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Honorable Mention

June 25, 2006 |  1:19 pm

That's what Lakers Blog ended up getting at last night's Southern California Journalism Awards. Your winner for Individual Weblog? The legal blog. But I think we handled the loss pretty well. BK responded by screaming an obscenity and flipping the table over, while I stormed the stage, ripped the award out of J.Craig Williams' hands, clocked him in the face and cried, "Blog the legal implications of that, bee-yotch!!!"

Or BK and I sat at our table and politely clapped, if you're into that whole "accurate depiction of the evening" thing.

However, there was a funny twist to the night and it's 100% true. In what I imagine will be hugely pleasing news for most of you, the award for "Sportswriter of the Year" went to T.J. Simers. And after each winner was announced, an audio clip of their work was played. So what did the L.A. Press Club choose for their Simers snippet? Part of the article he wrote at the beginning of the season mocking this very blog. I imagine this was pure coincidence, since the people picking the clips were probably the same people who nominated us in the first place. But we were totally cracking up.

Either way, it was nice to represent.