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It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

...especially for a dude pimping himself. So help a brother out, por favor.

I'll be a guest today on "The Big Show with Mason and Ireland." Probably about seven or eight minutes worth of me babbling. We'll be discussing the NBA draft and who/what the Lakers need, want, might be selecting, etc. And if there's time left afterward for a long, complicated debate, whether or not they should lock up free agent Jim Jackson with a max deal.

3:40 p.m., KSPN-AM (710) on your radio dial. Then about 10 minutes later, you can turn on the actual draft and watch all my predictions end up completely wrong, similar to when I told Mike Bresnahan in October that Aaron McKie would end up a solid signing (although I did stress the disclaimer of "if he's healthy.")

Hope y'all can make it.


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sweet, i'll definitely check it out as i'll be leaving work at 3:30..... i hope my boss doesn't read lakersblog.

Be sure to mention your campaign to sign Wafer to a 20 year, max contract. Or at the very least, to bring back Slava lol.

No for real, good luck. Unfortunately I have a test arg!...but I'll try to see if I can finish fast enough to catch you, screw getting an A, lol.

Wow, is there really a radio booth out there big enough for 3 guys AND John Ireland's forehead?

Seriously though, have fun AK, I'll tune if I can find one of them old-school airwave radio thingys. I think my car might have one.


nice post title since Kobe is mentioned in that song, so I guess it relates to the Lakers. You write for a Lakers blog and the song mentions Kobe who is a Laker, hahaha

Pull the plug! Trade Mihm to the Hornets for #15 and J.R. Smith tonight and draft Shawne Williams! Before it's too late. It's even ok to give up our pic, but if we don't, we can still get James White.

Is AK going hollywood on us? Next, we'll be seeing him on an episode of Entourage. j/k

Kick the knowledge AK!!!


And you guys say I never give Kobe his props or shout outs. haha


Do you think there will be enough time to talk about the draft? With the NBA announcing a new game ball, I think this whole draft thing might get lost in the shuffle...

I would rather have Rasual Butler than JR Smith. Rasual is a solid shooter, slasher and defender.

He's had two solid seasons the last 2 years and is becoming a refined mature player in this league.

However, he is a free agent and it would require a sign and trade deal for him to be switched. I don't know if that is possible on draft day or not. If it is, I say do it!!!!

Kevin McK,

I'll try to keep the discussion on point, but no promises. haha


If it's a possibility, I'd say:

Trade Mihm to the Hornets for J.R. Smith and #15.
Draft Shawne Williams with #15.
Draft James White with #26.
Draft whoever they have planned with #51.
Sign Kareem Rush to the bi annual exception.
Sign Nazr Mohammed to the full mid level exception.

That would give us a very athletic team with Smith to slash, and Rush to shoot. We can develop Shawne Williams and James White, White is supposedly a good shooter and Williams has good form. Mohammed would help us defensively in the post and and is a better one on one defender than Mihm and also a better rebounder. Lorenzen Wright, Chris Wilcox and Melvin Ely are honorable mentions for that mid level too. That way Bynum can play, but we won't live or die by him. We can get one of those guys for that price and won't have to worry about a big man when there aren't as many athletic defenders available like this year.

Question is, are Lakers hungry enough to make some deals to get back to contending for trophy?(see Miami Heat). The answer, based on his past dealings: it doesn't matter. Kupchak is no Jerry West. If he continues to put wrong parts together this team can't win it all.

It takes time to build that kind of team. Superstars don't move a lot like Shaq did. Usually it's cause of bad blood. Like Shaq and Kobe. Garnett and Iverson are like the only superstars in this position right now.

Pull the plug! Trade Mihm to the Hornets for #15 and J.R. Smith tonight and draft Shawne Williams! Before it's too late. It's even ok to give up our pic, but if we don't, we can still get James White.

YES! I agree!

TRADE NEWS: The Celtics got Sebastian Telfair for the No. 7 pick!

Yeah, I just read that. That's an alright idea I guess. The draft's weak so players drafted in the past few years might be moving around quite a bit.

I love how when they say Wafer didn't contribute, AK laughs a he's taken a low blow. They must read the blog!

I was listening to ESPN radio at 3pm and Mason & Ireland were so excited in the latest rumor that Bulls will trade their #2 #16 & Gordon with KG. This is what I call fantasy talking about rumors in order to get ratings from their closest competitors K-570 Extra. The reality Bulls #2 swapped their choice with Blazers #4 with some players involved going to Chicago and nothing fancy, nothing exciting so the radio did not pick it up!

The Blog was way off with all our speculation Bulls swapping their #2 with all kinds of scenarios. Thank God, Lamar trade did not happen but it's not over yer. Nobody mentioned Celtics #7 would swap their choice with Blazers for overpriced Ratcliff and Telfair. Brandon Roy will be playing with KG. Of course, it's not July 1st yet, when FA get into roll but all these KG talks are all fantasy to attract ratings.

Sweet! The Lakers just drafted a Bruin -- Jordan Farmar! I hope he can contribute right away. We'll have to wait & see. In any case, I'm stoked that he's staying in LA.


I wanted to go on also, but my appearance fee was too high.




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