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The Big ?

You guys have discussed the topic all season. With the season over and draft fever running wilder than Charlie Sheen at the Bunny Ranch, the talk's gotten even more fierce. And now Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus breaks down the question on every purple and gold brain. To adopt parlance common with the other K brothers blog...

Should the Lakers swing for the fences now or patiently hit doubles and triples while attempting to build a roster capable of potential grand slams down the road?

How's that for shameless cross promotion while simultaneously creating fodder for more enthusiastic debate? We're clever like that around here.

Let's hear some thoughts. Batter up! (OK, that one was actually kinda lame.)


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I'd be inclined to say that over half of the GMs in the league would take Chris Mihm over Kwame Brown.


I was wrong, when Brian Grant's contract expires the Lakers will be about $10 million under the cap, but will also only have Kobe, LO, Kwame, and Bynum under contract. So that $10 million needs to be spend on 8 more guys.

So, that being said, do you like the expensive trio of Kobe, Lamar, and Kwame as your core? That's what Laker management has to ask themselves and decide on.


I think we know what Kwame's value is (though I'd make an argument that it has since increased with such a showing at the latter part of the season) and that is Caron Butler (who is a pretty good talent) and Atkins (who is horrible). The Kwam is the man, lol...ain't no way I'm trading him (both for the simple fact that he can very well be a part of that "puzzle" and he's just a monster in size!) Lost in all this, is that Kwame has been in limbo for most of his career, beginning with expectations (which is what I disagree with Mike T previously...I don't think the Kwam can handle expectations, I think he's best suited as the third "star") and ending in strife at least against the Wizard's franchise player. In here, he has time to grow, time to develop, which he's shown, and a great player in Kobe (who also came out of hs) to learn from. I remember we once had a discussion of defensive players vs. defensive mindset...and Kwame even with all his faults, is a defensive player with a 1 on 1 mindset, it just needs to be exposed to the rotation mindset. We did trade for him for a reason and that's mostly to defend against bigs and clog the middle (and he has, even without blocking shots). Go the Kwam! lol


It is interesting to read your analysis. I personally like both Kwame and Chris. However, last season, I almost threw the towels on the reg-season. Kwame B stepped up really helped the Lakers advancing to the play off. I give him credit. To me, Kwame secured the C. Chris (if not traded) would be perfect at PF position 'cause I saw CM did a lot of jumpers. Defensively, Kwame is outweighting Chris. I can see Kwame feels very comfortable in C compare to his miserable playing in PF. Hope bloggers can see your points.

Go Lakers,

Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but I think we CAN do both. I think once our front office decides to scrap the LBJ plans we can go out and spend some money on young experienced talent. I know that looks like an oxymoron but look at Banks, he's a young guard who only been around for a couple of years so he still has room to grow, but has been around long enough to know how other teams operate.

I honestly think Mihm is the key to us doing both. Everyone knows Chicago needs a big man that can score, and they already have a point guard in Hinrich (I would rather have him in a trade) so I don't see why they wouldn't give us Gordon (I might be crazy) or at least Duhon and a pick or player. If we were to get Gordon then we have a good young player who has been in the league (and in the playoffs) for 3(?)years, and has proven he can get it done in crunch time. If we get Duhon, we can always trade him for another piece (teams are always looking for young talented pgs) we need. I know there are a lot of ifs in my theory, but that's why I'm here posting instead of pitching this idea to Mitch.

PS: Feel free to critique, or slam my idea. Just tell me why. Don't just say "that's stupid" without a reason. That way I can know what's wrong with my idea, and come up with a better one.


"We made our playoff run last year because Kwame held it down. He needs to be given credit for that. I think there are a lot of teams who would love to have a big like Kwame."

It seems people don't want to acknowledge Kwame's contribution. Either way you cut it Kwame was the difference on the defensive end. If Kwame was to be made available there would be plenty of teams will to take him off of our hands, if for defensive purposes only.

At this point when it comes to the core, it's Kobe, Odom, Brown, and Bynum.

If it came to "having" to trade one just for making a point, at this point in time, it would be Bynum who would get traded. In a couple of years it would Odom. In a couple of years after that it would be Brown.

You can't replace the defensive, which Brown brings. Bynum in a couple of years will be able to. If Bynum comes around defensively in a couple of years the Lakers would choose to go with two defensive 7 footers. That would leave Odom as the odd man out in 2 or 3 years.


I recently read that the only reason why Kwame struggles at the 4 spot is because of the nature of the tri-angle. If the Lakers were to run a regular offense then Kwame would be able to play the 4 spot.


Ok, seriously, we all need to get off the Darius Miles trade talk here. How can any of you fellow Laker fans want to bring in this walking cancer. For starters, he's got a bloated contract for the numbers he's put up. He is one of the LAZIEST players on defense in the NBA and if any of you guys watched Portland games last year, of the handful of games he even played, he seemed totally disinterested. The only time he looked energetic was when he got the ball on the offensive end and was scoring. For these reasons alone, the Lakers shouldn't trade for him but he's also got some MAJOR attitude problems. He was part of the reason Mo Cheeks left the Jailblazers and he's already had his run-ins with Nate McMillan. GUYS, he's NOT the answer. If we trade for Miles, it will be, BY FAR, the worst move the Lakers will have made in the post-Jerry West era.

I would be excited by the prospect of trading Mihm to Chicago for the #2 pick but i just don't see it happening. Chicago, as much as they need a veteran presence to help them in the postseason, is not going to trade away such a valuable asset for an unproven center/power forward. I think the only way the Lakers get the #2 is if they trade Bynum. Then the question becomes, is Brandon Roy worth more now with Kobe for the next 4-5 years or is Bynum's potential worth more 4-5 years down the line when Kobe's declined a bit. But this is assuming Chicago would even want Bynum because as i said earlier, they want help NOW and Bynum's not ready to contribute yet. Of course, Chicago is also fed up with Tyson Chandler's total lack of offensive game and Bynum would be an eventual upgrade.

Anyway, i hope the Lakers do something before the draft. They finally have some valuable assets and Mitch can really show he's capable of running the Lakers if he makes the right moves. I really feel like they're one or two pieces away from really competing in the next few years.

Go Lakers!

oh yeah, and bring back Mike Penberthy, long live the Masters College phenom!

Eric P

Very interesting article. The suspense is building...

If Miles only plays well if he is a Laker, what does that say about his character? Why would we want a player like that?
I would like to see Steve Blake with us, even more than Banks. That kid can play.

Bottom line, defense wins championships. What ever we do, what ever players we bring in, the emphasis must be defense.


I'm saying that even with the exception, there's no one out there that will be better than Odom. I dont even think trade exceptions can be packaged with another deal so its gotta be 1on1? (please correct me if i'm wrong. im not sure on this) the only players we can fitch are players the team doesnt want after finding out it's a mistake to sign this player. and the trade must be done in the off season because if they do that trade during the regular season, then basically they given up on the season since they loss a 12mil player for cap space.

a line up of the one i listed with Banks and Miles can get us to the WCF. they match up perfectly against Dallas. a few years playing together, making small improvements and we should be able to make a good run at the ring.


A trade with Chicago seems like the least risky and best for all involved. However, Ben Gordon is much too good to be packaged for Chris Mihm. I think a Duhon and #16 for Mihm and #26 would be a good trade for all involved. We get our point guard and with the #16 can get either a swing man or a power forward (LakerTom can tell you who he wants as a swing guard).

Lamar Show,

The trade exception can be packaged with other players in a deal. Again, there are teams that get into financial trouble and have great players at high salaries that they need to unload. Look at the Florida Marlins in baseball as a perfect example. Hell, look at the Clippers until this past offseason. Again, if the Lakers were going to make that trade with Chicago, LO for #2/#16 it would be saying that they don't believe Lamar Odom is the guy to pair with Kobe in order to win championships. From everything I've heard, LO is the guy they are sticking with. And from the sound of it, Kobe is cool with that.

some of you guys are eff-ing hilarious! and some of you make a heck of a lot of sense too.

maybe you're right. maybe chris mihm isn't quite worth the #2 pick. especially because by default all but one of the lamarcus aldridge, adam morrison, tyrus thomas, andrea bagnani, combo platter will still be available there. and as much as i think brandon roy is a guaranteed starter in the NBA, it's so hard to pass up the upside these other guys carry.

i think they all have potential, but none are a lock to be stars. lamarcus's game and physique highly resembles channing frye of the knicks. if any of you watched them this year: a) i feel sorry for you, and b) the kid is gonna be good in what is becoming a shaq-less, flop-filled, more ballet than bull-ring style of post played in today's NBA.

but toronto's taking him with the #1 so let see who's left.

andrea? for every one "dirk" there are twenty "skita's" and "darko's". besides, i don't care if he can shoot. if you play the post and can't protect the basket, you're worthless to me. you'll give up twice as many points as you'll ever score.

tyrus? i've read some of his interviews. he already sounds like a jerk. skill is a waste if your attitude is a hinderance to your team. ask anybody who's played with stephon marbury.

adam? i like adam. as slow as he is, in college, he always managed to get his shot off no matter how many guys you threw at him. but the lakers already have a guy who needs the ball in crunch time. and even if the media doesn't, i love my "artist formerly known as #8."

so that brings us to roy...
personally, i would draft for need regardless of the best player available. i already know nobody will agree with me on this point. i've made my peace with that. chemistry is what wins in the post season. if phil says roy's our guy, then roy's our guy.

my mock trade of chris mihm and the #26 for the bulls' #2 and #16 was purely based on mutual team needs.

at what point does john paxson say to himself, "do i really want to take on two more projects when i have a team FULL of projects???" the only two guys who step up on a nightly basis in chicago are kirk hinrich and ben gordon, and rumor has it that ben now wants minutes at the point! in the meantime, you have rec league ballers from the local 6 feet and under squad protecting the paint while tyson chandler nurses his 100th back injury!

i don't think the bulls will take chris mihm for the #2 pick because in a perfect world the talent matches up. i think they'll take it because they're desperate! and the value of a legitimate 26 year old, 7 foot post player with the capacity and ability to start in the NBA today outwieghs the value of another long-term project like andrea or tyrus.

there comes a time when a GM who's been stuck at the bottom of the heap to the middle of the pack for SO LONG hears the word "project" and starts getting nauseous. how many more projects like ron artest, elton brand, and eddy curry is he going to draft and then have to watch leave? or like tyson chandler and have to keep?!? ben gordon's not happy. great. do i lose him too?

i go to as many laker games as i can every year. but i find that the definition of the word "can" stretches a little farther when they're winning.

the baby bulls were starting to win some games. then the playoffs came and it looked like shaq versus the little people.

ask yourself this. are ANY of the four players mentioned at the begining of this blog among the same caliber as 1) lebron james? 2) carmelo anthony? 3) chris bosh? 4)dwayne wade? how much are the bulls really giving up with the #2 pick? tyrus thomas only looks like a stud when he's playing against Ryan Hollins of UCLA.

so YES, if you're the bulls, swapping #2 and #16 for chris mihm and the #26, and maybe a solid veteran like a re-signed devean george starts to sound good. unless you're planning to compete in the midget leagues next year.

by the way, thanks for all the great counter-points on my last post. it was great reading some good opposing ideas.


i'd give up my right foot before i gave up "socks". his spin move dunk on shaq during the regular season was absolutely priceless.


Nice counterpoint. I suppose any coach who can make Dennis Rodman a superstar and Kwame Brown an excellent player should also be able to make Darius Miles a superstar. He has the ability.

All I have to say is that if we get a solid, intelligent, defense-minded point guard we will be significantly better than last year. And I was pleased with last year's performance. (Even though January nearly broke my heart.)

Nice additions to the Lakers next year:

Darius Miles
Marcus Banks
Speedy Claxton
Jordan Farmar
Brandon Roy

Players I will be happy to see back on the roster next year:

Chris Mihm
Devean George
Sasha Vuljacic

Players I won't miss much:

Smush Parker
Aaron McKie

Players I would HATE to lose:

Luke Walton

Players GUARANTEED to impress beyond expectations:

Rony Turiaf


That is NOT good news about Rondo! I think he's the best PG in the draft. Everyone has Marcus Williams as the #1 PG. Why? Not a rhetorical question...I'm literally asking WHY? He's a great college PG, who will be an OK NBA PG. Will never make an all-star team. Anyways, with that news, it seems very unlikely Rondo will make it down to the Lakers. Seems like Thabo also has been moving up. I guess I'm gonna have to abandon the Rondo Campaign and start a Guiermo Diaz Campaign. (and it looks like you might have to abandon your Thabo Campaign too).

Ive been against Miles from the start. For reasons AK and BK stated...hes just not a good fit. I like Miles too.....cuz hes a nice guy and fun to watch. But I wouldnt want him on the Lakers.

Lance, no offense, but Im really glad youre not the GM!
"If i was the Lakers G.M. (which i plan to be in 15 yrs lol) i would trade BYNUM (and yes I said Andrew "the future of the NBA" Bynum) our 26th pick and chris Mihm and B.Grants expiring contract to the NEW YORK Nicks for EDDIE CURRY."

Curry? EDDIE Curry? The fat guy that plays no D? the guy that so lazy that he cant pull up his pants? The guy that is 7ft 300lbs but only gets 6 boards and 0.8 blks? Granted, Curry should be one of the best Cs in teh game, cuz offensively he has great touch. But the fact is, he's lazy, and not a good player. He's an especially bad fit in the triangle cuz he has absolutley zero passing ability.
Also Childress for Kwame is another very bad deal. In this case, Kwames height and size are way more valuable than what Childress brings to the table. (Even tho Jack R is the one that said you cannot trade bigs for smalls, and i argued against him).
Im not trying to be mean, but really, your team wouldnt even make the playoffs.

Andrew Z: good points about winning now and later. whatever course the lakers take, it will likely be some combination of both. going totally for "later" will upset fans. however, ppl fail to see how wrong the lakers were to focus only on NOW, EVEN in our championship years. instead of thinking "who can we bring in or draft that will help us now AND cover our bases for the future" we only thought NOW NOW NOW and drafted Mark Madsen. Considering how easy it was to build around Shaq and Kobe, we really couldve won many many more championships, but even if things went downhill like they did. We'd be in a lot better position now.

Great analysis of what Kwame brings to the table. I think people get fustrated cuz he cant catch a ball to save his life. However, defensively, he's been underated. Someone earlier mentioned the good job he's done on ppl like duncan. Hes big and strong enough to hold his position and is fairly quick laterally as well. (remember he even had a couple good defensive sequences guarding nash!). and your right he's not a smart defender, but given how much hes improved the course of the year, theres still hope for more improvement.

Jack Ross Thomas III,

The trade with Chicago you mention does satisfy needs for both teams, but something tells me that Chicago could get much more in return for the #2 than Chris Mihm. I'm a fan of Mihm but what would stop say Detroit from signing and trading Ben Wallace for the #2 and #16? Rumors say Big Ben might want out and we know that Detroit needs to re-load the talent on that roster with some youth since they have ZERO bench.

there's a good chance I would soil myself if we could get the two and the worst thing we would have to give up is Mihm, but it's highly unlikely, even in this watered down draft.

Do any of you think a Mihm and #26 to Portland for #4 and Blake would work? I mean, if any team needs a project less than Chicago it's Portland, and they would probably be big fans of Mihm's expiring deal. Plus, Pryzbilla is bound to bail and they will need an offensively capable big to fill his shoes. It just makes sense to me for both teams involved.

Andrew Z:

Thanks for the explantion of the effect of the $6M the Lakers save. Are you sure of this? I thought that the reason we could reuse it was that the luxury cap threshhold is a different number than the actual salary cap. Do you know how this entire business works with the exceptions. If so, it would be great to explain it in simple terms so we would all understand. That might really pare down the options and trades we are always suggesting and save us some time. Can we assign you to be the blog's salary cap guru? Thanks.

Andrew Z:

Again, how do you calculate how much we would be under the cap and when does the luxury tax chime in?

Per HoopsHype, we will have $42.1M in salaries for Kobe, Lamar, Kwame, Bynum, and Sasha with a qualifying offer of $2.2M for Cook. How do these figures generate a number of $10M below the cap. What is the cap going to be for 2007/8? What is the difference between a team option and qualifying offer? Let me know if you know. Thanks.

More bad speculation for our T-Sef hopes:

"But don’t be surprised if they (the bulls) grab 6-foot-6 Switzerland native Thabo Sefolosha at No. 16. He’s said to have a freakishly long wingspan."


06/07 67.6 MILL
07/08 42.1 MILL
08/09 35.8 MILL

Mike T and Faith:

I agree that Kwame needs to be part of the core because he can anchor our defense and will only get better. I think it is the small ball mindset that has diluted the value of a low post 1-on-1 defender like Kwame plus the fact that he has not yet learned to be a good help defense shot blocker. Hopefully, that will come with time.

As much as I have defended Chris Mihm's skills in the past and would love to see the Lakers keep him because of his offense and shot blocking on help defense, I have never advocated keeping him in leiu of Kwame but always in addition to Kwame. I agree that Kwame's low post man-on-man defense is why we traded for him and value him.

There are times, however, when Chris' offensive skills would have been more valuable for us. A good example was probably the Suns series, where there was really no low post threat for Kwame to guard but lots of chances for an offensive player like Chris to score a lot of points.

That is why I have advocated that we keep both centers. I also think, depending on the defensive matchups, that Chris could play power forward for us against many teams.

Kwame is not underrated defensively here, he is overrated. The Phoenix series showed that.

The Caron Butler/Atkins trade had as much to do with being overstocked at certain positions than it had to do with comparing values.

If a GM were choosing a team, and the first player picked had to be either Butler or Brown, I doubt that any of them would pick Brown.

here's somethin' to think about. do you think KOBE would restructure his contract to bring in more talent? MAGIC did it in the 80s and he's been rewarded for it w/ minority ownership. i hate to bring up a sore point, but shaq, aka the big decline, also did it in miami.

i think it would be a sign of good faith on kobe's behalf and players would want to come more readily. the misconception that he is selfish would diminish and who wouldn't want to play for the LAKERS?

Andrew Z,
Would any of the playoff teams trade someone from their top 8 or 9 for Kwame? I doubt it. He is way too limited.

Kwame's 1-on-1 abilities vs Yao? Did you watch the game the last time they played? Yao chewed him up from the outside. Kwame can't defend at all if taken out of the paint.

Jack Ross,
Although I disagree on some points you make good points about the draft. And although its true this is a weak draft, with no for sure superstars...odds are, there will emerge at least a couple all-star level players. When people say its a weak draft, its mainly becuz there is no lebrons or wades. Most drafts are fairly safe when picking in the top 3-5. This draft, really no one is a sure thing, but even you mentioned, the upside is there.
And thats what teams will find hard to let go with their top picks. They think, "if i can only find that ginobili, or pierce, etc etc". At some point you have to say "bah, i'll take Mihm rather than gamble" but that pick will likely be not in the top 10.

Its interesting that it seems we have a simliar view of Roy (NBA starter but lacks superstar potential) and yet thats the guy you target and the guy I dont want. As youve probably guessed, I'm (for the most part) in the "take the best player" camp and also I like upside in draft picks. Tho admittedly I may overvalue upside at times. But my argument for upside is that, by virtue of upside, they have to realize less of their potential to surpass a someone with low upside.
ie. Everyone thinks Marcus Williams is the #1 PG cuz of his "polish" and passing ability, etc etc. But Rondo while not nearly as "polished" has to do very little to surpass Marcus...which is learn to shoot just better. (and im not talking peja, dirk shooting, but like Jason Kidd shooting, where its not great but enough to keep defenses somewhat honest.)

But youre right, I also think the Bulls should be very interested in Mihm...particularly cuz he brings the low post offensive touch that Chandler does not have at all. This is why even tho AK thinks I ask for too much in asking for Gordon, or Mihm+26 for Deng+16, its because Mihm is still a legit C which is hard to find and it will make the Bulls better even if they have to slightly "overpay".

laker tom,
sorry about the caps. i didnt realize that it was on until later. i DEFINITELY dont want to be compared to steven. thanks for the heads up.

HAHAHA definitely a no for Eddy Curry. I just cant understand how a guy his size cant seems to grab any rebounds.

I think Marcus Banks will be coming to the Lakers... 85% sure this will happen (why I'm so certain? because I went to see miss Cleo and she predicted it). If that's the case then why do we need to trade up to draft Roy? Marcus would be the starting PG who can defend against all the quick PGs out there. He's known as one of the fastest guys in the league and he really wants to play on the Lakers.

Miles can be a good fit for the Lakers because if he's motivated, he can be a good scoring threat and a nice shot blocker (which I think is the #1 problem Lakers need to address) He can develope into Scottie more so than Lamar due to his steals and blocking ability. He's definitely more physical. I think he's got the right tools and will most likely only cost Mihm.

Andrew Z,

I think you're right about Gordon for Mihm straight up, but if we were to throw in Aaron Mckie (yes old man Mckie) I think they would really consider it. Chicago's two biggest problems are lack of inside offense, and youth. We give them Mihm, and Mckie and they fill two needs: good inside offense, and a veteran player to groom Hinrich. I'm not opposed to the Mihm for Duhon, and the 16th, but it just seems to me for us to give up a 7 footer we should get more. Maybe Mihm, and the 26th (or Mckie) to Chicago for Duhon, and Deng? I don't know how either one of their salaries look but if we could make that deal I think that would go perfectly with my earlier idea of getting younger without giving up experience.

the luxury tax is simple. it is a 100% tax for every cent we are over the cap. for example, next year the cap is speculated to be about 52 mill. our payroll for next year is 67.6 mill, which makes us 15.6 mill over. since it's a 100% tax, we will also pay an add'l 15.6 mill.


Yeah, I saw that game and you know the answer to your question yourself. Yao just shot over Kwame and never missed, just as he would over anybody that ever played in this league. However, he was not able to push Kwame down lower or to get around him to dunk the ball. I remember Kwame saying after the game that now he knows what it feels like for smaller guys to guard Kobe.

I don't think many people even remember just how awesome Yao was playing after TMac went down and before Yao got injured again. He was drilling jumpers over and over against everyone and averaging well over 30 points per game during that stretch. It might have been the first view of how he might be able to play next year if he can keep from getting injured. As they say, you can't teach size, especially when it is a long 7'6".

I am not convinced that Marcus Banks is our solution at point guard. For one thing, he lacks size that Phil normally likes for guards being barely 6'2". I have heard he has the skills to play good defense but doesn't always use them. He increased his scoring at Minny but wasn't the distributor they were hoping for.

The T-Wolves need to surround KG with players that can win is not that different than the Lakers. If so, why are they willing to let the guy walk. From what I have read, he is not a great outside shooter and tends to get down on himself when his offense is off (sound like anyone you know?). He is looking for the full MLE, which is over $5M per year for three or four years. Seems like a lot to pay for what you are getting, IMO. The only thing that I can see for sure is that he would be an upgrade over Smush, but as Faith and I have stated many times, that is not hard to do.



Kobe WOULD NOT restructure his contract to bring in other players!!! That would never happen because the guy has legal obligations and is NOT making a killing on endorsements.
Nobody is knocking down the Lakers door to play with the Lakers or Kobe Bryant. If a FreeAgent player desires a So-Cal address change, watch them go to the Clippers.

the Truth

2 Hours to GAME TIME

Let's say the Lakers waive everyone on their roster after this coming season including this year's draft pick. They also trade away their 2007 pick. They choose to waive their mid-level and bi-annual exception and any trade exceptions they may have. Assume a cap of $51 million.


total about $44.7 million

Now - for every player under 12 the Lakers are charged a placeholder fee of $412,718 - basically the each roster spot counts at the minimum salary of that year - so there's an additional 8 charges which total $3.3 million.

Thus the Lakers would total at $47.3 million - or just $3.7 million under the cap - less than the mid-level exception.

Had they not guaranteed Kwame's third year they would be about $12.6 million under which would have likely would have been good enough for a max player coming off a rookie contract.

The problem is that now you've cut Walton, the 26th pick - your 2007 draft pick - got nothing for Mihm or Cook and Sasha's cut too.

Under this pre-Kwame theory - the Lakers actually would have had a crack at keeping Smush and Turiaf without it really messing with the numbers - but I'm not going to get into the technicalities of that.

Instead the Lakers guaranteed Kwame so they flat out don't have cap room in 2007 - no matter how you slice it - unless they trade Kobe, Kwame or Odom for cap space.

Now in 2008 - they're in very good shape should they desire cap room - assuming the cap is up to $53.5 million - but you still have to break down the roster to the nub.

i believe that next year bynum will develop into at least a close comparison to mihm in his development, because of his maturing and coaching so i think mihm is expendable. i hope the only trade the lakers make for mihm involves chi-town or any other team that has the best interests for the lakers and not portland. i really dont want to see anyone from the blazers here. and no i dont think that mihm can play the 4 spot. i dont think hes atheletic enough to pull that off. as cool as an idea of ben gordon here, i dont know if he would be a good fit because his def is in question. do the lakers really need another player who cant defend? i certanly hope not. DEFENSE should be the theme of the lakers this year. with the players they have now, scoring shouldnt be a problem now that the tri is better understood.

Get rid of the triangle.

Fire Phil Jackson.

Trade Kobe, he doesn't know how to pass to Kwame.

Trade Mihm. he competes for the same position.

Change name to the LA Browns.

Enough already!


Bro, you need to have some compassion for Kwame. Kwame was playing fantastic until that sexual assault charge was announced against him (which is still not resolved, and Kwame still has not been interviewed, what the hell?). Seriously, Kwame is human, and it would be quite a distraction if some bxtch made an accusation against me during the playoffs.

Kwame has the potential to be a historic player. At worst he'll be a good player.

Expect the worst and hope for the best.


Looks like it's going to be another free throw parade for Princess Wade. The Mavs will have to play a phenomenal game to win this one.

The air from Daniel's hand caused aerodynamic turbulence around Princess Wade's hand. Automatic foul.

P. Ang,

Hurray, I like what P. Ang is saying with all kinds of speculations. We join the merry-go-round.

Trade Kobe to Knicks for Curry

Trade Lamar to Blazers for Miles

Trade Bynum to Chicago for Chandler

Junk the triangle and bring back Rambis

Save cap space for the future Lakers in 2011.

Go LA Clippers!

2 quarters 'till CHAMPIONSHIP to go!!! Orahhh Lakerland. GO DWADE for finals MVP!


If Kobe would DRIVE to the basket instead of SETTLING for ill-advised outside shots, then he'd be a better player.

DWade is giving AMERICA a lesson in what an IDIOT Kobe Bryant is. If Kobe would have LISTENED and not tried to be 'the man' and let Shaq remain the leader due to his 4 more years in the league than Kobe, the Lakers would still be DOMINANT.

Kobe is nothing more than a DRAMA KING!!!

the Truth

Hey McGarnagle,

Princess DWADE is just 1/2 time away from being named "FINALS MVP" something your Princess KOBE can ONLY DREAMED OF(Ouchhh!)... WAAAHHHHH!!!
Joke only!
Please don't be commit suicide

Release Lamar Odom(former HEAT star player) for Marbury.

Hey McGarnagle,

Princess DWADE is just 1/2 time away from being named "FINALS MVP" something your Princess KOBE can ONLY DREAMED OF(Ouchhh!)... WAAAHHHHH!!!
Joke only!
Please don't be commit suicide

Release Lamar Odom(former HEAT star player) for Marbury.

If a trade for Mihm doesn't work out with Chicago, how about a Mihm for Mo Peterson of Toronto. Both players are approaching free agency and Mo Pete. while not the best on defense, he can fill it up.

The lakers don't need to make any big moves. Kobe is gonna go crazy next year and average 40 points, 9 reb, and 8 assists. Lamar is gonna be an all-star. Kwame and Bynum are gonna dunk all over shaq. The Lakers are the guaranteed champs of 2007

Speaking of "KITTY", have you seen the way Nowitzki play? Wuz up with that. Did he go to Vlade's school of "acting flop".

Wow i cant believe some of you have included Brown in the "core" team. I really hope he does improve and reach some of that hyped up potential but then what happens? For a guy making $9mil and not doing anything is big. If ( only IF) he does improve dont you ppl understand that he will demand more money. The ONLY reason we cant trade him is because his contract is too big for any moron GM (no cheap shot at NY :P) to take. I really dont understand why some of you are so obsessed over giving up a decent center in the Nba for 2 unkowns. Whats even worse is giving up a potential HOF (Odom) for 2 unknowns. Seriously NO MORE ROOKIES. I dont think Brown deserves $9mil now or probably ever. If he does better and he takes a paycut i would keep him. This is my projected roster for the next 2 years.
06-07 roster
1. FA (Get Terry or Banks)
2. Kobe
3. Odom
4. Kwame
5. Mihm

1. Smush/Sasha
2. Rookie/another FA
3. Walton
4. Turiaf
5. Bynum

1. FA from last year (Get Terry or Banks)
2. Kobe
3. Odom
4. Mihm
5. Bynum

1. Smush/Sasha
2. 2nd yearRookie/another FA
3. Walton
4. Turiaf
5. Brown

Mihm would be a better center playing alongside of Brown. Once Bynum gets better he will get the starting C and Mihm would be a better Pf alongside of Bynum. That would leave Brown as the role C. The reason im benching Brown is because after that year he might be out of L.A. and Bynum needs more PT to develop. If he doesnt improve and doesnt accept a smaller contract he's not worth it. If he does improve i still dotn think he deserves more than $8mil a year. Bynum and Mihm would be cheaper and a better combo leaving more cap space for better role players. Mosly upgrading Smush/Sasha off the bench.


KOBE for mmmmmm.... Towel boy?

Princes Wade throws his arm into Nowitzki. Foul on Nowitzki.


Suck on it Laker fans - the Diesel gets his 4th ring. And Riley gets another ring.

And you all get shiite! Have fun with Kwame Brown!

so there you have it heat 2006 NBA Champions...if anybody won it im glad it was shaq

Go Lakers


i agree with you, theres bigger things than basketball, it would distract the hell out of me too...

Go Lakers

NBA Champions, i can dream

The lakers better win a championship next year. Cant believe this ****

Kobe should have not lit Dallas up. Wade probably watched that tape million of time

This is whack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
man, Dwade- nba finals mvp >:(

yea right, i hate shaq, all he does is take cheap shots at the lakers, dwayne wade isnt close to being the best player in the world, kobe has 3 rings and an 81 point game, i hate shaq, GO LAKERS

i have so many emotions..there will be SO much talk of SHAQ being the common denominator...that is simply wrong..just b/c he was there was not the reason the heat won..look at his numbers..
Kobe (when it is all said and done) will have more titles than shaq ever
"glassman" wade (not cause he banks shots..cause he is made of glass) will never be a kobe..not even close..either.
i am kinda glad that ZO won his first..and jason williams..and it is nice to see riley win again....former lakers...the winning tradition carried over...
i just didnt like shaq implying all these little things when asked what he thought of wade.."i have seen him do some things...for a young player..that onlly a couple of legends have done".(knock on kobe...obviously)..this remember from the same SHAQ who said when kobe was too busy destroying the SPURS on their home floor to take a 2-0 lead over them by winnning two in san antonio..kobe is "playing phenomenal..he is the best player in the league by FAR.."
shaq after the comments he made doesnt warrant me being happy for him..he DID NOT and was NOT the reason the Heat are champions...
i KNOW this has to just make KOBE SOOO if he needed more fuel to his fire eh?...missing MVP...shaq winning..this is the man who scored 81 points..but i know this man named kobe is practicing right as i TYPE THIS...he is working on his ..scary though..get even better next season..
lakers champs in 08....

congrats to a team....

i am SOO happy on the other hand i wont have to deal with the obnoxious..bandwagon..whinney like their stupid "3million dollar fine"cuban...that man is ANNOYING...thank you for silence on the streets of Dallas tomorrow (where i live)....thank you..for giving me some material that i can use against these mavs people..haha..

let the miami bandwagon begin..and the wade is obviously better than kobe talk start (not)_...

kobe you the man ....

First off congrats to Miami.

Now that ive said that can anyone say "conspiracy". Since when does a guy take more free throws than field goals? There were so many bs calls in the last 3 games (even though i didnt see much of 4&5). There was also a foul that wasnt call for Terry being pulled back by his jersey on his way to shooting a 3pter. To top it off there was the Stackhouse suspension, taking away the last time out for the Mavs at end of game,the bs foul call at the end of game 5 (winning free throws) and the $250,000 fine to Mark Cuban. I guess Cuban really pissed off the wrong ppl to get robbed like that. I really feel sorry for the Mavs. Now let the the trade/draft rumors begin once again. Hopefully now Steven/Tarugo can leave. Maybe not so soon. I need a laugh....come on steve post to give me a good laugh.

I think we'll all happy for Wade. We don't like Shaq..he didn't win it Wade did


funny you talk Kwame cause thats what kinda numbers your and stevens "the most dominate center ever" had

exactly SHAQ is not a man...seriously..he is NOT the reason why the heat won..again NOT.
He keeps taking cheap shots at the lakers..true..
i cant waitttt until BYNUM dunks on his ass again....
and i agree..kobe will be NUTS next thought he was good now...'s about to get way better..
lamar is also going to be rocking...i hope he can turn in a triple double at least one or two every week.

Kobe who? D Wade is the man and finished the playoffs off like a real MVP Lakers are done. Aint gonna get a damn thing in the draft and Shaq can say what he wants cuz he owns Miami and LA

Sorry a,ss Lakers

I say they put a picture of D-wade and Shaq holding the championship in the lakers practice facility...

now thats motivation

Go Lakers

hey laker faithful, do we go to other blogs and hate on their team? Just makes you wonder. Even when the lakers suck, people still talk about them. lol lakers are the best team ever.

Congratulations STEVEN & your Miami Heat.

Well, that's a great feat for all the Heat players and I'm happy for the ex-Lakers like the coach, Pat Riley, Shaq O'Neil and Gary Payton. Finally, Gary got his dream and made some great saves for Miami on his way to retirement.

In the case of our beloved Lakers, its fans are wild in accelerating the future Lakers by absorbing more "prima donnas" from other teams. We made great strides with Lamar and Kobe last season and they'll represent the Lakers in the FIBA games, yet some fans have no point of satiety, they want more. They wanted Lamar to be Dwayne Wade overnight by exchanging him with low draft picks. They need to add more to the developmental group and add more inconsistent players from other teams. Well, some of the fans did their best to defend the best among the best like Odom, Mihm & Bynum but if the majority of the bloggers want to shake, mix and be greedier in getting back to the Finals outright with new squad, well go ahead. I just hope Kobe and Phil have the patience to stick around with that dream squad.


What else is there to say?

I T O L D Y O U SO !!!

omg heat win.

were not gonna hear the end of this.. omg

Kobe needs to learn how to suck up to the refs. I expect every shooting guard in the league to average at least 10 free throws par game. This is the first time in NBA ball that I've seen people drive to the basket at the last minute and get foul calls to win games (not just one game but too many for my likng) i.e. Wade and Lebron. Kobe was the only one to win a game the right way like we saw MJ do it.

This is what makes me upset...Shaq

Shaq's all on ESPN acting like he won it! Um, excuse the you sat on your ass on the bench most of the game! Where are the guys who made a difference in this game? Zo? Haslem? interview them over a guy who barely played in the game!!

And he's still same ol Shaq:

"I wanted to win it for Riley, Alonzo, for GP, for Flash"

Flash won it for you! get off the tv and back to where you were half the game..the BENCH

RELEASE LAMAR ODOM (former HEAT star player) for MARBURY.

Yeah, it's time to go now. All you Laker fans have enough torment now to ruin things for you all summer.

What a bitter pill to take...Shaq gets another title, DWade slingshots past Kobe as best player (though he missed those last 2 free throws - not very 'best player' like there), and you all are still left deluding yourselves about having a good team.

Here's hoping Jerry Buss is sucking down his fifth scotch tonight, while Shaq grins all the way home...........

Black Day for Laker Fans

The Heat winning the title has hit me really hard as a Laker. I was rooting so hard for the Mavs to win the series and each time I thought they would pull it out they found some way to lose. Why DIDNT they double team wade on every possesion. Man if teams single covered Kobe every game 81 pts would be his average. Anyways, I was rooting for the Mavs because I cannot stand shaq and his attacks towards Phil, Kobe, Buss, or the Laker organization.

But this series has made me come to a PAINFUL conclusion. The Laker top management has destroyed this franchise. How we came from a dynasty to mediocrity so fast can only be put on Jerry Buss & Kupchek. Trading shaq to me now seems like a better move since his rapid aging and steady basketball decline in the matter of two years is amazing. So keeping Kobe was the right move. What TICKS me off is WHAT an IDIOTIC trade Buss & Kupchek made!!!!! We had the best center in the world and we traded him away for peanuts. Brian Grant ahhhhhhhh, each time i think about his fat contract & how its weighing us down, makes me want to Vomit!! What was the organization thinking!?!?!?!?!? Not getting at least getting Dwayne Wade. What was the organization thinking?!?!?!? If Riley didnt want to add Wade, they we should have said Forget you then. INSTEAD we are stuck with Brian freakin Grants mega contract, Butler (for a year), & Odom but not Close the value of Shaq.

Ok so the trade happened. But have Buss & Kupcake made an effort to go out and either Trade for a bigtime player or spend the money for a big free agent. NO!!! Why is it that Mark Cuban seems to care more about getting his team ALL the help it needs. Even Pat Rat Riley, made a bunch of big moves. WHY are we wasting the best years of KOBE bryants career, with the likes of Smush, Cook, Walton, Kwame. ARe you kidding me!!!! Does this organization Care or are they just happy raking in the money from floor seats. I am FURIOUS!! Is there any hope in sight!! As Laker fans we should make a stand and demand that this organization make a SERIOUS effort to get us back to the top. I hate hearing about "we are waiting for cap space in 2008". Are you kidding!!!!! Who knows who will be out there in 2008 and there may be nobody big. Why are they content on ruining the Best years of Kobe.

If the Jerry Buss & Mitch can hear me. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSEEE Help. Make some big moves. I dont want to watch the Heat win again next year.

I don't know about the rest of y'all but I really want to see a Lakers team that can compete with the Heat NEXT YEAR!!!!!! I really want to see Wade try to put those numbers up with Kobe guarding him. Uggh, the only thing good about this is Mourning getting a championship. He definitely deserves it after everything he's been through.

We need to scrap the 2008 plan and try to get 2-3 championships NOW!!!!!

Kobe has never been the finals MVP. Wade is already one. Don't expect Kobe to win any championship. Not when a guy doesn't have a good handle on the Kobe..Kobe relies too much on jumpshots and he is afraid of contact.

Wade relishes contact like MJ and he is humble unlike Kobe. Thats a huge difference. NBA is going to market D-Wade..and rightfully so.


* Let the Dallas Mavericks join the Lakers and Detroit as the most mentally weak teams to ever pollute and NBA playoff series.

* Josh Howard and Dirk are overrated, mentally weak players who are the sole reason as to why the Mavericks lost

* I don't know who had the worst breakdown; the Lakers losing after holding a 3-1 lead to the Suns, or Dallas after holding a 2-0 lead and leading game 3 with 7 minutes to go.

* Okay, for I'm going to have to say it now. Dwayne Wade is the best player in the NBA.

* I wish we had Pat Riley back. Then again, I wish we had Shaq back.

* I am happy for Shaq and Gary Payton. These guys once represented Los Angeles, so I can never have bitter feelings toward them. I'm also happy for Mouring, since he came back from his medical situation, and Jason Williams, one of my favorite players even though he's an ex-King.

* Dallas made fools of themselves to the basketball world, and Mr. Cuban spent over 1 million $$$ in fines for nothing.

* You either made or you fade in the NBA championships...Wade is now an undeniable superstar, Dirk and Josh are NBA nothings.

* I wish I would have shaken Dwayne's hand when I saw him at the Long Beach Pyramid last Summer league.

* Thank God Shaq made peace with Kobe. We'd never hear the end of it if he didn't.

* I've never seen so many NBA teams, professional basketbal players whom are supposedly the best in the world, shoot such low field goal percentages. Isn't basketball about scoring points, which means being able to shoot the ball into the hoop?

* Josh Howard lost this series for Dallas.

* Wow, I'm glad it's all over with.

* By the way, Mr. Buss, you blew it.


First off, F.U. SHAQ!

I can't believe it! That s2pid S.O.A.B. silently took CHEAP SHOTS at our classy organization again! Remember when SHUCK was still with us, he told the whole world that KOBE IS THE BEST. Now, he told the whole world that WADE IS THE BEST! W.T.F. is wrong with this guy?!?!?! And then, after winning 3, yes, THREE rings with Phil Jackson, the GREATEST COACH IN THE WORLD, he tells the world that Pat Riley is his best coach ever!!! What an I.D.I.O.T.!!!



MIAMI HEAT WOULD WIN IN SIX (6) GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the REAL Truth

Well, at least the off season transactions can begin. Lets do it! I think Jerry Buss has to go over the cap. Not much but still he has to go over the cap.



While we tip our hats (or middle fingers) to Shaq, D-Wade, Zo, GP and the Heat...while preparing for non-stop insults from bandwagon trollish Heat fans like Steven...let us not forget one thing.

We are YOUR Los Angeles Lakers.

We will be back. Shaq got his 4th. So will Kobe. Will D-Wade even get 3? I doubt it.

We are the Lakers, biiches. We will be back. With or without Ocho/Veinte Cuatro. The legacy of the team is bigger than one man.

Kareem retired, they said it was over. Magic retired, they said it was over. Shaq left, Kobe stayed, and now that D-Wade and the rest of the Heat have carried Shaq (who didn't go 20-10 for the whole series) to his ring, everybody's saying it's over.

We are the Lakers. The National Basketball Association was built on our shoulders. As surely as the Yankees dominate baseball, we dominate basketball.

As I type this, I'm blasting "California Love" by Dr. Dre & 2 Pac. I am not mad. I am proud and hopeful for the future.

We are the Los Angeles Lakers. WE SHALL RETURN!!!

ok i cant believe what i am reading....

first of all, kobe doesnt cherish contact? coming from dwayne"made of glass"...wade??
come on now..look at kobe's frame...
he relishes contact..he takes punishement in there..every single time ...

And lets rationalize why kobe didnt win finals mvp..b/c the offense ran through shaq..look at miami this year..lets stick kobe in there instead of wade....ok? what do we have...we have kobe..with a shaq that is WAY less in his prime...kobe would have done the work and received the finals mvp..when shaq was playing 4-5 years ago..wade would NOT have won finals who cares about mvp of finals...81 points..81 points..period...63 points in 3 quarters..

i LOVe all these Wade> than kobe is unfounded...i would love to have seen wade lead the lakers like kobe did with KOBES squad..smush?..sasha?..mihm?brown?..come on now..kobe is way better than wade..nuff said.

no comparison..give wade his ring nice...

again..when all is said and done...kobe will have more than shaq...

i am glad ZO won it though..yes very much so...not GP..he is a little whinney bitch also...

oh and i know this for a FACT..aint no way in hell the heat will win next


I think it is blessing in disguise for the Lakers because it will be a great motivator for both Phil and Kobe to win "it" next season. I really do. I also believe that Shaq will retire after a season or two. I really do. He has already fulfilled his promise of Miami winning a championship, and he also feels that he is already being way too overshadowed by "Kobe Jr", D-Wade. Let Shaq enjoy for this one because this is certainly his LAST ONE.

Can't wait for next season!!!

Oh please! lol some of you heat fans are crazy! The only thing Wade has on Kobe are vets that have been there before and a team that can actually play defense.

Shaq uses the word "humble" lot as if he's real humble himself


How will Miami wining the title motivate the Laker management into making the right moves!

Con grats to Miami for wining the CROWN.

Let see if you can repeat, then you can get back to me about being a great team!!

Some pleople on this board need to get some prospective. It is not the end of the world!!
Dallas should be the ones who are upset. They had a great chance to win game 3 and let it slip. This is a hard lesson to learn for any young side. Always go for the kill when you have a team by the throat.

I am not getting into any debates about who greater than who. All I know is that next year there will be a lot of teams going for the title.

I feel with the right moves Lakers can be up there.

I have not seen much basketball recently because I have been watching the 'World Cup' the greatest show on Earth



The End

Pat Riley is sitting on a Barca lounge watchin' the playoffs after a hard day at work selling cars without the Laker organization. How do you step in front of a microphone and say you'd trade the other 4 for this one? Without the other 4 you aren't even a coach.

You expect it from Shaq. Who didn't know what he'd say? Wade the greatest ever, Pat the greatest ever, Me the MDE bla bla yada.

But Riley? There's no New York, no Miami, no suits, no gel, no career without the Lakers pulling him out of a broadcast booth and handing him a championship team with a coach named Magic on the floor. Now all of a sudden Wade is better than Magic? At least Phil had the good sense and dignity not to dis Michael Jordan when he came to the Lakers and Kobe started to excel.

I really like Wade. I just wish he could have carried our old school 2 games further but I'm happy for him and his family. I'm glad that my passion for watching (the Lakers winning before the Heat) has just freed up some time.

Not to worry, the front office going will counter with salary cap issues and rising ticket prices. This doesn't change anything, except in the mind of Kobe and Phil and jerry and all the fans. It was right to get rid of Shaq, but they didn't play that hand worth a damn.

I agree with Edwin, an obviously higher evolved human than I. Congratulations are in order. Congratulations, guys. You took the disfunction of the Laker front office, the insatiable ego of it's star players and revived your failing careers with the spoils of a dead dynasty.
Hi five.

V Out

Lakers win next year?? YOu guys are idiots!


We tried to tell these 'hardheads' that Shaq made a PROMISE and KEPT a PROMISE to DELIVER an NBA CHAMPIONSHIP to the City of Miami and the Heat organization.

It WAS NOT, I repeat, WAS NOT Kobe Bryant that won 3 Titles, It was a total TEAM EFFORT and TEAM is something that Kobe Bryant and his fans don't understand!!!

Shaq is the MOST DOMINANT Center in the game. No team can boxout Shaq he carves huge areas for his teammates and himself to gather offensive and defensive rebounds. Shaq causes teams to game plan around him thus making the game easier for his teammates. It is too bad Karl Malone couldn't join Shaq for this Triumphant feat.

Pat Riley is a coaching genious!!! Riley is unlike Phil Jackson by calling timeouts when the other team has a run, thus calling a play and squashing the opponents run.

I said from the START that Miami would win the series 4-2, but Shady, WiZo, Edwin G., Weave-head and nyla just to name a few jumped on the Dallas Maverick bandwagon when the Mavs were up 2-0!! It was unbelieveable to underestimate Pat Riley who CREATED this Miami Heat Team lead by Shaquille O'Neal!!!! Dirk is NOT a primetime player, he plays 'SOFT' and has always played SOFT. If you REALLY follow Basketball anybody would know that Dirk would evidentually CHOKE and he did.

Kobe fans in order to graduate from the Kobe Bryant School of HardHeadology, you need to LEARN how to LISTEN to people with knowledge. Kobe didn't listen to Shaq and was a Drama King. Don't be like Kobe Bryant, or you all will end up as a passenger in White Ford Broncos travelling down the Santa Monica Freeway being followed by LAPD.

the REAL Truth

SHAQ needs to keep his big mouth shut!! What an embarASSment....sitting during crunch time in the NBA Finals. That was pathetic...their so called"franchise" on the bench. Not the way I thought Shucks would win his 4th. Dude can't even be gracious...back stabbing IDIOT!! How can he even look in the mirror and tell himself that he's the Most Dominant Ever when he's on the bench and scrubs like Diop and that other sap from DallASS are on the floor?? The TV should have been interviewing Wade, Riles, Zo, GP and Walker. Shuqs doesn't deserve no air time for that embarrASSing display. I hope Kupcake makes the right moves for next year. You all have convinced me that Boozhead might not be the right fit. I do agree that Socks will make strides next year and be able to make Mihm expendable. I'd like Mihm for Miles and Blake. Only positives in that move.

"GRRRRRRRRRR" If Cuban and the rest of the Mavs would've just concentrated on their own gameplan, rather than complain aloud about the lopsided foul disparity, then maybe the outcome would've been different. Chalk it up to inexperience...

D-Wayne finals MVP? Yeah, I'll give him that...better than Kobe? Not just yet...If he becomes a better defender, then perhaps we'll put him in the same conversation.

Bah, in a couple of days I'll forget who even played in this year's finals and concentrate more on baseball. Go Dodgers!!!


SHAQ doesn't need to score gazzilion points to win another ring. Because IF he (or DWADE) did, he's just going to win the scoring title (just like KOBE) but miss out on the sweet feeling of becoming a champion (again like KOBE). He is and will always be a force(NO DOUBT). Now the real qustion is, will KOBE gamble and share the limelight with somebody else? with the jealous feeling of being (MAYBE) OUTSCORE or OUTGAME by another STAR? I DON"T THINK SO. And plus nobody in their right mind, specially a star player, would wanna' be a second fiddle to a BALLHOG. You can ask Marbury's team mates and tell me IF I am wrong.

DWADE is younger, MUCH-MUCH BETTER all around player(32+ pts, 10+ rbd, 8+ asst in the series), and A GREAT LEADER (players and coaches respected him), HUMBLE(does not want to be compared to his airness... not like KOBE... Mr. different era... I am better than anybody, I will outshoot attempt anybody in the league but when it really counts to push the game, HE FOLDS... WTF). See the BIG Difference? KOBE will FOLD... blame ALL HIS team mates & coaching staff 'coz his blameless and don't want to take that responsibility. UNLIKE DWADE, HE SHOULDERS THE TEAM AND CARRY OUT THE ULTIMATE PLAN, TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


RELEASE LAMAR ODOM(former HEAT star player) for Marbury.

Acjunglist702, you said:

"D-Wayne finals MVP? Yeah, I'll give him that...better than Kobe? Not just yet...If he becomes a better defender, then perhaps we'll put him in the same conversation."

Wade had 4 steals AND 3 blocks alone in game 6. Plus Wade's averaging over 2 steals and over 1 block a game in the Playoffs this year. Kobe's defense has been on a decline since the Lakers winning days. Kobe averaged .38 blocks/game during the season. .38! I miss Kobe's old defense, but until Kobe gets it back, Wade's clearly the best player in the league right now.

Go Lakers.

And congrats to the Heat. They deserved it.

Without a doubt, two of the weakest finals teams I have ever seen. And that is not sour grapes, just the truth (we know all about the truth on this blog).

Unfortunately, Shaq was the Miami connection to bring all the mindless dribble from the Heat fans. Now Miami has the bulls-eye on their jerseys. They will be lucky to get out of the first round next year. Forget about winning as many games next year as well. Shaq will come into camp at 400lbs and Wade may not get so many phantom foul (fowl?) calls.

Only the truth, LOL!

congrats to the HEAT for the finals win! they deserved it. also good call to STEVEN and TARUGO who called this(even though you guys act like kids when it is not needed, i think everyone would hear you out if you werent). despite what happened the better team won. i was really disappointed that the lakers decided to let go of shaq but business is business. and i was really pissed that they traded with miami for him.....kup you moron! dwade is a great player! good job for his accomplishment! the only one on the heat that i wish never got a ring is GARY PAYTON. that guy is a beo-yotch! he plays decent with the heat but in 04 he is a turnstile with ZERO shooting factor. this bastard is why the fish left and then HE dosent even stay. what a turd. if this doesnt give the WHOLE laker organization a fire under their A$$ next year, they should be banished to obscurity until kobe retires, like what would of happened before phil came into town.

Blame Buss, First off he didn't resign Phil Jackson. Secondly Buss TRADED Shaquille O'Neal when he should have traded Kobe.

Shaq just made good on his promise to Miami, and the DESIEL DELIVERED. Shaq makes players around him better. Kobe does not because Kobe is a DRAMA KING.

While Shaq is busy winning NBA titles,
1)Kobe is slapping Sasha upside the head during a televised game
2)Arguing with Lamar Odom after a game
3)Tossing TV monitors after a loss
4)Getting suspended for elbowing the Grizzles Mike Miller
5)Taking too many shots wild shots
6)Not involving other teammates
7)Trying to bully Phoenix Suns players while leading 3-1
8)Getting bulldogged by Raja Bell
9)Scoring 50 on 20-35 shooting and team still losing
Past Kobe Controversies:
10)Not listening to his parents about marriage timetable.
11)Not listening to Laker Team management on getting surgery in LA instead of Colorado
12)Charged with sexual assault in Colorado
13)Arguing with MDE forcing a trade
14)Causing Karl Malone to leave

Kobe is nothing but DRAMA,..why did Buss keep that idiot?!!! But since Shaq is a bigger target, in LA the blame goes on Shaq. Shaq proved tonight, he is the REAL DEAL and made true on his PROMISE, along with giving the National Spotlight to DWade and helping his career emencly.

the Truth
and nothing but
Kobe is nothing but Drama


Get ready for a BACK-to-BACK in Miami. Just a few more comprehensive pieces to go along with Shaq and DWade and it is DYNASTY time.

Blame Buss for trading Shaq, thus trading away all NBA Title aspirations.

the Truth


poor kobe, wade makes him look like nothing. Finals mvp, something kobe will never get. the lakers will never get near the finals as long as kobe is here.

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