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Honorable Mention

That's what Lakers Blog ended up getting at last night's Southern California Journalism Awards. Your winner for Individual Weblog? The legal blog. But I think we handled the loss pretty well. BK responded by screaming an obscenity and flipping the table over, while I stormed the stage, ripped the award out of J.Craig Williams' hands, clocked him in the face and cried, "Blog the legal implications of that, bee-yotch!!!"

Or BK and I sat at our table and politely clapped, if you're into that whole "accurate depiction of the evening" thing.

However, there was a funny twist to the night and it's 100% true. In what I imagine will be hugely pleasing news for most of you, the award for "Sportswriter of the Year" went to T.J. Simers. And after each winner was announced, an audio clip of their work was played. So what did the L.A. Press Club choose for their Simers snippet? Part of the article he wrote at the beginning of the season mocking this very blog. I imagine this was pure coincidence, since the people picking the clips were probably the same people who nominated us in the first place. But we were totally cracking up.

Either way, it was nice to represent.


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I just lost total and complete respect for the "journalism award" not that I ever did haha...but TJ Simers? (add expletive here lol). You guys got gipped, no worries, you guys know we love you and this blog. Think of yourselves as the people's champ, much like Roy Jones Jr., robbed, but nevertheless won in the people's eyes (or the biased Lakersblog bloggers lol).

Go Da Blog! And the Lakers!

P.S. that was some hilarious reaction! lol

Simers is sooo ghetto. I stopped my LA Times subscription because of him.

Congrats on even getting a nomination. Its nice to actually have some pro-Lakers writing with the LA times brand on it.

The writing and content on this blog is good. The sentiment is "proper" fan discussion and analysis. Unlike those hacks that actually write the articles at the Times (Heisler excluded).



its alright, its great to even be nominated for the presigious award, those guys are probably Laker haters too and couldnt stand for anything Laker to win, haha, just kidding. great job guys you should be really proud.

Three prayers unanswered:

1. Lakers to win - Lakers vs. Suns series.
2. Dallas to win - Dallas vs. Miami series.
3. K Bros (in effect The Lakers Blog) winning.

Wow, I feel really cheated! Damn those referees and judges.

Next Year You (and Us) Win!!
T J Simmers???????????????????

Three prayers unanswered:

1. Lakers to win - Lakers vs. Suns series.
2. Dallas to win - Dallas vs. Miami series.
3. K Bros (in effect The Lakers Blog) winning.

Wow, I feel really cheated! Damn those referees and judges.

I don't know if I'd call 'em prayers... but wishes? Yes! And in the order you listed.


You're gonna make some man very happy someday, not only do you love the Lake Show, you're a Roy Jones fan!!!!! You've got to be close to perfect. LOL

Well said my friend. I smell a conspiracy against the Lakers and the Laker Blog LOL.
Almost forgot that i checked out the legal blog (link from above) and there were no comments on any of his topics. How can it be a sucessful blog if there is no one there??? Let the conspiracy theories begin!!! Its ok. K Bros are the real peoples champs!!! Great work guys. We should start an 08 plan so we can win the NBA title and the Southern California Journalism Awards!! 08 plan!!! 08 is our year!!!

...I refuse to read anything Simers writes. Before I read any LA Times articles I glance over the subject and author...If Simers name is attached to an article I don't bother to read it.


What you did not win does not really measure your achievement. It is your Laker Blogs that is now the barometer of all blogs including CNN and Networks. Where can you find a blog that can get 300 hits in two days just discussing RL scouting? I think your creation is the model for all blogs in the nation, they will always say: Can you beat the activity of the Kamanetsky's Laker Blogs.

it was rigged.
i blame david stern.hahaha.
seriously why didnt u win ?have any idea why,maybe no security coz if for comments u are the world champions.
talk to the la tomes about security put up more fancy pics and we will suply the comments and u guys can win it and stick a pic on the corner of the award and when u click it we get the nick names of every loyal blogger.

You losers!

jk... you guys don't need that petty recognition.
Keep up the good work.

The ESPYs...

Lance Armstrong (no question)
Vince Young (Rose Bowl MVP)
Shaun Alexander (2006 NFL MVP)
Albert Pujols
LeBron James??? ...I'd say Kobe, but it would still be a knock on the real MVP, Steve Nash, and on D-Wade who just make 5 leaps over LeBron by getting Finals MVP. LeBron was balLin' this year, but damn give the noD to a MVP.

Kobe Bryant: 81-point game
Dakoda Dowd: PLGA attempt
Jason Mcelwain: Manager, shooter
George Mason: Final Four run

It would seem like a no brasiner for Kobe to win, but people will probable vote for the others cause there's a lot of feel good stories.

Tedy Brusch: Linebacker
Ronny Turiaf: Forward
James Blake: Tennis pro


AJ Hawk: ouside linebacker
Matt Leinart
Kobe Bryant
Ryan Howard


Dave (Hollywood): Doug: I like what I have read about Vinicius. Will the Lakers seriously consider him with their first pick?

SportsNation Doug Gottlieb: (12:39 PM ET ) Yeah, I think the Lakers are trying to find some diamonds in the rough. There's also rumors taht they could move Andrew Bynum to move up in the draft. The Lakers need a guy that can play multiple positions, not only playing with Kobe, but also in the triangle offense, because the most important traits are the ability to pass and shoot, not necessarily getting your own shot since they have Kobe already.

we cant trade andrew bynum, hes too good, there isnt a player in this years draft that has more potential then him, he will be the next shaq, i think we should just draft shannon brown or diaz and be happy, hopefully we can get brown.

Congrats on being nominated and even though you did not win, it is not a true indication on what you have achieved. This blog is great because of you. More power to you guys and hope you win next time!

"K responded by screaming an obscenity and flipping the table over, while I stormed the stage, ripped the award out of J.Craig Williams' hands, clocked him in the face and cried, "Blog the legal implications of that, bee-yotch!!!""

That is funny...

Yesterday on ESPN Classics, I saw the 2000 - 2001 Lakers playing in December 2000 against Golden State Warriers..... That was the OT loss in which both Kobe and Jamison scored over 50 points each...

My comment is regarding seeing Shaq... he was huge (plain FAT)..... I forgot how out of shape he was back then... but he moved better even at his weight than he does now.... ahhhhh aging.....

Funny!!!! Looking forward to the upcoming draft, and all the bloginess that comes with.

Congrats K Bros. Just remember this: there's always next year.

K Bros:

You got ripped off. WE appreciate you!!!

I actually enjoy Simers. He overdid the Kobe-quitting in gm7 thing(and still is) but otherwise, among sportswriters, I think him and Bill Simmons are probably the most readable. Its tough to read their criticisms of Kobe but sometimes they do make sense! In anycase, they are downright funny. That Simmons article after the '06 Allstar game was a classic.


Not sure if you've read them in the past, or plan to this year (if he writes one), but check out his NBA Draft Running Diary. Every year it's quite possibly the funniest thing I read.

"But there aren't a lot of folks saying Andrew Bynum, the 7-footer from New Jersey who committed to UConn then entered the draft and went 10th to the Lakers, made the right decision to bypass college.
Sure, he could turn out to be a nice player, but the only thing he proved was that a year of school could have done him some good.
Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may have been working out with Bynum, but the youngster only played in 46 of 82 games, averaged 1.7 points, 1.6 rebounds and didn't play more than 21 minutes in a game."

I dunno, I think Bynum made the best decision for him (with a blatant disregard for money lol)...imagine being in the best franchise in basketball, being under the tuteledge of the greatest of basketball players (the cap), one of it's best coaches (PJ) and playing with one of it's greatest players (Kobe). Sounds all good to me. Plus you have to believe that even though he didn't get to play as much (which is of course valuable) a year under the cap is better than any other college coach out there. Course I'm an optimist, can't go by me.,0,1638640.story?coll=hc-headlines-basketball


I'm not sure a year working with Kareem would have been better than a year in college, especially at a school like UConn where he would have been competing for a national championship. It's my opinion that actual game experience is much better than practicing or just working out. That being said, if Bynum doesn't get 15-20 minutes a game next season I'm calling it one of the most moronic picks I've seen.

hey, does anyone know when laker single game tickets go on sale?

Andrew Z,
Yeah! I cant wait to read his draft diary.

The thing with Simmons is, actually, his writing has taken a small hit of late, but still he's the best by far.

Some friends that attended last nights festivities reported you should get an award just for making it through the evening. Heard Larry King was a highlight.

Undoubtedly the trolls polluting our forum by shouting "fire" in a crowded blog had to hurt the style points. The stellar reporting from our hosts and the contributions of the regular Blog Squad is, and will remain, the national state of the blog art. Hey, 360 Mafia 1 / Scorcese 0. So much for awards in this town. "Beyotch" is the proper response to such injustice.

And speaking of shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre, Simers style of doing same getting rewarded does set a odd precedent. I have a slightly different opinion about TJ: I think his desperation is transparent. I think he tries so hard to invoke a response that it's obvious and boring but worse than that, it ain't funny. I'm not entertained, informed, or enraged by it, but I've only read a couple columns to form that opinion so I'm sure if I read more I could approximate disgust.


IS BIG BEN (NO not Roethlisberger the Steeler), GOING TO BE A LAKER??? GOD WILLING

Well said Faith.
Bynum is said to have the potential (not my word,i hate it) to be one of the greatest centers. He's only 19yrs old too. Do you hear that being said about Roy,Sef,Diaz or any other draftee. So why in Gods name would you trade a YOUNG POTENTIAL GREAT PLAYER for a YOUNG ADEQUATE PLAYER???? It doesnt make sense too me. Some of you think that this rookie (whichever we get) will come in next season and just get 40+ mins with production and help the Lakers be Finals contenders. Wake up ppl Bynum has the chance of helping us since he has had 1 yr under the triangle and coaching (to increase his arsenal) with one of the greatest players. He's gonnna be the one that makes us better not some rookie who will be benched by Phil. If i cant convince you then there is one question you should ask yourself. Who would you rather draft? Bynum (if he went to Uconn=coaching by Cap) or Roy/Sef/Diaz or any other guy this draft? Thats what it is. Bynum would probably be the #1 pick this year if he went to Uconn and WE GOT HIM!!!


I second the motion on what you said about Andrew. Yes, he could have gone to UConn but with the Lakers he learned basketball from the Masters while earned $ 1.8M last year. Can't complain about that, he can always take college courses when basketball years are winding up. I hope PJ will play him more this year, AB is still slow to adjust with NBA standard of playing, he has to be aggressive in blocking and in rebounding as well as free throws. These are basic basketball for his age, the shot selections and creative dunking will follow as he plays more.

haha, well, i'll agree with faith, but i cant say im being totally objective either...cuz i want bynum on the lakers.
but i cant really argue with the article either. i think a year at one of the dominant programs at UCONN under the coaching of one of the winningest coaches Calhoun wouldve been good for Bynum. He'd play a lot of mins while at the same time have very little pressure on him with their other older stars. He'd have a great year in college (outside of basketball too) and with bynum on that uconn team, they are HEAVY favorites to win the NCAA championship. Bynum would be a top 3 pick this year and IF they won the championship, very likely would be the #1 pick. So instead of making 1.8 mil a year, he'd make 3.5 mil a year.

but as a laker fan i'll agree with faith.

i really think bynum will make great strides in the next 2 years. i really think his biggest problem is that hes simply too young and not strong enough. in summer league he was getting pushed around by 6'8 guys that were just too strong for him. by the end of the year, bynum looked a lot stronger than he was in the summer. i think as long as he gets stronger he'll be able to contribute defensively and rebounding, and eventually (or hopefully) his offensive game develops.

heart = will do u agree?
when there is a will there is a way do u agree ?
big baby showed hart when he dunked on shaq (oh love those 3 words dunked on shaq)
if only a part of kareem and kobe rubs on him welcome wilt/russel /kareem with shaq body(ok thats too much,but thats his potential and this organiztion has always got the best of her leading player so hopfully they will get the best out of him)if not we can always need more rebounds and blocks but if he can beat the best post player .....

Someone must die... and painfully.

How did you guys lose? AK/BK would you please give me the address(es) of judges so that I can pay them a visit. Ugh.

How did T.J. Simers win?


I've said it again and I'll say it agaiin T.J. Simers absolutely sucks as a journalist. He demeans the L.A. Times and is not fit to suck on the moldy, moist, pungent unwashed jock straps of the K Brothers?

Jim Murray is rolling in his grave.

This absolutely sucks.




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