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I've Been Down This Road Before... it's Steve Kerr's turn.


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BK, I am surprised you have the nerve to show up here and post stuff, given how silly these playoffs are making you look. You picked DWade to be MVP this year, and after numerous attempts, Wade has yet to score more than 2/3 of the 60+ points Kobe was able to score against the Mavs. You really think a player 2/3 as good as Kobe should be MVP??????

Wade got away with more BS in one game than I've seen in a long time. Backcourt violation, offensive fouls, and then he's rewarded with the cheapest last-second phantom call to win the game.... It's been the only playoff game I've watched since the Lakers went down, but I can see why the ratings are so low if the officiating was this poor the whole time. Wade's a great player, but he's getting a boatload of help from all those zebras living in his jockstrap. The NBA has officially reached WWE status, thank goodness for the World Cup!

Steve Kerr is a real piece of work. How can you even compare Wade to Kobe? How many rings has Wade won? Let me know when Wade has played in a few more "big" games.

Why is it that soooooo many people like to make these other players look good by mentioning Kobe. I mean at first you could feel honored that they want to compare young guys to Kobe, but then when I think about it, I realize they're just saying these people are "on par with Kobe", or "better than Kobe" because they really really want somebody else in the league to be better than him. I'm so tired of this double standard that Kobe has to deal with!!! Why can't these "experts" just accept that Kobe is the best and love him for it? I don't recall Kobe refusing to answer any of the media's questions, or being a jerk and just refusing to talk to them at all, or cursing out any of them, so my question is why do they hate this man soooooo much?

Wade, and LeBron are both great players, and I actually like their games, but when does playing great in the playoffs 1 year make you better, or on par with a man that has done it consistently for 10 years. LOL, these people are soooo funny it's ridiculous. Like I said both are good players, but talk to me in 7 years and if they both have these same kind of playoff performances year in and year out then I MIGHT say they can hold Kobe's jock strap!!!!!!

PS: Can you tell I'm a little mad about this?

I think the message was sent last night - Stern doesn’t want the Mavs to win the Championship. I thought that when I first heard about Stack’s suspension, and last night it was confirmed.

I think the NBA prefers the Heat to win for two reasons:

1) They’ll have better headlines. “The Next MJ Scorches Mavs”, “Shaq Wins Title Without Kobe“, “Mourning, Payton Finally Win Title”, “Riley Proves Skeptics Wrong”, the list goes on..

2) I think they’d like to stick it in Mark Cuban's face. Sad, but true!

I'm not trying to take nothing from Wade cause he's been ballin', but I do have to state the truth. I think this series is fixed!

as good as kobe?..please send me some of the good stuff that Kerr is on please..make it two of whatever he is on..there is NO WAY (even with these performances) that wade is PAR in clutch shooting and guts and "black mambaish" killer instinct that kobe has..wade is nowhere close..sorry.
He also doesnt have three rings....nor an 81 point game..i realize he is younger than kobe..but whatever..garbage.

kobe the best ever...

It was a crime that Miami was "given" this game by the refs with their constant imaginary calls against Dwayne Wade, especially the phantom foul on his last missed shot with 2 seconds left in OT. The ref that made that call should be fired on the spot. The NBA should be ashamed that a great game like that was blown by the refs.

I hope that Dallas gets the same "home cooking" for the next two games and buries the Heat. If Kobe Bryant had received the calls in the Sun's series that Wade has received in this series, we would still be playing.

It is a shame to see the refs helping Wade get every break while not playing a stick of defense and carrying this band of rotisserie has-beens on his back. Miami deserves to have lost this series in 6. Hopefully justice will prevail in Dallas.

HArd to argue with anything he wrote.

Wade has been exceptional!


Are you serious?



Are you holding something of Kobe's you'd like to discuss with the rest of us?


Well I might have been a LITTLE sarcastic...(but don't don't tell anybody on this blog)

lol,....Just admit it, Shaq makes ANY athletic Shooting Guard a world beater. As a matter of fact, any blogger on here that could walk and not trip over their feet, could probably be an NBA All-Star playing on a team with Shaq!!!

You people blindly hate Shaq so much, you refuse to give DWade his due. It just so happens the last THREE SHOOTING GUARDS Shaq has played with on a team, were made famous being on a Shaq team. Penny, Kobe and now DWade, now is that just some coincident?

Notice with Shaq in his two seasons in Miami, there has been NO CONTROVERSY what-so-ever. Kobe has had a couple of incidents with Laker teammates such as blowing up at Odom, pushing Sasha in the face, tossing TV Monitors and elbowing Mike Miller in the throat. So the burden of Shaq carrying any disruptive blame in LA is a false pretense.

DWade is doing a great job and is a GREAT young man who appears to be grounded with good values. It is not DWades fault that Buss and Kupchak traded Shaq and future NBA Titles!!! Welcome Boston Celtics West.

the Truth



Kinda creepy, they can't get him outta their heads.

wade is good..but at par with kobe,hmmm give him 3 more years to consistently perform in the playoffs?

why do this experts equate greatness with kobe? because Kobe is the greatest!!!

they would say: wade/lebron = kobe
wade/lebron = jordan
but kobe is NOT = to jordan

what logic these IDIOT experts have!! Stop giving bias analysis..


I thought that might have been the case. I won't tell.


The NBA really is becoming a joke. How many instances of horrible, skewed officiating, followed by responses from league officials that are just sheer arrogance do they expect fans to put up with? I think Mark Cuban should start a competing league. I'd totally switch over. Then Wade fans could watch him shoot 50 free throws every game without ruining everyone else's enjoyment of the game.

Here's Wednesday's news:
Wade, playing injured with a severely scraped left pinkie, leads heat to championship with 50 points on 45-55 free throw shooting.

Don't fall for it Lakers fans. There is something in accounting called LIFO (last in, first out). That's all this is now. Wade is the last "superstar" standing, so now he is given the "next MJ" moniker. a week ago, if you asked the "experts", they would have said, "hell yes, Dirk Nowitzki is a better player than Kobe". but notice the statement is NEVER framed, "Kobe is on par with ... or Kobe is as good as..." Reason being is Kobe has become the standard that all others are compared. So when you hear everyone gloat over a guy with obvious talent, but shoots under 40% and gets half of his points from the free throw line, take it in stride.

Notice that no one questioned Wade when he started running a one man weave in the second half. Nor when he shot the ball 24+ times, nor his shooting percentage, nor his 4 assists. Had Kobe put up those same numbers, he would have been roundly criticized even though he arguably has more of a right to put up those numbers b/c his surrounding squad is far inferior. Kobe puts up those numbers and he is a selfish, arrogant, ball-hog...Wade puts up those numbers and he is the Next MJ (good one by the way Greg Anthony--however, until Wade wins a ring or 3, develops a consistent outside shot, and gives a damn on defense, he can't jump to the front of the line of "next MJs" when there is a better guy already in line). It can even be argued that those numbers would be "ho-hum" for Kobe, especially playing an undermanned Mavericks squad.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe the NBA would like to fashion a new rivalry a la Bird-Magic, by trying to annoint Wade as the next MJ. Clearly they know this would agitate Kobe. The media will be complicit in this by watching a skilled player score points and forgetting the totality of Kobe's game, b/c he isn't playing. How else to explain a player having one of the best all around years of anyone's career and not even sniffing the MVP trophy?


Maybe Shaq hasn't had any controversy over in MIA because he's finally willing to accept that's he's not the best player on the team. Even he has to acknowledge that his numbers have been steadily declining over the years and that he's a shell of his former self. The guy can't even score twenty points anymore for crying out loud. When D Wade was doing his thing late in the game yesterday Shaq wasn't even in the game so he had nothing to do with making anyone better. D Wade played very well in his first year. Shaq does make anyone around him better, but only when he's dominating on the inside, forcing double teams, and spreading the floor. Not when he's stinking up the gym.

As for that phantom call on Dirk in the last two seconds, what can i say? Is the NBA so desperate for the anti-Kobe that they are willing to go WWE like someone else said? I guess so.

Some of you guys are letting a bit of haterade get in the way of seeing that Miami legitimately won last night's game. If you look at slow-motion replays of the play or pics online you see that Wade actually was fouled. The mistake was that Wade wasn't fouled by Nowitzki he was fouled by Devin Harris who hit him across the arm.

The only argument that can be made is that maybe that foul should be let go in the final seconds of a playoff game. Otherwise it was legit.


You had me going there I thought you were serious about that "2/3" thing. Your comment went from ridiculous to hilarious.

Isn't Kobe Bryant 'OLD NEWS'?????? If not for Shaq winning all those NBA Finals MVP's for the Lakers, Kobe would be 'NO NEWS' at all!!!

Get over it,....this is Dwayne Wade's World!!!! The Anti-Kobe, a player that uses 'common-sense' and just tries to be himself, not another whomever!!!

Blame Buss and Kupchak for trading Shaq, we all see the consequences.

the Truth

Here's some TRUTH for you Steven, I got something you can hold right here!!!!


Good to see you posting again (if you have been and I just missed it ignore that). I totally agree with you. If Kobe would have put up those same numbers the "experts" would have said "yeah he scored a lot of points but look how many shots he had to take to get them". Like I said the double standard is ridiculous. I really wouldn't mind if people stopped saying Kobe was the next Jordan, the only thing that bothers me is when they say people that haven't been in the league half as long as he has, and haven't CONSISTENTLY done the things he does, automatically are better than he is.

I don't like getting into arguments with Steven but how can you keep pumping Shaq up like this? All he's done is prove that he is an upper-middle class man's Kwame Brown. Wade deserves every compliment he has received while

Shaq is proving himself to be a fraud at this point in his career. And of course none of Shaq's blind worshippers in the media are willing to explicitly admit this. Superman's found his kryptonite it's age and Mcdonald's value meals.

I think we all need to stop this Wade vs. Kobe vs. Jordan thing. Especially the Micheal Jordan thing we need to stop thinking about MJ whenever a 6-4 to 6-8 athletic guard comes into the league. We need to appreciate the moment and be grateful of the bright future.

The NBA is hitting yet another Golden Age. We've got 3 guys under 30 years old who are destined to be legends in Lebron, Wade and Kobe. And that's not even mention several other great players like a Tim Duncan who's arguably the best PF ever.

My girlfriend just started watching basketball this season and I always tell her that she's being spoiled by a great NBA playoffs and an unbelieveably talented athletes. I told her that becoming a basketball fan now is similar to becoming a basketball fan in the mid-80's with Magic, Micheal, Larry and Isaiah doing their thing.

Love him or hate him Wade is sick and we're witnessing one of the great NBA Finals performances in NBA history. Wade has set himself up very well to win the Finals MVP. Even if the Heat were to lose the last 2 Finals game he'd still be a top contender to win it. And remember the only other guy to win the Finals MVP despite playing for the losing team is Jerry West, not bad company.

Sit-back and enjoy the end of a great playoff a great Final and the rise of a new superstar.

Actually Xodus, I didn't think that was a foul on Wade. But even if you grant that, he fouled Terry before that, which wasn't called, and he committed a back court violation before THAT which wasn't called.

Add in the fact that the discrepency in foul shots is inexplicable without heading off to some conspiracy theory (or the refs really just plain suck), and it makes the game a lot harder to watch. And I just want to see good basketball, I couldn't care less who wins.

That was the best game of the finals and the refs screwed it up, point blank. Not the only time we'll see it in the NBA, and it won't be the last. And the league will continue to fine people who point out the problems, or ignore them completely.

Looks like Bosh really is going to sign an extension...I just read in espn (the bottom of the tv thing) that he's close to signing a 6 year extension---I mean seriously he wants to stay in Toronto?

McGarnagle, "severely scraped left pinkie"---lol


You're spot on regarding the bias view the media & fans have regarding Wade & Kobe's game performances. Wade is being touted, while Kobe was being raked over the coals. The same can be said about Lebron, regarding accolades. I respect Wade & Lebron's abilities, but there's definitely a discrepancy in praise & criticism handed out.

I like the fact that Kerr is comparing Wade to Kobe. That means that Kobe is the standard by which the bar has been set. We're seeing a swing in thinking. The media used to only compare great performances to that of MJ... now it's Kobe. That just solidifies Kobe's Hall of Fame status. However, Wade still has 3 (possibly 2 with how the refs are calling the games) rings to go before he can really be compare with Kobe.


I don't agree with your conspiracy theory, though. I don't think the NBA is trying to agitate Kobe or cares about what "one" player thinks. However, I do think that the refs can have an impact - both positively & negatively - on the outcome of a game. I don't think it should come down to that. Usually, late in the game, especially in the playoffs, the refs will let the players play by not calling the stupid ticky-tack fouls... but not in Game 5. Miami had 49 FTA's, while Dallas had the same number of FTA's as Wade alone - 25. That's a huge discrepancy (albeit, Dallas did instigate the Hack-a-Shaq, but still that's nearly 2 to 1). It's not like Dallas just learned how to defend & started to attempt it in this series. They were one of the top defensive teams in the league this season, so it's not like they don't know how to defend & are fouling stupidly. It's kind of interesting.

I hope Dallas is really pissed off after this game & crushes Miami in the next 2 games. I want the the Western Conference to win it.


Shaq's ego had as much to do with him leaving as Kobe, Buss, & Kupchak did. It's funny how he's finally accepting his decline & is now willing to play second fiddle to Wade. He even says that it's Wade's team. If he would've done that with Kobe, he could've retired as a Lakers & won a few more rings. However, it was his ego that allowed himself to balloon up, be lazy, and not allow himself to be secondary to Kobe. It wasn't until he went to Miami that he decided to get in shape. He's a professional baller for pete's sake! He should be working himself into shape every year. Besides, it wasn't until Pat Riley came along did he actually drop his weight down & bring his conditioning up. Shaq was as much to blame about the Kobe-Shaq break-up, so get over it!

I'm glad to see that Aaron Afflalo withdrew from the NBA draft. It's too bad that Jordan Farmar isn't following Afflalo back. I think Farmar could use another year to hone his skills, but that's his decision. I would've liked to see them both help UCLA get back to the Finals & win it all this time.


Yes, I also think steve kerr's smoking something:

Wade is way better than kobe!!!! talent wise they're about the same, but Wade is in another mental, psychological level. I think is much greater for a player to bail out a mediocre team (and forget about shaq.. he's gone) in the nba finals 3 straight times than for other to shoot 50 something times against the nba's worst team.

I think you can even make an argument that Kobe is even more talented than Jordan was, Jordan for his part wasnt as spectacular all the time as Kobe is, but like Wade, Jordan was a much more effective basketball player who knew exactly what was the right decision at the right time (I think you all have seen those crazy jumpers from kobe very often). Smart basketball fans regardless of which team they root for don't mix up their feelings with the real facts.

I THINK THE MIAMI-LAKERS TRADE WAS A BAD TRADE FOR BOTH TEAMS because the heat had a very talented young core of players who were developing a great chemistry, don't forget that in Wade's first year they went to the second round and put up a great fight, also the heat would have been able to make a big signing after Brian Grant's contract was over but now with an old group of players and no major prospects they will be as worth as Wade and the others until Shaq retires like in 5 years. Lamar Odom easily could had produced Shaq's stats for this finals of about 17 pts and 11 rebs, and Caron Butler is a better third option than any other player in that roster.

Moved into new house and had to live with no tv or cable(OUCH!!)

Glad to hear your getting of Shaqs bandwagon and jumping onto Wades. I missed the last 2 games and only happen to see stats and some vids off net. Stackhouse got suspended? Wade given free throws for bs foul? I smell conspiracy. Do you really think the Heat can win in Dallas when they lost by double digits while they were there in game 1 and 2? Another thing where is your "MOST DOMINANT PLAYER EVER"? Its Wade's team and Wade is leading the Heat. Get it right so i dont want to hear bout Shaq being dominant until he has atleast a 30 and 13 game.

Great post on Shaq Fraud. Guy has it on point. Shaq has been on a decline. It might look like the Heat "MIGHT" win it but they wont be a franchise. One championship is all they will get.

MAN UP LA Whiners!

Shaq (NO DOUBT) was the reason WHY Kobe have 3 rings. He was the MVP & Finals MVP, and where was KOBE? RIGHT YOU ARE... riding SHAQ's back!

So to say that its silly to compare WADE for KOBE, I concur!!! Kobe should be compare to maybe John Saley (4 rings) or Horry (6 rings). BUT just like those 2 players, they NEVER got an MVP or finals MVP. They were very good role players though, isn't that LIKE KOBE!


Release L Odom (former HEAT star player) for MArbury.


let's dispense with the silliness. not personally liking someone is one thing, but not giving him his props is another. i am a Rams fan and hated Steve Young with a white hot passion. but to call him a "run of the mill QB" is just plain stupid and shows little if any sports acumen. i have a rooting interst in Shaq as i went to LSU while he was there, but don't kid yourself...shaq would not have won any of those rings without kobe! add to that, it was kobe who kept shaq from being swept in the finals TWICE (a legacy the big fella doesn't want, I'm sure) and you see that although Kobe obviously benefitted from Shaq, the reverse was just as true.

I don't know if you were serious or not, but do you really think Miami was going anywhere without Shaq? you do recall they "made it" (backed into) the playoffs that year ONLY because the NBA mandated that 8 teams HAD to be chosen from the East and the by-laws said you couldn't use 16 teams from the West. Did Miami even have a winning record? And who did they beat in the playoffs? Ya, keep that team together.

karl (again),
wade's a great player, but better is relative. really, he did nothing that tracy mcgrady, AI, vince carter, gilbert arenas, couldn't do on the same team...score points. unfortunately for he and the other lot, a great shooting guard must also defend, rebound, assist when necessary, shoot (from all distances, not just running bank shots). don't dismiss the totality of kobe's game b/c wade is a great player. until wade makes it on the 1st team all NBA and 1st team all-defense concurrently, he'll never be "as good as", b/c they will always be separated by that standard (rings has nothing to do with it as bill winnington and luc longley have a few of those).

thanks man...i've been a bit busy, but i knew about midway through the 4th that i would start hearing all the wade stuff and eventually the MJ-Kobe stuff. so i came to the boards to see what's up. i know the media has short attention spans, but geez, if you spot Kobe 21 FTs, he's gonna drop at least a double-nickel on you.

i acknowledge your point about the conspiracy theory. let me make my point though. people on this board like or hate shaq for whatever reason. but everyone here must admit that in a vacuum, wade is a likable fella, a great athlete, and superior baller. but we're not in a vacuum and most Lakers fans can't stand to see the young man succeed. why, b/c his success will always be at the cost of some of the respect for Kobe's game. I got it wrong's not the NBA's conspiracy, they are the complicit ones. It is the media (ABC, ESPN, sportswriters) who continually search for "the one" without fully acknowledging there is someone else already in the line of succession. it took Kobe 10 years and many struggles with the actual best player in bball (at the time) to become the best baller in the NBA. For the media to place this young kid on par with Kobe at this point is nothing but self-serving.

I think the message was sent last night - Stern doesn’t want the Mavs to win the Championship. I thought that when I first heard about Stack’s suspension, and last night it was confirmed....................................................................................I'm not trying to take nothing from Wade cause he's been ballin', but I do have to state the truth. I think this series is fixed!

I concur - "This series is fixed!". Stackhouse gets suspended, highly questionable league behaviour - their best bench player btw. The stupid timeout, highly questionable officiating. Phantom foul given to Wade, highly questionable officiating.

I can accept - 1ce is a mistake, twice a co-incidence(actually not really) but THREE times. I HATE accepting conspiracy theories. I like to believe the world is fair(though its not). Someone else comes up with a conspiracy theory, Im the first to try & shoot it down. But this is really too much to ignore.

You know whats ridiculous ? The media i.e the analysts like Steve Kerr will comment and agree that Stackhouse suspension was uncalled for(I can pull out the article if required), that part of the blame for the Howard timeout is the officials(Im sure they cant pin the whole thing on the officials even if its true coz they already see whats happening) and that ".....a few questionable calls went Wades way" but they will stop short of putting 2 & 2 together.

Dont get me wrong I like Steve Kerr. Im not bashing him. But someone from the media has to come out and say it. If not for ANYTHING else, for the love of the game. If Shaq wins a title on HIS and his teammates merit - so be it. But PLEASE do not rob the Mavericks. Theyve worked just as hard, if not harder - the players, the coach, the offices, even Cuban(I dont care for the guy - but yeah - I wouldnt want him & his players to be cheated).

AK/BK, if someone from the media actually DID question the leagues motives - whats the worst that the NBA could do to them ?

Take your BLINDERS off!!!

When Shaq was with the Lakers, playoffs weren't an issue, it was an annual rite. Now Laker fans get excited just to make the playoffs. Shaq has been in Miami for TWO Seasons. He has taken a club that was a cellar dweller a couple of seasons ago to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals last season and now the NBA Finals. Give credit where it is due.

Shaq does not have to score 1,000,000 pts a game to be DOMINANT. What makes Shaq DOMINANT is his MERE PRESENCE on the court. Opposing teams have to game plan around Shaq offensively and defensively. Nobody in the league can BOXOUT Shaq so either Shaq or one of his teammates will be in great position for rebounds, Haslem would not even be in the league if not for a Shaq.

The double teams Shaq commands make the game easier for teammates like DWade and in the past Kobe Bryant. Kobe fans might hate Shaq for some unknown reason, however no one can disagree that Shaq is still DOMINANT with his mere presence on the court. Miami has risen from the ashes of nowhere to ONE victory away from being crowned NBA CHAMPS.

Give the BIG DOMINATION his due, Buss and Kupchak BLEW IT!!!

the Truth

Miami in SIX!!!

The screw-up: Joe Derosa calls a timeout for Howard when every 6-year-old in the building knows the Mavs wanted it after the free throw.

The smug response: "Signalled timeout, had to call it. Simple as that."
The NBA is too arrogant to even use pronouns like the rest of us.

Such BS calls take away the sheen from Wade's real prowess.

But really in an effort to do away with the thug image and award offensive players, the NBA has made a 180' about turn from the 90's Knicks-Heat days..How can you expect to come up with a defensive scheme for a slasher like Wade when you know there's most likely going to be a call in anycase. But props to D.Wade, he's making full use of this league's inane rules and star treatment. Rem'ber Gm6 when Kobe settled for a jumper in regulation instead of taking it to the rim with 6 secs. D.Wade probably would've taken it to the rim. Not a diss on Kobe..just a point on ref's controlling the game more than ever before. The foul on Duncan wasnt called in the semifinals series in the closing moments. So, there is no consistency here.

Here's a SIMPLE analogy for you Kobe Fans.

Shaq gets traded to the Miami Heat. First year with the Heat, Shaq, although injured with a DEEP THIGH BRUISE leads the Heat to the Eastern Conference Finals and was 1:27 away from winning.
Second year with the Heat, Shaq and DWade lead the Heat to the NBA Finals and are ONE win away from NBA CHAMPS.

Kobe Bryant remains with the Lakers and didn't make the playoffs the first year WITHOUT Shaq. This season Kobe and crew BLEW a 3-1 lead in a Best of Seven against the Suns.

Since Kobe is 'so much better' and 'won three nba titles' why is it that Kobe can't win nada without Shaq? Why is it Shaq has taken the Miami Heat to it's first ever NBA Finals apperance?

Shaq has made Dwayne Wade a household name throughout America. Go to the grocery store, the car wash, the office breakroom, the deli even the Men's room and all you hear is the name Dwayne Wade. Kobe will turn into a Penny Hardaway next season there is no doubt. Kobe should be traded before the injuries set in and get started.

Trade Kobe for LeBron James, while Kobe is still healthy it makes sense, from a title contention standpoint and a revenue generating standpoint.

the Truth

Congratz D-Wade. One down...two to go...if you're lucky.

8 X 3 = 24

Lakers 4 Life!!!


Lets see KOBE 27yo or something? and DWade Finals MVP at 23yo.


Everyone is saying how DWade took over the Finals and carried the team. This morning he is the toast of America.

My question is - when Kobe "carries" the team all of the talking heads say he is not great because he did not help his team mates get better.

Shaq averaged 13 points in the finals - where was DWade's help for Shaq? Why is DWade considered great and Kobe selfish? I saw a guy trying to win it when his mates could do nothing and I support DWade for this - Jordan use to do the same. The same can be said for Kobe.

How can anyone call DWade's game great and Kobe's selfish?



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