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That's a good thing, because if you've been socking away all your extra quarters and nickels in an effort to spring for Lakers tix this fall, we have some bad news. You'll need to save a little more, or, if you prefer, take down an armored car making a delivery to the local B of A. On eight of nine season ticket packages, the Lakers have raised prices by 4 to 5%, likely in anticipation of Aaron McKie's return to form, or the maturation of Sasha Vujacic. 

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but since most people have to sell a kidney to go to a Laker game anyway, hopefully it won't throw a wrench in anyone's plans. In for a penny, in for a pound, right?


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If they are raising the tix prices then Dr.Buss needs to pay luxury taxes and get better players next year.

They love increasing prices each year, their tickets are the most expensive of all the league and they can't improve a team because they don't want to pay luxury tax. Well it's time to turn this team around if they want to continue increasing the prices.

I know it will be hard to get a player like Jason Terry, but he would be great, he has the attitude and the game. The Lakers should make a run for him even if they have to pay luxury taxes. Hey they should be able to afford it after all the money they are making.

2 things: Either they know something we don't as in we're finally getting a legit al, or they really need to start spending if they're going to make us spend more. I'm a Lakers fan, and I understand that (normally) you get what you pay for, but Smush Parker as starting PG? I'm going to be paying 5% more for that? Shoot at least get Marcus Banks (who isn't that big of a name either), Aaron McKie? Seriously?! You guys know I love this team, but man! Like I said, they better be spending over the cap (more than we already were) to excuse an increase in ticket prices (though in all fairness, they own the team, run the team, so really they need no excuses). But for now I'd prefer to think there is someone coming ;-) (optimist that I am lol)

P.S. Vent of the day, ain't it great? lol

God bless capitalism and the wonders of supply and demand.

Those prices are going to go over well when we're the second best team in LA again next year and miss the playoffs.

I think the Lakers have someone in mind, to sign, that is. I think a there's a shake up coming and they have calculated the cost and so the tickets price have to go up. Lucky for me I've never been to a Lakers game so I don't have to worry about prices.

When I finish writing my novel and it goes big then you'll see me like Jack Nicholson, on the sideline chumping up with the players. LOL! I'll be able to afford the prices then. Until then it's the radio and KCAL 9 for me.

I think the Lakers are going to trade someone for a player who is going to push them somewhat above the salary cap. I think they're going for it...a Championship run. If they don't then pushing the ticket prices up doesn't make sense. Can't wait for the season to be over just so the trading can begin.


Why don't they freaking get a winning team before raising ticket prices?

I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that the Lakers don't make any big moves this offseason. And no, I don't consider using the MLE a big move.

However, I think this is a good year to bail on Lamar Odom and his salary for a high draft pick if they feel that LO is not the guy to pair with Kobe and Phil.

How about Lamar Odom and a second rounder or future first round pick to Atlanta for Josh Smith and the #5 pick. With the No.5 you could probably get either Brandon Roy or Lamarcus Aldridge and the same time get a young athletic guy in Smith and clear about $12 million off the cap. Then we could trade Chris Mihm and the #26 to Chicago for Chris Duhon and the #16, taking either a power forward or swing man, depending on who we get with the #5. Sure, we're young and we lose the experience in the Triangle that LO brings, but realistically, are we going to win a championship any time soon with LO on the roster the way it is? NO!!!

I say it's time to get young and athletic and have a roster full of people between 6'6" and 6'11" who can run, jump, and defend like crazy and make a go out of this thing.

For those of you that read the posts, I won't repeat my money rant in it's entirety, but again briefly, if Lebron resigns, the cap should not be an issue. LBJ would be the only free agent worthy of wasting a year of Kobe's legs and our time. If there's the slimmest hope, Lebron might want to go Hollywood then we should be able to swing the door open for him. But if that hope dies with a new contract then all bets are off and it's time to do what we do best in LA: SPEND OVER THE TOP.

Any good showman, and Dr Buss is all of that and a bag of chips, knows that he's got to put on a show that warrants the price of a seat. He has a captive audience for now but his price is over double that of the "other guys" in town. I'm sure the price gouge is to pay for the D League team 'cause it sure ain't to pay for better personel.

Why is it we all know how much Kobe makes, but don't have a clue what Jerry Buss is taking home after taxes and gambling debts? After all the cap and salary issues, the stats and prognostications, that's the number that matters.

Andrew Z, you can bet with any team, very little big moves ever get done in the off-season like i said if they us to pay extra cash then they better get some things done in the roster situation or else i ain't paying for crap.


I agree, there's only one guy to save cap space for and LBJ is re-signing with the Cavs. The problem is, with the collective bargainning agreement, we can't sign players to big deals because we're already over the cap. We can trade salary-for-salary, but we can't go and offer someone $10 million a year because we're over the cap. Teams can sign there own players to big extensions though, even if they are over the cap, but I ask you, who on our roster would you want to give big money to (other than Kobe)?

That's why I say we should blow this thing up for youth right now. This team is not going to win a championsip. Period. Hell, they might miss the playoffs. But, if we get some good young talent and develop them we can be an elite team in a few years. In the meantime we have the hottest attraction in the league in Kobe and if you paired him with a bunch of athletic young guys I can guarantee it would be fun to watch.

prices go up when expectations go up because ineterst goes up. simple economics. this team gave a suns team that made it within 2 games of the finals a 7 game series. that means we can play with anybody right now. if we improve the roster we can make one more step closer and then next year our goal should be 50 wins, and making it to the second round. anything else is a bonus.

before the season we all thought smush would be nothing and he showed potential. scottie pippen was not all that in his first season and had to back up a guy named brad sellers, so let's give smush some time to grow before bailing on him at the point. sure, he's best as a backup on a quality team, but he'll only get better on both sides of the ball. besides, what about signing kareem rush? buss wouldn't have to break the bank and rush would give phil the big back court he prefers. plus, rush already knows the triangle. and he showed he is clutch (remember that game winner he hit on 04 (in denver i think)? and rush has the athletic ability to be a solid defender.

as a big man out of high school, kg really made the leap to soid contributor in his second season. my guess is bynum will start to be a solid contributor and if he is the real deal, may be good enough to start after the all star break next year. as a shot blocker he would add a dimension to our defense and prevent, for example, t mac driving for an uncontested game winning layup in the closing seconds, as he did at staples this season.

if we lose devean, and odom is best playing defense at the 4, we need an athletic 3 to guard ginobili/josh howard/etc., to compete with the top teams. someone like rick fox or horry who can defend and hit open jumpers off of kobe double teams.

trading odom would be a mistake unless it is for garnett which isn't happening. lamar showed he can deliver in the playoffs as he did in the first 4 games against phoenix and is the only guy who can actually match up with dirk and marion (and even duncan and rasheed) at the 4 spot, crucial if we are ever to beat those teams in the next few years.

let's tweak the roster, not make a major overhaul (unless, and only unless, we get a stud like garnett who is athletic and can play defense)

this team made strides this year, with anither 82 games to get more comfortable with the triangle (which phil says takes 18 months to master), we should be even better next season, as long as we stay healthy.

Andrew Z, your to much of a pessimist have some faith.

Stocks of Jerry Buss are going south, his poker money is diminishing fast, he's not getting younger and needs MORE MONEY for his long retirement. He hired a GM who is good in increasing ticket prices & Laker paraphernalias ANNUALLY across the board without any regard to the under privileged fans. Charity should have begun with ticket prices. Without this blog, nobody would have known the price increase, since only few recalcitrants would complain the rest enjoys being suckered to watch the developing glamour boys and the entertainment of the dancing belles. Now I sound like Steven but actually I'm just a disappointed die-hard fan on the increasing costs of a mediocre product.


I prefer the term realist.

My thing is we all talk about championships, as well we should, we're Laker fans for god's sake, but the thing is, this team is no where near being a championship contender. I think all the teams ahead of us in the West are going to get better and most of them (except the Spurs) are pretty young, meaning they'll be good for awhile. If we won 48 games next year and got bounced in the first round again, would you be okay with that? Not me.

Of course I just like to talk about trades, so what do I know.

Edwin G,

Good point. Jerry has to feelin' the ill effects of the fed raising rates. His asking price was too high before the last 2 increases. He's got a captive audience, but with the media options these days, the real fans are virtual.

Andrew Z,

I think you described what we just watched last year: fun to watch, young athletes. Sactown, Houston, Minnesota and others gave us an easier road to the playoffs but I'm wondering if that's not the continuing of a mediocre trend. This league just isn't all that good as we've stated throughout the year. "Championship contender" don't mean what it used to.

One more defensive rebound and I could spin you a case for us being in the WCF. Next year teams will get better but ours will play at a slightly higher level in that they'll have a better idea where they're supposed to be on the floor.

Most things atrophy with expansion and the NBA is no exception. More teams=less quality. Dallas is pretty good but they aren't starting the equivalent of Magic, Kareem and Worthy. Kobe outscored them in 3 quarters, just how good do we need to get to get this done?

I read that league explanation on the salary cap link that Faith posted and there is wiggle room but not if your owner refuses to pay that dollar for dollar tax under any circumstances.

many people in LA obviously have disposable income and will pay whatever just to bring their skank-of-the-week to "the game" (no matter how much the team sucks). supply and demmand. if you don't like it, move to charlotte and cheer on the bobcats. lol.


I agree "contender" isn't what it used to be, but I have to disagree that we have "athletes" on our team. I thought we were one of the least athletic teams in the league and that was made obvious by the way the Suns ran us off the floor in the playoffs.

I do think we will be better next season, but I question the ultimate ceiling of this squad.

As far as the salary cap is concerned, I was under the impression that we can't offer any big contracts to anyone? Is that wrong?

"Then we could trade Chris Mihm and the #26 to Chicago for Chris Duhon and the #16"

No way!! Is this rumor or just pipe dream? Doesnt sound like the Bulls are that ..... dumb.

Andrew Z

Yeah, we could always get more athletic. I was thinking this Laker team compared to the ones with the old slow guys. Kobe and Phil say a couple of pieces and I'm OK with that until they lose and then I'm off the bandwagon like any self respecting fan.

The salary cap is as mysterious as the exceptions are many and involved. The dollar for dollar tax has been declared unacceptable and that's the part I've got problems with since the team is so solvent. I'd like to see a breakdown of the Laker salaries and what moves could be made to clear space for purchase without trade now. Grant's money won't mean anything if there's no one to buy.

Andrew Z.,

Remember our debates about a month ago with regards to personnel changes. At that time, you adhered to the idea of having minor changes only, now you're convinced of overhauling the whole Laker lineups. Well, I do agree that we don't have the Championship caliber with our present personnel, however other leagues' scouts and writers are trying to bait the Lakers through rumors by throwing their garbage to us and asked us to dispose our few precious assets which are our Centers, Lamar & Kobe. I liked your idea that you said at that time, when you said: let's just try to add more shooters and a defensive mode test its mantle until All Stars which is February, if they are still under achieving, then make a wholesale disbanding of the experiment. At the end of last season, we were left hanging, we don't know the potentials of developing players like: Bynum, Turiaf, Kwame, Mihm if they play 20-30 minutes.

I like the proposition of LakerTom which we covered in detail in our previous blogs on the topic free agency, he repeated it in several posts now in chronological order about the target players in the draft, free agency and who should we drop. Essentially, we're putting more value on our Center Mihm, Bynum & Kwame because everyone wanted to dump them for Duhon ONLY. Mihm is only 24 years old with $4M salary with average 10 PPG, I believe the longer we hold on Mihm the better prospects we get in return. We never know Mihm is actually the guy we've been looking for who can the inside threat in the triangle.

BTW, you didn't answer my post last time, how's your newborn? Congrats again

Edwin Gueco,

My newborn is doing awesome, thanks for asking. He was a big boy born at 10 pounds 1 ounce. I'm thinking power forward in 2026.

I think all my ideas of blowing up the team right now are just because its the offseason, at least for Laker fans. However, I do think Andrew Bynum should be made available (for the right price) at this time. I think if he was in the draft this year he would be a top 5 pick, and I reall think Brandon Roy, if available, could be the number two scorer the Lakers need. I really like Chris Mihm and feel having Kwame and Bynum, two young center projects, on the same team seems a bit redundant.

I do think the strides the team made at the end of the season, and the playoffs, should be built on and hopefully we have a better idea by the break.

I think Andrew Bynum and the No.16 for the No.2 and Chris Duhon would be a good move for the Lakers, and the Bulls for that matter. Anyway, I think I'm just missing watching Kobe play.

Im sorry but your not making much sense. You want to trade Bynum which you just said would be in the top 5 for a buy who could possibly be in the top 10 in Brandon Roy. You either must think that Roy or Duhon are better than Bynum or that the #2 will be better than Bynum. Either way Phil will have more confidence in Bynum and will get more playing time to really show what he has learned. The kid is still nervous (which is often the case) but you also have to realize he get very little PT. Maybe he tries to hard not to mess up and rushs things that he doesnt execute(mostly offense). I still like him because that dunk on Shaq will stay with me forever. That was a great move on a good center ("dominant" to some") and was purely instinct. If he can do that we could have a future hall of famer in our hands. Buss knows that and thats why he wont get traded. Kwame has plenty of time to show what he has and hasnt shown much development. The guy atmost will average 14 and 7 which arent numbers for an allstar or HOF. That is with 5 seasons under his belt. Thats why i would trade Kwame instead of Bynum. Kwame had (and still has) his shot and hasnt done what was expected. Next season we will see whose better and which we should keep. Still if we traded one of our young centers i say trade Brown.


I think we're the only guys concerned about these hidden price increases, the rest of us accept it wholeheartedly like being suckered by oil "price gouging" companies. Well, although there will be improvement throughout the league, our Lakers will not be that far behind. What we need is confidence and further coaching from good players. I will suggest that we include in the specialized coaching the names of: Michael Cooper for guards and perimeter shooters; James Worthy for all forwards and doing pivots and flying as well as jump shooting in the posts and lastly, the great Magic Johnson to tutor Odom, Kobe and PG's. Well, Odom learned something from Scottie Pipen last year, this time he should go under the radar of Magic, how to do a layup without really trying.

By any means, we should retain Lamar Odom, he's the only ambidextrous player meaning he could play the left or the right flank with ease. I don't know why other fans keep on mentioning his name in the trade. Well excuse the writers, they don't really watch all Laker games, perhaps watch some few here and there and turn to sleep because they mostly live in the East Coast. The next day, they rely mostly on highlights and box scores but appears to be EXPERTS in the business.

well, someone go kill Brian Grant... then we should be under the cap.



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