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My Grades, Then a Lakers Blog Vacation

Hey, even bloggers don't want to get an incomplete on their report cards, so without further delay, here are my final grades...which coincidentally will be our final act for the season on the Lakers Blog.

Actually, it won't be that dramatic, but we are going to take a little break after this post. We'll keep the comments updated and obviously will throw up news if it should break out, but assuming things stay quiet through the rest of the playoffs (as they usually do), we're going to scale it back. When we return, we plan on posting a couple times a week until stuff really heats up on the hot stove. 

So here you gomore debate fodder. As a reminder, here are my first half grades:

Kwame Brown: No doubt the move to center helped him, and he proved to be a valuable low post defender over a stronger second half. But as has been discussed on this site a couple of times (I'm sure I remember it coming up at some point), he has a lot of work left to do on both ends. I hate boiling down my worries about Kwame to the fact that, in the end, the more he has to think, the worse he is, because it makes it sound like I think he's stupid. Not the case. Brown is articulate and thoughtful. He just lacks basketball IQ. Pull him away from the basket defensively, force him to make decisions offensively, and he struggles. Let him react — one-on-one low post D, fill the lane and dunk, follow shots and dunk, etc. — and he's fine.

First Half Grade: C-

Second Half Grade: B-

Overall: C

Kobe Bryant: Any complaints are around the margins. Everyone has flaws in their game, including Kobe. But I think overall, he continued to improve as a player and a leader, building on an amazing first half. Plus, Game 7 aside, his playoff performance was spectacular.

First Half Grade: A

Second Half Grade: A

Final Grade: A

Andrew Bynum: Here comes my first incomplete. When Chris Mihm went down, I think we all figured Bynum would get some work. Then he got hurt himself. That was the end of that. I like the kid, and think he has a chance to be a very good player. We just didn't get a chance to see any of that in the second half. His grade really should come from how he practiced, which from what we understand would be positive. But here on Lakers Blog, we grade on game performance. He barely had any.

First Half Grade: B-

Second Half Grade: Incomplete

Final Grade: C/Incomplete

Brian Cook: He regressed big time in the second half, and that disappointed me a great deal. I had high hopes for Cook coming out of camp, where he showed up in better shape and with more aggression in his game. Slowly that faded away, and by the end of the year it was nearly gone. His offense just couldn't make up for his problems on the other end (taking charges aside).

First Half Grade: C

Second Half Grade: D

Final Grade: C-

Devean George: Minutes and scoring were both down in the second half, which isn't good considering he didn't light it up in the first, either. He blew up in February and provided a serious boost to the team when they needed it, but he couldn't make himself a factor through March and April and his minutes really started to shrink. He stepped up with a couple nice games in the playoffs, but overall didn't really distinguish himself in the last half of the season. I like the guy and wish he could have broken out and made a case to stay. I think someone will give him a relatively decent contract, I just don't think it'll be here.

First Half Grade: C

Second Half Grade: C

Final Grade: C

Devin Green: Played a grand total of 2:07 after March 1. Wasn't playing much before then, either. You have to play to get a grade. In some February minutes he showed, as he did all year, a defensive intensity that if built on will keep him in the league, especially if he can add even a little offensive polish to his game. May have shown enough to be back next year.

First half- D+/Incomplete

Second Half Grade: Incomplete

Final Grade: D+/Incomplete

Aaron McKie: I know we were all wondering if he had anything left in the tank, but nobody expected him to ring in seven points for the entire season. Even when he came back, he wasn't healthy. Assuming they don't buy him out, McKie will be back next year, and hopefully he'll be able to provide more (any) production. I know he was disappointed by how this year went down. So were we.

First Half Grade: D-/Incomplete

Second Half Grade: F/Incomplete

Final Grade: F/Incomplete

Jim Jackson: This one caught me off guard. I figured when the Lakers signed him, I'd eventually be writing about the lift this crafty vet gave the team coming off the bench. Instead, I just wrote about how this crafty vet wasn't playing. Not necessarily his fault, just reality. I hope he gets to keep all the cool Lakers gear he was given, because that's about all anyone got out of his tenure here.

First Half Grade: N/A

Second Half Grade: D

Final Grade: D

Chris Mihm: He only played 13 games after the break because of his injury, so effectively his second half was wiped out. The benefit to his getting injured is that it allowed Kwame to have some time at the five without the pressure of switching back and forth from the four. The bad part was it deprived the Lakers of a solid low post scoring threat, something that really would have come in handy against Phoenix. In the end, what the Lakers really may need is some sort of machine that can create Kwame Mihm (or Chris Brown) — a genetic and athletic hybrid between the two Lakers centers. That guy would be a pretty good player.

First Half Grade: B-

Second Half Grade: C-/Incomplete

Final Grade: C+/Incomplete

Lamar Odom: Whether it was because he became comfortable in the offense, had the weight of the trade deadline lifted off him, just got into a groove, or whatever, L.O. was a monster down the stretch. 16.3/9.2/5.9 post All-Star Break. That's pretty good, and that was with a weak February dragging the numbers down. And he was big in the playoffs, Game 7 aside. Everyone finally got to see what he can do for a team, filling up the score sheet. Hopefully he learned that he's capable of exploiting just about everyone if he can go to the hoop (or just start there) and on the open floor. If this continues into next year, Odom could be an All Star.

First Half Grade: B

Second Half Grade: A-

Final Grade: B+

Smush Parker: The second half of the season was a little more of a struggle for Smush. While his scoring numbers remained scarily consistent and his assist totals went up, Parker turned the ball over more in the second half and struggled with his shot. That, I think, was due to fatigue. Not only was he in his first 82 game season in the NBA, he was put into a starting role that, frankly, was over his head. Smush needs to improve his defense, and as he said in his exit interview, find a midrange game. But while he needs to be graded as a starter, keep in mind that he should really be a sixth or seventh guy on the roster. If the Lakers can find veteran help at the point — and Smush takes a potential demotion like a pro — he could be a valuable asset next season.

First Half Grade: B

Second Half Grade: C

Final Grade: C+

Ronny Turiaf: Provided nice energy off the bench in the second half, and at times provided some very solid minutes. Just the fact he was playing is a fantastic story. It's hard to say what Turiaf will become in his pro career. He needs to add polish to his interior game, and find a little more strength on defense. Is he a future starter? Hard to say. Would I like to see him in a Laker uni for the next few years? Absolutely.

First Half Grade: N/A

Second Half Grade: C+

Final Grade: C+

Sasha Vujacic: It's too early to write the kid off, but I'll be honest. I don't see it. Sasha works hard on D, and to his credit has figured out the only way he can stick with guys is to be about an inch and a half away from them. Unfortunately, that also means a ton of fouls 35 feet away from the hoop (followed inevitably by "Sasha Face", where he complains to the refs as if he were a 10 year vet and four-time defensive player of the year award winner). In space, he gets used. But the bigger problem is offensively, he hasn't yet shown an ability to hit open jumpers. And considering that's the whole reason he's in the league, it's a bad sign. He was under 40% from the floor in February, March and April, and in two of those months didn't crack 26% from downtown. The burst during the playoffs was nice, but it reminded me of that year when Tuffy Rhodes hit three homers on opening day for the Cubs. Who's Tuffy Rhodes, you ask? Exactly. Could Sasha develop? Sure. But I'm not a believer.

First Half Grade: C

Second Half Grade: D

Final Grade: D+

Von Wafer: Fun, fun, fun. Unfortunately, his fun was had in Fort Worth, not in L.A. I want him to come back a) because if he ever pans out I can say, "I was on board when...", and b) he makes garbage time fun again.

First Half Grade: D+

Second Half Grade: Incomplete

Final Grade: D+/Incomplete

Luke Walton: Man alive, did he come on in the second half. I was harsh on Luke in the first half, deservedly so, and wondered if he could really play in the league. Turns out he can, and I was wrong. Walton provided a huge lift to the team once he was inserted into the starting lineup, which he was able to break into because of improved play overall. Is he a guy you want starting for your team? Probably not. But if Luke continues to play with the confidence he displayed in the second half, he'll be in good shape. Plus, that little turnaround he developed was sweet.

First Half Grade: D+

Second Half Grade: B

Final Grade: C+


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I seriously have no idea what to do with the time I had been spending on keeping up with the lakers this season. I know there's baseball, but I'm a basketball guy and it just doesn't cut it.

I guess it's back to for me, unless I seriously want to debate impossible lakers roster moves every day for the next 5 months...


"throw up news if it should break out"

Steve will throw up posts to match your news.

OK BK, enjoy the break.

Save for a couple + and - we're all in agreement. We've got a C team that were a rebound from the second round and, it wouldn't take too much imagination to have seen them in the WCF. Are we a tough crowd or what?

It's grading on a Laker scale. It takes Championships to tip that beast.

Think THE BLOG might have a life of it's own. There'll be 1000 posts on this thread if the Heat get past Detroit. When they lose, party at my trolls.

is their any news on who the lakers are going to try to get via free agency or draft?

BK (and AK),

I enjoyed reading your report cards for the simple fact that you are Laker fans and approached the task objectively.

I must say I am disappointed the Blog will be slowing down (my first time ever being a blogger...this stuff is like crack) but my wife is due with our first on Friday and I probably wouldn't have much time to chime in anyway (at least not until the draft, free agency, trades...). Thanks guys and all the rest of the bloggers for making this the best Laker season I can remember, it's been fun.


Can't you EVER compliment Kobe without a "backhand slap"? Overall this not only has been a spectacular season for Kobe but it has been one of the best seasons in NBA history......period.

He carries his team to a playoff birth and with ANY help and coaching they could be challenging right now for the western conference championship ......and you say "game 7 aside".....why even write that?

Why not place the onus where it should be......on the lack of support from his teammates? Kobe did everything possible in the interest of winning game 7......EVERYONE had to contribute in order to WIN the game......especially against this Phoenix team. What about that do you not understand?

Oh, will the hate ever end?

What was your opinion about LeBron in his last game?

Teams win not individuals........get Kobe better teammates.......PERIOD

Andrew Z,
Congratulations! I hope everything goes well. Stand by for your life to change completely! (Believe me, I know. I have three, ages 20, 19, and 17.)


BK wrote this post. Not me. Yell at him.



Thanks. We don't know if we're having a boy or girl but my wife already bought me a Laker "onesy" for the kid. Need to get them started early :)


The Lakers and Clippers are going to be solid teams for the next five years the way things are going.

There has always been such inequity between these teams. NO MORE!

So, are we going to start seeing a lot more Laker/Clippers hatred?

I hope not.

I know there hasn't been too much hatred because the Clippers have never been a true threat. But things change.

So, I'm hoping that the Laker/Clippers can form the first passionate friendly rivalry in basketball history.

AK, am I insane?



GO L.A.!

I have to agree with Pfunk. Game 7 wasn't about what Kobe did or didn't do. It was about every other player on the team who didn't know how to sustain intensity through 7 games. How ironic that all season Kobe is criticized for not involving teammates (even though clearly he was just allowing them to learn the offense first), criticized for scoring 50 when they lose (especially since Kobe's high scoring games don't work against Phx)... then when he does what he was supposed to do, he's criticized? Huh?

What Kobe said on TNT makes sense. You can't beat Phx unless everybody is involved, because I don't care how many points he scored, they lose unless defense picks up, which is usually a function of ENERGY, which is a function of involvement. Period. Kobe played it right in Game 7. If you can't see that I don't know what to say.... other than the fact that I'm sure people would FEEL BETTER if he went out blazing, i.e. if Kobe goes for 50 in Game 7 and they lose by 30, the assumption is that people would be more satisfied... when the REALITY is he would have been soundly criticized for that too... no win situation.

Isn't "Kobe criticism" almost cliche at this point?

NBA playoffs show a league bouncing back
By Bryan Burwell
Wednesday, May. 24 2006

These things tend to go in cycles, so it's not all that surprising that the NBA
would come out of its troubling down cycle in such a positive way. When the
league slumped in the late '70s, it followed that with the upsurge fueled by a
new generation of likeable, marketable stars. It was the Dream Team generation,
beginning with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, then followed quickly by Michael
Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Isiah
Thomas, Joe Dumars, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen and the great teams like the
Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Jazz and Bulls.

So now the "new" NBA has another potential Dream Team generation stepping up.
Kobe Bryant is MJ, LeBron James is Magic, Nowitzki is Bird, Elton Brand is
Malone, and Nash is Stockton. Is Chauncey Billups the new Joe Dumars? Are the
new Pistons just as good as the "old" bad boy Pistons?

Everything's on the upswing now, and all over the basketball world, we're
literally losing sleep over the NBA's late-night resurgence, and that's a very
good thing.

this is off-topic. but once again, spurs have failed to defend their championship. however, would you consider the spurs a dynasty considering the success they've had the past decade? maintaining excellence is difficult in pro sports and the spurs has been quite successful with 3 championships to show for it albeit without back-to-backs. for the next few years, the spurs will most likely be in the hunt again and i see them winning at least 2 more championships before tim d. is done. let us say the spurs win in 2007, and then again in 2010. spurs = dynasty? at this point, which would you rather have, the 3 championships spaced over 7 or 8 years of greatness or the one we have with the lakeshow a threepeat then rebuilding?

Ya Think........

...Kobe NOW know this "KID" Raja Bell? hummmmm....


Ya Think........

...Kobe NOW know this "KID" Raja Bell? hummmmm....

What's wrong Steven, you know Kobe does not know this "KID", but by the way ended the above sentence we (Laker Nation) can tell that you want to get to know him better.!!

I suggest that you invite Raja on a trip into the mountains and do not forget to pack your coffee, toothbrush and a single sleeping bag. May be you can hang your wet clothes on his clothes-line as they dry by the fire!!!



steven is jacking lines from j.a. adande now


Congrats Andrew Z!

Congrats Andrew Z!!!!! My son being born was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I wish you the same amount of happiness Kareem (My Son) gives to me. There have been soooo many times this year when I wanted to throw something, or scream as loud as I could (which I have done) because of a bad loss, or call by the refs, but he would smile at me and make everything better. My son, and this blog made this up and down season bearable, so I want to thank AK/BK, and everyone else on the blog for giving me a place to vent and to cheer. See Y'all Later!!!!!

WHy did D'Antoni leave Nash in on defense with .5 seconds left?

well reporting here from dallas...PHOENIX is up 1-0..I HATE PHOENIX...and i hate when players get hurt..but Raja got you think Tinker is getting a little bit of Kharma back?
I obviously still sting from the Phoenix loss..but i know you guys will agree with me *even though it is just one game*..think about it..we were 5 seconds ONE REBOUND ONE FOUL..away from eliminating THIS VERY PHOENIX team.....hmm and now they are 3 games from the FINALS..i like our team more and more.

the chance was says something about us..we arent that far..i know it.

go lakers.

i wore my kobe jersey all day today in dallas here..and got weird stares as if to say "you arent on the bandwagon?"

proud purple and gold!

The worst member of the Phoenix Suns is Doug Collins. I wish he would get hurt, like strain his tongue muscle or something, so I wouldn't have to listen to him laugh with glee every time Nash made a shot. Devin Harris ate Phoenix alive tonight but Doug only talks when Phoenix does something and always laughing and excited. Plus he looks stupid with blonde hair. No one is fooled, Doug Collins. You were always the sorriest coach and player alive, and now you are the sorriest analyst alive. Just put in your app for Cedric Ceballos' job already.


Sounds like some remaining pent-up frustration over a Tanked GAME 7.

I take the 3-peat over the Spurs spaced-3 every time. It shows we were more dominant and a greater team in the basketball annals. The spurs are diminished cuz they always get a chance to retool and get the next championship. Back-to-backs prove the same players you have didnt just get lucky but were that good.

LOL STEVE you sound like a fat kid who got some candy back after the Pistons robbed u last year coming back from a 2-3 deficit to beat your sorry Heat. Dont worry the PISTON BULLIES will be back to take away your sweet candy. Enjoy your bitter sweet candy while you can. Start getting ready cuz your team will CHOKE once again. By the way remember there was only a 7 game margin before our mediocre team compared to your TEAM CHEMISTRY AND BALANCE. VERY SAD THAT A "DOMINATING" TEAM IS ONLY HAD A 7 GAME WIN MARGIN OVER A MEDIOCRE TEAM.

P.S. Denial is a b...... and enjoy your candy while you can cuz the bully is right around the corner ready to jump you and you will have nothing left but to go back to your cave away from reality and cry the rest of the post and offseason.

More evidence in favor of Kobe's choices in Game 7: the win the Suns got in Dallas! Down by 9 with just over 3 minutes left, most teams (including the Lakers) would be demoralized and fail to come back even if they tried (usually desperately). But the Suns -- as Kobe said -- don't care about the number of points, because they have such confidence in their ability to pour them in. We saw it when Tim Thomas (Big Shot Tim?) calmly sank the 3 that sank the Lakers' hopes for round two.

Can the Lakers achieve that level of confidence? Probably not in the immediate future, simply because they're very young and only discovering how to work as a team, but especially because they don't have the shooters. Phoenix = scoring + confidence. It's a group that seem to be devoid of angst (which isn't true even of the mighty gang in Detroit).

Maybe the Suns weren't like that when Barkley was wearing their uniform. Still, he should have the intelligence to see that Kobe was right because the Lakers are just the opposite of the Suns: they panic or simply get depressed when they get behind (Lamar and Kwame, for example). Everyone in the building (except Barkley) knew that there was no way Kobe could save them on his own because the Suns would just accelerate their scoring. The same thing happened to the Clippers in game 7, so where's the mystery?

Kobe was undoubtedly also thinking of the future: the guys have to learn that the burden is on them. Kobe isn't the doctor with the miracle cure you call in when you start feeling sick. In this lesson in accountability (shared effort, shared risk, shared rewards) it's a joke that Barkley and others media pundits aping Chuck (the Don Rickles of basketball commentary) point to Kobe as the unique culprit, the only one who's to be held accountable. It takes a rare combination of blindness and hate to achieve that!

Are the Lakers the only team in the league that knows you cant beat the suns running playing there style of basketball?

Did anyone mention.....

Hall of Fame Coach Pat Riley is the HEAD COACH of the Miami Heat? This is NOT your run of the mill Stan Van Gundy led team. This is Showtime Part Deux.

Just sit back and admire the former orchestrator of Laker Showtime as he and his staff, including Hall of Famer and Former Laker Bob McAdoo magnificently put together a game plan strategy to DEFEAT the BigBad Pistons. (remember, the Pistons are playing 4-on-5 on offense as Ben Wallace is NO offensive threat AND James Posey plays the Maurice Lucas Role with good hard playoff style fouls, making those driving to the basket THINK, prior to leaping.)

Did I mention Pat Riley is the COACH???????
Riley is one of the best sought after motivational speakers in Sports will motivate the Heat to decisive victorys. With the MOTIVATION Riley offers Shaq and the Heat players along with the mantra 'No Excuses', expect the Heat led by Shaq and DWade to waltz into the NBA Finals by dispatching the Pistons 4 games to 2.

You Read it here FIRST.

the Truth

You guys really hate Sasha huh? His season 3P% was nice to me. Around the same as Kobe, granted he's not doing it in people's faces, but it's nice to have people who can hit the outside shot. It may take him a while to get comfortable in an NBA environment, but I think he'll get there in the next season or two. Unfortunately if he doesn't next season he'll be on another team or back in the Euroleagues.

"the one we have with the lakeshow a threepeat then rebuilding?"

I think it depends on how long the "rebuilding" takes and how good they are during that phase.

Congrats Andrew Z,

Got fraternal twin boys, stereo mes, which is scary. It's the best but it will clean up your act. When you see and hear your insanity being played back at you it's worth millions in therapy. I've tried to explain about Dad's explosions at the Kwam, or refs, or whatever, but since it scares them, I just type harder on the live blog. I need a new lap top but the boys are calmer.

Enjoy, it's a great ride. V

laker fan in TX- right on the much as i despise the sight of tim thomas, i find myself rooting for PHX to win out, if only to show momo's like steven how competitive of a team the lakers were this year- and how with one or two more pieces(point guard), any team with K.O.B.E. can go all the way

People here defending Kobe's Game 7:

Kobe showed none of the drive he had in the first half and didn't spend time breaking down the defense in the second half. He was swinging the ball around from 35-40 feet and never attempted a penetrate-and-kick game to really create open shots.

And that's why a lot of the non-homer Laker fans question this Game 7 performance. It reeks of that Sacramento game a couple years back when he was passing in to double teams because he was not taking wide open shots, after he was receiving criticism for his shot selection.




Charles Barkley is QUALIFIED to comment all he wants regarding a Kobe Bryant. Barkley is a Top 50 player of ALL TIME, NBA League MVP, Rebounding Leader, Hall of Famer and All-NBA First Teamer. Those credentials alone give Barkley credibility.

Kobe just so happened to be fortunate to have played alongside Shaq during Phil Jackson's first tenure as coach. Had Kobe not have been traded from the Hornets, this debate regarding Kobe's abilities would be null and void, he'd just be another high schooler turned NBA bust. Let's keep it real.

Kobe is a great talent, and very athletic. Last season Kobe wanted and saw a chance for him to push the envelope along with having Phil Jackson as coach, who was virtually handcuffed from actually COACHING and was in a no-win situation. If Jackson chastised or benched Kobe, then the BOOK ISSUE would come up, and the long awaited blowup between the two would occur. Kobe got what he set his sights on, and that was an individual award as Scoring Leader, hell even Stevie Wonder could SEE that!!!

Next season will be a lot different, I can guarantee you on that the Lakers will play more of a TEAM GAME, whether Kobe likes it or not, and I'll bet he gets benched if there is any variation.

the Truth

What did we read here first, Steven?

Your ignorance?
Your loss of reality?
Your tune changing from LJ being the best? (Funny you haven't mentioned him at all since his team scored the lowest points in a playoff game in NBA History.)
Your immaturity?
Your absolute infatuation with Kobe Bryant?(Almost bordering on love by the way you can't let a day go by without mentioning him. . .hmmmm!)

Just pick one that fits you best, although they all are probably true.

Here let me give you your daily fix.


Now for today, at least, climb back under that rock, breath and only think good thoughts about Miami, then when you wake up in the morning and you feel that wave of negativity come over you, FIGHT IT!!! Try going to the Miami blog and writing only positive things, build them up (trust me they are going to need it).

Oh yeah Steven, watch how its done.

Poof!!!!!!! You're gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Phil benches Kobe without a good reason he will be fired, excuse me... "bought out".


My only major disagreement with your grading is the obvious bias in favor of Smush "Choke" Parker and against Sasha (60% 3 pt ave in playoffs). What did Sasha do to you and AK. I hope we get some help in the backcourt so Smush gets cut.

Enjoy the summer. Thx for the great job on the blog. Lakers Dynasty will return. I'm out.

like i said during our series, tim thomas is the killer. he has been sitting at home shooting all season just like d-fish did when he was hurt a few years back. the three became a lay up to him.look for phoenix to win the championship this year, but amare will hurt them next year maybe we are developing that bulls-pistons rivary with the suns mj had to take his lumps and so does kobe. next year is too far away and no more bloggin breaks my heart this was the best season by far 4 glad we all see what no one else sees laugh now lakers cavs nba finals next year. it will be the most watched series in nba history!

Some just can't 'HANDLE'...........

...the Truth


Ur such a hater u are even worse then the media its so funny because the more u talk about kobe and hate on him the more he's on ur mind. I guess if ur not a fan of the BEST player in the nba u just try to knock him but its only fuel and after his next championship"s" u can jump on the....... Matter of fact no u can't jump on the bandwagon we don't want any fakes u scrub.

just read in the Chicago Tribune that Paxson is interested in Chris Mihm if the Lakers are looking to trade him. The Bulls have the #2 (Brandon Roy, 6'6" guard from Washington) and #16 picks in the draft plus too many guards. Roy could be a big contributor as a rookie and has the size and defensive intensity that Phil likes in a guard. He is also a great clutch player that outplayed every big name guard he was matched up against, especially in the NCAA playoffs.

If the Lakers are looking to trade Mihm (which I would not do), the Bulls are probably the team to whom he will be traded and Roy is probably the type of player that would fit the Laker's needs. While I am sure the Bulls would not part with Heinrich or Gordan, they would probably trade the #2 pick (Brandon Roy) plus Duhon or Pargo (both quick small guards) for Mihm. While I would miss Chris, the chance to get a potential all-star guard like Brandon Roy plus a small quick backup like Duhon or Pargo to help against the Nashs and Tony Parkers, might make good sense, especially if Bynum starts to come into his own next year. Any comments? Thanks.,1,1263872.story?coll=cs-bulls-headlines


If we ignore taguro and steve then we wouldnt get our daily laughs. Its like hearing a guy talk about the world still being flat!! Believe it or not he actually believes the world is flat.


A guy that NEVER won a championship DOESNT know what it takes to WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. So Barkley's remarks dont have any merit. How can a guy whose never won a championship tell another guy how to win it.

P.S. Kobe be benched?? Come on he's no Shaq that will miss the winning free throws at then of a game. Be realistic. I give you one more year and your WINLESS "DYNASTY" is over cuz they cant keep everyone and resign Wade with the right amount of money he will demand. By the way it will be the same thing with Lebron. If you dont give a guy the money they want they are selfish enough to leave. Dont believe me look at Nash now playing Phoenix and Shaq now in Miami.

Brandon Roy:

This is the type of guy that you would want to get in return for Chris Mihm. It may be pipedreaming to think that we could get the #2 pick for Mihm and other disposable players, but I think it is possible. Chicago needs a center to go with Chandler and Mihm is one of the few good ones available. For those not familiar with Roy, here is's recap:

Scouts Inc. evaluation:
Roy may have been the most complete player in college basketball last season. He has great height, length and athleticism for the guard position. He did not play the point for Washington, but that may be his best position at the next level. Roy has excellent quickness, and is wiry strong. .

He is an excellent one-on-one player who can take his man off the dribble and get to the rim. He has a very good crossover and hesitation dribbles that help him create penetration. Roy is very crafty around the rim and is able to finish with either hand. He is an excellent passer and unselfish with the ball. If a man is open, he will find him. He knows how to play with and without the ball. He is constantly moving without the ball and coming off screens. He is a very good catch-and-shoot player. He knows how to set his man up and read the defender coming off screens. He makes the correct read almost all the time. When he comes off the screens, he has excellent range on his jumper. In addition, Roy is very comfortable using pick and rolls, whether it be side or middle picks. He comes off the picks with a little bounce in his step, which keeps defenders on their heels, and is very alert to make good reads. He loved to post up in college. Was very comfortable going into the low block and playing with his back to the basket. Excellent vision and passing skills out of the post..

Defensively, Roy excels with his long arms and active hands. He is a cagey defender and will be a big steal guy at the next level. He has been taught very well in college, and he understands the important defensive concepts. There is no doubt he will be able to defend his position at a high level in the NBA. Roy also is an excellent rebounder. He averaged 5.7 rpg in his senior year. It is an added bonus to have a guard who can not only defend but come back and get you rebounds at the pro level..

This kid will be a lottery pick because he has no major flaws in his game. He will be ready in his rookie year to contribute, because his game is so complete. Look for him to go in the first 5-7 picks.


Sorry I yelled at you instead of BK....but I knew it was one of you Kobe hatin' MOFO


Well, just get the right mofo next time. haha


Laker Tom,

I don't think Mihm would fetch Brandon Roy (or whoever Chicago's #2 pick would be). That's a little much. As much I think Mihm is underrated to some degree, he still hasn't shown definitive signs of being an All-Star caliber player. You absolutely expect that future from a #2 pick, so that's a lot to give up for Mihm. Remember, the article said that Paxson "would consider making a run for the 7-footer if he didn't have to give up too much." A #2 pick would qualify as "too much." Guaranteed.

I do think, however, that Chris Duhon would be a real possibility in a Mihm swap and he would help this team tremendously. He's a good defender and a smart PG. And he's young, which makes him a potential player for the future, should he work out. As much as I like Mihm, both as a player and a person, I'd take that trade in a second if it were offered. The Lakers could lose Mihm in free agency, anyway.



I would love Brandon Roy on this team but there is no way the Bulls trade the pick AND one of the guards you mentioned. My guess is we would have to trade Mihm, insert player here, and our first round pick, maybe a second rounder or future first also for that #2 pick. Actually, that might not be a bad idea. I like Chris Mihm, but he's nowhere near as valuable as a #2 pick.

I was thinking it might take Chris and our No.1 to land Chris Duhon and a second rounder or something like that.


I forgot to mention that I think Chris Mihm might be able to land us their #16. We might have to throw in a second rounder or something, but I like AK's thoughts about Duhon. I've been calling for that guy all year.

I'm still high on Shannon Brown with our #26 pick though.

If we could get Chicago's #1 (#2 overall) for Mihm, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Then I'd try to trade down to, say #4 with Portland for their pick and someone like Brian Skinner and still get B. Roy with the number 4 pick.

I wouldn't trade Mihm for Duhon. The Bulls would have to throw in someone else, especially to make the salaries work.


The salaries are pretty close, actually. Mihm only makes about a mil more than Duhon. Chicago can basically throw in anybody and the trade will work, since salaries don't have to match down to the penny. But even guys are tossed in to make numbers work, the meat of the trade (Mihm for Duhon) is actually pretty fair and sensible for both sides, I think.


Why do we want to get rid of mihm? He is the cornerstone of this franchise. He is better than Kwame after all.

I'd take Jordan Farmar with our #26 pick and let him, Wafer and DGreen play on our NBDL team.

Ode to Shaq Haters....

As we all ready ourselves in preparation for tonights EXCITING Game Two of the Eastern Conference Title match up I'd like to offer this tidbit of wisdom.

While Shaq and DWade combine together forming what is reminicient of a pair of modern day SuperHero's. The HEAT's exciting DYNAMIC DUO graces us mere mortal fans with an assortment of slams, passes, killa dunks and all out teamwork that rubs off on the other Heat players, thus upholding the values of truth, justice and the NBA Way.

While DOMINANT MAN and FLASH, both Miami SuperHero's battle the EVIL doers from Detroit called The Pistons. Another stage is set for an exciting Eastern Conference Final game. Game two offers another exciting contest between 'GOOD and EVIL' with DOMINANT MAN and FLASH leading the way.

The Pistons most likely will try to slow down FLASH by putting defensive specialist Lindsay Hunter on him. However this tactic will cause problems as the Pistons will need to take a scorer off the floor since they play 4 on five anyway with Ben Wallace being no offensive threat. So either the evil Pistons take Wallace off, suffering in the middle against DOMINANT MAN, or they pay by taking off Hamilton or Billups thus losing a scoring punch. Interesting MATCHUP problems presented by DOMINANT MAN and his boy wonder FLASH.

To all you psuedo Kobe fans I offer a credo for you to follow:....'Your eyes may shine, and your teeth may glit,....but with Kobe Bryant as a Laker, not another Title will you get!!!'

case closed
the Truth

enjoy the game

LOL Steven you must really be a true to heart comedian. I mean how can you honestly keep going without breaking down on some fictional "facts". If Shaq "DOMINATES" like he did in game 1 with his KWAME LIKE NUMBERS(14pts and 8 rebs). Thats just not gonna cut it now that your "WELL RESTED HEAT" face off a WELL RESTED AND FOCUSED Detroit Pistons.

P.S. i got a credo for you. Say it as loud as you can CHOKE CHOKE ITS NOT JOKE THE HEAT CHOKED!!!! YAY GO HEAT!!!

gongrats Andrew Z on the newborn.

steven- eat a d***...i cant speak for all laker fans-but i know myself and my friends WANT the heat to win since the pistons are the antichrist

your writing is atrocious as well..keep trying to be a sportswriter though, not too many people are trying to do that these days

AK and Andrew Z:

Yeah, you're right that Chris would not fetch the #2 pick in the draft, even through my Laker purple and gold glasses. While I don't want to trade Chris Mihm, I do think somehow getting Roy would be the type of situation that would change my mind and make a deal worthwhile.

Is there anything you think we could add to Mihm (not including Kobe, Lamar, Kwame, or Bynum) to realistically get the #2 pick? I think Brandon Roy would be a perfect fit for the Lakers. Thanks.


I actually think that Jordan Farmar would also be a good pick for us, but he would be two or three years away from contributing like Roy could. As a Bruin fan, I also hope he stays at UCLA for another year. He is very young but extremely competitive and has great upside as a scorer and distributor. A little short for the triangle and not a great defender at this point though.


I do really like Chris Duhon. He plays tough defense and has really improved his outside shot but am concerned about his recent back operation and his size (6'1") for the triangle. What are your thoughts?

If the operation is not a concern and we could also get Pargo, I might consider pulling the trigger on a Mihm for Duhon trade. Your thoughts?


I really do not want to trade Chris Mihm but I have a feeling that the Lakers want to make a move now since they feel (1) the team is closer to a championship than they originally thought, (2) Chris is our only really valuable tradeable asset, and (3) he would have to be resigned or let go as a free agent after next year.

So if a trade is going to happen, I am just looking to see what is the best we could do and Chicago's draft choices and guard roster makes them a likely trade partner. I would give them Mihm and any pick and anyone not named Byant, Odom, Bynum, or Brown to get the #2 pick to get Brandon Roy. I would also possibly trade Mihm for Duhon and Pargo, assuming that Duhon's health is not an issue. Those two guys would immediately upgrade our backcourt speed and defense.

Steven is like V for Vendetta or something. Making nursery rhymes for Kobe haters.

I don't like Shannon Brown coming to the Lakers, more height would be nice. And I don't trading Mihm for anything other than a PG that's better at PG than Mihm is at C (because big men have higher trade values) is a good idea. I'd like to see the Lakers trade Mihm for a good PG or sign Rush or Salmons. If Shawne Williams is still around he'd be a good addition to help provide scoring at the SF position when Odom comes out or when Luke is struggling offensively as he is known to do. Shawne can handle the rock decently too. If he's not available, then maybe we take Alexander Johnson a solid athletic 6'9" / 6'10" PF with defensive skills from Florida State. And that might possibly address some of our post defense woes. I would really like to see the Lakers make a move for Lorenzen Wright or Melvin Ely though. Then we won't need to draft Johnson.

We should be able to solve our PG issue by signing Rush or Salmons or moving Mihm. And we can try and get a big man via free agency or in the draft, but we shouldn't pass up on Shawne Williams.


About the dynasty talk, lets see 3 championships spaced out, or 14 championships, countless HOF'ers,
such as J. West "the logo", Wilt, Baylor, Mikan, Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Mcadoo, not even including other greats that we Laker fans hold dear, D. Fish, COOOOP, Jamal Wilkes, B. Scott, Rambis, etc. etc. etc. Spurs fans can come back when they get seven more to be even mentioned to be in the same league as the Lakers.

Please don't trade Mihm for Duhon! I don't want a short PG who can assist, defend but not score. I want a 13-15 PPG guy who can score and defend. Kobe and LO are there to distribute the ball.
Mihm for Hinrich? Sure!
Mihm and spare parts for Gordon? Sure!

But Mihm for Duhon? Hell no! We're trading a top ten pick who is a legit 7 foot center for a run-of-the-mill guard who doesn't score.

PS: Thank god for Steven - atleast something to read and laugh about. are a this sentiment echo's everywhere.

How many titles did shaq win in Miami?
How many titles did he win without kobe?
Granted the same can be said for Kobe, however, I beg for you to revisit 00-03 when Lakers were three-peating....when the lakers went 15-1..who was the guy who said "Kobe is the best player in the far..."(guess his name rhymes with to to slack off...)yes SHAQ.
now....remember how kobe won those games pretty much by himself..against the spurs as the lakers took 2 in S.A.?
you are such a moron, clouded by your Kobe hate that you fail to realize what you call "the truth".
sorry moron, learn some NBA basketball, then start spewing your mouth.

lakers 4 life.


There is definitely nothing we could package to get the #2 pick other than Kobe, LO, or Bynum (I don't think Kwame would do it for Chicago).

As for Duhon and his back, I don't think it's a problem. I actually had that surgery and was instantly better the next day. If he was playing with that injury he's going to be a hell of a lot better off next year. I for one would be happy to see him come to LA.


That trade scenario with the Bulls that you alluded to is very intriguing from a Laker standpoint. Brandon Roy and Chris Duhon for Chris Mihm would do it for me, even though I do like Mihm. I just can't see Chicago buying into this for only Chris Mihm. With the recent rule changes that have opened up the perimeter game throughout the league, guard and small forward play are more important than ever. The Lakers have got to upgade their backcourt players opposite Kobe if they want to continue to progress towards the C'ship.

To the (Alheimer's)Laker fans,
Let me refresh your rotting memories again... and again and again! Kobe isn't going to win anything but scoring title for which he salivated for a very long time. Although he got what he wanted, the TEAM suffered because that BALL HOG MJ WANNA' BE RAPIST's one and only mission is to shoot the ball as many as he can... And next season, he'll probably double his appetite in shooting the ball. So for all of you (Alhzlakers fans), hear this... ENJOY watching the Phoenix/Dallas & Miami/Detroit game because your KING-KOBE is crying his lungs off praying SHAQ or NASH do not make it to the finals... NOW DID I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!!!

Srry to do this but

Where was your "DOMINANT" Shaq at the end of that 4th quarter??? If you didnt watch it he was on the BENCH!! If you forgot what to say here it is for you: CHOKE CHOKE ITS NOT JOKE THE HEAT CHOKED!!!! YAY GO HEAT!!!


I think you meant "Alzheimers". By the way i think you forget that KOBE WAS NOT CONVICTED. Its ok if Nash makes it to the finals because it makes our Lakers look good taking them all the way to a game 7. Shaq is a different story he wont get past the Detroit as it was shown tonight.

P.S. Steve like i said only reason the heat won the first game is cuz the Pistons were fatigued and werent ready. From here on its 4 straight wins for the Pistons.
Pisons win 4-1 and Mavs go 4-2


Brandon Roy is a rookie who hasn't proved anything yet in the NBA, and Duhon is a PG that does see the floor, but doesn't do much else. There's no one moveable on the Bulls that Mihm should be traded for. Maybe we can work a multiplayer deal for Kirk Hinrich (he probably doesn't like how Gordon just jacks in the 4th every game and Kobe is a lot more consistent at it).

Unless Kirk Hinrich is available, no one on the Bulls is going to help the Lakers significantly next season.

Pretty good assesment. But I don't think Kwame lacks BBall IQ as much as he has confidence issues and no hands.

Sorry everyone I can't help myself, Miami lost (obvious who this is for):

Here troll, troll, troll, here troll, troll, troll (I'm bending over slightly as I pat my palm on my thigh, holding out a troll bone), whistle, whistle, whistle.

Oh where oh where can my little troll be??????

THe lack of basketball IQ shows up in the apparent problems he has switching off on defense, understanding about how to play opponents who are on the perimeter, and not positioning himself well for rebounds.



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