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A Little Love For Kobe

September 19, 2006 |  2:16 pm

I know we spend a lot of time on this site discussing the perception of a media bias against Kobe.  Some feel it doesn't exist, others trace the conspiracy to the highest levels of government (or at the very least, ESPN).  But that doesn't mean Kobe isn't getting any love from other important and influential groups.  As this clip, courtesy of the folks at (via YouTube) shows, the Guys Who Make Homemade Top 10 Packages Out of Saved Video Game Footage crowd thinks 8/24 is the bee's knees.  Bryant is featured not once, but twice in the "highlight" package, and even claims the top spot.

At least we can put to rest any notion of anti-Kobe bias among this group.  One less thing, right?