you man. At the time I lived in Central California, closer to Queenstown. I didn't get to watch a lot of games that year because FSN was Bay Area. I was stoked to watch that game. As a Laker fan, I remember exactly where I was. On my back patio, watching the game and was feeling the heartache. How could we lose to the Kings? They talked more trash but we had this swagger.

Watching the final seconds of that game were incredible. I remember the NBA using a distant shot of the Staples Center for the rest of the Finals run. The camera trying to follow the ball was the greatest part. On TV, you didn't see Bob until the ball was tapped out...all the sudden Horry steps into one and just hits it. It Kobe's words....he was cash. What a shot. I can watch that over and over.

It was painfull when Bob went to San Antonio. Not bad for a guy that can his jersey retired in 3 cities. Active player with the most rings. Thanks Horry!

Lamar odom & kwame brown
Pretty good

Not sure if you did, but if you did put up this link to the video only after you saw it on basketballjones/deadspin, shouldnt you credit them in your post? Just asking.


You're probably right. I was originally going to post straight from the Basketball Jones site, but didn't b/c of some comment issues (language). In that case the origin of the link would have been pretty self explanatory.

Good catch. Thanks.


Renaldo Balkman


Yeah I definitely miss Horry, he was as great a role player as any. I even find myself missing Shaq whenever I see highlights of the havok he and Kobe used to cause. I constantly wish he and Kobe could have worked it out.


I'm going to agree with you about one thing concerning Kobe...He screwed up royally in Colorado. He also should not have said what he did about Shaq. OK? Now, can you perhaps agree that the experience might have taught him a lesson and he has grown from it?? Those incidents were over three years ago. Let it go.

Sonny and Steven stop already, we tolerate a lot here from you but this has to top it all. Kobe had a bad moment and you are still trying to sentence the guy for a crime that was quite possibly never committed. Kobe is our franchise and may surprise a lot of people, when we start bringing home Championships again. I believe he will defer to the help of his teammates when that happens too.

"I have also been keeping a keen ear to your man Kobe and have noted more maturity and improvement, although Ron Ron was never considered a snitch or had to buy his way out of a sexual assault charge, two things which stick in my craw. But, I'm all for turning a new leaf and actually hope that Kobe stays out of trouble (as do I Ron) and wins at least one MVP. That may be all you'll get for a few years with him on your team."- Ron over Kobe? You are kidding, Shaq over Kobe was ridiculous enough, but that was coming from Steven know, it was Steven.

Sonny, where does it end, Kobe was acquitted. He should have been MVP last year and people like you judged him for something you know nothing about. He was definitely the best player in the League - bar none. Colorado was/is a Done Deal, let it go. Another wannabe HO tries to go down, and then literally come up rich. Then that act becomes everyone’s business but hers, well, minus the other men she had sex with that same evening, and Kobe's credibility is lost. Damn dude, who are you? ...and just having to listen to your mocking my Lakers is bad enough, now you want to bring up all that garbage. He gets backed into a corner and starts flapping his gums about Shaq, probably MJ and who knows who else, it really doesn't matter and that part of his case should never have been released to the public - total loss of confidentiality from Police to Courtroom. You must be so tough it never crossed your mind to try and talk your way out of something and play it down. Whatever, He is paying for his sins and he has made amends to his wife who remarkably has stuck with him in his darkest hour. All is forgiven and even Shaq gives in to be a real person and make like he isn't the jerk he was that whole season when Kobe needed allies. His wife matters most and his family. I am just a fan but I give anyone the benefit of the doubt. He is no saint and neither am I, I do believe he was as good of a role model as the NBA had seen up to that point in time and since he has made sure to give back in many ways.
Now there is respect, and then there are people like you, on a Blog which isn't even your teams Blog, making noise and hoping for a reaction. You got my attention with that line of jive. You need to chill and be respectful here, or go back to the Sac Bee Blues and shed your negativity. ‘Nuff said.

That's what hard dunk is. Boom. Yeah.



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