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Extra! Extra! (3.29)

Laronprofit1020_ip22zgkn Wanna know why the man's name is Laron Profit? Because even spelled differently, when it comes to Kwame Brown's recent growth, his longtime teammate has been predicting success since day one.  In Profit's mind, his buddy's issues were never physical, strictly mental (reasonable theory, since Kwame is a yoked natural athlete). Unfortunately, basketball is also about the physical, which includes speed, which has some people (including AK) concerned that a likely first round match against Phoenix equals "Advantage: Suns." It's actually a shame these consecutive days of rest weren't scheduled before the upcoming pair of games against Steve Nash and company. When it comes to strapping on track shoes, the fresher the legs, the better. On the bright side, these rankings were determined before Phoenix's back to back crushings. If re-ranked today, the gap between the Suns and the Lakers might be a bit smaller.

photo by Lori Shepler/LAT

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I agree the matchup against Cook is key. I wouldn't narrow it down to Mohammed. There's a guy named Robert Horry that will eat Cookie up (pun intended). We have to hope Rasho, Bob and Nazrrrrrr all have a bad game. I miss Bob. However, LO will be the difference on Thurs. I wish he would go of for 35...too bad he's not more selfish.

Gary M,

See my point Kobe gets treated totally different than any other player. But that's the media. Oh and to clarify I think is perfectly normal for any player to go scoreless, more so a player that takes few shots, but my point wasn't that, my point was that even if Kobe had taken 5 shots, he would have been criticize and it would have made national headlines, that was my point.

I read Kobe's interview in SLAM magazine and they ask him that same question.
Asking him about the 81 and his accomplishments:

SLAM: This is another thing AL Harrington said: "If Vince had those numbers, or Lebron, or DWade, it would have been, 'Those kids are unbelievable,' but with Kobe is like, 'He shoulda come out of the game.'" Do you get second-guessed more than other players?

KB: Well, it's been that way for a while. Even when we were winning championships, it was always, 'He's doin' this' or 'He's doin' that.' 'Aaaahhh, but it's a lot easier for him to be playin' with Shaq.' There's always been that talk out there. And that's done nothing but motivate me.


Parker vs. Parker? I understand Tony Parker might miss the game due to an injury. But if he plays I don't anticipate too much trouble out of that match up. Why? Kwame's ability to play Duncan one on one in the post. It allows Smush to hold his position tighter than having to double down and then run back to his man. With an isolated Smush Parker on Tony Parker we can expect to see Tony frustrated for most of the game. You have to understand that many of the stars in the NBA rely on a very slack defense to make them look good. Play defense on a player and half of their glory is gone. Tony falls into that catagory. Very few player can be defended and still produce, namely: Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, and if I'm correct, even, Kwame Brown.


The only MVP trophy that matters is the NBA Finals MVP. That is what I want to see Kobe earn!

Mike T,

Oh yeah I think I remember hearing something about Parker being out, not sure though. I understand what you're saying about that, but I've never felt Smush's problem with keeping his man in front of him was a result of him leaving his man to double. I'm sure you're right to a certain extent, but I'm also positive that I've seen Smush get beat off the dribble a couple times. Smush is a superior athlete, but he's not yet a superior defender.


You're right, but that usually is due to his attempted steals. I think there is nothing you can do about holding a small guard completely down. You have to limit the amount of times he's able to penetrate. A lot of that has to do with making Tony work on the defensive end, too. If Smush takes Tony to the hoop, over the course of the game it'll have it's effects on Tony. You have to realize that a lot of the Spurs game is reliant on ball movement. They usually operate from the inside out. That is reliant on the double down TD usually commands. Take that away and even the ball movement is seriously hindered, which effects dribble penetration. Plus, the Lakers are really playing a focused game right now, so what we've been seeing in the past won't be so obvious anymore. Or it should be that way.


Sonny, I just realized how fruitish you are. Stop with the "Brokebacks" and rhe "Queens" comments. It doesn't make you original. I still love Shaq's Suckramento Queen version best. And, as a franchise, the Lakers own the Kings, just like we dismantled The Blazers in 00'.

After seeing your posts, I'm not sure if you like a team. You just talk. Or you would love to have a team.

with Parker being out, our very own Parker is going to have to guard against Ginobili. Smush---please stop trying to steal all the time, fight through the key!

I definitely see your reasoning it makes a lot of sense. Man this has been way too long to wait for a Laker game, I think I'm going into withdrawal lol. I can't wait until tomorrow night.

I hope we win tomorrow...big. I wonder what Charles Barkley would say

It's Faith...yeeeaaaahhhhh!



We definitely need to guard against the 3 pt shot tomorrow (and not take too much of our own).

Really, if the Lakers play them tight like the last time, it'll be a nice victory.

I actually think you're right on that Mike, Cook would probably be a prime factor. In all other positions, the Lakers look alright. My other main concern in this game is gonna be the Lakers Bench.

Faith, I don't know if Ginobolli will play the point guard position if TonyP sits out. I am guessing they'll put Beno Udrih in to start.

However, I kind of wish Parker will play tomorrow. Like in the last game, Smush was constantly posting up TonyP on offense...that was great. End result Smush outscored TonyP 18 to 10. I just hope I see that Smush tomorrow.

Memphis lost tonight so Lakers are only 3 games in Losses behind the Griz for #6

Go Lakers

this 3 days lay off is killin me.. no lakers match to see, i can only look for the lakers news as much as i could. so is there any live blog 4 tomorow game (AK u promise there will be one, right??)... HOpe the lakers won.. GO LAKERS..


I'd love to see Von Wafer have a 40 point game if only because I know there would be something like seven consecutive blog topics on the matter.

Here are what I suppose the titles would be:

1) "Von Wafer Singlehandedly Wins Game!"
2) "The 40 Greatest Points Ever Scored"
3) "Von Wafer, Better than Kobe?"
4) "Von Wafer: Miracle Worker"
5) "Von Wafer: The Second Coming of Elgin Baylor"
6) "Interview: Magic Johnson Talks about Von Wafer"
7) "Should We Waive Lamar Odom to Keep Von Wafer's Contract?"

Latest about Kevin Garnett being traded from Yahoo Sports:

Taylor says trading Garnett 'not a possibility'

March 29, 2006

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- While Kevin Garnett appears to be growing increasingly impatient with the direction of the Minnesota Timberwolves, owner Glen Taylor says he can't envision a scenario where he would trade the team's only star.

"I do not see that as a possibility," Taylor said Wednesday night before the Timberwolves played the Orlando Magic. "As I stand here, I just don't see a possibility that makes sense."

Speculation about Garnett's future, much of it completely baseless, has swirled for most of the season.

The former MVP has spent his entire 11 seasons in Minnesota and never once has asked for a trade or even hinted at wanting to leave the only organization he's known.

But the rumors ramped up again this week after Garnett spoke out Sunday following a close win over the New York Knicks. He said after that game that he didn't want to go through another "rebuilding" season.

However, he also said he had faith in Taylor to make the right moves in the offseason to turn around a team that will almost assuredly miss the playoffs for a second straight year after making the Western Conference finals in 2004.

"I don't want to go through this any more," Garnett said. "I think I'm more deserving of a better team and I think the city's more deserving of a better team, coming in here having something that's going to be competitive and having us getting back to the Western Conference finals.

But I do know you just can't blink and it's going to happen; you have to actually spend the time and effort. So, we'll see."

In the days that have followed, Garnett's coach and teammates have said the team's unquestioned leader was merely conveying the frustration they all felt.

And on Wednesday night, Taylor said he wasn't surprised by Garnett's comments, and that he has made similar statements to the owner in private conversations this year.

"He is very, very competitive and wants to win," Taylor said.

One of the things that has hindered Taylor from assembling the cast to support Garnett is the superstar's huge contract. Garnett makes $18 million this season, eating up a sizable chunk of the salary cap.

"It makes it difficult, but no more difficult than it has been in the past," Taylor said. "It won't make it impossible."

Taylor has decided to swallow hard and spend more money in the past, getting veterans Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell two years ago. It worked the first year, when they helped Garnett win the MVP award and the Timberwolves had the best record in the West during the regular season.

But things started falling apart last year, and the team missed the playoffs for the first time since 1995-96.

The going has been even tougher this season. The Timberwolves entered the night at 29-41 and have been unable to jell after a major midseason trade with Boston that brought four new players -- Ricky Davis, Mark Blount, Marcus Banks and Justin Reed -- here and sent Wally Szczerbiak and Michael Olowokandi to the Celtics.

With Garnett turning 30 in May, he isn't getting any younger. And he made it clear on Sunday that he wants things to change.

And Taylor said he welcomes Garnett's ideas.

"I have always valued his input," Taylor said. "He has not surprised me with any of his comments."

Okay, it looks like the 2008 plan means giving Kwame an extension.

I never thought I'd say this, but perhaps Carlos Boozer is the answer.

Hey now that I think of it Kobe is a combination of Wade, Melo, and LBJ. Because he could slash the defense like Wade, Shoot better or as good as Melo, and can be explosive as LBJ. But How come Kobe does lay ups than dunks?

How about we ride the Kobe-LO-Kwame trio for the three years under Jackson, get Brian Grant's contract off the books after this season, add some mid-level guys to fill roles and see what happens. I really don't see many guys out there that I am dying to have on this team (that any team would give up of course).

Maybe I'm just high from this latest win streak, but don't Kobe, LO, and Kwame all seem like they have been improving lately and really showing signs of being the foundation for the next phase of this franchise? I mean, we know what we'll get with Kobe. LO has shown flashes of brilliance and maybe Phil will bring out the LO everyone has expected. Kwame looks like he's getting his head on straight and if that was the biggest road block to his success, then we're in good shape. Of course this could all go in the crapper in heartbeat, but we at least have to ride these guys for one more year to see where we stand. The B Grant contract is a killer and when gone will give us many more options.

Carlos Boozer is not the guy. If we keep Bynum, Kwame is going to have to play power forward. Unless we want to move Bynum (which I'm all for) to get a vital piece for this team.

Flying in for the dunk, or finessing in a lay-up, both get the team two points.

Kobe realizes that trying to dunk all the time got him injured. He is no good to the team sitting on the bench or in the locker-room trying to rehab that shoulder

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