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And Once AK's Done Signing Autographs...

... he'll join the live blog. We'll be starting when the coverage starts, which unless I'm wrong is around 4:00 p.m.


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Let's get this show on the road. What's up K Bros?

Man i wish i had that remote that adam sandler has on click, like the i could fast foward time man its taking too long...

Go Lakers

Yeah, it's been a long time. I'm at work so I can't watch it, but I really hope they move Mihm for J.R. Smith and #15, cause I'd like to get Shawne Williams and James White, plus, J.R. Smith is already better than most guards in the draft.

For second round picks, Mike Gansey would be a good one. His player efficiency rating is high, and he played in a great conference:

"There is a dearth of quality shooters coming out of the college ranks; in the first round, only Duke's J.J. Redick and Rutgers' Douby are considered lights-out 3-point gunners. Gansey is the later alternative and could turn out to be a major steal for a team willing to snatch him early in the second round. He has a quick release and decent size, and hit 42.9 percent of his threes in the regular season in '05-06. Gansey is a Moneyball-type basketball player in that he's ultra-productive: His offensive efficiency rating was 123.8, which ranked him sixth in the nation among players who use at least 20 percent of their team's possessions. Pomeroy says that for a star player, anything over 120 is excellent -- and Gansey finished ahead of both Adam Morrison (120.0) and Redick (120.2)."

Player Efficiency Ratings:

SI Article:

I don't really read into player efficiency ratings. I think it depends on where the guy goes more.

well its about time buss spent some $$$$$$
maybe KOBE got to him. good move but #24 still going to need lots of help,sorry tons of help being that lamar plays so uninspired.And for those who think lakers will ever win with a guy named smush or #1 bust of all time "kwame".
think again, don't hate me for being a realist.

Hey guys...any chance anybody knows if the Lakers will arrive in DC tonight after the Sixers game. I am looking to get autographs and trying to figure out when they arrive...any help? Thanks and God Bless!!



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