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Kobe Would Be Nothing Without This Guy


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That was a great article. I've never known much about Jelly Bean Bryant, and it was good to see that the guy could really hoop. I always assumed he was a mediocre talent because of his numbers, but hearing about the skills he possessed, and how good a player he actually could have been if given the chance, shows that you can't always believe stats. Hell, if he played for the Suns he probably would be an all-star.

How do you guys think Kobe would be as a coach? I'm not talking about the young alienated Kobe, but the one we see today that enjoys being with his teammates on and off the court, and that you can tell is having a lot more fun than he used too.

I mean used to. My bad

What happened with the awards last night?


Man, I really loved seeing that picture from the L.A. Times showing Kobe, Natalia and Grandpa Joe Bryant. After hearing about the falling out between father and son a while back, it is definitely good to see father and son reconciled. Seeing Kobe mature and embrace his father as a mentor and patriarch bodes well for his future as a player and as a man. How can the Kobe haters get next to him if he is grounded and involved with his family? That was real joy in that photo.

By the way...congrats on the recognition of all your work involving the blog. We all know that you should have won...just another example of Kbro hating! HaHa!!

I met Joe Bryant when I was a security guard for the visiting team at Reunion Arena (Dallas) in 1980-81. He was the nicest of any of the visiting team players in the entire NBA. Its good to hear he hasn't changed a bit.


I think Kobe would be a horrible coach. Not cause he doesn't know the game, or can't teach or anything---but it is a known fact that the bests are not usually (always lol) the greatest teachers. I don't know if it's the expectations or the tunnel-vision, but it's something. It's certainly something to ponder why the greats aren't necessarily the best coaches or teachers. (Those who can't do teach? Those who can't wed, plan---JLo in The Wedding Planner, ok I just made myself seem like a total girl lol...but seemed appropriate). I think he'd be a great commentator though. He's articulate, bilingual and (now that we're seeing more of him) entertaining.

Great story. If Kobe is anything like his father i think he can recover his image. he can also stay in the Nba for a long time. Jellybean is almoset 52 and is still shooting after practice. WOW i cant imagine ,52,working out and then stick around to shoot the ball for another couple of minuntes after the girls are done. Shows you where KObe got his competitive nature and great work ethic from.

Great article, now I know where Kobe gets his philosophy of life and ethics. That's why Kobe doesn't hold grudges, like his father said you turn the other cheek and walk away.

Great article and beautiful picture of Kobe, his daughter and his dad.

Yea. Kobe my boy. Our hero. Dad done a fine job. Forget the adultery. Forget the rape charges. Don't mean nuthin'.

This article brings up a couple of good points:

First, you really can't tell how a person takes conflict right away. You've got to wait to see if they carry grudges. It looks like Kobe doesn't, and that he got that from his Dad.

Second, Kobe was destined to eventually like being coached by Phil. Joe and Phil have the same basic overall coaching style. Kobe and Phil really worked well together this year and really seemed to be like a team.

You can't tell right now how Kobe would coach. Bird was a great coach. All reports point to Kareem being a great coach as well -- every place he's coached has won. Magic and Jordan were horrible, though. Russel was great. West was good, if not great. Isaiah Thomas was terrible. So, it is probably like 50/50 for great players being at least good coaches.

Imagine Joe on the Suns or Mavericks. His career seems to be a result to bad luck than lack of skill.


AK/BK, congrats on the honorable mention, if that simers guy won, you two have it in the bag for next year!!!


Man you haters are bitter, lonely, trying to make up for your own shortcomings by putting down others. Each and every time they see an opportunity to put someone down they take it, no matter what!! Are your lives really that miserable that you have to try and take everyone down with you??????? (YOU ARE PATHETIC)

That was a great article about a great man who raised a great son (who, oh my God, isn't perfect). PERIOD!!!!

They just can't find the positivity in themselves to go to a blog where they would be appreciated (maybe even on their own team blogs they are not welcome). Whatever the case you know that old saying Misery love Company. Well I'll tell you we have some of the most miserable haters I have seen anywhere and plenty of people to keep them company.


KOBE would be nothing without SHAQ

Release L. Odom (former HEAT star player) for Marbury!!!



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