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Extra! Extra! (3.30)

Know how people sometimes talk about hating somebody for so long, they don't even remember why anymore? That pyschology may be somewhat applicable to Spurs hatin' Lakers fans, at least from the perspective of the players/coaches they're cheering or booing. With L.A.'s roster more tossed than a Cobb salad since the threepeat run, it just don't feel the same no more for the participants. That being said, tonight's match up at Staples is far from meaningless. The Spurs are trying to snatch up as much home court as possible throughout the postseason. The Lakers, meanwhile, are trying to hit their first five game winning streak since '04 and keep those challenging for their seed at bay. The timing ain't bad for the Lakers, with every San Antonio PG suffering through one injury or another. Does said gimpiness provide optimism equal to Chris Mihm's regarding his eventual return?  Well, give the game a quarter or so before deciding for sure.

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let's keep our expectations about the spurs game in check--
remember, the win over san antonio on march 10 was the spurs' second game of a back-to-back and their 4th game in 5 nights, so they were no doubt a little tired. meanwhile our boys had a night off the day before that game. this time around the spurs have both a day off before tonight's game and revenge on their minds, so it's going to take kobe, lo, smush, and a 4th player to step up for us to pull this off, parker or no parker playing for san ant.

can we win? of course, but let's keep in mind the circumstances of our last win over the spurs and not just assume it's going to happen again because of that game.

All I have to say is big game tonight. No predictions, no hopes, no expectattions. This is going to be a great game to use as a measuring stick for us. Are we ready to take that next step into elite status, or do we have a long way to go before we can dream to be as good as the Spurs again.

PS: I HATE THE SPURS (especially Tim not really a power forward Duncan)!!!!!!!!

The circumstances of tonights game are exactly as Phil says, we have to play them tough at home if we expect success in the playoffs. I'd be OK [not really]with a close loss, just so SA knows they were in a battle. The Spurs won't take us lightly so this will be a great measuring stick.

Naturally a win will raise everyone's expectations to the Big Dance.

Can't wait...GO LAKE SHOW!!

Last time around, San Antone beat the Lakers and were whupped by the Clippers. This time, they beat up on the Clips. Hmmmmm....
Finley and Barry are shooting the lights out. Need to defend those damn 3s.


what's with you and this negativity that you are trying to hide? everybody has got excuses, didn't the lakers play alot of back to back this season with top par teams, didn't the lakers have injuries too, didn't kobe get suspended. if we take out the suspensions, and the injuries, we would probably have four or five more wins, and be 5th in the conference, but forget that, nobody cares. we are going in fighting today, whether it be a back to back, broke back, or injuries, it doesn't matter. you have the first post this morning, and you come with all that negativity. if you are a laker fan, which i doubt, i have one word for you, BELIEVE! that's what we fans do.

We just need to come out with intensity, dictate the flow of the game, and if need be punch them in the mouth.

I am a little interested to see how the Lakers come to play after this layoff. Its a coin flip between coming out slow and lethargic or just busting at the seams with energy. I think the outcome of the first quarter will dictate the outcome of the game.

A loss would tie for the most losses in a season for a Phil Jackson team.

Obviously that cannot happen. Guess we'll just have to win out.

With the way we've been playing, I too expect nothing less than a victory. That being said, I'm not going to pin our playoff hopes on 1 game, we'll be in the playoffs and we'll have an impact...this game is just like a pre-emptive strike like.

Go Lakers! Show us what you can do! Prove that there is a reason why we believe a championship is coming (if that makes sense lol)!

Above all else, especially since the pgs are not full speed, we must protect the 3 pt line. Without their slashing all the time pgs, they will force feed it to Duncan (so Kwame do your thang), and he probably will pass a lot to the open 3 pointers, so we must protect. Play tough D, like we know we can, and we'll be fine.


Nobody had to concede anything to anyone. If you enter the battle field with a mindset that you could lose then you have already have lost.

The bottom line is that we can beat them, and have before. I don’t care about circumstances (especially the petty ones you bring up). That being said we should expect to win, and get the negativity out of heads of a possible loss.

“Once you learn to quit it becomes a habit” - Lambardi

Remember, as banged up as we are, the Spurs are banged up as well. Parker is hurt and he is the heart and soul of the team. The reason we won the last game is because we were able to contain him and slow down his penetration. Without that penetration nobody will be open to shoot the threes they live on.

We have a great young team, can you imagine where we will be in the next few years if we can keep this group together?
Kwame seems to play duncan very well, and seeing that Tony parker is not at full strength duncan will probably be the main offensive weapon, thus we should be in good shape. If we play honest defense, stay in front of our men, rebound and don't gamble we should win this game. But all that is easier said than done, i just hope Phil has our boys focused and we jump all over them in the first quarter and have a huge lead so our starters can get rest and our bench can get more PT.


"Nothing less than a victory"?

Well, I know everyone's flush with the win streak, but I'm going to be the voice of reason throwing cold water on everyone's flames of passion.

I, myself, am going to root my heart out for a victory tonight and when we win it'll be because we forced a victory, not because we deserve one.

San Antonio is good, real good. I saw that at the Clippers game. They can shoot the ball, great inside game, great defense.

If we win this game, it is because of Kwame Brown. If Kwame can score and shut down Tim Duncan, we can win this game. If not, then we don't win. Period.

I think we can definitely win this game. Jimmy makes some valid arguments but if Kwame keeps up his strong play, with the Spurs injuries we should be able to pull out the W


1st key to the game: Remembering that Kwame Brown is still taking baby steps. Babies, when they try to do too much, usually fall down. This includes Smush Parker. Kwame and Smush should play within the game and not try to dazzle. Solid basketball in regards of developing from the baby steps they thus far have taken.

2nd key to the game: Remembering that these are the World Champion San Antonio Spurs. They remind of an older Muhammad Ali. Ali, when he was getting older would find ways to win. Just when you think you’ve figured him out, he’d pull a rabbit out of is hat. Remember the heart and soul of this team is Tim Duncan. Do not underestimate his determination combined with his sound fundamental basketball playing. The most boring superstar in the league will kill you with silent determination. Position is the key! Over confidence will sneak up and bite us if we underestimate them.

3rd key to the game: Tight defensive rotations. Hand in the face of the shooter, especially from 3 point range.

Play ball!



Gerry B you are right. Tony Parker is hurt and even if he does play he won't be 100%. Now Smush will not only have an easier time defending but maybe even Devean George can be back on the court more since he won't be toasted like he was in 2003 Playoofs.

With the case we need to contain the outside shots on defense and stop those three pointers or make them make unrealistic ones. Once we do that, it'll be Kwame against Tim Duncan and remember how that one went. On offense, we need everybody to get involved, Kobe shooting good but passing to get around Bruce Bowen. Lamar needs to take advantage more of his all around skills and Kwame needs to continue to be a dominant force. Once we do that again, with our backups also stepping up, we have this game.

We win this, it is very possible to get the 6th seed.

"Love me or hate me, it's one or the other"
-Kobe Bryant

I hope Kwame stays at center when Mihm returns. Once in the offseason, unless we get a great Power Forward, either of these guys (preferbly Mihm), needs to know how to play Power Forward. If these two guys learn to play good with each other on the field, and also Smush learns to play defense much better, we can collect them rings again. Let's go Lake Show!

man I hope Kobe gets the calls today...Bruce Bowen is a dirty dirty player at times---did you guys see that kick/push he laid on the back of Ray Allen (who I don't like so yay). But Bowen is definitely the typical "pesky defender."

I hope they captialize tonight. A loss will not be a disappointment as long as they compete for 48 minutes on both ends of the court. NO Penetration for Tony and Manu. All I'm asking for them to Play with some Big Hearts. GO Lakers.

What's up with all the negativity towards Jimmy? Everyone might not like what he said, but everything he said was true. Now I don't know if he was trying to be negative, but the way I see it he was just saying be cautious and don't get relaxed thinking we can easily beat this team. None of us as fans should see this as a easy win, and the players definitely shouldn't think this is going to be an easy win. I truly believe we can beat anyone in this league, but we all also have to be realistic and know that we are playing the world champs and not to take them lightly.

PS: I really really really hate the Spurs!!!!!!!!!!

tonights game is crucial for these young players confidence i hope kob doesnt shoot us out of it a bad omen for us is our horrible records on national television we suck on national t.v. wtf!kwame needs to have the game of his life lamar has to force san antonio to put bowen on him so kob can get loose for if lamar gets off like dirk did against them then you would see bowen guarding him or if kob comes out aggressive and gets him into foul trouble then he can get loose cause finley cant guard him but if hes too aggressive then it will kill the flow of the game i.e. shaws interview.kob needs to realize that he makes it a lot easier on him if the others get off like they are capable of doing cause then they would have to play on five says nothing about team no matter if you can make the shot or not what makes lebron so good is that teams dont know if hes gonna shoot it or pass it so they have to stay at home then he gets one-on-one coverage all the time,scores 35 and has seven dimes say what you want but kob is capable of putting up astronomical numbers offensively but his confidence is devestating sometimes dont get me wrong i love kob to death there is not one bigger fan out there than me i've been down with him since day one ive studied his game and realize that every single shot he takes has a chance of going in every one thats why he shoots 30 footers with ease, hes mastered the offensive part of the game but he plays it like he lives his life: alone mostly involing others some, qiutting never. ive been wanting to say this for a long time, its almost like cursing but i honestly think that kobe sabatoged the detroit series, my reason for this is he was upset with phils gameplan for the finals wich was feed it into shaq every possesion and let him decide what to do.he could not beleive this after he almost single handedly thumped the spurs the number one defensive team in the league that year with an all-defensive first teamer in bowen,so this disgusted him just enough for him to "give up" on the season and his team peroid. as you all saw in both games this season kobe has blasted the pistons the same detroit pistons that we faced in the finals, so ill let you draw your own conclusion. i heard a rumor a long time ago that said that kob used to throw his high school gms to let the other team come back so he could get the ball back and be the hero.anyways the team is only good as kobe lets them be as much as i hate to say it.kobe could easily put up the numberts lebron puts up but why doesnt he point granted we dont have ilgalkus or gooden but even cookie said that we give kob too much credit and others on the team can play too.(utah game).and when he scored 81 what about smushs comment.with that being said these players are accepting the roles and therefore we are winning gms.we will be a deadly team in the playoffs, and someone stated earlier that we have to have a good first quarter i beg to differ b/c we usually have good first quarters its the second and third that kills us! fyi

OK, got the money for a second mortgage on the cabin in Big Bear. Putting all of it on the Lakers tonight and hope to get some of the money back I lost last week...Go Kwame!

Finley and Barry are hot these days, and Mohammed is playing big in the paint.
And those guys are the weak points.
It's a great team with veteran experience that knows this is the time to step it up. It's the difference between now and maybe next year if we fold like the Clips at home. This is where Phil and Kobe earn their money and the kids get experienced. Should be a great show.

Is there any team in the league that would take the Spurs lightly? I don't think that will be a problem tonight. If it doesn't go our way, in all probability it will be because the Spurs are really good... and because the refs screwed us, naturally.

Yes Jon, "nothing but a victory," and why not, I believe we're good enough to compete with them toe-to-toe. And now with them banged up, as are we, by the way, but we're younger, we should be able to take advantage of an aging, injured team. Granted they are champions, they have heart, and they are tough, but with the way we've been playing, our D, and our improving team, I think it's time to expect wins, instead of just hoping for them. We're good enough to beat them once, we can do it again. A team that beat the spurs, detroit, and is in a 4 game winning streak should win tonight (if not in confidence, and clicking alone). That is of course, assuming we bring our A game. That and I really really want them to win, cause I don't want to have to hear Barkley talk (notice how he doesn't talk much when we play well).

Like I said, I expect a win, I have confidence in this team. However I'm not going to pin all our playoff hopes on this one game. Win or lose (and yes I think we'll win---Kwame you can do it!) we'll still make the playoffs.

Go Lakers!

aw...Mike, you're supposed to agree with me all the time jk

If you people are too lazy to give credit where credit is due, then I will do it: kudos to Phil Jackson for calling Bruce Bowen "Edward Scissorshands"! Even if it isn't true, it should be.

thanks Weave-Man. that's all i was saying--let's be confident, but not overconfident. didn't mean to sound negative (can't believe my lakers loyalty was questioned), but if you read the post i did say of course we can win, cause we can beat anyone, any night.


I do agree with you. It's just that young guys have a way of getting ahead of themselves. We've been doing well as of late, and I can't help but to think that our youngs guys might be thinking ahead of schedule. By that I mean, trying to do too much. My philosophy is: Do not try to dominate! Play sound ball and if the stats, at the end of the game, say we dominated, so be it! My point? Do not try to fabricate something that doesn't come from sound basketball.



Unrepentant, eh?

Okay, when we crush San Antonio tonight you can rub it in my face tomorrow and I will duely apologize.

If we escape with a victory or lose, you'll be hearing about it from me.

Go Kwame!

Go Lakers!

sounds fair. (Gee I now I hope we win, I wouldn't want to get crushed hehe)

The Lakers' Gameplan

Establish inside presence. Make Tim Duncan work on defense.

Deny Manu / Parker penetration. Force their outside game.

Distribute the ball and minimize turnovers.

Show no mercy.

It's funny when I say "just go out there and put forth effort" I get labeled as someone who doesn't think big enough. When I'm confident, and expect a win, I'm overconfident and somewhat wrong. It's a good thing I'm relying on my instincts, et al, otherwise a girl could develop a complex. lol

somebody made a comment here that if the lakers win they don't deserve it, that's is the most outrageous thing i ever heard, how can you beat someone that is supposedly better than you, and not deserve the glory. i'm tired of people making excuses, tony parker is hurt, this is that, that is this, who cares? hasn't the whole lakers roster been hurt the whole season, if slava was around, we would not be looking for a power forward (very offensive minded and knew the triangle too, not horrible on d) mckie, profit, kwame, mihm, george, walton, odom, kobe, smush, cook: all these guys were hurt this season, that's the whole freaking roster. that's part of the game. if the lakers lose , oh well! and they win, great, they fu##ing deserve it!!!
they make excuses for san antonio, so if they lose tonight, you can say,oh they were hurt. i believe in the lakers, until they lose, I BELIEVE THEY WILL WIN!

It's looking to me like Memphis is trying to give us the 6th seed. A win tonite coupled with the schedule we have ahead of us puts us in a position to make a serious run at it. Nuggets in 1st round anyone?

Hey look, it's Faith....yeeeeaaahhhhhh!

She's a smart girl!


Escape with a victory Jon K? Heh, I'll take that too, as long as the Lakers win, I don't care if Kobe bites Bowen grab-ass fingers off.

But unlike most of you, I think the bench will be the key for the Spurs. Finley, Barry, Udrih and of course, Nick the Quick. The Lakers bench has no answer for them. So hopefully the Laker starters ate their Wheaties this morning because it's gonna be a 40 minute game for them. Expect sub-par games from Duncan, and TParker. Manu and Bowen are always x-factors, hopefully tonight won't be their night.

Go Lakers

JOHN K!!!!!!!!

I'm indeed suprised at your language,"if the lakers escape with a victory". you don't escape with a victory at HOME! that's done on the road. if you believe the lakers would lose, keep it to yourself, don't try to mess up the spirit of optimism we have here, is there anything wrong in believing? whenever the lakers lose, be it to the pistons, suns, or spurs, it hurts me, because i believe that impossible is nothing, and nothing is impossible. the whole league knows that the lakers are better than the blazers, but didn't they hand it to the lakers? LET'S GO LAKERS, F@@KING DOMINATE, THAT'S THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN WIN!!!!!!!!

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has an answer for proper defensive rotations! It's physics. Not Barry, Finely, or whoever is coming from the Spurs bench. That's just a fact. If these guys "get hot" it'll be because of open 3's, which means we broken down on the defensive end. I don't anticipate that happening.


Another Key to the game is:

PJ's rotations. We need to have Kobe, Lamar, and Kwame to be in the game at all times. If Kobe is out then Lamar must be on the floor with Kwame. If Kwame is out, then Lamar must be on the floor with Kobe. If Lamar is out then Kobe must be on the floor with Kwame. We must have 2 of the 3 on the floor at all times.



You're right. I have strayed from the true path. I apologize.

[Man, the Spurs looked good when they played the Clippers...]

Oh Jon, of little faith!

Return to the path of righteous Lakerdom!




Let's have Sasha gaurd Duncan, just for sh1ts and giggles. Maybe he can get under Timmy's skin and throw him off his game! An ejection will be a bonus!

Mike T,

I don't think PJ is going to use that stupid "Kobe/Lamar + 4 other bench-warmers" rotation he has been playing with the last couple of games. Tonight is serious. Expect Kobe, Lamar, and Kwame to play 42+ minutes tonight. Besides, they may be nursing injuries but they just had 4 days off.

john k!!!!!!!

now you're talking. i love you, men! makes me feel better. GO LAKERS, GO. MIKE T, true talk. lady Faith, keep up the faith, girl. GO LAKERS GO!

Even the best defensive rotations don't beat the rotations of the ball. A team with 3 or 4 good outside shooters, like San Antonio, is going to get a lot of open shots. That is why they are the champions. You have to try and make them work for it, hope that they aren't on fire tonight, and do a reasonable job of scoring when you have the ball.


I like the way you think...

Cause I gotta have faith, faith, faith...

THANK GOD WE KEPT ODOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artest has been in slump, he shot 10-50 in their last three games, he still plays good d, but shot selection is horrendous, we couldn't have him and kobe jacking up shots. lamar has been consistent, i wouldn't trade him for anyone right now, you can't trade for chemistry. he seems to be having that with kobe now. when i was in college learning a new play, i was constantly thinking about what to do next, also were my teammates, but once you figure it out, you just play, then you can cheat, that is go away from the play and come back to it, instead of looking like a robot out there. b'cos our opponents knew the plays aswell, so sometimes you go away from it to beat the defense, that's what is happening with lakers now, they are improvising, that comes from knowledge of the play and confidence. i believe if this group stay together next year, they would be a 50 win team, but i do not know about winnning the championship, although i still believe anything is possible.

Michael T,

You're quite fond of physics, aren't you? I'm not sure if defensive rotations are a success because of physics (maybe geometry), but I do think that's the key to any team's victories. On the other hand, I'm not Stephen Hawking so you might now something I don't.

Michael Teniente,

I love when you describe any solution to a problem as "it's physics!"

We should bring a bunch of physicists on the Lakers roster, that should solve any problems we might have.

I will definitely rooting for the lakers, I want them to win and get that 5 games in a row streak since 2004. It's going to be a tough battle. Usually, I would predict Spurs will beat them. Since the Lakers are known for being Rusty after long breaks.

But somehow, someway, I feel like this is the Lakers time. This is their time, it's now or never. I think they will do very well against the Spurs tonight, but not certain who would win the game

Obviously, I will root for them to win but uhhh I don't know...

Kobe's been playing unselfish basketball lately I like it. efficient shooting, unselfish basketball, it's beautiful.

The rotation on defense should be the key, no open 3s. With Parker out or not 100% and Kwame doing good job on Duncan we can win. Period

Hey Sonny Belfast, Go Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm rooting for you to win the Championship, errr....well maybe not what you'd expect actually. Since the Laker Girls are out of the bracket, and the Queens will have a hard time staying in the playoff hunt with Utah breathing down your neck, I'll root for your real Championship team.

Go Kings Dance Team!

Oops, here's the link to the NBA Dance team championships

Kwame is the man.

Kwmae is the man.

Kwame is the man.

If Kwame plays good, then we win ever game.

Good meaning 17pts and 8 Rebs.

35 pts by Kobe
17 pts by Kwame
18 pts by Lo
70 pts from three players = success

I just want to know where we got all these Kwame Lover's from.

1 + 1 = 2. That is physics.

if a NBA player shot 40-45 percent from the ark, he is considered a stud. If a player does shot that high it's because of open shots. Put a hand in his face; that percentage goes down. It's simple math. Math is physics, right? Physics because a physical hand disturbing the view of a physical being trying to attempt a shot, which, at best, is only 40-45 percent accurate without a hand in the face.


I asked my boss for a raise and he said no. I asked why and he said, "it's physics".

Apparently physics is like Jack Palance's finger in "City Slickers", it's the key to everything, but you have to figure it out for yourself.

When I no longer have an answer for something, I'm saying "it's physics".

I am really looking forward to tonight's game; up and coming Laker team against the defending NBA champs. Kobe vs. Bruce the Butcher. Kwame vs. Whining Timmy. I'm excited to see what the team can do. What we have to remember is that the difference between teams in the league is often very slight. Although the Spurs are the champs, I really don't think they are that much better than the Lakers. Same goes for the Pistons, Dallas, Phoenix...whoever. Those teams have been together longer and have a system in place that defines them. The Lakers are still in search of their true colors as a group. If you look at the start of Detroit this year, they came out of the gate like gangbusters because they have the unity of a veteran team. They are good, real good, but they have come back to the rest of the pack a little bit as other teams develop chemistry and togetherness over the course of the season. This Laker team appears to be on the right path and with continued growth and improvement, who knows where they can wind up. LET'S GO LAKERS!!!

The are 2 laws, which we humans operate under. Physics and psychology. The laws that exist in our outter being and the laws that exist in our inner-being. That is the truth. If you didn't get a raise it is more than like a psychological problem. Or it can be because you are not performing, which would be physics.


Michael T.

1 + 1 = 2 is mathematics (or at the very least semiotics) not physics, bro.

Michael T., you're off the team! Somebody bring in Stephen Hawkins to coach Kobe!

It's Physics, MAN!



PS: I love Tim Duncan. He's my homeboy from St. Croix, USVI. I get very upset when sportswriters refer to him as being from a foreign country. St. Croix has been part of the United States since 1917. Tim is a United States citizen by birth, just like anyone born in the United States Virgin Islands. I've met him on the beach down there and he is a true gentleman. But when he plays against the Lakers, well, I hope the Lakers kick his butt!!!

According to PTI, the management of Minnesota will not trade KG..Shucks! Hope they're just being modest...hehe

Key to the game is not Kwame - it's Lamar. If Lamar is playing at SF [and he should], he should take that punk@$$ Bowen to the cleaners. LO should exploit his mismatch and make them pay. Duncan is never the type who will kill you for 40. I'm confident enough in Kwame that we don't have to double TimD, but he's still going to get his. Key is to prevent the dribble drives and the open 3s.
If LO can punish them on the offensive end to the tune of 25+ points, we'll be okay.

Hard Work is the answer to everything.

At some point in life, you have to work hard at what ever you want or else you won't get it.

Some work hard at lying, stealing, cheating, and so on. Then you have people that work hard for good reason, like for their family, school, sports, or anything positive. When you work hard at whatever it is that you want, a person usally comes out on top.

Physics is not why the Lakers are winning. It is strictly hard work. They have the hardest working teammate to use as an example: KOBE BRYANT.

Physics, yeah right. Someone explain this one to me????????????????????????????????????????????

Dude, I'm laughing at the physics conversation. The raise thing was a poor attempt at humor, I apologize.

You have to dig the Jack Palance reference though, right?

How about spirituality Michael T? There are quite a few humans that operate under spiritual laws. Not trying to be argumentative, I like where you're coming from, it just got me to thinking.

yo Zakee, this is actually your Lakers:

KOBE- 90 pts (Tunnel vision, just the ring and himself).

KWAME- 2 PTS (lucky tip in)

ODOM- 0 PTS (Frustrated, because someone isn't sharing the ball... again).



You might be the funniest guy in the room.

Every time Kobe score more then 60 the statistics show that we ussually win by a very large margin

Jon k,

Physics is a form of math. All math has the foundation of 1+1=2. Without 1+1=2 there is no foundation for an expression that is found in physics or any other mathematical expression.


Hey I know no one ever likes the guy who busts out official definitions..but according to american heritage, Physics is "the science of matter and energy and of interactions between the two."

You know what that means?
Mike T is correct when he says defensive rotations is physics. Hahaaha...oh man..ok.

Andrew Z.

Ok, you're right there are 3 laws. Physic, physcologhy, and spiritual. The 3rd, spiritual, overides the other 2 but you must be versed in that application to apply it.


Hard work is an act of body movement. Body movement is physics in its basic form. Yeah, right! It is physics.


One other thing about tonight's game. Devean George is going to have play well defensively for the Lake Show to come out on top. San Antonio has some very productive swingmen; Manu, Finley,Barry etc. Devean has got to be strong!

OK already. I understand the physics concept now.

If one more F-ing person types "physics"... I’m going to shove a beaker up their a@@.

Beaker... oh wait... that's chemistry. :)

Michael T.

Physics is not a form of math. They are interelated studies, but are not the same thing.

If extrapolated far enough, everything could be considered math, but it's not.

Mathematics is simply a projection of the mind based upon simplifying reality based upon categorization of experience into sets of quantum/tokens.

Anyhow, if you want to bring a physicist in to advise the Lakers and in particular to mentor Kwame, I'm okay with that, but physics and math are distinct academic pursuits.

Michael T.,

I think it's a lot more about geometry.

Phil could base a practice around non-Euclidian geometry, where all parallel lines converse at infinity.

That would be cool.

Kwame would dig it.


Michael T.,

Have you ever read "What Is Mathematics, Really?"

In it they reference a two-hundred page proof simply to try and "prove" that 1 + 1 = 2.

The proof is very weak.

1 + 1 = 2 because we say it does, not because it really does.

Everything's a projection of the mind when you start analyzing things on a quantum level.



Thus, victory was achieved!



I could make another point but I'm gonna let it go. I'll be writing my physics equals Lakers Championship post before the playoffs, so be prepared.


Um, math is hard.

I couldn't help myself.

Jon K.

1+1=2 is an expression which is used to articulate a theory. It's theory. Over the enos of time that theory has been proven to be true. Therefore; it is truth. Is it truth absolute? That may never be answered in our lifetime due to the evolutionary state of our being. But if you take an object and place it next to another object you have the physical manifestation of 2 objects. Of course that is based on accepted linguistics, which we use in our daily lives.
Now if Physics is defined by combining matter and energy, that in and of itself tells you that it is based in mathematics. Let me make it simple for you.

1 (matter)
+ (the intent of putting something to the matter)
1 (energy)
= (the desired effects)
2 (the outcome, physics)

Without matter, the object to add or subtract, we have no physics.


Andrew Z.

LOL, now that was funny.


I dig this blog man, thanks guys for the good times today. I'll never look at 1+1=2 the same way again :)

I'm off to get ready for the game. Take care LAker fans and let's get the win tonight!!


I want to apologize to everyone for the 1+1=2 postings. But that's what happens when the Lakers have too much days off. We start blogging about philosophy and everyone knows that 1+1=11.


Hey guys,

When you discuss physics, geometry, mathematics in a Laker blog...I think we're overblogging..."too much ado with nothing" leads to (forgive me for saying it) psychiatric case! Let's discuss the game tonite.

We won against San Antonio a couple of weeks ago because of the aggressiveness of Kwame and LO plus the support and help in covering the San Antonio slashers. There was one guy that they could not stop and spelled the difference that was Mihm, the seven footer. We will miss Mihm tonite but another opportunity for AB to shine. It's impossible for Kwame to handle the center attack the whole evening, this is not an underachieving team but a team that has a deep bench, hungry to avenge their recent lost in their homecourt and wanting to spank the Lakers advance with a complete halt! If we can find a solution to this dilemma, then we can win the game. I suggest we apply a quota system for everybody to produce no less 10 points from: George, Luke, Cookie, Sasha; 15 points for Kwame, LO and 35 points for Kobe = 105. See to it Spurs do not pass the century mark thru rugged defense. Forget Physics, Geometry, Psychology, Psychiatry, that's college stuff, if you missed those courses go back to college. Now is the time to play basketball....and steal a game from the Champs.


After 3 days off...we've discussed everything about tonights game.


I have a B.A. in applied physics!
Go Lakers!!!!! Beat the hell out of the spurs!!!!!!

I don't care how many points KB scores if doesn't play any defense. He is killing us. Have you ever seen anybody stand around so much? I can remember how a few years ago PJ used to have him guard the other team's best scorer, and now he can't even stop Bruce Bowen!! Maybe next off season he can work on his conditioning so he can play both ends of the floor. Right now he is a liability unless he shoots over 50%, and that happens only every 10 games or so, and NOT tonight.

After 70 games I have Kobe fatigue. Anybody else feel the same way??

Michael T.,

Matter and energy are the same thing. (See Relativity). The problem is that each phenomenal manifestation of matter/energy is unique on a quantum level. Thus adding any two quantum (1 + 1) will not produce a perfect symmetry (2).

When truly evaluated on a quantum level, math doesn't work perfectly that's why it's a projection the mind.

And math and physics should be viewed as distinct courses of study, interrelated, but distinct.



Anyhow, Michael T., I still really enjoy your maxim "IT'S PHYSICS!"

I hope you keep it up.

Yo, Zakee... Anymore comments about that ballhog, Mike-wanna'-be OCHO? 3rd quarter: the ballhog decided to keep shooting... BLANKS! sat down and the players doing great things such as sharing the ball(team plays) and they were inching in closer... 4th quarter: here comes the ballhog and this time he decided he's not even going to have anybody but himself and the SPURS touch the ball or shooting the ball... he! he! he! and PRESTO... WHO WON THE GAME? WHO COST THE GAME? 9-26 shooting? how many turnovers? who can't guard? I'LL TELL YOU... OCHO! OCHO! OCHO! booooooooo!

Why is T.J. Simers such a monumental prick?

I could tolerate it if he was a great writer, but he's not. He's just a prick.

No wonder no one wants to respond to his interview questions.

I hope he leaves the Times soon.

Where in the FFFFFFF........ is Jim Jackson? Boy i'm sure glad the Calvery has arrived. Whats PJ thinking? Can anyone shed some light.




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