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Another Offseason Breakdown

Lakerville (as the kids like to call it) is being heavily discussed and dissected today on The post includes a potpourri of perspectives on what the team should do, shouldn't do, would do if they could, etc. Some ideas strike me as dead on the money. Some strike me as either unrealistic or just plain off. But either way, it's food for thought and y'all are always hungry when it comes to the Purple and Gold. So eat up and enjoy.


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Hey I just posted minds think alike lol

"In reality the Lakers are in a pretty good situation. They don't NEED to trade anyone; however Aaron McKie, Chris Mihm, and Brian Cook really don't look to be part of the next generation Lakers with Kobe Bryant, Kwame Brown, and Andrew Bynum."---I agree with that (somewhat lol). That Jason Fleming guy is pretty smart, and I'm not just saying that cause he sounds like a homer lol).

My only beef with that article is that they're giving the credit solely on did some/half of the work too. We musn't forget that in 2004, he was injured severely for most of the end of the season (which we played in the road)...but whatever it's old news.

"Barring a trade there is no help for the Lakers in the draft, given that they don’t pick until 26." - Bill Ingram

I like how Bill has this draft pegged. No help in the draft at 26. I wish I could see into the future like Bill. Then again, Id be in Vegas betting on sports instead of writing ridiculous comments.

"Their biggest trade asset seems to be Chris Mihm. His around $4 million salary, along with him being a solid 7-footer make him an asset that any team would like to have. He may be the Lakers best chance at adding a solid small forward which would allow Odom to stay at the four and Kwame at the 5 which is best suited for his game." - Greg White

Mihm+26 for Deng+16....i'd be willing to do that.

"I could see them trying to swing a deal with the Warriors sending Odom for Fisher and Mike Dunleavy. With the Lakers system those two players would make a huge difference in the win column." - Brian Robinson

That is correct. It would make a big difference in the win column. We'd have less wins.

"The Lakers could use help everywhere and I'm not sure who would even want to play for them now. Steve Blake would be the perfect point man for the Triangle and he may be available. Bobby Jackson will also be out there. I really don't know what to do with this team though. What are they trying to do?" - Fraser MacKinlay

Um...arent YOU supposed to be trying to answer that question?
Interview Guy: "What are the Lakers going to do?"
Fraser: "I really dont know, what are they trying to do?"

"Smush Parker had a fantastic season for the Lakers, averaging 11.5 points per game in what was by far the best season of his young career. Do you spend your money making sure you have that point guard spot solidified, or do you lock in Devean George for the foreseeable future? They probably can’t afford to do both. ..." - Bill Ingram

How about NEITHER.

"In a league where it's not necessarily the Xs and Os of coaching that make the most difference but rather the ability to juggle egos and be a analytical psychiatrist for a team, Phil Jackson stands head and shoulders - perhaps elbows too - above everyone else. It could be argued that on paper the Lakers had no chance to sniff the playoffs, let alone challenge the Phoenix Suns - that's a testament to Jackson getting everyone to believe in each other and the common goal." - Jason Fleming

huh? i think we DO have a playoff team. and we SHOULD have beat the suns (that is without amare and kurt thomas). and its not about X's and O's? tell that to avery johnson. i guess we should just go get a pyschiatrist yoga master from Harvard to take over after phil.

"The success of the playoff run against the Suns shows that the Lakers aren't too far off. The right move here and there could move them to the upper 5 in the playoff chase. One thing to keep in mind is that the way the Lakers closed the season the last 2 months is more indicative of what we can expect next year. Odom finally understood the offense, Brown started clicking, and Walton's confidence soared. With both Ronny Turiaf and Andrew Bynum expected to contribute a lot more the Lakers could be building something very positive." - Greg White

Thank you Greg White! Go Lakers!

If I hear one more person say bring back Derek Fisher (and his contract) I'm going to throw up in my mouth.

I think the Lakers need to trade Andrew Bynum for a high lottery pick (if possible) that can be used to pick a player that can help immediately. We have a young project at center in Kwame Brown, why do we need two?

AK, BK, and the Readers:

Just curious about what you all thought about this. I was reading some suggestions on 'Jones on the NBA' about what the Lakers should do. He had some pretty interesting suggestions but the one I like the best was Mihm, Cook, and the pick to Chicago for Duhon and Deng.

I didn't do any research as to whether or not this works out salary wise or not (I trust Jones). AND I recently heard about Duhon and an alleged drinking problem (the curse of the Duke guard continues, see: hurley, jwill, duhon, and now redick!).

But still...the Laker D would be sick with those two in the starting line up. What do you guys think?

I like the idea of signing Marcus Banks and trading Mihm & McKie for Gerald Wallace. The only other affordable FA's I'd look into is Speedy Claxton and Penny Hardaway.

I LOVED what this guy Greg White proposed:

In free agency, adding a young defensive minded point guard such as Marcus Banks would fit. He can be had for less than the MLE, leaving the Lakers some more chips to add a bench player. They can also look to package Mihm, and perhaps Aaron McKie to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace. It gives the Cats another big, and a veteran PG to play behind Felton if Brevin Knight is moved as he is rumored to be. This would give the Lakers a lineup of: Banks, Kobe, Wallace, Odom, and Brown. With Banks, Kobe, and Wallace being excellent defenders, the Lakers would not only be able to score, but get some very important stops.

Good read, but one point rubbed me the wrong way:

"I could see them trying to swing a deal with the Warriors sending Odom for Fisher and Mike Dunleavy. With the Lakers system those two players would make a huge difference in the win column."

Wow. I guess anyone can get writing job online. Nothing against derek, because I would love to see him back - but trading Odom for those two? That's just ridiculous.

Strongest evidence of crack smokage:

"I could see them trying to swing a deal with the Warriors sending Odom for Fisher and Mike Dunleavy." - Brian Robinson


We've heard a lot of talk about the Bulls possibly taking Brandon Roy. I personally think they'll take Lamarcus Aldridge or Tyrus Thomas, but if they are what are the realistic chances of the Lakers being able to swing a trade for Ben Gordon?

I think under those circumstances a Chris Mihm for Ben Gordon trade may be feasible. The Bulls have a glut of talent on the perimeter and we've been hearing about Ben Gordon trade rumors for months. Mihm would be the best scoring big man on the Bulls roster (I think he'd definitey be more effective in the East) and Gordon would give the Lakers instant offense.

Within the Triangle Ben Gordon reminds me of a B.J. Armstrong. More of a scoring PG who can shoot, slash and pass well enough to facilitate the flow of the offense.

This has got to be the most interesting draft of all time. There is NO one so good that he is a lock...everyone is just driftin around per se. It's good for the lakers (and all teams in the mid to late first round) because on draft days ANYONE can fall rite into your lap. I am too stoked about this!

P.S Is it me or is the fact that the heat should loose in 6 or less just SWEET?

I like the idea about forget the draft and package 26 with anyone besides the core to get help where it's needed. The trade LO for 2 players comments were insane. Even on his worst days, he's a mismatch for every team in the league and the one power forward that can go wherever Dirk goes on the floor, the new definition of PF.

What do you guys think about Gerald Wallace? I admit, I hadn't really heard much about him until I read the report, but I dug up some footage and he looks like a real athletic-fighter. I think that's exactly who the lakers could use, and he's a solid defender. Thunderous dunker, shot blocker, can convert alley oop stuff that our team neglects at times. I think he would be a great fit starting over walton, because he needs more time.


Great link on what different people thin the P&G should do i say we go after Gerald Wallace or Josh Smith Both are fairly young(Smith extremely young) and both are defensive stoppers. I would chose smith because he could Gaurd a player such as T-mac or Vince carter as well as players like Dirk or Marion(Shawn) so it would really take pressure off of L.O. and Kobe and then bring in a point and well be a lock for at least the second round of the playoffs..

Its feels good to be back on the blog..


I like the idea that we trade for Charlotte's Gerald Wallace. The guy is an all around great player that can defend with the best of them, score consistently, and contribute nearly a triple double every night.

Would Charlotte give him up though?

I think maybe a package like this would work:

Lakers Send - Chris Mihm, Devean George (Sign and Trade), Aaron Mckie, 26th pick

Charlotte Send - Gerald Wallace, Brevin Knight

That scenario, or go after Ben Gordon. I'm trying to be as realistic as possible. We don't have a whole lot to work with.

Mmmm, yummy.


Expect the Shaq led Miami Heat to hold court advantage at Home. Pat Riley WILL rally the Heat players to play with more energy and intensity at home. Dallas will spend the next week living out of Hotel rooms and not their own beds at home. By all accounts with a 2-3-2 format, the Heat should win ALL THREE home games and just have to win out by winning ONE GAME in Dallas.

My money goes on The MOST DOMINANT Center and
Crew to win it all.
You heard it here FIRST!!!

the Truth

wiZo, hilarious post...i really like the thought of Gerald Wallace, the guy has always impressed me when i've watched him, fills the stat sheet


1 -- THABO SEFOLOSHA - Think Josh Howard or Tayshaun Prince with a little Boris Diaw.
2 -- ALEXANDER JOHNSON - Think Amare Stoudemire type rebounder that can play great defense.
3 -- RAJON RONDO - Think Devon Harris speedster that can play shut-down 1-on-1 perimeter defense.
4 -- SHAWNE WILLIAMS - Think Magic Johnson in Boris Diaw's body.
5 -- GUILLERMO DIAZ - Think Dwayne Wade leaper with Leandro Barbosa speed and outside shot.


1 -- BONZI WELLS - Think Rasheed Wallace posting up Steve Nash or Tony Parker.
2 -- SPEEDY CLAXTON - Think Tony Parker or Devon Harris defender that can shoot.
3 -- AL HARRINGTON - Think Horace Grant when he was a strong young stud.
4 -- LARON PROFIT - Think Kobe Bryant clone who loves the Lakers.
5 -- KAREEM RUSH - Think John Paxton or Steve Kerr with atleticism.


1 -- SMUSH PARKER - for anyone without a big contract or bad attitude.
2 -- AARON MCKIE - for any draft choice any year from any team.
3 -- JIM JACKSON - for any draft choice any year from any team.
4 -- DEVIN GREEN - for any draft choice any year from any team.
5 -- VON WAFER - for any draft choice any year from any team.

I also believe that the Lakers are not that far away, just a couple of pieces here and there and they will be contenders.


I'm pretty sure the Bulls would laugh us all the way back to Staples if we offered Mihm for Gordon. They can get a hell of a lot more for him, he's pretty damn good. I'd say include a couple picks but Chicago is looking to add veteran help, not youth.

I think this could be a fun off-season.



I wrote Eric Pincus to find out if the Lakers had any interest in Rajon Rondo or Thabo Sefolosha since they were not on his list of players that were scheduled to work out for the Lakers. Here is his response:

"I think Rondo is a good choice – and Sefolosha would be a natural triangle fit – but I’ve yet to hear either mentioned in the same breath as the Lakers.

Now I certainly don’t hear everything going on – so who knows?

But I don’t expect either at this point."

Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld

What about Latrell Sprewell, Kendall Gill, David Wesley or Wesley Person as a veteran back up at guard?

If you think the Heats will win all 3 at home Steven, then you must be dreamin boy. The most Dominant my a$$, he can't even make a free throw. Even my grandma can make 3 in a row.

I personally love Gerold Wallace. He's the only player to avg more than 2 steals and 2 blocks a game. A freakish athlete and defender and never short on effort. But that might be his problem. He's too head strong and doesnt know when to take it easy and end up getting injured a lot. If charlotte would do mihm and mckie for Wallace I'd dance around naked. But I think Wallace was the charlott's rep at the draft lottery drawing.... meaning he isnt going no where.

p.s. Odom for fisher and Dun boy? LOL man.... I have no respect for his opinion anymore. what a joke.


The worst thing we can do is to get on the turning-the-team-over bandwagon as the Knicks and Celtics have done looking for a quick fix. We need to get a core of good players and have them learn to play and grow together as a team. What you are seeing in the NBA Finals now is a team built the right way playing great team ball - aka the Mavs - vs. a rotisserie team with a lot of pieces that only looks good on paper and cannot play as a team on the court - aka the Heat.

This means not trading Lamar or any of our three centers, getting some defensive help from the draft in the form of Thabo, AJohnson, or Rondo, and opening up the pocketbook for free agents by signing Bonzi and Speedy.

I believe that the Mavs success with a $96M payroll vs. our $72M payroll, the way the team performed at the end of the year and the playoffs, and the fact that the road to the championship suddenly appears to be wide open will result in Jerry Buss giving Mitch K the authority to dump the sign Lebron in 2007/8 plan to get the Lakers the players they need via free agency.

1 -- BONZI WELLS - Think Rasheed Wallace posting up Steve Nash or Tony Parker.

I'm not sure Bonzi's the same as Sheed. Sheed's got a sweet stroke and a top defender. both have nice post movies, but Sheed's outside shot's much more reliable. Isn't Wells like 6'8 and a SF? yah sure he can post up smaller players but no way he can stay in front of nash or parker as a PG. Besides, he'll demand too much money after his playoff performance. I rather save the cap room for 08.

2 -- SPEEDY CLAXTON - Think Tony Parker or Devon Harris defender that can shoot.

not sure if he's even 6' I like him a lot, but he's got no size and constantly injured. If it's a small/quick PG we're after, Id rather trade for Brevin Knight.

3 -- AL HARRINGTON - Think Horace Grant when he was a strong young stud.

Going to be a very good player, but not sure if he's the SF/PF we need. Kwame, Odom, Harrington .... none are shot blockers. I think we should have at least one big that can reject lay ups. I'd take Mile, Josh Smith, Gerold Wallace over him.

4 -- LARON PROFIT - Think Kobe Bryant clone who loves the Lakers.

Definitely worth resigning.

5 -- KAREEM RUSH - Think John Paxton or Steve Kerr with atleticism.

I'd do it for cheap, but how much playing time will he get coming behind Kobe and Profit? Well I guess that's Phil's job.


Four more years and $80M for Shaq? Now that sounds like a great deal for a fat guy with 11 and 6 numbers who has lost 7 straight games in the Finals. Two or three more games and the Heat will be drinking kool aid and wondering how to get out of salary cap hell.

I also hear that Miami fans are finally starting to see why Wade is no Kobe Bryant. The guy is scoring his points when they don't count and choking badly when he is needed. More turnovers and bricks from outside. Stupid fouls and crybaby technicals. Can't seem to stay in front of either Jason Terry or Devin Harris. The Heat's poor perimeter defense and predictable front court offense have been exposed. This is the NBA not some fantasy rotisserie league, Steven, and the Heat's 5 minutes of fame is over.

KAREEM RUSH - Think John Paxton or Steve Kerr with atleticism.

That has got to be the craziest thing I ever heard. He has a reputation that he can shoot but hasn't done one thing to proof it, other than one good game against the Wolves. He's a waste to even think about.


1.5 HOURS to GAME TIME....

Xodus---The problem with Supply and Demand, is that you don't want their supply until it's in demand. My point being is that a year ago, heck half a season ago, we could have gotten Gordon for cheap cause he was sucking back then, now I think Chicago is out to hold on to him either as a franchise player of the future, or trade him for the best they can get out there (KG? I don't know why I'm not hearing KG to Chicago rumors). I think we could definitely package an attractive package that they could bite on, maybe something in the lines of everyone aside from Kobe+LO (and maybe Bynum, cause in Buss's mind he's untouchable)...but I wouldn't bet on it. I too think they'll take Aldridge or Thomas, I think they're just throwing smoke out there about Roy (they've got a plate full of perimeter players already).

I like Gerald Wallace, I think he'd be a great fit for us. My problem with him is injuries, wasn't he injured all season long last year? And how much does he get paid?

I heard a rumor the other day that NY is looking to trade either Franchise or Marbury to us, my first reaction was HELL NO! but then I thought about the increase in prices, and I was thinking, could that be why? I gotta tell, you I couldn't type for hours with that in my

How about Miles and S. Telfair anyone!??!?!

I like Mile's a lot. When he's playing well and not grumpy, he can avg 20 ppg with like 8 boards and a couple blocks. The blazers are practically giving him away. Yah he's owe 9mil next year, but if he can give me 18 and 7 I'd do it.

I like Telfair too. He was getting much better towards the end of last year. I think he'll be a good PG for the lakers... maybe better than Marcus Banks.

I'd trade Mihm, Cook, Mckie for those 2.

Andrew Z,

I definitely agree that the Bulls would most likely reject trading Mihm for Gordon. But, I think (although it's still not very likely) that the Bulls would be a bit more inclined to do it if they were to draft Brandon Roy. There's probably someone better they could for Gordon, but I think it's something the Lakers should pursue. And hey, maybe if Mitch and Co. call asking for Gordon they can swing that Chris Duhon trade.

"By all accounts with a 2-3-2 format, the Heat should win ALL THREE home games and just have to win out by winning ONE GAME in Dallas."

This is what you're using to prove that Miami will win the next 3 games? Who else has said this? Does the fact that the Pistons are the only team to win all 3 middle games mean anything to you? I'm not even going to get into the fact that Shaq is clearly not the most dominant player in the league anymore. Shaq's play does all the talking for me and Shaq should do the same.


How about we go after Allan Houston as well? lol I'm not trying to be mean but that just looks like you just thought of all the washed up guards you could think of.


GAME THREE of the NBA Finals. This is a pivital matchup carrying two basic themes:
1) the LEGACY of The MOST DOMINANT Center EVER, as Shaq seeks to lift the Miami Heat at home and build on his NBA Legacy as the MOST DOMINANT FORCE in the NBA by WILLING his FORCE on the Dallas bigmen by going STRONG to the hole using athletic movement and quick feet.

2) The Heat NEED to win these three games at home by BIG MARGINS. Thus FORCING their will on the Dallas Mavericks MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY causing DOUBT in the MINDS of the Dallas players that they can win out in Dallas.

The Heat will be okay, undoubtedly provided that former Laker coach Pat Riley who is an OUTSTANDING Playoff coach, will have the Heat ready both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY for this homestand.

One turned ankle for Dallas (Dirk)and this series will turn quickly for the Miami Heat. Strange things can happen playing against a Riley coached team.

the Truth

enjoy the game, I know I will


The LEGACY Continues.....get the soft drinks, popcorn or nuts ready this is it!!! The MOST PIVITAL GAME of this NBA Final matchup.

Shaq will prove all haters WRONG.

the Truth

enjoy the game

I hope Shaq has a big game but the Heat lose. I'd rather have Wade take the heat for not producing.


WHITE HOT HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!

At home with a REALLY performer singing the National Anthem!!!

Shaq looks READY!!!!! Hell Yea!!!! The Big Fella is going to go OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Truth


1) Trade Mihm, Smush, Cook, Wafer for Garnett.
2) Sign a veteran guard - Payton, Cassell, or Hardaway

"One turned ankle for Dallas (Dirk)and this series will turn quickly for the Miami Heat."

Glad to know your confidence in your "dominant center" and his team. Maybe you should stop "wishing" and go do it. Didnt that happen a couple years ago in skating? Keep dreaming Dirk gets injured cuz Shaq wont "dominate" and Wade will keep missing his jumper. Pray for a Dirk injury since youve given up hope on your team!


I'm with you - I love Fisher, but don't want him at the ridiculous salary he's making. I'd rather get Monta Ellis - who's faster and score just as well, if not better.

Miles - Hell NO!

Wallace - intriguing but, as has already been pointed out, the bloke is on the injured list too often. Yes, he can defend, but can't shoot the ball. He's more of a slasher/dunker. And don't forget he's not exactly a FA - he's owed 5+ for the next two years.

And, please - no Kareem Rush. Yes, he knows the triangle, but is even worse than Smush at D. He can stroke the jumper, but is too inconsistent. As MikeT pointed out he basically had that one game against the T'Wolves.

My money is on Marcus Banks becoming a Laker. Kupchak is in love with him, and the boy is a good on the ball defender. He can't shoot either, though.

And what's that Robinson guy smoking? LO for Fisher and Dunleavy? What does he think we are? The Knicks?


Playing at HOME makes a BIG difference. A REAL Recording Artist singing the National Anthem and the crowd providing that SIXTH MAN support is inmeasurable. Actually Shaq and the Heat can count it as a SEVENTH MAN, the way my neighbors hear me hollaring!!!

Take THREE at home, win ONE on the road.

Shaq/DWade: Unstoppable/Special - Coached by the GREAT Pat Riley.

the Truth


How about these for washed up back-up guards looking to hook on with someone:
Jon Barry, Ron Mercer, Anthony Peeler, Rod Strickland or Kenny Anderson? They would fit well with McKie and Jim Jackson in Phil's old veteran guard's who get signed but don't play.

While Shaq's last best shot at another title goes down the drain, Kobe & the Lakers are steadily improving towards a title in 2-3 years max. You gotta love it!

are we going to have a finals post area?

hey Smush is in the cover of a mag (I saw it in Walmart) lol

Gerald Wallace is another 6'7" swingman. Kobe likes Profit, he's cheap, that size and was just starting to happen when he went down.

I'd love to pony up the bucks for Bonzi. Phil could handle him and he just might prefer the bright lights of LA to Sactown no matter what half of Vegas the Maloofs own.

In the end, we're probably not going to make a significant move. Something will be done about Mihm's contract and I'd bet on Profit, but it probably won't get much sexier than that.

Miami may have won...but they can't beat the Mavs. Avery Johnson went conservative way too early. It won't happen, again.


Point guard play is important...but i think PF is also another need for us! If LO is playin PF the whole year (in the west dont forget) i think he will be worn down when we need him most. I say we pick the best player on the board at that time which, fills one of those holes on the floor for us (point or PF). Our best line up:

Startin - Bench
Smush Sasha
Kobe McKie/JJ
Luke JJ
Lamar Cook/Turiaf
Kwame mhim/Bynum

Cook is a complete NO NO cause his lack of defense kills us. Turiaf i am still not completely sole on him as of yet either. Lookin at this roster we also need a SF because if we start lamar there then we need a PF. I think that Smush will be ok this year...that being said we need to fill that guard position for sure. But i think that if there is a better player who plays the 3 or 4(alexander johnson will be a BAD MAN) i say take him and lets sign a free agent point.

question for people on this blog:

do you think lamar is better suited to play the 3 spot or 4 spot?

Personally i think if we get another PF then we could always switch it up to create miss matches for us. I think he is most effective at the 4 spot tho.


Funny, I saw that mag today at the news stand and thought about putting up something about it. But then I reconsidered, figuring you'd react too violently at Smush being celebrated in any way, shape or form. haha.



Good question - I'd prefer him at the 3. He's really a finesse player, not a power one. That being said, depending on the match-ups we should play him at 4 from time-to-time - esp against people like Dirk.

GREAT ENDING!!!!!!!!!!
2 - 1 Baby!!!

That HAS to go down as one of the BEST endings for an NBA Finals game!!!! Dirk (choke) should have had the voice of a FAT LADY singing in his head instead of David Hasselhoff. Stranger things have happened in an NBA Finals when EVERYTHING is on the line.

Questions now can asked, how will this affect the Mavs mentally? How will this type of pressure affect the team in another close game situation? How will the Mavs rebound from such a defeat? Sitting in a strange hotel on the road with nothing to do, that missed freethrow will be replayed many, many times in Dirks head.

Home Cookin' will have to serve up two more helpin's of fixin's to get this series under control for Shaq and crew, leaving them with ONE GAME to win on the road.

DWade did what BIG GAME players do, he came through in the CLUTCH. GREAT GAME, Great win for the Heat, this promises to be ONE EXCITING SERIES.

the Truth

LO at the 4. He's one of the top 10 rebounders in the league and who says he can't still bring the ball up at the 4? The new rules really help out guards and smaller players. This is obvious by how the two most dominant big men have not had great years (shaq, duncan) in terms of stats and wins basically because Miami will lose the finals and the only reason they're there is cause of Wade. The new rules favoring small men is also obvious in the fact that steve nash is flourishing, but never before. That being said, having a huge line up with kwame at the 4 or LO at the 3 just makes the lakers slow, commit offensive fouls, and unable to fast break with most teams.

The truth
cha boy


Thats whats so great with Odom. Its a big matchup problems for some teams. If he plays the 3 he can post up the smaller player. If he plays teh 4 then he can either drive (cuz of speed) or just take an easy jumper(if he can be consistent that night).

Just like i told you Shaq wished he had Kobe to bail him out! This time though it was a guy named Wade. Even though he is no Kobe he still carried Shaq again. Dont expect that to happen again. Wade wont get 40pts again and the Mavs wont have a drought in the 4th quarter. Everyone saw that the Mavs werent playing like they did in game 1 and 2. They tried to keep the lead instead of increasing it. Even though you won it was by mere luck. Shaq made free throws (his miracle for the year) and Dirk missed a free throw, it also took Wade 42pts just for them to win by 2. I wouldnt call that very dominant at all. Like i said earlier we could talk about a sweep but they would win it at 5. Expect the next 2 games to be played the Mavs way and no more 40+ pts for Wade!

Mavs win 4-1

You are right Steven. The series is over. The Heat win...
Then the alarm clock goes off and it's time to get up and go to work. Just another day in fantasy land...

Is it me or does the level of play in this finals seem lower than usual?
(Or is it just sour grapes because the Lakers aren't there, LOL)
You'd think the two best teams in the NBA would play at a higher level than this. I watch these teams play and I think the Lakers are as good as these guys.
Am I way off base here?

If the Lakers had Mihm and Profit healthy in the playoffs I think they could have at least gone to the conference finals.

Any team lead by an arrogant and pompous individual, that BLOWS a 3-1 game lead in a best of SEVEN Series, does NOT deserve to be in ANY NBA Finals.

Case Closed


The Shaquille O'Neal led Miami Heat came back from a 13pt 4th quarter deficit reminicent of a comeback effort of ANOTHER Shaq led team against the Portland Trailblazers. That particular comeback propelled the Lakers into the NBA Finals. This comeback MAY propel the Miami Heat toward an NBA Crown.

the Truth

great game

That 2-pt. Heat win reminded me of when the Lakers needed OT to beat Detroit in Game 2 of the 2004 Finals. They worked so hard just to win that one game while the Pistons crushed them in succeeding games. I agree with you. This series is not going back to Dallas. Mavs in 5.

Andy B.

You're not way off, in my opinion. Dallas should win this series because Miami isn't that good. Dallas isn't that good either.

Miami with Walker, Williams and others just aren't big time players. Dallas has one superstar the rest are really support players. It took two overtime wins for them to beat the Spurs.

The Spurs and the Pistons are the real teams to be concerned about next season. If Detroit resigns Ben Wallace and pick up a few bench players they'll be right back in contention. If they don't resign B. Wallace, it's over for them.

The Spurs with Duncan, Parker, and Ginolbi are strong. Their bench was too old this season. If they pick up a few players they'll be right in there, too. It'll be back to the old same song and dance.

With a couple of bench players the Heat would have never beat the Pistons.

With a couple of younger bench players and a healthy Duncan the Mavericks would have never beat the Spurs.

So, if the Pistons and Spurs don't make some moves this off season then, as I said before, the league is wide open.

What we're seeing is two teams that don't really belong in the finals playing against each other. I really think this is so off, that the Mavericks are going to win between two nonqulified teams playing for a Championship.

The Lakers could have played with these 2 teams. That's my opinion.


wade is the real deal. kobe can only dream about being as good as him. kobe never did what wade is doing now. Never!!!!

hey Steven!
Shut ur a$$ up!Lol..You think your Heat will win the series. Get real dog, Wade's 42 pts was a fluke. Dallas will win the NBA Finals and Dirk would be the Finals MVP.

onto next year, Lakers would win the Finals and with Kobe getting his first Finals MVP. And with that said, i would be laughing at your old a$$.

I think we should get Hinrich+Chandler+16th pick for Mihm+Mckie+Cook+26th Pick..

The Truth!!LOL!!


"Now that sounds like a great deal for a fat guy with 11 and 6 numbers who has lost 7 straight games in the Finals."

Sorry, but I thought Shaq had 20 and 10 numbers. And when has he ever lost 7 straight games in the finals?

"I also hear that Miami fans are finally starting to see why Wade is no Kobe Bryant. The guy is scoring his points when they don't count and choking badly when he is needed. "

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.....I watching Wade last night...thinking of Kobe at that need to ever start to compare them at all.

The Lakers should look to work out a deal with the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks are a young team with a lot of young athletic players which could help the Lakers, yet, they also have some needs themselves which the Lakers may be able to help them with.

Here's the deal(s) I would try to work out with the Hawks by draft day.

Lakers trade Chris Mihm, Brian Grant, Devin Green and their 26th pick to the Hawks in exchange for Al Harrington and their 5th pick in the draft.

The Lakers could therefore use that pick to acquire either Brandon Roy or Marcus Williams. Either way, they would handle they would be placing a person in the backcourt to work alongside Kobe Bryant.

In essence the Lakers would improve their overall team and place them right in the hunt as a contender for next season with 1 deal.

The new roster would look like this....

Starting Lineup

PG - Brandon Roy or Marcus Williams
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - Lamar Odom
SG - Al Harrington
C - Kwame Brown


PG - Sasha Vujacic
SG - Laron Profit
SF - Luke Walton
PF - Ronny Turiaf
C - Andrew Bynum

The starting lineup would become as strong a lineup as any in the West 1-5. The key then would become their execution of both the Triangle Offense as well as their defensive strategies. The biggest thing I like about the starting 5 is that they would now have several offensive weapons instea dof just a couple. Kwame would no longer be a necessary offensive weapon. He could focus on being a defensive stopper in the key. With the inserting of a new point guard along with Harrington, the team would become quicker and more athletic. The defense should pick greatly. The bench still doesn't appear to be that strong, but they are solid role players who, when inserted in with some of the starters.....don't look that bad.

odom at 4 coz he can use his quicks on the big boys and his power(he has finess but also power)over the smaller PF to post them up plus his three needs work.
andrew Z u are right why have 2 projects (wat if one fails and the one we let go becomes a legend (legend thing more for bynum that brown)
but if we must keep one .bynum he has long arms cant hold into a ball better than kwame and is 6-7 years younger plus he showed lots of heart and is wanted by half the teams in the league but jim doesnt want to give him up (props for the litle doc haha)

hmmm yeah kobe never played like wade that is true he actually made three and won more than one game plus at wade s age he already had 3 rings while wade wont even have this one .bohoo .wade to kobe is like a dampier to shaq at his prime .
can i ask u and steven and tarugo (jon u r praising of kobe s clutchness is keeping u from this list) and wat ever a$$ to post here or even read when its 4-1 and they get crowned in miami.


Wade is the real deal...that being said your comment was SO stupid! Your comment just shows how your stupidity has closed ya eyes to the truth which is KObe Bryant. By 24 Kobe had 3 rings and took over many playoff games (finals included)! Just incase u forgot (finals against the pacers shaq fouls out and Kobe goes off in overtime leading HIS troops to victory) So before you and Steven go off at the mouth recognize the truth who is KOBE!

Out !!
the truth (lol...)

You forgot about Smush... or was that intentional? Anyway, if they don't trade Smush, I'm thinking that he will start at the beginning of the season and eventually be replaced by Roy or Williams as they improve (remember they're rookies).

"wade is the real deal. kobe can only dream about being as good as him. kobe never did what wade is doing now. Never!!!!"

Hey TT...right now Dwayne Wade is 24.

When Kobe was 24 he had already won 3 Championships. So what's your point again?

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.....I watching Wade last night...thinking of Kobe at that need to ever start to compare them at all."

my above comment also goes out to Jon

Yeah no comparison indeed. KB was head and shoulders above D.Wade at 24.

just trade mihm to atlanta for 5th pick (Brandon Roy) and I'll be happy.


I like your idea, perhaps you're referring to Brian Cook rather than Grant of the Suns. I hope this is realistic enough that will land Harrington and a low draft pick in exchange of Mihm. This one is a decent exchange, cuz' if you're Hawks GM, you'd need other avenues. Harrington did not give you any improvement in the standing last season, perhaps with the infusion of a new Center, it will revitalize the youth movement. Cook could deliver the shooting punch in the perimeter. To sweethen the deal we could add D'George in the line up. Harrington could also play 5 if Kwame is not effective in that position & k'me for 4, so the Lakers have lots of options. If Roy or Williams are with the Lakers, PJ should adjust his way of thinking of benching rookies. He has to expose them at an early stage, it's better to stumble in the beginning in their dire need to learn in NBA, rather than develop "boils or hemorrhoids" while seating on the bench. Haha!

Wade and Kobe get along better than we do on this blog. That game had to worry Miami more. They haven't matched up or stepped up yet.

JJ, I love your idea for a trade with Atlanta but I can't think of a reason why Atlanta would want to do that. That package could barely get the 16 let alone Al Harrington. We're stuck unless some GM goes insane. Mihm and Cook have value but maybe more to us because of their experience with the triangle. Yes Atlanta needs a big but it's too bad C Mihm didn't get to play out the year and up his trade quotient.

Dime Mag goes BK

So DIme Mag's got Kobe at no 3 on their list of "gotta win one game / who do you want" category. Lebron at 5, Wade at 1. Game 7 pushed KB out of the top spot. Blog fodder if ever I've seen it.

Part astrologer and fortune teller, sportwriters amp up the readers with "what ifs" till somebody boils over and starts hyping the Heat on a Laker blog. "Gimme the 6'4 guy that can't hit the outside shot. Leave that 6'8 beast of a guy that gets to the hole anytime on anyone and that 6'7 Mamba character that excels on both ends of the floor for some other team". Crazy sportwriters.

shaq was the mvp of all 3 finals. he was the dominant force. if the heat win, wade will be finals mvp at 24. kobe wasn't even close. that's my point.

kobe won the 3 rings in large part because of shaq.he rode on shaq's coattail. now shaq is riding on wade's.

Here's the REAL TRUTH Steven:

At 7:00 left in the 4th, you broke out in hives, your hands got clammy, and you probably pissed yourself till your crotch smelled like Windex!

Mavs in 5

I actually think dallas is that good. I think the spurs are great...maybe still the best team overall...but the fact is the mavs beat em in a hard fought series. I dont think you can knock them for needing 2 OTs to beat a team like the spurs.
Dallas might only have one superstar...but their support players are really good. Terry and Howard are borderline stars. Harris is an emerging star and will get better. 2 7ftrs. Stack, Daniels, Griffin, and Vanhorn can all bring something to the table. Its not a traditional style team, but with the new rule changes, they are fast, deep, and versatile. The spurs and heat just need a little bit more speed and athleticism...but for this year, the mavs are running and beating the older slower teams.

I think the Pistons are slightly overated. But the facts are, they beat us without Malone. I think had the spurs beat us that year, they wouldve beaten the Pistons also.
Last year they beat the Heat without Wade for game 7. The spurs and mavs won 60+games in the much harder Western Conf. Dont get me wrong, they are good...just not as dominant as most people think.

JJ, thats a nice trade for the lakers. Unfortunately, you'd have to get Billy Knight really drunk to accept a trade like that.

Vman. Curious who was 2 & 4? Dirk & Nash? Lebron at 5 is ridiculous.
my list:
1. Kobe
2. Lebron
3. Tmac (at 100%)
4. Duncan (as much as it pains me)
5a. Wade 5b. Dirk (close one, but i'll go with Wade for defense.)

(Mitch was on the radio yesterday, they asked him who'd he'd rather want, dirk or wade, and he said they are equal.)

Shaq didnt lead anything. It was Wade that scored the 12pts and Wade that brought them back. Like i said it wont happen again. For Wade to give all he has for them to win ONLY by 2 pts just shows how weak the Heat are. Shaqs 16 and 11 arent the greatest number a center has produced. By the way your center (Shaq) was outrebounded by your guard (wade) 13 to 11. Thats a bit sad.

Thats the problem. Shaq was handed the 3mvps. All the ppl that werent blind saw Kobe being robbed of atleast 1 of those MVP finals. Just look at your buddy Steven who just said- "The Shaquille O'Neal led Miami Heat came back from a 13pt 4th quarter deficit". Did you see Shaq score 12pts? Did you see Shaq get that rebound when Dirk missed the free throw? Did you see Shaq break up the last play of the game? You now where Shaq was? BENCHED!!! Wade carried the heat and Shaq just like KObe did with the Lakers. Everyone remembers the dunk against the Blazers just like everyone will remember Shaq make the 2free throws. Those will be remembered but they will forget about the other guy. The guy who did all the work. IF AND ONLY IF the Heat win it and Shaq brings up his pathetic numbers up dont be suprised if Shaq robs Wade of the MVP.

The last MVP was the one that Kobe deserved. that was in 2002 and Kobe was 24. Same age and they Swept the Nets. "kobe wasn't even close. that's my point." So he was close and you were one of the blind mice. Atleast now you have your eyes open and seeing Shaq for what he is. Remember Shaq being benced at the end of games isnt new. WAde carries him at the end of games in Miami. Who do you think carried him at the end of games in L.A.? KOBE!!! Funny how ppl jump from the "most dominant" center to the guy who scored 42pts so quick. I thought Shaq was the "MAN" in Miami now its Wade. Whose next Walker?


All this stuff about Odom for Chicago's 2nd and 16th pick has me thinking. If it's true and the Lakers go with Brandon Roy then who takes Odom's place? I tell you, if the Lakers did that then they would have to trade Mihm to Portland for Miles and Blake.

It doesn't make sense trading Odom for Chicago's picks with PJ only having 2 years left on his contract. If those are the plans then I can't seriously believe that the Lakers are going to be shooting for a Championship next year. If they trade Odom then they can't be serious on having a rookie as their number 2 scorer.

That would mean that Kwame Brown would be the number 2 scorer next season. And for those who think Mihm could be the number 2 scorer, LOL! Yeah, right! Well, it could happen but if it does we'll be losing 40 games for sure. Chris Mihm will never be a number 2 scorer for any team. And if he is then that team is in for a losing season.

For those reasons the Odom for Chicago's 2nd and 16th pick just don't make sense.

One thing to remember is that this kid Marcus Douthit has to be put into the equation because, honestly, I think he's in the Lakers plans. Chris Mihm is replaceable with the likes of a Marcus Douthit. Whether you like it or not Marcus Douthit is going to be in the Lakers summer league and if he can show he can play defense, he's in. A cheaper solution than Mihm and a better defender.


I don't see why Steven is happy that Miami was able to scratch and claw to a victory while Dallas won the first two games easily. I love D-Wade but he had to score 42 points just for the Heat to win by 2 points. In game one Dirk Nowitzki and Josh Howard go 4-14 and 3-14 respectively and the Mavs win by 10.

Dallas is head and shoulders better than Miami. And Shaq himself personifies why Miami is down 2-1. He's old, slow and overrated. It's actually a bit sad to see the guy like this, you can see it in his eyes that he knows he's not the most dominant. And remember this I'm not a Miami-Hater, so this is totally unbiased. I've lived in Miami for 15 of my 20 years of life.

One player to win a game? You guys forgot about Horry.

I like the idea of Rush or Fisher, but Rush a lot more because he would be cheaper and he's 6'6". They're both great outside shooters and good midrange shooters. I'm surprised that article didn't mention Kareem Rush (who currently isn't on anyone's roster).

I'm starting to lean more towards Mardy Collins nowdays as opposed to Shawne Williams. It turns out his athleticism and handling were worse than initially advertised. I think that if you have to get 2 rooks, they would be the way to go. Trade up with Chicago and draft Williams at 16, Collins at 26. Sign Kareem Rush and Melvin Ely (or Lorenzen Wright or Nazr Mohammed), and we're looking at a young team capable of the Western Conference Finals. I would love to see K.G. come here without losing Lamar Odom, but otherwise I hate the idea.

I think that with the team listed above, good coaching and maybe a few breaks we could make the finals. Otherwise we'll have to hope Bynum matures or someone else comes along. Maybe Garnett's future team will buy him out. Who knows.

whoa, that odom rumor is really interesting.

i'd definitely do it if i were the bulls. they have a ton of young talent, but they really need frontcourt help and would be way better with someone like lamar. so i'd do it if i were the bulls.

from the lakers side it gets a little tougher. its really tough giving up lamar. and at first i was like "no way".....but then i started thinking about it. "why would we even consider this deal?". were giving up a unique talent like lamar for 2 rookies? why would we do that when we are only a couple pieces away from being really good?
.....and then the craziest thought hit me...."does Mitch have something up his sleeve???"

from what i understand (and someone please correct me if im totally off), we'd have to get the bulls trade exception (i think its 12 million) in the deal. now we'd be taking a hit in least for the next year. but the reason its an interesting trade is that we'd be getting even more cap space as well as the trade exception. the exception then would then be VERY valuable in helping us get another big salary........someone like ....say .....LEBRON!? is it possible that Mitch already has something in the works? much like west orchestrated the whole move to get kobe and shaq? to do this trade, i'd have to feel like i can eventually get something back besides just 2 rookies in order to give up lamar. otherwise, wed just go back to being a crappy young team in rebuilding mode. it just doesnt make sense otherwise.

the only other problem i have is that supposedly phil loves brandon roy. i really like roy too. and i know a lot of you guys do. but in this scenario, i would much rather take tyrus thomas (and then rondo with the 16 =)). Roy would be better initially, but IF i was trying to get lebron, tyrus just makes more sense. losing lamar, we would again need to fill in the gap at the 4. plus, since we are basically conceding away 2006-7 season, tyrus has much more upside than roy.
but as a gm, i would purposefully say im going to draft roy as a smokescreen, preventing any team coveting tyrus to make a move to the #1, which toronto could very easily trade. but who knows tho, roy seems like the kind of player phil would really covet.

ok, so by 2008 our team will be

PG Rondo/Sasha
SG Kobe/Profit
SF Lebron/Luke
PF Tyrus Thomas/ThePersonWeTradeCook4/Turiaf
C Bynum/Kwame/Mihm

Championships from 2008-2012!!!

Oh yeah, since everyone else puts up possible future rosters I will too.

PG - Kareem Rush, Smush Parker, Mardy Collins
SG - Kobe Bryant, Laron Profit, Sasha Vujacic
SF - Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, Shawne Williams
PF - Melvin Ely, Ronny Turiaf, 2nd Rnd Pick
C - Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum, somebody we trade Duhon for (they don't have to be good)

Is that really the finals? It looks more like the first round, or maybe a couple of teams scrapping it out for an 8th playoff spot. One turnover/mistake after another. I wonder when was the last time two teams played that bad in a finals series?

Shaq is the Big Bull starting to go down and the Lakerville bloggers are screaming and begging for the matador to bury that steel shaft deep into his huge heart and end it now. End it, end Shaq, in return for the insults and tribulations Shaq has cast on Kobe and the Lakers...

But the Big Bull managed to raise that huge head up yet one more time and wag it back and forth shaking off his would-be killers, heaving a deep snort and dropping 2 more freethrows -- surviving to see at least one more game...

To all the buch of Cry babies

If you love the Heat and Shaq and Wade so much, why bother being on the Lakers Blog?? Surely I am missing something.. If you do not like Kobe and the Lakers, then go to a general blog or the Heat blog and rejoice there... Do you cry for attention on Kobe and the Lakers back becos noone gives it to you ...Sound familiar... check check.. Raja Bell For attention and fame, pick a fight with Kobe and you become popular...

Go work ahrd and get your fame.....

oh wait, was the question, one player to win the game at the END of the game? i thought it was to win one WHOLE game.
cuz if its at the end of the game, everyone knows who should get the ball........Mr. Clutch .......Nick Vanexel!

Why do people want to trade Lamar for trash, the guy averaged 20 and 10 in a series against one of the best defenders in the league (Marion). He had one bad game (game 7), and he just started developing a three point shot, and for all of you who don't know teams play much better in the second year of the triangle (fact). The lakers need to add a point guard who can play defense and drain the three on a regular basis. The truth is if the Lakers really want to make their team a title contender, Jason Terry 5 yrs 45 million makes sense to me! Don't complain about our big guys, I'd say our squads big men are better than's Dallas's big men. If you don't know watch tapes of Kwame guarding Elton Brand, he can play good team D. I'm out like Miami in 5.

oops, i forgot that wed STILL have our 26 also.
make that:

PG Rondo/Sasha
SG Kobe/G.Diaz/Profit
SF Lebron/Luke
PF Tyrus Thomas/ThePersonWeTradeCook4/Turiaf
C Bynum/Kwame/Mihm

and I decided that we should win the next 7 championships now.

Lakers Champs 2008-2014!

First championship, 2000 vs. the Indiana Pacers. I believe it was Game 4 (IIRC) when Shaq fouled out and the Lakers looked like they were going to lose the game. In steps KB, telling Shaq "I got this one," and BAM..

Lakers win.

That led to the first of the 3 peat. Kobe leading the team to the victory while Shaq was on the bench.

Remember that game TT? At that time, KB was 22. This Game 3, Wade is 24.

KB wasn't riding anybody's coattails because those coattails were riding the BENCH.

If KB wasn't that good, then how come Shaq got swept on his first trip to the Finals? At that time Penny was huge, heralded as the next Magic type player and Orlando was rolling - until they got SWEPT outta Houston.

So sure, you can say Kobe can't win without Shaq (as of right now), but you'd also have to admit that it wasn't until Shaq met Kobe that he was able to get a ring.

Steven and all the Pro-Shaq believers,

The Mavs are going to win this series hands down. Riley's boys barely won the 3rd game with Dallas playing not at its best. It's scary to think that we haven't even seen the BEST of Avery's team. I really see too many mismatches in this series on the defensive end. The Heat are going to have to put together a herculean effort to thwart off Dallas' length and speed on the defensive end to keep up with Dallas' infamous offensive onslaught.

I can see Miami taking one more game, but it doens't matter what floor these two teams are playing on. The better team always wins in a 7 game series, and the Heat are not better than the Mavericks.

Just give them the trophy now. I want to see Cuban give Stern a noogie when he receives his trophy.

As for the P&G I am excited for the offseason. The second half of the season is going to be a better barometer of how we are going to do. Our first half success in the front court can be attributed to Mihm, but I thought our season ending front court with Brown was just as effective defensively. The Lakers never seem to have difficulty scoring. I see our team improving from a defensive standpoint (given that you can't go anywhere but up from how our defense is). I hope Kupchak does something positive with any trades or trade rumors he stirs. Also, don't bank on the draft bringing anyone that can contribute right away... or ever.


im baffled people want Kareem Rush back. do people NOT remember Kareem Rush?

a little reminder of what Kareem accomplished for us last year before he got traded.

14 games: 91 mins, 12 pts, 10 rebs, 3 assts, 2 stls, 1 blk. while shooting an efficient 20% (4 for 20 FG).

It just doesn't make sense to me that we'd trade LO for Roy, I mean I love Roy, but as a "piece" not as a second star/franchise player. Pllus LO has already put in a valuable full year in the triangle, he's a big man and he's a matchup nightmare! PJ is also only signed in for 2 more years, so getting rid of LO and drafting Roy doesn't sound all that great to me. Think about it, it would take a year for him to get the triangle, in the meantime, we'd have to claw to fight for a playoff spot with only Kobe as our only hope (as opposed to this year, when he was our constant hope, but not only hope) and in PJ's third year, we'd be no closer cause whoever we get (Lebron/Bosh) would still need a year (2008) to get the triangle! Another thing about that Lebron to LA thing, he could very well pull a "Boozer" and promise to sign then not! So then where would we be? I say keep LO, find another way to get Roy, and if not draft one of the "others" Lakertom mentioned. Besides imagine if Lebron did sign, just imagine LO still being here...we'd be dynamite for sure! jmo

" - According to Jonathan Givony of, Phil Jackson believes Brandon Roy is the perfect player for the triangle offense and so the Lakers are talking with teams in the top 5 about trading up. One rumor has them sending Lamar Odom to Chicago in return for the rights to the #2 and #16 picks. This trade might have to be consummated after the draft, when Chicago has cap space to take on a bigger contract. Moving Odom’s $40 million contract would give the Lakers room to explore the talented free agent class of 2007. This may be where the obvious Brandon Roy to Chicago at #2 smokescreen started from"

Give the current Lakers roster a chance. Let them play through a whole season now that they know the triangle offense. We just need a few pieces and we will be up there. Get rid of Jim Jackson and maybe Devin Green. Sign Profit and Rush. I wish Devean George could accept less money, his defense could be used. People are being too harsh on Smush. Give him one more year and see how well he can play. Everything will work out and championship is coming to LA soon. We need to become really defensive minded and be execute the triangle well. It's all about engraving those important mental things in your mind, b/c the Lakers have the physical parts.

wade ?
compared to kobe is like dampier compared to shaq at his prime .
like smush to magic.
like haslem to worthy
like walker to nowitsky .
u r crazy and their world apart .
if some how the heat wins (aint gonna happen steven consider this u r wake up call)then u can even start comparing.
kobe s got more clutch shots than wade s got years.
think about it.assuming u have a brain since u r comments dont show it.

Faith, I pretty much agree with you. I also see no good reason to trade lamar. Which caused me to speculate about lebron, cuz that would be the ONLY reason to even think about trading lamar.

That is also why as a GM i would want to pre-plan lebron coming over all ahead of time. As long as its something worked out with the GM and with lebrons ok, the chance of something like the Boozer Fiasco happening is slim to none. The only way that happened is cuz Paxson made a mistake that all other GMs thought was incredibly dumb.
So the danger wouldnt be lebron fleeing, it would simply be lebron not wanting to come over in the first place.
thus i would want something pretty secure before i went ahead with a drastic move like trading lamar. doing so beforehand could be fatal. (however, west did pull the genius move of getting kobe, but he did so still in the hopes of getting shaq. there was still a chance it wouldnt happen...luckily that gamble paid off for us.)

as far as IF we got lebron. haha trust me, that last thing you would be worrying about is lebron learning the triangle! its one thing for kwame to struggle in the triangle but lebron "struggling" is still gonna be pretty freaking good. and i love the triangle, but if we did get lebron, we really should scrap that offense all together. the triangle is predicated on spacing, cuts, passing, etc. with kobe and lebron forming the best backcourt of all time, i really dont think the triangle is the ideal offense for that team.

anyways, this is all pointless in a way but fun for me still. =) but my main point is , that i agree with you....unless we get lebron which chances are very slim anyways. if we stick with this team we are close to being contenders. and in 07 when we are under the cap, there are still a lot of good FAs that could help us out a lot.

Wolf, I agree that we do have to become more defensive minded, but we don't have the right personel to do it. I don't know what you're talking about. They have no chance of any championship with the current roster. Why do you want Devean back? For his D? WHATTT????? That guys is a freak athletically, but when he tries to move laterally it looks like he's stuck in mud. T Mac jogged by him earlier this year to beat us in the regular season. And Smush is terrible on D. I can't believe u can't see that. Yes he too can jump out of the building, but his shot is streaky and he plays useless D. Might as well not even have him out there on D. Sure he gets steals, but that doesn't make a good defender. It just means he's good at reaching in. I don't mind him as a backup, but the lakers cannot win a championship with Smush as a starter. We probably would have won game 6 if he given the ball to kobe at the end of game instead of throwing up a weak @$$ layup and getting blocked by Diaw. We need a legit pg.

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