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Notes From Practice, 3.28

After a day off Monday, it was back to work for the purple and gold down in El Segundo.


First, the good news for Lakers fans.  Kobe underwent some physical therapy instead of practicing, but spoke to the media while standing appropriately vertical.  No need for a cane, no wincing, none of the bent straw posture that I recognize from my own back issues. 

"It's a little tight today, but it should be cleared up by tomorrow.  It's just tight today.  I just stayed on top of it," Bryant said.  The back trouble was a new thing for Kobe (in his words, "unique") but he seemed unconcerned.  "It'll go away."  He's played through a lot worse, so I'd be pretty shocked if he wasn't on the floor Thursday against the Spurs. 

As for the rest of the walking wounded, Kwame is apparently doing fine.  Andrew Bynum said his right ankle was getting better, but he was clearly favoring the foot and Phil Jackson said there's still a little ways to go before he's healed up.  Watching him walk, it doesn't look like Bynum will be ready for Thursday night.  Smush Parker came off the floor without tape on the thumb he injured Sunday, which is a good sign.  "It was taped earlier.  I played with tape on, but I took it off.  I don't need it," Parker said.  "I'm a soldier." 

As for his day off, Parker came in for a little treatment, then found himself with something totally out of the ordinary- spare time.   "I (haven't) had a day off in Los Angeles in a long time.  I was lost.  I didn't know what to do.  I was like, "I don't know what this feels like anymore," Parker said.  "I just stayed home, watched a little TV, caught some shows that I didn't know came on at certain times of the day.  That was pretty much it."


Not surprisingly, the strong play of Kwame Brown was again the topic of conversation.  Despite the change in his performance, Kobe says his attitude at practice hasn't changed.  "He's the same today as he was in December.  Pretty even keel," he said.  "I just think he's done a good job working hard, and not letting any of the talk get to him.  He just comes out here and works hard every day.  He knows what we expect from him, and we've been happy and pleased with the way he's been playing this season.  And now the way he's playing, he's been terrific for us."

Like many on this site have suggested, it's helpful that Kwame seems to be doing, rather than spinning the wheels trying to figure out what needs to be done, a change that Bryant believes isn't limited to Brown.  "He's more comfortable in playing.  He's not having to think and play at the same time.  And that's for everybody.  That's Lamar, that's Smush, that's everybody that's out there on the floor.  Once you get comfortable in this offense then it becomes more of an instinctual type of offense, you start getting better at it." 

Not surprisingly, Jackson echoed the positive sentiments regarding Kwame, and had an interesting spin on his development.  "He hasn't had a lot of chances to play basketball in his life.  He's been a pro and he's such a kid.  A guy that's that size a lot of times doesn't get to have the chances to play ball with like quality players so that you can work on the game that you have to work to play at this level." 

There's no question Kwame has played better at center than power forward.  So what happens when to the rotation when Chris Mihm comes back?  "We'll cross that when we get to it," Jackson said. 


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It seems this team has pretty good chemistry. Maybe it's just me but they seem to all be on the same page with what they say and to me it looks like they like playing together out there, especially Lamar and Kobe. Now I haven't been to a game this year and haven't been able to watch those two when TV goes to commerical or when the camera is on someone else, but they seem to be getting in the rhythm of playing alongside each other. Who knows what this team can do, its just good to see them working hard and keeping the right perspective.


Great report! I was wondering about Kobe's back, that could be some serious stuff. I'm glad Smush and Kwame are doing better. Young Bynum: Hope to see you, in the game, soon!


That was some funny stuff from Phil...keeping us in suspense with "we'll cross that when we get there"

Good job Kwame! That is exactly what we need (an antithesis of you know who)---a hard worker!

Yeah we have good chemistry. It doesn't always spell out brilliance in the offensive/defensive end, but it'll get there. As far as I know LO and Kobe are friends.

Whew (that's me breathing a lil easier about our

Go lakers!

Bynum being injured now has no real bearing on anything this season, since he still is more a negative than a positive when he plays. At this point he is not going to improve enough this season to get past that point, and not playing at all in the few games remaining won't have any bearing on his long-term development. So there is absolutely no reason to rush his return back.

I think they should try to have Chris Mihm as the power forward. He has a much better midrange shot, and I don't think Kwame has much confidence in the sort of things he's required to do at the 4. Mimh can do it from both areas fairly well, and even though he'd be better at the 5 spot, the overall team performance would go up with Kwame at the 5 and Mimh at the 4. It's better to have two B's then an A and a C(or in regards to some worse games, D's).


Do you have an update on McKie or Mihm? I know Chris is out 2 weeks or something...still same?


How about your boy...Von Wafer? I heard he's only been lifted off D league cause of the week off, but after it, he's going to be back there. True?


The Timberwolves have been slow to jell since, and Taylor may be forced to spend some serious money on free agents in the offseason to keep his only superstar happy.

"I have faith in Glen that he'll do the right thing," Garnett said.

Garnett would have to ask for a trade, he doesn't sound like he's asking for one. Sounds like he's asking for help.


My Goodness, Phoenix gave up 46 points in the 3rd quater alone against the Buck tonight.


Did anyone watch Quite Frankly last night? I'm not sure if it was a re-run or not, but I like the point Ice Cube made about our European players. Why do all these other teams get these good players and we get what he called the "value pack"?

The Suns are a team that a lot love to watch because they "run and gun" and score a lotta points. But they annoy the hell out of me with their game...

The things is, they are a ONE-DIMENSIONAL team: all they do is get Nash the ball every possession, he passes, and someone jacks one up, Nash eventually gets 10 asst ppg and the media hype him... They can't stop anyone, they have little to no post play, and they try to just shoot as much as possible and hope they get enough points to hold someone off. They don't even have that many good 3 pt shooters, especially if you get a hand in their face.

The only reason they win a lotta games, is because other teams lose it mentally, because the Suns start draining 3s (from all the shots they jack up), and they get sloppy on D and try to play the Suns game...eventually a team that is mentally together like Spurs will shut them down in the playoffs...

Seriously tho, I WANT the Lakers to play the Suns in the first round. There's no reason only a team like the Spurs or Detroit can defeat the Suns (dammit, we beat both those teams already). Phil Jackson will get into the Lakers heads how to play the Suns...all you gotta do is play D, and run a lotta post plays and penetration...the Suns cant stop SH%T when it goes into the paint...these last two games Jersey and the Bucks have just destroyed the Suns in the paint...

I'm tired of all this talk of how the Lakers should be afraid of facing the Suns in the playoffs, cuz thats the only way they'd lose, if they're afraid going into it and lose it mentally...We can beat these guys in the post, outrebound them, we can even drain more 3s with Kobe, Cook, Lamar and Smush...

Lakers over Suns, then over Denver, then the Spurs,


AK and BK,

I actually was pretty disappointed at your recent post of how we might wanna "avoid" playing the Suns in the playoffs...I'm not sure why are you media peeps hype up the Suns...sure they can win a lotta games, but the thing is, the way they win is not solid, jacking up as many shots and playing no D with no solid post presence....its mostly the other teams not making a lil adjustment and then boom, blow the Suns right out of the hizzzouseeee...I wouldn't want to purposely tank any games and avoid any team, if youi wanna win in the playoffs, then you win period, not against just certain teams, same wit life...

yo check out the new NBA power rankings and what they said about the lakers...

"Now that it’s almost certain L.A. will be in the postseason, would you be comfortable with your team facing Kobe in the first round? Neither would we. Kwame Brown has been on fire lately, so you might wanna check him out before he goes back to normal. You know, just in case you’ve always wondered what Michael Jordan was hoping to get in D.C."

i think people are starting think twice about playing the lakers...

Go Lakers...
kwame smush L.O. and Kobe...

yeah thats right the suns have lost twice in a row already, they lost to the bucks, if they could figure out how to beat them we could too...

Go Lakers...

What's the link to that NBA power rankings?


Memphis lost at the buzzer tonight...Can you see the 6th spot? I can!

The Schedule is really beneficial to Lakers lately, its like NBA knew Kings, Lakers, Utah and NOK are fighting for the playoff spots when they made the schedule

first it was Lakers vs Kings
then Lakers vs NOK
then Kings vs Utah
then Utah vs NOK
now Clippers have games against Utah and Kings.

We took care of our business, and now we watch NOK and Utah fall.

Clipp vs Utah and Kings match up will be great either way for lakers, if the Clipps lose, they will fall backwards and 6th is up for grabs, and if they win..well that also solidify our 7th for us

either way...they are biting each other's head off while we watch and smile


For starters, I would say us "media peeps" aren't really "hyping" the Suns. Their 47 (and counting) wins are pretty much doing the work for us. And if it's a simply a matter of making little adjustments, as you put it, then why hasn't the majority of the NBA caught on consistently? It's easy to say this now while they've had back to back bad losses, but they didn't get where they are by accident or luck. I wouldn't underestimate them.

In my opinion (and the opinion of many bloggers, I might add, who've talked the last month or so about wanting to avoid Phoenix), the Lakers match up badly against the Suns. They've had trouble with athletic, running teams that aren't even mediocre, much less very good. And Phoenix is perfectly capable of running a half court set, if needed. Hell, the "Nash alley oop to Marion" play kills a lot of squads. They're a team that will give the Lakers more trouble than Dallas or San Antonio. That's just my opinion, of course. But it's not exactly a novel one.

But I never said the Lakers would be better off hitting a losing streak and avoiding Phoenix, if that's what you mean. I think you're always better going in on a roll, no matter who the opponent is. I was just curious where other people stood on it.

Thanks for the comment, L.


I'm with AK. I've posted this before. PHOENIX SCARES ME!!! And they actually scare me more without Amare, bc he will only take away from their chemistry this late in the season as did Chris Webber did 2 seasons ago with the Suckramento Queens. I'm also NOT saying the Lake show should lose. Are you kidding! I still believe we can reach the 6th spot and play Denver...And beat them! I do think we could beat Phoenix if all the stars are aligned just right, after all Phoenix, but chances are they won't. We'll see.


Maybe Amare came back a bit too early, like a season or so. That Phoenix chemistry experiment exploded these last couple of games. Amare looked gimpy as hell out there. Do MVP's score 0 points in a game? What in the world happened to that team? That's quite a nose dive.

Let's get well and get back to work. This is coming into focus and it's looking better and better. FEED THE STREAK...

Hell yeah Phoenix is scary, I don't understand this latest crash, It may be something about the long playoff timeouts and the plenty of rest and adjustment time during the playoffs will slow them down a touch. They're goin' to have to win it all to prove that style is more than just a whole lotta fun to play, They do look like their havin' a good time with Mike D'A the coach as host of the party Italian style.

Right now I'm not fearing any team. Our guys know what time it is and they know what they have to do against every team they face.

I'm really liking what's happening with our team right now.


my bad i forgot the link, here it is...

Go Lakers...

Hey AK

Has your acceptance /access in the practice facility and locker room grown over the course of the season? Is Lead Laker Blogger a hot new journalistic moniker?
Or is it pretty much just LA TImes Sports biz as usual? Thought this might be an experiment for the paper and team and wondered what kind of feedback you're getting from that end?


Actually, the Lakers organization already knew BK and I from ESPN the Magazine, so a relationship was already there. I think they pretty much trusted us from the start. They certainly haven't been hard to work with, at any rate.


Well in terms of matchups, just the post positions, our team towers over the Suns. That's why I don't think it should be a problem putting the ball in the net if we get into the paint against them. I could go on about rebounds blah blah and how Marion is really the only all-around complete athlete on that team, anyways

Other than the recent Seattle loss, what other athletic running teams have BLOWN us away? Seattle didn't even blow us out, some "lil" adjustments would have won us that one. Same with the Boston and Atlanta losses, those were both "close" losses, that we coulda easily won, and defnitly could beat those teams in a series, you guys make it sound like we have NO chance against these types of teams in a playoff series...

Even the 2 Phoenix losses, one was the second game of the season, and I attribute that to the inexperience of this team playing together...the second Phoenix loss? I attribute that to a back-to-back and also there was kind of a bad vibe in general that week with the Sac give-away I think... I know I know, it sounds like I'm making excuses, but I truly believe we have what it takes to beat these dudes...

BTW, is Phoneix actually that much more ATHLETIC than the Lakers?...people, if you don't play ANY DEFENSE most of the time and philosophy is to expend most of your energy on the offense, of course you'll look like a stud chucking up those shots and running down the court every possession you got...and here's the key, the most important thing the Lakers need to do in any circumstance, is expose the other teams weakness, Phoenixs' weakness is their interior defense, or their defense in general, their rebounding, we just gotta expose that...

Look I agree, their record isn't a coincidence, and as much as I hate the Suns, the one thing I do admire about them is their team chemistry, they really do sacrifice for eachother and make the most of their chances...but I still think they can easily be broken down, but still, that really doesnt mean anything, all my Laker-crazed theories dont mean squat, because the Lakers gotta show up on the court, as a team, united... but the beauty is...we still got 2 games against them, and until the Lakers can start playing to their strengths and exposing more of their opponents' weaknesses (not just the suns), we won't get far..

so yeah, I'm looking forward to the 2 Phoenix games left, and I hope the Lakers can prove me right somewhat lol, and if they don't, well I'm sure I'll have a few more excuses to throw out lol but yea, it comes down to "execution" - kobe bryant

ps- someone should make a dvd out of the past 2 phoenix games and edit it and make it a tutorial on "How to Beat the Sissy Suns"

Artest is shooting the lights out with another 4-18 game.... where is sonny belfast?

good news the Kings just lost home

Andrew Z, yea i seen pulp fiction before, very good movie. And thanks for correcting me on the 1st Round Pick. As I said before we have championship potential team with our weak spots in PF and PG. Yea it take a good damn trade to get either KG or CB. And that article bruce, it's him glamoring for help, not necessarily a trade. But then again, we never know.

And also, remember that Kwame was the leader in rebounds and blocks and 2nd in points scored in Glynn Academy. That was before his tenure in Washington where they screwed him up mentally because of all the hype of him being number 1 pick and of Jordan. As a result, he was picked off as a bust and the Wizards traded him here. After all the time we spent getting rid of the mental funks that was in Kwame's brain, he is beginning to produce results. Yes it was a few games but this is what he is capable of. Give him a lot of confidence and he'll score more and more. We then have a great center for years and he's only 24 right now. Bynum will be one too but remember, he's only 18 and he has over 10 years worth of prime left in him.

And Smush has all the tools to be a great point guard. If he works hard during the offseason and learns the NBA style with zeal and less of the street basketball, we have ourselves a great point guard. Just get a great point guard defender to tutor Smush, he already has the offensive skills that only he can develop.

Kobe, Kwame, and Smush should all be fine for Thursday.

And what happens when Mihm comes back? Even though we don't know, the possibilites of him are either being a backup to Kwame, starting at PF, or maybe taking Kwame's spot. Mihm is a very good backup and bench player so unless he learns to play Power Forward and how to play defense and be quicker, I'd say he's gonna come off the bench.

Phoenix lost tonight to the Bucks
Memphis lost to Seattle
Sacramento lost to Washington
and it looks like tha Clippers are gonna lose to the Spurs.

#6 seed here we come, I just can't wait to see 'Melo and Kobe Stoppa in the first round.


Which NBA ranking is that, that's not the ranking is it, because I read that one earlier this week.


The Lakers don't need to have been blown out by those kinds of teams. They just need to have lost. And because of their limitations, I'm not sure it's as easy to adjust as you're making it out to be.

Which leads me to your question, "Is Phoenix really that much more athletic than the Lakers?" In a word, yeah. Forget the main guys (Nash and Marion v. Kobe and LO) and just compare healthy role players: James Jones, Eddie House, Raja Bell, Leandro Barbosa and Boris Diaw vs. Luke Walton, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown, Devean George, Sasha Vujacic and Smush? As a collective, it's not even close. Plus they're much quicker (for a "young team," the Lakers are pretty slow). Mind you, I'm not even saying the Suns guys are all better pure players, necessarily. But if you're trying to create a superior running match up, you'd be nuts to pick the Lakers guys. But you're right. The next two games will be very telling.

Thanks, L.


Very ineresting....similar...yet different


That was a great clip, and a very fitting song to boot. It was cool to look back and see all of Kobe's great moments, you tend to forget some of them. I also think it was great that the last shot by Kobe was the big three he hit in game 2 against the Pistons. I think it was his the most clutch shot he's ever hit. People tend to forget about that one because the Lakers lost the series.

Hey Sith

THANK YOU!!! That video was great, all you Kobe fans should have a look, that's uncanny in playing styles :)

Everybody says Kobe isn't MJ and of course they're right. But you can't deny that Kobe is gonna go down as one of the greatest ever. We Laker fans have been simply blessed to have Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Wilt all in Purple and Gold.

Enjoy it while we can and I'm starting to believe we can cause some real noise in the Playoffs.

Sith that was an incredible video drawing comparison between Kobe and MJ

I guess I'm not the only one that thinks it's obvious that kobe is Mike's heir.

nah its DIME's you could find it under foxsportsnet...

Go Lakers..

Thanks for the playback. Of course you guys have the rep, I was wondering how the blog, a relatively new interactive media, is received on that end...sorry didn't make it clear. I know it's been great for us fans. V

i cant believe it, their too much alike yet hella different, thankz for the link sith

Go Lakers...


Okay, I get the question better. I can't speak for BK, but that's actually not something I've discussed with the Lakers at great length. It's kind of awkward, you know? I don't want it to come off like we're for fishing for compliments. I just assume that if they're unhappy with the blog, they'll let us know. Since they haven't, I can only guess they're fine with what we do.

Thanks for the nice words as well. We appreciate it.


Man, if that's true, I better stop calling them names before they get mad. LOL


great vid great song thanks

I've never understood the likes of Michael Teniente seeking attention from anonymous people. It baffles me. There's no original content in his posts. He's either spewing mindless dribble or trying to pick apart somebody's post with little success.

This blogging community would do better without attention-seeking mongers like "mike".

My IQ invariably drops 0.1 percent everytime I read Michael TenRinRin's posts. Somebody has to put up a warning sign. But one can usually deduce whom the author of the post is within the first few words (ie. Me, You, Happy, Eat Dog).

A little off the subject and aimed at all of those who wanted us to get Ron Artest...

From Yahoo sports this A.M.-

"I don't think we're playing that well together offensively," coach Rick Adelman said. "I don't think that we're sharing the ball and moving the ball enough."

"It is about taking over," countered Artest, who also guaranteed a win at Portland on Wednesday night. "That's the type of player I am, and that's what I'm going to do. Whatever it takes, that's what I'm going to do."

They have completely caved up there in cow town. A team game will always win...

Man....that Kobe-Jordan video gave me goose bumps, the song was so fitting as well.

Hey everyone, its so tough being a huge laker fan living on the east coast. Im so glad i came across this blog. I practically live on this blow now.

Anyway, i've been feeling so good because of our little winning streak we gat goin on right now. I think if we beat the spurs tomorrow nite, we won't lose more than 2 games for the remainder of the season. And that's a real possibility because tony parker will be out or not 100% because of a bruised shin or something. I think we could beat them with him healthy anyway but this makes it a little easier at least.

As far as the suns go, I wouldn't be surprised at all if we beat them in the 1st round because as some of you mentioned we didn't get blown out by them and the we played them early on and on the 2nd game of a back to back. The way the suns lost the last 2 games getting absolutely blown out says a whole lot. If you guys noticed, the suns players don't create there own shots well and when nash has less than 8 or so assist, they are very beatable. And how does an mvp go scoreless.
I could see that our guys are finally starting to pick up the triangle. They still don't have it fully but you could see their understanding it a lot better and becoming more instinctual. Frankly, if i were any other team I wouldn't wanna see Kobe in the playoffs period.

beautiful video
kobe ur beautiful(u r game i m straight)
how can these so called basketball experts ignore this kind of greatness i say if we chek nash duncan and garnet thy wouldnt have highlight like kobe he can do it all
the video says jordan wasnt that good at 19
i say he wasnt that good at 27 eather(like kobe now)
and propably all of u would say that some of us that clame he can be better than MJ
when kobe is 30 and has more that the three titles MJ had
Kobe for MVP(nash my ass,he s good but no MVP no Hall of famer and defently not one of the G.O.A.T)

yo guys to add to my point and get u all a bit emotional about the black mamba

I'm with L on the Phoenix debate. What makes Dallas any less "scary"? I get the matchup thing, but I don't totally buy it. Phoenix is softer and a hot team could really catch them with more ease than a hot team could against a team that plays defense,like San Antonio. Both Dallas and Phoenix look vulnerable to me because of their lack of D.

Thanks for the update.


As far as the media thing goes, I don't think the players differentiate between what we do and what other guys are doing. It's all the same to them. They just recognize us more because we're around so much.


I'm with you in the sense that I don't think the Lakers would be better off angling to finish 8th instead of 7th (when I posted on the topic, I said win as much as you can, play who you play). I asked Dunleavy about this at a Clipper game (they're situation is similar- slipping into the 6th spot would be better than the 5th, theoretically) and his response was a good one. Be careful what you wish for. I agree.

That said, I think of the three teams the Lakers are likely to play (Dallas, S.A., Phoenix), there's no question in my mind the Lakers match up worst against the Suns. But I'm a playoff pessimist, anyway. I don't think they'll beat any of the three. (Sorry folks, gotta be honest.)


I respect the legit contenders like Spurs, Suns, Mavs, Pistons and so on. But, not to be bias, I highly consider the Lakers the team to beat. Not because of their wins. Just because of Phil Jackson. I'm talking about Phil Jackson. No one can prepare a team better for the playoffs than him and his coaching staff. I remember what he said, "If we can make it to the playoffs, we can really do some damage." That keeps lingering in my mind even after the ups and downs. Let's look at the progress of the team. Besides Kobe, Kwame, Lamar and the rest reason are playing more efficient within the triangle offense. And they can only get better with Mihm, Bynum and Turiaf as back ups. I know they can beat the Spurs and Suns, if and only if, they play lock defense on Parker and Nash. I do expect them to beat the Spurs and 7 out of 10 next games. I've seen Phil do it before and he can do it again. ever underestimate the Zenmaster and the Will and determination of Kobe Bean Bryant. Forget the MVP trophy. Let's go for the Bling BLing.

Go Lakers!!!!!


I agree, over the course of a seven game series I just don't think we're at a place to beat any of the three teams we will face. BUT, I think its absolutely the most important thing for the development of this team, and the health of the franchise, for them to be in the playoffs and have a good showing. All that being said, getting our regular season win total as high as possible is huge. All articles will say something along the lines of "from 34 wins to ? wins..." That goes along way for building confidence in such a young team. Everyone was in agreement that this wasn't a year to make a run as a contender, it was to get back on our feet after last year's debacle. To be in the playoffs in a rebuilding year speaks volumes about Kobe, Phil, and the rest of this team. And at this point, that's good enough for me.

Facing the Suns (athletic team) seems a little less suited to the Lakers style compared to Denver (physical team). But Denver is real physical man. The Kwam show has to step up in that series if it comes to that.
The relatively easiest of the top 4 teams for L.A seems to be Dallas. 62 has really gotten to them. In case, it hasnt,8 will make sure another 55 or 60 will get to them during the series.


I have to agree with you. The Laker bench is not nearly as athletic as the Suns. However, it doesn't really need to be. The systematic offense works fine for those players, and that's why the Lakers have them. George, Sasha, Cook are all spot up shooters. With Phil's (Tex's) system of the triangle, it's a set offense. Run and gun if you can, but always run through the triangle.

I'm glad there is a system vs. always trying to screen and roll. The Lakers just need to defend that roll against the Suns in the first round. It might take a game or two in the playoffs, but PJ will teach. Or give Tex a call.


I'm not concerned about Suns' superior athleticsm when it comes to the Lakers running their own offense. I'm concerned when it comes to defending the Suns as they run (emphasis on "run") theirs.


Somebody plz..get that 'sonnybeta'b'fat" and ask him wat's up with his queens..those subpar royal leprechauns. hahaha. they might not even make the playoffs after all with utah chasing them. 1 and half game sad..they lost last nite to a wizards team without 2 starters. hahahaha.."sonnybetabquiet" hahaha

Our defense hasn't exactly been "crushing" this year and it seems like a crushing defense is the only thing that can slow down the Sun.

Did anyone see the last two Suns games? I heard they got blown out. What's that all about?

Everybody knows you can score on the Suns, the problem is who can stop THEM from scoring. When they score, they do it in runs and before you know it, you're down 15 points.

But I think somebody had a great point, if you can play Nash 1 on 1, the Suns are screwed. The Suns make their living picking on double-teams. Let Nash get his points, trust in Smush and the Lakers would be all right.

The Lakers only have 2 major hurdles to get to the Western Finals...Suns and Spurs. Everybody else cannot compete with the Lakeshow.

yo sith..that video was good

Well some encouraging news from the Lakers practice. Hopefully Kobe's back gets to normal soon. What happened to limiting his minutes??? What's going on with Jim Jackson and McKie? If those two could play well, man that would allow Kobe to rest. Hopefully Jim Jackson and McKie can contribute in the end of the season and the playoffs. The K brothers, I have a question. Seeing Jim Jackson and McKie practice, how would you assess their understanding of the triangle? McKie's knowledge by now is probably better than Jackson but is he going to play any time soon?
Man, it would be wild if the Lakers can be champions this year. Given, how well they have played against some of the elite teams this year and how much confidence they have playing those guys, it could happen. Just a thought.

where are my comments?

To beat the Suns, the Lakers need to do 3 things:

1)Contain Shawn Marion. Who ever is guarding him stick to him like glue. That's how SA almost swept them last year. Marion is the true MVP of the Suns not "Shaggy" Steve Nash.

2)Clean up the rebounds. Remember Riley's quote Rebounds=Rings!

3)Transition defense this will eliminate the easy points Phoenix will get and force them into a slower paced half court game. Phoenix can run a half court set, but as the game wears on the slower pace effects them mentally because they have to make more decisions within the clock, which makes them lazier defensively, notice all of their losses follow this exact pattern.

I have to say - having been there, I don't wish an injury on anyone. ANYONE. However, the team we will face in the first round had a major disaster with Amare. We can beat this team....I agree with the earlier post that mentioned us losing to the Suns early in the season. That was then, this is now. Completely different team since LO woke up from the weed hangover. I feel good (and i haven't burned with LO)


I feel really bad for saying this. I like Amare. However, the Suns won't move past the first round without him. We (The Lakers) have seen plenty of the injury bug. However, you need roll through it to take you through the playoffs. I'm not predicting the Lake Show to go far, but Kobe's experience will help in the first round. I predict upset. Lakers can beat Phoenix in the first round. Emphesis on can. We've beat better teams all year long. The Lakers aren't championship caliber but they will turn some heads.

Everyone who insists that due to the Amare re-injury the Suns are vulnerable, they have been without Amare ALL YEAR LONG and have 47 wins and counting. They are good without him.


I think the Suns are solid but they need playoff experience. Thanks to the Laker change (a 7 game series vs. 5 in the 1st round) any team can get knocked off. Amare is a badass, but the Lake Show can and will win. Stevie is good but Kobe is better. I like our chances. I hate to admit...we won't go further than the 2nd round.


PJ is absolutely right about staying in the moment and crossing bridges when they come to them. The team needs to remain focused and secure its playoff berth. All this speculation about future lineups and combinations is great fodder for our blog, but has little or no real meaning as the team moves foward. What's needed is for them to maximize their present situation and JUST WIN BABY! GO LAKERS!


Love me or hate me...

Go Lakers!

This is my first post since discovering this blog and oh how refreshing it is to not have to argue on behalf of my team for a change. I hear you EJ but try living in Portland, where EVERYBODY hates the Lakers, and wearing some purp and gold out in public. I had one dude tell me he should kill me for wearing that in his presence. It's easy to laugh that off when the Blazers couldn't beat most of the teams in the NCAA tournament. Thanks for all the news and let's see what our boys can do with these final 10 games. Truthfully I don't see them moving up past the 7th spot but it doesn't matter. Once we're in, we're in and we're capable of knocking off anybody 1 through 8 for numerous reasons. Keep the faith baby!

laker fan in san antonio.

lakers have by far played past their expectation.they will continue to improve and will surprise whomever they play in the playoff.this is not the year with a little cap room and a key acqusition and your could see the lakeshow competing for a title.lakers are a ver young team and has a tremendous amout of room for growth and improvement with kwame,smush,and andrew.a good showing in the playoff will go a long way for this team next year.remember when the lakers we swept consecutive years in the playoff?kobe will push this team to their limit with their limited playoff experience and it will be used to springboard them into next season. with a little luck, they could make it to the second, possibility third round this year.NEXT YEAR WATCH OUT!!!!GO LAKERS. PISTONS IN 7 OVER SAN ANTONIO

I don't think it would be such a bad idea if in the second to the last game Kobe gets a technical, that way he doesn't have to miss any games come the playoffs. Does anyone know if they start with a clean slate in the playoffs? But what I really want to see in the playoffs is Kwame being aggressive, but a little personally agressive if you know what I mean. Just to intimidate the opponent a bit. If the Lakers don't do it the Sun's surely will. So better be prepared than unprepared. That's my two cents, see yah!



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