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Extra! Extra! (5.8)

Kobebryant506_iyvmicnc An outcome that couldn't be more predictable if it were a Saved by the Bell plotline: People continuing to scrutinize Kobe Bryant's game 7. How to classify what is, whether pro or anti-Kobe, an undoubtedly odd performance? To some, it's a simple matter of Kobe  inexplicably choosing not to force the issue when necessary, even if the reasons are fuzzy. In one writer's opinion, the game managed to expose Kobe as the Bizarro-Jordan. But what's even funnier is how it managed to turn the normally hyper-critical Peter Vecsey into the Bizarro-Vecsey.

(AK's note: What amuses me about Pete's article is that it likely has less to do with his opinion of Kobe and more with the public sniping the columnist and Barkley have engaged in. Under normal circumstances, I imagine P.V. would have shredded Kobe's "motives," since he typically bags on everyone. But when nemesis Barkley beat him to said punch- which must have really steamed him- he shifted his focus to railing against Chuck.)

Of course, much of Kobe's performance goes hand in hand with the "help" he was getting from his teammates. But no matter whether you think Kobe went out on a malicious bang or a frustrated whimper, it's obvious the front office needs to add a few more pieces. Even the overwhelmingly positive strides made this season can't mask that truth. A slew of free agents from Speedy Claxton to Reggie "Grabby Hands" Evans will be evaluated for their potential to fit in. There will also be the question of what to do with their own free agents, Devean George being the most prominent.

And finally, the Clippers will represent L.A. in the quest to bring the city a title. How weird is that sentence? It may not be the series everyone (including the Lakers' roomies) wanted, but it should nonetheless be pretty entertaining. As they say on PTI, who ya got? (AK's prediction: Clips in 6)

photo by Paul Connors/AP

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Kobe scoring 50 points in the second half was not going to win the game for the Lakers; the only thing that would win it was for the rest of the team to get out of the funk that it was in. So he played accordingly. He should be commended for his second half performance, not chastised.

We all have our opinions about everything Kobe does, whether he takes 35 shots or 15 shots...My thing about it is Kobe knows how to play, he knows the game. This season, especially at the end of the season and this playoff series, he has gained the mature perspective of how the entire team must contribute to win. So Phil said that Kobe sat on the game plan.
First half of the game, he scored 23 efficiently. No others contributed. They were down by 15. If he went on his attack mode and just take every shots, every miss will result into a layup or a dunk (because this is not Toronto Raptors, no disrespect to Raptors fans). And he will get the haters' nagging along the way know kobe is selfish this selfish that...
The other option is to get his teamates involved right away in the 2nd half and then he can get going when the game is within reach. Well, it was never at the striking distance. The time was running out...What's the best thing to do? ...Give other youngsters a chance to have an experience of how to execute in the playoff game, wait for next season! That's smart. So those who criticizes Kobe for not shooting, they probably also dogged on him for shooting too much as well...
Let the guy have a decent summer. He had made Lakers the most feared #7 seed already and a great season of Lakers hi lights on ESPN. He effing deserved it.

I can understand people being confused about the Kobe that showed up in the second half, but I think Kobe kept forcing the "keep everyone involved" style because he knew that they were so far behind that even he couldn't have saved them. I'm not saying he didn't think he could have done so offensively, but we have all seen all year that when Kobe takes over, everyone stops playing, and that's on both ends of the floor. I believe Kobe realized this and was hoping his teammates would get hot and they could get back in the game. It didn't happen and we got hammered.

I don't think Kobe tanked the game to make a point or anything ludicrous like that, I just think he knows that he couldn't beat the Suns by himself. Does it show that the team really isn't that good? Of course, and it's up to management and ownership to rectify that problem. I think we have a good nucleus and if LO decides to work hard this offseason on developing a right hand, we should be fighting for that 5/6 seed next year.

People need to get off Kobe for this loss, the whole team sucked and we got whupped.

He could have been a little more active scoring wise. Maybe a few more shots, before conceding defeat. He is in a no win situation. Shoot alot, he's criticized, don't shot alot, it's the same. I am curious about the alleged elbows he was accused of throwing. When did it start? Has anyone heard of him practicing this during regular season? I think Bell used it to his advantage and was able to get some sympathy. Kobe is the Darth Vader of Basketball to many. Just like Bonds and Owens are to their sports.
Kobe is an enigma. You either love him or hate him.

The key for Lakers is built for a team with players who can shoot mid range jumper first. We don't need another super star on this team. NBA changed to zone defense, because they want stop Shaq.Let's learn the lesson, when Detroit beat Shaq and Kobe, they double team Shaq, slow down Kobe, and nobody on Lakers can shoot the ball, and now it happens again with Odom and Kobe . From Minnesota to Clippers, they success because they only need to add a point guard and guard, who can shoot the ball. Lakers should let George go, because he still can't shoot the ball, when need it, with 5 million dollars Lakers can sign good point guard like Speedy Claxton, give him 3 years deal, add 3 points specialist like Vladimir from the Clippers on the bench. In 2007, when we have more money ,Lakers should sign more good role players.


I can't believe the vitriol people have for kobe bryant. They ripped him for scoring 50 in game 6 and losing, they ripped him for not scoring 50 in game 7 and losing. He came in FOURTH in MVP voting, despite getting the second most 1st place votes? That means that he was either listed #1, or left off ballots entirely. People hate him. Beyond any reason. It's ridiculous. I don't go around accusing people of "hating" but this is the classical meaning of the term.

It was a tough end to a great season and Kobe is the #1 (or #1A next to PJ) that it was a great season.

i'm actually relieved that the lakers lost.
now i wont have to worry about nba basketball anymore. i dont plan on watching anymore games until laker preseason kicks off.
another way to look at this disappointing loss...
think about it--would you rather have the lakers lose to the suns? or to the clippers? even though i have relatively no hatred for our crosstown rivals, i wouldve hated watching the lakers fall to the clippers in the playoffs.

we would never hear the end of it.

Sportswriters around the country must be the dumbest, stupidest people ever to draw a paycheck.

The criticsm of Kobe will never stop, becuase those writing about him don't have the first clue about basketball. They are lazy, ignorant jerkoffs who can't get off their fat asses to use their brain when writing about Kobe.
Nope, just go with the CW and offer bloviating opinions that were formed in the deepest recesses of their asses.

Had Kobe gone off for 30 points in the second half and the Lakers only lost by 15 points, he would have been ripped for reverting to the selfish Kobe.

He had an outstanding first half, and the Lakers were getting their asses kicked. Kobe knew that he could not single-handedly shoot the Lakers back into the game. He did what he should have done, which is to not dominate in a lost cause. He did the right thing by trying to get others involved, even if they couldn't shoot, rebound, defend or catch.

Ahh, the hell with it.

I blame Kobe for global warming, war and famine.

I guess thats easier than actually thinking.

Could you imagine what would have been said if Kobe had forced up 40 shots or more in the second and the Lakers still lost? The lynch mob would be coming... He is playing with a double edge sword as far as media/points/teammates are concerned and he got cut but he can heal from that wound.

And you can't deny that the NBA should be shaking in their boots. Kobe isn't going to fade away from this. Now we awoke the Lion. He is going to come out better than ever. And with some team personnel changes. You might see Kobe looking more like Jordan than ever. The first 3 rings were Shaqs. But Kobe is not coming into his own. And we have only had a small taste of that. NBA BEWARE OF NEXT YEAR!! HE'S A COMING!

It was a successful season.

No more, no less.

The Lakers will be back.

Good Post's the truth...When Kobe does well two things tent to happen..either the Media people lose their pens and dismiss the accomplishments or lambast him for scoring to much..when they lost it's his fault for not being a leader. They say he's no Jordan. They say he's selfish. Maybe I'm wrong but wasn't Jordan selfish, did he not ride his teammates to the ground...didn't he yell at teammates on the court, but of course when he did was becasue he was a leader, Kobe does it and he's inmature, arrogant...When he scores 62 in three periods, he's railed for not playing the 4th quarter and not going for the record, then he scores 81 and he's blammed for not passing the ball...he shoots 21 times in thee first game and again blammed for not shooting enough, then blammed for shooting 35 times in game 6..the Media has decided to "hate" him..he's in a new win situation...and I don't know how he can get out of it...when you look at the team he's surround with..and yet improve my 11 games anf STILL finishes 4th in thre MVP voting, behind three players who are NOT complete players like Kobe, then you see the Media biases for sure..

It is several days later and this is the first time I've had the ability to even look at a sports article let alone come and post on the blog.

As usual, most everywhere I look around the NBA Kobe is being villified. No surprise there.

Honestly, this was utterly painful to watch happen.

Here are a few of my insights though:

1. No free agents that do not play defense. I don't care what else they bring to the table. If they don't play defense they don't come here. (Sorry Kevin. That rules out Vladimir. Besides, we already have Brian Cook to provide what Vladimir provides...and at a much more reasonable price than what Vlad is looking to get.) Lack of offense did not lose this series against the Suns. Lack of defense did.

2. No projects. Kwame showed what a project he STILL is in this series. I lost count of how many point-blank 2-3 foot shots that he missed during this series and how many passes he bobbled out of bounds. I want someone who can come in and contribute NOW...even if it is nothing but defensive intensity.

3. Give me someone who can make an open midrange jumper. Udonis Haslem would be perfect, but alas, he's not a free agent.

These are the things I'm looking for.

I'm sick of defending Kobe. The people who don't like him or anything he does, aren't gonna listen. They'll just come up with something else to criticize him for. It's never ending.

Kobe tried to win by himself in game 6 and it failed. He tried it in the first half of game 7. The result was even worse. Few minutes after the 3rd quarter, the game was too far gone to catch up. So, the best decision for Kobe to make was to stick to PJ's gameplan. At least, this way, he wouldn't be blamed for "uncoachable." There is not really much to analyze.

Next season, I'd to see someone to create 2 benchmarks to measure Kobe's leadership. One is the amount of passings Kobe made per game. We cannot use assists because assists require his teammates to score. Passing means Kobe create an opportunity to his teammates. Second, how many attempted shots Kobe made in the first 14 seconds of the possessions. The last 10 seconds shots are bailout shots. Those should belong to Kobe and Kobe only. However, the first 14 attempts shouldn't be more than the other teammates because the goal is to distribute the balls evenly among all players. Can someone build these stats for us after each game?

laker fans.. nothing else to say??? whoever said lakers would win in 6 games? hahahahhaha WHAT DID I SAY??? idiots just cuz you're a laker fan don't mean they'll win
be realistic.


Did what was right. As many a blogger has said, he will always be criticized regardless of what he does.

I haven't blogged since before game six because I just had to come to grips with the losses in both games. I wanted them to beat those damn cocky-ass complaining Suns so bad.

I for one am very pleased with the season the Lakers had. They outperformed the expectations of many.

As far as elbows and Raja Bell, Bell got what he deserved. Kobe wasn't complaining about the elbows and punches and grabs and flops, etc., etc. that Bell was throwing. And Raja should get sympathy why?

Whatever the case, Kobe Bryant is still the best player in basketball and he made this season one of the most fun to watch during both the season and the playoffs.

Thanks for a great season Lakers!

See you all next season.

Must See TV

Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. It's never boring. Say it again. Don't shoot, shoot, pass, better not lose. If and when you do, the sportswriter nation goes diving for the trusty data base of Kobe criticisms. The best thing about the second half of G7 was the loud and excrutiating message it sent: Hey Jerry, KOBE NEEDS HELP!

I'm a Laker fan so I watch. Other fans hate the Lakers and that's a reason to watch. I'm going to take my ball and go home.
Phoenix / Clippers= ambivalence. Ambivalence can't get me through 3hours of pick and rolls. I'll catch the fnl scores. Detroit will kick the heir apparent out in a sweep and the TV remote will be surrendered for future picks when there's something to watch.

I could get interested in the last few seconds of the game that eliminates the Heat. Always interesting to catch the Shaq spin, second only to Reilly's take on his "win it all now" roster and payroll. I say this only because I'm painfully aware of the volumes that would be written if that team actually made it to the ring ceremony. That would be a cherry on the cake of G 7 anguish that I don't want to have to digest.

Game 7 in Phoenix a bad situation to be in and a bad ending to a great season. AK/BK thanks again for giving the Laker Nation a place to hang out, vent and to go head-2-head with our long list of haters across the nation. Kobe did all that he could so alone, someone else simply needed to have a monster game for us to prevail and it didn't happen. MITCH, what you got for us??? Time to make it happen captain. The Clippers ship is still sailing doesn't that chap you enough to go out and get it crackin'? Come on Mitch you know Smush didn't get it done during one game in the playoffs... Well okay he did get a great steal. Sorry but Mhim has to be considered for trade if we are going to keep Kwame in the middle and start giving Bynum some minutes on the floor. Plus holding Mhim too long could result in getting nothing later. George can be replaced by Rush even though we really need a real solid point guard and a real shooter. You've said all season that getting deals done in this league is next to impossible, well the box office this weekend for M.I. 3 was down, so watch it a few times and get the juices flowing Mitch. There has to be a shooter out there that will come to play and earn his $$$. As few as it might be with our cap restrictions. Anyone thinking Kobe threw in the towel early must not pay much attention. Kobe would play 1 on five had the rest of the team not made the flight. In this case they made the flight just left their games back in L.A. somewhere. This lost hurts big time, we had a nice ride but it over. Now we have to hope the Clippers can take out the trash.. oops I mean Nash (same thing). At least L.O. and Kobe will be playing over the summer together and though its international ball, ever minute they suit up together will hepl towards our quest.

Jimbo good post. That's real. We need defenders. Can't help but wonder where we'd be if we taken a shot at Artest but not at the cost of Odom.. Kwame is still a work in progress, he's just gotta use to off season to work on his 6ft. and in game. It's sad sight watching a big that can't finish in the paint. They are going to hate Kobe no matter what. Like Bell, they have to make a name somehow, so go big and shoot at Kobe. Right now the NBA is hurting because the big draws are out or on their way out. Labron will be finished, Mello is out, Kobe home with the girls so now they have to hope Trash and the Suns can sell some tickets.. and that the Pistons don't beat the crap out of the next two teams they face. Funny thing is the Clippers could be the ones who save the ratings. Seasons over when does football start?

I am glad that a few bloggers are talking about the midrange jumpshots. The way I see it, if the triangle is to be perfected, a lot of the shots will be open mid-range jumpshots, from all 5 players. Making the jumpshots is the key to success in the triangle. It is not that difficult to learn, Brian Cook and Chris Milm were able to use them this season. I hope, next season, all of them, particularly Lamar, will be able to make that jumpshot. Frankly, I don't think Lamar can keep up with 20+ a game with only 2 offensive reportoire. If Lamar's able to perfect his mid-range jumpshots, he will be unstoppable. Imagine, Kobe in one side and Lamar on the other, each has the ability to drive to the basket, to shoot 2 or 3 at will!

First off, I want to thank the Lakers and everybody on this board for providing me with one of my favorite NBA seasons of all time. To be honest, this year was a lot more fun to watch than the last two Shaq-Kobe seasons, regardless of the 1st round elimination.

My pre-season prediction and yardstick for a successful season was the Lakers making the playoffs. So, in my mind, the team accomplished that goal. Sadly, the deficiencies that kept us from being a top 10 team this season bit us in the arse big time at crucial moments - late in Game 1 and Game 6 (Game 7 was a fait accompli the moment Thomas hit that 3 with 6.7 left). I'm hurt and sad that we couldn't find a way to kill the Suns and totally confused about what to do with Smush Parker. I'm not in the business of finger-pointing and some of his feats were just awesome in the series, but overall, I am blaming Smush for the series loss. I've never seen a player get worked by the screen like Smush did when he continually got squished between Nash and Diaw; not only that, but his complete insanity over whether to shoot or dish in the last 3 games completely threw off our offensive tempo. I felt our #1 priority pre-season was a real PG and now that the season's over, I still feel that way.

Oh well, it's over now and I can focus on baseball full time; just wait until next year!!!


One thing we now know is how utterly meaningless the NBA MVP award is, when voted on by writers. Kobe left off of 22 ballots? What a farce. Kobe will NEVER win the "MVP" award. When the Lakers are good in a couple of years and the team wins up around 60 games, Kobe still will not win the MVP. The writers will give the award to the second-best player on the Lakers, just to rub Kobe's nose in it. They should change the description of the award to "The Most Non-Threatening Good Player" award.

I'm sitting here listening to Dan Patrick & he's killing Kobe for not shooting more. He's got callers on that are disagreeing with his point & he's quickly cutting them off to further his agenda!!! The HATERS are laying in wait and We as Laker fans have to sit here & take it!

I think Kobe did the right thing because he didn't follow the lead of the media, the lil voice in his head telling him to "fire away", or anything else. He followed the lead of his coach as he said he would & I commend him for it!!!

In my opinion, Kobe showed true leadership in defeat! He danced with the date he came with & didn't go "Saturday Night Fever" & dance in the circle by himself.

I can live with this loss because it doesn't destroy my season. It doesn't take away my experience of sharing Game 4 with Myles, it won't take away the 62 game (that I didn't watch live cause it was my wife's birthday, Thank God for Replay!!), it doesn't take away the 81 game that I saw at Staples with my wife & kids (the first game my 1 year old, Coltrane, ever saw live!!!) The defeats we handed the Pistons @Staples & the Spurs in San Antonio!!! WHAT A SEASON!!!!

This season is a success because we COULD HAVE been the Knicks, Hawks, Warriors, or any other team that DIDN'T make the playoffs! We COULD HAVE been the Nuggets who MADE the playoffs and looke like US in Game 7 in every game against THE Clips!!!

Kobe played TEAM BALL...BOTTOMLINE!!! We had our chance and we blew it...BOTTOMLINE!!! With this experience our young core will improve...See ya'll at Long Beach for Summer League!!!

I hope the Clippers evicerate the Suns as punishment for destroying the Hallways Series.

"The Hallways Series" would have been so cool!

The Suns suck.


You know what?

Vladamir Radmonivich would be a great addition to the Lakers.

He's a free agent. I know he likes playing in L.A.


To be honest with ourselves...

We made the playoffs and were competitive. The season made expectations.

It hurts because we nearly completely exceeded expectations.

It hurts, but the future is a hell of a lot brighter than we thought it was in January.

Worst case scenario: Those players that we thought would have no value if traded (Lamar, Kwame...), now have value.

Best case scenario: We are a player or two who over-performs (aka Vladmir Radmonivich) while Kobe, Lamar, Kwame, Bynum, Mihm, Luke and Sasha continue to master the system, improve individually, and gel as a team, leading to incredible improvement.


I think that the personnel moves that are made in the off season will be determined by whether or not management feels that the Lakers can be serious contenders next season. If they don't think so, there will not be any major moves, and management will wait and see how this group of players improves.

They'll just come up with something else to criticize him for.


Yeah, like.. in Game 7, KB8 was scoring in the first half.. saw that was REALLY not working and distributed the ball in the 2nd half.

Guess what pundits said?

"Kobe's inconsistent. Why didn't he shoot in the 2nd half?"

Brilliant. Kobe's inconsistent. Genius. Where can I sign up to work for MSNBC?

thnk about it, kobe is news. if you they write or say anything about kobe, especially detrimental, it is bound to be read, and that analyst gets to be noticed. i did the calculation, at the start of the fourth qtr, the lakers were down 25 pts, if the lakers played great d.they would hold the suns to 15pts, the lakers would then need to score 41 pts to win that game. my point is, i do not blame kobe, he is human, everyone could see that it was allover for the lakers in the second half. they had more points than the lakers in the paint. there was absolutely nothing kobe could have done.

The criticisms about Phil not making adjustments are silly. You don't make adjustments just for the sake of making adjustments. You make adjustments because you think that they have a reasonable chance at succeeding. The Lakers simply did not have the roster for Phil to make adjustments beyond what he did. Making other changes with this roster would have resulted in an even more lopsided outcome. This team has a bunch of players who are extremely limited by skill set or experience. PJs hands were tied.

Wow...I'm just amazed! I mean I know all you laker fans out there are hurting & that was a hard way to lose a seventh game and far be it from me to rub it in but.........WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???!!!! What the hell was wrong with Kobe?? Why aren't you people BLASTING his ball hogging ass?????

ALL year (hell his whole career) all he's done is shoot, shoot, shoot!!! Run and gun, taking 25, 35, even 40 shots a game!! He even scored 81 points in a game this year. He outscored Dallas thru three quarters earlier in the year by HIMSELF and now, in the most important game of the year he scores ONE point in the SECOND HALF?????? THREE SHOTS in 24 minutes?????? I couldn't believe it!!

This was the one time when I would have given him a pass and said "Well, this was their last hurrah, this was Fourth and twenty on the one with no time outs, Hail Mary time". LEAVE IT ON THE COURT!!! He could have taken 50 shots and I wouldn't have blamed him.

What a wimp, what a wuss. Please people, stop ALL the Michael Jordan comparisons!!! Kobe went out like a lamb, like a tool (for the Suns)! Don't give Kobe no statue, GIVE HIM GUTS (to paraphrase Mr. T from Rocky III)!!!!! He didn't even put the team his back and TRY to carry them. Jordan would never have let his team get blown out by 31 POINTS in a SEVENTH GAME??!!!! NEVER, no matter how little talent was on his team!!!

But you know what?? That's what he gets!! Kobe molded that team to include sheep (like Lamar Odom) who wouldn't say anything about him shooting so much! Gone are the Gary Payton's and Shaq's that would actually want the ball in the clutch and want to score and win. Now you got wussies like Smush "Deer in the headlights" Parker, Lamar "I-got-a-6'2"-guy-on-me-in-the-post-but-i'll-pass-the-ball" Odom, and Kwame "Butterfingers" Brown who gush on just being able to be in the same team as the "best player in the league"!! Unbelievable!!

Oh well, have a nice summer Laker fans!! You'll need the rest to prepare for next year's instant replay of this year seeing as you don't have any cap room to sign Garnett Hahahahahahaha!!!!

doug collins made a comment in the second half, he said he hopes kobe doesn't go for any herics, and then they turn around and blame him for show you how terrible the others played, with all the passes kobe made in the second half, he only ended up with 1 assist. the suns figured the lakers out, they realised that the lakers were killing them inside, so their strategy was to double team anybody in the post, and make the lakers shoot 3 pointers, if the 3 pointers went in, then they would have abandoned that strategy, but as long as the lakers' shooters were cold, they were going to choke up the lane. to make matters worse, they let a jump shooting team beat them in the post. i'll go on a limb and say that the lakers would be a top 4 seed next year.may be 5 due to regional seeding. even if they don't sign anyone. but they need to sigh some people, b'cos we fans are not after a good record, but another championship.

Now that the season is over, if some of you fans want a Lakers fix, pick up Roland Lazenby’s book “The Show”.
This book is amazing. The complete history of the Lakers from their beginning as the Detroit Gems to the present day. Facts and comments from those who were there and some behind the scenes info that I never knew after all these years.
If you like the Lakers you will love this book. And Roland, if you are reading this, what a great job. It’s incredible!

Reading the articles where my lakers are getting bashed by these so called sports writers makes me realise the follies of my way. This loss hurts a lot because I keep thinking of how close we were to getting into the 2nd round. The pain is hard to let go becuase of that feeling of a lost opportunity, well I'll quote the very man I've been bashing, P.J. On losing game 1 he said we don't feel like we lost an opportunity, we feel we'll have many more. Well this season may have ended painfully but rest assured laker fans there'll be many more with better endings. And you'll come to love your smush and cook better than you did fisher and horry.

Also kobe and lamar will be on the olympic team together, so not to worry lamar will be working on his game with kobe. one love y'all, i've made my peace with this loss.

Go Lakers, imma bleed purple and gold till kobe retires.

Kevin, the Pistons didn't beat us by double-teaming Shaq. They beat us by leaving Shaq in single coverage (he destroyed Ben Wallace) and throwing people at Kobe, knowing he would shoot over any kind of pressure, which is what he did. I doubt he'd handle it the same way now, at least, I hope not.

I don't think the national judgement on Kobe for game 7 has been that bad, there have been some people who have pointed out that we weren't going to win whatever he did. My question is why he didn't try to shoot more often a little earlier. Just a shot here or there, to try and get the margin a little closer... three shots just seems very odd.

Without a doubt, we need someone on the team who can shoot consistently, and who Kobe will trust to give the ball. A new pg would be good.

I agree nyla. Since game seven, I have found myself wasting my breath defending Kobe, time and time again, trying to get the haters to understand. And it has all been for nothing, because as you said, the haters won't listen. Kobe basically can't do anything right. Heck, I think the guy could find a cure to cancer and the haters would still find a way to hate. Quite sad, but it is what it is.

Those tv and radio talk shows people who said Kobe was selfish in the 2nd half , he tried to make a point that without him the team could not win ...bla bla bla ... these people are idiots !

This tempest in a teapot is an illustration of just how oppressive the expectations are for Kobe.

Substitute "Vince Carter" or "Ray Allen" for "Kobe Bryant", and no one would be accusing him of tanking the game to send a message to his teammates.

Only Kobe has the kind of expectations that drive writers into this kind of frenzy.

Hey, I noticed that LeBron James scored a mere 22 points against the Pistons yesterday. Meanwhile Ilgauskas, Gooden, and Larry Hughes were a putrid 5-14, 4-13, and 2-7.

Meanwhile, LeBron was 9-18. Shouldn't he have tried to bring the Cavs back by shooting more?

give bynum more minutes.
turiaf more minutes.get D and rebounds and some dunking from those 2 .
let kobe and lamar take it over (of course we will play kwame and walton) and we are a great team .
50+ wins.
i think we need a shot blocker and a three point shooter .
Zo and rush free agents and will take us to a new level so try to land those.(1 year each)
guys i watched the games we are a shot blocker(so they dont dare invaid the paint) and a three point shooter.
the first one is harder than the second.
good D in the paint and a three threat whith kobe and lamar inside out side presence we would be great .
no need for J oneil(love the guy so get him if u can but lamar is better) defently no KG.
wait and be happy see our litle kids (the lakers wxept the big bro Kobe who already is all grown up) and become man who will own the nba soon.

BK was exactly on point when he said Kobe was in Catch-22 situation in game 7. I'm sure sportswriters could have written two stories at halftime in preparation for the 2nd half; 1) Kobe shoots too much in 2nd half 2) Kobe shoots too little.

Yeah it looked like he gave up when the Suns stretched the lead to 25pts (there is a shot of him looking at the scoreboard and you can see the anxiety in his eyes), and its disappointing that he did, but the guy is human.

But I actually think it is a good thing that the blame is being placed on Kobe. He's the only one on the team that I think can actually handle it (except for PJ of course). LO is probably already killing himself for the Game 6 rebound. Kwame's mind is no doubt onto bigger concerns.

And I actually feel sorry for Smush. I mean before Game 5 he was looking at a lucrative offseason contract, now he has to be wondering if he'll even be back on the Lakers next year, if even on any team in the NBA. He doesn't need to be kicked around anymore by the media.

Kobe gets the praise when the Lakers win and the blame when they lose. Thats what it means to have the Lakers be "his team", but luckily Kobe feeds off that fact. If there is one thing I'm not worried about - its Kobe's confidence level.

I dont think Kobe cares how the media perceives it whether he takes more or less shots. And thats why I love Kobe. He doesnt live for society. Unlike a certain some1 in South Beach.

Sum' bitch Mitch,

For the record there boy, on this blog, and elsewhere, I noted that the Kings and Brokebacks had a pretty decent year, which they did. Additionally, from time to time, when I felt it was warranted, I extended good luck Brokeback wishes and acknowledged Brokeback jobs well done, which were few, but which was generous on my part nevertheless.

Furthermore, I occasionally praise certain Broke-backers,

He showed his true colors. That's what you see from people when they face adversity -- who they really are.

What did Kobe show when his team was down and needed him? Pouting. Quitting. Shrugging his shoulders and saying to his team and coach and fans: I'm not willing to do whatever it takes to win.
Why? Because in the end, it is and always will be about Kobe. And you're stuck with him. He's like a gaz-guzzling Escalade cruising Sunset. He's costing you countless millions just to keep it running and poisoning the air his teammamtes and fans are forced to breathe.

Hey -- but at least he's cool and comfortable and riding high, suckers.

PS. And to slink off the court at the end of a hard-fought series like a petulant punk-ass kid -- again, that's who he is. Enjoy.

and the editors of this blog, which is earned. I have also been sympathetic to Brokeback players, who, because of a typically delusional la la land lustfest apparent between the Saint Kobe man-child and too many priapimistic Broke-backers, are doomed to climb no higher than a 8th or 7th seed at best, ever. With the great Laker tradition and "teams" of the past (as in has-beens, now and for the forseeable future) this is generally viewed by many true NBA fans as most unfortunate.

But because you, Mitch, possess some basketball saavy and have responded to several of my posts directly, as any good fan might do, you have earned a small measure of respect. But let's get something straight. It is not you who sets standards for etiquette or fair play on this blog, or probably anywhere else for that matter.

I suggest you indulge yourself with an extra large warm soap suds enema. It will clear your mind and you will feel better. As for salt on the wound? Maybe a little salt on your womb would be more appropriate.

It's so easy to pick on Kobe when he's got a weak team around him, isn't it? Ridiculous how people don't see that it takes a team to win, and can you imagine if Kobe had a consistent team? Don't think those people on the other team would be saying squat ...

I agree with everyone of you which is defending kobe. IF anyone who were watching the 1st half of game 7, THEY Would know that EVERYONE else beside kobe cant even hits a LAy up, i count it, there are at least 10 missing lay up!!!! if you do the math, 10 * 2 + 20PTS!!!!!! and kobe would have 6 assist instead of "0".

watch the freaking game people, do the math before calling kobe out when there are no nesscary! IF NOT kobe, laker will be down by 38pts by half time? all you dumbass out there please face the fact before calling anyone tanking a game when the sorrounding of kobe didnt play up to their expectation. IT is GAME 7 , and they play like they dont care!...



You said it perfectly, the offseason moves will be determined by what management thinks this team can accomplish next season. I also think they will look at each player and decide if they are the ones to build the franchise around. I think each team builds around a core of three guys. Who are the Lakers three guys? Are they even on this current roster (except Kobe)? There are a lot of questions to be asked and I hope Buss and Kupchak have some good answers.


I was naturally disappointed, though not shocked that my team, the Sacramento Kings, did not prevail against the Spurs. Nor would I (or many knowledgeable NBA fans and analysts) have been too surprised had they won. Four of the six games were extraordinary. Our announcer, Grant Napear proclaims "If you don't like that, you don't like NBA basketball"!!! Precisely the point. It would be hard to envision a better basketball year with a rebuilt team such as ours.

We experienced essentially three-seasons-in-one. The first season (first half) was dreadful. The second season (second half) we began to gel. Our third season was the playoffs, where we gave the World Champs some great battles. In the end, we were defeated by the better team. Simple as that. Does all this sound kind of familiar broke-backers?

I will contend further that if Steve Nash was inserted into the vacuum created by an absent Kobe, the Brokebacks would become a 3rd or 4th level seed team overnight.

Or how about this scenario: Insert a Kwame or Mihm into the Kings line-up and they would instantly be reinvented, become consistently productive, and with Kings Luv, would become heroes overnight. This is because all of our players are our basketball heroes in this team sport. The operative word here is "team".

Hey what number is Kobe wearing next year and why the switch? Anyone?? I thought it was some made up story that took flight but it appears there's some truth to it. Who's available on the market next year, that fits? I doubt the Clippers will help us out with Vladmir Radmonivich.

I guess the Griz 'may' shake-up their roster quite a bit. We've got to see if we can get Eddie Jones(good defender and decent scorer).

I would also be interested in Kirk Hinrich. He plays quality defense and can score pretty good. When does he become an FA? Next yr?

I feel sorry for the NBA and David Stern. NBA ratings will now drop by at least 50%

The only buzz of the playoffs was the Lakers/Suns series and only because the Lakers were the exciting team. After the Lakers loss, none of the playoff games are interesting at all.

Clippers may give a little bit of excitement but lets get serious...L.A. will always be Laker town...the Clippers are only here for a very short time...especially if the rumor is true about Sam Cassell crossing over to the Lakers locker room.

Lets see who's left to provide excitement for the playoffs now...

Tim Duncan - the man has the same damn expression at every game, in every situation. Can't stand him, he bores me to death.

Tony Parker - an excellent player who's been outshined by his girlfriend Eva. Every damn time the man makes a nice shot, the damn camera goes to Eva. Go back to Wisteria Lane darling, we're all sick of your high-shoolish jeans with Tony written on them. I'm gonna go puke now!

Dirk Nowitski - nothing really to say, just don't like the guy.

Dwane Wade - If he falls one more time, someone needs to take this boy to a doctor. It seems like he can never come down on 2 feet after any shot. Come on man, you're a grown ass man.

Shaq - So sick of hearing that his wife is pregnant again! Now that he has a half dozen kids, can he use that energy for basketball? Come on man!

Lebron James - Great guy, great player but I can't stand that he shows his emotions too much. He's either black or white and I don't mean that literally... but he's either on fire and shooting for 40 points or he looks totally depressed and defeated on the sideline while chomping oh his nails...or whatever's left of them. Euuuuuuu, I'm gonna puke again!

Nash & the Suns - Just plain sick of them all. I'm rooting for anyone who's gonna eliminate these fools and send them packing.

Detroit Pistons - Great basketball team and a great game but until they play someone who's anywhere near their lever, I don't care to see anything that boring.

My final thoughts for the Lakers... It was a good year boys, you played your hearts out and we're rootin' for you all. I'm sure some changes are forthcoming soon so I send my condolences to those who get shipped out in the coming weeks.


Take the names off the jerseys and boil this down to a discussion about basketball, folks. Personnel notwithstanding, on defense, the cascading series of events that developed from the Nash pick-and-rolls is what killed us. Weakside rotation was HORRIBLE. When it did come, the lakers became a pass behind on their rotations. I don't know if there was an element of pride or ego in Phil not to send that defender, but this is one of the few times I have seen him not adjust and take away an advantage. Of course it helps when you had Jordan and Pippen, annual first team defenders, but still...

On offense, the triangle is predicated on midrange jumpers, as many people have said. why do you think guys like Wennington, Longley, and Perdue won championships? Pounding it inside may be the central theme, but the underlying offensive scheme is to occupy the defending team with a supposed disadvantage in the post, leaving either easy jumpers (no one should make it to the NBA without being able to hit jumpers from the elbow) or at the very best, a cascading failure of defensive rotations that results in shots right at the bucket. No offense does this better and more efficiently than the triangle (and I've been a motion guy my whole life).

So to me, Kobe this or that isn't the question....its really, what the heck was Phil thinking? You gotta coach the young guys.

Otherwise, not a bad year. We are the 2nd youngest team and we came within an rebound of booting the 2nd seeded team, the team with the MVP. If you guys think we NEED free agents, I agree, but remember, these guys have a year of Triangle under their belts. Its not so bad. They should begin stronger next year and getting better seeding might help us get further in the playoffs.

Have you noticed that in almost every work place, there is someone who can really do a job beyond comparison, but whose example you really don't want emulated by the rest of the crew? Saint Kobe Dawg may have unique basketball skills, but he is your problem, not your solution.

With him, you already know your plight. More of the same. Lots of Kobe awards and accolades, and barely into the playoffs, year after year.

It is refreshing however that some of his leadership has been passed down to at least one Brokeback player. Has Kwame been arrested yet?


Like what you wrote above. 100% agreed with you. Good post.

kobe fan wrote:

laker fans.. nothing else to say??? whoever said lakers would win in 6 games? hahahahhaha WHAT DID I SAY??? idiots just cuz you're a laker fan don't mean they'll win
be realistic.

I SAID Lakers would win in 6 games. Was that a stupid prediction just because im a Laker fan? Hell no. How close did they come to actually taking the series in 6? Did the game 6 NOT have to be decided in OT? Did Kobe NOT havea chance to win that game 6 at the buzzer?

Lakers had a chance to SWEEP the series if they would have taken the oppurtunity in Game 1.

Don't make yourself look like an online hater. Think before you post

something to chew on:

if the series was nip and tuck all the way, if phoenix was the one up 3-1 and lakers battled back and lost in game 7, all of us would probably be singing a VERY different tune right now. :)

i guess we all just have to take a step back and evaluate the laker season AS A WHOLE, and not just their playoff performance, and certainly not just the last 3 games, as what some of you are doing.

for me, it doesn't matter how the playoff series went. it doesn't matter whether the lakers were up 3-1 or it was phoenix that was up by 3-1. the only thing that matters to me is who won the series, and by how many games. for me, this is the only detail that matters and should matter: the lakers lost, 4-3. period. and even if the lakers lost, because they were able to extend it to 7 games (no other series went the distance, and no lower seed was able to upset the higher seed, except the Clippers, which really doesn't count cuz we all know the Clippers are the better team), i am very PROUD of the lakers and what they accomplished this season.

So all of a sudden Kobe has an epiphany to include the rest of his team in a game 7 when they're trailing? Wouldn't this be a lesson better learned in the regular season when it's not so much win or go fishing until next season? This guy can get a shot anytime he wants it, whether or not there are two or three defenders on him. Nobody on this board can dispute that. Plain and simple, as the leader of his team he quit on them. They may have not been making shots, but they didn't stand above the 3 point line and just pass the ball. Kobe can penetrated and passed, posted up, all things to get his teammates involved, but he made very few attempts at this type of effort in the 2nd half. Come to his rescue all you want because you put him on a pedestal and pray to his feet, but he quit on his teammates plain and simple.

"What did Kobe show when his team was down and needed him? Pouting. Quitting. Shrugging his shoulders and saying to his team and coach and fans: I'm not willing to do whatever it takes to win."

Get a clue. Kobe and his COACH both said after the game that their game plan in the second half was to go to other players and possibly take advantage of Nash limping. Now, THAT is doing whatever it takes to try and get back in it. His TEAMMATES let Kobe and Phil down, not Kobe. Their goal was to try and get everyone else back in the game by giving them some wide freaking open looks, which they failed to hit. As Lamar said, all season long, they've depended on their offense to get motivated on defense. That's not how it is done and that's why they lost the series.

I'm sick of this Kobe bashing when it is so unwarranted. Kobe has done many things in his career that warranted criticism. This wasn't one of them.

Don't even talk about Kobe not thriving under adversity. He has done it many times in his career and one freaking game isn't going to change that.

It's funny how some non-laker fans are more worried about bashing Kobe than praising the other team for their effort. Phoenix fans chanting "Kobe sucks" at the end instead of praising their own team? Now that's sad. But it just shows how pathetic they are.

and i agree with you totally, Lefty. i'm so GLAD that the season is OVER. i can finally breathe again! :)

damn...that series really took a lot outta me. couldn't study, couldn't sleep, couldn't think about anything other than the lakers. heck, even kwame's legal troubles had me worried sick. shit...the lakers are really hazardous to one's health! hehehe.

but now, i don't care anymore, cuz it's finally over! :) if kwame gets jailed, if lamar gets injured, if kobe starts feuding again with PJ, who cares? THE SEASON'S OVER! it don't matter anymore what they do. we're all goin' fishin'! :)

ABC dropped the Clips-Suns series ... TNT is stuck with it now, expectation is very low rating, they only hope it doesn't last long

"With him, you already know your plight. More of the same. Lots of Kobe awards and accolades, and barely into the playoffs, year after year. " Sonny B.S Koufax

It's been TWO YEARS, get a grip!!!

I'm a fan of Kobe, but doesn't everyone find it a little strange that he only took 3 shots and scored only 1 point in the second half? I mean, the dude was on fire in the first half, he could have done SOMETHING in the second. I know he and Phil said that they felt they needed to slow it down and pound it inside if they wanted to get back into it, but Kobe never would perform like that in a Game 7, NEVER.

I think something happened at the half and he kind of mailed it in. Maybe something went down with some teammates and he didn't feel they were bringing it enough and basically said, fine, I'm letting you guys go on your own, let's see what you can do.

I wouldn't be surprised to see some new faces in next year.

How about LO and Kwame for Jermaine O'Neal?

Man, I just don't know can be said to make you people see the reality of the current situation for the Lakers. Stop whining and complaining and defending Kobe. This total nonsense about how "Kobe can't win no matter what he does" and "If he shoots too much, he's selfish; if he doesn't shoot enough, he's selfish" and "Everyone hates Kobe no matter what he does" and "Everyone is just a hater" and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yuck! Sick of it ... get a clue, because everyone living outside LA thinks y'all are totally crazy.

Pass me some of those crazy pills so I can see your point of view, please. The rest of the fans and players who care anything about NBA basketball feel exactly the same as LA fans --except 180 degrees in the opposite direction. To everyone else, Kobe is NOT a poor, misunderstood champion who is misunderstood and unfairly criticized, and can do nothing right no matter how well he plays.

Reality check here and now. Everyone else in the world thinks Kobe is a spoiled, over-hyped, over-paid, pompous, arrogant, annoying, selfish, self-centered, self-important, self-absorbed, self-promoting, megalomaniacal, egomaniacle, sociopathic, pampered, foolish and narrow-minded, self-absorbed, immature, insecure, deluded, one-dimensional, creep. Period. Call me a "hater." Please.

Calling someone a "hater" is now one of the mostly distinctly Los Angeles idioms, and a convenient and nonsensical ways to ignore and hypocritically hate someone you don't agree with. You people have your own language and your own reality out there in LA LA Land. Call me a hater please. To quote Kobe: "I look forward to it ... it actually excites me." If you just label me a hater, then you don't actually have to THINK about what I'm saying to you, right?

Kobe Bryant has had a free-ride and a free-pass to do whatever he wants for about a decade. This guy was annointed and given the blessing of the league before he ever put on an NBA jersey. Are you Lakers fans seriously gonna argue that suddenly the world is against him and whatever he does will be criticized? Could it actually be reality that -- perish the thought -- Kobe is actually deserving of criticism? Possibly? Could it be that he is not actually God incarnate? Could it be that Kobe is guilty of throwing an elbow or two, or perhaps that he doesn't pass out of double or triple-teams and instead forces up total garbage shots that would get any other player benched or cut? C'mon. You people need to get a clue.

hey everyone,

just want to thank the lakers and everyone on this blog for an amazing year. i know that i will remember this season for a long, long time. the lakers really went beyond my expectations this year and the playoff experience will be great for the younger players on our team. next year we will hopefully have a healthy team, including mihm, and i think we can get to the conference finals.

as for me, i'm just glad i don't have to hear the queens fans around sac gloating about going farther in the playoffs than the lakers.

and what is up with all the kobe bashing? dude is the best player in the nba. period. we really need to focus on improving the other players, not kobe. if you think kobe is the problem you are seriously deluded. god knows phoenix would trade nash for kobe in less than a heartbeat. and the phoenix fans would most certainly cheer him on.

14 comments? hello, anybody there? What a devasting lost, and no I'm not talking about GAme 7, Game 6 that is. Shut up about Kobe....They had Game 6 in the bag but his teamates gave it away. C-mon now...did you really think they were going to bounce back after a devastating loss with young inexperience players? Never....even Kobe couldn't accept it. Kobe was amazing in Game 6. Oh well....I just couldn't stand hearing. " A lot of critics didn't expect us to make it to the playoffs, but yet were putting up a fight againgst the Suns." So what, you're in and youre up 3-1, get the business done.....Too late.

Kobe and the Lakers get too much hate out there and always will. Even if Kobe wins a title there will still be haters out there. For some reason, people just don't like him.

This offseason some changes need to be made. Not a total overhaul of the roster as I think there are good young pieces in place, just add some veterans to mix in. Unless you're going to go after a big body down low, I like that JO trade, add some depth and experience to our guard spot and get some consistent shooters.

Steve=Moronic Brokeback

Anyway, Andrew Z, about the trade for J O'Neal for LO and Kwame get real. Why don't the Oakland Faiders (Sonny's team) trade Aaron Brooks for Reggie Bush? (sorry but besides a Laker fan, I'm a real fan of the NFL). I'm tell you that even though it would be great financially, it would a no way thing since Jermaine O'Neal is Indiana's franchise player just as much Kobe is ours and AI is for Philadelphia. And do you really think they want LO, a good but not yet great player and Kwame, even though he's been doing alright still has a lot of bust in his character?

Besides its Baseball season now. Whether you be a true blue dodger or a red lame LA Angels of Anaheim, good luck to you all. I still like baseball but I can't wait for the NFL. The draft ended a little recently and for my team, their draft was pretty damn good. Not as good as Arizona's with Leinhart and Matui from USC or Tennessee with Vince Young and LenDale White or even New Orleans with Mr. Reggie Bush, but my team did great. I'll tell what are my teams in the next post.

HEY BK, SORRY FOR CAPS BUT YOUR BOY JAY CUTLER WENT TO DENVER! Who does he think he is, John Elway? Yea maybe when Vanderbilt goes to the National Championship that is! haahahah!

What you all witnessed in Game 7 was the return of the "Pouty" Kobe, a guy who has PROVEN in past that he is so unprofessional and self-centered that he is willing to lose just to prove a point. You don't remember him pouting and INTENTIONALLY tanking it just to prove a point back when Shaq was in LA? Really. Wow. Y'all must really think that the Sun rises and sets each day out of Kobe's butt if you don't remember what a childish jerk he has proven himself to be in the past. Y'all have got what you absolutely deserve, and what Phil Jackson correctly called out a long time ago. Kobe is a total Narcissist. Totally in love with himself ... even more than Phil Jackson himself, and that's saying something. But he's a perfect fit in LA, because the whole town is narcissistic and in love with itself and absurdly self-important too. Kobe is the perfect mascot for Los Angeles.

Salary Cap?

Anybody understand the cap? Ours is 53 million, with 64 million in luxury tax which I think is now diverted because of Grant? We've still got a long way to go before we're the Knicks god forbid, and we're the most solvent NBA organization.

So why are we worried about the cap? I have a bet I'm probably going to lose, that says we could buy a player, go over the cap but Jerry would have to pay the luxury tax until Grant's contract comes off the year after next. Anyone know how it works?

Ideally we're supposed to be under the 53 million, but can we go over if we pay that dollar for dollar over tax? If we can go over, why wouldn't we? It's only like floating a loan for a year when Grant's money comes off. If there's someone to get for more than the cap room you have, why not go over if you're swimming in money like the Lakers? You'd be protecting your best asset which is #8.

Is it that you can sign an existing player on your team for the max and go over the cap but you can't buy a free agent and go over? It's not as simple as the NBA won't allow you to have a team payroll that exceeds the salary cap 'cause it happens all the time. I've never heard it explained in detail but I know one thing, you really should factor in what the team earns as well as the amount the players are paid to assess the risk reward of future moves. In that light, the Lakers are in great shape.

Only in sports is their this strange obsession with hating someone. If it's not Bonds, it's Kobe. Year ago, Pete Rose when through it. You hate Kobe. Who cares? Kobe? You think when he goes home to his fine-azz wife, plays with his 2 kids, and he kicks it in his mansion and reads his million dollar bank statements that he's seriously given a sh*t about you and your opinions???

Wow, some people need to stop acting like bickering teenage girls and get over this 'We hate Kobe' thing.

The comments that Kobe can't win are valid. Die-hard Laker fans are expected to rise to their franchise player's defense.

But not this die-hard Laker fan. Kobe gets all the blame for this situation, but for deeper-seated reasons than his game.

Kobe's unwillingness to defer to Shaq led to Shaq's hasty trade, which brought the team nothing -- nothing -- in return.

Kobe's petulance and unwillingness to listen forced Phil Jackson out. The F.O. was asked to choose sides. It did.

Kobe wanted to be the centerpiece of a team that was built completely around him. He got what he wanted. And now he must accept all of the blame.

Yeah, Laker fans, I know, that was 2 years ago. We should be able to move on, but the repercussions linger. No one is talking about that, but it's true.

Kobe Bryant's game has nothing to do with why the Lakers are in this situation. His ego has EVERYTHING to do with it. That being said, if -- IF -- he did indeed "quit" in Game 7 to send a message to the F.O. to rebuild a team that he had a hand in dismantling, then he is a hypocrite who will never lead the Lakers to the promised land.

What the Lakers lack is what they've lacked ever since the waning days of the Magic Johnson era -- a pure point guard with speed and quicks to pressure the opponent on both sides of the floor. Nash did nothing different than what Kevin Johnson, one of the all-time "Laker Killers," did to the Lakers in the early 90's. They need to find that PG or they'll always be a step behind the real contenders.

As I promised, this post was gonna say my NFL, if you don't know, well just look at my name.

BTW I'm predicting my school will be back in the championship either this year or next. We still have a pretty good damn team. Their recruting was great and as much as I hate to see Bush leaving, well he had to leave sooner or later. And even if the mighty Trojans don't go to the championship this year, they'll still be way better than Cal or even Vanderbilt!

While the Lakers are preparing to become way better next season.....


Hummmmmmmm,...there could be a case made that Shaq REALLY DOES make his teammates better ie; Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant and DWade. Except for the present Wade, an argument could be made that when Shaq leaves, so goes the post season and title aspirations.

After his exposure to losing in a game 7 to the Suns after holding a 3-1 lead, some questions remain, will Kobe fizzle out like Penny? Will Kobe become injury prone?

While Shaq is still grinding out in the spotlight of the playoffs, Kobe will be on south end of Santa Monica Pier, trying to catch bigger Fish to FRY for dinner.

F**K the hatin on Kobe... i am tired of hearin the same shmyt bout him and ppl only will let it go after he wins a championship period! Remember when the series started? They praised him for the same thing they are killin him for now, so just let it slide and throw it all bac in there face after we are win another Championship in a 2-3 years.

Now, how do u guys feel about Allan Ray? I think he would be a good fit cause he can shoot the 3 consistently and always shows up in the big game. Can drive and finish and can just flat out play! Who do u guys think is a good fit and why. (keep in mind that we probably are goin to be pickin late first ).

I know that it doesn't matter, but I find it unbelieveable that 22 sportswriters felt that Kobe wasn't even worthy of a 5th place vote. Not acknowledging Kobe with even a 5th place vote was just pure spite. It is very hard to see any objectivity in most of the sports media.

Andrew Z,
Kobe and Lamar can be built around. The rest of the roster (not including Bynum, McKie, and Jackson, who are too old and too young) falls into the categories of

1) Boy, he sure improved a lot in the last 6 weeks of the season. If he continues at that rate for another year he could really be something.

2) Yeah, I know that he is really inconsistent. But if he would start showing some consistency he could really be something.

Man, I love the Lakers no matter what. Yes Kobe needs help, but who? The team is still paying Bryan Grant! What did PJ call his team, pussycats? We need dudes like Charles Oakley, when they smelled blood they attacked! Sasha V.? Smush? They don't have that kill them at all cost attitude. That's what this team needs. Shoot em, shoot em again, and keep shooting them.







Not sure if you've read much on the Pacers situation, but Larry Bird has publicly been stating that the team is in need of a major shake-up and the current roster has run its course. Asked if anyone is safe, he basically said no. When O'Neal was asked whether or not he thinks he will be back, he wasn't sure. Also, Larry Bird has openly questioned whether O"neal is the franchise guy/leader that they need to build the team around to win championships. All that said, he is one of the superstars that is definitely on the trading block this offseason.

That little line I wrote was mostly a joke though. I think Indiana could get a hell of a lot more for J O'Neal than LO and Kwame.


I'm not exactly sure how the salary cap works. I was under the impression that if you were over the cap you couldn't go out and sign a player to a max deal. I know for fact that if you are over the cap you can only make trades where the total salaries involved are within 25% of each other. How the Knicks got so far over the cap is beyond me. As for the Lakers reluctance to go over and pay a luxury tax, that's a Jerry Buss business decision and if it was my money I wouldn't do it either.

This is what I'm talking about when I say people hate on Kobe Bryant:

Basically, it's all imaginary. It's called projection for you psych majors. He's this, he's that. It's like he's not even a person anymore, he's some character you identify with whatever qualities you wish.

exhelodrvr...good point.

I really don't want to respond to all the hating...but at the risk of there's a lot of it. I guess that's what you get for being the best/most historied (next to the celtics) franchise in the nba. Let's face it they'd talk about Kobe even if he wasn't playing, if he was perfect in the field, even if he was following orders or not. At the end of the day, I really don't care if he threw the game (which I vehemently believe he did not...I'm entitled to my opinion just like others) we let's look forward to the future, and see what are our options.

And while it might be unlikely...though it's rumored that the Pacers might want to completely rebuild...I would love to have J'Oneil in this team, Andrew Z. Not sure I'm ready to give up on LO though...I for one am thankful I don't have to make that decision.

Go Lakers!

Any person who rips (as opposed to constructively criticizes) on Kobe is both an idiot and not a true Laker fan.

I'll never understand why so many fans attack their team when things don't go their way... attack the enemy (Suns), attack the NBA, attack the officials, attack David Stern, but lay off your team... they're the Lakers for God's sake.

We're lucky.

What? Do you guys want to be Milwaukee Bucks fans instead?


hey sonny, i gotta really ask a question?

is the thing called steven here is more of a moron than Paris Hilton?

I think so.

He never appears when the Lakers are winning and where the hell was he when Kobe got 62 and 81?

To Laker fans:
Steven is officially now a Laker Hater.

Nothing wrong with that, just saying.

He hates the Lakers.
And tries to blame it all on Kobe.

And he loves Shaq as well.

Clips in 6.

David Blaine: Drowned Alive tonight at 8pm PST, on ABC.


"the repercussions linger. No one is talking about that, but it's true."

No one's talking about it because it's been beaten to death. So what, now what? Can't win? Who can't win? Anyone that hasn't won lately? I don't see Nash wearing any rings. I haven't seen any new rings on Shaq for the last 3 years. But he did manage to play 1/2 a season while collecting 100 million thereby making it impossible to pay anyone else to play those games he's not up for.

I agree, a point guard would be nice. It would have been nice to see Nash have to guard his man, but like all Laker dreams, it will have to wait till next year.


this is what I found on the salary cap:

it goes over my head...see if you can make sense of it ;-)


Yep that makes a lot of sense. Rest of the world outside LA thinks Kobe is a spoilt, pompous blah-blah. Which is why he made it to the top 5 MVP and Lakers are the best-selling road team. Everyone wants to see and vote for the pompous arrogant blah-blah. Remind me again why you are on this blog? If you are from outside of LA and are not an LA fan, it must give you a lot of satisfaction to come and fart on this blog after LA is out of the playoff picture.

Sonny Cowfux,

I find it hilarious that you call Kobe a "problem" when you have Testes - now *that* is a problem. You contend having Nash on this team would make it the 3/4 seed in the West. Here's something that might be a novelty to you - we are not intersted in 3/4. We're interested in going all the way..something that you as a Queen have never been exposed to :)

[And no, the Monarchs don't count]

Hi Guys,

What a loss for us!! hard to imagine we came down from 3-1 lead..Thanks a to Smush who cost us last 3 matches and PJ's confidence on him..Anyway we had enough of that stuff in the blog earlier..
Any of you guys saw the promotional add on TNT for the playoff after Lakers lost game 7..They had Shaq mocking the losers like wiping the tears and showing up his arms..With Due respect to Shaq..I felt it was like teasing the Lakers fan..

Three cheers for our Lakers Team!!!

I have been down for a few days but have analysed the situation and now feel good about this young team. We should be proud of our young guns... Remember, we all grow and next season will be a blast..... Hopefully, we keep most of our guys and just add one or two pieces... No star power is necessary. THIS team can do it. The boys just melted under such extreme pressure. One when they lost the game 6 at home, I personally believe that except for Kobe, everyone else gave up. That is why in game 7, noone except Kobe showed up to play. When KObe saw that he will have to go alone and knew it was impossible, he did what PJ wanted.

So, my props to all Lakers players... you gave us a season which was unbelievable... YEah, we got spoilt towards the end when we thought you guys will get us to WCF....

Peace out all and to those haters...Go home and vent!!!!!


I don't want to give up on Lamar Odom at all. I kind of put that out there for "kicks" and giggles. I honestly think that this summer, playing USA Basketball with Kobe, that LO is going to be a top 10 player in the league next year. I wouldn't be surprised one bit to see him as a 20-10 guy. Game 7 aside, he did that against the Suns and I think Kobe liked the way the team played in the first four games.

I for one would love to see Kwame Brown moved. He has potential and his stock is pretty high right now, but we have our future center in Andrew Bynum and Kwame's "suckiness" at the four puts him in a bad predicament. I say ship Kwame to Chicago (in dire need of size) for Chris Duhon and throw in players/picks from each side to make the money work. We start Mihm at center next season and give Bynum 20 minutes a game. Since we can't make and big signings we might as well develop our one big talent, Drew.

Another thing I would do is see if we can't get Al Harrington in a sign and trade with Kwame Brown. Atlanta is tiny up front and Kwame would fit in well. Anyway, just thoughts.

Thanks everyone for all the great posts.

Three cheers for our Lakers Team!!!

I have been down for a few days but have analysed the situation and now feel good about this young team. We should be proud of our young guns... Remember, we all grow and next season will be a blast..... Hopefully, we keep most of our guys and just add one or two pieces... No star power is necessary. THIS team can do it. The boys just melted under such extreme pressure. One when they lost the game 6 at home, I personally believe that except for Kobe, everyone else gave up. That is why in game 7, noone except Kobe showed up to play. When KObe saw that he will have to go alone and knew it was impossible, he did what PJ wanted.

So, my props to all Lakers players... you gave us a season which was unbelievable... YEah, we got spoilt towards the end when we thought you guys will get us to WCF....

Peace out all and to those haters...Go home and vent!!!!!


For once I have to agree with the Sports Guy. I thought Kobe would absolutely eviscerate Raja and Nash and D'Antoni after the crap they came out with. I think he's kind of lost that edge after the 81. He's more patient now. A bad thing? No. But I would have loved to see him kill Raja on the court [figuratively speaking of course] just to send out a message to all the scum out there.

Thanks Lakers for a better than expected season and thanks AK/BK.

PS - I abhor the Suns, especially that shifty-eyed smug-faced Canuck

Mike A
You gotta be kidding yourself - Shaq played one on one with Big Ben and Ben killed him- made him useless
I hated that guy, and now that we don't have Shaq I would love to see Ben in Purple and Gold. That dude just turns Shaq into a useless one move dumpy fat old man that sometimes can pass out of the hole if he isn't freaking out and it isn't Kobe he's throwing it too.
Jokes over.
If the Heat play Detroit watch Ben do it again, thats if they get past the Nets.
Clippers better take a page out of Phils book and go inside they have way more tlent than us inside. Kaman and Brand will dominate.
Sam I am should lead them in confidence and hopefully Dunleavy uses up a lot of fouls on soft Stevie Nash. Its playoff basketball hack and make em know it!

"Hey, I noticed that LeBron James scored a mere 22 points against the Pistons yesterday. Meanwhile Ilgauskas, Gooden, and Larry Hughes were a putrid 5-14, 4-13, and 2-7.

Meanwhile, LeBron was 9-18. Shouldn't he have tried to bring the Cavs back by shooting more?"

Quite a few enormous differences there. First of all, Detroit's defense is slightly better than Phoenix's. Prince said that he was manning Lebron straight up and the rest of the team was playing a zone focused on Lebron around him. So their whole defense was focused on Lebron. Lebron was facing three guys with defensive POY votes (including the man himself) every time he drove. Even in the third quarter, when Detroit completely closed in on him after he had a monster first half (22 points on 9-14 shooting), he was able to help his team with three assists in the quarter. And then his coach took him out of the game because he has more concern about future games and actually trying to win the series.

Meanwhile, Kobe was playing a Phoenix team that isn't exactly defensive stalwarts. Their third quarter D wasn't anything special. Did Kobe help out his team with assists? Rebounds? Defense? No, he did virtually nothing the whole second half. And while Lebron was taken out with the Pistons up 30, Kobe gave up when the lakers were only down 15 at halftime - definitely still a winnable game at that point, if he had started playing defense against any the the 2-guards that were eating the Lakers alive (18-23 shooting from the non-Nash guards). And Kobe didn't have any "next game" to rest for - this was the last shot for the year. Even Reggie Miller, sandwiched around all this praise for Kobe, had to admit it on ESPN radio today - it was the first time he'd seen him stop competing.

What a great season!

This blog is funny for you can really weed out the true Lakers fans from those who are just along for the ride. If you step back and look at the big picture what you see is a team that made a tremendous amount of progress over the course of this season; they learned alot about playing in PJ's system, about each other, and about themselves. The organization got a very good look at the pluses and minuses of this roster and maybe the foundation of future championship runs (If I had to pick three I go with KB, LO and Kwame).

Now, I know what all of you 'fakers' fans out there are saying right now, 'A true Lakers fan demands excellence!' Wrong, a true Lakers fans is aware of the inevitable and is therefore able to appreciate the present as merely a process of progression. Let's see: Plus eleven wins over last year, a seventh seed in the playoffs (versus a lottery pick last year), taking the Suns to the limit in the first-round, and the development of what could be key players in the future (see LO, Kwame, Sasha, Walton and Ronny).

That is an amazing season! I for one am satisfied and am looking forward to October.

Be well everyone!

Lakers victories are like light to all the cock-a-roach critics. This last loss broke the light bulb, and now the damn critters are out in full force!

Next season we're replacing the bulb, and they will predictably scatter in the brightness, only to show up as soon as the Lakers lose a game or two. Stinking cock-a-roaches.

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