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Extra! Extra! (3.28)

March 28, 2006 |  8:11 am

So aside from Kobe's back, Smush's thumb, Kwame's hammy, Bynum's ankle, Mihm's ankle (plus Jim Jackson apparently hurting when it comes to learning the offense), really, why would the Lakers want a few days off? Professional athletes. So needy! Actually, as ideal as the break is, it wouldn't be stunning if Kwame preferred no gap in the schedule at all, considering the roll he's on.  No doubt, everything's coming up "Kwame" right now, and he's making headway towards erasing bad memories. But what do these recent good outings do for his future as a Laker? In the world of the NBA trades and contracts, you simply never know. But one thing is a certainty. The future is a topic analyzed heavily at the El Segundo offices. So are the Spurs, we imagine.

Good to see Kobe's maintained a sense of humor over recent issues getting to the stripe. And some of y'all have wondered why Shaq's hand on Jermaine O'Neal's throat during the JO-Haslem skirmish didn't merit a fine. Probably because both sides knew all along it was a peacemaking "choke."