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Another Offseason Breakdown

Lakerville (as the kids like to call it) is being heavily discussed and dissected today on The post includes a potpourri of perspectives on what the team should do, shouldn't do, would do if they could, etc. Some ideas strike me as dead on the money. Some strike me as either unrealistic or just plain off. But either way, it's food for thought and y'all are always hungry when it comes to the Purple and Gold. So eat up and enjoy.


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Well the big thing about Kareem is that he has serious triangle experience and is a good three-point shooter. He's pretty athletic and is also the tall guard that Phil was seeking when he talked the staff into Aaron McKie last year, except without the expected defense.

Kareem was frustrated that he would be Kobe's backup forever, but if we entice him with a starting PG position and give him some PT I think he can have the successful numbers that he had in Charlotte, in addition to the fact that he will be open a lot more. Anyone remember him dropping 40 on the Pacers at the beginning of the season!? The Pacers were good and not torn apart yet also.

Kareem was learning his second NBA offense the last year that we had him and our goal was to save money for 08. Well now, we can get Kareem as our 1 for less than he probably would have made then and reap the benefits. Plus he'll love his new role as a starter. He struggled in Rudy T's give the ball to Kobe and get out of the way offense, but he would be successful in the triangle again. I think signing him and Melvin Ely are the best moves that the Lakers could make this offseason. Ely is restricted I think, but we could go for Nazr Mohammed and Lorenzen Wright instead. Chris Wilcox is also a restricted FA. These guys are all athletic and can defend and rebound.

As far as the draft. A trade up with Charotte for 15 and J.R. Smith in exchange for Mihm is probably not as exotic and more realistic than a trade with Chicago involving 16 and Duhon. Smith would understand that to get the PT he desires he will have to work hard and play the right way. While the Hornets would get better, they would not be getting better than the Lakers. (I need to go update my future Lakers on NBA 2K6!) 15 could pick Shawne Williams, or Alexander Johnson and 26 could pick Mardy Collins or Guillermo Diaz (honestly, I love Diaz's athleticism, but I'm always against really short 2 guards).

Mike T

Don't forget the Suns will have Amare and Thomas back next year. An inside game to go with the outside. They have the potential to be the best in the west too.

We are not going to get Terry. Especially if the Mavs win the championship.

Can anyone remember the last time we had 2 teams that have never been to the finals at the same time?


LO, Mihm, Devean (sign and trade) to Houston for TMac and Stromile Swift.

My opinion:

I would do it IF AND ONLY IF they can figure out what is wrong w/ TMac's back. Why would Houston do it? Cap space and LO's playoff performance. Also, Mihm can either start alongside Yao and/or back him up and D George is a vet backup.

The Lamar Show:

I made the Rasheed Wallace reference because Bonzi and he were both talented players with problems in Portland and because Bonzi's signing could help the Lakers just as Rasheed's trade helped Detroit. While different styles of players, Bonzi actually has a far better post up game than Rasheed.

Actually the guy I am starting to really love is Devin Harris. I think he has to be the quickest and fasted guard in the league. I think Sppedy can add speed, quickness, and veteran leadership to our backcourt and help us match up against the other teams in the West. I think Brevin Knight is too fragile and injury prone.

Al Harrington is a free agent. Darius Miles, Josh Smith, and Gerald Wallace are not. We would have to give someone up to get any of them

Other thoughts...

Bobby Jackson - unrestrictted FA; can take pressure off Kobe as starter or backup and comes cheap; i know he may have health issues, but don't you think he would love to kill his ex-teams like the Queens and the Grizz?

Toni Kukoc - unrestricted FA and low cost; he is ancient, but the guy is savvy and Phil loves him.

Marcus Banks - WE NEED TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Sebastian Telfair - has a rookie contract that we can counter w/ a sign and trade for D Deorge or Mihm; this guy is a rising star...mark my words.

Starbury/Francis - either one of these guys alongside Kobe and we would do some damage; i honestly don't think these guys are cancers. let phil work his magic. they're in a terrible situation. the knicks are unstable from management down to the coaching. trade LO, Mihm, and D George (sign and trade). we immediately become contenders.

In other words, i don't think we need to make any major moves unless we can get a bonafide star in return (ex. TMac, Starbury, etc.). The Lakeshow made big strides this year and we're a lot closer to the prize than we think.

Kareen Rush is one-dimensional (shooter) and his one-dimension is not as good as perceived. Just my opinion...GO LAKERS!

Let's see, down 15 in the 4th of a must-win game, the team's best player digs deep and wills his team to a win with outstanding effort and incredible individual play.

Wish that could have been us against Phoenix!! Are you listening, KB?

the article made sense, lots of smart things said.

names to go after this summer:

ben gordon
boby jackson
derek fisher
darius miles
-all the players above would help us in numerous ways. i say take whichever one we can get without giving up LO.

see if we can sign big ben for cheap (wont happen)

If they figure out what's wrong with T-Mac's back Houston would only trade him for Kobe or LeBron.

OMG, who would trade L.O. for Marbury or Francis? Rule of thumb is never trade big for small! Francis, became unmotivated after losing his buddy Mobley. I'm from Houston! I've heard all the rumors, and that kind of verifies them. And Marbury can't average 15 ppg, 9 rpg and 6 apg. That would be rediculous whether they are cancer or not. K.G. and LeBron are the only acceptable trades for Odom and K.G. isn't 26 with decent knees.


I agree. We need to make sure that every prospect we draft or free agent we sign is going to help us defensively.

Just say no to Smush. And I thought that I was the only one that remembered Smush getting his ill-advised shot attempt blocked instead of passing the ball to Kobe with us up by only 2 and a minute left in game 6 against the Suns.


Kareem Rush would be a good role player for us. His role would be hit the 3-pointer. He knows the system, would come cheap, and played well enough to replace Jim Jackson, Aaron McKie, or Devin Green at the end of our bench.

I actually love Bobby Jackson's game but he would probably end of sitting on the bench in his suit after getting injured again.

Tony Kukoc? No, he cannot still be playing. Didn't he retire several years ago? No way, he is too old.

Marcus Banks should have been a Laker except for Payton's screwing us with the Celtics. I think Mitch still likes him but haven't heard we were really interested.

Starbury/Francis? Good sense of humor. You were joking, right? We don't want their contracts or their attitudes. They are where they belong. On the Knicks.

Yes, we do need to make major moves -- but without breaking up Kobe, Lamar, and our three centers. We need to sign Bonzi and Speedy and draft Thabo, AJohnson, or Rondo.


Lamar, Mihm, and George for TMac and Swift?

Now I really know you must be joking. TMac is always hurt and plays no defense. Only the Knicks would make a trade like that. Then they would have Starbury, Francis, TMac and another horrible losing season.

We need to keep the key pieces we have - read Kobe, Lamar, and our three centers -- add a couple of key players, and build a team the right way rather than playing musical trades with impatient Knicks-style rotisserie management.

Why is everyone on D Fish's jock. I really dont' want that guy. He was too big and slow his last few years with the lakers, and he ain't getting any quicker as he gets older. I would take him for 1 or 2 million, but not 5 or 6. He's way too overpayed for what he does. But we do need to make a run after a pg like jackson or even banks. I'm not that high on banks, because he hasn't done anything yet. But you never know. Telfair is interesting, but he doesn't fit the triangle, and I don't think that Portland would give him up for cheap. They drafted him too high to give up on him so early.


I know this is out of context...but (after watching you tube videos)I'm excited to see Ronny Turiaf play a full year next season. He's got bundles of energy, and is fun to watch. Dude's def got heart (pun intended lol). Him and Bynum will definitely be must-see-tv. Go Lakers!

Andy B:

No, I can't remember but heard that it was 1971.

From 'Jones On The NBA,' wherein the pseudo GM discusses some Lakers-Bulls/Lakers-Raptors trade scenarios. The Luol Deng one seems a little far-fetched, and I'm HOPING that Jim Paxson is lowering Ben Gordon's value/fawning over Mihm enough for him to pull the trigger on this one.

On a side note, this line just made my day:

"The number one player on their radar should be Sam Cassell. He is a short term solution that fit’s into their not playing a player more than two years policy. You would think that the Clippers would be smart enough to re-sign Cassell, but these are the Clippers we are talking about."

lakersfan the wolf:

I agree with everything except that we are being too hard on Smush, but that is the cost for choking against the Suns. Otherwise, we would have been in the conference finals for sure.


I'm also excited about seeing our boy Ronny ply next season. The guy is literally a ball of energy and he's smart to boot. The guy picked up the triangle as quickly as other high IQ guys like Kobe Bean and Scottie. I'm not saying he's as good as those two but he's bright. I guess getting your degree can pay off sometimes.

If and when he learns to harness that energy in the right way he'll be the type of blue collar guy every good team needs.

It's because of how highly I think about Ronny that I'm willing to get rid of Mihm. Remember I'm actually the origintor of the Mihm and the 26 pick for Duhon and the 16.

Andy B.

I thought of Amare in Phoenix but I'm pretty sure he's not going to be the same player. If he comes back he won't be as explosive. If he starts and isn't as explosive then the Suns won't be running as sharp and crisp as they did this year. O yeah, Amare is coming back but that good news for the Lakes.



Thanks for the link. I actually thought that the article was excellent, even though I do not think we should not trade Mihm or any of our centers. I have actually bookmarked the site for future visits.

You could make a good argument, however, that a Mihm for Gordan swap could help both teams, even though we are trading our 3rd big for their 3rd little. AK would, of course, remind us that Mihm is not worth as much as Gordan, but he is exactly what the Bulls need and want. Nevertheless, I still would not make the trade. If Chris plays big the first half of next year, he will earn his extension and become part of the Kobe, Lamar, Kwame, and Bynum core.

Mike T:

Phoenix actually has an overload of players with Amare and Kurt Thomas returning. It looks as if they are going to resign Tim Thomas, too.

I think there is genuine concern on the Suns as to whether Amare will be the same player. I am sure he will be pretty good, but he may have lost that little extra that had made him awesome.

What the Lakers have to realize is that the Suns, Mavs, and Spurs all have very talented players and deep teams that have played together for several seasons. The Lakers need to do the same thing and let their young nucleus play and grow together, adding a couple of free agents and draft choices to become better defensively and make the team deeper.


I usually agree with you, but on this topic I just can't understand your arguement. I think if we could get Mihm for Gordon, we would be getting a steal. It would be good for both teams, but I think the trade would drastically help the lakers. If we had Gordon this year we would have had the great LA series everyone wanted in round 2. Gordon is a great fit for Kobe. He's one of the best spot up shooters in the league.

And I really don't see Mihm getting enough pt with the core group you mentioned of kobe, lamar, bynum, and kwame. Where is mihm supposed to play? The 3? I don't want to resign a backup center for a bigger contract than he already has. Mihm is actually our 3rd big and gordon would be our second best guard, and probably number 2 scorer.

Xodus and Faith:

I am eager to see how our team and all of our players evolve next year. It is easy to forget how great we were playing and how much these guys grew during the last half of the season and the playoffs.

I think we saw terrific potential in Kobe's MVP pay and his emergence as a great team leader, in Lamar's great stretch run and playoff performance, in Kwame's great strides toward redemption, in Chris Mihm's greatly improved post play, in Luke Walton's savvy all around play, in Sasha's clutch 3-pt shooting, in Ronny's inspirtional efforts, and in Andrew Bynum's hints of greatness to come.

All of those half-empty glasses that Laker fans are looking at are really half-full. We need to stay the course and keep building the team piece by piece and letting the players grow and learn. The championships will come for sure.

Those people who wanted to trade Lamar, why don't you include Kobe as well, to make a complete OVERHAUL of the team and create a new Laker team from the DRAFT PICKS + HAS BEEN. We're getting ridiculous with our choices like some of those Hoopshype's writers.

Here are my choices as a repost:

A. To be dropped from the roster:

1. Von Wafer - to NBDL or package
2. Green - to NBDL or package
3. JJ
4. McKie
5. D'George - drop or sign & trade w/ or w/o package

B. Draft Pick #5, #16 #26

1. Roy or Williams or Aldridge
2. Sefolosha, Rondo
3. Collins or Johnson

C. Offer for Trade depending on situation

1. Kwame or Mihm
2. Smush or Sasha
3. Cook & George

D. Target Free Agent based on priority (choose only 2)

1. Speedy Claxton
2. Al Harrington
3. Bonzi Wells
4. Chris Wilcox
5. Vladimir Ramanovic
6. D'Fish
7. Sam Cassell

E. International Players (Choose only 2)

1. Diaz
2. Selofosha
3. Undrafted name

F. Specialized Coaches on part-time or full time basis

1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar for all centers
2. Michael Cooper for all guards
3. James Worthy for all forwards
4. Craig Hodges for free throw shooting, perimeter shooting
5. Magic Johnson for Kobe, Odom and PG's
Plus of course the regular coaches and PJ and Triangle Consultant.

Trainer: Gary Vitti with proper nutrition

Training should be on closed door not open for the public to avoid scouts from other teams. I GUARANTEE you in two month's time everybody will be on pace in learning how to play like a Championship Basketball Team. Haha!

If Kareem or Dfish want more than ONE million, i say NO. these guys arent that good. especially kareem. the guy is a "shooter" but is ridiculously streaky. you never know if hes gonna hit 3 straight shots or brick 7 in a row...the latter being more likely. the guy is semi athletic, but that doesnt mean much cuz he cant dribble very well and he cant create. the guy is just a "shooter" and like magicgoat said, hes overated even in that dept.

im all for getting a guy like bjax. and i think in limited mins he can stay healthy for the season. if theres one thing phil does well, its managing the season with the playoffs in mind. actually i take that back, he USED to be good about that...till he ran horry ragged in 2003.
but i'd probably prefer banks cuz hes not so old.
knowing phils love for OLD players tho, he will probably sign bobby 2009.

yeah kukoc is still in the league haha. hes on milwaukee. oh crap, dont do it phil! kukoc is 37 yrs old, which meets phil's "you have to be over 6'5 and over 36 yrs old" requirement. dont do it mitch!

trust me. telfair is not the answer. too much flash and not enough substance.

i would trade lamar for tmac in a second...IF his back was 100%. its sad but his back seems really jacked up. and i think his back also affects his play (settling for jumpers, not playing D). the guy at 100% is still the most unguardable guy in the game and he showed his D in that playoffs against the mavs when he totally shut down dirk. its pretty sad really.

oh yeah, forgot about the suns. i agree that i dont think amare will be 100% next year. microfracture surgery, scary stuff. but that team even with a 75% Amare and 100% kurt thomas all of a suddenly gets way better.

all the scenarios in that article are pretty interesting. much better than the article that started this thread, where ppl were making ridiculous suggestions (or in the case of Frank MacKinlay, made no suggestion whatsoever haha)

Mike T

It's not like I want the Suns to be better so I hope you're right. I have to live out here (Phx) and look at their sport section each day. That's why I love the Times sports on line. I get my LA fix without the traffic!

I was thinking the same thing. Did you see Devin Harris blow by Wade in the end of the 4th quarter for an easy layup. The guy is quick and plays good D. He is still young. He's not the best shooter but plays good Defense.

I love D-Fish when he was with the Lakers but he's making way too much money for what he is really worth. If your gonna pay a pg that much money why not give it so someone better like Terry or even a Ben Gordon.

Turiaf definetly has energy to give the Lakers a boost. Too bad Phil doesnt play rookies too much or we couldve seen more of him. Bynum is also an interesting project he showed his basic basketball instincts with that dunk on Shaq. Now that they are more experienced and have been in the post-season we can expect more trust from Phil to play them.
Lebron is not our answer. He could give us a big boost but dont wait around to see if he'll sign in 2yrs. Be smart dont waste money on guys like Kwame, Mckie, or JJ who dotn even play. Dont waste your times on rookies that wont even be given PT. Strike now!!! Get us past the 1st round and we can go all the way to the WCF. Like i said i hate the words "potential" and "rookie" for the Lakers. Dont wait on "potentially" waiting for Lebron or a "rookie" being a "potential" great guard. Phil wont play rookies and Lebron has too many bidders for us to waste 2yrs waiting for 1 shot in 10(# of possible bidders).

What the Lakers should NOT do:

Trade Lamar for anything less than a superstar. Anyone who thinks we should include him in any trade for a draft pick is losing their minds. This draft doesn't provide us ANYTHING Lamar doesn't. Especially if they're planning on running after a championship this or next year.

I don't think we should trade Bynum for a draft pick either. I don't see why everyone thinks this draft is so great. There are a few good players out there, but I'd rather see Bynum traded for a proven player rather than a draft pick for a really weak draft year. I say we wait and see how Bynum does in the beginning of next season. If they're still not satisfied, trade him before the deadline next season.

What to do:

Try to trade Mihm or Cook before anyone else.

That was an ugly win last night. Wade had 42 and 13 and barely won?? Sorry but I'm not too impressed by the win. They're really lucky cause they won a lost game.

This passage just made me choke on my water until I threw up, then cry for two hours under my desk. Thanks, guys:

"I could see them trying to swing a deal with the Warriors sending Odom for Fisher and Mike Dunleavy." Brian Robinson

Dwayne Wade - THE REAL DEAL

Playing with FIVE FOULS DWade brought the Miami Heat back to life with a THRILLING display of courage and a WILL to WIN.

Kobe is OLD NEWS,...there is NO National Advertising campaign involving Kobe. Now is the time of DWade and LeBron James, both young gifted players with courage and a 'team' concept. Heat wins in SIX games.

the Truth

First of all - major props to DWade. Boy was absolutely sensational in the last quarter - Kobe-esque :) Just imagine if we had gotten him instead of Caron Butler in the trade!!
Second, I was prolly wrong - Shaq had THREE bad games in a row? In the NBA finals? Boy-o-Boy! Looks like the Big is running out of Diesel :)

I can see a Mihm for Roy trade happening. Why? Chicago needs help upfront, and no-one they pick up in the draft this year is going to provide them that [every big this year is a project, except for Shelden Williams, and he is more of a role player].

Mihm gives them a serviceable option at center who will contribute this year, while coming off the books and potentially serving as trade bait next year. This way, they get better this year, while maintaining cap-flexibility for next year, when the draft/FA market is deeper. Any draft pick they use this year will be a project who won't get too much playing time.

I'm not all that gung-ho about Roy though - sounds like he's a decent player, but nothing great. And we should be able to leverage that #2 pick for something better, like trade down to get multiple picks from a team like the Hornets [12 & 15?]. Or pick up a big like Aldridge or Tyrus Thomas.

Either ways, it's too much to expect of Roy to come in and make a difference right away in the triangle under Phil. I think we should look for a serviceable PG through FA.

DraftExpress says that Sonics may be looking to trade away their draft picks for future picks and cash [because they are cash-starved]. That might be an inexpensive way to trade up. Use their 10 and 40 picks to get players like AJohnson and SefT, not to mention Shawne Williams.

Looks like we are developing a good bench:
C - Bynum
PF - Turiaf
SF - Luke
SG - Profit/Sasha
PG - Smush

Each of these guys is prolly a little under-rated, and their PT this year will go a long way in solidifying them as NBA players for the future.

Now, if we can only get some decent starters at the SF and PG :)

laker tom and rubin:

i hear you guys and respect your opinion. My point is we need a guard/small forward who can shoot/score and DEFEND. we are set w/ our bigs and w/ KOBE, but here's the issue at hand...

do we make minor adjustments, pick up some FAs, and develop what we have or do we go for broke and trade LO and Mihm for another star? i would go for the first option, but if a star player becomes available, we should consider it.

more thoughts...

don't believe the hearsay or the rhetoric when it comes to the media calling certain players "cancers" and what not. just take a look at how the media and fans across the country view kobe. don't let hate and generalizations cloud your thought process. we should keep an open mind when it comes to players. peace.

mike t:

i agree w/ you on Amare. that's too bad. like flea from the chili peppers said, he was "black jesus."


ronny's nickname --- BRAVEHEART!


There is a HoopsHype interview from January that had some interesting tidbits about Thabo. He was born in Switzerland but his father, who is black, and his mother, who is white, emigrated there from South Africa to get away from Aparttheid. Most of his family still lives in South Africa. Thabo is 22 years old and has been playing pro ball in Europe since he was 18, including last year in the toughest Italian league.

Here are a couple of quotes from Thabo:

Q - Do you take more pride on your defense or your offense?

TA - I think that my main strength so far is my defense. That's what first got me time on the court in France. But I can score, too."

Q - What do you think about the comparison to Boris Diaw?

TS - It's a good comparison. I like it. I think he's a good player. He wasn't playing very well last year, but this year he's doing well, so it's good to be compared to him.

Finally, here is an excerpt from ESPN's Draft Profile of Thabo:

"There has not been as much talk about Sefolosha, who is being over shadowed by guys like Bargnani, Splitter, Fernandez and Rodriquez. But Sefolosha has the potential to have as good an NBA career as any international player in his draft. Look for him to go late in the first round."

Profile of Thabo Sefolosha from "The Voice"

This is a very good article if you want to learn more about Thabo, including some good photos of him in action. Here are a few choice quotes:

"Thabo's athleticism is well documented. Even in the French league, the European league that most resembles the NBA in terms of playing style and the caliber of athletes, he has become infamous for his airborne attacks. He has worked on his explosiveness, too, as he's now also able to posterize defenders off two feet. His defense is what got him on the court in the first place and he has not let up one bit, making the league's all-defensive team last year. He continues to make use of his lateral quickness, freakishly long arms and innate sense of the ball to harass opposing shooters and ballhandlers while also getting a large amount of blocks. He also rebounds extremely well for his size, even in traffic. The other thing you immediately notice about his play is his court savvy. His poise on the court belies his age as he seems to instinctively know what to do and hardly ever loses focus of what he's trying to accomplish. An unselfish player, he lets the game come to him but nonetheless manages to end up with the ball in his hands during crunch time."

"Thabo...shows tremendous lift on his jumper, allowing him to get his shot off on anyone. His increased three-point and free throw percentages could also be attributed to him being more comfortable in his team's offense, though. What can't be overlooked, however, is his proven ability to step up and make shots in clutch situations."

"And these young Euro ballers all looked so impressive while working out alone in front of the teams. But when their skills didn't translate to real game situations, the tide turned and now it's back to the American player having more heart and being athletic, while Europeans can't defend and will shrink under pressure. The NBA sure does like to categorize. But in Thabo's case, the analogy won't work because one just can't deny the athleticism and the defensive ability he brings to the table. So here's hoping that he gets the benefit of the doubt like Tony Parker and Mickael Pietrus and gets acknowledged for his American-level athleticism AND his European-level basketball skills."

you cant trade Lamar for any of the draft picks. If Lamar wa in the draft today, would u pick Roy over him? No!


Last nights NBA Finals game added a flair excitement of the oft-described typical 'Hollywood' ending. Now, how will losing such a close game in which Dallas was in control affect the Mavericks psychi in game 4? Will such a win by Miami serve them confidence and a swaggar to win out at home? What changes are anticipated for tomorrow nights matchup by both teams?

Intriguing questions to an intriguing matchup between two intriguing teams.

stay tuned, to be answered tomorrow.

the Truth

Guys lets please stop talking about trading Lamar. Edwin Gueco is right if the Lakers were to trade LO they might as well deal Kobe as well. Kupchak would look even more inept than he already does.

I like Brandon Roy's game but do you really think he's worth trading LO for? We'd have another project on our hands and Kobe would be forced to initiate the offense as well as lead the league in scoring.

And I don't even know why that LO for Fisher and Dunleavy is even on anyone's mind. I like Fish but his best days are behind him, he's not the answer at PG. And as for Mike Dunleavy he's another guy who's long has a great body and is athletic enough to fool people into thinking he's an NBA player.

If the Lakers pulled that trade I'd have to light myself on fire.

I have to be honest, that Odom for #2 & #16 would work for me if they would throw in Deng. The #16 could bring in a nice shooter and the line-up would have much more balance.
(An improved )Sasha,Roy, kobe, Mihm/Kwame/Turiaf. That could be a good line-up. And it would open a tremendous amount of cap space.

I just left, they have a rumor of the Lakers trading Lamar Odom to the Bulls and Chicago drafting the players the Lakers want with the 2nd and 16th picks. Phil Jackson's personal favorite is Brandon Roy

If Dwayne Wade had such a huge will to win, then why did the "best player in the world" stink it up during the first two games?

Don't forget, Dallas was stupid, and didn't double Wade.

One more thing, if anyone talks about how great Wade is playing with pain, shut up and look at Kobe. He took over game 4 of the NBA Finals in 2001 with the big daddy out, WITH a badly sprained ankle against a team that didn't just lose focus of the game ala Dallas.

Wade just complaines about injuries. Kobe just goes out and plays. Wade sits there in the aftergame press conference and has those finger splints from a jammed finger, just to show how he plays through pain. Rediculous how people lose sight of things.

You're absolutely correct except for the atheletic Dunleavy part-He's one of the least atheletic players in the game.

But I would love to have Fish. Can make wide open threes, play hard-nosed defense, and make clutch shots to take the pressure off of Kobe. The problem is that he's too old, big contract, and definetly not worth LO.


I think it is obvious to all of us that our first priority is to get a point guard that can defend his position against the other fast and quick point guards in the Western Conference and help take the scoring load off Kobe to free him up to once again be our defensive stopper.

As you stated, the question is how to solve the problem. Do we look to sign free agents, do we trade Lamar or one of our centers, or do we look to the draft for the backcourt help we need?

I think the Lakers now realize that the team is just a couple of players away from competing for a ring. The NBA is heading into an unprecedented era where the road to the championship is wide open. I think they also realize that there is little or no chance that LeBron will be available in 2007/8.

As a result, I think the Lakers will deep six the 2007/8 strategy to save cap space for a superstar free agent like LeBron and instead look to sign multi-year deals with two or three key free agents that can help the team immediately compete.

I also think the Lakers realize that rule changes and the shortage of traditional centers has also led many teams to go small with rosters dominated by versatile athletic perimeter and wing players.

The Lakers are not going to discard the triangle but I think we proved in the Suns series that the way to stop small ball teams is not to run and gun with them but to punish them offensively in the paint and dominate the boards. Our three centers are key as they allow us to match up with the Heat and the Spurs as well as the Suns and the Mavs.

The primary reasons we lost the Suns series were Smush's inability to deliver in the clutch on offense or defense and the fact that Chris Mihm was injured and not available. If we had had a quality point guard and/or Chris Mihm available, we could have made it to the Conference Finals.

If you believe the above to be true, as I do, then the right way to approach the problem is not to panic and trade away any of our key players which includes Kobe, Lamar, or any of our three centers.
Instead, we need to focus on adding the right players via free agency and the draft and continue to build the team by keeping our core players and letting them grow and evolve together as a team.

As free agents, I really think that Bonzi Wells would be a great fit as the Lakers point guard. Bonzi proved in Sacramento that he has matured as a player and taken his game to a new level. With Bonzi, we would immediately become a much tougher team defensively and matchup nightmare for other teams offensively.

I also think we should sign Speedy Claxton to add veteran speed and quickness to our back up Bonzi. I would also rather have Lavon Profit and Kareem Rush at the end of the bench rather than Jim Jackson, Aaron McKie, Von Wafer, or Devin Green.

For the draft, I really like Thabo Sefolosha from Switzerland who is a shut down athletic defender in the mode of Josh Howard or Tayshaun Prince with the all around game and skills of a Boris Diaw. He would give us another player like Kobe and Lamar that can defend, pass, rebound, and score. But is is his defense that is his real strength.

If not Thabo, I also like the point guard Rondo from Kentucky, who is also a great defender, and Alexander Johnson, the power forward from Florida State, who jumps like Amara Stoudemire and is a great defender and shot blocker.

Now if Mitch Kupchak would only pay attention...



1 -- Kobe Bryant
2 -- Lamar Odom
3 -- Andrew Bunum
4 -- Kwame Brown
5 -- Chris Mihm


6 -- Luke Walton
7 -- Ronny Turiaff
8 -- Brian Cook
9 -- Sasha Vujacic


10 -- Bonzi Wells
11 -- Speedy Claxton


12 -- Thabo Sefolosha


5 -- Chris Mihm

That just isn't true. Almost everyone knows that Mihm is almost assuredly going to be traded.

That whole list is what you want. It is far from what I want. Therefore the Blog is not in agreement.


Does Mihm for B. Gordon work salary cap wise? Even throw in Illionois favorite B. Cook. Or the draft pick. Would solidify the team!! Great starting line-up!!


Great post, but a "shut-down" defender from Switzerland? I'll believe that when I see it. And remember, anybody can be traded. I would probably not trade Kobe ever, but I will never forget the Grant Hill situation.Everyone thought Orlando was set. All Detroit did was add Ben Wallace(from Orlando)and go on to a title. Meanwhile Orlando is stuck in the lottery for many years to come.

Blog Fantasy GM's

You 'FANTASY' GM's can't be for real!!! All of you would have the Lakers in a worse position than Kupchak has them now. Seems a majority of you rookie GM's would have Mihm and Odom traded in a heartbeat. You can't trade a BIG for a small, it doesn't work like that. Even a SANE GM would not make that type of trade.

And, what TOP-TIER free agent would WANT to come to the Lakers organization? After all, players play for CONTRACTS and being in a situation where their touches are limited hurts them for renegotiating larger future contracts. It all boils down to PERFORMANCE, and if Kobe is the one taking ALL the SHOTS the free agent loses value. Chris Weber for example in Philly with Iverson, they don't have games that compliment each other. Same scenario with Odom and Kobe who don't have games that compliment each other. With the players in the NBA seeing Odom's value decrease, a player and agent would take second thoughts about coming to the Lakers, and we won't be seeing any coming to the Lakers and taking 'paycuts' like in the past. The mystic is not what it used to be in the City of Angels.

the Truth

Magic=Goat, Ken:

I respect your opinions but don't you think they're a little bit shallow without clear proof that those draft picks will make it in the NBA? Normally, if you're truly a GOOD College Superstar, you can bring your team to the Finals like: Magic, Larry, MJ and James Worthy etc. Well, the remaining players during the Finals were mostly composed of Bruins and Gators, so I don't know why I will sacrifice Lamar Odom whom we have invested time and the only remaining LIGHT of that trade of SUPER CRY BABY to the Heat.

Here is my question, what happened to the draft picks of 2005? Bogut was just an average player, what happened to #2, #3? and the best player among them is Chris Paul. Will I exchange Lamar with Chris Paul the best rookie of 2005? no way, so why dump my Odom + Mihm for Brandon Roy, Shelden Williams, or Aldridge? These are bunch of ROOKIES who loves lollipops & popcorn and it will take them three years before they learn to play in NBA. By that time Kobe & PJ are gone from the here we are starting all over again, wheeling and dealing for another trade up or trade down making our Lakers the training ground for draft picks and revolving door for FA. I guess we exchanged our roles with Clippers. I don't know guys how long have you been watching the Lakers? In our case, we have seen so many Laker eras & dynasties, so it is hard to impress us with young players. Some Bruins who were formerly stars in college are now seating on cracks trying to survive like Matt Barnes & Tyus Edney, Jason Kapono, these are star players but they are 2nd or 3rd stringers. How about Trojan, Brian Scalabrine a tall guy, good in rebound but also an average player with the Celtics. This does not mean that no star will be born from this batch but I prefer a GOOD BIRD on my hand by the name of Lamar Odom than getting another good looking bird from the cage.

Magic=Goat was saying that we should be opened to all suggestions if a star is involved. When you say "star" is it KG, Jermaine O'Neal, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Duncan, Dirk Nowitski? well, that's a trade up but no GM is in his right mind will trade his franchise players with the HUNGRY Lakers. Any player not in this group is trade down cuz' Lamar stock just went up in the 2nd half of the season. He's no longer the equivalent of Ron Artest. Why will you trade a guy who can shoot the three, bring the ball from downcourt all the way to the hoop ala-Magic and a powerful lefty who knows how to use the boards, can use the right hand too, get rebounds and get double-double every other night. Why will I risk a KNOWN from an UNKNOWN? I won't sacrifice my favorite TACOS!

Laker Tom,

One thing, it seems there's one thing you don't want to come to terms with. We have 3 centers. One has to go. The Lakers are going to bring in this kid Marcus Douthit who they drafted in the 2nd round the year Sasha was the 1st round choice.

It's the nature of the business. Mihm is entering his last year of his contract. It doesn't make sense to keep him when our intention is create cap space for the year when his contract expires.

What do the Lakers do? They look for someone who can fill the role that's being left behind at a cheaper price. That's what Marcus Douthit is. A role player just like Mihm. As a matter of fact he might be a way better defender than Mihm. If that's true then losing Mihm is no big deal. The only question is what are we going to get in return for Mihm. That's what most of the trade scenarios are all about.

It's a delicate matter because Mihm with Cook could get us anything from the 16th pick to a Ben Gordon deal. Well, to get Gordon we would have to throw in a little more than Mihm with Cook.

I mean you write some decent posts but your refusal to see the light on Mihm just throws it all off. That's only my opinion.


If this kid Marcus Douthit is coming in, he's 6'11. That's a big. So trading against the grain, a big for a small, isn't really in play here. It's about getting the best for the organization with what we have available, and that is Chris Mihm.


Edwin Gueco,
I understand what you are saying and I agree that I would not want the Lakers to turn into the pre-2005/06 clippers for instance, but here is how I see it. Mitch Kupchak was trained by Jerry West, who's goal was to draft "Stars". The whole reason one becomes a Lakers fan is the commitment to a championship. Therefore, what I would like the organization to do is make moves for players that lead us to a ring. If they believe that Odom or Mihm are not championship caliber players, then move them for and "Roy" or "Deng". All the Gm's and coaches that the Lakers have should be able to figure it out pretty easily. Because I don't want to go with an Imcomplete team like last year, lets make a genuine run at the Mav's and see what happens.


You seem to be high on Douthit - have you seen him play? What makes you think he's a better defender than Mihm? And I thought the plan was to have Kwame play PF to start out? If so, we really only have Mihm and Bynum as centers.

Just curious - that's all.

hariyahu and Lakertom
I really agree with your bench. Its not a bad bench, considering that the Heat only use 3 guys off theirs. That would mean we can have a 10 player rotation. The big problem we have is gettign starter at the pg position. I agree with Mike T. as well i dont think Mihm or Brown are "protected". This is my starter/bench.
1. Signed FA
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Lamar Odom
4. Kwame Brown
5. Chris Mihm
1. Sasha Vujacic
2. Smush Parker(trade/sign another fa)
3. Luke Walton
4. Ronny Turiaf
5. Andrew Bynum
Its not a bad starting line-up. I would like to see Bynum as starter (trade Brown) and maybe Turiaf or another guy and trade Mihm like Mike T. says since its his last year. I really like the bench. We could get soem decent production from each guy as a role player. This isnt written in stone so could be changed with some good offseason moves. Just NO ROOKIES!! Maybe Sefolosha since im liking what i hear. Our defense wouldnt be bad with a combo of a starter Brown/Mihm with help from a bench guy Turiaf/Bynum. I just dont want to see Turiaf/Bynum since theyre still both young. We have decent big men just not allstars. Our bench isnt too bad either. WE just need a really really good STARTING pg. This is my protected list.
1. Kobe
2. Lamar
3. Bynum
All other players are tradeable or usable for bench.

Now your on Wade's bandwagon. What happen to Shaq? Funny how you only go with the guy on top of the mountain. This is why i dont think we should trade you. You bring comic relief to this blog. Those paycuts -"and taking 'paycuts' like in the past" are from washed out players like GP who would stoop so low as to be a role player. We dont want Ex-allstars or role players. Maybe in 3yrs we could get Shaq as a bench warmer so he can finally win another ring. The mavs lost the game. That means by default the Heat win it. This gives Mavs even more confidence. -"how will losing such a close game in which Dallas was in control affect the Mavericks psychi in game 4". Thats the point they lost it and it took Wade 42 pts. It wasnt like it was slaughter after terrible play from the Mavs. All the Mavs have to do is play their way and its game over for the Heat. The worst thing that can happen is they play bad and the Heat if they get another luck 40+ from Wade can have a chance. Other than that the Heat dont have a chance. It was more confidece for the Mavs gained. It showed them that it took 40+ from the other guy just to BARELY beat them.
Game over for the Heat

LakersTom and &1mixtap,

Yes, we all know lakers need defense but you don't really need the "personnel" to become defensive minded. You can become better on defense by practicing or become better by playing team defense. It's just a matter of mind thing. Look at the Dallas Mavs team from last year with Don Nelson. Before avery got there in the middle of the year, Dallas wasn't so great defensively. This year the roster is the same as last year and look at what avery has been able to do. Dallas doesn't have great individual defenders, but they are willing to play team defense and help each other out by making the proper rotations. So, I mainly believe playing defense is a matter of mind. Sure, some players are born great defenders, but some can become great defenders by putting time and effort. As for Devean George I want him back b/c he is a guy who knows the triangle and i want experience as much as possible. Smush is fine the way he is playing, I think the Pheonix series provided good tests for him. I think he will get better. If we bring in a new PG to help run the triangle, it would take a while for the new PG to learn it. So for now stick with the pieces and use the pieces we have to make a championship run with a few minor additions or substractions. GO LAKERS!!!

Does anyone still question the wisdom of getting rid of Shaq when they did? What does it tell you when your 20M "star" doesn't play the last three minutes of an NBA finals game?

Good lord, there are a lot of stupid trade ideas being thrown out here. Why in the world would Charlotte trade us Gerald Wallace for Mihm? They have bigs crawling out of their... socks. And that Houston trade for T-Mac might be the single craziest trade I've ever seen proposed, they'd just lynch the new GM. Nobody's that dumb. Well, some people probably are, but I hope they're only in politics.

i hope the lakers wont trade LO for Chicago's rooks. it's not worth it.
odom played great after the trade deadline, that feeling of security of not being traded really helped his game alot. the lakers need to give LO the security he needs and not another trade rumor.

Lakers drafted Marcus Douthit in the 2004 draft with the 57th pick. Right after that, he was put in jail for some kind of fraud? I don't remember. Anyways he was in the summer leaguelast year, and didn't make the team, so why would he be good enough to replace Mihm?

It's interesting reading everyone's take. I think what this offseason boils down to (again) is whether or not Phil Jackson and Mitch Kupchak feel that Lamar Odom is the guy they want to hitch this team's wagon to. He makes quite a bit of money and is on the books for a few more years so you either move him for picks and cap space or you say he's our guy. If they decide he isn't the guy, you look at that rumored trade with Chicago, not because you are closer to a championship next year, but because you feel you'll never see a championship with the current team you have now.

Let's also remember that if LO is traded for those two picks that we not only would have some money to spend this offseason, but next offseason we'd have almost $30 million to spend with B. Grant's contract up. There are some pretty impressive FA's in 2007 that could make a huge impact.

Some of you have mentioned PJ's two years remaining as a reason they would be stupid to do this trade, well I think PJ is going to have a front office position with the Lakers when that contract is up and he sees the long term benefits of this kind of trade.

The thing is, LO signed this deal with Miami before the last collective bargainning agreement and I think his salary is a bit inflated. I don't think LO is a $13 million a year guy compared to what people will be getting paid now. For that reason I think it would be a reasonable move to trade him and sign someone like Al Harrington for $9 million a year and get the two picks.

Anyway, it should be interesting.


I think the article that you posted was great. I think every trade proposal that guy came up with make sense for both teams involved, and that rarely happens. He even justified all the deals with the Bulls based on rookie contracts expiring and not be able to afford all of their players.

I think everyone who comes up with players or trades or whatever on this blog should check to see what the players mentioned make salary wise, and how long their contracts run. It's fun playing GM but ultimately this is a business and if we come up with things they should make sense financially.

I hope the Lakers do make some deals this offseason, just to keep the entertainment value high.

I was wondering since a couple of days ago.

Dwayne Wade is always ill when he plays important games and I was just wondering why?
He was ill the last 2 games of the eastern finals and since the beginning of the finals, but all of a sudden he was great for game 3. Then again he is injured; he can’t even walk, but he will play tonight. That to me it makes it seemed like if they win, he is a hero like Tuesday night, but if they lose then it's poor Dwayne he tried, gave it his all, but he was injured. To me it’s to convenient, and the strange thing is that on the road they lose and it's poor Dwayne he tried, but he is ill. And at home it’s WOW he's a hero, a superstar, he was ill, but he played with heart and they won.

Dwayne is a good player, but I don’t like all the convenient excuses he always has just in case they don’t win a game. He is this victim of injuries and the media makes it seem like he is the only one who has ever played with a sinus infection or a knee injury. One thing is for sure he's the only one that makes an illness or an injury such a big big deal.

I'd just like to make one more comment on the #2/#16 for Odom rumor. I think the deal would not only be for the two picks but for the 2007 cap space and free agent class which includes: Paul Pierce, Mike Bibby, Rashard Lewis, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, and Chauncey Billups. If we don't land those then we get Kwame off the books in 2008, freeing up $9 million more when the Lebron, Bosh, Wade, Carmelo class become available. It sure provides a hell of a lot more options, which any team would be lucky to have.


It's not that i'm high on Marcus Douthit, it more that I read that he was going to participate in the Lakers summer league this year. So I did a little research to see what type of player he was.

Here's the link, again:

As you can see, if you used the link, Douthit has a reputation as a shot blocker. That, to me, implies that he might be a defensive specialist.

Still, it doesn't mean I'm high on the guy. I just trying to be realistic. If he can play defense then, I think, it's realistic to believe that the Lakers could have him in mind as a cheaper replacement for Mihm, who is in a contract year.

The object for the Lakers is to create cap space without having too much of a drop off in production the personal they put on the floor. I think this Marcus Douthit kid might fit the bill for that purpose.

That brings me to the starting line-up for next year. Me, I'm a little worried about having Kwame Brown play center. Not because he can't but because eventually it will conflict with Bynum. I think Bynum is the future of the 5 spot for the Lakers.

For that reason I would prefer that Brown play the 4 spot. That would work out great if the Lakers kept Mihm. In my opinion, if Mihm gained some weight it would work out perfectly. But I don't think that realistic because of Mihm's contract year and the Lakers need to improve at the 3 and 1 spots.

So, my thinking is that if the Lakers trade Mihm, Brown will have another year at the 5 spot because, I don't think, Bynum will be ready to start in the coming season. So, in theory, the starters for me would be:

PG: To be determined
SG: Kobe Bryant
SF: Odom
PF: Turiaf
C: Brown

With that the bench would look like this:

PG: Smush Parker
SG: To be determined
SF: either Walton/George
PF: Marcus Douthit
C: Bynum

Of course that's murky because of not knowing what Mihm could bring to bloster the 3 and 1 spots.

I am high on bring in Miles, Blake, and the 16th pick, if possible, for a Mihm package 3 team deal with Chicago and Portland. It would fill our need at the 3 spot with Miles for a starter or back-up. The same with the 1 spot with Blake. It would give us a lot of flexability. We could then move Odom to the 4 spot and have Miles in the 3 spot. Blake could start at the 1 spot. We could draft Shawne Williams at 16 to put him behind both the 1 and the 3 spot. I mean the possibilities are endless with another 1 and 3 player and it doesn't have to be Miles and Blake. But Mihm is our best bet of upgrading on those 2 spots.

All that depends on the Lakers trading Mihm. That depends on how that Marcus Douthit kid. If he really is a defensive specialist. If he is then its a go for me.

I'm actually thinking of going to Long Beach to check out the summer games. Anyone want to go? We might see PJ in the stands.

Then I can say: Hey, PJ.
He'll look at me friendly like and wave.
Then I'll say...It's me Mike Teniente.
Then he'll look at me with disgust and turn away.

Maybe I'll see AK and BK.
Then I can say: AK!
He'll look at me and not know who I am.
Then I'll say: I'll give you one guess.
He'll say: I don't know.
I'll say: Mike T. LOL!
Then when I walk away he'll flip me off.

By the way AK/BK why don't you post some info on the Long Beach Summer league games. You know, dates, prices and stuff like that. I can't afford Laker ticket but maybe a summer league game is within my budget.


This why I think Marcus Douthit is capable of replacing Mihm:

He played very well a couple of years ago. Well, if his legal troubles are behind him. He might be mentally ready to play. Anyway with Mihm in a contract year the Lakers might be ready to take a closer look at this kid.


Mike T,

So far, the summer pro league's schedule isn't updated on its site. But as soon as it the 2006 dates are up, we'll post something.

Also, I don't remember prices (BK and I had media credentials), but I'm pretty sure one ticket buys you admission for all the games. There's usually anywhere from 3-5 on the day, so you can marathon it.



We have similar end-objective which is the Championship tho' we have different views on the road to championship. You put your trust on promising rookies like Roy and Luol Deng who have not proven anything yet. How many double-double did Deng has with the Bulls? OK, here is the comparison of Hoopshype between these two players. Deng 6'8" from Duke, not great three point shooter and an average athlete. Odom 6'10" Olympian from R.I., all-around player, bring points, rebound, assists tho' prone to injury. Based on "Value Analysis", I don't consider your players at par at all with Odom and Mihm. I put value on height and experience of the latter and what they have shown on the second half of the season. Too bad, Mihm got injured and was not able to help the Lakers during the playoffs. If you mentioned players like: Smush, Cook, Kwame, and George as well as veterans like JJ and Mckie, I would have agreed with you that we need some changes to be competitive next season. These guys have talents but they have limited abilities and lacking heart to compete and finally, reticulated in submission on Game 7 which lacks the qualities of a Laker. However, I also understand that the names I mentioned have no trade values and only Odom & Mihm have values to other GM's.

You mentioned about Jerry West, well he made surprising trades that nobody expected and it enhanced the team quality like trading Norm Nixon to Clipper for Byron Scott. He traded Winters and other players for Kareem. Those trades gave the Lakers a dynasty during the eighties. Jerry traded Nixon because Norm was redundant PG from Laker roster due to Magic's presence. Is Odom redundant to Kobe? What did you see in Deng and Roy that merits the departure of Odom and Mihm? Hoopshype's writers based their opinion on trade values, the same way with AK who put more value on a diminutive Duhon against a towering Mihm. Why do you listen to East Coast writers who may have ulterior motives against the Lakers? Outside of LA, nobody likes the Lakers because if you give them an opening, they can slash, burn and rule the NBA but these writers love to talk about the Lakers. LAKERS SELL newpapers, patronage and ratings.

Why don't we attack the problematic players and build from there, rather than removing the good players because they have trade values. Are we getting KG or Lebron? No, what we're getting is Deng & Roy!

Michael T,

I think Douthit could be a nice guy to have around, but even at a cheaper price he isn't the guy we want playing 25-30 minutes.

Edwin Gueco,

There are quite a few people who feel Brandon Roy could be a 20-5-5 guy in the NBA, and be that as early as this year. Lamar Odom, through all his 'accolades' and "triple-doubles waiting to happen" is about a 15-9-6 guy. I like Lamar, and I think he brings a lot to the table, but is he really worth $14 million a year, and after six or seven years in the league can we really expect him to jump up in production to be a 20-10 guy? I kind of think no. If the Lakers did trade LO to the Bulls for #2 and #16 Brandon Roy would be able to step in and help immediately. And Luol Deng would probably be the second best offensive player on the Lakers if he suited up today.

I dont see why it has to be one way or the other. It doesnt have to be KEEP MIHM/ODOM! or TRADE MIHM/ODOM! I generally side with keeping both players... but much more so with Odom. But we also have to be open to the possibility of trades. As Ken pointed out, theres a lot of complexity involved here. We dont really know whats going on behind the scenes or what Mitch is thinking or Phil, or Buss, or Tex etc. Maybe phil or tex dont believe Odom to be ideal. (I should note that I think he can be, but also in a previous post i mentioned there is always the chance he never really lives up to his potential.) Maybe Mitch has some behind the scenes plan he's trying to accomplish. Maybe all this trade talk is just smokescreen being sent out by GMs.
Not that thats my point of view, Im just throwing out the possibilities. I want to keep Odom. I think he can be awesome. I also like Mihm. Hes a legit C with more offensive polish than Kwame or Bynum at this point. BUT if the right deal comes say Mihm+26 for Deng+16...then you'd have to pull the trigger or at least consider doing so.

I saw Douthit play in SPL last year. I have to say, he didnt really impress me. But he is fairly athletic and big so, if it did come down to trading mihm, he could be a big man fill in. I think he played in Europe last maybe he got better also. Im definitely goin to SPL again so we'll see. But as of now, hes nothing to hang our hopes on.

Andrew Z:
Good points about LO. And that "openess" is kinda what i was talking about before i read your post. Good point about LO's salary. I'll agree to a point. I think he's only slightly overpaid, but thats not that bad. Theres a lot of crazy overpaid players in the L. He made like 11.5 mil last year. And yeah it will go up, but his avg salary wasnt crazy high. The bright side is, that hes only like 26 and he still has the potential to be worth 13 million. He really is a unique type of talent in the L. Thus, while Im not closed off to trading lamar, to me, the 2 & 16 simply isnt enough. They'd have to throw in Deng additionally. i'd demand deng or gordon to be involved in the trade somehow (it makes sense for both teams as they have plenty of Gs and wingmen and very shallow up front while we are fairly deep up front. Deng/Gordon and Mihm would both start for their new teams.) like &1 mentioned, although mihm is get a starter for our backup C is a pretty good deal. I might do it then.
But if Chi doesnt offer that, thats fine, we'll keep lamar and they (the bulls) can maybe get to the second round of the playoffs next year. Theyre gonna have to "overpay" to get a Lamar.

Plus, you mentioned if we traded Lamar we'd be like 30 mil under the cap? (i didnt check but it sounds right and i'll trust you). well, that means if we dont trade lamar...we'll STILL be far under the cap even with his salary, and still be able to get another really good player.
(but to give you a little more ammo for your argument, i mentioned before that i think if the LO trade went thru (for just the 2&16), it would mean we'd have to get Chi's trade exception (which i think is like 12 million) in the deal to make it work. so that would give us even more flexibility to aquire a top notch FA.)

So my point is...keep odom and mihm but keep an open mind! if the deal is right, then we should be open to it.


I agree, it's all about keeping options open with this team right now, and even though I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes, I believe the Lakers are looking at every avenue possible to make this team better.

On a similar note, I wonder what does go on behind the scenes. How much of the "leaked" rumors are spin from the team itself or from people in the know? There has to be a heck of a lot more going on then what we're allowed to know, and I have to say, it would make a great book if someone wrote about what it's like to be an NBA GM. If there is a book out there and someone knows about it, please share. Thanks.

Keep Odom! He's one of the top 30-40 players in the league and there is no way we'd get that back in return, and do not forget how well he seems to coexist with Kobe. A lot of top notch players could easily clash with Kobe, but Lamar seems laid back and humble enough to be fine.

I'm out
Mike L.

Andrew Z,

It not that Douthit would play 25-30 minutes a game. It's Turiaf who would fill that role. Douthit is what Turiaf was last year.


Andrew Z,

It not that Douthit would play 25-30 minutes a game. It's Turiaf who would fill that role. Douthit is what Turiaf was last year.


Edwin Gueco,
Great stuff man. I must say that it is all about balance in the line-up. That is how a team wins the championship. If the Lakers decide to keep Odom, that is fine he is an above average player. But if they keep him then they absolutely must add another strong shooter such as a Ben Gordon. In fact, they should add two shooters unless Sahsha can get some more shots to go down. If I am making the decisions, and Roy, Deng, and the #16 was offered and I was high on Roy, then I make the deal. Then they could add a shooter such as Jason Terry. That would then give the Lakers a very formidable and balanced line-up. Kobe-Roy-Deng-Bynum, Thats the kind of line-up that could be dominant in the next few years.


Your PPG average on Odom includes the 1st half of the season when he was trying to learn the triangle and was asked to be PG facilitator than a scorer. In the 2nd half, he has proven his worth, without him, the Lakers would not have gone to playoffs. If you're talking of salary why don't we dump on Kobe? He has the highest salary among the Lakers and gets the ball 60% of the time. We can also use this as reason why the PPG of other players are low because in the 1st half of the season, the ball was always on Kobe's hands.

Is Odom worth $ 14M? I think he is worth that much because he's the second player to Kobe. We are over salary cap not because of Odom but the wisdom in absorbing the $ 17M on injured players who are not even playing with us. We pay for those bad decisions. Frankly, I'm not an expert in evaluating #2 #16 cuz' I don't watch College sports but in the case of Deng, are u saying AK that Deng is better than Odom? Well, we have different opinions, you may be the Czar of the blogs but many bloggers disagree with you on this point.

Ak, I would like to ask you pointblank, are you a Laker fan or a basketball fan?


As i said we have two different viewpoints? You place on your bet on Roy/Kobe/Deng/Bynum, I like my chances with Kobe/LO/Bynum/? Free Agent choose 2 from my aforementioned list. Trade Kwame please but not Lamar.


Are you addressing me or somebody else? I don't recall bringing up LO's averages or anything in regards to Deng, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.


Sorry AK, LOL!!! i always interchange you and AZ. I thought you were the one posting because I remember we had an exchange on Mihm and Duhon. Again my apologies.

SIX Hours to GAME TIME......


Don't sweat it.


Can someone clarify something for me? Isn't this draft a "weak" class? Didn't PJ come to the Lakers cause he liked (or so he said) the possibilities of our "core" which I assumed is LO+Kobe.

Those are actual questions, I mean no offense with them.

My point being that if we were to trade LO, then I want it for someone big, or at least a group of players in a good class. I like Roy, like I said, but aside from having to trade big for small, you're also losing a year under the triangle, a big man that is a matchup nightmare (though admittedly has been inconsistent). If anything if we were to draft for "possibilities" then I'd draft Shawne Williams ahead of Roy it seems like he has a bigger...wait for it..."upside." We must also not forget the value of having a LO defensively. Though I've been harsh on his defense, he did show me something in the Phoenix series (Marion) and he's a monster rebounder. I know, I know, we could probably draft individually for all of those, but then all those people would still need that year (or more if they're slow) in the triangle, and by then PJ could be gone (I'm sure he'll be asking for 40 mill by then); by the time they "get it" Kobe will be (though in shape and play ready) like Garnett now, still dominant, but old (have like 100 years on his knees and banged up/abused body). I have faith in Lo, that he'll soon seem underpaid (say what you want out of PJ, but he brings the "star" out of his "star players" and LO is a star)...I say keep the team in tact at least until the trade deadline, if we're stinkin up the place, blow it all apart.

I've never heard of Dougit...I'll check him out.

P.S. Am I the only one that finds it weird that there's a ""

Hey a shot blocker, you might be on to something here Mike T!
Now the question is can he move his feet on picks.

anyone notice J O'Neal's comments today? Looks like Indy will prolly trade him. I think best fits are Minny for KG, and Chicago. I can see the bulls package their #2, and Ben Gordon to the Pacers.

Question (and this is just a qs)---Would you trade Bynum for JO? I love JO, apart from him being injured (most of last season) but awhile back, when I was thinking of the whole KG to LA thing, I thought it'd be better to get JO cause he's younger. Thoughts?

Any thoughts about Darius Songalia? He's pretty energetic and a good shooting big who might fit well in the triangle





I agree with your post about let's keep the core of this team intact, add shooters and defense not necessarily from the draft but pick someone in the FA or international players. Try this team until All Star break, improve some more or blow it up. (I picked this idea from AZ last month.) Also if we are going to trade Bynum, why did we hire a special coach for him throughout the year? If we get Roy, Williams or Mr. Somebody, should we hire special coaches to learn the triangle, then trade them again until we get the right mix. Is that what we are doing? That's prescription for disaster similar to Celtics, Knicks, Bulls, Hawks, Bobcats, Raftors and Orlando traditions of constant draft and trade. They're still searching the right mix when opportunities passed by.

Why Brian Cook has a website? Well, Raja, the clothesline expert has a website too. It's the craze of today's generation of players to advertise oneself through a website to get further recognition. You really don't need the opinion of others about you, but what you think about yourself? I wonder how Cook comouflaged his defense.

Jermaine O'Neal would be a good fit playing beside Kobe Bryant. Jermaine is familiar with being a second option in the offense and doesn't demand much press. KG in no way would 'fit' with a Kobe Bryant.

the Truth


I like JO [and he likes Kobe, which is even better]. However, he gets injured too often. I would still prefer KG. But to get that damn Celtic to cough him up, we'll have to prolly give up LO and Bynum, and maybe Kwame as well [for salary purposes].
Which would leave us with:

C - Mihm + ??? + ???
PF - JO + Turiaf + Cookie
SF - ??? + Luke + ???
SG - Kobe + Profit + Wafer
PG - ??? + Smush + Sasha

With two draft picks and FA, those maybe too many holes to fill.

FIVE Hours to GAME TIME.......

"Am I the only one that finds it weird that there's a ""

haha hilarious. the funny thing is for a split second it DID seem weird, but then i kept reading on and i didnt think of it. after you mentioned it, i thought about it and started cracking up.

but you made a lot of great points. and yes, its supposedly a weak draft. i agree with you we should keep lamar. im more open to trading mihm but he has value to our team also. im just trying to stay objective tho, and even in "weak" drafts, there are gems. (given, its not a great idea for us to gamble at this point).
also, im glad you are being realistic in your expectations of Roy. ive only seen him play very little...but i dont see what all the hoopla is about. he very well could turn out to be joe johnson level player (i think thats his ceiling, which is still pretty dang good)...but you never know. that is why its more important at this point to draft for defense, which is much more easy to predict success at the next level.
and also why athleticism is key. the nba is a league of athletic freaks. theres a lot of players in this country that have the skills, but simply lack the height or athletcism to take it to the next level. (which is why i want rondo, ridiculous athletically, with very long arms and huge hands, plays great d.)

speaking of heights...for those of you that dont have espn insider. some interesting notes about the draftees official measurements.
-carney was an inch shorter than thought
-reddick and roy both came out an inch taller than thought
-reddick has ridiculously short arms haha. i dont think ive ever seen a player with shorter wingspan than height (wingspan was 6-3)
-tyrus thomas was a little shorter than thought (6'8half) but his wingspan was very long (7'3)
-aldridge was just bigger than prev thought. he's 6-11fourth and 234lbs with close to 7'5 wingspan. that will help his stock.
-saer sene had a freakish 7'8half inch wingspan! that boy is gonna block a lot of shots.
-rashad anderson (uconn) had a 17.3% body fat! haha


I'd trade Bynum for JO in a sec. I dont think Bynum would be a 20 10 guy. If he turns out that way, wont be way down the line when Kobe's not be in his prime anymore.


This line up is definitely contender caliber. Its a stronger team than Dallas

However I think we'll have to includ Kwame or Lamar in the deal to match up salary wise. If we trade Kwame and then Mihm, Cook for Miles and S. Telfair....


I'm fine with either team. Dallas is the team to beat these days and that line up matches nicely against them.

Hm... Hariyahu

dont you mean Minnisota instead of Celtic? hehe.

Michael T,

I'm not sure I like Ronny Turiaf as a 25-30 minute guy yet. I love the guy but I don't think I could have him as a starting Power forward and be confident.

Edwin Gueco,

As for the LO stats, I'm basically saying what his career averages are. I think he's a 16-17 points a game guy with about 9 boards and 5 assists. He did improve vastly after the All-Star break, which was great to see, but he's been on three teams, playing all different styles (that gets rid of the "getting used to the triangle" excuse) and has yet to reach this "potential" everyone says he has. At a certain point you have to think he won't utilize the incredible talent he has and when we do get to that point it will be tough to get anything in return for him.

I feel that if presented with the opportunity to load up on young talent at the expense of a year and accelerate the "rebuilding" of this team, we should do it. Hell, even if we do he LO for picks trade we can get an All-Star (which LO isn't)free agent after next season when the good players become available.

All that being said, I will be just as happy if LO is with us when the season starts, he just better average 20 and 10.

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