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AK Live From Staples - Lakers vs. San Antonio

First Quarter:

Tip off, kids. We're ready to go. And for those wondering, Jim Jackson is in uni and on the active roster. Devin Green's wearing his Sunday best.

For those of you thinking it was maybe the camera angle, or that the camera might add three steps, there was no illusion. Bruce Bowen did indeed travel passing that ball under the hoop to Mohammed.
It's scary how little Mihm will be able to do with Duncan so close to the basket. Dude's too good. You just gotta keep him outta there (easier said than done). Or just try to get it all back on the offensive end, like Mihm has with four quick points.

Don't be too hard on Smush if he can't keep up with Tony Parker. Tony Parker can't even keep up with Tony Parker, as that wipeout just proved.  For those of you who've never seen him play live, it's astonishing how freakin' quick the guy is. He's like a jack rabbit on speed, then stopping to down a Red Bull.

LO's first points coming off a three. Good news in the sense that it's always nice to see him nail his opening attempt. Bad news in the sense that I don't wanna see him jacking them all day. Again, see my "shock collar" theory for keeping him close to the basket.

45 seconds left: Kwame checks in to big applause. Fans haven't forgotten the job he did against Detroit.

Bit of a sloppy way to end a quarter (Nothing LO can do with Kobe's pass hitting him in the ankles), but all in all, anybody not stoked over a 27-21 lead is simply being greedy. Or is still drunk from celebrating the win against Detroit.

Second Quarter:

Ginobli's now in. Along with Nick the Quick, who just scattered cheers after sinking a trey. People must still really appreciate his "Cancun" jokes (it's all in the delivery).

Okay, Vujacic was obviously guilty on that offensive foul. But he's like, 110 pounds, going up against Nazr Mohammed. Don't you think they should allow him to do whatever's needed? Just in the interest of fairness? It's not like taking it to the hole is the guy's speciality even when doing it against a guard. C'mon refs! Free Sasha!

Hate to say it, but I don't like seeing Kwame miss like that. Yeah, Odom cleaned it up for a basket, so no harm, no foul. I just think he needs some good stuff early, lest he get inside his own head.

Manu Ginobli is exhausting just to watch play. He's so freaky, herky jerky, helter skelter. I can't imagine actually guarding the guy.

I'm glad Kwame and Luke got a nice look at Mohammed putting that rebound back. I'd hate to see the view spoiled by making an effort to box out.

Nice job by Kwame, both on Duncan and being disruptive on that switch, when he ended up with Barry.

Things I never thought I'd ever see include Brian Cook staying with Tony Parker enough to force him into an awkward shot.

I think we're gonna switch comments back to the old way at Halftime. But thanks for sticking with the experiment that is, "K Brothers Live Blogging"

The kids up in Kwame's Korner (the spelling error is intentional, FYI) just got announced and are going nuts. Brian Cook has his own section of kids he brings in as well. I wonder if the two factions ever go at it outside Staples, like the gang members in the "Beat it" video.

That last basket by Kobe. Every but as freakin' cool in person as I'm guessing it looked on TV. He went through so many dudes, it looked like he even split the guys on the Spurs' bench en route to the basket. Good strong rebound by Kwame to set things up. Thought for sure Smush's basket was going down.

Halftime - 45-43, Lakers. A few too many bad passes, a couple instances of dudes standing around on the defensive glass, but you can't be too bummed keeping S.A. on pace for sub-90. Gonna get me my iced tea. See ya when the third starts.

Third Quarter:

They've only played half a game together, and I've already seen Turiaf absolutely crack Jim Jackson up. I'm telling you, give this kid a year and he's gonna end up the mayor of L.A.

What's up the rim on the Laker's new half of the court? Everything's popping in and out like there's a trampoline in the cylinder.

Supposedly "wacky," definitely annoying actor David Arquette just sat down courtside. It may not be a bad omen for the Lakers, but it's a seriously bad sign for the dude stuck sitting next to him. I would get up and leave, even having dropped 1100 bucks on the ticket.

They just showed the celebs in the house on the Jumbotron. Sorry Eva Longoria. You're gonna get booed. She was actually a pretty god sport and started laughing.

53-68 Spurs. Okay, seriously, the Lakers need to get this one into gear pretty fast, or you're gonna be seeing the debut of Jim Jackson for all the wrong reasons.

All kidding aside, the refs are calling nothing in this game. You could pull a gun on an opposing player and get away with it tonight. I like when they let them play, but it's nonetheless pretty odd.

I don't know what the Lakers are gonna do to stop these guys. RIght now, that basket is looking  bigger to S.A. than Kirstie Alley.

Wow! These refs are calling nothing. On either team. For real. Both sides are getting away with murder here. This is like that one old basketball video game where players go at it on the playgorund and get to throw elbows and beat the crap out of each other. Only with extremely well paid athletes.

Fourth Quarter:

Luke Walton fights inside, actually inspires a freakin' whistle.

There's a really hot chick to my right in the stands, screaming "Manu" and cheering him excitedly over and over. For some reason, I can't seem to get annoyed by her.  For that matter, neither can any of the male Lakers fans around her.

All of a sudden, this thing just turned into a ginormous mess for the Lakers. But some of that is just San Antonio. I'm not saying the Lakers can't beat them (and we're not done yet, kids), but this is what happens when you play a team that's much better. You have trouble with them.

Remember that scene in Rocky II when Mickey makes Rocky chase that chicken around to build up speed? That might be the only way to train for a night guarding Tony Parker. He makes everyone look, as Rocky put it, like a "Kentucky Fried idiot."

Devean George dunks. Ronny Turiaf jitter bugs on the side line. Andrew Bynum is amused.

Okay, as Duncan was lying on the ground, some fans were yelling "Duncan sucks." Not classy, Lakers fans. You can do better than that.

That flagrant is a horrible call. The refs should have been calling a few more fouls tonight. They could have used a little warmup and some practice.

They should just call this game and let Kobe and Tony Parker have a shoot out. Those two can't miss.

Has San Antonio even missed a trey this quarter? It's unreal.

Honestly, I wouldn't even mind it if the hot girl kept screaming "Manu" if she were with me. I'm just saying.

Well, it's all done but the shouting. Except, of course, for the girl yelling, "Manu."

All in all, honestly, I'm really not all that disappointed. Obviously, I wanted a win. But I don't even need to inject me some truth serum to admit this is a better team than L.A. They just are. But I think it was a good sign the way the Lakers didn't give up, stayed with/in it, and acted like guys who thought they had every business competing against the defending NBA champs. That's pretty good stuff, even if it sounds overly idealistic to many of y'all.

And FYI, we refuse to take responsibility for this loss, so don't even try! We gave it our all! Sometimes even the blog is overmatched.

Until we meet again...


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nice 1st play !

sh33337 were gettting killed inside X(

Gotta get LO on the board

Let's tighten the D down low, get the Kwam on Duncan, this team is beatable.

hey guys... looking good..14-16 Spurs on top.. 1st commercial break... come on fellas.. D up... too many easy shots... still early though... LO lets go!

nice steal->fastbreak->pass by smush to el mamba 2 pts wooohooo

keep this up guys! play with zest! play with desire! its gonna turn out juuuust fine

mike in the house.

Dude, Smush- I know ya wanna feed Kobe and all, but go ahead and take the dunk- no one will complain, I promise you.

They've got no one of LO, he should get 30

I want to see Kwame Vs Duncan... Maybe Ronny or Bynum To.

yeah, this team is beatable for sure

That's the way to play Parker

aaaaaaaawwwww 5433333337 parker got lost on that cross over..

go chris! draw them fouls! itll pay later in the game!

19--16 this is good

woohooo! get that 5h17 outta here..


line drive jump shot by cook lol.. looks like it

Kobe's 3 for 3. Yeah Bowen can guard him.

I'm senseing a victory...if they can't kill us with Mihm and Cook in there...hummm!

Wow Ak/Bk I like how U guys changed the comments to the top in the same day we asked u to. U guys are the best Blog guys online. Are U gonna perminetly keep it this way I say only for live games and thats it.

And Oh yeah lets go lakers


LO needs to score. So what else is new? Everyone's in the O but him. I'm feelin' good about this. SA knows they're in a game.


oh hi mike!

were actually leading! lol

5417 espn gamecast is lagging..

shot of eva longoria.. *droooool*

nice find smush! woohoo! triangle at work!!!!!woah!

kobe nooooooo noooo nooo dont force that... nice shot!

kb8 10 pts 5-6

Yeah Bowen's really D'd up on Kobe.

We're startin to conrol the boards...


when odom is knocking down 3s this early... it's a good thing



You may have a point about TP being a bit too quick for himself- lookled like he had two left feet scrabiling for that out of bounds ball...

6 point lead. Great!

THis looks good. SA played good D and their down. LAAAAAAKERS.

offensive foul down low

is it me or is momentum on our side?

nice trey lamar!

just dont fall in love with it tho!

nice D mihm/kwame!

lol here's the wipeout replay

hmmm.. decent 1st qtr.. KEEP IT UP fellas!

Great 1st Period... Its a clean game so far, like 6 fouls. Lets keep the D Go Lakers!!!

Only 3 boards up...hummmm!

Uh oh lake show uh oh lake show!!!!!

nice 1st quarter comeback, please Phil dont put Sasha back in the game, I'm scared he will screw it up like usual, pluh pluh please!

Can the Lakers survive a few minutes without Kobe?

This is one strange team we've got out there now.

Kwame cannot be moved

wow, wtf just happened? All of sudden Lakers take lead??

Wish I were watching it live...

LO's gotta take this over on O

We're playin' em down low, this is good

its funny how quick a lead can shrink from 6 to 1 point come un smush put Locks on Nick

Let's go, damn it!

2nd qtr up.. just run the triangle guys and itll be aaaaalll right..

good defense.. nice rotation.. great shot by van exel

nice D kwame! sasha take it to the hole better!

hmmm execution guys! 2 TO's in row X(

keep up the D

nice cleaning up

That is the first time I've ever heard the word's "big" and "Sasha" in the same sentance. Stu, you sure you're ok?

I don't think I like this reverse scroll thing. because i have to scroll to the bottom to comment anyway.

and scroll back up to read other comments.

What's the verdict, by the way? Do you like the comments this way, or like they normally are?


The Spurs are in big trouble, they let Luke Walton score! He's shooting 50 percent!

lol kwame erased bowen on that pick

bad possession tho


OK let's keep it close, SA will make a push, we have to answer. I think we can take them in the paint, we're quicker, just as big, better looking and have a superior mental and spiritual attitude

This way is great AK... Thank You

Yeah, since ya have to go to the bottom to comment, that's where ya wanna read the latest posts.


A/k I think we should stick with the old fashion scroll down thingy but it was cool of you to geive it a try

right now we have the boards if not the lead.

why is mohammed balling?

OK let's just stay focused we've got these guys down low. they got lucky on all the long boards, we got this

I'm so the comments are now on the top?


I like the comments the normal way. It's confusing otherwise.

I don't read books from bottom to the top.

nice shot kb
WOW! that was TDs out!
how the &*^%&* can nazr get 6 points this early?
rebound guys!
lamar actally dribbled right!
nice D
nice find LO
nice D bruce ;)

if the game keeps on this pace...this is ours. 3rd and 4th quarter d will kill them.

THis looks good, they can't stay with us, we've GOT to focus for 48 tonight


I love this modern day scroll stuff.

I too vote for the old way...cause you'd have to scroll down to comment anyways (like Mike says) for those people that have trouble scrolling...just have two pages (when you reload it goes back to the same area of the page

at least in macs


Anyway Lol... Go Lakers!

Why is cook on Duncan????????????????????

smart move...defense for the end of the quarter

hmm TO again
TO for the spurs too
bad pick and roll
bad shot kb
low scoring 2Q...
lol nice drive kobe!


cool all the way around! nice move by PJ with the cook/kwame switch for the last 2 minutes.

way to forget the 3, and drive for the layup! awesome finish

Lake Show 45, spurs 43

i'll take that

Yeah nice board Kwame! Is always good to be winning at the half... Lets Go Team we can do it!

lol...funny stuff, AK or is it BK today.

wow were wining at the half this is great Lobe made the last shot of the half lets hope he can keep us ahead at the end. Ak/Bk were winning with the scroll thing backwards so maybe U guys should wait till the games over(dont jinx us)

I hope J.J. gets in the games and hit some 3's but when has he played in the triangle????


My bad I meant to say Kobe not "Lobe"

Lets go lakers


We're both posting tonight. Live!

(worst vegas marquee ever...)

Hi AK!

Can you just move the Posting comments BEFORE the posts and then keep this format i.e latest comments first. That way,

a. if you wanna just post without reading comments - go ahead.
b.If you wanna read the latest posts before commenting - you dont need to scroll very far.
c. If you wanna read all the comments anyway - start from the bottom. Its the same thing scrolling all the way down and then up or all the way up and then down. Same difference.

A 2 point lead at the half. Ill take that. Though Im still dreading the 3rd quarter.

LO needs to play like he played against Detroit if we gotta win. Right now Sashas 5 points, Waltons 2 and Kobes nice 8-13 is keeping us in the game - covering for the absence of LO. But dont expect this to hold up gents. Id love for it to - but .............

Besides - SA is at 43 points for the half. How many of you expect them not to reach 100 shooting the percentage they are ? Those 57 points they going to score in the 2nd half - we gotta put more on the board. We need LO (or some CRAZY scoring by Kobe and the bench)

Last chance to vote. New comments on top or bottom?


good to know AK/BK...that why I can complain to the both of you.

change back after the game.

Yes, Kobe should have gone to the line on the last one. No free throws in this game. These teams look good. Clean game. We need to come out screamin'.

Yeah nice move getting Cook out for the Kwam at the end of the 2nd. DUncan will kill Cook.

Looks like were movin from the top to the bottom lets hope the LAkers dont do the same with a horrible 3rd quarter.

I don't like PJ's thinking. He trying to get away with having cook in there on players he's not physically and mentally handle.

Utah/Sacramento both won. Lakers, this just became a must win game.

Good ball! Nice...

We need to heat up and stay with these guys, these guys are raising their game

Kobe's tryin' to do too much. LO has to score

these fools just don't get it. they have to go out and pressure the damn man.

quit screwin around!!!

simmah down, lake show ... before this gets ugly

Damn. Got to keep our head up and play through this

chris mihm and cook have 15 points between but tim duncan has 16, idiots!

we betta come out of this timeout on fire or else were in trouble

the stupid ass just thinks by lungeing forward the guys is going to miss his shot!

what the hell is happening!!! Go Lakers! Phil do something!

this is breakin' my heart

what the f*ck! can't pj see there is no defense?

We need to heat up big time

we cut it to 14 come on put J.J. in for George and lets see whats up

F****! Third quarter, third quarter, third quarter. Can we like have 5 players from the crowd come in and play the 3rd quarter instead of the lakers ???

I dont know what it is - ineptitude, lack of luck, passion - whatever it is - the lakers dont have a cure for it.

good Lord.

the Spurs don't shoot this well. Why did they have to start now?

just got back..
WTF happened? were now down 17? wtf happened?
woah buzzer beater
still down by 15 wtf?

time for some freakin defense (and don't get desperate and shoot 3s)!

Partys over.

Im gonna go pray for a bit. Maybe a miracle. Maybe Kobe.

thats two buzzard beaters in a row lets hop the next one wins the game for us

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