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Some Pre-Draft Mitch — UPDATED, 6.27

The new stuff is down at the bottom...

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak powwowed with the media this afternoon, and just to make sure the Times doesn't think we're stealing from them, AK and I decided to stop by. We'll have more up for you ASAP, but for the time being, here's a smattering of what he had to say. As you might guess, most of the questions centered around the draft. Go figure.

On moving up:
"I think everybody wants to move up. I've talked to every GM in the league, sometimes several times. Everybody wants to move up. There's a cost associated with moving up, whether it's a player or another pick. At the end of the day it doesn't happen very frequently." 

Is it something you'll try to pursue?
"Yeah, we'd like to move up. I think every time you're in the draft, if you're at 26, you wish you were at 25. If you're 25, you wish you were at 20. You always look and say, "Wow, I wish I had a little better pick than I actually have." Last year we were at 10, and I'd have felt more comfortable if we could have gotten to eight, although we got the player we wanted at 10. So that's just the way your mind works this time of year.  You never have a great level of comfort with who you're gonna get and who you like, because you don't know what the other GMs think. You don't know exactly who is going to fall to you when draft time rolls around."

Are you thinking point guard? Big man?
"In terms of the draft, I don't think we're pinpointing a position. When you look at the draft, with a team that wants to win games... we won 45 games, we want to get to 47, get to 50, we want to get past the first round in the playoffs, it's unlikely that in this day and age that the 26th pick is going to play a lot for you next year. Although you look at our roster and you may say we need help in the backcourt, I don't think we're going to get a backcourt player that's going to play for us to help us next year. That would be great if we did, but we're not going to draft just a backcourt player. We'll see who's there, whether it's a big man, small forward or a ball handling guard, and the guy that we feel will have the best chance to play in this league for 8 to 10 years will be the guy we take."

On how having a D-League team will change things:
"...That will be a factor in developing our players. Whether it will be a factor in the draft this year is too early to say. We're limited to how many players we can carry on a roster... Once you have your roster at 15, or 13 or 14, you're limited as to what you can send down to the NBDL. So it'll be a factor, but it won't be an overriding factor."

As a team, you do seem to need guard help.
"I would agree. Laron Profit seemed to be finding a little niche for himself in January and February when he tore his Achilles tendon. And at that point, I felt we really raced through the season one guard short. We didn't have a deep backcourt to begin with. We brought on a guy who played great the whole year in Smush (Parker), but I don't think anybody had any expectation level for him. Sasha was a big unknown also. He became our third guard. So it's not a stretch to say that our backcourt is an area that needs to be addressed."

On Brandon Roy:
"He's a heck of a player. Of all the players available for the draft right now, I could name two or three that could probably play right away. Because of his maturity level, his size, his athletic ability and his skill ability, he'd probably be one of them. He's the most ready to play."

On trusting what you hear at this time of the year, when GMs aren't always telling the truth to each other:
"A lot of it is gamesmanship. We have an owner that likes to play poker, likes to play cards. And to some degree, in an odd kind of way, that's what it is. You work towards the moment of truth, which is draft day. If there are going to be deals, teams are going to play their cards close, and you're not going to really know what their feelings are until the next day or two (leading to the draft). And the closer you to a deadline, that's when you really get a feel for what teams will and won't do. Which makes sense, because you haven't seen a lot of deals made here in the last three or four weeks, even though we've been allowed to do it. Teams are assessing their hand, they're trying to get a feel for the draft. Everybody's talking to each other trying to get a feeling for what they can and can't do, and they're making lists, just like we are...."

On contingency plans as the draft day goes on:
"...I don't know what the other 25 teams in front of me will do. I have a pretty good feel for what we think will take place, and of course we know the 26 players that we would like to take.... The scenario always exists that a couple of players that you didn't think would be taken are taken, and then (conversely) you have two or three players to choose from that you didn't think would be there that are all of a sudden there."

On where Bynum might have gone in this year's draft, his progress this summer:
"Based on the number of calls I've gotten on him in the last four weeks, I'd have to believe that there's a really high demand for a player like that. A lot would have depended on what kind of year he had at Connecticut...I can't answer the question. He remains a player with an awful lot of promise. He's in here every day working. I know the teams in the NBA know about him, because every time (we) talk they ask me about him.... We're expecting some progress this summer with him on the court. He's working pretty hard, and we're looking forward towards the summer league....

...It's just so hard to get players that size that are true centers. I've got to believe he'd be selected higher than 10, which was our thought process (in last year's draft)...."

On Bynum trade rumors:
"There's no discussions of a trade. I've seen some rumors, and Andrew, I kidded with with him the other day- because there have been a couple of things written about him being traded — I kidded with him that we're not going to trade him. I said I want to see another year of play before I make that decision...but we're not going to trade Andrew. We're very happy with him. He's grown an inch, he's gotten bigger, he's in the weight room, he's gotten stronger.... We haven't measured him recently. We measured him about two months ago, and he had grown an inch. So he's over seven feet tall."

On Odom and Bynum, discussing concerns they might have as their names pop up in rumors:
"With the veteran players, we don't sit down with them. They understand this time of year, they understand what goes on before the trade deadline. I have not sat down with Chris or Lamar. I explained in a joking fashion and more serious fashion with Andrew and his representative how it all works. And nobody is guaranteed to be anywhere, so that's not to say something couldn't pop up, but we're not trying to trade any of those players....

...As a young player, Andrew Bynum doesn't really understand the whole concept of trade talks prior to the deadline, prior to the draft this time of year. I try to educate the young guys, first of all that nothing is guaranteed, and second you're going to hear a lot of rumors. That's just the nature of the business... We don't have a trade about to happen, and we're not trying to trade Lamar, Chris, or Andrew."

More to come later...

UPDATE — TUESDAY, 11:30 p.m.

Here's the rest of Kupchak's media session...

On the impact of not having high school guys in the draft this year:
"... It's a really good high school class. If you're a college basketball fan next year it's going to be an exciting year... There's going to be a lot of players next year available. I would guess that five or six of those guys if they were in the draft this year, they'd be first round picks. So that clearly would move five or six players down towards us."

People talk about this as being a weak draft (on top), but a deep draft. Would you agree with that assessment?
"I wouldn't call it a deep draft. I wouldn't call it a deep draft. We feel confident that we're going to get a good player down there, but I just get a feeling that it's getting a little bit tougher for us to get a great comfort level with 26 players right now. Whereas in years past, whether you have 20 or 22, or last year we had 10 and you know you're going to get a pretty good player. So we think we're going to get one, but I sense in the league that there are a lot of teams that are trying to move out of the first round because they don't have a great comfort level with the talent in the draft. I just get that sense."

Does that lack of consensus at the top and throughout make it harder to trade up? Trade down? Easier?
"I'm not sure it's any different than any other year in terms of making a deal. If you want to move up, there's normally an associated cost with that. You have to give up another player or give up another pick. Two firsts to move up a couple of places. But GMs don't normally want to move down. They'll move out of the draft, but they really don't want to move down. Most GMs want to move up in the draft."

How much different would it be if you still had the 21st pick (traded away in the Mihm deal):
"Well, it's five slots. For the novice, a spectator to look at it and say, "Well, it's 25 or 26 versus 21, it doesn't seem to be a whole lot." But as I mentioned earlier, you always like to have a pick one or two or three earlier. So to that degree it's significant, but it's not like 10 versus 26, or 15 versus 26. You're going to get the same quality of player."

Hypothetically, if you decided to move up, what would you do? How could that be done?
"What kind of deal could you do? You could trade this year's pick for a future pick. You could trade this year's pick for a player. We have an exception. Normally, when you trade to get a player, you have to give up a player because the salaries have to meet. You have to create room. But we have an exception for about $1.9 million, which means we can take a player without giving up a player. So that would be an option. Take a player, give up a pick."

How do you keep track of all those exceptions?
"That's what we do. It's our job. Believe me (the list) is not in my head. We have a book that's updated every day. We spend a lot of time on it, and if I ever lose the book I'm in trouble."

With all the rookies (and young players) on the roster last year, do you feel like you need another rookie?
"That's a concern. Not so much bringing in another rookie, but overloading your team with too many players of the same age window. There's something that's not really good about having a lot of talent that's really young, because they all kind of have the same mindset. They all want to play, they all want to prove themselves, they all need minutes. They're all very similar, in our opinion anyway you have to have a good mix of veteran players that play big minutes, young players that play, maybe a veteran or two that's going to play some minutes, and maybe is a little bit past his prime but he brings something to the locker room or he brings something to the huddle. And he understands that his role later on his career is not about the minutes but is being part of something. So all those things factor in. So we don't want to have a team with just young players, because number one, as I mentioned we want to have a good mix, but we also feel that we want to win games too."

You believe that the 26th pick probably won't play much. Will the pick have any impact on what you might go out and get in the free agent market? Are they separate issues?
"They're separate. Although I'd like to think that the player we pick in the draft is going to help us immediately, I know that's unrealistic. So we'll try to look to bring a young player on board through the draft if we keep our pick, which I assume we will, and we hope that player will be in the league eight to ten years. We won't, when we look at our depth chart, put that player in a position where he's going to play a lot of minutes. If he does, that's great. But we'll look to improve the team in terms of its on the court performance via a trade or free agency. That's how we're probably going to help this team."

So if you draft a guard, for example, that won't keep you from signing one?

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Mitch is so stupid.

"First of all, nothing is guaranteed, second,you're going to hear a lot of rumors. That's just the nature of business. We're not trying to trade Lamar, Chris or Andrew." - MK, Lakers GM

VAGUE & the mere fact that you conduct a press conference two days before the draft day, you're pre-conditioning your fans on the venture you're about to take. Why do you have to utter contradictions with double meaning laden into it? Everyone knows that you, Mr. Kupcake has been active peddling Mihm, Odom and Bynum, trying to hassel every GM's holding the low draft picks to raise the ante, no need of sugar coating and make believe that you are St. Mitch Kupchuk who never lies and the devil is the owner who loves to gamble! Anyway we're old enough to know that at this time of the year when you hear a GM talks he LIES and when you hear the media spins, it's all HEARSAY. Just wait for Wednesday and that's the revelation day.


Is there a conspiracy at espn against Kobe? Has anyone seen the nominations for this years' best athlete?


Then they place his 81 points in a game in the same category of sports "best moments" with the little guy that made those three pointers for his highschool who is gonna vote against that kid.

Is it's them right?

Mitch is so smart. why would he say hes trying to trade chris or lamar and give them something to think about? smart move saying he's not looking to trade them like that they stay focus. good to see bynum getting bigger.

Go Lakers

ho hum ho hum...

either mitch is playing his cards close or he's just content with not getting anything out of this draft!

If you are a GM and dont think you have the EYE for talent, why are you the GM! GM's should always think they can find a special player ANYWHERE in the draft. How many players have been great from the 2nd round?

Can you say Nick the Quick Van Exel?

mitch mitch mitch MITCH MITCH!!!!!

Lake Man

Wat do u want him to say? I like the fact that he seems really sold on bynum. The thought of havin a 7 footer who can block shots and dunk on folks is just plain fun. He would make things SO much easier for everyone else and i think that our defense would improve that much more because.

Mitch is not stupid, he is simply not going to say anything until after the draft. Don't pay too much attention to anything said before the draft.

I have to say I'm torn. On the one hand I really didn't expect him to say much (or anything really---but thanks K Bros for the interview anyways) but on the other hand, I at least expected him to diligently address our needs and verbalize it. I'm not sure this is it: "So it's not a stretch to say that our backcourt is an area that needs to be addressed"---I'd even go as far to say that's an understatement. I'm also not sure how I feel regarding taking the best player available at 26, when we really would probably be better off addressing our needs by trading up (love you Mihm, but if there's a chance I'd take it). But like I said, I don't really put much emphasis on what he says now anyways, so it looks like we'll have to wait and see.

I hope its just gamesmanship and Mitch is planning on trading mihm for a decent guard.

ESPN is having a survey for the Espy's for best NBA player.

kobe is the real mvp, not the canadian

How can you want to move up but not be trying to trade anyone? I thought "gamesmanship" was supposed to be subtle.

I think Mitch just said Profit's coming back and we won't be adding any immediate help through the draft this year.

Anyone hate hearing that "we'd like to win 47 games next year" as much as I do? C'mon Mitch, the NBA doesn't fine you for optimism. Eye of the Mamba, man.

i'm sorry, this has little to do with anything, but i just discovered this blog, and, well, my head is spinning. THANK YOU (k bros. AND loyal commenters alike) for this forum. i live in japan and am always desperate for lakers news, or even just a chance to shoot the ish with my homies about the lake show. the post and comments from "THE BIG ?" were especially riveting. so, just wanted to say how happy i am to find a little purple and gold piece of home to hang out in.

i hope to make more relevant contributions in the future. but, for now, just THANKS!

- "I don't think we're going to get a backcourt player that's going to play for us to help us next year"-HAHAHA just like i said there is no ROOKIE that can come in and really get some PT with the Lakers. The only way i see that happening is if all the PGs get injured or we get Phils boy Roy.
- "Based on the number of calls I've gotten on him in the last four weeks, I'd have to believe that there's a really high demand for a player like that."-Mitch on Bynum. This is why you dont trade Bynum. It really comes down to which player is better than him in this trade. Bynum is young and so is all these new kids. If you think Roy/Diaz/Sef is better than Bynum then we should trade. I dont think they are so i keep Bynum.
- "There's no discussions of a trade. I've seen some rumors,....We're very happy with him." He will be a great Center. He's learning the triangle,lifting weights, and getting taller!!!

There is a lot of unclear answers. Im pretty sure they have Chris on the trade circuit. Maybe he's trying to keep the media in the dark til the deal is done. Dont be suprised if we do keep Mihm. I would rather keep Mihm at $5mil then Kwame at $9mil.

it sounds like kupcake dont even know what the hell hes gonna do either.i got some advise for this smuck: come and read these blogs. read everything from the past week. or month. or the last FIVE damn years!!!!! i think most people in these blogs including the k bros. could do a better job managing the lakers. this dude is a straight moron. i SERIOUSLY hope hes pulling the rope-a-dope on us...............

-from laker fans everywhere,


The Lakers will take the best available player (according to their ratings) regardless of position or need. At 26 you can't really draft for need.
Unless 2 players rate the same, they might go for need then. But I also think their ratings could be based on how that player might fit with the triangle, so that player may not actually be the best athlete.

All this suspense and the Lakers probably won't do anything. I'd sure like to know what they will do in the free agent market. Has anyone heard that Claxton would like to be a Laker?

I certainly would not trade LO for Marion. Marion is a great player but he wouldn't fit as well as LO in this offense.

I'm glad that Mitch won't trade Lamar and Drew, but little bit dissapointed that Mihm isn't on block...
Here's 5 reasons why Mitch should trade Mihm:
1. Mihm is in the final year of his contract and the Lakers aren't about to re-sign a backup 5 to over 6M per, particularly when they have Bynum waiting in the wings and Turiaf can play some center. Butler was moved for a similar reason, no intention of overpaying to keep him long term.

2. Mihm doesn't have the skills for 4 in the tri. He's only a center and has had great difficulty picking up the triangle. Lacks passing skills and doesn't read the floor well.

3. The impact targets are fading away. Bosh to re-sign, LeBron likely will, KG likely won't be dealt. So the only available path to getting impact talent is trading up in the draft.

4. His skill sets don't necessarily match the need. The skill set profile for a big would be 2-way big that can hit elbow and swat. That's what they truly need as a complement to Kwame and Mihm can't do that. They can get it by dealing up in the draft. Cedric Simmons, money from the elbow and can swat. They can't get that skill set in free agency or in trade for a veteran.

5. Don't move Mihm and they lack the salary to make any move at all. Mihm has to be in a trade or the contracts are too small to do anything. He can also be combined with McKie to get someone with higher level production. No Mihm and McKie is really tough to move.

Look at what Mihm can provide on the floor. Now contrast that with what Simmons could mean, and/or Miles. Add that if Mihm's not dealt he just walks at the end of the year.

Pfunk 36 re: ESPN -- ESPY nominees -- it DID seem like these so called media heads were going out of their way to either not acknowledge KOBE's season or just not wanting to give him his due and I think its truly sad they cannot seem to put their personal feelings aside and give credit where credit is due -- it doesn't make any sense that their seems to be an all out "HATE KOBE" convention going on!

I have no Faith in Kupcake!!!!

dear mitch. you have two choices from the draft.
shannon brown from mich st. or mike gansey from wv


I wouldn't put too much stock in what Mitch said, regarding who is on the block and who isn't. Every time he said we're not trying to trade _____, (which, by the way, could mean, "we're not trying to trade them in the time it took me to walk down from my office to the press room" came with the "anything can happen (paraphrase)" qualifier.

They're interested in moving up, which means they're willing to part with players. Which ones? I'd be surprised if Mihm, at some point this summer, doesn't go. As for LO, I think it would take a very strong offer, but you never know what'll happen.

More stuff will shake out today and into tomorrow.


Trade Talk to revisit.....

I think that the Lakers should revisit the trade talk of Jason Kidd to LA. It has been some time since this was last discussed. I believe that this is a great time to talk about it.

I'm proposing a 3-team draft day trade involving New Jersey, Toronto and LA.

The principle players in this trade could be Jason Kidd, Mike James, Chris Mihm. There could be some throw in players to sweeten the deal if needed. However, I see the draft picks also being a part of this deal.

New Jersey would trade Jason Kidd and their 1st round draft pick, Toronto would trade Mike James and their first round draft pick, and LA Lakers would trade Mihm and their first round draft pick. The Nets would acquire Mike James and the number 1 pick in the draft. The Raptors would acquire Chris Mihm, the Nets and Lakers 1st round picks. The Lakers would acquire Jason Kidd.

The Nets would lose the maturity and passing of Kidd, however, they would acquire a much better and younger scorer and shooter in James. They would also gain the number 1 pick in the draft. That's a great pick up.

The Raptors would lose James, which earlier in the year they seemed to not be too sad about. They would acquire Chris Mihm who would fit in nicely in a fast paced running offense, that doesn't work the post a whole lot. Mihm is a 7-foot shot blocker. They would also acquire 2 first round picks for the draft. For a young team desiring to grow, this is a great setup.

The Lakers lose Mihm and their pick, but they receive Jason Kidd. Instead of having to draft a player and then wait a couple years for them to become a solid contributor, they would be acquiring an instant surge of experience, talent, and ability. The only downside of this deal is his salary, however, with George coming off, and Mihm being traded, this isn't a terrible deal.

Regardless of what anybody says, the Lakers main concern for next season is a point guard-type player. The teams that were most successful this season were the ones that had solid and fluid ball movement. When the Lakers won those championships, they had solid ball movement. They need a guard to move the ball. Jason Kidd is that guy.

Heck, since it not likely that a rookie is going to play much next season, why not pick Shawne Williams? From what I'm reading this kid could possible be a lottery pick next year if he had stayed in school. We'll never know. But he's young enough to waste a year away on the bench with the Lakers next year and still be young when it's his time to play ball.


I understand the benefit of moving up in the draft...26 is not the most favorable sport. HOWEVER, this doesn't look to be one of the strongest drafts. Outside of the top 10, it's pretty much a crapshoot. To get into the top 10, I'm afraid we'd have to give up too much. Even then, taking rookies is always risky (read Kwame Brown). To address our needs in the draft we would need Brandon Roy. And then expect him to pick up the triangle. In his first year in the NBA. And that could come at a HUGE sacrifice, either to the financial assests of the club or to the self esteem of a young player. Like I said, I understand wanting to move up, but why kill ourselves to move up in a draft that doesn't really look that promising anyway?

I just read that Peja just opted out of his contract in Indiana and is now a free agent. What do you guys think about him signing with the Lakers? Is that a possibility?

I saw this at ESPN is there a chance that the lakers could sign Peja?

I heard the interview on the radio too. What a waste of time. Mr Kupcake did the run arounds again and again. They could have taken calls instead of interviewing the dullest personality of the Lakers personnel. He was pointless throughout the interview. Will someone tell him to tell us something we don't know. We all know the Sky is Blue and or When it rains It Pours. He sounded like a puppet. Anyways, my only hope is for the current players will work on their game tremendously in the summer, especially Bynum. I hope he gets to play and get a taste of Duncan, Yao and Amare's game. He can elevate his game above them all. If he continues to grow to shaq's size and 70% of his ability, the future is brighter than we can ever imagine.

Good morning all...

I emailed Eric Pincus yesterday and asked him his thoughts on the draft tomorrow. I specifically asked him about Thabo and James White. He said Thabo would be gone by the time the Lakers pick comes up, but said White would still be available. I will be praying to the basketnall gods tonight.

Nice trade proposal JJ. I'd pull the trigger on that in a heartbeat.

J Kidd passing to Kobe sounds pretty nice. It seems to work well for the other teams as well. Like you said, the salaries always mess things up though. Hopefully it'll happen.


The Lakers played 70-80 draft players this season so it may appear that everyone is the trading block except Kobe. Anyway, FoxSports is reporting in their mock draft that Bull will take Thabo on the #16, that could be the Laker pick in exchange of Mihm. I hope they include Duhon as well from that trade scenario. Realistically, I would prefer NO #12 plus J R Smith and sign and trade with Speedy Claxton vs. George. That would really complete the strikeforce that will support Kobe & Company. On top of that, Banks will agree with BAE contract with future considerations. Rush and Profit could split the MLE contract. Now we have speed, shooting accuracy and competitive against the Suns.

I really, truly believe that trading Bynum for ANYONE, would be a terrible idea. I Honestly think that he will be the next in the legendary Laker big men. We'll have to sink a few years into him...but He's going to be great. He's going to be an All Star, he's going to be a finals MVP some year down the road. I want him here for later.

Draft Gansey from WVU!!! He's a smart and solid player who will be able to contribute! We need a quality pick, not some gamble that doesn't pay off like the last couple picks (excluding Bynum) we've had.


Banks WILL NOT sign for the BAE. Not a chance. Banks is looking for someone's full Mid-Level, and while that won't happen, he will get more than the BAE. Even the Twolves would put up a better offer.

Anyway, I get the feeling as though we ARE upon a big shake up. Everybody that has something to say says the Lakers are "looking" to move up in the draft. As the old saying goes, "where there's smoke, there's fire". This is true in most cases, and I think the same point can be made here for the Lakers. Even if something doesn't happen right away, I do not think the Lakers will stand pat this summer. They have too much to loose.

As for an interesting little sub-plot, I was reading that Gilbert Arenas is speaking with Washington's management about their building of a championship team, or lack there of. Gilbert can opt-out in the summer of '08, and has indicated that he would do so if the team isn't on the right track. Could this have been the Lakers ultimate plan anyway??? A duo of Arenas + Kobe = GREATNESS!

P.S. Mitch is pretty boring, but at least he's not Isah.

As a WVU fan, I've been watching Mike Gansey for a few years. He is very steady, very hard working, and comes out of a college offense that overachieved by demanding good ballhandling and smart play.

What is evident after reading this and the Ronnie Lester interview is that the Lakers have drafted poorly in recent years mainly because they expect to.

If you have cap problems, drafting well is a huge opportunity to improve and the front office doesn't recognize that.

They're just going to send whoever we draft at 26 down to our D-League affiliate, even if they could possibly be a Josh Howard, Tony Parker, Tayshaun Prince or Andrei Kirilenko (all of whom were picked in the mid to late 20s).

Edwin G:

I like your thinking...speed, shooting accuracy, and competitiveness. I would love any of your scenarios, but I don't think the Bulls would give up Duhon and #16 for Mihm. Mihm for Thabo...yes. I don't know too much about JR Smith.

ahlayn and Paul:

Peja is a perfect fit for the triangle and the half-court game that the Lakers play. I think this would help reduce the likelihood of injury and preserve him a bit. But, I don't know what kind of money he would demand...maybe LakerTom knows? LakerTom is our blog's GM!!!!

I'm gonna stuff myself with Kupcakes as I watch the draft tomorrow!!!

BK, do the Lakers really want to waste Kobe's prime years while developing Kobe man this sucks we have to get this man some help....

what UP LAKERVILLE!!! Long TIME since I posted on this BLOG... anyways... can't w8 4 2mrw baBY!!!

Like what "THE WOLF" is saying:

"DONT SCREW THIS UP!!!!!!!!! "



JJ - nice idea but thats just "wishful thinking" New Jersey must be nuts in trading Kidd and getting Mike James in return.

The draft is one day away and I'd still like to see mihn go!
He's good but he good's trade material.
Now what happened to signing banks?

rocky and jj no way they are taking onlymike james and the first pick in a weak draft for kidd.
plus i think the salaries are way off mihm makes 4 million and kidd the max so ......

Based on the reports that I have read recently involving this upcoming draft, it is beginning to appear that the Lakers may not find that special player in the draft. Especially with their low pick of 26, the likelihood of them finding a player that can step in a fill a needed role for this team is not a reasonable assumption at this point. Instead, I believe that they should look at a few non-traditional ways to get their needs met on draft day. I stopped by ESPN’s website and noticed the current list of unrestricted and restricted free agents for 2006. Now, I recognize that the Lakers are not going to get a handout from any other team right now. It is simply just the way it is for the most hated team in the NBA. However, they may be able to still satisfy their needs while at the same time giving up something else in the process. Here are my suggested options for the Lakers to try on draft day. NOTE: I have not offered any explanation on these in order to keep the post short. I do have an explanation for why each would work. Please keep that in mind while you are reading this and beofre you respond think about that.

Option 1

Trade Chris Mihm, Brian Cook and 26th pick to Indiana Pacers for Peja Stojakovic (sign & trade). Sign Marcus Banks and Rasual Butler to contracts using the mid-level cap exception.

Option 2

Trade Chris Mihm, Brian Cook and 26th pick to Atlanta Hawks for Al Harrington (sign & trade). Sign Marcus Banks and Rasual Butler to contracts using the mid-level cap exception.

Option 3 (Most possible)

Trade Chris Mihm, Brian Cook and 26th pick to Toronto Raptors for Mike James (sign & trade). Sign Toni Kukoc and Rasual Butler to contracts using the mid-level cap exception.

I think the trade proposal you put together for J-Kidd is real nice.. I don't know how all the salaries come into play but like you said, there could be filler players thrown in the mix.. I know when Kidd was "sort of" on the block a couple years back, I was hoping the Lakers would make a move for him.. He definitely would fill the PG need that the Lakers have.

Cupcake is always explaining what he couldn`t and can`t do and why it cannot be done in a 1000 000 years. He`s village idiot.

I wonder if the Lakers could get Roy for Kwame, maybe having to throw in a pick.


Thanks for the interview. I thought Mitch did a good job of reminding everybody up front that he wasn't going to reveal any real insights into the team's draft strategy in the middle of the card game.

I did, however, believe that his positive comments regarding Andrew Bynum were honest and reflected his as well as the organization's opinion and value of Andrew as an important player in the team's future.

I also say his comments about Brandon Roy as very encouraging in the event that we really ended up getting him from the Bulls or other means. I think it indicates that the team does see Roy as a guy who could start or play a lot as a rookie, notwithstanding Phil's aversion to rookies playing.

And I liked that he gave Profit some props and it looks like he could be back next year.


I like option 2 because we stay young, athletic, and experienced. I think we would have to use all of the MLE to get Banks. Geez...imagine the Lakers w/ Banks and Harrington...


and a free agent.

"Have FAITH in MITCH!" ---lol, props!

I like Kidd, he's an underrated defender (heck I think he's better than Nash because he plays D) however, he's olddddd. As I understand it, he missed virtually all of 04 and some of 05 cause of knee injury (?) so I'd be cautious in acquiring another Aaron McKie or Vlade. But at the same time, it's an intriguing possibility. Of all the options I'd have to say, I like option 2 the best, cause Mike James is offense first (we don't need) and Peja, though he'd be a valuable shooter, would we even use him, remember JJ? and how is his back? Nevertheless, good ideas.

P.S. Welcome back JJ, we've missed your ideas in da blog. Course not as much cause Lakertom has basically dethroned you lol...jk.

Trading mihm might be a good idea, i feel that he wont be here for next season, but getting mike james is a terrible one

Go Lakers


The Jason Kidd trade isn't bad, but I think New Jersey feels they can compete for the Eastern Conference Title and Jason Kidd is the main ingredient in that. Plus, I don't think the salaries work. But the idea of getting Jason Kidd on this squad is awesome. I don't care how old he is or how much he makes, he's still damn good. As for the other deals, i would do them in a heartbeat if I was Mitch, but the other teams would definitely be getting screwed with their pants on.

Michael T,

I've heard a lot about that kid and would be happy to see the Lakers get him. Since we're basically drafting a "project" anyway, might as well make it someone with huge "upside".


Even though Mitch Kupchak doesn't seem like the most capable of GMs, I didn't expect him to say anything shocking or revealing. He was on point when he said there was quite a bit of gamesmanship that goes on with this stuff. You don't want to tell people what cards you have, so to speak.


You posted: "Look at what Mihm can provide on the floor. Now contrast that with what Simmons could mean, and/or Miles. Add that if Mihm's not dealt he just walks at the end of the year."

Have you really looked at what Mihm provides on the floor versus Miles? Chris was playing great and was the team's second best player when he got hurt. Had we had him for the Sun's series, we would have made it to the Western Conference finals. And it is total disrespect for how hared and well he has played to even claim that Miles is a better player. There is not a GM in the league that would take Miles over Mihm.

We may well trade Chris for a variety of reasons but I guarantee you it won't be for Miles and his personal baggage and bad contract. Nor would it be to draft a totally raw prospect like Simmons, who didn't even put up as good a numbers in the ACC as Chris did in the NBA last year.

Let's see who can come up w/ the most useless Laker of all time...

I nominate Chuck Nevitt.

Pfunk and Lakersrydeordie

Kobe was nominated for 3 ESPYS this year. That's hardly a "Hate-Kobe Convention." Dude did pretty (deservedly) good when it comes to being honored, if you ask me.


BK, did Mitch mention that we will bring from from FA or Trade i thought i had that kind of sense when he mentioned about helping this team.

Off the subject here, but did anyone see the little sit-down chat with James Dolan and Isaiah Thomas? Unbelievable comedy!! It was a total Dr. Phil moment that is saved on my TiVo forever. The best part is when Isaiah said he was "ticked" when he heard Dolan give the one year ultimatum and the look on Dolan's face. Honestly, if the camera's weren't rolling Dolan would have ended Isaiah right there. Priceless.

If the Knicks are below .500 at the All-Star break, I'm guessing Thomas ends up "missing".

p.s. If I hear one more Kobe Hater Conspiracy idea I'm going to kill somebody. Let it go.

Mark Madsen?

Aron Mckie?

Go Lakers


I would agree to trade Mihm for Bulls #16 to draft Thabo. Thabo is (1) a great defender, (2) can handle the ball, rebound, and pass extremely well, and (3) has four years top pro experience in Europe and can contribute next year.

I do NOT agree that Peja would be a good fit for the Lakers. He is (1) a terrible defender (2) over the hill and past his prime, and (3) a proven choke in the clutch and at the end of the games.

We wouldnt be talking about this if MIAMI hadnt screwed us over TWICE.

1. They dumped brian grant's contract on us.
2. DWade wasn't included in the Shaq trade, even when we specifically asked for down 8 times, get up 9 instead of LO.

Actually, 3 times.
3. They dumped brian grant on us.

I'm looking forward to blogging with all of you tomorrow after the draft!

God bless this blog.


Andrew Z,

Mark my words. The Knicks will be the most sickly and hysterically entertaining storyline of the 2006-2007 season. Think about this for a second. James Dolan is basically ordering Isaiah Thomas, who already leads the NBA in "forcing square pegs into round holes," to rush results from a horrifically flawed roster or lose his job?

Good lord, man!

How can this not end up the spectacular wipeout to end all spectacular wipeouts? It's the equivalent of thumbing one's nose at the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I've already envisioned about 100 different ways this will end in smoking, bloody carnage and still haven't even scratched the surface of possibilities.


And i thought the knick situation couldn't get any worse. Ah! its good to be a Laker Fan...

Go Lakers


You're being too harsh on the knicks,when everybody can see that with Isiah the magnificent at the helm, they'll surely reach the NBA finals with all their GREAT players.

Damn. he's huge!

but not a good player

I love how vague GMs and coaches are. Giving a "response" as opposed to "answering" questions. That's as big a part of the job as actually coaching and making trades.

I'd make a more relevant post but I'm tired from a long day and since the draft is tomorrow I'm content with seeing how things just shake out. I'm a bit wrn out with speculating what (if anything) the Lakers will do.


My pick for worst Laker of all time is either our boy Kupcake (he had some bad knee injuries in the 80's) or Wes Mattthews (also from the 80's. really good cheerleader, really bad teeth)

haha! whats up with that music? man, that guy is monstrous! i dont know why he's practicing layups when it looks like he can do vince's elbow jam without even leaving his feet!


Yeah, I saw the Zeke and Dolan interview. That was classic sit-com. I feel bad for Knick fans.


Someone mentioned perhaps the acquisition of Al Harrington. Is this possible? You are the salary cap guru.


What if we don't trade anybody, sign Banks to the full MLE, draft James White, and wait til the trading deadline to see what our team is like? If we're teetering around .500, then make a trade. guys can proceed to bite my head off now. Just a thought, but here's my lineup...


next most useless Laker of all-time: David Rivers

I know lol. That music is terrible.


KOBE/smush/profit or james
BANKS/sasha or james
LO/luuuuuke or james (if luke or LO go down)

Being a Knick fan has to feel like what Enron investors felt like a couple years back. Things were going relatively well for a large period of time and then it all comes falling down on top of you. James Dolan, Scott Layden and Isaiah Thomas have absolutely ruined one of the the great NBA franchises.

It's as hilarious as it is sad.

MITCH answer this..

You re-signed a 26 year old Kobe Bryant in 2004 to: Sell tickets while building for the future? Or to build around him so we can win a championship(s) now or at least soon??


ESPN is more love LeBron than hate Kobe. Dwyane Wade (Finals MVP) and Steve Nash (MVP) should be nominated for best male athlete over LeBron and Kobe. They didn't win those awards for nothing.

In all seriousness, let's give Mitch a break til tomorrow and see what he does. the 1979 draft, "the logo" wanted to draft Sidney Moncrief instead of Magic, but Jerry Buss had the final say. Nobody is perfect.

The Laker front office has turned into a joke since the departure of Jerry West. Numerous missed opportunities and poor scouting. Does J Buss even care anymore? He shouldn't be concerned about a luxury tax, when he's raising ticket prices every year. The most productive off-season move would be to acquire KiKi V as your new GM...he's much more respected than Mitch and I know he'd do a better job.


While it is not due to anything he personally did, I think your Most Useless Laker award has to go to Briant Grant, whom we are paying $15M to play for the Suns and who has us unable to improve the team.


I have learned my lesson. Here is Andrew Z's link to the NBA Salary Cap FAQs:

Laker Tom,

I was actually going to say Peja was a good fit for the triangle, but you are right. The dude is a choke artist, and is getting up there in age. I wouldn't mind signing him for the MLE though. His jump shot is sick (unfortunately not in crunch time) and he would spread the floor. You've made me a believer in Thabo, but I just hope Mitch is making calls to have a chance to get him. I will be soooooo pissed if we've been sitting here talking about all these possibilities and they (the front office) do nothing.


Damn, tell us how you really feel. LOL!!!!

No Peja, No Kidd - too old, expensive and injury-prone. Plus Kidd's a certified prima donna.
Mihm for Chicago's #16 + Duhon or Songalia would be good for both teams.

If the Suns are looking to trade Marion, how about coughing up Kwame, Cookie, Mckie and a sign-and-trade (Timmy Thomas) for the Matrix + sign-and-trade(Banks) ?

Why would Phoenix do it? (besides the fact that they are nuts)
They want to be able to extend Barbosa and Diaw. This way they get Kwame a certified post defender who will enable Amare to play PF *and* shed Marion's salary.

C - Kurt Thomas + Kwame + Pat Burke
PF - Amare + Brian Grant + Cookie Monster
SF - Diaw + James Jones + Tim Thomas
SG - Raja + draft pick +Mckie
PG - Nash + Barbosa + Eddie House

We could get Marion to play SF. Yes, we have his big contract to deal with, but if we are not getting anyone we *can* pay big money to, why not give it to Marion?

I'd do it if we also exchanged our first round picks [Lakers get 21 and 27, Suns get 26]

Assuming we pick up Profit+Jumaine on the cheap in FA:

C - Mihm + Bynum + second round draft pick or Douthit (draft pick from last year)
PF - LO + Turiaf + draft pick (A Johnson or Shawne Williams )
SF - Marion + Luke + FA (Jumaine Jones)
SG - Kobe + FA (Profit) + Sasha
PG - Banks + Smush + Draft pick (James White or Thabo)

That would give us a strong starting 5 [well, stronger than this year!], a good bench, and some intriguing draft picks for the future.

Kobe, Marion and LO would give any team fits - both on offense and defense.

And here's the *real* killer :D
If for some reason, KG throws a fit and wants out of Minny [depends on what they do in the off-season], we can afford to lose either LO or Marion!!

PS - And yes, we send Wafer to the NBDL :)

my next proposal (

L.A. Lakers Trade Breakdown

Lamar Odom
6-10 SF from Rhode Island
14.8 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 5.5 apg in 40.3 minutes
Chris Mihm
7-0 C from Texas
10.2 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 1.0 apg in 26.2 minutes


Allen Iverson
6-0 PG from Georgetown
33.0 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 7.4 apg in 43.0 minutes

Change in team outlook: +8.0 ppg, -12.3 rpg, and +0.9 apg.

Philadelphia Trade Breakdown

Allen Iverson
6-0 PG from Georgetown
33.0 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 7.4 apg in 43.0 minutes

Lamar Odom
6-10 SF from Rhode Island
14.8 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 5.5 apg in 40.3 minutes
Chris Mihm
7-0 C from Texas
10.2 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 1.0 apg in 26.2 minutes

Change in team outlook: -8.0 ppg, +12.3 rpg, and -0.9 apg.

Successful Scenario

Due to L.A. Lakers and Philadelphia being over the cap, the 25% trade rule is invoked. L.A. Lakers and Philadelphia had to be no more than 125% plus $100,000 of the salary given out for the trade to be accepted, which did happen here. This trade satisfies the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

the lineup...

and a draft pick.

Is Big Ben an unrestricted free agent? I HOPE THE LAKERS GET BIG BEN. I ALSO HOPE THE LAKERS GET SAM-I-AM. A true point guard, and a back-up shooting guard are the last pieces of the puzzle. Get these things done and we will be contending for a championship.

I believe in Mitch.

Oh, I was in Disneyland last Saturday. I saw Kareem And also Pat Riley. Stacy Keibler approached us and dang was she HOT!


I think everyone really needs to get off of Mitch Kupchak's case. It is the Lakers' Management Team that really makes the final moves, not just Mitch.

First, the Lakers' final evaluation of players, decisions on who to draft, who to trade, what to accept in return, and whether to adapt a strategy to win now or win later have always been a team effort, involving the coach as well as the GM, with Jerry Buss always holding the final say.

Jerry Buss is a pretty smart owner who has proven more than once that he knows how to build a solid championship franchise. While he has selected Mitch as his general manager and Phil as his coach and given them the power, authority, and trust to do their jobs, he has never been far from the heart of every major move.

---It was Buss who gave West the OK to trade Vlade so we could draft Kobe before we had any commitment whatsoever from Shaq that he would sign with us.

---It was Buss who gave Kupchak the OK to trade Shaq before we had any commitment from Kobe that he would resign with us.

---It was Buss who made the decision to fire Phil Jackson as coach and then to rehire him a year later.

---And you better believe that it was Buss that gave his blessing to drafting Andrew Bynum at #10 last year.

Second, the recent evidence says that the Lakers Management Team has continued to make the right moves and should be expected to do so tomorrow.

When you evaluate the team we have put together in just two years after trading of Shaq, the way so many of our players improved dramatically last year, and how we played at the end of the year and in the playoffs, the job the Lakers Management Team, including Mitch Kupchak, has done has been pretty damn good and should be appreciated.

I fully expect to support whatever the Lakers Management Team does tomorrow. If they believe there are players in tomorrow's draft that are worth trading Chris Mihm or Lamar Odom, I will fully support their decision even though I like Chris and love Lamar.

My point is that the Lakers Management Team has clearly proven that they deserve our support. No, they haven't been perfect, but no other NBA team has won as many championships as the Lakers since Jerry Buss took over as the team's owner.

The Lakers have made some pretty terrible draft picks in recent years. If they stay where they're at, that'll continue. If they move up, that'll mean they've targeted someone. At least that gives us intrigue on their scouting dept. I hope Shannon Brown is there @ 26. I hear he's a load.


Waaah! Wahhh! WaaahhH!

Get a hold of yourself. Kobe's moment was "just" that best moment in basketball. 'Just like shooting basketball from the backboard, unintentional pass/shoot or halfcourt shot etc. There's nothing "GREAT" about it unless of course he carried his team to the Championship(which of course did not... and will never ever happen) and was crowned MVP or better FINALS MVP!!!

So until then (wishful thinking!),

Ok, so moving way up in the draft is tough. But has anyone brought up a "MIHM for KNICK'S 20TH PICK" scenario?

The New York Thomas' need a big who can rebound and block shots (basically an alter-ego Eddy Curry). The Lakers need to move up in case somebody (Cleveland) snags the PG they covet.

What do you think?

draft preview going on on ESPN

i think the lakers should keep the roster the same but bring in vlad radmonovic to replace and sasha are very young should be much more prepared for next years po run at pg having a healthy mihm will take pressure off kwame in the middle and vlad would be the instant offense off the bench the team lacked last season.the league is wide open right now and with such a young a team last years po experience was a stepping stone to bigger things.any big changes besides getting kg would be a step back.

LakerTom - Last Appeal Before D'Day

Actually, I learned more from you rather than listening or reading the interview of Mitch or Ronnie who are spinning their way as though we, the fans and their audience are a bunch of ignoramus. In your case you are truly a Laker fan and thinking of their future. However, majority in the Laker Blogs do not agree to your outlook of putting Lamar in the trading block. It will not help Kobe and it will not help the Lakers in the long run.

If you try to study the drafts in the last 10 years, only a whopping 50% made it to the NBA. From the draft of 2005, how many players can you name that could help the Lakers immediately in winning the Western Conference. We don't know, isn't it? so far only Chris Paul of Hornets was the only player at par with the veterans, while the top 10 Bogut, Deron Williams, Raymond Felton, Gerald Green and many more were so-so and that includes ours, Andrew Bynum, Ron Turiaf and Von Wafer.

In retrospect, I won't put high hopes on Roy, Williams, Morrison, Thomas, Sefolosha to help Kobe instantly during his prime, these guys have to mature first and we'll see their development in three years' time, so until and unless they have tried the NBA, don't count on them. NCAA is different from NBA. If and when they develop, Kobe may have passed his prime, may consider retirement and/or to be traded and presumbly, PJ is also gone. Do you want to go back to the post Magic era from 1991-98 when year-after-year we get journeymen players like; Sedale Threat, Cedric Cebalos, Vlade Divac, Rooks, Campbell, Jones & Van Exel?

With Lamar Odom, Bynum and Kobe around, we have a chance of making it to the top, so please don't discrupt the coming around of the Lakers in '06 or else it will put them three years' back. We have to move forward by adding role players and also removing the shrubs.

haven't heard this name or website referenced yet, so thought i'd mention that projects temple's 6-6 pg mardy collins to the lakers at 26. i know absolutely zero about this guy, but his weaknesses seem to outweigh (literally, if his physical assessment is accurate) his strengths. still, the description of his upside, coupled with his size (vertically, at least) could help him round into a very good role player. in any case, the consensus seems to be that we will not be standing pat at 26, so i guess this is all moot.

pfunk - i was gonna make the same "championship" case in defense of espn not nominating kobe for male athlete of the year... until i took a look at the list, which includes albert pujols, lebron and sean alexander (the latter two of whom have yet to win even a single championship, nevermind over the past year). so i think your argument (not unlike your grasp of reality in drawing a parallel between scoring 81 points in a PROFESSIONAL basketball game and "shooting basketball from the backboard, unintentional pass/shoot or halfcourt shot etc." [sic]) falters there.

while some are bit overzealous, they hold up kobe's 81 not as the sole justification for his nomination, but as the centerpiece of what was, individually, quite a remarkable season from him.

crap, my bad. that last comment i made was directed at TARUGO, NOT pfunk36 (sorry, dude).


Trading with the Knicks is too easy. If you were to go there (trade with the Knicks) I would Trade Kwame and his bad contract (that's a requirement when the Knicks consider any trade) for Malik Rose (who I wanted the Lakers to get a few years ago when he was a free agent) and the 20th pick...

Then we have more $ to sign a free agent as of july first...

eh... for clarification: joel = sensei = joel = sensei. you get it. i guess i just type too fast for my own good.

ok, i'll stop now.

Kwame Brown has a bad contract?

Well, if Kwame does well this season the fans are going to wish the Lakers can sign him to an extension before he becomes too expensive.

If the Lakers were smart they would give him an extension by the half way point of next season if he is doing well. Say, another 3 years that way the Lakers won't have to deal with a Max contract situation if we see Kwame excel next year.

Kwame's contract isn't bad. The Lakers gave it to him without Kwame having proved himself. This coming season is when it's all put on the table. Then people will see that his contract is actually pretty cheap. You'll be hoping the Lakers can sign him to an extention at the price we're paying him right now if he does well. And there isn't any reason to believe he isn't going to do well, especially if Kobe Bryant plays ball the way he did in the playoffs. It's ineviable that Kwame will prosper.


I am getting tired of Mitch Kupchak's attitude that late first round draft picks and beyond can't provide immediate help. Jerry West never had that problem. Remember Vlade Divac, Eldon Campbell, AC Green, Nick Van Exel and even Mark Madsen? If his attitude were different, perhaps we would have drafted Sean May last year - he could have helped. I think the Lakers should draft a perimeter shooter who can play defense- and look to fill the point guard and/or power forward spot via their mid-level exception (i.e. Marcus Banks)


You win! I do love Lamar and do want him to remain a Laker. If I were the one pushing the button to trade him, I probably would not be able to pull the switch. If the Lakers really love someone they have worked out in the draft that they think is worth trading Lamar for, however, I would back them. And I do think the cap space and trade exception would be very valuable. Bottom line, it don't think it is going to happen. And I do like James White at #26.

I do agree that Lamar is realy great and will get better and that anyone in the draft is a gamble. I do think, however, that that probably means no shot at a ring next year, but maybe 50 wins and a 2nd round playoff appearance at best, and waiting for Brian Grant's contract to expire in 2007/8.

If we do not trade Lamar, I would then look to try and trade Chris to get the Bulls #16 to get Thabo or even Sene to replace Mihm and then try to get Speedy to sign for our MLE, which would mean abandoning the LeBron 2007/8 strategy for sure. Those are my last sage words in my short career as the a salary cap expert and general manager.

At any rate, it has been fun but tomorrow is almost here. Trust the Lakers Management Team. They will lead us out of the darkness.

Keep up the great posts, Edwin. I really enjoy shooting the blog with you. Go, Lakers.

Mike T:

You know what, Mike, we all wish the same would happen. Hope it comes true and Kwame can make some of that potential come true. I only worry about his work ethic, the possible consequences from the rape case, and whether he will get it together in time for us to keep him. But I'm on his side like you. I do love his low post man defense and his potential, but remember that I'm the guy who is or was willing to trade even Lamar.

Thanks for your posts, Mike. Go, Lakers.

Mike T--

"Kwame Brown has a bad contract?"

Kwames contract has two more years at 9 mill + per season. Last season as a Laker, he started more games than any other in his career and averaged 8 points (7.6) and 6 rebounds per game. This was a bit below his career average of 10 points and 6 rebounds.

Here's a little comparison to some other players and their contract Vs. their numbers...

Chris Kaman--4yrs/11mill 9 points 7 rebounds

Chris Bosh 4yrs/13.6mill 17 points 9 rebounds

Andrew Bogut 4yrs/21mill 9 points (8.6) and 6 rebounds--and hes a rookie.

Stromile Swift 4yrs/22mill 9 points 5 rebounds

Al Harrington (he's more of a PF but played some center) 4yrs/24mill (last five season) 15 points 6 rebounds.

PJ Brown 4yrs/34mill--career average 9 points 8 rebounds.

Mehmet Ocur 6yrs/50 mill--this year, his first as a starter averaged 18 points and 7 rebounds.

I just looked at a few guys here, all of them earn less than Kwame (most listed earn less than half). I'm sure if I wanted to I could make a very long list to drive home the point. The point being 9 mill per season is an awful lot to pay for what we got from Kwame last year (8 pts, 6reb).

So does Kwame have a bad contract?

My answer would be, if every player who put up 10 points and 6 boards a game got 9 million bucks a season to put up those numbers, the nba would have to double the salary cap to accomodate them all.

I like Kwame. I jumped up and high fived my buddies every time he did something great. I sighed every time the ball bounced off his hands of steel. He is by my unqualified opinion the Lakers best big man on the defensive side of the ball, in fact by saying that I believe thats where he earns most of his money. I hope he proves me wrong by making me think we are getting a steal for the kind of money the Lakers are paying him next year, I said so in a lengthy post in the last topic. If thats the case we will be a team to be reckoned with two years from now.

But with guys like Kwame (athletes that get paid for their "potential") I have very little patience for after say 5 years. I would like to see players (and anyone in the workforce for that matter) get paid for what they PRODUCE.

It's a bad contract...

Your trade with us getting JKid is more of a dream than a possibility. First off the Nets dont need more offense especially when they have both Jefferson and Carter. JKidd is a great guard that can get them the ball especially on fast breaks with lobs all over the court. Another thing is that Kidd has a max contract that the Lakers wouldnt really be able to afford unless we were to trade Kwame instead of Mihm.

Trade for Peja is another bad idea. The guy is over the hill and the espn article said he is looking for a bigger contract. He was making bout $8mil and is gonna want more. Again the only guy that would make the deal good would be to trade Kwame's $9mil for peja's 8-10mil that Peja will want. I do like your #2 option but i dont think it wouldnt work because of salaries but its close. I think its Al's $7mil for Mihm and Cooks $4.5mil. Last is your #3 option. The traded worked but he cant be traded. I use
which i got off this blog from a fellow blogger. This is what it said when i checked for option #3

"James is in the last non-exercisable year of his contract and cannot be traded. However, next season is currently a player option and if is exercised, then the player can be traded."
I really do like option #3 though. I wish there is a way to get it done. I like Magic=Goats line up from your options with us getting Al and Banks. NIce trade options

I meant yout line up with AL and Banks not the one with AI(Iverson). I think getting AI is also a bad idea since he is more of a scorer than anything. Lamar contributes more to the team then AI would. The only thing that i see AI bringing is a bigger offense at which point we would have to become a Suns type of team. Having KObe and AI running the court the whole game and trying to outscore the other team and completely forgetting bout defense just like the suns.

Some of you are getting to caught up on what ppl say they want and what they will get. Example is this years draft of the NFL. I know its a completely different game but eveyone was talking about Matt Leinart being drafted in the top 3. Instead the guy falls all the way down to the #10 spot. Rememeber things can change in a minute. If anything you guys should be asking yourselfs this: If all the players we really want (Sef/Diaz/Sene/Roy) are all there at #26 (not likely but a possibility) who would we take? NFL is a perfect example because everyone thought that Matt was a great and "ready" athlete to come into the NFL and all the teams were talking about getting him because he was so good. Instead the guy gets passed up by not 3 but 9 teams. The GMs already know who they want but are in no hurry to go telling everyone. If you ask the GMs about a good player theyll say that they are considerign them but might not even care about the player. Its just a smokescreen so another team doesnt take them to try and force a trade with them. If I know that the #27 team picking wants a guy and would be willing to trade half the guys on their roster i might pick him up at #26 to get the guy i want from their roster. Just like the Bull might do to get Mihm. They get the guy we want and kinda force a trade. Dont get too caught up on what the GMs are saying. Tomorrow we find out where the Lakers are heading. It might define the future for the next 3yrs. The pressure is on the fron office. Lets hope they dont dissappoint.

One more thing before i sleep...I think former #2 pick Jay Williams would be a nice addition to the Lakers...comeback player of the year, the next feel good story...plays good D, quick, can dish the rock, etc.

Good night and go LAKERS

I watched the ESPN draft special and nothing about Mihm for the Bulls #16. I'd still like to see that happen.
Mihm is certainly worth the 16th pick, and nothing higher than that. And if we make that trade, don't pick up a PROJECT! There must be someone who can play at least 15 minutes a game now.

Please Mitch. DO NOT PICK FARMAR with #26!!! He is not ready. I think he can be a decent player in the NBA. But he would get lost on the Laker bench next season.

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