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Extra! Extra! (3.29)

March 29, 2006 |  8:23 am

Laronprofit1020_ip22zgkn Wanna know why the man's name is Laron Profit? Because even spelled differently, when it comes to Kwame Brown's recent growth, his longtime teammate has been predicting success since day one.  In Profit's mind, his buddy's issues were never physical, strictly mental (reasonable theory, since Kwame is a yoked natural athlete). Unfortunately, basketball is also about the physical, which includes speed, which has some people (including AK) concerned that a likely first round match against Phoenix equals "Advantage: Suns." It's actually a shame these consecutive days of rest weren't scheduled before the upcoming pair of games against Steve Nash and company. When it comes to strapping on track shoes, the fresher the legs, the better. On the bright side, these rankings were determined before Phoenix's back to back crushings. If re-ranked today, the gap between the Suns and the Lakers might be a bit smaller.

photo by Lori Shepler/LAT